Tri-County Central Office News - Tampa

Tri-County Central Office News - Tampa

Tri-County Central Office News"In order to keep it, you must give it away,"A Monthly Newsletter of the Tri-County Central Office, Inc.8019 North Himes Avenue Ste. 104 , Tampa, Florida 33614-2763Phone: 813- 933-9123 E-Mail: Web Site: www.aatampa-area.orgA GOOD FIGHT TO LOSEIn July, 1947, I borrowed a dollar to buy several slugs to quite mynerves to give me the voice to make a long distance call collect toask for help from Alcoholics Anonymous. And I quote Lefty H.; itwas the kids last fight. It wasn’t much of an appeal, that call fromChicago to a little town in the short grass country of Oklahoma. Imerely said, “Sam, I need help.” Sam knew what I meant, and helpwas on it’s way. I quote the first thing he told me. “Don’t worryabout how or why AA works. Just be happy in your new way of life,and pass it on to some poor devil who wants it and needs itdesperately, and doesn’t know where to find it.” No great thinkeram I. My philosophy of life today is borrowed, a series of quotesfrom others. Sure, back in the growing days I tried to change theTwelve Steps, to make my own rules. But these efforts were, I hope,merely the stirring of a dormant spirit that had suddenly found that itis good to be alive. I accept the Twelve Steps, I believe in the bigBook.” I have returned from my perch in the heavens to theteachings of basic AA, the keeping it simple type. At my firstmeeting a little guy named John said, “Just get it through your headthat you can’t take that first drink.” I quote John, because from him Ilearned. These then, are not my thoughts as of tonight, but they arethoughts of others, gleamed from many a meeting, many a sessionover the coffee cup. But these thoughts I believe. There is a vastamount of fun about it all. I laugh even today at the man whose wifegave him a $20 for the initiation fee in AA, about the man whoburied a case of whiskey in his dirt-floor garage only to have hiswife surprise him by putting in a concrete floor, of the man whoenjoyed drinking so much he threw away his false choppers so hewould never eat again. I envy the new member, and I quote from aman named Al; the new member is the most important member. Theold timers have to lean on and depend on the new members, withtheir enthusiasm and spirit. It is the new members “eager-beaver”attitude that makes the program work. An alcoholic isn’t a bad guy.He’s simply a man or woman whose drinking has become a problemto his family and friends. Oh you can talk all you want to aboutcompulsions and neuroses and complexes, but let’s give the newman the facts in simplified form. It’s hard for a new man tounderstand a discussion on character defects...which comes first, thechicken or the egg. You’ll get him so confused he won’t knowwhether this is AA or a poultryFrom the Central OfficeSERVICE DESKA total of 597 phone callswere made to theCentral Office inJune285 for info on AA,2 for info on Al-Anon,3 messages for otherinquiries,5 requesting a Twelfth Step call,302 after Office Hours calls.There were 205 walk-ins visits as What we can do is givehim hope, and show him theway. The new man doesn’tknow whether the TwelveSteps is a new dance or a brandof whiskey. But we can breakthem down for him. First, ofcourse is the admission: I aman alcoholic. I not only admit,but accept the fact that I am analcoholic. I’m simply hookedGo to page 3August 2011NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS IN TAMPA AREAIt has come to my attention that a rumor has startedcirculating around that I am resigning from the CentralOffice. Let me clear the air. I AM NOT RESIGNING! Irepeat…..I AM NOT RESIGNING! As usual, people onlyhear sometimes what they want to hear. A few monthsago, I