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July/August 2009 Page 25Annual Battle On Ice Winners AnnouncedThe winning team in the recent North American Cedar Industry annual hockey game held prior to the VancouverNAWLA Regional meeting included: (back row, left to right) John Carston, Vancouver Specialty Cedar Products Ltd.,Vancouver, B.C.; Ben Meachen, Western Forest Products Inc., Vancouver, B.C.; Shane Harsch, Terminal ForestProducts Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Rob Cook, Power Wood Corp., Surrey, B.C.; Mike DeMarni, Crawford Creek LumberCo., Surrey, B.C.; Bruace Tays, Lignum Forest Products LLP, Vancouver, B.C.; Russ Nixon, Western Forest ProductsInc.; (front row, left to right) Dan Wasmuth, Westminster Industries Ltd., White Rock, B.C.; Jason Mann, A.J. ForestProducts Ltd., New Westminster, B.C.; Paul Clasby, Rielly Industrial Lumber, West Vancouver, B.C.; Chad Findlay,West Bay Forest Products & Manufacturing Ltd., Langley, B.C.; Graham Picard, Terminal Forest Products Ltd.; andDave Wasmuth, Westminster Industries Ltd.Coquitlam, B.C.–More than a dozenrepresentatives of the North AmericanCedar Industry donned hockey gearrecently to engage in an annual duel onice preceding the yearly regional meetingin Vancouver of members of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssociation.The game was played at Planet Ice, anexpansive hockey arena. The contest isheld yearly as a friendly gatheringamong lumber industry peers.The green team was the winner of thisyear’s event. Please see accompanyingphotos for team members.•Representing the ‘white’ team in the NACI hockey game were: (back row from left to right) Don Backs,Vancouver Cedar Specialty Products Ltd., Surrey, B.C.; Andy Rielly, Rielly Lumber Inc., West Vancouver,B.C.; Ryan Furtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Jake Power, Power Wood Corp., Surrey,B.C.; Jeff Derby, Western Forest Products Inc., Vancouver, B.C.; John Reed, Enyeart Cedar Products LLC,Tigard, Ore.; Chris Tays, Lignum Forest Products LLP, Vancouver, B.C.; (front row, from left to right) DaveGillis, Goldwood Industries Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Stewart Clark, Twin Rivers Cedar Products Ltd., MapleRidge, B.C.; Nathan Tellis, Mackenzie Sawmill Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.; Marc Irby, Enyeart Cedar ProductsLLC, ; and Mike Chong, Probyn Export Group, New Westminster, B.C. Not pictured: Dan Griffiths, OlympicIndustries Inc., North Vancouver, B.C.CLEAN, SMOOTH, BEAUTIFUL.(THE LUMBER. NOT US.)OUR YELLOW PINE’S BEEN ALL OF THE ABOVE,BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO“DRESS UP” TO THOSE STANDARDS.WHO’S WHO - ShoemakerContinued from page 21x6, 1x8, fencing, 2x4 through 4x9. Thecompany also sells White Fir timbers upto 32-feet.R.B. Lumber Co. specializes in LTLshipments, mixed loads and UPC labeling.The firm purchases approximately15 million board feet of lumber annually.R.B. Lumber is a member of the NorthAmerican Wholesale Lumber Assoc.,Hoo-Hoo International and the PortlandWholesale Lumber Assoc.Shoemaker has been in his presentposition for less than a year. He beganhis career in the forest products industryas a Spruce trader for North Pacific in1984. Shoemaker also worked as aWestern Red Cedar trader for NorthPacific for 15 years, and sold and procuredCedar for remanufacturing atUnited Pacific Lumber for eight years.Shoemaker is a graduate of Grant HighSchool in Portland, Ore. He attendedPortland Community College, and alsograduated from the Western Red CedarLumber Assoc. Cedar School.•WHO’S WHO - WestmaasContinued from page 2BEAUTIFUL LUMBERBEAUTIFUL PRICESCALL 252-771-2497the paint business he has worked forSherwin Williams, Conco Paint Co. andPittsburgh Paints.A graduate of Wheaton North HighSchool in Wheaton, Illinois, he receiveda bachelor’s degree in marketing managementfrom Valparaiso University,located in Valparaiso, Ind.In his spare time he enjoys golfing, skiing,fishing and softball. Although mostof his spare time is consumed by assistinghis wife Angie with their two children,who are both vary active in athletics.PPG Machine Applied Coatings manu-WHOLESALE & EXPORTSouthern Yellow PineChip Mill1443 Northside RoadElizabeth City, NC 27909www.jwjoneslumber.comContinued on page 34

Page 26Western BusinessTrendsBy Terry MillerAssociate EditorWith a seasonalchange, theWestern region isexperiencing aslight increase insales. However,sources say someprojects have beenput on hold due to the tight reins of thebanking industry. According to recentstudies, green building materials areexpected to account for an increasingshare of materials used, and growth willbe driven by the recovery of the residentialmarket through 2013 as it rises fromthe depressed levels of 2008.A Softwood lumber supplier in Montanasaid that conditions are improving withthe change in weather. “Most of whatwe’re doing is prior commitments butthere is a lot of remodeling going onnow,” he said.The supplier also mentioned that hiscustomers’ orders were down.“Everyone we talk to out there is slow,some are down as much as 50 percent,”he said.The contact attributed the slow activityto a lack of credit availability. “There aresome projects ready to go but peopleare having trouble getting funded,” heexplained. “With banks requesting 25 to50 percent down on top of the hoopsborrowers now have to jump through,lending transactions are hindered.”When asked his opinion on when toexpect a recovery the source said 2010would be ideal, but not likely. “I expect agradual pick up, month by month.Consumer confidence has to come upand banks have to ease up on stringentrequirements,” he said. “There are peoplewho want to build a house or start anew project but the credit isn’t available.These are people who can certainlyafford it, but the credit application dictatesthey can’t.”The Cedar, Douglas Fir andWhitewood supplier noted that no particularspecies had shown greater salesincrease than others in recent weeks.According to a recent issue of RandomLengths Lumber Market Report,Western SPF showed some life recentlyas sawmill curtailments sparked a slightincrease for Western boards. The focusof purchasers was heavily on No. 2 andBetter 2x4’s. With producers battling fororders, buyers with needs shoppedcarefully, often naming tallies from theirpreferred mills.The uptick in activity was short-lived asContinued on page 34www.millerpublishing.comP.O. Box 34908 ~ 1235 Sycamore ViewMemphis, TN 38184-0908(800) 844-1280 or (901) 372-8280Fax: (901) 373-6180E-mail: editor@millerpublishing.comNortheast BusinessTrendsSources in theNortheast offeredthat while activityremained slow inrecent weeks,inquiries were onthe rise. Somereported anincrease in sales, however, compared toa ‘normal’ market, the increase wasinsignificant in their opinion. Record lowmortgage interest rates boosted pendinghome sales for the third consecutivemonth, benefiting from the first-timebuyer tax credit. As builders and remodelersattempt to recapture consumerinterest, ‘green’ products are in risingdemand.A Softwood supplier who producesEastern White Pine and importsEuropean Spruce said that the marketwas still terrible but beginning toimprove. “It’s nothing like it should be,but it has certainly improved in the lastsix months.” The contact explained thatMiller Publishing proudly serves the woodworking industry with thefollowing publications and online directories:National Hardwood Magazine................................www.nationalhardwoodmag.comImport/Export Wood Purchasing News ..................www.woodpurchasingnews.comSoftwood Forest Products Buyer .........................................www.softwoodbuyer.comClassified Exchange ..........................................................www.classifiedxchange.comImported Wood Purchasing Guide ...................www.importedwoodpurchasing.comForest Products Export Directory ............................www.forestproductsexport.comDimension & Wood Components Buyer’s Guide...........www.dimensionwoodcomponent.comHardwood Purchasing Handbook ...................www.hardwoodpurchasinghdbk.comGreenbook’s Hardwood Marketing Directory................www.millerpublishing.comGreenbook’s Softwood Marketing Directory ..................www.millerpublishing.comForest Products Stock Exchange visit us online for more information about our publications~By Sue PutnamEditorial DirectorThe Softwood Forest Products Buyeractivity had picked up by approximately40 percent in the last three months, butcompared to times past, the increasewas marginal. “We’ve gone up 40 percentbut in a normal market you couldlabel that increase at 10 percent,” hesaid.The source that markets to wholesalersand retailers throughout the UnitedStates and Canada mentioned that hisinventory levels of European Sprucewere high due to ordering months inadvance. “Our Spruce comes fromFinland or Russia and we order six toeight months in advance. We didn’t cancelthe order because we don’t want tolose that contact,” he explained.When asked how the company hadbeen adjusting to the economical woesof the market, the supplier said, “We’vehad to lay off some of our employeestemporarily.” As for pricing he statedprices were too low to make a profit.The contact has an optimistic outlookfor the coming months. “It’s been pickingup in the last two or three weeks and it’sgetting better every day. As we are allaware, it depends on the economy.There are so many houses on the market.Before people can borrow moneyand do any spec building you have toget rid of the excess that’s on the market,”he said.National Assoc. of Home Builders(NAHB) Chairman Joe Robson, a homebuilderand developer, referred to ‘greenbuilding’ as a bright spot in a down market.“Growth of the NAHB NationalGreen Building Program exceeds evenour most optimistic expectations,” hesaid. With more than 3,100 builders,remodelers, designers and others in thebuilding industry earning their certificationin Green Professional EducationalDesignation, the certification providesconsumers with confidence in the qualificationsof credentialed professionals,Robson said.In 43 states more than 200 single-familyhomes, remodeling projects anddevelopments have received NationalGreen Building Certification, and another300-plus are scheduled for inspections.“The NAHB Research Center hascertified projects ranging from affordablestarter homes to high-end customhomes with every conceivable amenity,”Robson explained. “This national certificationprogram clearly is making greenbuilding more mainstream.”In New Hampshire, a supplier ofEastern White Pine said that businesswas off by 25 percent compared torecent months. Stating housing as thenumber one factor, the source said thathousing starts were down by approximately80 percent. “It should not comeas a shock to anybody that housingstarts are down that drastically, there’sjust not a lot of places for the lumber togo,” he said.According to the contact that marketsstrictly to wholesalers, his clients’ businessactivity is also slow. “We’re all inthis together and my opinion as well asthat of my clients is that no majorimprovement will happen until next yearor the year after,” he said.In a recent issue of the Kiplinger Letterthe economy was forecast to begin toturn around by this fall with mildly positivegrowth into the fourth quarter. TheLetter predicts that housing starts willincrease from 500,000 to approximately825,000 in 2010, which is still 45 percentbelow the long-term trend of 1.5 millionstarts a year. However, the increase isstill positive news for wood product manufacturers,hardware stores, real estateand mortgage businesses.An expected increase in housing salesis related to the First Time Home BuyerTax Credit, according to the NationalAssoc. of Realtors (NAR). In a recentarticle NAR stated that consumersacross the country could now takeadvantage of the federal housing administration’sprogram that allows homebuyersto apply the $8,000 tax credit whenpurchasing a home. “A true housingrecovery depends on buyers returning tothe market and reducing inventory,” saidNAR president, Charles McMillan.As stated in the article, NAR has supportedmonetization of the tax credit,which was part of the Obama administration’shousing stimulus plan enactedearlier in this year. NAR petitioned HUDContinued on page 34

