Download Brochure - IMEX America

Download Brochure - IMEX America


San JoséA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEREl AstilleroSan JorgeSalinasRivasOmetepeIslandNicaragua86˚ Lake 85˚ Morrillo84˚ 83˚ 82˚San Juan del Sur PeñasNICARAGUACARIBBEANBlancasSanta ColonSan CarlosNORTH PACIFIC11˚CeciliaCENTRAL VALLEYLa CruzLos ChilesSanta ElenaGulfNORTHERN REGIONHaciendaRincón de la ViejaAmparoSan Juan del NorteCENTRAL PACIFICMurcielagoVolcanoUpalaSan CarlosPapagayoBarra de ColoradoSOUTH PACIFICGulfTAM Tour DesksTenorioTrinidadOccidental Allegro PapagayoLiberiaVolcanoBocaOccidental Grand PapagayoCocoRIU Guanacaste Hotel OcotalArenalArenalPuertoFlamingo Beach ResortArenalSardinalTilaranAltamiraLakeThe Westin Golf ResortFortunaPital Viejo& Spa Playa ConchalMuelleEncina CeiboFiladelfiaCanasArenal10˚9˚8˚Barceló Playa LangostaTamarindo BeachInter-American HighwayTempisqueRiverRio GrandeSan Carlos RiverPirris RiverSarapiqui RiverSarapiqui RiverSan Juan RiverChirripo RiverTortuguero RiverReventazon RiverPacuare RiverGeneral RiverChirripo RiverTelire RiverRio Grande RiverCaribbeanHaciendaFlorenciaEl ViejoVolcanoRio CuartoAngelesMonteverdeParisminaQuesadaSanta Cruz PalmaRio JimenezSeaJuntasDoroteaZapotalPoásParaisoColoradoVolcano GuapilesNicoyaSanMarbellaSan RamonSiquirresPedroPuertoMatinaJesusPuntarenas Alajuela HerediaMoin Puerto LimonIrazúGarzaSan MateoVolcanoIslitaColonTres Rios TurrialbaVictoriaSamarade TarcolesSan Cartago MoraviaCarrilloCalderaSantiago JosePaqueraParaisoCachiPigresSan IgnacioCahuitaTamborAtalantaNicoyaPuerto ViejoGulfPunta UvaSanta Teresa Beach MontezumaSanUatsiTelireManzanilloMal País BeachJacóMarcosCaboHermosa BeachSuretka ElenaBlancoParritaSixaolaCosta RicaNational CapitalProvince CapitalPortsAirportsNational ParksVolcanoesInternational BoundaryProvince BoundaryExpresswayPaved RoadLoose-surfaced roadRiversTAM Tour DesksferryferryQueposManuel Antonio BeachMatapaloNorth PacificOceanDominicalCoronadoBayCaño IslandSan IsidroPunta Uvita BeachUvitaEstrella RiverCOSTA RICACiudadCortesPalmarSurDrakeMadrigalPuertoJimenezTarcolesInter-American HighwayGolfitoCoto Brus RiverSabalitoNeilyCanoasLa CuestaPuerto GonzalezChanguinolaPunta BuricaAlmiranteChiriqui GulfChiriquiLakeChiriquiCerro PuntaGrandeBajo BoqueteVolcanP A N A M ASan AndreaSoloyLa ConcepcionSantoDomingoDavidPedregalHornoncitosPuerto ArmuellesBocasdel Toro11˚10˚9˚8˚02550 Kilometers02550 Miles86˚85˚84˚83˚82˚