resigned from doing District 2 General Servicework. I gave up my position as ACM for Sub-District Mand I gave up my position as Central Office Liaison forDistrict 2. I did not resign from the Central Office. Irepeat...I did not resign from the Central Office. If youhear announcements being made that I have resigned,please inform the group that I AM NOT RESIGNING!Thanks and Keep Coming Back! tws:) Central Office ManagerON CULTIVATING TOLERANCEDuring nine years in AA I have observed that those who followthe AA program with the greatest earnestness and zeal not onlymaintain sobriety, but often acquire finer characteristics andattitudes as well. One of these is tolerance. Tolerance expressesitself in a variety of ways: in kindness and consideration towardthe man or woman who is just beginning the march along thespiritual path; in the understanding of those who perhaps havebeen less fortunate in educational advantages; and in sympathytoward those whose religious ideas may seem to be at greatvariance with our own. I am reminded in this connection of thepicture of a hub with it’s radiating spokes. We all start at theouter circumference and approach our destination by one ofmany routes. To say that one spoke is much better than all theother spokes is true only in the sense of it’s being best suited toyou as an individual. Human nature is such that without somedegree of tolerance each one of us might be inclined to believethat we have found the best or perhaps the shortest spoke.Without some tolerance we might tend to become a bit smug orsuperior—which of course is not helpful to the person we aretrying to help, and may be quite painful or obnoxious to others.No one of us wishes to do anything which might act as adeterrent to the advancement of another, and a patronizingattitude can slow up this process. Tolerance furnishes, as aby-product, a greater freedom from the tendency to cling topreconceived ideas and stubbornly adhered to opinions. In otherwords it often promotes an open-mindedness which is vastlyimportant in fact a prerequisite to the successful termination ofany line of search, whether it be scientific or spiritual. These,then, are a few of the reasons why an attempt to acquiretolerance should be made by each one of us.Dr. Bob of Akron/ Reprint Permission/AA Grapevine July 1944

August, 2011 page 2Monthly Newsletter of the Tampa Bay Area Institutions CommitteeP.O. Box 26242., Tampa, Florida 33623-6242 Central Office: ph. 933-9123TBAIC - District 2 - Hillsborough & East Pasco Counties(877) AATAMPA or (877) 228-2672!Our Next Committee MeetingHello everybody! My name is John O. and I am an alcoholic. Is at 9:30 AM on August 13 th at the Tri-County CentralThis month has been an exciting one for TBAIC, Thank you Office (near Himes & Waters). If you need moreeveryone who volunteered and attended Steps to Freedom. This specific directions please call Tim @ 813-933-9123.year’s Steps to Freedom had a great turn out and thanks to our The meeting usually lasts about an hour and it is thespeaker Mickey B and from all the support from everyone who best way to get involved with service work, in Detox/made it possible. Steps to Freedom is a great help in funding Treatment/Jail/Prison facilities. If you would like to joincarrying the message to Tampa Bay Area Institutions.our committee PLEASE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all the groups that pass the Pink Can that help TBAICbe completely self-supporting. Brian B. the TBAIC treasurer saidthat many groups are sending in donations anonymously, and wewould please ask for groups to give their names so that we cangive credit to where credit is due.John S, the Juvenile chair reported that everything is great withthe two juvenile institutions we