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Disasters: Toxicological Problems and Treatments

Disasters: Toxicological Problems and Treatments


HYPERBARIC OXYGENWILL HBO PREVENT DELAYEDNEUROPSYCHIATRIC SEQUELAE(DNS) FROM CARBON MONOXIDE?• A prospective randomized, controlled study comparing 100%Oxygen and HBO. N=60• Outcome measure was the development of a neurologic orpsychiatric complication.– DNS developed in 7/30 getting Oxygen– DNS developed in 0/30 getting HBO• DNS could not be predicted by symptoms or bycarboxyhemoglobin level.Thom et al: Ann Emerg Med 25:474-480, 19954

Case #3• A 15 year old girl without a previous history ofmedical or surgical problems is found on thefloor unarousableat home by her parents• When EMS arrives they find her apneic, with aweak pulse at 120/min and a blood pressure of80/palp.• While on route to the DMAT her ventilationsare assisted with a bag mask device• On arrival at the DMAT her condition isunchanged• She is intubated and placed on 100%oxygen• An IV is started and fluids are run wideopen. After 1 liter of LR her blood pressureis 90/40 mm Hg• An electrocardiogram is obtainedWhat Antidote(s) ?Drug-Induced Prolonged QRS Complex• Type IA and IC Antidysrhythmics• Cyclic antidepressants• Phenothiazines– thioridazine– mesoridazine• Quinine• Amantadine• Carbamazepine• Cocaine• Propoxyphene5

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