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal VolcanoA one of a kind experience!The Arenal Volcano is one of the most activevolcanoes in the Americas.The excitement begins with a 3-hour drivethat provides an exhilarating profusionof natural wonders shown on the mostbreathtaking landscapes. The Arenal risesfrom the dense jungle, where its roarshakes the ground.After this unforgettable experience, youmight close your eyes and imagine yourselfcaressed by the tender touch of sultry hotsprings, born deep within the giant loomingbehind you, set in a sensuous tropicallandscape.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee to thehot springs, buffet lunch or dinner(depending on availability).Swimsuit, water shoes, towel,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, hat or cap.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe Butterfly FarmAn interesting fact is that Costa Rica hasmore butterflies per square meter thanthe whole continent of Africa. It is knownworldwide for its endeavors to protectits flora and fauna; butterflies are not anexception. Many people are devoted tostudy, protect and export butterflies.Watching these creatures emerging fromtheir chrysalides can be the extra treat,during the early morning tour. The shortdrive to the activity makes it very attractive.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:3 ½ hrs. approx.Air–conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee.Comfortable clothes, camera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERColinas del PoásCanopy ExperienceColinas del Poas Canopy tour is convenientlylocated at only 1 hour from San Jose. Its 24platforms built in between the main treesare of high quality and meet internationalstandards.The tour, of approximately 2 hours, is anexperience filled with excitement and joyin which the visitor takes a journey throughthe treetops on fourteen cables suspendedhigh above the jungle trails, with thehelp and under the supervision of highlyqualified and professional personnel.This exciting adventure ends when youglide down on an impressive 1980-feetlength cable. Professionals and technicianspermanently control the quality and perfectcondition and operation of the equipment,platform, and cable installations.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAY (with lunch or withoutlunch)Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, canopy equipment,fruit, bottle of water, and lunch.Pants, cap, sunscreen lotion,walking shoes, insect repellent.Waiver is required. Minimum age is12 years. If you have long hair, wearit in a ponytail or a bun. This activityis for athletic minded people.Subject to weather conditions.Pregnant guests are not permitted.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 60 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERDoka EstateAn Encounter with CoffeeThe peaceful breeze and gentle warmthof the sun transport you to the festiveproduction of Costa Rica’s most famouscrop. An emerald sea of coffee trees coverthe rolling landscape as far as the eye cansee.Doka Estate is a turn of the century coffeeplantation and mill, where visitors canlearn about ancient techniques of coffeefarming, harvesting, milling, and roasting.Upon arrival to the estate, you learn aboutthe production of seedlings and techniquesfor growing our most treasured agriculturalproduct. Harvesting is the next step andwe show you how Costa Ricans have beenpicking the crop by hand for over 200 years.The milling process follows; experiencehow the cherries are sorted, peeled,fermented, and sun-dried. Then, we roastthe coffee to perfection and share a cupwith you. Welcome to the world of greatcoffee!Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance feeComfortable clothes, walkingshoes, and windbreak.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 200 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERINBio ParkINBio Park was developed as an answerto the increasing demand for informationabout the concept and importance ofpreserving biodiversity.Along the trails of this amazing park,discover several stations with permanentlive exhibits, including poisonous dartfrogs, tarantulas, stingless bees, and bulletants. There is the opportunity to observea lagoon through an underwater glasswindow. Also, there are several exhibit hallsand groupings of plants from the humid anddry forests and also from the Central Valley,showcasing orchids and bromeliads.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, and entrance fee.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, insect repellent, cap or hat,camera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERIrazu Volcano, Orosi &Lankester Botanical GardensAs you travel along the southern slope ofthe volcano towards the park, the potato,onion, and cabbage fields give way to dairyfarms at higher elevations. The next eruptioncannot be predicted with much accuracy but,currently, the only activity in the crater isfrom fumaroles releasing toxic steam.On our way down and entering into the city ofCartago, we stop at the ancient and beautiful“Basilica de los Angeles” home of CostaRican patron “Our Lady of the Angels”.Then, a visit to Lankester Gardens that sitson 11 hectares (27.2 acres) and is hometo over 3000 species of plants, principallyepiphytes, including around 1000 speciesof orchids. Continue with a ride through theunique beauty of the famous Orosi Valleyand Reventazon River. A relaxing lunch in agorgeous setting, and farewell.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee toIrazu Volcano and LankesterGardens, and lunch.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, cap or hat, jacket, raincoat,binoculars, cameraNot recommended for people withheart condition. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 120 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERPacific Island CruiseEnjoy the sun where green mountains,white sand beach, and blue tropical waterscome together. Add gourmet cuisine andcocktails; then, you have a placid paradiseat its ultimate.While we glide pleasantly through thecalm waters of the Nicoya Gulf, past thebiological reserve islands of Guayabo andNegritos, we can admire the scenery, watchfor sea turtles and porpoises, relax on thesun deck, or try a hand at fishing.Upon reaching the island, be ready to swimin the crystal-clear waters or just unwind ina hammock under palms and lush almondtrees on a white-sand beach.Snorkeling among exotic fish, sea kayakingin the gentle waves, and hiking in theisland’s tropical dry forest are available atadditional cost.You can find several species of marine birds,land crabs, and large dark green iguanas.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYFruit, natural juices and soft drinkson the way to the island, buffetlunch on the beach and live musicon the islandSwimsuit, water shoes, towel,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, hat or cap, camera.Waiver is required. Please arrangefor towels directly with the hotel.Maximum 80 pax (charter service).San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERPoas - Sarchi Two TraditionsIn this area, weather is unpredictable as aresult of the many microclimates; thus, itmay be very clear, but in a matter of minutes,clouds may set in.This is not only a tour to see a crater; it isalso a great opportunity to admire the veryrare cloud forest.Possessing one of the world’s largest volcaniccraters, the Poas National Park is known asthe most famous sight in Costa Rica. Standon the rim of this active volcano and watch thefumaroles. Visit the ancient crater’s lake andobserve the flora of this unique environment.Sarchi town is Costa Rica’s symbol of asimple but colorful lifestyle, where thehand-painted oxcart is a tradition that datesback to over a century ago and still lives inthis mountain village, situated amid coffeeand sugarcane plantations. Observe howpracticed craftsmen paint oxcarts just liketheir ancestors did at the turn of the century.The quaint restaurant, surrounded by therainforest and colorful impatiens, give theright feeling to a delightful lunch, anotherCosta Rican tradition.Duration:FULL DAY/LUNCHIncludes:Bring:Remarks:Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee toPoas Volcano National Park,shopping in Sarchi, and lunch.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes,jacket, raincoat, hat or cap,insect repellent.Not recommended for guests withheart condition. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 150 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERRainforest Aerial TramFly Through the Forest!If walking through a rainforest is exciting;then, imagine the experience of travelingon top of it. This has become reality in thecentral mountain of Costa Rica.The Tram takes visitors on a 70-minuteride through the canopy of the rainforestallowing you to discover the beauty of thehanging gardens of air plants, animals, andbirds. A hidden world of tremendous beautyand extraordinary biological diversity, thetramway runs through a private reservethat borders the Braulio Carrillo NationalPark, contributing to the protection of oneof the richest canopy communities.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remaks:FULL DAYAir–conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, lunch, entrance feeRain jacket, comfortable clothing,camera, tennis shoes, insectrepellent.Waiver is required. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 160 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSan Jose Cultural TourA tour to enjoy the city of San Jose. First,we visit the magnificent National Theater,an architectural jewel of more than 100years. The pride and joy of Costa Rica, thiscultural symbol represents an importantera of our history.Discover our heritage at the NationalMuseum of Pre-Columbian Art, a formermilitary fort, turned into a museum as anexample of this country’s peaceful tradition.It features a stunning gold, jade, stone, andpottery collection.Continuing our tour, an overview of theUniversity of Costa Rica and other sites ofinterest including a market place.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:5 hrs., approx.Air –conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee toNational Museum and NationalTheater, and visit to Moravia town.Rain jacket, comfortable clothing,camera, tennis shoes.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 250 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERBotanical Garden &Sarchi ShoppingHike more than 2 kilometers (1.3 miles)of footpaths, as you marvel at the ElseKientzler Botanical Garden’s designs andcollections.These grounds, that are spread over 7hectares (17 acres), are home to over 2,000different plants from around the worldand are perfectly suited for recreation,education and eco-tourism. This site islocated in the town of Sarchi Norte, symbolof a simple but colorful lifestyle, wherethe hand-painted oxcart is a tradition thatdates back more than a century. Observehow practiced craftsmen paint oxcarts liketheir ancestors did.The quaint restaurant, surrounded by therainforest and colorful impatiens, give theright feeling to a delightful lunch, anotherCosta Rican tradition.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee toBotanical Garden, visit to ChaverriOxcart Factory, and lunch.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, and camera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERPoas VolcanoNational ParkPossessing one of the world’s largestvolcanic craters, the Poas National Park,one of our most beautiful, is known asthe most famous sight in Costa Rica. Themassive active crater of this 8,884 foot-highvolcano regularly emits a plume of noxioussteam and the destruction caused by pasteruptions is easy to see, when weatherpermits a glimpse of this site. A short walkthrough the nearby forest leads to an extinctcrater, filled with the emerald waters ofBotos Lake and surrounded by lush forest.In this area, weather is unpredictable asa result of the many microclimates; thus,it may be very clear, but in a matter ofminutes, clouds may set in.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee to thenational parkComfortable clothes, walkingshoes, jacket, raincoat, hat or cap,insect repellentNot recommended for passengerswith heart condition. In this area,wheather is unpredictable as aresult of the many microclimates. Itmay be very clear, but in a matter ofminutes, clouds may set in.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERLa Paz Waterfall GardensCome to nature!During a unique hike, you will be amazed bythe variety of climates the gardens present,including both cloud and rainforests.Walking amid the splendid gardens, wefind The Butterfly Observatory, one of thelargest in the world.The next stop will be at the HummingbirdGarden, where feathered friends willdelight and fascinate you with their anticsas they fly at amazing speeds.Finally, you will enter the Trail of Fallssurrounded by the thick green growth of theprimary forest, where guests witness thedramatic and powerful beauty of pristinewaters falling at an almost artistic pace,preceding the emerging relaxing soundsorchestrated by the waterfalls themselves.After exploring the gardens, visitors will bedelighted with a buffet style lunch.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee to LaPaz Waterfall Gardens, and typicallunchComfortable clothes and shoes,camera, insect repellent, andsunscreen lotion.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEROrganic Chocolate TourGood for the body and the soul!You will be amazed at the work and effortrequired for the organic production a smallamount of chocolate. Separating the beansfrom the husks is done the old fashionedway by rolling a large stone over the beansand then repeatedly pouring the crushedmixture back and forth between pails infront of a blowing fan.Once the beans are worked through a handgrinder, they finally start to resemble thechocolate that we all know and love. At thispoint, the chocolate can be transformedinto beautiful delicatessens and you will beamazed at how this art is done.At the end of the tour, you will enjoy adelicious and homey lunch hosted by theSIBU factory owners.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAY (Lunch)Air-conditionedtransportation, bilingual guide,chocolate tour, and lunchComfortable clothes and shoes,windbreak, cap, and cameraMinimum, 10 pax. Maximum, 20 pax.San José

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERHacienda CentenarioIn this tour, you have the opportunity tovisit the Hacienda Centenario and live thisexceptional adventure, where the premiumrum of Costa Rica is born. Get to know thesecrets that have been kept for over 35years directly from the warehouses.Duration:Includes:Bring:HALF DAYAir-conditionedtransportation, bilingualguide, entrance fee.Light casual clothes,comfortable shoes.Remarks: Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 200pax.San José


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCarara National ParkThis tour consists of a fascinating 2 ½-hourwalk into Carara National Park, which iswell-known for its diversity of flora andfauna. Observe the interesting topographylined up with rice fields, African palmplantations and cattle ranches borderingpart of Costa Rica’s most famous coastline. It boasts a transitional forest alongwith a combination of the ecosystemsfrom both the dry tropical forest and thehumid rainforest. It is also home for a largepopulation of the rare Scarlet Macaw.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,entrance fee, and bilingual guide(English/Spanish).Comfortable clothes, hiking shoes,suntan lotion, insect repellent, andcamera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 90 pax.Los Sueños

Horseback RidingHacienda NosavarA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThis is a unique combination of biodiversityand new sensations. You will start with ahorseback ride that leaves from the oldcorral of the ranch that overlooks 310hectares of fields and regenerating forest,transition forest, and mango plantations.The local riders will wait for you at the oldstable of the Hacienda.Under open skies and shaded paths, guestsarrive to “El Faro,” the highest elevation ofthe route, just 40 minutes away from thestarting point.After the descent, guests can enjoy thebeauty of the Machuca River and, downrustic trails, they will enter the primarytropical dry forest, home to lush vegetationand wildlife. On the way back, visitors willride through a mango farm in operation.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, equipment, horserental, local guide, bottle of water,and fruit.Pants, sunscreen lotion, insectrepellent, hat or cap, binoculars,and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years. Maximum weight, 250pounds. Pregnant guests are notallowed in this tour. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 30 pax.Los Sueños