cover. As Alternate Chair, hereported that he contacted the assistant chaplain at Zephyrhillsprison and received applications to get Florida Department ofCorrections approval for those interested in carrying the messageinto Florida’s prisons. Amazing how TBAIC continues to growand carry the message to more and more of the still sick andsuffering alcoholics.Sandy, the East Pasco Detention Center chair reported thateverything is going well at her facility. Paul, the HillsboroughCounty Jails coordinator, said that things have been a littleconfusing with Orient Road jail making so many changes to theirprograms schedule. But that everything should be back in ordersoon. Carl reported that ever things are going great withtreatment facilities.Pink Can DriveOur committee is 100% self supporting and receivesno funds from the traditional pie charts or District 2in accordance with our group conscious. If your homegroup has not made a pink can donation recently or ifyou are able to send an additional donation this year …We will put it to great use!TBAIC, PO Box 26242, Tampa FL 33623Thank you to those groups who have sent in adonation this Month:Early Risers Group ($66.01), Midday Matinee Group($377.30), Monday Night Madness ($53.08), NewBeginnings Group-Brandon ($14.00), Noon Big Book($171.00), Old School Group ($279.74), Primary PurposeGroup ($10.00), Ruskin Fellowship ($31.50), Sisters inSobriety ($11.75), Sober on Saturday ($4.00), SolutionGroup ($384.89), There is a Solution Group ($85.00),Wellspring Recovery Group ($73.75), Women’s Big Book3333 ($2.00).We would like to send a special thanks to Cas, Wayne andAnthony who came to our monthly meeting to show support.We welcome all those interested in volunteering or becoming apart of TBAIC at our next business meeting on August 13 th at9:30 AM at the Tri-County Central Office. Thank you all again foryour hard work and support, and also for the opportunity to be ofservice. John O.Treasurer’s Report – May 14, 2011Year to Date Income Including 2010 YearEnd Balance $12,354.96Less Prudent Reserve - $500.00Less YTD Literature - $8,500.00Less YTD Expenses -$528.22Pink Can Current Balance $2,826.74Spending Account Balance Including2010 Year End Balance$2,580.18TBAIC 2010 Committee MembersBuddy H. - Chair 813-871-2514John S.—Alternate Chair 813-562-5601Brian B. Treasurer 813-361-5884John O. – Secretary 813-263-4998Dick D. - Hills Jails - Emeritus 813-254-4423Paul D. – Hillsborough County Jail 727-385-5529Nancy B.— Hills Women’s Jails 813-872-0262Scott D. - Detox 813-403-2714Paula L.—HCI Women's Prison 813-770-3729E Pasco Jail - Mens- POSITION OPENCathleen C. - E Pasco Jail-Women’s 813-727-1415Chris D. - E Pasco Prison 813-857-5400Carl C.—Treatment 813-215-9195Melissa—Bridge The Gap 813-405-7966Joe L. - Pre-Release 813-918-3489John S.— Juvenile 813-562-5601Heather B.—Alt. Juvenile 813-361-5884

Monthly Newsletter of theTri-County Central Office, Inc. Tampa, Florida 33614-2763August, 2011 page 3A GOOD FIGHT TO LOSE..continued from page Onewith a disease, so I make the most of it, and rebuild my lifearound the fact. There is the spiritual phase to AlcoholicsAnonymous. Most people have a preconceived idea that weAA’s are a bunch of hymn singers, bible thumpers, and pleasurehaters. To quote from a speaker at Albuquerque: AA doesn’tcare whether you were sprinkled, baptized, or dry-cleaned. AProtestant, a Catholic, and a Jew can go on a two-weeks binge,and they will look alike, act alike, and smell alike. You simplyhave to have some kind of faith in AA. When the tornado usedto strike down there in the short grass country, mother wouldgrab us and head for the storm cellar. We didn’t ask the othersinside that storm cellar if they were Rotarians or Kiwanians.Faith is like a radio: I