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JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESJOHNNY ENGLISH REBORNProduction NotesRelease Date: October 21, 2011Studio: Universal PicturesDirector: Oliver ParkerScreenwriters: Hamish McColl and William DaviesStarring: Rowan Atkinson, Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, Daniel KaluuyaGenre: Comedy, ThrillerMPAA Rating: PG (for mild action violence, rude humor, some language and brief sensuality)Official Website: Johnny-English.comSTUDIO SYNOPSIS: Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the improbable secret agent who doesn'tknow fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn. In his latest adventure, the mostunlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service must stop a group of international assassinsbefore they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos.© 2011 Universal Pictures 1

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESProduction InformationROWAN ATKINSON ( Johnny English, Mr. Bean’s Holiday ) returns to the role of theimprobable secret agent who doesn‟t know fear or danger in the comedy/spy thriller JohnnyEnglish Reborn. In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty‟sSecret Service must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leaderand cause global chaos.In the years since MI7‟s top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in aremote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinesepremier‟s life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs himonce again, Johnny English is back in action.With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web ofconspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI7. With mere days until a heads-ofstateconference, one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For JohnnyEnglish, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.Starring alongside Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn are GILLIAN ANDERSON ( The X-Files, Bleak House ) as MI7‟s director, Pamela Thornton (aka Pegasus); DOMINIC WEST ( TheWire, John Carter ) as Special Agent Simon Ambrose (aka Agent One); ROSAMUND PIKE (Barney’s Version, Pride & Prejudice ) as MI7‟s behavioural psychologist and object of English‟saffection, Kate Sumner; DANIEL KALUUYA ( Skins, Psychoville ) as the greenest agent on theforce, Tucker; and RICHARD SCHIFF as ex-CIA agent Fisher.Directed by OLIVER PARKER ( Dorian Gray, St. Trinian’s ) and written by HAMISH M CCOLL ( Mr. Bean’s Holiday ), from a story by WILLIAM DAVIES ( How to Train YourDragon, Johnny English ), Johnny English Reborn is produced by Working Title‟s TIM BEVANand ERIC FELLNER ( Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Johnny English ), as well as CHRIS CLARK ( TheGuard, Johnny English ).Joining Parker‟s creative team are Oscar ®- and BATFA-nominated cinematographer DANNYCOHEN ( The King’s Speech, The Boat That Rocked ), BAFTA-winning production designerJIM CLAY ( Children of Men, Love Actually ), costume designer BEATRIX PASZTOR ( VanityFair, Good Will Hunting ), hair and makeup designer GRAHAM JOHNSTON ( Bridget Jones’sDiary, The Eagle ), editor GUY BENSLEY ( Dorian Gray, The Importance of Being Earnest )and composer ILAN ESHKERI (Kick-Ass, Stardust).Executive producers of the film are William Davies, DEBRA HAYWARD ( Nanny McPhee andthe Big Bang ) and LIZA CHASIN ( Mr. Bean’s Holiday ).© 2011 Universal Pictures 2

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESSYNOPSIS OF THE FILMThe world‟s favourite secret agent, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), has retreated to a Tibetanmonastery run by Ting Wang (TOGO IGAWA) to hide from his shameful Mozambique cock-upeight years ago. But when English receives the call from MI7 to lead a mission that only he canhandle, he is indubitably back in action.On arrival in London, English discovers MI7 has changed considerably during his time away. Itis run in an unrecognizable, politically correct fashion by Pamela Thornton, aka Pegasus (GillianAnderson), who quickly attempts to dissuade our hero of his old, cheeky ways. Pleased to beback, English is reunited with his idol, Agent Ambrose, aka Agent One (Dominic West), as wellas the wheelchair-bound Quartermain (TIM M C INNERNY). Finally, he is introduced to thebeautiful behavioural psychologist Kate Sumner (Rosamund Pike).Pegasus dictates English‟s pressing mission: to go to Hong Kong to find ex-CIA agent Fisher(Richard Schiff), who has intelligence of a plot to assassinate Chinese Premier Xiang Ping(LOBO CHAN) at the upcoming Anglo-Chinese talks. To make sure protocol is observed, sheteams him up with the very green Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), aka Spy of the Month.Jetting off to Hong Kong with Tucker in tow, English chases a series of clues that takes