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERDuration:Vista Los SueñosCanopy TourThe Vista Los Sueños Canopy is a projectdesigned not only as an extreme adventure,but as a way to enjoy Nature withoutharming the environment; our propertyboasts spectacular views of the HerraduraBay and Herradura Island, as well as theNicoya Gulf. Within the property, you willhave the opportunity to view the ScarletMacaws, Chestnut Mandible Toucans andWhite-face Monkeys.The property rests on 80 acres of land(50% of which is primary forest), where thecanopy is located.The adventure starts on a 15-minute rideaboard our specially designed 40-passengertractor.After we arrive to the top of the mountain,we descend to the bottom via a series ofzip lines, including 15 platforms and 14cables with a total cable distance of 3.5 Km,including a 2400 ft cable, the longest cablein the area.HALF DAYIncludes:Bring:Remarks:Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, canopy equipment,fruit, and bottle of water.Pants, cap, sun block, walkingshoes and insect repellent.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years old. If you have long hair,wear it in a ponytail or a bun. Thisactivity is for athletic minded.Subject to weather conditions.Pregnant guests are not allowed inthis tour. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 40 pax.Los Sueños

Manuel AntonioNational ParkA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThis park is just south of Quepos on thePacific Coast, 132 km from San Jose.Perhaps, it is so popular because of itsexpensive white-sand beaches backed byan evergreen forest that grows right up tothe high tide line; mainly primary forest,secondary forest, mangrove swamps,lagoons, and beach vegetation.There is quite a variety in fauna with 109species of mammals and 184 of birds.The park includes 12 little isles just offthe coast; there are a number of dolphinsand, at times, migrating whales can beobserved.The diverse wildlife, including monkeys,iguanas and sloths, are just some of theattractions of this beautiful national park,a real Pacific paradise.Duration:Operates:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYTuesday-Sunday (The Park isclosed on Mondays)Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guided, entrance fee tothe National Park, walking guidedtour, 2 bottles of water per person,and lunch.Swimsuit, walking shoes, towel,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, and hat or cap, insectrepellent.Waiver is required. Please arrangetowels directly with the hotel(penalty if towel is lost). Minimum,8 pax. Maximum, 90 pax.Los Sueños

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEROutriggersCanoeing ExperienceCome and discover our newest adventure.It is hot, it is a challenge, it is fun on thewater; it is Outriggers Canoeing! Get readyfor a great experience, full of sun, beautifulseascape and lots of exercise. It is likerafting on the ocean with 7 other paddlersand a guide in your canoe. Shove off fromthe Agujas River mouth and start paddlinguntil you reach the calm waters of LeonaBay.For about one hour, you will glide easilypast spectacular cliffs, landing on secludedbeaches and trying some snorkeling on thePacific Coast of Costa Rica. Not a snorkelingfan? Then, you’ll have the opportunity toexplore a nearby trail, where your guidewill fully describe the natural scenario andbring out the most interesting highlights.Relax, while refreshing with delicious fruit.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, coast guardequipped outrigger canoe, guide oneach canoe, snorkeling equipment,fruit, bottle of water, and softdrinks.Swimsuit, water shoes, towel,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, hat or cap.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years. Subject to weatherconditions. Please arrange towelsdirectly with the hotel (penalty iftowel is lost). Pregnant guests arenot allowed in this tour. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 36 pax.Los Sueños

Pacific Aerial TramA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe Pacific Rainforest Aerial Tram is aneco-tourism project with 222 acres (90hectares) of rainforest, showcasing smallwaterfalls and scenic views of the PacificCoast.The Pacific Rainforest Aerial Tram crossesover a transitional area between theextremely rare tropical dry forest and thetropical rainforest. This junction betweenthe two ecosystems is packed with exoticwildlife and verdant vegetation.This site includes a coffee shop selling colddrinks and snacks including pastries, fruit,sandwiches, cappuccino and espressoprepared with Costa Rica’s famous exportquality coffee.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, gondola ride andguided walking tour.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, insect repellent, sunscreen,cap or hat, binoculars, and camera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.Los Sueños

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERScarlet Macaw Sanctuary,Mangrove Boat Tour &Orchid FarmThe scarlet macaw symbolizes the exoticbeauty of the tropics at its best.One of the most endangered species in theAmerican tropics, the scarlet macaw hasfound a safe place in this bird sanctuary,where macaws fly free in their naturalhabitat.This adventure begins on boats goingacross mangrove forests, where you havegreat chances to observe lots of aquaticbirds and even crocodiles. Before reachingthe sanctuary, a 15-minute drive acrosssugarcane fields shows the local everydayrural life.Stroll the gardens and enjoy fresh tropicalfruit, before going to visit the famous orchidfarm, which grounds are designed to showvisitors the beauty of orchids all year roundwith the help of a naturalist guide.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, boat tour fee, andtypical lunch.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, jacket, raincoat, hat or cap,sunblock, insect repellent.Waiver is required. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 80 pax.Los Sueños

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSky WalkIt is a rare privilege to enjoy the perspectiveof birds and animals living in the tree tops.Today, the opportunity is available for thosevisiting the Sky Walk in the forest.Located within an area of national parksand protected lands, the Sky Walk trailsand bridges allow visitors to observesome of the wonders of the tropical forest.More than 120 species of birds have beenidentified. The 1 ½-hour walk downhill ismild to moderate and will provide guestswith breathtaking views of the ocean, thecoastline, as well as all its vegetation andwaterways.Having experienced all this thrill, freshfruit and water will allow replenishing theenergy left behind in the forest.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAY WITH LUNCHAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee to thereserve, walking guided tour, fruit,natural juice, and lunch.Comfortable clothes, hiking shoes,sun block, insect repellent, hat orcap, binoculars, and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years.Pregnant guests are notallowed in this tour. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 150 pax.Los Sueños

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSport FishingWhether you are a lifetime fisherman, afisherman at heart or a fisherman’s firstStart, you’ll find a truly extraordinary fishingexperience in Costa Rica.Costa Rica sport fishing offers the best bluewater and the most fertile fishinggrounds in the world.Duration:Includes:Equipment:Remarks:FULL DAY OR HALF DAYFresh fruit salad, baked muffin,water, beer, sodas, and gratuity forboat crew. If it is a full day tour, alight box lunch is included.International reels and Englishspeaking captain and mate.Waiver is required. Boats aresubject to availability. Fishinglicense is required; price $30 perpax. Gratuities for the crew areincluded. Pregnant guests are notallowed in this tour. Please arrangetowel with the hotel (penaltyapplies, if towel is lost).Los Sueños

Duration:Tranopy TourHALF DAYA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe innovative Tranopy tour combines thein-depth forest view of an Aerial Tram withthe excitement of a canopy tour.A professional naturalist guide willaccompany you, pointing out some of thesecrets of the surrounding primary andsecondary rainforests. Adventure andnature are yours!Combining the peaceful observation ofan Aerial Tram ride with the adrenalinepumpingaction of a canopy tour, theinnovative Tranopy is an unforgettableexperience.Rainforest Aerial Tram’s new Tranopy is afascinating combination of a naturalist-ledtour in the forest and an adventurous flightthrough the treetops.Includes:Bring:Remarks:Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, multimediapresentation, gondola ride andguided walking tour, canopy tour(15 platforms and 10 cables),Heliconias Gallery, snake exhibits.Comfortable clothes, walkingshoes, insect repellent, sunscreen,cap or hat, binoculars, and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years. If you have long hair, wearit in a ponytail or a bun. This activityis for athletic minded. Subjectto weather conditions. Pregnantguests are not allowed in this tour.Los Sueños


