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Ducted Vacuum Systems

Simply plug it in!

Breathing fresh air is easy with an integrated vacuum cleaner!

A great relief for asthma and allergy sufferers! A ducted vacuum system

is the most efficient way of removing the dust, dirt and allergy causing

bacteria from your living areas. The integrated vacuum system eliminates

all the micro-fine dust, mites and bacteria which irritate the immune

system. You and your family will benefit from a cleaner and healthier


More quality in life

High comfort and easy handling will avoid damage to your furniture and


Easy to use, no heavy lifting

Thanks to convenient located inlet valves, you no longer need to drag a

portable cleaner around.

The actual vacuum cleaner is located away from the living area, so all you

need to do is insert the light flexible hose and it automatically starts. An

optional switch hose is available which allows control of the vacuum cleaner

from the switch on the hose handle.


The suction is clean and powerful! Thanks to the remote location of the

ducted vacuum cleaner, there is no annoying noise. Nobody will be disturbed

while working, phoning, and listening to music and watching TV. Children

can sleep and pets will also appreciate the tranquillity.

Adds value to your home

The resale values of homes are of great importance. A central vacuum

cleaning system will greatly add to the home’s value.

Dust pan/ VacPan

Great for stone-/ cork-/ parquet- and tile floors! Simply sweep dirt over to

the VacPan inlet and it’s gone! VacPan will whisk dirt away at the kick of a

button, easy and convenient to use. It is built-in under the kitchen cabinets.

Combined dust pan

Dust pan plus inlet valve is all in one!

Easy for cleaning drawers, cabinets

etc. The combi dust pan can be

used to sweep and a hose can be

connected for easy use.

The remote control hose can be

switched on and off at the handle.



Homes and apartment houses

Industrial buildings






The installation is possible in new buildings

or during renovations.

Not only for private use, also ideal for hotels, hospitals, office buildings and


Installation is available in all houses, individual apartments or any other

parts of the building.

The powerful vacuum cleaner system

The integrated ducted vacuum cleaner will provide an amazingly quiet

removal of dust, grit and deep down dirt, depositing it in the unit located

away from your living areas.The vacuum cleaner is generally installed in the

garage or in any other area where there is sufficient ventilation.

Example family home

Dust pan




The anti-static ducting transports the dust and

dirt directly into the dirt container in the unit. The

exhaust air and the fine particulates are directed

outside. Pipes can be installed inside cupboards,

wardrobes, linen closets, in the roof or under the


Simply plug it in!

By inserting the basic hose into an inlet valve the

system will turn on automatically. The system can

also be controlled with the on/off switch on the

remote control hose.

A selection of accessories will guarantee quick,

easy and thorough cleaning. It will give your more

time to enjoy living!

Inlet valves

EUROVAC your specialist for consulting, planning and

installation of central vacuum systems!

By contacting us early we can assist you on how we can

best plan your system and helping you to choose the

appropriate operating model.

We offer the perfect range of powerful and reliable

vacuuming cleaning systems.

Octagonal bucket or disposable bag units.

A wide range of high quality, Models are ready for selection.

Height 73 cm until 141 cm

Diameter 36 cm

Our company guarantees optimal service and a system

that already has been proven for decades.



Qualified trading partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


Ducted Vacuum Systems

Planning and Installation

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Unit SD 40

Height: 76 cm

Diameter: 36 cm

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