him to ahotel where Fisher has been hiding. Fisher reveals that a group called Vortex is behind the plot tokill the premier…and it has a secret weapon. He shows English a key, one of three keys that,when used together, gain access to a powerful weapon. Fisher tells English that there are threemembers of Vortex; he is one of them, and his life is in danger.English discovers that Vortex was indeed responsible for the death of President Chambal(WALE OJO) in Mozambique. Just as Fisher‟s information has been leaked, he is shot dead byan assassin known as the Killer Cleaner (PIK-SEN LIM). English and Tucker pursue the wilymurderess, but she gets away. Ling (WILLIAMS BELLE), the Killer Cleaner‟s accomplice,enters Fisher‟s room and takes the key from the body. English chases the impossibly agile Lingacross rooftops, on speedboats and on pontoons, and he uses his kung fu to get the key back.English and Tucker return to London. Now at Pegasus‟ swanky pad, English reports to Pegasusand the foreign secretary. But when he goes to reveal the key, he finds it has been stolen.Chastened, English is sent out to pull out all the stops to find the members of Vortex. Left alone,English mistakes Pegasus‟ mother (JANET WHITESIDE) for the Killer Cleaner. Disgraced,English sits in the conservatory, and Kate invites him to a therapy session.In her office, Kate uses hi-tech hypnotism to help him recall the second member of Vortex:Karlenko (MARK IVANIR). Soon enough, English is squeezing information from Karlenko onthe golf course, until Karlenko too is shot by the Killer Cleaner. After a high-speed helicopterchase to hospital, Karlenko hands English the second key and reveals the third man is withinMI7…then suddenly dies.Due to the threat of Vortex, the Anglo-Chinese talks are quickly moved to Switzerland, into agovernment fortress in the Alps that is allegedly impregnable.© 2011 Universal Pictures 3

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESAs Ambrose and English share dinner together, English reveals that the third member of Vortexis actually in MI7. During the meal, Tucker lures English to the toilet, where he reveals thatAmbrose is the mole. English is so outraged at Tucker‟s insolence toward his hero that hedismisses Tucker from their mission. Ambrose implicates Quartermain as the mole, and at theend of the meal, English hands over the second key to Ambrose.English, unaware that an ambush awaits him—and that he has been accused of being the mole—sets off on the new lead and follows Quartermain into a church. After narrowly avoidingassassination, he escapes using Quartermain‟s wheelchair and finds himself on the, ahem, run,eventually landing at Kate‟s house. The ever-clever Kate uncovers CCTV footage fromMozambique that proves English‟s innocence.At last in possession of all three keys, Ambrose—with the aid of the villainous Madeleine(JOSEPHINE DE LA BAUME)—accesses a dangerous drug from a safety deposit box beforemeeting with an Asian businessman who agrees to pay $500 million U.S. to assassinate theChinese premier. Thankfully, English comes to his senses and realizes who the real villain is.With the talks underway at Le Bastion in Switzerland, English solicits Tucker‟s help beforesetting off in hot pursuit. As they break into the Le Bastion, they are caught by security; Englishfakes his death and enters the building in a body bag. He tries to arrest Ambrose, but heaccidentally drinks the mind-controlling drug planted for Pegasus and unwittingly becomesAmbrose‟s new pawn. English tries desperately to resist killing Premier Xiang Ping until Tuckerfinally exposes Ambrose by broadcasting his instructions over the loudspeaker. Ambrosescarpers as Kate‟s supersonic kiss revives English back into action. English chases Ambroseacross the snowy mountains, and our hero finally explodes a cable car with Ambrose inside.Mission (in theory) complete.We cut to Buckingham Palace just as the Prime Minister (STEPHEN CAMPBELL MOORE),Pegasus and Kate prepare to watch proudly as English‟s knighthood is reinstated. But just asEnglish bows before the Queen‟s throne, he is almost beheaded by the Killer Cleaner in disguiseas the Queen. Barely escaping her swift sword, English gives chase and attacks the vile hag.Unfortunately, he turns the traitor‟s head around just in time to realize the Killer Cleaner hasescaped once again. He has actually bashed the beloved monarch herself. English howls from thedepth of his patriotic soul…© 2011 Universal Pictures 4