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERATV’s RideNear your hotel, adventure is waiting foryou. This interesting tour will take you onan All Terrain Vehicle through a fascinatingtransitional tropical dry forest, where youwill be able to spot monkeys and birds.Ancient volcanic rocks will amaze you alongthe way, passing through rivers (duringthe dry season, these will be very low) willdefinitely take care of your adrenaline, whilemountain and ocean views will give you theopportunity to take breathtaking pictures.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,Equipment, bilingual guide, bottleof water.Pants, hat or cap, closed shoes,camera, sunscreen lotion, andinsect repellent.Waiver is required. Minimumage, 18 years. Driver’s license isrequired. Not recommended forpregnant guests. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 15 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERDuration:Tenorio WhitewaterRaftingClass III & IVThe Tenorio River will test your couragewith its rapids class III and IV: irregular andmedium waves, complex maneuverings infast rapids in its class III; then, intense andpowerful but yet predictable in the class IV.Guanacaste features a distinctive drytropical climate and remains largelyundiscovered by foreign visitors. Itcomprises natural treasures includingseven national parks adn three wildlifereserves that make it “the place” to enjoythe wild rapids.For those already rafters this trip is a must.Its continued challenges await you, as youplunge through twists, turn and drop down8 miles of intense rapids. All participantsmust be in a good physical condition.FULL DAYIncludes:Bring:Remarks:Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, rafting equipment,1 bottle of water and fruit at theriver, and lunch at La PacíficaRestaurant.Light casual clothing, swimsuit,water shoes, sunscreen lotion,towel, cap, change of clothes, andcamera.Waiver is required. Minimumage, 14 years. Maximum weight,250 pounds. All participants mustbe physically fit. Not recommendedfor pregnant guests. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 36 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCartagena Canopy TourSafely harnessed, you will soar through theair from one treetop platform to another,free as the wind... Adrenaline rushesthrough your body as you fly like a bird!This amazing experience consists of 11 ziplines connected to 12 suspended platformsin the tropical forest and guarantees anexhilarating experience. Guests harnessup and slide along a series of zip linessuspended amidst the treetops and abovevalleys. Wildlife along the route includestree frogs, vine snakes, sloths, howlermonkeys, and hundreds of bird species.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, canopy equipment,fruit, and bottle of water.Pants, walking shoes, sunscreenlotion, and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years old. Maximum weight, 250pounds. If you have long hair,wear it in a ponytail or a bun. Thisactivity is for athletic minded.Subject to weather conditions. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 45 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERHorseback RidingCosta Rica is an excellent destination foradventure travel. Since the bio-diversityis extraordinary and goes from coast lineto highlands to volcanic peaks; a perfectway to enjoy this natural treasure is onhorseback.Your tour will take you through the junglesand along the rivers. In a short time, onecan change from a gallop on the beach towalking along a trail through the forestwith its lush jungle life.You are likely to encounter monkeys, treefrogs, lizards, butterflies, orchids and othercountless and fascinating flora and fauna.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, equipment, horserental, local guide, and bottle ofwater.Pants, hat or cap, sunscreen lotion,closed shoes, and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age:12 years old. Maximum weight: 250pounds. Not recommended ifpregnant. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 15 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERBuena Vista ChallengeBuena Vista Lodge is located on the slopesof Rincón de la Vieja volcano. This wonderful1600-hectare property offers an array ofnatural attractions, 60% of the property islocated amid a primary forest, offering anamazing view of the Guanacaste savannas.The Canopy Tour is an unparalleled experiencethat starts with an energizing hike throughprimary forest to the site of the first platform.Board a tractor tram or horseback and headto the open-air hot springs in the forest.What’s good for the body is good for the souland can practice this in a place where water,rainforest, volcanoes and pure air meet in analmost mystical union.Relax unconditionally enjoying pleasurableand rejuvenating treatments with volcanicmud and sulfurous waters in an oasis ofpeace.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, canopy, horsebackriding, mud wrap, water slide, andlunch.Light cotton shirt, pants, cap, hikingor tennis shoes, camera,binoculars, swimsuit, sunscreenlotion, rain poncho, change ofclothes.Waiver is required. Minimumage:12 years old. Maximum weight:250 pounds. Not recommended forpeople with heart conditions,physical limitations or pregnantwomen. Activity subject to weatherconditions. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 200 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERGuachipelinAdventure CenterHacienda Guachipelin borders the popularRincon de la Vieja National Park and islocated at the foot of the Rincon de la ViejaVolcano. Visitors enjoy the natural beautyof the ranch and the neighbouring nationalpark, where they will experience volcanicactivity as from no other volcano in CostaRica.This tour is designed for people wholove challenging themselves in a naturalenvironment: zip lines over a river canyon,tubing, and horseback riding.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, horseback ridingactivity, tubing adventure, canopytour, towel, and lunch.Comfortable shoes, change ofclothes, swimsuit, sunscreenlotion, cap or hat, insect repellent,and camera.Waiver is required. Minimumage is 12 years. Maximum weight,250 pounds. All participants mustbe physically fit. Not recommendedfor pregnant guests. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 90 pax.Adventure

Cañon de la ViejaExperienceA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERJust 30 km from Papagayo Gulf, CañónColorado offers visitors exciting adventureactivities. The canopy is an adventureactivity that will give you the opportunityto enjoy the Tropical Dry Forest andthe Colorado River canyon from twodifferent perspectives, either walking bythe footpaths or traversing by the top ofthe trees along the hanging bridges andstopping on the observation platforms.Class II and III rafting is suitable for any age.During 1½ to 2 hours participants will enjoythe beauties of the Colorado River Canyon.You can rappel 20 meters with a nylon rope,figure 8 and total security. After that, expertguides will help you climb the impressive20-meter rock wall (optional).Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, canopy or rafting ,rappel and rock climbing activity(optional activity), and lunch.Comfortable shoes, swimsuit,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, cap or hat, insect repellent,binoculars.Waiver is required. Minimumage, 12 years. Maximum weight,250 pounds. All participants mustbe physically fit. Please arrangetowels directly with the hotel–penalty applies, if towel is lost. Notrecommended for pregnant guestsMinimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 36 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERKayak Snorkeling Tourat Isla TamarindoTamarindo Beach is a perfect spot todepart on kayak since waves go from smallto medium but with good break.As you row through the blue smooth watersof the Tamarindo Beach towards CaptainIsland, enjoy the beautiful colors of thewater and observe underwater coral reefand exotic fish.At Captain Island, time is allowed to strollalong the white sand, looking for differentshapes of shelves. During good part of theyear, this island is the perfect isolated quietplace for nesting; therefore, many speciesof birds will pick this island to nourish theireggs into new creatures. While snorkelingby the coral reef, you´ll feel as if you werelacking another pair of eyes to take in allthe surrounding the beauty.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide , kayak & snorkelequipment, bottle of water.Change of clothes, bathing suit,cap, camera, sunscreen lotion, andtowel.Waiver is required. Moderatephysical ability tour. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.Maximum weight is 200 lbs. Activityand itinerary will be subject to tideconditions. Please arrange towelwith the hotel. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 15 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEREco Adventure atHacienda BorinquenBorinquen Mountain Resort and Spa inRincón de la Vieja Volcano mountain rangein Guanacaste, Costa Rica is the place foradventure expeditions.Wonder at exuberant forests, listen to theroaring waters of rivers and waterfalls, anddiscover the legacies of ancient culturesand spot rare species of birds, lizards, andmammals.Mount your horse up hills and mountains, whileobserving the serene horizon that changes withthe hours, taking you on a fantastic daydream.Soar the skies above the tree tops on thecanopy-zip lines, experience the thrill of thisfast and exciting adventure and forget abouteveryday life.In these thermal waters, you will relaxunconditionally as you enjoy pleasurable andrejuvenating treatments with volcanic mudwraps and sulphurous waters.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide and activities, asper guest´s choice.Light cotton shirt, long pants,cap, hiking or tennis shoes,camera, binoculars, swimsuit,sunscreen lotion, rain poncho, andchange of clothes.Waiver is required. Minimumage, 12 years. Maximum weight,250 pounds. Not recommended forpeople with heart condition,physical limitations or pregnantwomen. Activity is subject toweather conditions. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 120 pax.Adventure

Pinilla Canopy TourA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThis is a unique eco-adventure that takesyou on a journey that allow visitors to admirethe expansive views and surroundingecology, while it raises awareness of theimportance to preserve the tropical dryforest.San Jose de Pinilla, the place where theCanopy Tour is located is 11 km fromTamarindo Beach on the way to Avellanas.This system of cables and platforms wasbuilt under the highest quality standardsand comprises 10 platforms with 8 cables,including 1 school cable.Upon arrival, the expert canopy guideswill provide a thorough safety briefingexplaining all you need to know about theride and the equipment.Luckily, you can spot birds, monkeys andreptiles and learn about this tropicalenvironment, as you reach as high 75 feeton cables that goes from 120 to 600 feetlong.Includes:Bring:Remarks:Air-conditioned transportation,certified bilingual guides, bottle ofwater, canopy equipment.Pants, walking shoes,sunscreen lotion, and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years. Maximum weight, 250pounds. If you have long hair,wear it in a ponytail or a bun. Thisactivity is for athletic minded.Subject to weather conditions. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 30 pax.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCombo: ATV’s & CanopyThis stimulating tour will take you on anAll Terrain Vehicle through a fascinatingtransitional tropical dry forest.Ancient volcanic rocks will amaze youalong the way; to cross rivers will definitelyprovoke your adrenaline. The outstandinglandscapes will give you the opportunity tocapture breathtaking pictures for furtherexcitement, the Pinilla Canopy Tour willmake you adrenaline rush as you fly like abird! Safely harnessed, you will glide fromone treetop platform to another, free as thewind...This amazing experience consists of 8 ziplines connected to 10 suspended platformsin the tropical forest and guarantees anexhilarating experience. Guests harnessup and slide along a series of zip linessuspended between the treetops and abovevalleys. Wildlife along the route includestree frogs, howler monkeys, and birdspecies.Duration:HALF DAYIncludes:Bring:Air-conditioned transportation,ATV and canopy equipment,bilingual guide, bottle of water andfruit (after the canopy tour).Pants, hat or cap, closed shoes,camera, sunscreen lotion, andinsect repellent.Remarks: Waiver is required. Minimumage, 18 years. Driver’s license isrequired. Not recommended forpregnant guests. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 15 pax.Adventure

