Opening Plenary - Sail Training International

Opening Plenary - Sail Training International

International Sail Training& Tall Ships Conference 2011Toulon Provence Mediterranée

International Sail Training& Tall Ships Conference 2011Peter CardyChief ExecutiveSail Training InternationalToulon Provence Mediterranée

Self-help ‘toolkit’• Evaluate training programme• Identify possible improvements• Evidence of effectivenessToulon Provence Mediterranée

New bursary schemesSail training International• France, Portugal, Spain, IrelandSultanate of Oman• 100 trainees• glamorous new trophyToulon Provence Mediterranée

Safety Management System• Vessels under 500 tonnes• ‘best practice’: safety procedures,training and record keepingToulon Provence Mediterranée

Seminar for Flag State RegulatorsDoug ProtheroVice ChairmanSail Training InternationalToulon Provence Mediterranée

Races and RegattasThe Tall Ships Races 2011• Waterford, Greenock, Lerwick,Stavanger, HalmstadCulture Tall Ships Regatta• Klaipeda, Turku, GdyniaToulon Provence Mediterranée

Improving the economicsof Tall Ships eventsAnni WaltherDirectorTall Ships Races Europe LtdToulon Provence Mediterranée

A new working groupHow to improve the economy of our events for both the participating vessels and thehost ports.Anni G. Walther– CEO Utzon Center, , Aalborg, Denmark - Director of Tall Ships RacesEurope

A lot of class A-ships and many other shipsThe vessels, the weather, the flow of spectators and the event formed a synthesis whichresulted in a unique atmosphereAalborg was a host port in 2010We hosted the TSR for the 3 rd time: 1999 -2004 – 2010After a TSR a host port will always ask as Aalborg didWHAT DOES AALBORG GAIN BY HOSTING THE TSR 2010? What are the key points?The Tall Ships Races was the event of the year for the citizens of Aalborg – providing thecity with renewed energy.A valuable cultural event with many activities on the waterfront for all people working,living and studying in Aalborg

Fantastic firework display – international standard!All generations were brought together in a unique communityAalborg and the TSR are really a fine constellationThe many receptions were a great opportunity for publicityactivities for companies and fine earnings for the shipsAalborg now exists on the world map of the many sailors whovisited usWhy have I underlined the economic and social value fromAalborg? Because if the cities shall continue being host ports itis really important that they feel “they get value for their

But we don’t have the answer so thereforewe have set upIf the STI or I could answer that question wewould not need to set up a working group.Ideas to reduce costs for the ports andimprove income for the ships are welcome.The same goes for the sponsors.But I also have a personal hope for a betterunderstanding among these 3 partners and abetter teamwork

A working group:Anni G. Walther, chairmanGwyn Brown, Commercial DirectorKnut Western, Chairman of TSREJohn Wadson (Bermuda) representing the STI board1 or 2 operators for Class A shipsPerhaps 1-2 additional persons with direct host portmanagement experience or a returning sponsor,The group can consult others, both within andoutside the STI

Purpose : To consider ways in which we can improve commercialaspects of the events we organize.The mission for the working group is: To consider and makerecommendation to the trustees, STI and TSRE/STI Boards onchanges of the events we organize toa) Make them more attractive to host ports, ships andsponsors andb) improve our defenses against competitive activity (egmaritime festivals, and others who may wish to getinto the Tall Ships Races business)

Plan of action:The working group will have our first meetingtomorrow.We will start with the purpose – the strategy -vision – the mission – a detailed plan of action.We will start to make a questionnaire to sendout when all members of the working grouphave had the possibility to comment on theproposal.

The questionnaires will be send to:•Selected port cities, e.g. the port cities from2009, 2010, 2011-2015 (to those who havebeen host ports earlier)•Perhaps in another version to all Class A andB ships and•to selected main sponsors from e.g. 5-6 portcities

The schedule: Sending out in December 2011with a time limit of one month until15 th January 2012January – March 2012: Processing of thereceived questionnaires.In connection with our next TSRE meeting,possibly in Copenhagen in April 2012, theworking group can hold a separate meetingand after this proceed or send our conclusionto the International Council.