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE PRODUCTIONHis Second Act:English is RebornBetween 1992 and 1997, comic actor Rowan Atkinson was featured in a series of popular Britishcredit card commercials in which he played an accident-prone spy. It was at that time Atkinsonhad the idea to create a feature film based on the character from the advertisement. He took hisconcept to Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, producers at Working Title Films with whom he hadcollaborated over a number of years on such films as The Tall Guy, as well as the blockbustersFour Weddings and a Funeral and Bean. In 2003, the feature film Johnny English opened toenormous international success, grossing more than $160 million at the worldwide box office.Directed by Peter Howitt and produced by Bevan, Fellner and Mark Huffam, the film starredAtkinson as Johnny English, Australian actress Natalie Imbruglia as Special Agent LornaCampbell, comedian Ben Miller as English‟s sidekick, Bough, and multiple Academy Award ®nominee John Malkovich as the very French and very evil business magnate Pascale Sauvage.In the ensuing time, Atkinson developed another one of his characters into a sequel that was justas popular as the first. Mr. Bean’s Holiday was released in 2007 to global success. But it wasn‟ttime for Atkinson to retire English quite yet. A second movie was put in development, and itwent into production in 2010.“We did a second Bean movie with Rowan about four years ago,” explains Bevan. “He likes tomake a movie every four to five years, and so we thought the time was right for a second film.There has not been a new Bond or Bourne film for a while, so when we come out in the latterpart of 2011, we‟ll have a pretty clear field. We also felt that in these times, people want a bit ofcomedy.”Aside from the commercial reasons for making a sequel to the comedy/spy thriller, the team sawan opportunity to make a film that was different in tone from the first. “ Johnny English didextremely well,” sums producer Chris Clark. “We always thought English was a fascinatingcharacter, and we saw an opportunity to put Johnny in a more real world and more excitingsituations. ”British comedian, writer and actor Hamish McColl, who had previously collaborated withAtkinson and Working Title Films on Mr. Bean’s Holiday, was enlisted to take on the screenplaybased on executive producer William Davies‟ story. “Since Johnny English,” says McColl“we‟ve had the Bourne and the new Bond movies that have changed the look of the genre. Wewanted the second film to move on from the first and be more contemporary and exciting.”Comedy remained just as important to the writer. “My ambition is that the audience is caught upin the film in the fullest sense. If they‟re not on the edge of their seats in terms of the story, Iwant them rocking back in them because of the comedy.”Atkinson believed the first Johnny English told a story that was more incredible than most spyfilms. His ambition for the second was to have a more realistic narrative upon which to hang the© 2011 Universal Pictures 5

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESjokes. He shares: “We wanted it to be funny but, as importantly, make the audience interested toknow what is going to happen to the character. We wanted to invest a little more emotion in thecharacter and the predicament of Johnny English in the hopes that it keeps audiences engaged.”For the performer, stepping back into English‟s shoes after eight years away was comfortable.He reflects: “I have always enjoyed playing him, with his smugness and capacity to overreachand to overestimate his skills. There is something inherently amusing about him. I feel verycomfortable with all the characters I play, whether it‟s Mr. Bean or a character like JohnnyEnglish. I slip back into them with great ease.”With the script in development, British comedic actor and director Oliver Parker was approachedto direct the film. Shares Parker: “At first, I wasn‟t sure there would be enough for me to get myteeth into creatively, but when I read the script, I thought Hamish had done a fantastic job.”After meeting with Atkinson, McColl and the producers, Parker realized their ambitions matchedhis, and all camps wanted to make the film a larger-scale project. “The world of espionage haschanged since the first movie,” says Parker, “and so you don‟t necessarily have to play the samenote. The style of filming could have a new injection of creativity and ideas. The script had anambitious story to tell, and I knew it could work as a thriller in its own right. The challenge ofcombining the comedy and the thrills became a pointed one. If we got it right, the thriller wouldamplify the comedy.”As well, Atkinson was quite pleased to be working with Parker and McColl. He commends: “Itwas clear that our chemistry was going to be a strong, formidable, three-legged footstool uponwhich the whole film could be creatively guided and constructed.”The actor appreciated that his writer was a multihyphenate and that his director had muchpatience. Says Atkinson: “Apart from the fact that Hamish is a skilled comedy performer, he isalso a skilled comedy writer. But