Catamaran SailingMorning or SunsetA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThis spectacular half-day journey is oneyou will surely remember. Lounge in thesun and swim, while spotting dolphins,rays and an abundance of tropical fish. Webegin with fresh fruit and refreshments aswe take a cruise and make our way to oneof our snorkeling spots for a close-up lookat local sea life.The option is to take the Sunset Sail towitness a beautiful twilight aboard acatamaran, a great way to end the perfectday and start a marvelous night. We setsail from the beach and may stop for arefreshing swim in the middle of a calmsea or have an exhilarating ride as we arepushed by the wind, while the sun paintsthe sky with different color shades and youdelight with a large selection of appetizersto toast the end of another day in paradise.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAY OR HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, open bar, snacks,snorkel gear, and crew gratuities.Swimsuit, water shoes, towel,change of clothes, sunscreenlotion, hat or cap.Waiver is required. Subject toweather conditions. Please arrangetowel with the hotel-penaltyapplies, if towel is lost. Capacityfrom 30 – 70 – 150 pax (charterservice)Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSunset Sail & Dinner atCoconut Beach ClubCosta Rica is famous for its beautifulsunsets and witnessing one aboard acatamaran is a great way to end the dayand start a perfect night. We set sail fromthe beach and it’s possible to stop for arefreshing swim in the middle of a calmsea or have an exhilarating ride as we arepushed by the wind.Enjoy an open bar and a large selectionof appetizers. Toast the end of anotherperfect day in paradise watching the sunslowly disappear beyond the horizon. Thistrip departs late afternoon for you to enjoya typical Costa Rican sunset before headingoff to Coconut Beach Club for an exquisitedinner in a casual and laid back ambianceunder the stars, accompanied by the musicof the Pacific waves.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation(after dinner time), bilingual guide,open bar, snacks and crewgratuities. Dinner at Coconut BeachClub.Confortable clothes and shoes,towel, sunscreen lotion, hat or cap.Transfer from beach-catamaranbeachby dinghy. Waiver is required.Subject to weather conditions.Please arrange towel with thehotel.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERScuba DivingThe amazing life of the underwater worldwith its diversity of color, species andenchanting rock formations is definitelysomething you don’t want to miss.On a typical dive, you will easily see schoolsof jacks, grunts, moray eels, manta andeagle rays. With 25 different dive sites, youwouldn’t be to blame if all you wanted todo was be part of Guanacaste’s underworldparadise.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAY OR HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,equipment, bilingual guide, snacks,soft drinks and water.Swimsuit, water shoes, towel,change of clothes, and sunscreenlotion.Waiver is required. Subject toweather conditions. Please arrangetowel with the hotel-penaltyapplies, if towel is lost.Adventure

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSport FishingWhether you are a lifetime fisherman, afisherman at heart or a fisherman’s firststart… you’ll find a truly extraordinaryfishing experience in Costa Rica.Costa Rica sport fishing offers the best bluewater and the most fertile fishing groundsin the world.Duration:Includes:Equipment:Remarks:FULL DAY OR HALF DAYSnacks, beer, sodas, fruit andgratuity for boat crew. If it is a fullday tour, a light box lunch isincluded.International reels and Englishspeaking captain and mate.Waiver is required. Boats subject toavailability. Fishing license isrequired; price $30 per pax. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.Please arrange towel with thehotel, penalty applies, if towel islost.Adventure


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERHike at the Volcano-Rincon de la Vieja National ParkLet’s make our way to Rincón de la ViejaNational Park, and visit the home of oneof the most astonishing active volcanoeswith a large number of fumaroles and hotsprings on its slopes, located 16 milesnorth from Liberia.This rigorous but spectacular hike willgive you the opportunity to appreciate thegeothermal wonders and the differenttypes of vegetation in the area; as well, theywill admire the age-old trees that protectthe largest population of the Guaria MoradaOrchid (Guarianthe skinneri), Costa Rica’snational flower.Many mammals find refuge in this remotemountainous region. As well, there aremore than 200 species of exotic birds.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee, 2bottles of water, and lunch at CañonColorado Lodge.Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes,sunscreen lotion, insect repellent,cap or hat and binoculars.Waiver is required. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.The park is closed Mondays.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 60 pax.Nature

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal Volcano Hot SpringsRainforest AdventureOne of the most active volcanoes in theAmericas, mighty Arenal rises from the densejungle, where its roar shakes the ground.Its unmistakable almost conic shape testifiesto its constant activity. On your way there, youwill ride through the heavenly landscape ofLake Arenal, nestled at the foot of the majesticmountain. Upon arrival to the hot springs, youwill enjoy a delicious lunch.You may observe one of nature´s mostpowerful forces as Arenal erupts in a displayof towering energy, spitting lava, and ash frominside the earth.Having enjoyed this gift of nature, you willfind yourself in a trail called the HeliconiaWalk, lined with 150 different species of trees,plants and vines that leads you to a moonlitswim in the luxurious hot springs. Afterwards,you can taste an exquisite cocktail and horsd´oeuvres.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee to the hotsprings, locker, towel, buffet lunch,and cocktail with 5 hors d’ouvres.Comfortable shoes, swimsuit, changeof clothes, sunscreen lotion, cap orhat, insect repellent, and camera..Please arrange towels directly withhotel–penalty applies, in case thetowel gets lost. Minimum, 8 pax.Maximum, 150 pax.Nature

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERDuration:Vandara Hot Springs& AdventureVandara Hot Springs and Adventure was born onthe edge of the Tizate River, lulled by the song ofits infinite power.Embraced by the exuberant natural beautythere rise s an oasis of hot springs, where thesunlight illuminates and warms a venue speciallydesigned to integrate the unspoiled scenery witha touch of Costa Rican Creole style and to providea refined atmosphere.This wellness tour offers the opportunity to helpyou reconnect with yourself, get in touch withnature, and soothe your body, mind and spirit. AtVandara they understand total body wellness ismore than just skin deep, their philosophy is tobuild health and well-being from the inside out.Activities such as mud bath, walks, horsebackriding, canopy experience and natural food canalso be enjoyed, combining the landscapes, flora,fauna and energies of nature with relaxation andrejuvenation.FULL DAYIncludes:Bring:Air-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, walk through theorganic farm, zip line, horseback ridingand lunch with Open Bar (after allactivities), lunch and hors. d’ouvres.Comfortable shoes, sunscreen lotion,swimsuit, cap or hat, insect repellent,binoculars.Remarks: Waiver is required. Minimum age, 12years for canopy. Maximum weightfor canopy activity, 250 pounds. Pleasearrange towels directly with the hotel –penalty applies, if towel is lost.Minimum, 15 pax. Maximum, 40 pax.Nature

Corobici or TenorioNature FloatA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERClass I-IIThis classic float trip is perfect for naturelovers, especially birdwatchers. The CorobiciRiver is a wide river that flows from theArenal Lake and continues westward into thePacific lowlands to the ocean.The scenery and wildlife are legendary;there are sections where the river graduallyreaches the mangrove forests near the coast.As you leisurely raft along this tranquil river,you might spot one of the more than 300species of birds from the nearby Palo VerdeNational Park.Other wildlife in the area include otters,howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys,iguanas and many other types of lizards.These relaxing class I-II rapids are not rough,but you have to work as a team to managethe current, so get into the rafting gear andpaddle down the river.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, floating tour andequipment, 1 bottle of water andfruit at the river and lunch atHacienda La PacíficaLight casual cloth, swimsuit, tennisor water shoes, sunscreen, towel,cap, change of cloth and camera.Waiver is required. Minimum age,12 years old. Maximum weight, 250pounds. For groups of more than20 people, lunch is served buffetstyle. Not recommended forpregnant guests. Please arrangetowels directly with the hotel.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.Nature