SMJuly/August 2009 Page 27Ontario/QuebecBusiness TrendsBy Michelle KellerAssociate EditorThe past two yearsin the Softwoodlumber industryhave been characterized by fallingdemand, closing mills, and dimprospects. But at the midpoint of 2009,some mill operators and wholesaleoperations are beginning to see signs ofhope, although whether this is a longterm or momentary recovery remainsunclear.“We’re seeing about the same demandas six months ago,” the sales managerfor one Ontario mill said. “It may be evenslightly better. Generally, the last twoyears have been dismal when it comesto demand and price.”His counterpart at a Quebec millechoed those comments. “It’s been veryquiet,” he said of the past 24 months.“The price is about as low as it can get;people are fighting for survival.”He cited a combination of factors forthe decline, including Canada’s tax rate,the exchange rate with the UnitedStates, and the overall market conditions.At the same time, he went on tosay that he believes the steady slide inprices and demand seems to be hitting aplateau.“For sure, we are all expecting at somepoint it’s going to switch, but right now itis still steady and slow,” he said, addingthat he thinks the sad reality is that it willtake more mill closures before a solidrecovery can occur. “I guess it wouldtake a few more shutdowns. There is toomuch volume on the market. The producersneed to stop selling at a benchprice.”To deal with the slack in demand, hesaid his mill has been adding services toits lineup, including engineered woodproducts. “We’re always in the processof improving,” he said.Wholesalers are sharing that sentiment.A sales representative from oneOntario-based company said that hisoperation, which stocks Eastern WhitePine, Western Red Cedar, Fir, SouthernYellow Pine, Red Pine, and some SPF,said that the path to recovery will belong, but not impossible.“We are trying to control certain itemsin terms of inventory,” he said, notingthat there are some Softwoods that aremoving, even during these challengingtimes. “White Pine for us has alwaysbeen a good item to sell. We’re alsodoing well with industrial lumberSoftwoods.”“The main issue is the business just notbeing there,” he continued. “It’s not theissue of price; the demand isn’t there.Even if you try to be creative and comeup with demand, it just isn’t there.”He said that although recent mill closureshave helped reduce some of theoverabundance of supply, there may belong term drawbacks to the current winnowingof suppliers.“We try to budget in advance so that weknow products will be available,” hesaid. “We keep in constant contact withcertain mills. But with downtime andreduced shifts, delivery may not be asquick as it was six months or a yearago.”As a result, he noted, when the marketdoes turn around, some items mayquickly become scarce. Mill owners, too,see this as a very real concern for thefuture.“There’s still too much lumber on themarket right now, even though it hascontracted dramatically due to the economicconditions in North America,especially in the United States,” onesales manager said. “We’re movingwood, but we’re not going to build amountain of lumber to sit on.”He said his company had worked todiversify its offerings, adding grades andproducts that they have not carried inthe past. Still, he said, they remain alumber manufacturer at heart and assuch, are dependent on demand.“Who knows, maybe this will be a ‘W’recovery; things will go up and then fallback,” he suggested. “I think there arestill lots of problems with housing in theUnited States. There’s an 11 to 12month supply still. But I think it will getbetter than it is now. Whether that will bemarginal or substantial, I don’t know.”He added that the current financialsqueeze may have produced somethingof an upside for the industry as a wholewhen it emerges from these challengingconditions.“These economic times have forcedthe hand of many mills to get more efficientor shutter down,” he said. “Theones that come out of it will be the mostefficient in the history of North America,that’s for sure. Those that have a goodworkforce and maintain their supplieswill weather this and come out on theother side and make money. I’d like tothink we’re closer to better days than wewere yesterday.”Another Ontario wholesaler said he iscautiously optimistic. “Hopefully therewill be a change,” he said. “There aresome signs, and the summer, right now,is helpful. People seem to be moreactive, whether they are buying newhomes or renovating. I think it’s going toContinued on page 34South/SoutheastBusiness TrendsBy Gary MillerManaging EditorReports from theSoutheast regionindicated someareas are seeing improvement and others,located deep in the South, are stillvery depressed. With transportationcosts again on the rise and with theincreased cost of manufacturing and/orhandling the ever-popular in-demandcertified products, lumber suppliersreported that product diversification andbusiness from loyal customers are holdingtheir business together.An Alabama sawmiller that cutsSouthern Yellow Pine lumber said themarket was fair. “It’s slightly better thansix months ago, each day is a challenge.We measure things in terms of dollarsand sales and the value of the producthas gone down,” he explained.He stated that conditions in unemployment,financial lending and the mortgageindustry are the factors driving thestagnant economy. “There is a lot goingon right now. It’s hard to put your fingeron one thing,” he said. As far as transportationgoes, he said the issuesweren’t dramatic but some logisticscompanies closed their businesses as aresult of the current sluggish economyand this has led to more problems gettingthe contract trucks his mill needs toship lumber to their customers on atimely basis.This particular source that markets toretail lumber dealers within a five statearea said customers on the coast ofFlorida have been troubled for threeyears. “We’ve seen some of the moreexpensive markets curtailed in Floridaand Georgia. It’s been that way for quitesome time,” he said. “About the onlything that has any activity right now iscommodity markets.”In reference to when a pick up in businessmay come along the sawmillersaid, “It seems as though the marketmay have bottomed out and we’re startingto see an upward tick in pricing,which is desperately needed.”The contact said that certified productswere not a driving factor for his business.“People talk the game but they’renot willing to pay any difference in pricefor these products. Currently the trend ofcertification is very popular but the priceWhen it’s Showtime...we have your back.Call Swanson Group Sales at 1-800-331-0831.Right grade. Right service. Right here.Continued on page 38

Page 28NAWLA SPECIAL ISSUE -Continued from page 1and building materials distribution.The forest and building products industrieswithin which NAWLA membersoperate has highly developed characteristicsthat help shape the role of both thewholesale distributor and the role ofNAWLA. The industry is highly diversifiedboth in terms of product and geography.Aside from species differences,products of the tree include solid lumber,veneer and non-veneer panels, andmanufactured products such as fencingand decking.Lumber wholesalers have evolved themost efficient distribution system in theworld, helping to make possible thewidespread use of wood products in theconstruction of residential, commercialand industrial buildings across theUnited States and Canada. NAWLA’srole is to aid wholesale distributors inaddressing and solving common industrychallenges in the areas of transportation,government and environmentalregulations, e-commerce and technologyand certainly ongoing education.For more information about being partof this year’s NAWLA Special Issue,NAWLA REGIONALS -Continued from page 1tronic trade platform for the ChicagoMercantile Exchange. Wisnefski said itlists bids and offers, and matches themas well. Additionally, Globex is accessible23 hours daily. “It’s reliable, stableand relevant,” said Wisnefski, “becauseit offers speed, transparency, anonymity,equality, auto-speaking. Electronic tradingis here to stay and is growing in volumeas time goes by.”Later, Shields, of Conifex Inc., spokeabout the future of industry. He noted,“There will be much less of a market forsawmill residuals in the future due topulp business going downward andnewsprint manufacturing declining. Weshould be in a better situation for solidlumber prices to strengthen now. I thinkthere will be a considerable delaybetween housing going up in numbersand new lumber production. There’ll bea reluctance to invest in expansion oflumber production. Credit availability willprobably allow fast expansion in the forestproducts industry, even thoughhousing picks up.”To wrap up the guest speakers’ agenda,Quinn, of RBC, said that from his firm’sviewpoint, the U.S. housing market is atlast bottoming out. He said, “2009 overallwill be bleak for housing, but 2010should be a better year. We will experiencea “U-shaped” recovery, not a “Vshaped”one.Also recently, NAWLA members gatheredfor its Executive Conference at theLoews Lake Las Vegas Resort. In additionto board of directors’ meetings andthe chairwoman’s reception andaddress, an exhibition hall was availableduring this conference for various attendeesto display some of their products.Guest speaker at the executive conferencewas Adam Fein, Ph.D., founderand president of Pembroke ConsultingInc. His speech was entitled ‘Strategiesfor Surviving the Recession.’ After recappingthe various twists and turns inthe market over the past, Fein outlinedsome very basic strategies to surviveeconomically. They included: work harder,enforce profit discipline, improve productivityand keep perspective.NAWLA also held a smaller regionalmeeting at the DoubleTree Hotel inMonrovia, Calif., recently, which wasattended by several West Coast members.NAWLA is an international trade associationof more than 650 leading forestproducts and building material industrywholesalers, manufacturers and industryaffiliated companies throughout theUnited States, Canada and the world.Recently elected officers for 2009-2010are: George (Buck) Hutchison,Hutchison Lumber & Building Products,chairman; Chris Beveridge, SkanaForest Products, first vice chairman;Gary Vitale, T.W. Hager Lumber Co.,second vice chairman; Bill Barnett,Marathon Forest Products, treasurer;Susan Fitzsimmons, Snavely ForestProducts, immediate past chairwoman,and Mark Palmer, NAWLA executivedirector and interim CEO.For more information about NAWLA,phone 800-527-8258 or visit its websiteat -Continued from page 1•building or buying houses with raisedfloors should emphasize the benefits ofthis type of construction. Key amongthem: raised flooring lowers costs overall,making raised floor construction looksolid, and ease of plumbing and electricalrepairs. Appearance is also a sellingpoint.Those attending the SFPA Annual Mid-Year Meeting enjoyed a series of roundtablediscussions, at which a variety oftopics were covered. The SFPA Board ofDirectors meeting wrapped up theevent, followed by a reception of all inattendance.For more information about the SFPA,call 504-443-4464.•WHO’S WHO - HoltContinued from page 20ber distributor.Mill Services Inc. is a member of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssoc. (NAWLA) and the NortheasternLumber Manufacturers Assoc. (NeLMA).The company inventories approximatelytwo million board feet.Holt has three children and enjoys huntingand fishing in his spare time.•The Softwood Forest Products BuyerWHO’S WHO - PriddyContinued from page 2brand products, N-Durz® brand boratetreated lumber and FlameFreez® brandfire retardant lumber and plywood forweather-protected framing applications,TimberTech® composite decking andrailing, marine use products, agriculturalposts and poles. The firm also offerskiln-dried after treatment (KDAT) products,a wide variety of specialty products,columns and remanufacturing.Great Southern provides logistics servicesthrough Greenbrush Logistics.Great Southern is a member of theSoutheastern Lumber ManufacturersAssoc., Lumbermen’s Association ofTexas, Mid-South Building MaterialsDealers Assoc., Lumber UnlimitedNOLA, Kentucky Building MaterialsAssoc., Florida Building MaterialsAssoc. and the Florida Wood Council.Greenbrush Logistics is a member of theAmerican Trucking Assoc. and theAlabama Trucking Assoc.Priddy has been in her present positionsince Great Southern’s acquisition ofCurt Bean Lumber Co. in 2007. Priddywas the first woman trader in theWeyerhaeuser Co. Southern TradingCenter. She joined Curt Bean LumberCo. in 1983 as national accounts salesmanager for two sawmills and a treatingplant.Priddy is a graduate of Hot Springs HighSchool in Hot Springs, Ark. Priddyattended Garland County CommunityCollege, and received a degree in businessfrom Brians Business College,both in Hot Springs. She is an elder andSunday school teacher, and an ambassadorfor National Christian Church inWashington, D.C. While atWeyerhaeuser, Priddy was a two timerecipient of the outstanding sales awardfor acquiring the largest treated woodcontract and the first 52 trucks of treatedlumber sold to McCoy’s Building Supply.Priddy and her husband of 10 years,Noel Pennington, have four children, 14Continued on page 30CHARACTER BUILDINGBuilding with Eastern White Pine is character building. It is a reflection of who youare, how you choose to live and your commitment to authenticity. To learn more about building witheastern white pine visit Will your next project have character?