the most important thing is that I get on with him extremelywell. He comes up with ideas that amuse me, and hopefully I come up with ideas that amusehim. And Oliver is the most patient man. I easily lose confidence and question everything that isgoing on, and that is difficult and frustrating for a director. Amazingly, he never lost his temper,never a harsh word, and he ensured that the film was done on budget and on time. He is awonderful person to work with, and more importantly, he knows a good joke when he seesit…and he knows an ill-judged moment when he sees it. What else do you need in a director?”His producer returns the words. “It‟s been fascinating to watch Rowan, either behind the cameraor in front,” compliments Clark. “He is incredibly talented, dedicated and thoughtful. On apersonal level, it‟s been interesting to see the ambition and vision that we had for the film payoff. Plus, seeing Rowan working with the calibre of actors like Gillian, Rosamund and Dominichas made it a fascinating journey.”Agents and Adversaries:Casting the FilmWhen it came to casting Johnny English Reborn, “authenticity” was a key word. Explains© 2011 Universal Pictures 6

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESParker: “I was keen to assemble the kind of team that if Daniel Craig had slipped into its ranks,they could all make a Bond movie together. The world I wanted Johnny to join was one in whichthe agents genuinely had a lot at stake, which puts all the more pressure on him to get thingsright and gives us all the more fun when he gets them wrong.”Best known for her groundbreaking role as the intense Special Agent Scully in the global hit TheX-Files, Gillian Anderson accepted the role of Pamela Thornton, the no-nonsense head of MI7,who has guided the organization to new heights. The American actress had received rave reviewsfor her work in Bleak House and mastered the accent requisite of one of the most powerfulwomen in British government service.Anderson was a fan of Atkinson‟s comedy, and to play the head of MI7 was an enticingprospect. Recalls the actress: “When I saw the first film, I started laughing from the titlesequence. There is just something about Rowan‟s timing. I find him endlessly funny. Theopportunity to do comedy on a big scale and the chance to work with and observe Rowan‟sprocess were just too good to miss out on.”Her fellow performer returns that he enjoyed what the actress brought to the role of the tough-asnailsPegasus. “Gillian brings hardness, credibility and a bite to Pamela,” enthuses Atkinson.“You believe that this woman is in charge and is not going to take any prisoners, and she is notgoing to tolerate any silliness from Johnny English.”In the role of the MI7 behavioural psychologist Kate Sumner, the filmmakers cast RosamundPike, known for her memorable turns in Pride & Prejudice, An Education and Made inDagenham and, most recently, in Barney’s Version. It was important for the filmmakers that theaudience believe the romantic connection between the fetching Kate and the awkward English,and Pike was just the performer to pull it off.Explains Parker: “Johnny is flawed in countless areas, but he also has a great sense of loyalty.Somewhere in him you know there‟s a capacity to be a hero. And it is Kate who sees this side ofhim. The great thing about Rosamund as an actress is that she is very interested in what makespeople tick. You can see she is fascinated by the quirks of Johnny‟s character, and this curiosityand empathy give us the chance to believe in their romance.”Atkinson found that Pike brought genuine empathy to the role. He adds: “She has to fall in lovewith this total klutz. That‟s quite a difficult thing to play when you‟re dealing with someone whoclearly has failings, which Johnny does in spades. What Rosamund made work was thecredibility to believe that here was a decent guy who does mean well and tries hard to do hisbest.”Pike researched the role by reading a good deal of material on behavioural psychology, includingbooks by the FBI and anthropologist Desmond Morris. “It‟s a fascinating subject,” she notes.“Kate‟s job is to read people‟s expressions and interpret their behaviour for MI7. When shemeets Johnny she finds him a captivating study…with his curious facial expressions and bodyticks. She sees the honesty that is at the core of his character, and she finds it refreshing andadorable.”© 2011 Universal Pictures 7