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCoffee Tour at MatambuPlantationDriving through small villages and cattleranches, you will arrive to the MatambúCoffee Plantation, a place where you canenjoy the incomparable flavour of CostaRican Coffee and culture by being part ofan authentic farmer’s tradition.Guests will walk around the coffee fieldand production facilities to learn aboutthe different processes of the coffeeproduction and the treatment of solid andliquid wastes. These are transformed laterinto raw material for new processes andproducts. This unforgettable experiencecombines a series of elements in whichthe cultural tourism, the conservation, thedevelopment of the local economy and therescue of indigenous and farmers’ valuesand traditions are interlaced, resulting inthe delight and satisfaction of visitors.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance fee,cultural show, local snacks andfruit.Comfortable shoes and clothes,sunscreen, cap or hat, insectrepellent, and camera.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.Nature

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERHacienda El ViejoThis is a working sugar cane hacienda withits own private national refuge of 1,148hectares, located in front of Palo VerdeNational Park, which main activities are theculture and processing of the sugar cane.In 1995, it developed a program committedto transform vegetal residues of the sugarproduction into electrical generation.The rewarding opportunity to visit PaloVerde National Park by boat is available.This park protects a portion of what is calledthe Río Tempisque lowlands, an amazinglydiverse patchwork of habitats, includingfreshwater and saltwater marshes,deciduous, riparian and evergreen forests.The marshes are an extremely importantstopover point for migratory animals.Later, at the Sugar Mill (Trapiche) guestsshare some of our most precious traditionssuch as the “ox-operated sugar mill”(trapiche. Guests can meet some folks whowill be glad to tell the real story of CostaRican haciendas.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, natural drink andfruit, boat ride, and lunch.Comfortable shoes, sunscreenlotion, cap or hat, insect repellent,binoculars.Waiver is required. Activity subjectto weather conditions. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 120 pax.Nature


Colonial Granada,NicaraguaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERWhen crossing the border, guests admire thegreat view of the lake and the volcanoes-apreview of the panorama they will see whenarriving to the Masaya Volcano, the onlyvolcano in the western hemisphere whereyou are able to drive all the way to the rim.The tour continues down the city of Masayathat is known as the cradle of Nicaraguanfolklore and handicrafts.Then, a delicious lunch at a select restaurantand, later, guests will enjoy a unique voyagethrough the streets of Granada, the CentralAmerica’s oldest European-founded city,established in 1524 next to the Mombachoand the Nicaragua Lake.While comfortably riding colorful decoratedcarriages pulled by horses, the opportunitiesto immerse in the culture are endless; a smallprinted leaflet with a brief description of thelandmarks will permit guests to discoverplenty of colonial churches, and large homeswith beautiful indoor patios, tiled roofs andpretty colonial colors.Duration:Includes:Bring:FULL DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, immigration taxes,entrance fee to Masaya Volcano,Masaya Market, Granada City tourin carriages, and lunch. Notrecommended for pregnant guests.Passport, comfortable shoes, lightclothing, cap or hat, sunscreenlotion, and camera.Remarks: Passport with a validity of at least 6months is mandatory. Minimum, 8pax. Maximum, 36 pax.Culture

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSanta Cruz & GuatilCultural ExpirienceGuaitil is a small village located just outsideof Santa Cruz City, the primary center ofCosta Rican folklore. In this town, peoplemake clay pots by hand and decorate themwith the earth´s natural colors and firethem in giant wood-burning ovens, as theirancestors, the Chorotega Indians, did. TheChorotegas were a pre-columbian groupwho ruled the land between the NicaraguaLake and the Nicoya Peninsula.Pottery will be displayed in all kinds ofshapes and sizes. Learn about Guanacasteby watching the pottery process.Afterwards, you will head on to Santa Cruz,which has been designated “the folkloriccity of Costa Rica”; you will be able to learnabout its legacy, culture, and historicalsites dating back to colonial times. Dosome shopping and browse for some oftheir traditional handmade pots. 9Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, and bottle of water.Light casual clothes, comfortableshoes, sunscareen lotion, cap orhat.Not available on Sundays.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.Culture

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERTamarindo Sightseeing-Shopping TourTamarindo is one of the trendiest beachesin Guanacaste with a warm feeling that is acombination of the traditional Costa Ricanlifestyle and the many foreign culturesthat have collide within the past years.Here, you can find people from all over theworld, who decided to make home in thissurfing paradise. You can take advantageof the many activities and tours of theGuanacaste area or simply stay in townand taste wonderful international cuisine,visit one of the well-known spas or get anadventurous night out. There is a landingstrip that makes a trip to Tamarindo aneasy 45-minute flight.Shopping in Tamarindo is one of the bestoptions, there are many souvenir shopsand most products are handcrafted and allthe wood jewelry boxes and puzzle boxesare custom-made just for exotic gifts fromCentral and South America.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAY or FULLDAYAir-conditioned transportation, citytourLight casual clothes andcomfortable walking shoes.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, “Open”Culture

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERLiberia City Tour &ShoppingLiberia City is known popularly as theWhite City, an appropriate name due to itswhitewashed houses built of “bahareque”,a type of clay similar to the adobe. A uniquecharacteristic of these houses is whatLiberians call “puerta del sol”, cornerdoors that were ingeniously used to let thesun in during the morning and out in thelate afternoon, providing a natural coolingsystem throughout the entire day.Guests will have the chance to enjoy thecity’s points of interest: its churches, theCulture House, the Spanish colonial oldtown, and local schools.On the way back to the hotel, you will visitthe local souvenir shops with a displayof excellent Costa Rican arts and handcraftedgoods.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir conditioned transportation,bilingual guide and bottle of water.Light casual clothes, comfortableshoes, sunscreen lotion, cap or hat.Not available on Sundays.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 150 pax.Culture


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal 1968Volcano View and Lava TrailsThis amazing spot belongs to a local familyand is the best viewpoint in La Fortuna toenjoy Arenal Volcano and Lake at the sametime! Only 30 minutes from the Tabaconresort, Arenal 1968 offers two options:you can sit, take pictures and relax waitingfor volcanic activity or hike along the lavatrails from 1968 eruption through all thisunique area. After living this experience, ifyou also want to observe the volcano fromanother area, the guide will take you to abridge located about 15 minutes away fromthese trails.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual naturalist guide,entrance feeShorts, camera, sunscreen lotion,and insect repellent.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 50 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal Hanging BridgesArenal Hanging Bridges is one of thegreatest eco touristic projects of Costa Rica,with exuberant primary rainforest, whereyou will find a great biological diversity ofincomparable scenic splendor.Visitors can appreciate the majesticenvironment thanks to the imposing andhuge hanging bridges with their beautifultrails that allow for an easy access andoffer great safety.The doors of the tropical paradise arealready open for all nature lovers andadventurers. Arenal Hanging Bridgesoffer a wonderful encounter with thenatural surroundings in a responsible andsustainable way, along 3100 meters oftrails designed to support the transit of alltype of visitors; so they safely admire thegreat diversity of flora and fauna of therainforest.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual naturalist guide, entrancefee and drinks.Comfortable clothing, hiking shoes,insect repellent, camera,binoculars, sunscreen (sunny days)or rain gear (rainy days).Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal VolcanoNational Park TourThe tour begins with a hike and, dependingon which side of the volcano the lava isflowing, we go either to the trail “LosTucanes” at the National Park or MiradorEl Silencio, if it is possible, to observe agreat variety of plants, wildlife, magnificentlava rock formations and the Arenal Lakejust in time for sunset!During the tour, our experienced guideswill provide interesting and educationalinformation regarding the history of themajestic mountain and the Arenal VolcanoNational Park.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual naturalist guide,entrance fee.Shorts, camera, sunscreen lotion,and insect repellent.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 100 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERHorseback Riding toLa Fortuna WaterfallThis is a great combination of horsebackriding and hiking in a beautiful setting.Trained horses take visitors to the entranceof the waterfall through pastures, forest,and hills. The views of the Valley of SanCarlos and the tropical forest that encloseit are simply spectacular.At the end of the road, we will leave thehorses to descend walking along a naturaltrail to the base of the waterfall. Thisfantastic area is very quiet and special forrelaxing and swimming for a while.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance to thewaterfall, horses, local guide.Pants, hiking shoes, towel, hat,sunscreen lotion, swimsuit,camera.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 25 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERSafari Float Tripon the Peñas BlancasExperience the peacefulness of the foresttraveling along the Peñas Blancas River,with the opportunity to observe manyanimals like: monkeys, sloths, iguanas,tortoises, crocodiles, and several kinds ofbirds. The boat doesn’t have motor; so that,visitors enjoy of the journey quietly rowingand taking photos, while delighting withrefreshing drinks and tropical fruit withoutdisturbing the animals.An experienced naturalist guide will explainmany fascinating details about trees,plants, birds, and other animals.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual naturalist guide, raftingequipment, snacks, and colddrinks.Shorts, bathing suit, camera,binoculars, sunscreen lotion, insectrepellent.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 50 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal Sky Tram & TrekSky Trek starts with a tour in the Sky Tramto reach the top of the Arenal reserve. Then,an adventure tour above the treetops thatconsists of a system of zip lines, that allowsyou to safely observe the rainforest and itslandscape from a different perspective.The tour includes 8 cross-sectional cablesthat together have a total length of 1.7miles with distances from 100 to 2460 feet,and with a maximum height of 660 feet,which surpass the treetops providing apanoramic view of both the Arenal Volcanoand Arenal Lake.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance to SkyTram & Trek and local guide.Pants or shorts, comfortable hikingshoes, hat, sunscreen lotion,swimsuit, camera.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 35 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERLost Canyon AdventuresNear the Arenal Volcano, our ruggedmountainous terrain is ideal for incrediblecanyoneering options!This unique, multi-sport adventurecombines rappelling, down-climbing andriver tracing in a deep canyon. This is anexperience of a lifetime – go where veryfew have had the privilege to roam! Imagineyourself in the midst of thick rainforest atthe top of a magical canyon full of waterfalls.Travel the old-fashion way! Maybe, youhave heard about Costa Rica’s famousbackroads – you will start off by doing a fun4x4 off-road adventure, as you climb about15 minutes up into a quiet mountainsidecommunity.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation to/from your hotel, 4x4 ride,professional bilingual guides,towel.Clothes to get wet in, change ofclothes, comfortable hiking shoes.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 30 pax.Arenal Tours