July/August 2009 Page 31TRI-PRO TM -Continued from page 30having a large range of different productsand we do highly mixed truckloads,”Cluster explained. “We are also doing alot of work on a custom basis at bothfacilities.”Tri-Pro Forest Products recentlybecame a new mill member of the InlandLumber Producers Assoc. Inc. and Tri-Pro Cedar Products is a member of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssoc. (NAWLA).Sales for both operations are handledout of the Oldtown, Idaho, office at 208-437-2412.For more information about Tri-ProCedar Products or Tri-Pro ForestProducts, visit them at www.triprocedar.comor contact directly at 208-437-2412.•MIDWEST TRENDS -Continued from page 15are back up again.” Labor was alsomentioned as a rising cost but not onewith complaint. “You pay more for goodpeople. I firmly believe if you have goodpeople you better do what you can tohold on to them because there is nosubstitute for good help,” he said.When asked about the overall market,the sawmiller said things are beginningto pick up. “Seasonal demand has certainlyincreased due to the building season.I would say the confidence in theeconomy has improved and some productionhas come off the market.”According to the National Assoc. ofRealtors (NAR) the Pending HomeSales Index rose 9.8 percent to 90.4 andis 11.1 percent above the same period oftime last year. NAR chief economist saidbuyers are responding to very favorablemarket conditions. “Housing affordabilityconditions have been at historic highs,but now the $8,000 first-time buyer taxcredit is beginning to impact the market,”he said. “Since first-time buyers mustfinalize their purchase by November 30to get the credit, we expect greateractivity in the months ahead, and thatshould spark more sales by repeat buyers.”A broker with Coldwell BankerResidential Brokerage in Dallas-FortWorth said buyer assistance programsare plentiful around the country. “Somestates are offering bridge loans thatallow first-time buyers to use the taxcredit for down payment and closingcosts, but there are many other localgovernment and nonprofit programsavailable to buyers, depending on location,”he explained.NAR recently reported on the affordabilityof housing noting that a medianincomefamily earning $60,000 couldafford a home costing $296,000 with a20 percent down payment. The reportsaid affordability conditions for first-timebuyers with the same income and smalldown payments are roughly 80 percentof that amount. Affordable pricing wasstated as well above the median existingsingle-family home price of previousmonths at $169,800.The number of existing home sales isexpected to improve. However the localmarket variation will dictate the timing ofrecovery.•DIPRIZIO -Continued from page 16sentatives, the LaValley-Middleton familyof businesses is very well versed inworking with builders, architects, projectsupervisors, and buyers at all levels.The goal is to partner with customers insuch a way that they can get everythingto do with their job or project directlyfrom one of the LaValley-Middleton companies.Instrumental to this business efficiencyhas been the fifteen-year mill upgradingThe General and Framing Contractors PartnerWe Specialize in Mill Direct Sales to the Construction Industry• Shipments Made To Your Specifications• Computer Generated Delivery Tracking System• Experts At Cost Saving Ideas• Ability To Meet Any Budget• Experienced Sales And Support Staffproject at DiPrizio Pine Sales that beganin 1993. With its facilities spread across40 acres, DiPrizio operates aplaner/moulder and reman center, ninedry kilns with over 600,000 board feet ofcapacity per cycle, and biomass and biproductprocessing plants. The companyalso has a 600-horsepower Hurstwood-fired boiler and turbine producingsteam heat and electricity by recyclingsystems. The incorporation of this latesttechnology and equipment in the industryhas enabled DiPrizio Pine Sales tobecome a premier brand in EasternWhite Pine quality, product selection,reliable shipments, and competitive pricing.While DiPrizio Pine Sales manufacturesand remans 15-20 million boardfeet of Eastern White Pine each year, itis not the largest mill in New England. Itis, however, one of the most modern.The mill carries an extensive inventoryof kiln-dried 4/4 through 6/4 EasternWhite Pine lumber, White Pine timber,Red Pine flooring and V-joint decking, aswell as unique products such as 6/4 logsiding, bevel clapboards, paneling, andpre-stained trim, including a vast varietyof finger-jointed products with the qualityWeining moulder finish. DiPrizio PineSales stands out in its ability to handlerequests for special patterns, grade programs,and variety of services.“Regardless if the customer wantssquare edge or patterns in one of ourown mill grades, a custom program, or aNELMA grade (D and Better, or C-Select), DiPrizio Pine is the place to getit all from,” says Scott Brown, VicePresident of Wholesale Sales forDiPrizio.With the goal to be positioned andresponsive to customers’ needs whilebeing reliable with on-time, quality-guaranteedshipments, careful schedulingand maximum control of every processfrom log buying to sawing, kiln dryingand planing are hallmarks of DiPrizioPine Sales’ daily operations. The companyuses computerized techniques toensure accuracy; and, because of thefirm’s warehouse inventory system,most orders can be turned around withinten days.“Our goal in the distribution chain,”says Larry Huot, President of DiPrizioPine Sales, “is to help our wholesale distributorclients avoid a duplication inhandling and overhead by having usperform those same steps in our normalmaterial flow. The net result is that ourclients can be more profitable usingDiPrizio services.”DiPrizio Pine Sales is well known as apremier quality manufacturer, agile andversatile in serving specialty needs andniche markets on a high-volume basis.Not only does the company supply itsproducts to LaValley-Middleton BuildingSupply stores, but lumber is alsoshipped throughout the United States—as far away as California. Most of theDiPrizio brand-name products, though,remain in the New England area wherethey are well known by craftsmen specializingin new building, renovation, andrestoration projects. The unique character,workability, and aesthetic appeal ofEastern White Pine are available tothese craftsmen in a timely and surprisinglyaffordable manner, due to the millcapacity at DiPrizio Pine Sales as wellas to the company’s resource-efficientpractices.In 2007, when Public Service of NewHampshire (PSNH), the state’s largestelectric utility, decided to discontinue itssawmill rate program (a 75% reductionin demand charges), DiPrizio Pine Salesbegan a process of “going green.” Withadditional drying costs and forecastedincreases in electrical rates and oilprices, DiPrizio Pine turned to co-generationtechnology (wood-fired boilers andturbines) to reduce expenses. MarcellaPerry, Director of Operations at the mill,led and championed the endeavor tofund the project through exhaustiveresearch and countless meetings,becoming reality through the assistanceof great people and aid by federal funds:a community development block grantsponsored by the Town of Middleton andadministered through the SoutheastEconomic Development CorporationContinued on page 32WWW.SHELTER-PRODUCTS.COMPHONE: 866-517-1230 – FAX: 251-517-1231PORTLAND, OR/DAPHNE, AL/DALLAS, TX/TEA, SD

Page 32The Softwood Forest Products BuyerDIPRIZIO -Continued from page 31(SEDC), and a federal grant from theUnited States Department of Agriculture.Although such an undertaking startedout as a mission, it grew into a vision ofwhat the lumber industry can contributeto slowing the tide of global warming.With a responsible use of renewableresources, DiPrizio has reduced itsdemand for oil by 390,500 gallons andits SO2 emissions by 18.6 percent.DiPrizio Pine Sales also meets orexceeds all Hazardous Air Pollutant(HAP) regulations.According to the company’s estimates,7,500 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil arerequired each week to process 600,000board feet of lumber. DiPrizio hasreplaced fossil fuel with 41.5 tons of byproductsuch as sawdust, woodchips,and whole-wood chips. The turbine producesapproximately 60 percent ofDiPrizio’s electrical needs, and thesteam from the boiler is used to heatseveral buildings. The resource stewardshipcontinues further down the lineas loggers attend annual felling andhandling clinics, and customers purchasebark mulch, sawdust, and woodchips.NELMA-certified DiPrizio Pine Sales isan active member of the NortheasternLumbermen’s Association (NELMA), acharter member of the North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association(NAWLA) Trader’s Market, as well as amember of the New HampshireTimberland Owners Association(NHTOA) and the Northeast RetailLumber Association (NRLA).DiPrizio Pine Sales is grateful to thecommitment and dedication of itspeople, and to the communities inwhich the company operates andserves. Without them, DiPrizio Pinewould not be where it is today.At DiPrizio Pine Sales, we listen, wecare, and we understand your needs.We look forward to the opportunityto learn your business and to tellyou more about ours! Visit us on theweb,,, or call 1-800-647-8989.SWANSON -Continued from page 17•results from the lay up line.“To do a lathe project is really complicated.Veneer is moving at such highspeeds, from 1,300 up to 1,350 feet perminute all while controlling accuracy,” heexplained. “We are less than 1-1/2 thousandsof variation within two standarddeviations. Our people work hard to getthe results we need to remain competitive.”An inventory tag system was implementedthat ensures the veneer iswatched until the final stages of shipment.“When we peel veneer, the unitsget squeezed and we calculate howmuch volume is in that unit. The unitthen gets identified by the date it wasmanufactured and the thickness,”Andrews clarified. “Further downstreamthe veneer goes through the processand the dryers and gets re-tagged, reinventoriedand goes on to the layup linewhere another tag is created. When it’smade into a panel from the rough panelto a finished panel another tag is addedbetween the saw and the sander. Soperpetually we watch our veneer as itgoes through the entire system to thefinal stages of shipment. It’s a very accurateway of inventorying.”Primary panel items offered by the companyinclude: MDO and HDO overlaypanels, CCPTS Industrial panels, sturdifloor,sanded and sidings. “Most of theveneer we produce is used internally tomake our own plywood,” addedMarketing Director Bob Maurer.“Although, we do buy and sell veneer tobalance out our needs and to move offthose items we don’t need for production.”Swanson Group’s plywood carries theAPA stamp and along with their othersawmills is a Union Pacific origin shipper.With history that dates back to 1951,Swanson Group began with a small mill,Superior Lumber Co. in Glendale, Ore.From this small company with 35employees, Swanson Group has developedinto an extensive operation.Their stud mill operation in Roseburg,Ore. manufactures kiln-dried Hem-Firand White-Fir studs in 2x4 and 2x6 andin 8-, 9-, and 10-foot trims. This mill hasthe capability to produce kiln-driedDoug-Fir and also cuts Incense Cedar in2x4 and 4x4 for post and rail applications.The original Glendale sawmill, locatedin southern Douglas county about 45miles south of Roseburg, producesGreen Douglas Fir in 2x4 and 2x6, 8-feet to 20-feet in length and some 2x8and 2x10 with some developing 1x4s,1x6s and 2x3s. A second plywood andveneer operation is also located inGlendale as is the company’s headquartersbuilding for all divisions. The companyalso operates another dimensionmill in Noti, Ore., near Eugene that alsoproduces Green Douglas Fir dimension.Combined the two dimension mills havea capacity to produce 350-million boardfeet annually.Along with Joe Andrews and BobMaurer, key employees of the SwansonGroup are: Steve Swanson, presidentand CEO; Chuck Wert, chief operatingofficer; John Stembridge, vice presidentsales and distribution; Rick Bernheisel,chief financial officer; Carson Johnson,vice president of aviation services; TimHennessey, vice president of humanresources; Don Hardwick, vice presidentof timber resources; Rob Landau, vicepresident of operations; and CameronKrauss, vice president of legal affairs.Member of both the APA and WWPA,Swanson Group Manufacturing is certifiedunder the Sustainable ForestryInitiative (SFI). The sales department isa member of NAWLA, LACN and theLAT, wholesale and dealer associations.For more information about SwansonGroup Manufacturing and its productsand services, visit them online -Continued from page 18•ing up, via an Austrian refugee camp,indentured to a Canadian farmer inSaskatchewan.After three years on the prairies heheaded west and started logging inAlberta and British Columbia where hesystematically started to get a sister andfour brothers out of Slovenia and thefamily business in their new country ofCanada began. And, as they say, therest is history.Already successful loggers, they nowwanted to invest more in sawmilling. So,in 1977, Tony, Joe and Henry Novakbought Dunkley Lumber. And like theirlogging operations, through long-termvision and old-fashioned hard work,turned Dunkley into the class of theindustry it is today. The Brothers Novakare not only pillars of industry, but pillarsof their community. Their unofficial familymotto is: “We shake the trees, yourake the leaves.”Their generosity is also the stuff of legend,both professionally and socially, aswas evident by the array of high profilepolitical dignitaries, including CabinetMinisters, who also attended the awardbanquet wanting to pay tribute to theNovaks.Government luminaries roasting TheThree Amigos included B.C.’s AttorneyGeneral, the Hon. Mike de Jong,Minister of Forests, the Hon. Pat Bell,and the Mayor of the City of PrinceGeorge, Dan Rogers.Continued on page 33