frankly don’t understand how it works, butI can accept it and enjoy it. Neither do I understand all about aHigher Power, but I can accept Him and enjoy Him. And AAhas given me an entirelt different notion about Him: I believewith all my heart that God is a happy God, and He likes to see ushappy, too. All of us have tried to stop drinking. We tried love,law, medicine—all man-made powers. The only power that putan end to our drinking was a Power greater than any of us. Andwhen we accept that Higher Power, a change will come over us,and we’ll be the last person in the world to know about it. Thethird part of AA is the inventory and restitution. AA itself is away of life. You can’t sit down and say, well, I’m sober, and letit go at that. AA is a program of personal growth, emotionalgrowth, spiritual growth, mental growth. It’s a program in whichyou learn to be part of life and to give to life. In taking ourinventory and getting our lives in order, we just straighten upsome of the mess we were in. And I quote another speaker fromTexas: the more I worried, the more I drank. The more I drank,the more I worried. That wasn’t entirely normal, was it? Anormal person will either stop worrying or stop drinking.Finally, the fourth phase of AA: the active work. You can’t forcesobriety; it has to be of your own free choice. And you have tosafeguard it. In active work in AA, attending meetings, going onTwelfth Step calls, just smiling at people and giving them ahearty handshake, we safeguard our own happiness by sharingour sobriety with others. There is the gratitude of remembrance.Sometimes we forget how grateful we actually are for what AAhas given us. We didn’t know the meaning of the wordfriendship before. I’ve heard a person is a success if he can counthis friends on five fingers. We have 150,000 or so. And when weforget what AA has done for us, when we stop coming tomeetings or helping others, we are letting somebody down. Toquote Macon F.: AA is not a rocking chair program. We can’tjust sit back and rock and rock. We’ve all ridden bicycles. Wekeep going as long as we keep pedaling. But when we stoppedaling, and still go along, we are going downhill. My innateego still surges when I heard someone say of me “that guy sureknows his AA.” Actually, all of this knowledge is borrowed, butborrowed for keeps. If I had not attended meetings, I would havemissed these precious gems which have become a part of mydaily thinking. So I keep on attending meetings, picking upborrowed treasures from Walt and Ray and John. I have been inAA seven years, now. I don’t have to attend meetings. I canalways go back to drinking. I can always go Next columnJUDGE NOT...At times we run into disappointments. Someone who wethought was an ideal member of AA suddenly takes on adifferent roll. We fail to realize or remember that we are only agroup of individuals and that we all have different ways ofstaying sober and working the program. So when we hearsomething about a guy who has been a leader in ourorganization and a guy whom we have for many years lookedup to and respected, it makes it hard for us to accept some ofthe things that we think of in regard to our Twelve Steps. Thenwe suddenly realize that it doesn’t make any difference to us,that the way some one else stays sober is none of our business.The only thing that should concern us is how we stay sober andpractice the principles of the Twelve Steps in our dailyprogram. When we look in the glass that is the guy we have tosatisfy and not the other guys who maybe we can’t quiteunderstand how they can do the things that they have done. Soafter all, why should we even so much as let the thought enterour heads that that guy isn’t doing right. If he isn’t, he is theguy that will know; he’s the