Beginning with EndNote: how to create a bibliography

Beginning with EndNote: how to create a bibliography

Beginning with EndNote:How to create a bibliographyPresented by Alicia Saulpaugh, MLISHarriet K. & Philip Pumerantz LibraryReference Department

You Will Learn• What EndNote is• How to create a library• How to import citations• Adding image and object files• How to link to PubMed from EndNote• Printing a bibliography• “Cite While You Write”• EndNote Web

What is EndNote?• Bibliographic software• Organizes citations, images, and PDFs

Creating a Library1. Select “New Library”icon, or go to the Filemenu and select “New…”2. A new window will open. Selectwhere you want to save the newlibrary and choose a name. Clickon “Save” when finished.3. Click “OK”

Create a Library• A blank library will open

Entering Reference Manually1. From the References menuat the top of the page,Select “New Reference”2. A new window will open3. Default ReferenceType is Journal Article4. Click on a section to addinformation. Hit the Tab keyto jump to the next section.

Entering References (cont.)• Author names can be entered two differentways:◦ First Middle Last (ex. Jane Marie Doe)◦ Last, First Middle (ex. Doe, Jane Marie)• Enter in as much information as possible• Leave section blank if no information isprovided• No extra punctuation is necessary• To save the reference, close the box

Changing Output StyleFrom the drop down menu, choosefrom one of the listed styles, or“Select Another Style…” whichopens a new windowOver 2,000 differentstyles are listed

Inserting Figures1. After opening a new or existingreference, go to “References”and select “Figure” and “AttachFigure…”2. Click on “Choose File” to browse wherethe figure is saved and click on “OK”

Inserting a Figure (cont.)Picture or file will appearin the Figure fieldEnter a caption for the figure. Ithelps in locating them, and it labelsthe figures in Word documents

Link to PubMed1. From the “Tools” menu, goto the “Online Search” submenuand select “New Search…”2. Select PubMed (NLM) fromthe list and click “Choose”.

PubMed Search1. Enter PMID2. Change drop downmenu to “PMID”3. Click “Search”A text box will appear with the number of results found.If you would like to view them, click “OK”. Click“Cancel” to begin a new search

Copying References from PubMedSearch1. Select the citation(s) youwant to add to your library2. Click on the “Copy SelectedTo” button and select whereto place the citations3. Citations will appearIn the library you choose

Importing Citations From PubMed1. In PubMed: Save yourcitation in MEDLINE format2. In EndNote: After opening the librarywhere you want the citations to go,from the “File” menu, select “Import”3. Click on “Choose File”to navigate wherethe file was saved4. Select what database thefile was retrieved fromfor the “Import Option”5. Click on the “Import”button when finished

Searching for References1. With a library open, select“Search References…” from the“Reference” menu or go to theQuick Search box on the menu bar2. Enter search informationIn the search box. Click“Search” when done.

Connect to Library’s Online Catalog1. From the Edit menu, select“Connection Files” and thenchoose “New Connection…”2. A new window called “UntitledConnection” will open. Inputthe necessary information andclick on the red “X” to save.

Connect to Library’s Online Catalog• From Edit menu, select Connection Files, then select NewConnection• Select Connection Settings from the menu on the left and input thisinformation:◦ Server: Western University◦ Server Address:◦ Database: Unicorn◦ Database Name: Unicorn◦ Element Set: F◦ Port ID: 2200◦ Batch Download: checked◦ Syntax: Marc21◦ Text: Ansel• Click the red X to close the window. You will be prompted to savethe new file.

Printing a Bibliography• Print an entire library or select certain references using thesearch feature• Choose what output style you want from the main toolbar• To save to a word processor file:◦ From the “File” menu, select “Export”◦ Select a folder location and name the file◦ Select “Rich Text Format (*.rtf)”◦ Click “Save”◦ From a Word document, navigate to the folder and open• To print from EndNote:◦ From the “File” menu, select “Print”◦ Click “Print” or “OK” to begin printing

Cite While You Write (Word 2003)• Open the EndNote library that you are taking citations from• Open Microsoft Word• When ready to insert citation, go to “Tools” menu and the “EndNote X”submenu and “Find Citation(s)”• Type in an author or part of title to find the correct citation and click“Search”• If the correct citation is found, click “Insert” to place in the document• To edit a single citation, click on the citation and go to “Tools”, “EndNoteX”, “Edit Citation”, or right click and select “Edit Citation”• Puts citation in Numbered style and adds it to a formatted bibliographyat the end of the paper◦ Change style by clicking on “Format Bibliography” button on CWYW toolbar, or go to“Tools”, “EndNote X”, and “Format Bibliography”

Cite While You Write (Word 2007)• Open Microsoft Word• When ready to insert citation, go to the “Add-Ins” or“EndNote” tab and click on “Insert Citation”• If EndNote is not already open, it will open automatically. Youmust select which library you want to search• Type in an author, part of title, or year to find the correctcitation and click “Search”• If the correct citation is found, select it and click “Insert” toplace in the document• To edit a single citation, use the “Edit Citation(s)” button in the“Citations” section of the Word 2007 ribbon• Change output style by using the “Style” drop down menu

CWYW- Inserting Figures• When ready to insert figures◦ In Word 2003: Go to “Tools”, “EndNote X”,and “Find Figure(s)”◦ In Word 2007: Go to “Insert Citation” dropdown menu and select “Find Figure…”• Search for correct reference and click“Insert”• EndNote will recognize if it is a figure ortable and will label it accordingly in thebibliography

Thank You!• Questions?• Tutorial from EndNote◦• Reference Help◦ Phone: 909-469-5323- ask for reference◦ Email:

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