July/August 2009 Page 33BCWLA -Continued from page 32Other head table roasters includedFather Nick Forde (Novak family priestin charge of all Novak “hatches, matches,and dispatches”), Jim Klimek(Olympic Ind., North Vancouver, B.C.)and Jos van Hage (Art Knapp’sPlantland, Prince George, B.C.).BCWLA President Steve Parkinson(South Beach Trading, Coquitlam, B.C.)made the award presentations followingthe formal roasting. One feature of thegala evening was that while Tony, Joeand Henry are indeed The ThreeAmigos, Brother Joe passed away lastDecember after battling cancer andreceived his Lumberman Of The YearAward posthumously. His son RobNovak, President of Dunkley LumberLtd., accepted the award on his father’sbehalf.In the words of Roastmaster JackHetherington (Evergreen Empire Mills,Burnaby, B.C.), “There are three exemplarycategories that describe the positivelycultivated human condition: firstthere’s Class, then there’s First Class,and then way up there above the firsttwo there’s The Novak Brothers.”The annual BCWLA Lumberman OfThe Year Award Roast is a major eventon the Association’s social calendar. Asociety registered in the province ofBritish Columbia with roots going backto 1946, the BCWLA endeavors to foster,maintain and develop communicationand cooperation among lumberwholesalers and other branches andlevels of the lumber industry, governmentalagencies and the public in general.Comprised of 30 full members and 18associate members, the BCWLA, inaddition to philanthropic initiatives,strives to promote high standards ofbusiness conduct, integrity, and camaraderiein the wholesale lumber industry.And it is to that end that the BCWLAsponsors four major social eventsthroughout the year: a “Family Night”barbeque with the Oakland A’s affiliateVancouver Canadians ProfessionalBaseball Club in July; a major golf tournamentin August; a “Smoker” inDecember, where high profile speakersrally the troops in a social setting; andthe famous Lumberman Of The YearRoast in June when the BCWLA honorssomeone whose exemplary conduct andcareer has benefited in a positive manner,not only themselves but the lumberindustry in general and society as awhole.RICHARDSON TIMBERS -Continued from page 19•celebration included a catered lunch,tours of the facility and door prizes.Approximately 50 people were in attendanceat a buffet style lunch with hors d’oeuvres, chicken and fruit was servedfollowed by a tour of the facilities. Doorprizes included hand-crafted woodsculptures, a $100 gift card to Houston’sSteakhouse, four tickets and a parkingpass for a Texas Ranger baseball game,and a 42-inch high definition flat screentelevision.The event ended at 6 p.m. and eachperson in attendance received a 60thAnniversary wood grained travel coffeemug.When asked what he attributedRichardson’s 60 years of success to,General Manager Bobby Crowley said,“I believe the success of our companyover the last 60 years is due to our abilityto manufacture quality products, toprovide good customer service and tooffer competitive pricing. Our companyemployees pride themselves on thededication we have to our customers.Without them there would have been nocelebration.”Richardson Timbers specializes in thecutting and milling of wood timbers andthe production of custom millwork products.The company stocks and cuts timbersfrom Western Red Cedar, DouglasFir and oak. Custom millwork capabilitiesinclude the manufacturing of decorativebrackets, corbels and rafter tails.Standard and custom patterns alongwith rip, re-saw and precision end trimservices are also available.For more information about RichardsonTimbers and their products andservices visit them at www.richardsontimbers.comor call 214-358-2314.•OTIF -Continued from page 23full. Filling 95% of an order does notequal a 95% in-full performance. Thereare no percentages of ‘in-full’ on individualorders. This is an all or nothingproposition: there are no errors, substitutionsor backorders.Now consider your OTIF performance.If you’re not currently measuring andmanaging your performance I’d beshocked to see your OTIF in the 90’s. In15 years of working with lumberyardsand sawmills in the U.S. and internationally,we’ve never seen OTIF numbersthat high in companies that weren’tintentionally managing their business tothat level. 95%? It never just happensor occurs at companies with informalsystems and processes in place.In our experience, we’ve found that initially,sawmill operations generally havehigher OTIF performances than retaillumberyards. A couple of facts drive thisdifference. Sawmills generally have asmaller number of total customers. Veryoften, the vast majority of their productionis going to a small percentage oftheir customer base. The ParetoPrinciple or 80/20 rule where 80% ofproduction goes to 20% of customers iscommon. In this environment, communicationwith those customers is generallyvery good. Also, they often representlong-standing relationships andthere’s a high level of organizationalknowledge about what that customerprefers, buys and expects.Retail lumber operations have morecomplexity to deal with in terms of numbersof customers, number of deliverylocations they ship to and additionalproducts that are combined in eachorder. Perhaps the key differencebetween sawmills and retail lumberoperations is the expected and acceptedlead time. “Our lead times at the sawmillare significantly greater than in thelumberyards,” comments Kevin Hynes,COO at Hancock Lumber Company inMaine. “Sawmills benefit from longerlead times and I believe this is a big driverin their OTIF performance being generallyhigher (initially) than a retail lumberoperation.”Nonetheless, any organization candrive an OTIF performance in the 90’s.If they hit the mid-to-high 90’s they’ll bedriving a competitive advantage. A competitiveadvantage drives profitability.AND that’s the goal.Not WHAT but WHYWhen asked what his first three ‘go to’metrics are Joost Douwes, VicePresident and General Manager ofChinook Lumber in Snohomish, Wash.,replied, “Sales, margin and OTIF. It’svery important to know your OTIF performance.”I agree. But what I reallywant to know is WHY. I’m not nearly asconcerned with the actual OTIF numberas I am with the drivers behind it.THAT’s the value of OTIF.In order to understand the ‘why’ it’simportant to assign reason codes toeach OTIF failure. Why wasn’t that particularorder on-time or in-full? As eachorder is sent out and the OTIF data iscaptured, the reason behind it is alsocaptured. Usually we divide this up into4 categories: Customer; Internal;Vendor; Other. Within each category webreak out some common sub-categories.For example under Internal reasonsfor OTIF failure it may have beenan order entry error by Sales, the wrongmaterial may have been loaded byOperations or the items may have beenout-of-stock.Tracking the reason behind the failurequickly highlights your biggest areas forimprovement. The majority of OTIF failuresare driven by internal issues. TheyContinued on page 34

Page 34The Softwood Forest Products BuyerOTIF -Continued from page 33may center on sales frequently settinginappropriate lead times resulting in lateorders. They may be driven by out-ofstockevents. Digging into the detail tounderstand why these things are happeningalways highlights insufficient systemsand processes.“We found inefficiencies in operationsto be an OTIF driver. We discovered alarge contributor to that was not alwayshaving directions or addresses onorders. So we strengthened the ordertakingsystem and have an audit componentthat ensures all orders that get tooperations are complete. We do ourhomework up front and reap the benefitsdaily,” says Douwes.What do I do first?There are a number of things you cando today that are good and beneficial foryour business. There are only a handfulof things that matter MOST, right now.The OTIF data will clearly prioritizewhere you should allocate yourresources. “OTIF data clearly identifiedour biggest problem. It allowed us todrill down, identify and address the rootcause,” adds Dan Fesler, CEO ofLamperts in St. Paul, Minnesota.The objective is to eliminate or minimizeeach obstacle to OTIF with permanentsystem fixes. (What is insufficientabout the current system or process?)Take them one at a time; resolve eachsystem issue and move on to the next.You’ll cover a lot of ground and the resultin each and every case will be animprovement in the company’s ability toget it right the first time – improving customersatisfaction and lowering operatingcosts. That’s a beautiful thing.So – what’s your OTIF performance?Ruth Kellick-Grubbs is President ofKellick & Associates, a LBM industryconsulting and advisory firm. She workswith LBM companies across the countryto improve performance and profitability.For more information on measuringOTIF or sample Excel tracking spreadsheetscontact Ruth CREEK -Continued from page 24•Cedar and hardwoods.For more information, visit the company’swebsite at•WHO’S WHO -WestmaasContinued from page 25factures coatings and specialty productsfor siding and trim pre-finishers. Thecompany is part of PPG Industries, Inc.,which has manufacturing facilitiesaround the globe and is headquarteredin Pittsburgh, Pa.WESTERN TRENDS -Continued from page 26•Western SPF prices began to fall a fewdays later with quotes on 2x4-8s fromlarge producers in a $158-163 range,2x4-9s lost ground and prices of 2x6trims were the same, but demand hadweakened. The Report cited weakdemand and sufficient production as keyfactors pushing framing prices lower.According to a source in Idaho thatoperates among others, a stud mill, theframing business is extremely challenging.“We’re closing our stud mill indefinitelyat the end of the month,” he said.In reference to the reason for the closure,the contact said, “There is toomuch supply on the market chasing toofew housing starts.”“We’re selling to distributors and retailersand both national and local prodealerscovering the spectrum of people thatuse framing lumber. It’s not a matter oflack of customer base, it’s about prices,”he said. He also commented any pricemovement was due to “mills curtailingthen coming back and increasing productionwhich pushes prices to an unaffordablelevel.”The supplier who manufactures FirLarch and whitewood studs doesn’t lookfor a price recovery until 2010. “Until weget increased demand, which is going tocome from increased housing starts,we’re just going to flounder a bit andstruggle at these low levels. And I think itwill be into 2010 before that happens,”he said.While the company is SFI certified thesource mentioned he hasn’t seen a benefitin profit or an increase in demand.“Certification is important to us becausewe want our customers to be confidentthat our timberlands are managed sustainablybut it certainly hasn’t generatedextra income,” he explained. “Wehaven’t noticed an increase in demandfor the certified products either. In thismarket, it’s all about price.”A recent forecast by the FreedoniaGroup projected the ‘green’ market toexpand 7.2 percent annually to over $80billion by 2013. According to the Group,Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certifiedlumber and wood panels are expectedto be the fastest growing green products.The demand for FSC certified panelsis expected to triple in coming years,growing three times as fast as the overallmarket for wood panels.Forecast to grow 5.6 percent annuallyto over $29 billion, green flooring is predictedto be the largest source of greenbuilding demand in the coming years.According to Freedonia the U.S. marketfor ‘green’ building materials generatedsales of almost $57 billion in 2008.•NORTHEAST TRENDS -Continued from page 26to allow homebuyers to use the $8,000tax credit to assist covering down paymentor closing cost to bring new homebuyersto the market and stimulate homesales.“We think this is a good program; ourmembers have been getting manyinquiries from potential buyers about it,”McMillan said. “NAR is pleased that thisenhancement has been made to theadministration’s housing recovery program.As we have heard before, therecan be no economic recovery without ahousing recovery. With an abundance ofinventory, reduced home prices, historicallylow interest rates and now theavailability of the tax credit at closing, weexpect to see the housing market furtherstabilize and improve.”•QUEBEC/ONATRIO TRENDS -Continued from page 27be, if not a long road, than not an easyroad for recovery.”A manager at a Quebec-based wholesaleoperation said he felt similarlyabout the potential for growth in thefuture. He said that the companies thatposition themselves well today, evenwith the economy the way that it is, willbe able to make the most of salesopportunities when they appear in,hopefully, the not-too-distant future.“We don’t do much SPF at themoment,” he said, quickly adding thatthe company had recently hired threenew salespeople in the United States tohelp build their share of the market. Hesaid his company used to do “tons” ofbusiness in Softwood before the currentdownturn, but he said he would prefer tolook forward to a time when the marketcomes back. At that point, he said, thisContinued on page 38we believe in only the best quality.west bay. we’re big on cedar.CALL FOR A QUOTE OR TO DISCUSS YOUR CUSTOMIZED CEDAR NEEDS TODAY 1.800.688.1108WESTERN RED CEDAR FASCIA • ROUGH DIMENSIONS • DECKING • TIMBERS • FENCING • PATTERN STOCK