guy that he has to satisfy. If we letwhat he does bother us, then we are in danger of taking a drinkbecause the old resentments must be coming back again; andthey are something that all of us have been bothered with foryears. Let’s just be thankful that we are sober and that we haveour Twelve Steps to turn to and show us the way to go on livinga good life regardless of the things that we hear and see goingon around us. After all, who are we to judge? Maybe to somethis is hard to do, but I think it is the hard things we have to dothat denote our growth on the AA program which is oursalvation. Let’s all try to do a better job of living this programand practicing these principles in all our affairs all the time.Cedar Rapids Newsletter, Cedar Rapids, IowaReprint Permission/AA Grapevine/ August 1954Q - If an alcoholic comes to an A.A. meeting under theinfluence of alcohol, how do you treat him or handle himduring the meeting? A - Groups will usually rum amuck on thatsort of question. At first we are likely to say that we are going tobe supermen and save every drunk in town. The fact is that a greatmany of them just don't want to stop. They come, but theyinterfere very greatly with the meeting. Then, being still ratherintolerant, the group will swing way over in the other directionand say, "No drunks around these meetings." We get forcible andput them out of the meeting, saying, "You're welcome here if yoursober." But the general rule in most places is that if a personcomes for the first or second time and can sit quietly in themeeting, without creating an uproar, nobody bothers him. On theother hand, if he's a chronic "slipper" and interferes with themeetings, we lead him out gently, or maybe not so gently, on thetheory that one man cannot be permitted to hold up the recoveryof others. The theory is "the greatest good for the greatestnumber." Bill W. (Yale Summer School of Alcohol Studies, June 1945)A GOOD FIGHT TO LOSE..continued from previous columnback to being a drunken bum, a hopeless, frightened derelict,living the miserable, lonely life of an alcoholic. But somehow,I’d rather be happy. I quote Bill: I don’t ever want to sober upagain. K.J., Pikes Peak Group, Colorado Springs, Colo.Reprint Permission/AA Grapevine/ August 1954

Monthly Newsletter of theTri-County Central Office, Inc. Tampa, Florida 33614-2763August, 2011 page 4NOTES FROM INSIDE THE CENTRAL OFFICEJuly 12th, 2011 the Board of Directors for Central Office met:BOARD MEMBERSREPRESENTING GROUPAL B. CHAIRPERSON MORNING MIRACLES GROUPOPENVICE-CHAIRSTAN P. TREASURER INTO ACTION GROUPEXCUSED BOARD MEMBER SWAMP GROUPGAIL F. BOARD MEMBER SOBER ON SATURDAY GROUPHUD R. BOARD MEMBER KEEP IT SIMPLE/PASS IT ONCHRIS R. BOARD MEMBER IT’S IN THE BOOK GROUPJIM M. BOARD MEMBER TAMPA PALMS BIG BOOK GP.ROB L. BOARD MEMBER THE MEETING PLACE GROUPOPENBOARD MEMBERAl opened the meeting in the usual matter by asking everyone toturn down their cell phones, then asking if everyone had signed inand to hold any announcements until the end of the meeting. Thiswas followed by the Serenity Prayer. Jim read the June minutes.There were no questions or corrections and the minutes wereaccepted as is. Stan presented the June Treasurer’s report. He notedthat the month wasn’t very good, about $900.00 less than lastmonth which wasn’t very good either. At least we are doing about$2100.00 better for the year to date than last year. Stan stated thatTim had cashed in one of the CD’s. Old business was all about theCD that had been transferred into operational cash. Tim read hisarticle from the July newsletter showing how a typical month goesas far as cash flow goes. Discussion followed about using half ofthe CD for the purchase of books and leaving half in a savingsaccount to be