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERRancho MargotOn the shores of Arenal Lake and the valleyof the Cano Negro River, surrounded bythe Children´s Eternal Rainforest and theArenal Forest Reserve, you will find a littlepiece of paradise called Rancho Margot.Just 15 km from the Monteverde BiologicalReserve, Rancho Margot has its ownunique micro-climate. A steady gentlebreeze, flowing mountain rivers, ArenalLake, and the Arenal Volcano contributeto maintaining a comfortable temperatureand friendly environment year round.Participants will be able to see: poultry,pigs, a fishing pond, an organic vegetablefarm, medicinal garden, energy production,stables, and a wildlife rescue center,among others.Duration:Includes:Bring:Remarks:HALF DAYAir-conditioned transportation,bilingual guide, entrance to RanchoMargot, and lunch.Pants or shorts, comfortableshoes, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit,camera.Waiver is required.Minimum, 8 pax. Maximum, 30 pax.Arenal Tours


TortugueroA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERTortuguero National Park is located on the Caribbean Coast, 52 miles (87 km) Northwestfrom Limon. By air, it is 50 miles (83 km) NW of San Jose, but the road and canal travelingdistance between the two is 160 miles (267 km).Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica’s most popular National Parks. The wildlife is rich anddiverse, with eleven different defined habitats. These include high rainforest, littoralwoodland, slope forest, swamp forest, holillo forest, herbaceous swamp, and herbaceouslagoon. Mammals, birds and fish are numerous.The habitats for which Tortuguero National Park is most famous are the coastal andmarine areas. Strong Caribbean currents have provided a long, straight 22-mile expanseof beach, which is a favored nesting ground for sea turtles. Hawksbill, loggerheads, andPacific Green turtles nest from July through October. The Leatherback, the largest seaturtle species in the world, nests from February to July.Water is an abundant natural resource with up to 240 inches of rainfall per year. An infinitenumber of interconnected channels, waterways, lagoons and lakes are fed by rivers thatcarry their inland sediment load to the coast. Occasionally, the sediment filled plain isinterrupted by forested rolling hills, composed of ancient volcanic cinder cones, such asTortuguero Hill and the Lomas de Sierpe, which looms over 1,000 feet.Tortuguero


Craft MarketLively CraftworkA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCosta Ricans discovered a colorfulway to rescue their traditions andtheir culture, a way to support smallbusinesses. For decades “craftmarkets” have been promoted bydifferent institutions, organizations,and communities.They are found in hotels, fairs,public squares, residential areas,and on the streets. They stand outfor their variety and the explosionof color that reaches all the way tothe scent, or simply for the shades inwoods, the broad scope of texturesand dimensions. This event makes itpossible to experience people comingand going, clients bargaining, and, ofcourse, the voice of the artisan whois very proud of his creation.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERLa PulperiaA Tico Deli Market“La Pulpería” is a legend. Whenyou go into a “pulpería”, you willfeel like you are stepping back intime. Candles, candies, coffee, food,screws; whatever you might need,you will find it in this mythical place.The stands are filled with an arrayof fine natural, organic and exoticCosta Rican products. As part of thepackage, guests are invited by the“pulpier” to enjoy a “Guaro Sour”, atypical drink (to be arranged directlywith the hotel), and to choose 8items among the products sold in hisstore. The items will be placed in awhimsical tote bag that will be sentto the room; so that, guests can enjoythe Costa Rican delicatessens duringtheir stay.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe Flower MarketChoose your Favorite!Take in the explosion of color thatsurrounds you. As you arrive at thevenue, a hostess will help you selectthe flowers that best suits your mood.Professional florists will createyour personal arrangement. Thefragrant finished product will behand-delivered to your room to enjoythroughout your stay.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERPachanga PartyLet Your Hair downto the Latin Rhythms!A “Pachanga” is the way the Ticosparty. Let your hair down and enjoy theLatin rhythms. This exciting eveningstarts with a “Guaro Sour”, the typicalwelcome drink. Participants arewelcomed by the romantic music ofthe traditional “serenata”. After themood has been set by the cocktailhour, guests are invited to enjoythe delicious international cuisineoffered at the food stations.The Latin rhythms spice up theevening and prepare the atmospherefor a live show with popular dancingmusic. The show features a wellknowndancing troupe with arepertoire, which is richly flavoredwith Latin Soul, great dynamism anda rainbow of colors.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEREleganzaA Diamond BallIt is a truly elegant and stylish evening;the Black and White Diamond Ballhas all the glitz and glamour of acosmopolitan gala. This classical andcontemporary, fun and elegant blackand white evening will give yourguests a red-carpet treatment.To begin a night of incomparableelegance our guests will be led downa lit pathway into the reception area,where they will be greeted with softmusic and a glass of sparkling wineand hors d’oeuvres (to be arrangeddirectly with the hotel).Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERRainforestExtravaganzaAn Encounter with Nature!Visitors just can’t help gettingexcited about Costa Rica wildlife. Thecountry’s many national parks andwildlife refuges are simply amazing.The immense variety of tropicallife that abounds in this wonderfulcountry stimulates the imaginationof all visitors.Thousands of exotic plants form densecanopies over tropical hardwoods:ferns, orchids, bromeliads andphilodendrons grow in the treetops.Fortunately, we can bring all thesewonders together to create a night ofrainforest mystery and passion thatyou will never forget.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERA Pirates FestSwashbucklingThis party encourages guests toreally build on the theme. The nightbefore, an invitation for the fest anda bag of gold coins will be deliveredto the room, accompanied by aparchment with the legend of the“Lima Treasure” hidden by CapitanThompson in Cocos Island. Torcheslight the way as your guests navigateinto a cave-whispered to be thehidden lair of Captain Thompson andhis renegade band of Caribbean Cutthroats!With the backdrop of a pirate caveand the Caribbean tunes, guestswill be invited to relax and enjoy thecompany of the fortune tellers thatCapitan Thompson captured andbrought with him from his last trip toSpain.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERNikki Beach PartyA Party Full of FunIt is a combination of entertainmentand relaxation rolled into one funfilledevent.A party where you can enjoy the jetset lifestyle, champagne, sunset,entertainment, dance performances,live music, and beautiful people allaround, from 4pm to 10pm!One example of a theme Nikki BeachParty is a “Lunada”. The beach,candle lights, music, the stars and thereflection of the moon on the oceancreates the perfect atmosphere toremember a summer love. This ishow the tradition of the “Lunada”or “Moon Party” began years ago inGuanacaste.Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERIyök AmiA Chic ECO Gala DinnerThe goal of trying to do somethingabout climate change is the missionof our generation. Finally, peopleunderstand that our environment isin danger and the more you can dothe better.As your guests enter the beautifulreception area, they are greeted bylive animals dancing to the rainforestsounds, after the reception the doorsare opened revealing the eco luxuryDining Room, where a deluxe healthydinner will be served.Go green with your big event!Theme Events