July/August 2009 Page 35softwood forest products’ stock exchangeIdaho Cedar SalesA division of Idaho TimberTroy, IdahoCEDAR SPLIT RAIL FENCING2-Rail & 3-Rail Systems8’ and 10’ RailsStandard, Pony & Garden weightsJumbo Rails2-Rail & 3-Rail GatesCUSTOM ORDERS UPON REQUESTCedar Hand Split Fence Pickets2 1/2” x 6’ #1 & #23” x 6’ #1  1/2” x 5’ and 2” x 6’ Mill RunCedar Fence Boards1x4 4’/6’ 2/Btr No Hole – Dog Ear/Flat Top1x6 4’/6’ 2/Btr No Hole – Dog Ear/Flat TopCONTACT: Cory, Kevin or Brock(208) 377-3000 or (800) 654-8110Idaho Timber of FloridaLake City, FloridaSPF Dimension2x2 R/L2x4 thru 2x12 - up to 24’ All Grades2x4 & 2x6 92 5/8” to 10’, Stud Grade/#2PET 92 5/8 & 104 5/8 Util. Studs/#27x9-8’ #1 and #2 GradeUsed-Treated Railroad TiesCONTACT: Rusty, Glen, Waymon or John(386) 755-5555 or (800) 523-4768Manufacturers of Eastern White Pine.1x8 Std S4S or Pattern6/4x8 Premium Log Siding5/4 D&Btr SelectEastern White Pine C-Sel 5/4 SelDiPrizio Pine SalesRoute 153 & King’s Hwy.Middleton, N.H. 03887603-473-2314 1-888-330-8467Fax: 603-473-8531WESTERN RED CEDART/L 1x4 R/L 8’-20’ Std & Btr No Hole S1S2ET/L 1x6 R/L 8’-20’ Std & Btr No Hole S1S2ET/L 1x8 R/L 8’-20’ Std & Btr No Hole S1S2ET/L 2x4 R/L 8’-20’ Appearance Grade S4ST/L 2x6 R/L 8’-20’ Appearance Grade S4ST/L 4x4 all 8’ & 10’ Appearance S4ST/L 2x2 – 3’ C & Btr Clear S4ST/L 2x2 – 4’ C & Btr Clear S4ST/L 1x4 – 6’ # 2 & Btr No Hole S1S2E Dog Ear’dT/L 1x6 – 6’ # 2 & Btr No Hole S1S2E Dog Ear’dT/L 1x8 – 6’ # 2 & Btr No Hole S1S2E Dog Ear’dMid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.Phone: 604-856-6072Fax: 604-856-6043sales@midvalleylbr.comwww.midvalleylbr.comTM1122 Hwy. 2 • Oldtown, Idaho(208) 437-0653 • FAX (208) 437-0579Western Red Cedar Kiln-Dried ProductsSiding - Pro Select Knotty - Plain Bevel11/16” x 6” & 8”3/4” x 6”, 8” & 10”Siding - Pro Select Knotty - Rabbeted Bevel3/4” x 6” & 8”5/4” x 6”, 8” & 10”Pattern Stock - Pro Select KnottyWP-4 11/16” x 8”WP-11 11/16” x 8”WP-105 11/16” x 6” 8” & 10”WC-200 2” x 6” & 8”Channel - 11/16” x 6” & 8”Fascia - Pro Select Knotty - No Hole5/4” x 4”, 6”, 8” 10” x 12”Fascia - Pro Select Knotty - No Hole - S1S2E5/4” x 12”Boards -D&Btr - S1S2E7/8” x 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”Boards -3&Btr - S1S2E7/8” x 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”Boards - #4 - S1S2E7/8” x 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”Contact: Terry Baker Julie AndersonSteve Hirst Lance Hubener(800) 488-2726T/L 2x6 Std & Btr DeckingT/L 1x10 Prm S4S 8’-16’ R/L UnitsT/L 8” Std S4S All 8’ – Can PatternT/L 8” Std S4S All 10’ – Can Pattern3/4” 1&2 Shop S4S AvailableT/L 6” Premium All 6’T/L 2x8 Std & Btr Log Cabin SidingT/L 1x6 Std S4S all 12’ can patternT/L 1x6 Std S4S all 14’ can patternT/L 4” DBTR S4S all 6’T/L 8” Premium S4S all 14’T/L 12” Prm S4S R/L Units 8-164”-12” C Selects S4S 8’-16’ 500’ UnitsCustom cant sawing availableFSC Certified Eastern White Pine ProductsALL SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALEALL OTHER EASTERN WHITE PINEPRODUCTS AVAILABLEUPON AVAILABILITY & REQUESTP.O. Box 299 • 1260 Poland Spring RdCasco, ME 04015Sales Tel: (207) 627-7600Sales Fax: (207) 627-4200Visit us at:www.hancocklumber.comOC 1996 FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCILQMI-COC-001012CLR Finish • CLR Dimension • CLR Bevel • Lattice • Accessories

Page 36The Softwood Forest Products Buyersoftwood forest products’ stock exchangeDF Timbers/UppersEWP Pattern/S4SSPF/LP-PP/SYP/DF Decking/LockdeckGlulams–SYP/PT/DFIJoist/LVLTufftrim primed boardsAtlantic White CedarCedarway vinyl shingle panelsWoodway productsEnhance EWP Prestained PanellingScaffold PlankRex SynFeltVersatex boards/stealth/mouldingsRaindrop housewrapWRC boards & deckingYardcrafters rail systemTruemarc deckingAshton-Lewis SYP flooringBlue Star Meranti & accessoriesPressure treated SYP beams & plywoodPoplar & Oak boardsTebo Hidfast SystemTimbersilCellek deckingDOWNES &READER HARDWOOD CO., INC.P.O. BOX 456 – EVANS DRIVESTOUGHTON, MASS 02072IMPORTED HARDWOODS DIVISIONTOLL-FREE: 866-452-8622336-323-7502FAX: 336-217-7970IRON S ICK ®KILN STICKSTOLL-FREE:866-452-8622ALL SIZESIN STOCK - TRUCKLOADS OF:FLAT OR FLUTED3/4 OR 7/8 X 4’ - 6’ - 8’CALL WILLIAM OR STEVETOLL FREE: 866-452-8622Dimension:Green Doug Fir2x4 #1/Btr; Std/Btr, Utility; Economy2x6 Select Struc; #2/Btr; #3; Economy2x8 #2/Btr2x10 #2/BtrStuds:Green Doug Fir2x4 Trims up to 117”2x6 Trims up to 117”4x4Kiln Dried Doug Fir; Hem Fir; White Fir; SPF2x4 Trims up to 117”2x6 Trims up to 117”Plywood:OverlaysTruPour HDO 1/2” – 1 1/8”TruPour MDO 1/2” – 1 1/8” 9’ and 10’ avail.TruForm BBOES 5/8” – 1 1/8”EZ Pour 1/2” – 1 1/8”TruPaint 1/2” – 1 1/8”Underlayment23/32 Sturd-I-Floor1 1/8 Sturd-I-FloorIndustrialCCPTS 3/8” – 1/18”Sanded 3/8” – 1/18”SpecialtyMarine Grade 1/2” – 3/4”Siding 3/8” – 5/8”ROBBINS LUMBER, Inc.est.1881Searsmont, Maine U.S.A.Stock ListingAll items subject to prior Sale30,000 1x8x8 StandCan be Run to Pattern30,000 1x12 StandRandom LengthsCan be Run to PatternHood Distribution600 Iron Horse ParkNo. Billerica, MA 018621-800-752-0129 Fax: 978-667-0934www.ironsticks.comimports@downesandreader.comSwanson Group Mfg.www.swansongroupinc.comPh: 800-331-0831Fax: 541-856-4299P.O. Box 9Searsmont, ME 04973Tel.: 207.342.5221Fax: 207.342.5201Web: www.rlco.comGO TO SOFTWOODBUYER.COMYour Ad linked to your company’s web-site!ALL OF OUR ISSUES AREDIGITIZED AND ON-LINE!All ads have a direct linkto their company’s websiteand/or email addressGo to

July/August 2009 Page 37softwood forest products’ stock exchangeR. B. LUMBER COMPANYP.O. Box 2254Oregon City, OR 97045The Waldun GroupManufacturers of Quality WesternRed Cedar ProductsMaple Ridge, B.C.Phone: 604-462-8266Fax: 604-462-8264www.waldun.comStave Lake Cedar18, 24-inch Re-butted and Re-jointedshinglesMachine Grooved and Sanded ShinglesFancy Butt ShinglesAvailable in pre-primed and custom colorsWaldun Forest Products18 & 24-inch Resawn Shakes18 & 24-inch Tapersawn Shakes16, 18, 24-inch ShinglesTapersawn & Shake Hip & RidgeJumbos & Custom Sizes-Yellow CedarShakes & Shingles Available as preservativeor fire treatedTwin Rivers Cedar Products2x3 thru 2x12 R/L S4S Arc-Knotty orCustom Knotty2x4 thru 2x12 R/L Rough Std/#2 Btr No Hole4x4 R/L S4S Arc-Knotty or Custom Knotty4x6 thru 8x8 Appearance grade TimbersS4S or RGH.Outdoor Living TodayCedar gazebos, garden sheds, playhouses,breezes (pergolas), and spa (hot tub)shelters.Pine Lumber: 60% Idaho White Pine, 40%Ponderosa Pine.Thickness Dimensions: 4/4, 5/4,6/4,8/4.Width Dimensions: 2” thru 12” S4S. Up to 16”S2S.Length Dimensions: 4’ thru 16’ on 2’ multiples.Grades: Choice (C&Btr), Quality (D&Btr), Finish(NeLMA), Colonial (No. 1 Com), Sterling (No. 2Com), Standard (No. 3 Com), Utility (No. 4 Com),No. 1 Furniture, Mldg. & Btr., 3rd Clr, No. 1 Shop,No. 2 Shop, No. 3 Shop, Para 99, Shop Outs.Surfacing: S4S, S2S WWPA & NeLMA Patterns.Can surface 4/4 net 1/2” thickness.Drying: Proprietary MC specificationsP.O. Box 339 • East 704 Fourth St.Post Falls, Idaho 83877(208) 773-4511 • FAX (208) 773-1107Kiln Dried Douglas Fir Timbers, Western Hemlockand Western Red Cedar - Timbers Inventory, AllGrades, Milling and RemanufacturingGOODFELLOW ORIGINAL and INTERNATIONALCOLLECTION Hardwood Flooring – Prefinished andUnfinishedSouthern Yellow Pine, Red Pine, and Clear DouglasFir FlooringPRIMING AND STAINING FACILITIESGOODLAM Laminated Beams – Spruce, Douglas Fir,and Southern Yellow Pine, Architectural and IndustrialGrade, APA CertifiedDomestic and Imported Hardwood Panels – MDF,MDO, All Sizes and GradesSolid Roof Decking 2x6 – 3x6 – 4x6Delson, QuebecTel. : (800) 361-0625www.goodfellowinc.comGOODFELLOW INC.U.S. OfficesNH –Tel: (800) 990-0722NY –Tel: (800) 935-2212GARY - (503) 655-8020 FAX (503) 650-7235E-MAIL: knightatrblumber@aol.comRANDY - (623) 936-7090 FAX (623) 936-7091E-MAIL: rblumberco@aol.comGreen Western Red Cedar/Pine/SpruceTile Batts.1x2-4’- rough, bundled and unitized.Western Red Cedar/Incense Cedar/YellowCedar Fence Rails2x3-8’2x4-8’Western Red Cedar/Yellow CedarFencing Flat Top & Dog Ear1x4-4’,5’,6’,8’-S4S, S1S2E, Rough1x6-4’,5’,6’,8’-S4S, S1S2E, Rough1x8-4’,5’,6’,8’-S4S, S1S2E, RoughYellow Balau Hardwood Decking5/4x6-6’ to 16’- S4S RED2x2-3’ - S4S4x4-8’ S4S1x4-8’ - Pattern, Bottom & Sub Rail2x6-8’ - Cap RailWestern Red Cedar BarbequeCooking Planks1x8 - Various Lengths availableCall Us ForWestern Red Cedarand Import Needs