used if needed. The Council meeting was a mirror ofthe Board meeting with most of the discussions centered aroundthe use of the CD and how to inform the groups of why it’simportant to support Central Office. Some members talked aboutputting two dollars in the basket, one group now had a yellow canput out for donations to the pie-chart, another group had a greencan for Central Office and one member noted that every othermonth their extra money had been allocated for Central Office.One member asked if Central Office donated to New York andTim replied that we had in the past but haven’t had the extra cashto do for quite some time. There was no new business. Severalannouncements were made. Patti asked for some guidelines ondoing an All Groups meeting. Al noted he and Tim werecelebrating 23 years this month. Earle W. was celebrating 18 years,Steve J. was celebrating 24 years and Jennifer U. was celebrating 1year. Martin suggested that we start having cake to celebrate ouranniversaries with. The meeting ended fairly early and everyonehad plenty of time to purchase their literature.A man sat in front of his home, contemplating his future. He hadjust gotten a divorce, lost his children, been fired from his job, andnow faced eviction. He noticed a case of beer bottles in his trashand walked up to it. He took out an empty bottle and smashed it,swearing, “You are why I don’t have a wife!” He threw a secondbottle: “You are why I don’t have my children!” And a third: “Youare why I lost my job!” But then he discovered a fourth bottle, stillsealed and full of beer. He took it, tucked it into his pocket, andsaid, “Stand aside my friend—I know you were not involved.”Reprint Permission AA Grapevine/ From: A Rabbit Walks into a BarJuly 12th, 2011 the Central Office Representatives met:COUNCIL MEMBERS REPRESENTING GROUPVIVIAN J.BRIAN L.STEVE J.GENE M.JAMIE H.PATTI L.SUE Z.CHRISTA C.DALE H.JULIET SBDAVE H.JOHN G.JOHN DPBERNIE H.EARLE W.MARTIN S.ANNA M.WES M.JOHN F.MICHELLE C.JOHN R.BILL S.TERRY F.JIM VKMARIA G.ARLENE S.CHRISTOPHER T.WINSTON L.BILL J.CHRIS B.JENNIFER U.JASON O’SFREEDOM IN SOBRIETY GROUPTURNING POINT GROUPODESSA GROUPLIVE & LET LIVE GROUPTAMPA BAY SPEAKERS GROUPMID DAY MATINEE GROUPCLEAN AIR GROUPEXPECT A MIRACLE GROUPSATURDAY SERENITY STUDY GROUPSUNSHINE GROUPNOON BIG BOOK GROUPTAMPA PALMS BIG BOOK GROUPCARDINAL GROUPFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS GROUPRIVERSIDE GROUPWARRIOR GROUPCAME TO BELIEVE GROUPSOLUTIONS GROUPSOBRENITY GROUPWELLSPRING GROUPAS BILL SEES IT GROUPOLD SCHOOL GROUPPRIMARY PURPOSE GROUPCARROLLWOOD NS GROUPKEEP IT SIMPLE/PASS IT ON GROUPLIVING IN THE SOLUTION GROUPMONDAY NITE MADNESS GROUPPOCO A POCO GROUPEARLY RISERS GROUPNIGHTLY NEWCOMERS GROUPTGIS GROUPKEEP IT SIMPLE MEN’S GROUPCentral Office Softball Tournament(For AA members & their family members only)OCTOBER 29th,2011(Saturday)At Gadsden ParkLocated at: 6901 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL 3361110 players per team with a minimum of 4 men/women on each team—Cost: $100 per team–all proceeds go to supportTri-County Central OfficeTeam Registration Cut Off Date is:October 26th, 2011Play begins at 9:00amYou can bring your fee and players list to Tim at Central Office