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESFor English‟s ultimate hero, MI7 agent Simon Ambrose (Agent One), the team cast DominicWest, known for his portrayal of wisecracking Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty on the HBOhit series The Wire. “We needed the epitome of the classic agent, to whom Johnny aspires and towhom Johnny is enormously sycophantic,” says Parker. “Dominic has so much charisma andwit, you could believe him as the bad guy or as the new Bond.”West had actually seen Atkinson in his one-man show when West was 15. He shares: “I‟veadmired Rowan for a long time. It‟s interesting to watch him work and see how precise he is andhow much concentration he has. He is methodical and meticulous.”Atkinson believes that West played Ambrose brilliantly. “Dominic brings total credibility to therole; he is a heroic, dashing and charming figure,” says the performer. “Johnny invests atremendous amount of time in his hero worship of him, which of course turns out to be notentirely justified.”One of the trickiest parts of the casting process was finding someone to play Agent Tucker,English‟s sidekick. The filmmakers were looking for a young actor who could represent the newworld of MI7, in contrast to English‟s old-fashion version of skirt chasing and rule breaking.After auditioning many young talents, they found British actor Daniel Kaluuya, known by U.K.audiences as Posh Kenneth in the cult E4 teen drama Skins. As well, the actor had recently wonthe Evening Standard Theatre Award and the Critics‟ Circle Theatre Award for outstandingnewcomer for his performance in Roy Williams‟ play Sucker Punch.Parker saw Kaluuya‟s performance in the play and knew the young actor was their Tucker. Henotes: “I could not believe the kind of energy in Daniel, not only the speed of thought but alsothe looseness of his performance. Daniel is terrifically versatile and a natural comedic actor. Ifound him to be perfect for the role.”“Daniel has got that wonderful likability, but also empathy,” notes Atkinson. “We were lookingfor someone who could, with credibility, suffer and tolerate the oddities of working with JohnnyEnglish, and Daniel does that extremely well.”Kaluuya appreciated the nuances Atkinson brings to his physical comedy. “Rowan is a greatcomic, and when you work with him you see why. He is so mathematical and logical with hiscomedy. He wants the film to be as good as possible—not for his ego or fame, but because hewants the work to fulfill its potential. It is inspiring to see someone work that hard.”For another major supporting role, the filmmakers cast Tim McInnerny as the wheelchair-boundPatch Quartermain, MI7‟s weapons expert. McInnerny had not worked with Atkinson since TheBlack Adder series of 16 years ago. “It was a bit odd being reunited with Rowan, but also great,”the actor reflects. “We have a shorthand of understanding how each other works, which makes itso much fun.”For the additional supporting roles, Pik-Sen Lim was cast as the Killer Cleaner, who converts allher gadgets—whether it is her Hoover or golf clubs—into a rifle, and serves as English‟s© 2011 Universal Pictures 8

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESpossible demise on a number of occasions. Williams Belle, a Parkour expert, was cast as Ling,the man who English chases across the roofs of Hong Kong. Stephen Campbell Moore cameaboard to play the British Prime Minister, while Richard Schiff joined the production to playCIA agent Fisher and Mark Ivanir to portray Russian spy Karlenko.Prior to the shoot, Parker and Atkinson were able to have the luxury of a rehearsal period withthe talented cast. “I believe the rehearsal process is vital for all films, and Rowan is particularlyfond of rehearsing,” acknowledges Clark. “It is an important part of his process. We discover thepossibilities of the comedy and how far we can go.”Hong Kong to the Alps:Locations and DesignAward-winning production designer Jim Clay, who won a BAFTA for his design of the AlfonsoCuarón-directed Children of Men, joined the Johnny English Reborn team and set upon the taskof creating a sense of genuine scale and authenticity for the film.“Jim is incapable of constructing a small set,” laughs Parker. “He had a rich and detailed visionof the film and always sees things in the big picture. There‟s something about creating a vast orimposing environment in which to put Johnny English that is immediately exciting. You want tofeel everything that happens within it is entirely credible and could really happen. Although it‟snot a pastiche of those movies, there are moments where it would be very interesting to see howBond himself would be fare in a Johnny English scene.”International costume designer Beatrix Pasztor, whose credits include such fêted works as GoodWill Hunting and Vanity Fair, had the challenge of matching the style of the costumes to thescale of the sets. As well, director of photography Danny Cohen, nominated for an AcademyAward ® for the much lauded The King’s Speech, was tasked with capturing the real world inwhich English spies. “Beatrix has amazing flair; she looks for the individuality in each characterand brings great glamour to the design, ” commends Parker. “And Danny has this fantasticenergy and style. He is always inventive and fearless in his approach.”Production started its 13-week shoot in the U.K., then moved along to Hong Kong and theFrench Alps. As well as filming at Ealing Studios, some of the larger sets were built in theGillette Building in West London. A grade II-listed Art Deco building, once the Europeanheadquarters of Gillette Company, the Gillette Building now lies empty.The last two weeks of the shoot took place in Hong Kong and its neighbouring region of Macau.