Page 38The Softwood Forest Products BuyerQUEBEC/ONATRIO TRENDS -Continued from page 34wholesaler will be ready to takeadvantage of opportunities when theyarise.“They’re doing OK at the moment,even though the economy is not doingwell,” he said of the United Statesbasedsales team. “We’ve got to getstarted.”SOUTHEAST TRENDS -Continued from page 27•difference is holding it back. Forexample, someone presented us agreen product and the price differencewas drastic. The green product was$100 a sheet for a product that goesfor $8 a sheet. Who’s going to buy it atthat higher price?”For the next six months the sourcesaid he expects challenging times. “Ithink the best hope for a pick up isspring of 2010. I think it will be a gradualpick up. When you’re at 407,000housing starts that’s a long way from1.5 million,” he said.In Louisiana the Northeast LouisianaHome Builders Assoc. said negativemedia attention of the United Stateshousing industry has people inLouisiana believing the same is truefor their state. According to the executiveofficer of the association, PaulStephenson, this is not the case.“Louisiana is not like other states,” hesaid. “Right now, if you listen to thenational media all you hear is how badthe housing economy is. You wouldthink foreclosures were everywhere.”A recent visit to the state by a nationaleconomist makes Stephenson’sclaims viable. The economist’s reportshowed that Louisiana had less than6/10th of 1 percent foreclosure.“That’s virtually none,” Stephensonexplained. “We know it happensnationwide, but it’s just not happeningmuch here. California, Arizona,Nevada and Michigan are all experiencingsevere problems. We don’t disputethat. But if you look at the facts,home prices doubled from 2001 to2006 in California. That’s unrealisticgrowth and unsustainable.”The only thing hurting the Louisianahome building industry according tothe economist is fear. “People seewhat’s happening nationally and thinkit must be happening here, too. Whatwe are trying to do is get the ‘word’ outto the public that the bad foreclosurerates in housing are occuring in severalother states but, it’s not happeningmuch here,” Stephenson added.In Mississippi a Southern Yellow Pinesupplier said business was severelydepressed. “We’re just surviving,” shesaid. “The cost of fuel is going up, andthis higher expense of delivering lumberand/or dimension to our customersis hard to absorb.”The contact said long-time loyal customerswere helping the companysurvive the challenges. “Being in businessover 25 years, you get to knowpeople,” she explained. “Some of ourcustomers have been with us sincethe beginning. We’ve been good tothem in good times, and they’rereturning the favor by being loyal to usin these slower economic times.”According to the source, housesbeing built in the area are smallertoday compared to two years ago.“We’re seeing much smaller houses.They’re being built in the 1,600-1,900square foot range now. Two years agothe average house being built was2,200-2,500 square feet,” she said. “Itis harder to sell lumber in this type ofeconomic climate.”Looking ahead the contact doesn’texpect a change until at least 2010.“When the housing industry reaches alevel of 50 percent recovery, thingswill improve. We don’t expect that tohappen until at least 2010,” sheexplained.•TRADE TALKPacific Western Wood WorksIntroduces New ProductsD e l t a , B . C . —Pacific WesternWood Works Ltd., based here, recentlyintroduced a new product line. Thelattice and Cedar accessory manufacturershave built a state-of-the-artfacility that specializesin highend finishing. “Weadded to our programsin the lastfew years. Wenow have a fullline of Clear finish,which, is A &Dennis Wight Better Clear aswell as the ClearVG in 1x4, 1x12, 5/4x12 and 2x4-2x12in S4S and S1S2E,” General ManagerDennis Wight said. “This program hasgiven us a competitive edge againstsome of the best in the world. Overthe last few quarters we have continuedto grow and we are receiving ahuge response from our current customerbase.With the majority of the firm’s customerslocated in the Northeast,Midwest and the Pacific Northwest,Wight said the company is expandinginto other markets. “A lot of peoplewould be really surprised at the rangeof product lines that our family businesscarries. We export to Japan andGermany, which are some of thetoughest quality-required markets inthe world,” he said.Wight also said variations of some ofthe company’s products are exportedoffshore.Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd., afamily-owned and operated business,has provided quality products andinnovative solutions for the WesternContinued on page 39PRIME LAND FOR SALE733 acres in Tallahatchie County,Mississippi. 128 acres of CRP pine, balanceis a mixture of mature hardwood and pine.Large creek runs the entire length of the property.Excellent Turkey and Deer club property.Only 20 minutes from Hwy. 55 and 45 minutesfrom Oxford, Ms.For more information contact:Sandy Haynes662-901-8100E-mail:

July/August 2009 Page 39TRADE TALKContinued from page 38Red Cedar Assoc. industry for thepast 25 years. The company uses ahands-on approach with an emphasison personal service. For more informationvisit or contactdirect at 604-946-2910.•Aubra Anthony Appointed ToArkansas Forestry CommissionLittle Rock, Ark.—Aubra Anthonywas recently elected to serve a nineyearterm on theBoard of theArkansas ForestryCommission byGovernor MikeBeebe. Presidentand CEO ofAnthony ForestProducts Co.,Anthony replacesAubra AnthonySteve Anthony(cousin) of Bearden whose termexpired this year.Director of the American Forest andPaper Association, he currentlyserves on the boards of SimmonsFirst Bank of El Dorado, the MedicalCenter of South Arkansas, theArkansas Forestry Assoc. and theWinthrop P. Rockefeller CancerInstitute Foundation.Anthony Forest Products Co. wasfounded in 1916. Currently the companyowns approximately 92,132acres of timberland in Arkansas,Louisiana and Texas and manufacturesover 150 million board feet ofkiln-dried, grade marked, premiumSouthern Pine Lumber specializing in2 x 10 and 2 x 12.•H.W. Culp Lumber Co. InstallsNew EquipmentNew London, N.C.—H.W. CulpLumber Co. recently installed aComact GradExpert optimizer for usein their planer mill from ComactEquipment Inc. out of Quebec,Canada.The new optimizer has a fully automaticlumber grading system that utilizeslasers, CCD cameras and a lightcurtain to grade and trim lumber withouthuman graders at speeds up to150+ lugs per minute.According to H.W. Culp Lumber Co.,the new equipment will help the companyreceive a better grade and volumerecovery with faster productionrates. A representative said the equipmentwould benefit customers byallowing a more accurate grade oflumber due to precise measuring ofeach piece end to end, a more consistentproduct and a better productappearance due to the ability to cosmeticallytrim within the grade.“H.W. Culp Lumber Co. will continueto upgrade our controls and optimizationon our carriage, lineal edgeralong with upgrading our optimizedbucking system as the market allows,”the representative said.H.W. Culp Lumber Co. is a third generation,family-owned company.Operating since 1925 the companyproduces Southern Yellow Pine lumber.The firm’s products areSustainable Forest Initiative certifiedand also certified by Timber ProductsInspection.For more information or contactdirectly at 704-463-7311.•Rosboro Adds Glulam FacilityS p r i n g f i e l d , O r e . —Rosboro,headquartered here, recently added anew glulam facility in Vaughn, Ore.The company purchased the Vaughnfacility from Weyerhaeuser Hardwood& Industrial Products and addedequipment to manufacture customglulam.A representative of the companysaid, “Rosboro is the largest supplierof stock beams, now we complete theline with custom glulam that can beproduced per plans and specificationincluding curbed beams. We also nowmanufacture Alaskan Yellow Cedarand Port Orford Cedar providing customfabrication. We can now provideone-stop shopping.”Marketing to wholesale distributors,utility supply companies, commercialstructure companies, and specialtybrokers, the company now offersdesign stresses (24fb, 1.8 E and 30fb, 2.1 E) in sizes up to 14-1/4” widewith depths up to 53-inches, lengthsup to 100 feet in standard glulamdepths or I-joist compatible depths.Species offered are Douglas Fir,Southern Yellow Pine and AlaskanYellow Cedar.For more information visit•Bob Bretz Joins YakamaForest ProductsC a y u c o s , C a l i f . —Bob Bretzrecently joined the sales team atYakama Forest Products, based here.A 35-year experienced member of theindustry, Bretz was formerly a salesmanager for Colville Indian PrecisionPine, Snow Mountain Pine andSequoia Forest Industries. His first jobin the forest products industry waslogging for family operations.A graduate of Clovis High School inClovis, Calif., he attended theUniversity of California in Fresno andis a lifetime member of Hoo HooInternational.Continued on page 40

Page 40• Carlos Furtado • Ryan Furtadowww.sawarne.comTRADE TALKContinued from page 39Bretz is a United States ArmyVeteran who served in the VietnamWar. He enjoys fishing and hunting inhis spare time.Yakama Forest Products producesmouldings, shop and 4/4 boards fromPonderosa Pine.For more information visit•Medford Moulding And WesternVeneer Now FSC CertifiedWhite City, Ore.—Both MedfordMoulding Co. and Western Veneer &Slicing Co. recently announced FSCcertification.Medford Moulding was founded in1957 and is a manufacturer of solidlineal domestic Pine mouldings for thetwo-step distribution segment of thewood products industry. In additionthey manufacture engineered stilesand rails for the wood window anddoor industry.Western Veneer & Slicing began in1988 and is a sister company toMedford Moulding Co. WesternVeneer is a manufacturer of woodveneer utilizing three Amitec linealslicing machines along with threeframe saws for producing thickveneers. The company specializes inPonderosa and Sugar Pine along withall other domestic and foreignSoftwoods and hardwoods.For more information about MedfordMoulding Co. visit www.medfordmoulding.comand for more informationabout Western Veneer & SlicingCo. visit•John Brash Timber Co. SuppliesCedar For Exmouth LifeboatLincolnshire, U.K.—John BrashTimber Co., based here, has suppliedits Western Red Cedar cladding forthe new Exmouth Lifeboat Station,owned by the Royal NationalLifeboats. Specific in its appearanceand durability for coastal conditions,the cladding will also be used for thestation souvenir shop and the undersideof the building’s roof.John Brash Timber Co. Ltd. producesand imports specialty timber forspecified markets. The company’sproducts include roofing battens, scaffoldboards, Cedar shingles andshakes, exterior timber cladding, antisliptimber decking and landscapesleepers.For more information visit•Green Book’s SoftwoodMarketing Directory AvailableMemphis, Tenn.—The 2009 editionof Green Book’s SoftwoodMarketing Directory is availableThe Softwood Forest Products Buyeronline. The directory gives Softwoodlumber sales representatives instantaccess to over 4,400 woodworkingand industrial plants’ Softwood lumberpurchasing needs.With a qualifying Ad program, theservice is offered at no cost and canbe accessed without an Ad programfor $900 per year. Each listingincludes species, grades, thicknessesand quantities of lumber purchasedregularly. The lumber buyer’s name,address, telephone and fax numbersand email and web address are allincluded.For more information contactCharlene Jumper at 901-372-8280•Western Forest ProductsStruggles In ‘Non-Core’ AssetSalesD u n c a n , B . C . —Western ForestProducts Inc., located here, recentlyannounced it would continue to sellassets not deemed as key to companygrowth. However, potential saleshave been slowed by the economicdownturn. Reporting a 25 percentdrop in wood product sales for the firstquarter, the forestry company said itplans to use the money from assetsales to reduce borrowing andimprove its balance sheet.Dominic Gammiero, acting presidentand CEO said the plans to sell “noncoreassets” in recent months havebeen halted. The firm reported a netloss of $25.5 million for the quarterending March 31 compared to a yearearlierloss of $22.6 million.Western Forest Products Inc. is anintegrated Canadian forest productscompany with an annual availableharvest of approximately 7.5 millioncubic meters of timber of which 7.3million cubic meters is from Crownlands and 0.2 million cubic metersfrom private timberlands and lumbercapacity in excess of 1.5 billion boardfeet from eight sawmills and fourremanufacturing plants.•NAWLA Announces Election Of2009-2010 OfficersChicago, Ill.—The North AmericanWholesale Lumber Association(NAWLA), basedhere, recentlyelected their newofficers for 2009-2010. Thoseelected were:George (Buck)Hutchison,HutchisonLumber & Building Products,Chairman; Chris Beveridge, SkanaForest Products, First Vice Chairman;Gary Vitale, T.W. Hager Lumber Co.,Second Vice Chairman; Bill Barnett,Marathon Forest Products, Treasurer;Susan Fitzsimmons, Snavely ForestProducts, Immediate PastChairwoman and Mark Palmer,NAWLA, Executive Director & InterimContinued on page 41