Monthly Newsletter of theTri-County Central Office, Inc. Tampa, Florida 33614-2763 ph. 933-9123August, 2011 page 5ANNIVERSARY TIMEGROUP Honors To Date YearsRIVERSIDE GROUP LINDA P. 08/20/08 3 YRSRIVERSIDE GROUP ROD G. 08/28/04 7 YRSJUST WHAT I WANTED GROUP JENNIFER T. 08/07/09 2 YRSSOBER @7 GROUP BARRON B. 08/18/08 3 YRSSOBER @7 GROUP CHUCK L. 08/18/07 4 YRSSOBER @7 GROUP FRED G. 08/05/83 28 YRSCAME TO BELIEVE GROUP MIKE S. 08/15/08 3 YRSCAME TO BELIEVE GROUP RITA S. 08/22/94 17 YRSEXPECT A MIRACLE GROUP SHERRY C. 08/19/10 1 YREXPECT A MIRACLE GROUP SUSAN S. 08/03/07 4 YRSEXPECT A MIRACLE GROUP JOE L. 08/15/91 20 YRSEXPECT A MIRACLE GROUP CHRIS N. 08/01/84 27 YRSINTO ACTION GROUP STAN P. 08/29/81 30 YRSRUSH HOUR SERENITY GROUP JOANNE L. 08/21/06 5 YRSRUSH HOUR SERENITY GROUP RUTH F. 08/31/95 16 YRSKEYSTONE GROUP THAD H. 08/30/06 5 YRSKEYSTONE GROUP ANNETTE W. 08/05/06 5 YRSKEYSTONE GROUP NICKI C. 08/01/05 6 YRSKEYSTONE GROUP NANCY C. 08/04/83 28 YRSA one dollar bill met a twentydollar bill and said, “Hey, wherehave you been lately?” The twentyanswered, “I was on a cruise shipfor a while and hung out in thecasinos, then I came back to thestates and flew out to L.A., went toa couple of baseball games, out todinner, took in some of the newmovies, that sort of thing. Howabout you?’The one dollar bill said, “Oh, youknow, the same old thing-meetings,meetings, meetings.Reprint Permission AA GrapevineFrom: A Rabbit Walks into a BarCentral Office provides a number of services acting as a clearinghouse for the convenience of members and groups, provides phoneservice for twelfth step calls and other inquires, helps with thecoordination of group activities and keeps track of meeting times andchanges and the printing of the schedules. We also edit and print ourmonthly newsletter. In addition we sell all Alcoholics AnonymousGeneral Service Conference Approved Literature and some othermaterials requested by our AA members.PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CENTRAL OFFICEA BIRTHDAY PLAN SUPPORTER TO CENTRAL OFFICEONE DOLLAR FOR EACH YEAR OF SOBRIETYHonors To Date YearsCINDY A. 07/14/01 10 YRSIn Memory ofDARLENE K.07/14/87 Passed away with22 YRSEARLE W. 07/10/95 16 YRSMICHAEL P. 07/04/92 19 YRSSTEVE J. 07/12/87 24 YRSJACKIE W. 07/03/87 24 YRSDAVE F. 07/07/86 25 YRS25th ANNUAL TAMPA BAYFALL ROUNDUPLabor Day WeekendFriday September 2, 2011– Monday September 5, 2011Embassy Suites Tampa – USF/Busch Gardens3705 Spectrum BoulevardTampa, Florida 33612(813) 977-7066Info:www.tampabayfallroundup.comGuest Speakers:Matthew M. - Long Beach, CAPaul McQ. - Oceanside, NYFrank J. - Sherman Oaks, CATheresa F. - N. Hollywood, CAAngie P. - Cincinnati, OHKatie P. - Austin, TXJerry J. - Whitney, TXAFG Speaker:Steve B. - Harker Heights., TXThere will be plenty of AA & AFG discussion meetingsto attend (Spanish Also).Activities Include:Friday Night: Dance, Ice Cream Social*Saturday: Golf Tournament* (Lunch)Plus you could win a car with a"Hole In One" or other prizes.5K Walk/Run* - Free T-Shirt andlots of other GOODIES!Dinner banquet*, DanceSunday: Karaoke, Dinner Buffet*"Win It In a Minute" - Lots ofFUN and PRIZES

Group JUNE Y T D Group JUNE Y T D Group JUNE Y T D11th Step Meeting- Christ King 150.00 I.D.A.A. Rush Hour Serenity Group 335.40 959.5211th Step Meeting - SCC In the Wind Group Ruskin Fellowship Group11th Step Meeting--Sun City Into Action Group Safe Haven Group 66.7012 Steps to Growth Group 100.00 It's in the Book Men's Group 40.00 Saturday Night Candlelight 22.84164 Group 171.00 Just for Today Group Saturday Night Fever Group 650.00 650.00A.A. 101 Group 259.71 Just What I Wanted Big Book 29.94 Saturday Night Live Group 260.00Anniversary/Old School Gp. 1,050.00 It's In The Wind Group- 301 Sisters in Sobriety Group 162.00Alpha Group 40.00 160.00 Keep It Simple/Pass It On R. 253.50 Sober @ 7 Group 72.52 330.15Anniversary Dinner 2011 2679.70 Keep It Simple - YANA 225.00 Sober on Saturday Group 651.00Annual Housecleaning Retreat Keep It Simple Group (Dade) SOBERSTOCK 1300.00Anonymous Donations 618.15 1,489.87 Keystone Group 520.00 Sobrenity Group 214.07As Bill Sees It--Brandon 100.00 300.00 Kingsway Group Softball Tournament / CO 957.60As Bill Sees It Mens -Odessa 502.22 LateNighters Group 77.26 161.40 Solutions Group 139.95 1146.12Attitude