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERBacchanalThe UltimateCaribbean PartyWhat is “Bacchanal” all about? Itis a spectacular party surroundingall of the best cultural activities ofthe Caribbean; it’s the biggest partyaround with plenty of dancing, andsinging. A carnival is an annualcelebration of life found in manycountries of the world. And, in fact,by learning more about “carnaval”,we can learn more about ourselvesand a lot about accepting andunderstanding other cultures.Theme Events


A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERFour Seasons ResortOn a slender Pacific isthmus,fringed by gold-sand beaches,Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica atPeninsula de Papagayo introducesCosta Rica`s finest luxury resort.The Resort’s guest rooms, suitesand residences capture the exoticcharacter of Costa Rica, withcomfortable rattan and bamboofurnishings, local artwork andindigenous wood and stonefinishes. Guests can enjoy ArnoldPalmer-designed golf course,pools, a tropically serene spa, andrestaurants.Hotels

JW Marriott GuanacasteResort & SpaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe new JW Marriott GuanacasteResort is located in one of thefastest growing areas of Costa Ricaand in the heart of the Province ofGuanacaste. The lavish resort hasbeen designed and developed underthe unique concept of “rustic luxury”.The area’s natural diversity, alongwith the prosperity and developmentof the zone has been blended in toform the perfect balance betweennature, fabulous amenities and worldclass service standards. JW MarriottGuanacaste Resort is situated on asecluded beach in a prime locationwithin Costa Rica’s renowned centralcoast. From Tamarindo Beach, it isjust 20 minutes south by car.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe Westin Playa Conchal ResortThe Westin Golf Resort & Spa,Playa Conchal is Starwood’s firstall-inclusive resort. This premierworld-class hotel is where luxurymeets paradise in the North Pacificcoast, fronted by a beautiful beach45 minutes (60km) from LiberiaInternational Airport, and 15 minutesfrom Tamarindo local airport. Theproperty comprises 2,400 acres oflush tropical landscape, nestledbetween the sparkling blue watersof the Pacific on the west and theflourishing rainforests and volcanicmountains on the east. The all-suiteWestin Playa Conchal is a retreat forhoneymooners, families and friends.Hotels

Los Sueños MarriottOcean & Golf ResortA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERNestled between warm pacificwaters and a verdant rainforest,the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean& Golf Resort is a luxury CostaRica resort hotel. It encapsulatesthe region`s natural splendoralong with the contemporaryamenities of a world-classresort. This luxury resort hotelalso features 6 restaurants andlounges, La Iguana Golf Course,Stellaris Casino, and the new SiböRainforest Spa & Retreat, all inmagnificent settings that heightenthe experience.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERCosta Rica Marriott HotelVoted by Condé Nast as oneof the best hotels in CentralAmerica and Mexico, the MarriottSan Jose, Costa Rica Hotel is abeautiful colonial hacienda set ona 30 acre coffee plantation. Withunique architecture and elegantantiques, this luxury hotel in SanJose features captivating grounds,exceptional service and a relaxingambiance.Hotels

Real Intercontinental &Club Tower Costa RicaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERIdeally located in the elite areaof Escazú in San Jose, RealInterContinental Hotel & ClubTower Costa Rica is a modernluxury hotel that deliversexceptional hospitality andworld-class service to vacationand business travelers. Whethervisiting Costa Rica to explore thebeautiful landscape, enjoy ecotouradventures or meet withcolleagues, our distinctive hoteloffers a peaceful, productiveretreat surrounded by CostaRica’s capital city.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERParador Resort & SpaOn the central Pacific coast,this isolated retreat is CostaRica’s premier eco-luxury resortboasting spectacular panoramicviews to the Pacific Ocean andto the beautiful Manuel AntonioNational Park. This award-winninghotel is set on a 12-acre tropicalrainforest property. Exclusiveand splendid premier amenitiesare presented to guests, such asa World-Class Spa, an excellentchoice of gastronomic delights anda great variety of nature activitiesand ecological adventures.HotelsHotels

Hotel Punta IslitaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERAt Hotel Punta Islita, CostaRica’s best experiences areenjoyed in feel-good equilibrium.Surrounded by exuberanttropical forest and colorfulcommunities, Hotel PuntaIslita gazes upon a secludedbeach cove along Guanacaste’sopen-ocean coastline. Upscaletravelers will find a premiumvacation destination resort toenjoy cultural authenticity, funeco-adventures, sustainableluxury, and Costa Rica’ssignature friendship andpeaceful hospitality.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe Springs Resort & SpaA World Class Luxury Resortfeaturing Spectacular HotSprings, Picture Perfect Viewsof the Arenal Volcano from everyguest room and Four Restaurantsincluding our famous GingerSushi Bar and Las Ventanas finedining. Enjoy our 18 mineral laden,artesian Hot Springs and our14,000 square foot Spa and FitnessCenter. All of our amenities makeThe Springs Luxury Resort &Spa a great destination for CostaRica vacations, weddings, or ahoneymoon.Hotels

Tabacón Grand SpaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERWelcome to a unique Costa Ricavacation experience, unparalleled inthe world. Tabacon Grand Spa offersthe unique combination of the energyof the active Arenal Volcano, the heatof the Tabacon Hot Springs and thepurity and mystic of the surroundingrainforest blend into what manyhave described as “paradise” or “theeight-wonder of the world”. Thefour elements of nature are presentin this unique Arenal Volcano luxuryhotel and resort, featuring the heatof the volcano, the flowing waters ofthe hot springs, the pure air of therainforest and the fertile earth of theof the Fortuna de San Carlos Region.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERArenal Kioro Suites & SpaArenal Kioro is located in front ofthe majestic Arenal Volcano on a27-acre of undulating land thusproviding amazing panoramicviews to the volcano from everyroom. The property is surroundedby two streams (La Palma andKioro) with crystalline waters thatbegin to flow in the Arenal VolcanoNational Park.Besides a distinctive hospitality,guests can take pleasure in thecharming rooms, thermal waters,an elegant spa, and a restaurantwith a marvelous vista to thesummit.Hotels

Villa CaletasA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERInspired by Tropical VictorianArchitecture with a touch of NeoClassical influence that magicallymetamorphosed to harmonious beautyin its 35 luxurious accommodations.This jewel crowns a towering mountainskirted by luxuriant jungle, featuringa unique combination of mountainand seaside resort and commandingbreath taking views of lush tropicalrainforests and the emerald greenocean.Prized not only for its location nearJaco beach Costa Rica, its design anddécor, but also for its outstandingfacilities and first-class service.Guests are welcomed to bask inseclusion, either at the volcanic privatebeach or on top the mountain at one ofthe magnificent horizon pools.Hotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERPachira LogdeFrom delicate cross-hatching ofthe gabled docks, to the elegantlyappointed restaurant - completewith indoor garden - to wide torchlit pathways under the tropicalnight, everything about this lodgeis geared toward the comfort andrelaxation of their guests. PachiraLodge is strategically located only5 minutes from the extraordinaryTortuguero National Park andright across the main “canal”facing the town of Tortuguero,surrounded by a network of veryscenic canals.Hotels

Aninga Hotel & SpaA GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNERThe lodge is strategically locatedonly 5 minutes away fromthe extraordinary TortugueroNational Park, and right acrossthe main “canal” facing the townof Tortuguero that is consideredone of the most exotic regionsof the world, characterized byits rich flora and fauna. Thisheavenly oasis is situated amidsta maze of winding paths andgardens where can more likelysee monkeys and exotic birdsthan other travelersHotels

A GLOBAL EVENTS PARTNEREvergreen LodgeThe name of Evergreen Lodgereflects the interest in maintainingand preserving an integralrelationship with nature. Thelovely rustic cabins are locatedinside the forest without alteringthe ecosystem with the aim ofpreserving the rainforest alwaysgreen.Evergreen is located 5 minutesby boat from the main entranceto Tortuguero National Park,accessible only by air and water;simply, an ideal spot from whereto explore this unique and magicalarea.Hotels



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