I really hope that all people involved in SailTraining International can see thatTSR have to keep up and go aheadSo to members of the Tall Ships Race Family –please help our working group byGiving us all your fine ideas and other sorts ofinputAnswering questionsGiving comments to our future work

Developing new events• Three or four events per year• Europe – Caribbean – Australasia– North Atlantic• Tall Ships Canada 150Toulon Provence Mediterranée

International Sail Training& Tall Ships Conference 2011Review of The Tall Ships Races 2011Review of the Culture 2011 Tall Ships RegattaFuture Races and EventsToulon Provence Mediterranée

THE TALL SHIPSRACES 2011Lerwick21-24 JulyRace 2Stavanger28-31 JulyC in CRace 3Greenock9-12 JulyHalmstad5-8 AugWaterford30 June-3 JulyRace 1

87 vesselsREVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011• Class A 27• Class B 30• Class C 20• Class D 10

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011• 7,000 crew from over 30 different nationalities sailing aboardvessels from 15 countries:• Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011• Waterford - great port – crew enjoyed their stay• Greenock – good docking arrangements and crew events• Lerwick – the LOs were excellent, so was the atmosphere• Stavanger – great berthing area and activities for the crews• Halmstad – great crew party and other activities for the crews

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011Visitor numbers• Waterford 500,000• Greenock 750,000• Lerwick 27,000• Stavanger 500,000• Halmstad 400,000• Total 2 million +Toulon Provence Mediterranée

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011Media Coverage• €1.4m to €7.6m per port• Total value €16mToulon Provence Mediterranée

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011Income for Class A Tall Ships• Trainee recruitment 700+• Corporate Hospitality 125 deck parties and day-sailings• Total estimated income for ships generated by portsapprox. €1mToulon Provence Mediterranée

REVIEW OF THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2011Economic impact – benefits to host ports:• Economic impact ranged from €5m to €25m per port• Return on investment ranged from x 3 to x 7Toulon Provence Mediterranée

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships RegattaKLAIPEDA – TURKU - GDYNIAToulon Provence Mediterranée

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships RegattaTurku26 – 28 AugustGdynia2 – 5 SeptemberKlaipeda18 – 21 August

The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta• Supporting Turku• Challenging races• Great culture and sports• 90% of captains rated the eventgood or very good• Sail training benefitted from eventToulon Provence Mediterranée

REVIEW OF THE 2011 CULTURE TALL SHIPS REGATTAVisitor numbers• Klaipeda 525,000• Turku 320,000• Gdynia 1,600,000• Total 2.4 million• Grand total 5.7 millionToulon Provence Mediterranée

REVIEW OF THE 2011 CULTURE TALL SHIPS REGATTAIncome for Class A Tall Ships• Trainee recruitment• Corporate Hospitality (deck receptions)Toulon Provence Mediterranée

THE TALL SHIPS RACES AND REGATTASLooking ahead…Future Races, RegattasAndEndorsed Events

THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2012Dublin23-26 AugRace 3Race 1Saint-Malo5-8 JulyC-in-CRace 2La Coruňa10-13 AugLisbon19-22 JulyCadiz26-29 July

THE TALL SHIPS RACES AND REGATTAS2013Armada Rouen (6-16 June)Sail Den Helder (20-24 June)The Tall Ships RacesWestern Mediterranea Tall Ships RegattaSail De Ruyter (23-25 Aug)Tall Ships Races - Australia/New Zealand

THE TALL SHIPS RACES 2013Helsinki17-20 JulyAarhus4-7 JulyRace 1Race 2Riga25 -28 JulySzczecin3-6 Aug


Sydney 150 Tall Ships Regatta 2013Sydney3-11 OctFleet Review5 OctRace 2Auckland24-27 Oct TBCHobart21-25 Sept TBCRace 1AUSTA

The Tall Ships Races and Regattas2014Black Sea Tall Ships RegattaThe Tall Ships RacesIberian Tall Ships Regatta

The Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014ConstantaTBCSochiTBCNovorosivicTBCVarnaTBCChiosTBC

THE TALL SHIPS RACES2014Bergen24-27 July Fredrikstad12-15 JulyRace 2C-in-CRace 1Esbjerg2-5 AugHarlingen3-6 July

IBERIAN TALL SHIPS REGATTA 2014Falmouth21-24 AugVigoSantanderRace 2Potentialfourth port

The Tall Ships Races and Regattas2015Med/Adriatic Tall Ships RegattaThe Tall Ships RacesSail AmsterdamSail Bremerhaven

THE TALL SHIPS RACES2015Aalesund15-18 JulyC-in-CRace 1Kristiansand25-28 JulyRace 2Aalborg1-4 AugBelfast2-5 July

THE CANADA 150 TALL SHIPS REGATTA CANADA 2017The Race Route – linking continents and cultures

FUTURE TALL SHIPS RACES AND REGATTASThank you for listening…Please remember there will be more detailed 2011 event reviewsessions during 09.00 to 10.00 on Saturday:Host ports - Colbert roomVessel operators - Bonaparte room

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