of Gratitude Group 350.00 Lemon Tree Group 237.00 Southshore Men's GroupBack to Basics Group - Tampa 117.50 Life Enrichment Group 281.99 Southside Men's GroupBarracks Brigade Group 50.00 300.00 Little Red Book Group Southside Men's Group # 2 120.00Bel-Mar Group Live and Let Live Group 546.34 Southside Men's Group # 3 70.00Beginners Step Group 150.00 Living in the Solution Group 688.00 Spiritual Development Group 100.00Bill D's Group 209.00 Living Sober/As Bill Sees It 127.50 Spiritual Growth GroupBIRTHDAY PLAN 53.00 164.00 Mainely Sober Group - Zhills Spiritual Progress GoupBrandon Men's Blackbelt Mt. 65.00 Mid Day Matinee Group 337.97 1348.40 Step at a Time Group 388.00Brandon Sat. Night Group Monday Nite Madness 3333 125.00 Stepping Stones Group (w) 65.00Brandon Tues. Big Book Grp 151.00 Morning Express Group Sun City Center Group 400.00Came To Believe Group 200.00 Morning Group - Zephyrhills 100.00 Sunday Afternnoon Meeting 234.00Cardinal Group - Odessa 1,067.73 Morning Miracles Group 479.50 Sunday Speakers - 3333 80.00 480.00Carrollwood NS Group 168.30 My Turn Group 400.00 Sunshine Group 390.00 715.00Chancey Road AA Group 187.00 Nancy's Legacy Retreat Tampa Bay Speakers GroupClair-Mel Positive Thinkers Gp. 200.00 New Beginnings - Brandon 312.00 Tampa Bay Young Peoples 818.54Dade City Step Group New Beginnings-(5:45)Joe's 153.00 814.17 Tampa Palms Big Book 100.00 300.00Design for Living Grp - Joe's Newcomers Group (Joe's Club) Tampa Palms Men's Group 133.00 283.00District 2 General Service New Day Group 42.51 107.87 Temple Terrace Men's Group 50.00Dover Group 70.60 New Way Women's Group TGIS Women's Group 130.00Druid Hills Group Noon AA Group Brandon The 164 Group 90.00Early Risers Group - Joe's 311.96 Noon Big Book Group 365.30 The Day Before Group 1.00 1.00Expect a Miracle Group 175.00 Nooners Group--Riverview 33.21 The Meeting Place GroupFill the Gap Group 69.35 Nooners Group--Tampa 82.00 283.00 There is a Solution GroupFireside Group 41.00 Noontime Celebration Group 200.00 There is a Solution Group 3333Freedom in Sobriety Group 50.00 North Brandon Open Forum Thurs. AM Discusion Group 12.05Friday Night AA @ 8 Group Northdale Group Town & Country Sisters in Sobriety 50.00 125.00Friday Night Lights Group 56.56 502.72 Odessa Group 195.00 Town & Country Wed. GroupFriday Women's Friendship 30.00 Old School Group 520.00 Tuesday Night Big Book Study 140.55Gifts of Sobriety Group 279.00 Oldtimer's Group - Joe's Club 162.50 Tuesday Serenity GroupGood Day AA Group On the Way Home -Tampa 5:30 648.00 Turning Point Group -Z-Hills 195.00 260.00Good Start Group - YANA One Day at a Time Group 100.00 180.00 Uptown/Downtown GroupHarbor Lights Group 21.00 Palma Ceia Group 158.69 321.73 Valrico Fri. Morning Group 345.00Helping Hands Gp.-Plant City 135.00 Palma Ceia 12 Step Group 200.00 Valrico/Brandon Wed. Night Group 150.00 150.00Hide-A-Way Group Palma Ceia Big Book Study 500.00 Village 12 Step Group 370.89High Nooners Group 150.00 800.00 Pass It On Group - Plant City Warrior's Group 0.51 0.69Higher Learning Group Pilgrim Group - St Leo's Univ. 50.00 150.00 Weedpatch Group 100.00Hour Glass Group Plank Owners Group 100.00 Wellspring Group 90.21 90.21Primary Purpose Group 63.00 63.00 Wesley Chapel Group 360.00Prosperity AA Group 130.00 130.00 West Side Winners GroupRed Chip Day DonationWith Room to Grow GroupRed Door Group 100.00 Women's Friendship Group 136.65 136.65Reflections Group-Lake Mag 210.00 275.00 Women's Perspective Conference 34.09Riverside Group 136.50 379.60Riverview Sisterhood in Sobriety 36.25TOTAL 1067.71 TOTAL 1540.93 TOTAL 2,524.24YTDTOTAL 12677.66YTDTOTAL 11640.20Grand Total for Month 5,132.88YTDTOTAL 13089.67Grand Total for Year 37257.53

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