Meeting 23 pdf - Department of Computer Science

Meeting 23 pdf - Department of Computer Science

Meeting 23Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Lego• The College is still looking for volunteersfor the LEGO 1 st League event.– Details on the class web page.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Assignment Seven: Image-ination• Using the major python components wehave learned, create either:– a robotic program that collects images, and/or– a program that does image processing.• Notes– Extra features, e.g. animation, sound are ok.– 30 points.– Due Wednesday, Nov. 19.– Demos by Monday, Nov 24.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Class Project• Create a substantial robot program.– Groups of 1-3– Submit a proposal by Thursday, Nov. 20 th .• You’ll get feedback by Monday the 24 th .– Your group will demo the project (and submitthe python code) on December 9 th– Details on the course web page.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Robot Buyback• If you have a scribbler and fluke in workingorder, we will buy it from you for full GARobotics cost at the end of the semester.• Contact me if you’re interested.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

TAing in Spring 09• CSI110 is being offered in Spring ‘09.• The course is virtually identical to whatwe’re studying in this course (i.e. pythonand scribbler/fluke robots)• We’re looking for undergraduate TAs.• You get course credit (CSI496, orCSI496Y).• Contact me if you’re interested.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Today’s Content…

Text Files• ThinkCSpy Ch. 10, sections 7 through 9.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Text Files• Two valuable things are missing– Writing data to a file– Reading data from a file.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Writing to a text fileHonors CSI201 Fall 08

Opening and Closing Text Files• To access the file, you must open it.– How you open it determines how you will usethe file.• When your program is done with a file, itshould close it.– This keeps the file from becoming corrupted ifyour program or computer crashes, etc.Honors CSI201 Fall 08

Reading from a Text FileHonors CSI201 Fall 08

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