July/August 2009 Page 41TRADE TALKContinued from page 40CEO.For more information or contact direct at800-527-8258.•Lumberman’s UnderwritingAlliance Awards Over $350,000W a s h i n g t o n ,D . C . —TheLumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance(LUA) has awarded over $350,000 ofreturned premiums to NationalHardwood Lumber Assoc. (NHLA)and its members.As a result of LUA’s Partnership programheld in 2008, the return is basedon the commendable loss ratio of 38percent. “The VIP Program was startedin 2006 to recognize NHLA memberswho share the same commitmentto property conservation as the LUA,”president and chief operating officer,Michael North said. “In these challengingeconomic times, it is gratifyingto reward our customers and directlyhave an impact on everyone’s bottomline.”For more information visit•Several Closings AnnouncedF e d e r a l W a y , W a s h . –Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods &Industrial Products, headquartered inhere, recently announced the indefiniteclosing of four engineered woodproducts plants in the Southeast andpermanent shutdowns of two lumbermills and five distribution centersincluding Cincinnati and Columbus,Ohio.The four temporarily idled are iLevelveneer and engineered wood mills inEvergreen, Ala., and Dodson andSimsboro, La., and a TimberStrandmill in Chavies, Ky. Also permanentlyclosed are Albuquerque, N.M., andLas Vegas and Reno, Nev.The firm has closed 10 mills sincethe beginning of 2009. The latest closureswill affect nearly 800 jobs at 11locations. Tom Gideon, executive vicepresident of forest products said,“Demand for wood products continuesto decline due to a slowdown in thehousing market and virtually all of ouroperating facilities are experiencingreduced operations. As a result of thechallenging market conditions, thefour manufacturing mills will close foran indefinite period of time to balancesupply with our demand.”Plum Creek Timber Sales, headquarteredin Seattle, Wash., is permanentlyclosing its sawmill in Pablo, Mont.The company closed mills inEvergreen and Columbia Falls, Mont.Plum Creek issued 60-day noticesthat the other two plants would beevaluated and either keep running orclose temporarily or permanently. “Itcould go either way,” representativeKathy Budinick said. “We’ll just haveto look at the market and see how it’sdoing.”Since the beginning of 2009 theEvergreen and Columbia Falls locationshave experienced temporaryshutdowns and a sawmill in Kanaka,Mont., was permanently closed.Boise Cascade located in LaGrande, Ore. is closing its sawmillalong with a small log mill in KettleFalls, Wash., for an indeterminatetime period. Spokesperson SteveLyon said, “We don’t know when ouroperations might come back up again,but it is not any time in the foreseeablefuture.”According to U.K. based parent company,Wolseley, Stock BuildingSupply, located in Raleigh, N.C., willbe sold or closed by August.Wolseley’s CEO, Chip Hornsby said,“We continue to have approaches andwe’re in discussions with a number ofgroups.”Wolseley has cut 17,000 jobs andclosed 713 branches at Stock sinceAugust 2007. The 3,000 job cuts wereannounced last October. Sales for thefirm were $5.3 billion in the fiscal yearending July 2006 and $3.5 billion twoyears later. The company lost morethan $200 million in 2008.“The market moves so quickly, everythingstopped,” Hornsby said.Attempts to sell Stock Building Supplybegan last summer with interestedbuyers, but a deal was not reached.•Kepon Joins Zip-O-Log MillsE u g e n e , O r e . —Zip-O-Log MillsInc., located here recently announcedDan Kepon joined the firm’s salesteam. Kepon has been in the forestproducts industry since 1983 wherehe began in sales for Nu ForestProducts in Healdsburg, Calif.Prior to joiningZip-O-Log MillsInc., Kepon wasproduct managerfor The PacificLumber Co. inScotia, Calif. Agraduate of ArcaleHigh School inArcale, Calif., heDan Keponattended OrangeCoast College in Costa Mesa, Calif.and College of the Redwoods inEureka, Calif.Kepon is a member of Humboldt HooHoo International and the CaliforniaRedwood Assoc. In his spare time,Kepon enjoys golf, hunting, fishingand vacations with his family.Founded in 1944, Zip-O-Log Mills is afamily owned sawmill business locatedin Eugene, Ore. The company iscommitted to continue to provide topquality 100% Douglas Fir products.Recent improvements and upgradesin the firm’s sawmill have improvedproductivity and quality. The firm nowhas the capacity to produce timbersup to 52’ in length. Post and beams,timber framing products, joist andstringers, and domestic clears areincluded in the company’s product list.For more information about Zip-O-Log Mills Inc. visit•LIMINGTONLumber Co.411 Pequawket TrailRte. 113, P.O. Box 47E. Baldwin, ME 04024Manufacturers of Quality Eastern White PineProducts and Services:• Producing 15,000,000 bdft. annually• Weinig Waco maxi planer specializes in pattern stock• Nine Irvington Moore dry kilns - total capacity 360,000 bdft.• All shipments via truck or van are paper wrapped• Marketing through Wholesale and Wholesale DistributorsO U R P R O D U C T S A R E M A R K E T E D T HROUGHOUTT H E U N I T E D S T A T E S A N D C A N A D A.S a l e s : Win Smith, Jr.E m a i l : win@limingtonlumber.comP h o n e : (207) 625-3286F a x : (207) 625-7399Website: www.limingtonlumber.comDIPRIZIO PINE SALESSAWMILL • DRY KILNS • PLANER MILL • INVENTORY • SERVICE • SELECTIONREMANUFACTURING SERVICES AVAILABLEYOUR EASTERN WHITE PINE SPECIALISTR O U T E 1 5 3 , 5 K I N G ’ S H I G H W A Y • M I D D L E T O N , N H 0 3 8 8 7M A R K E T I N G1-888-330-8467 1-603-473-2314Fax: 1-603-473-8531e-mail: sbrown@lavalleys.comT H R O U G HScott Brown, SalesW H O L E S A L E& W H O L E S A L ED I S T R I B U T O R S

Page 42The Softwood Forest Products BuyerSize does matter.DOUGLAS FIR up to20” x 20” x up to 40’CEDAR 16” x 16” up to 32’Massachusetts ConnecticutVermont800-752-0129 800-468-8220 800-955-2677Richardson Timbers is a leader in custommillwork and manufacturing of customizedtimbers, with capabilities ofdelivering products throughout the U.S.Serving the construction industry fornearly 60 years, by taking the spirit ofthe old and combining it with the leadingtechnology of today, Richardson Timbersis able to offer wholesale products withunparalled service and quality.RICHARDSON TIMBERStoll free (877) 318-5261 phone (214) 358-2314fax (214) Since 1949Stocking Distributor of Tru-Dry ® Fir ProductsTexas • Oklahoma •

July/August 2009 Page 43WEST COAST TRENDS-Continued from page 15Don Dye, sales manager for Mary’sRiver Western Cedar sawmills andreman plant, said, “Logs are becomingmore difficult to find. Loggers justare not bringing in Cedar due to theweak Doug-Fir and Hemlock markets.So far we have logs, but it is a tightsupply. Our Cedar markets are doingokay, but we have chosen a differentpath. Our biggest bugaboo is midrangestandard and better material.Tight knot, channels, bevels andtongue and groove material is movingwell.”Vince Mast on the sales team ofHampton Affiliates, Portland, Ore.,said, “Sales from our mills last weekwere the best we have seen in twoyears. A lot of people were out ofwood and had to buy. We have asolid two-week order file and that isgood. We have raised some prices.For the first time in three years themills are in a fairly strong position forsales and raising prices. I feel thosesame buyers will have to come backto buy again in another two weeks.Business has had a lot better tonelately. However, we have no plans toincrease production and we may seemore curtailments if there is a downturn.We have seen good homecenter sales and strong offshoresales, however, the monsoon season iscoming and then we will have to sell moreinto the domestic market.”Darren Duchi, handling sales forSiskiyou Forest Products in Andersen,Calif., said, “No one has any supply fearsat the moment; the fourth quarter maysee some concerns if curtailments continueto expand. We have experienced aslight bump in sales, but due to fiercelyaggressive competition, we have notbeen able to raise our prices. Business isbetter but surviving is about doing morewith less. We are expanding into somenew markets for us and this effort is payingoff. We thought last winter was thetoughest winter we would ever see, butthis year may be the toughest year andthis coming winter may be harder thanthe last one. There is so much uncertaintydue to what is happening in ourcountry’s government. I feel that we arein the eye of the storm and that eventhough things have gotten better, they arestill quite fragile. ”Siskiyou is in the process of lengtheningits edge glue line from 16 to 20 feet forgreater efficiency and increased production(with fewer workers) and is looking atpurchasing additional equipment. “Rightnow you can purchase good equipmentfor almost any wood operation for pennieson the dollar, and we are still investingin our future,” he said.•TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FORTHE LUMBER INDUSTRYSimplyComputing Since 1990Internationalwww.simplycomputing.com800-903-4122Info@simplycomputing.comLOG SCALING PROHandheld Batch Collection Voice Data CollectionPile Inventory/Tagged Logs Contract PaymentsMultiple Species, Log Rules, Yards Bar-CodingLUMBER INVENTORYBar Code Inventory Kiln Tracking Bin Sorter InterfaceRough & Dressed Inventory Radio Frequency Real Time DataOrders/Shipping/InvoicingWOOD BROKERAGEBy-Products Inventory Pile ManagementAutomated Weight Scale InterfaceAccounting InterfaceTALLY SYSTEMS*New - Voice Lumber Grading Wireless Handheld TallyHandheld End Tally Handheld Chain TallyPLC Custom InterfaceHardware Sales & Service • Network and AdministrationCustomized Software DevelopmentClassified OpportunitiesCALL FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATIONClassified Rates: Display $60.00 percolumn inch, fractions of an inch willbe charged as a full inch. Line Ads are$8.00 per line.All classified Ads must be receivedby the 16th of the precedingmonth. Example: Ads for theSeptember/October 2009 issue mustbe in by August 15th, 2009.Also, please specify the number ofIDAHO TIMBERtimes Ad is to run. All Ads to beinserted on prepaid basis only.Classified advertising accepted onlyfor: Position Available, PositionWanted, Business Opportunities,Machinery For Sale, MachineryWanted, Wanted To Buy, ServiceOffered.Seeking a self-motivated, aggressive, energetic, team-orientedsalesperson with industry experience and knowledge in the areasof pine and cedar boards, lumber and specialty products.Responsibilities include: Sales, marketing, new product and customerdevelopment for regional and national accounts.Competitive salary (DOE), bonus program, 401k, profit sharing,vacation/holidays, health and dental insurance. Opportunity forgrowth and advancement with an innovative and aggressiveindustry leader. Job opening available in Boise, Idaho.For consideration, please email resume and cover letter tojobs@idahotimber.comPACIFIC WESTERN LUMBER, INC.Two locations to serve your Specialty Lumber NeedsMAIN OFFICE:Lakewood, WA800-232-2132 Fax: 253-581-1343Lake Oswego, OR800-819-4238 Fax: 503-595-0948• Manufacturers and wholesale distributors.• Appearance Douglas Fir & Western RedCedar beams – green or kiln dried.• Milled Log Home patterns, profiles andcants.• Fabricated timber trusses.• Timber frame components.• Lathe turned Douglas Fir/Whitewood/Cedar logs, up to 18”diameter, 8’ to 85’ lengths.• Kiln Dried 4x4 Appearance Grade Hem-Fir & Douglas Fir.• Wood dowels – 2” to 7” diameter.• Agricultural posts, poles and stakes.Visit Uson-line atwww.softwoodbuyer.comVisit our website:

