Application Guidelines - Grants to Artists and Art ... - City of St. John's

Application Guidelines - Grants to Artists and Art ... - City of St. John's


City of St. John’s Grants toArtists and Arts OrganizationsApplication GuidelinesPurpose and Goals of ProgramIt is the policy of St. John’s City Council to make availablefinancial assistance for organizations and individualsworking in the many facets of amateur and professional arts.EligibilityThe City of St. John’s provides grants to artists who areresidents of St. John’s and to arts organizations who operateout of St. John’s. The City invests in projects that are ofbenefit to its citizens and visitors, therefore travel is noteligible under this program, nor are projects occurringoutside of St. John’s.Projects or programming should describe the context in which this project will be carriedout, either as it relates to your own development as an artist, and/or the development ofthe arts community as a whole. Include information such as other artists and/or artsorganizations who will be involved, and any interest that has been shown by producers,publishers, galleries, etc.Evaluation CriteriaApplications are assessed by a jury of your peers as well as representation from Council.The Jury is asked to assess applications on three criteria:‣ Artistic Merit of Project:This refers to the project itself -- the quality of the programs being proposed and theextent to which it advances the development of the artists involved.‣ Artistic Merit of Applicant:This refers to the artist or organization applying to the fund and their own trackrecord in their development as artists or as an arts organization.The Jury is asked to consider emerging artists as well as established and senior artists.Supporting the potential of new artists is crucial to their development and new artistsare crucial to the City’s continued sense of itself as an artistic city.

‣ Resulting Benefit to Community:This refers to the impact the project or organization has on the City’s overallcultural vibrancy, and the opportunity for public engagement with the arts.‣ Resume or C.V.:Please attach no more than two (2) pages using a resume, C.V., or bio that providesbackground information on your development as an artist. This document shouldhighlight degrees, courses, programs, workshops, mentorships that you have startedor completed and shows your own investment in your development as an artist. Thisdocument should also clearly identify your achievements in your discipline. Thisincludes exhibitions, publications productions, collaborations, awards, etc.FundingIn 2012 City Council agreed that the Arts grant allocation be set at $178,000.00 in 2013.Please note, the City does not fund projects 100%, rather it makes a contribution to aproject or organization as a way of recognizing the importance of the arts to the City’seconomy and quality of life. Therefore, your budget should show ample support, orrequests for support, from other sources and estimate no more than 20% as the City’scontribution. Typically grants for individuals/artists range from $500.00 to $2,000.00.Multi Year FundingOrganizations may receive a three year funding commitment. The Jury is asked to makethis recommendation and it is based on the longevity, stability, and relevance of theorganization to the St. John’s arts community. Where multi-year funding is requestedand granted to an organization, the organization will not be eligible for an increase ingrant funding during that time frame.DeadlineThe deadline for Grants to Artists and Arts Organizations is January 31 (or thefollowing Monday if this date falls on a weekend), at 4:00 pm. Applications must bereceived prior to this deadline to be considered. Applications can be mailed or deliveredto the Department of Corporate Services, 4th Floor, City Hall, P. O. Box 908, A1C5M2.IneligibilityThe program will not fund any project or operation in it’s entirely, nor will itprovide funds retroactively. In addition the program will not fund the followingactivities, purposes or organizations:‣Civic departments, commissions or committee (ie. Libraries, community centres)‣Social service, religious, sports organizations

‣Educational institutions (schools, colleges, etc)‣Scholarships, prizes and awards‣For groups raising funds for non-cultural causes‣For deficit reduction‣Workshops, courses and other forms of training (with the exception of serviceorganizations providing services to their members)In addition, Sustaining Program funds are not available for:‣Travel, accommodation and tours outside St. John’s‣Capital projects‣Festivals and special eventsGrants AdministrationThe Grants to Artists and Arts Organizations is administered through the Department ofEconomic Development, Tourism, & Culture. The applications are available onNovember 1 st of each year at the Department or in the forms and permits section of theCity’s website The Jury meets for one day and submits itsrecommendations to Council. Applicants are advised of the Jury’s decision by mail byearly March and the report to Council is posted on the City’s website. Applicants areasked to submit a final report describing the progress of their work, and how the fundingcontributed to the development of the arts in the City and the opportunities for publicengagement with the arts. The final report must be submitted by the following year’sgrants deadline.PLEASE NOTE: Do Not Staple or Bind Your Application!For further information please contact:Rhonda Rose-ColbertDepartment of Economic Development, Tourism & CultureCity of St. John’s348 Water StreetP. O. Box 908St. John’s, NL A1C 5M2576-8394 or

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