Page 44The Softwood Forest Products Buyerby discussing your dust, smoke, fumes and vapors.Turn-key Project Management Services:• Trouble-shooting• Written assessments• Technical recommendations• Conceptual and final design• Manufacturing• Custom installations• New, used andreconditioned equipment• Sales and support• On-site maintenance• In Stock– Extensive Inventory of Reconditioned Equipment• Maintenance Services Available for Filtration Equipment1347 Connelly Springs RoadP.O. Box 1736 • Lenoir, NC 28645(828) 757-3500 • Fax (828) 758-5178Check out ournew website at:www.airsystemsmfg.comDust Collection • Air Filtration • Ventilation Systems • Custom/Standard/Reconditioned Quality WesternCedar Products1x4 BOARDS in 4, 5and 6’ lengths2x4 RAILS in 8-10’ bothrough and surfacedCedar 4x4 POSTS in4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9and 10’ lengthsCedarPICKETS2x2 clear cedarBALUSTERS in 32” - 36” -42” - 48” - 96” 4418 NE Keller Rd., Roseburg, OR 97470 • FAX (541)-672-5676Dan Keller, Sales Manager • (541) 672-6528

July/August 2009 Page 45Classified OpportunitiesWHOLESALE FIRM WANTEDLeading wholesaler focused on specialty softwoods, engineeredwood and industrial products seeks to continue growth by acquisitionof similar distributors. Employment contracts are available. Reply inutmost confidence to:Blind Box No. 132c/o The Softwood Forest Products BuyerP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908LUMBER TRADER WANTEDExperience Necessary.High Desert Trading Inc.Bend, OR800-410-9622oremail:awest@bendbroadband.comYour ClassifiedA dH E R Ew i l l g e t r e s u l t sContact: Rachael StokesAdvertising Managerstokes@millerpublishing.comSOFTWOOD CALENDARJULYInland Lumber Producers, 26thAnnual Golf Tournament, TheCoeur d’Alene Resort, Coeurd’Alene, Idaho. Contact: 13-14.SoutheasternLumberManufacturers Asosc., AnnualConference, Ritz Carlton AmeliaIsland, Amelia Island, Fla. Contact:770-631-6701. July 22-25.The Southern Building MaterialAssociation, Annual SummerConference, Virginia Beach, Va.Contact: 704-376-1503. July 30-Aug.2.SEPTEMBERFMC China, Tradeshow, Shanghai.Contact: Softwood Export Council,503-248-0406. Sept. 9-12.Global Buyers Mission, presentedjointly by BC Wood, the WesternRed Cedar Lumber Associationand the Cedar Shake &Shingle Bureau, Whistler, B.C.Contact: Sept.10-12.NAWLA Wood Basics Course,Salbasgeon Suites & ConferenceCenter, Corvallis, Ore. Contact: 800-527-8258. Sept. 12-15.Northeastern Lumber ManufacturersAssoc., Market Outlook& Board of Directors Meeting,Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport,Maine. Contact: 207-829-6901. Sept.17-18.Minnesota Timber ProducersAssoc. NORTH STAR EXPOItasca County Fairgrounds,Grand Rapids, MNContact: 218-722-5013.September 18 -19.•How to engineer tighterprecision into components.Every truss you build is designed to deliver specific structural values. That’s why Temple-Inland ®is now delivering lumber with pre-tested mechanical grades. We’re introducing our machinestress-rated (MSR) lumber in 2" x 4" through 2" x 8" dimensions and lengths of 8' to 20.'Initially offered with a tested value of 2400f-2.0E, our MSR products give you the precision tomore efficiently match lumber with known properties to design specifications. Maximizingyour performance, productivity and value. Meeting your expectations for quality and reliabilitythat’s earned us a reputation as experts inside and outside the bark for over 100 years. Askabout MSR 800-231-6060 SFI SM certified product©2007 TIN, Inc. Temple-Inland is a registered trademark of TIN, Inc.

Page 46■ INDUSTRIALSMoulding, Finger Joint,Shop Core Stock,Furniture, Pallets,Russian Red PineR. B. LUMBER COMPANYCALL US FORWESTERN RED CEDARAND IMPORT NEEDS!Our products include:R. B. LUMBER COMPANYP. O. Box 2254Oregon City, OR 97045623-936-7090 - RandyFax■ PRODUCTS FOR REMANUFACTURERandom length low grade boards &dimension, Waney cants,Tight Knot Timbers■ FENCING ROUGH & S1S2E, FENCING DECKING & PATTERN STOCK1x4, 1x6, 1x8Incense Cedar2x4, 2x6, 2x8Chinese Fencing, Decking & Patterns4x4, 6x6Western Red Cedar503-655-8020 - GaryFax 503-650-7235knightatrblumber@aol.comThe Softwood Forest Products BuyerClassified OpportunitiesFOR SALEMACHINERY LISTMcDonough 54” resaw model RA-59New Holland Skid steer loader Model LX565Newman KM-16 3 Head Trim SawZurn HL-225 Regenerative Air DryerYATES, A62 – Motorized PlanerWOODS, Moulder, Model 132BMSIGNODE Automatic Squeeze Bander LinePERKINS 4.203 Newly Rebuilt EngineMISC. Electrical, Transformers, Disconnects & 277 volt lighting1989 Ford L8000 fb truck with 12 ton/50’ CraneChip Bins- 20 unit and 14 unit, 30 and 15 unitWestern Pneumatics bins, NiceToledo digital truck scale 11’ wide x 68’ longMISC. ConveyorsMISC. Roll CasesMISC. BlowersMISC. CyclonesMISC. Hydraulic Pumps IDAHO TIMBERCORPORATIONCONTACT: Darrell Gottschalk(208) 835-2161SALES REPRESENTATIVE WANTEDDelson Lumber LLC, located in Ridgefield, WA., is a new specialty wholesale distributioncompany with its roots in the Northwest forest products industry dating back to1945. Delson is looking for a Sales Representative to help develop new nationwidesales in a wide range of specialty wood products, primarily Douglas Fir.Here is an opportunity to join a progressive, growth oriented, organization at theground level and advance your career and compensation at an accelerated pace.Delson Lumber has targeted specialty product categories and regional markets in theU.S. which have great potential over the next decade.Applicants should have experience with Douglas Fir and/or Western Red Cedar specialtyproducts at the wholesale, retail, or mill sales level. Some familiarity with primaryand secondary manufacturing will be beneficial. Delson Lumber’s distribution warehouseand sales office are located in Ridgefield, WA. However, flexible work arrangementsfor this position will be considered. Some travel will also be required.If interested please send resume to Delson Lumber LLC, 2 South 56th Place, Suite201-E, Ridgefield, WA. 98642 or email humanresources@delsonlumber.comINDEX OF ADVERTISERSAir Systems of N.C. ..............................................44BC Wood Specialties ............................................44Bernard, Rene Inc.................................................33Boise Cascade LLC ..............................................18Cabot.....................................................................11DiPrizio Pine Sales ...............................................41Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co................................23Eastern Forest Products .......................................15F J Studs – SASCO Inc........................................44Goodfellow, Inc. ....................................................29Hampton Affiliates .................................................22Hancock Lumber Co. ............................................20Hardwood Forestry Fund ......................................46Hood Distribution/McQuesten Group....................42J.W. Jones ............................................................25Keller Lumber Co..................................................44Lazy S Lumber......................................................48Limington Lumber Co. ..........................................41Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance .....................17Mars Hill Hardwoods.............................................42Mary’s River Lumber Co. ........................................9Mid-State Lumber .................................................40Mid Valley Lumber Specialties, Ltd.........................7Mill & Timber Products Ltd....................................30NAWLA (No. Amer. Wholesale Lbr. Assoc.) .........13NAWLA - President Wanted..................................24NELMA (Northeastern Lbr. Mfrs. Assoc.) ..............28Nordic Engineered Wood......................................45Pacific Western Lumber, Inc. ................................43Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd. ........................35PPG Industries/Olympic .........................................3R. B. Lumber Co..................................................46Richardson Timbers..............................................42Robbins Lumber Inc..............................................16Sawarne Lumber...................................................40Shelter Products Inc. ............................................31Simply Computing.................................................43Siskiyou Forest Products ......................................39Swanson Group ....................................................27Taylor Machine Works ..........................................37Teal-Jones Group..................................................32Temperate Forest Foundation...............................21Temple-Inland .......................................................45Tri-Pro TM Cedar Products Inc. ............................... 4Trout River Lumber .................................................6Waldun Group, The.................................................5West Bay Forest Products & Mfg. Ltd. .................34Wynndel Lumber Sales...........................................8Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc...............................................19

July/August 2009 Page 47SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SUPPLIERS OF SOFTWOOD FOREST PRODUCTS!10,000 copies of this Special Buying Edition targeting wholesalers, stocking distributors, remans and mills.It is mailed four weeks before the convention and handed out at the 2009 NAWLA Trader’s Market ® .Special 2009 NAWLA EditionYou’ll have more sales opportunities than you ever dreamed of!EngineeredWoodLumberYou’ll reach more buyers at the right time when they’re looking forsuppliers.You’ll discover new buyers andcontact new suppliers.You’ll develop new accounts...and repeat business!PanelProductsTimbersYou’ll be in front of the movers and shakers...the Heavy Hitters withtremendous “Buying Power.”You’ll have editorial support to give you, your personnel, facilities, products andservices maximum visibility in this Special 2009 NAWLA Trader’s Market ® I s s u e .F R E E a r t i c l e (not to exceed 750 words, information and photos supplied by you)f o r 1 / 2 p a g e a n d f u l l p a g e Advertisers.F R E E Who’s Who profile (not to exceed 200 words, on one company representative,head & shoulders photo supplied by you) for 1/4 page Advertisers.These Firms have already signed up for the 2009 Special Edition:Air Systems Mfg. of Lenoir Inc.Anthony Forest ProductsAtlanta Metro Lumber & ReloadA.W. Stiles Contractors, Inc.Beasley Forest ProductsC&D Lumber Co.CabotCollins Cos.Crawford Creek Lumber SalesDiPrizio Pine SalesHancock Lumber Co.Idaho Timber Corp.Idaho Veneer Co.Lumbermen’s Underwriting AllianceMars Hill HardwoodsMid-Valley LumberMill & Timber ProductsNewman Lumber Co., Inc.North PacificOlympic/PPG IndustriesPacific Western WoodworksPatriot Timber ProductsPotlatch Corp.Richardson TimbersRobbins Lumber Inc.Simply Computing Int’l.Snider IndustriesTaylor-Made Lumber Co.Teal-Jones GroupTrinity Forest IndustriesTri-Pro TM Cedar ProductsTrout River LumberWRCLAWest Bay Forest ProductsWinston Machinery & EquipmentWolf River LumberWood Priming ProductsOur publications are digitized and on-line!All ads have a direct link to their company’s website and/or email addressGo to www..softwoodbuyer.comDON’T MISS OUT! -RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY!FAX or Email Your Ad Reservation to:stokes@millerpublishing.comFAX OR MAIL --YES, I want aFull Page Ad1/2 Page Island Ad1/2 Page Horizontal Ad1/4 Page AdFirm Name_____________________________Address________________________________City________________State__________Zip____AD RATESSTANDARD$2,485$2,185$1,765$1,365T H E S O F T W O O D F O R E S T P R O D U C T S B U Y E R1235 Sycamore View • Memphis, TN 38134P.O. Box 34908 38184-0908Phone: 901-372-8280 • FAX: 901-373-6180

Page 48The Softwood Forest Products Buyer

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