“It is a funny thing with film, all you have to have is a big backdrop…and all of a sudden you‟rein a bigger movie,” reveals Bevan. “It‟s something we missed out on in the first movie, so wehave deliberately gone for a couple of locations—Hong Kong and the Alps—in this movie tomake it feel bigger.”Production designer Clay adds: “Hong Kong provided a real contrast to the rest of the movie.Our world of MI7 is a slick and contemporary, cool world. When we get to Hong Kong, it givesus this gritty, colourful texture and dirty contrasts to the other world. It provides a whole© 2011 Universal Pictures 9

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESdifferent backdrop for Johnny.”Parker appreciated the opportunities that filming in Hong Kong provided. “We staged a fight ona pontoon in Hong Kong Harbour against the great thrusting needles of commerce. One of thegreat thrills was to put Johnny in a vivid and bustling environment, one potentially with a certainamount of jeopardy attached to it, and see how he would cope.”Locations utilised in Hong Kong included the rooftop of the famous Chungking Mansions for thechase sequence between Ling and English. As only a hatch provided access to the roof, a cranewas assembled on the rooftop to lift the equipment from the street to the roof. Additionally, thespeedboat and pontoon sequence was filmed in the new Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter andharbour. The last two days of its time in the region, production moved to Macau to film thecasino scene in the Grand Lisboa hotel.After production wrapped in London in mid-December, a reduced unit moved to Megève in theFrench Alps to spend five days shooting the cable-car shots, the ski-doo and parachute sequence,in which Johnny makes another death-defying escape.Racing Wheelchairs:Stunts and GadgetsAtkinson found that his return to Johnny English meant a bit more of a workout than in his firstventure as the superspy. Although a double was used for the bigger stunts, Atkinson wasinvolved in all of the stunts in some measure. He muses: “We should have done the action scenesin the first film eight years ago and less action in this one. I found it quite challenging and itcaught me by surprise, despite the existence of an extremely good stunt double. But I survived,and the film is made.”One stunt involved Atkinson driving Quartermain‟s motorised wheelchair down the Mall outsideBuckingham Palace at high speed, trying to escape the Secret Service. Shares Parker: “We took aclassic car chase and instead of using a car, we put English in a wheelchair, racing throughLondon at breakneck speed. Rowan is the master of deadpan, and putting him and those elementstogether gives the sequence a really fresh identity that blends comedy and excitement.”The studio had to be persuaded into allowing Atkinson to do the stunt driving. “The centre ofgravity in the wheelchair is extremely high, so cornering and braking—and indeedacceleration—can get quite dangerous,” he recalls. “We wanted the wheelchair to be powerful,and it was capable of 45 to 50 miles an hour.” The SFX team made four wheelchairs, modifiedfor each scene in which they were included.No spy film would be complete without its gadgets. The trusty Quartermain introduces Englishto his upgraded mission tools, which include English‟s car. Atkinson has always had a particularinterest in cars and was looking for a car with a very British image…something special that onecould not buy in a showroom. He notes: “I knew some years ago Rolls-Royce had developed thisphenomenal nine-litre V16 engine. We approached Rolls, and they kindly agreed to put a ninelitreV16 in a Rolls-Royce Phantom for us to use. This car has astounding capability and worked© 2011 Universal Pictures 10

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESout extremely well. It not only has a great engine, but it is full of gadgets to eliminate thevillains.”It was important that all of the gadgets and stunts never got in the way of the production‟sbiggest secret weapon: Atkinson. Parker concludes: “What‟s terrific about filming Rowan is thatyou can get great detail from his tiniest gesture—the raise of an eyebrow or roll of an eye. But heworks equally well in the wide shots, because his whole body is a comic creation. Rowan takesan extremely analytical approach to comedy, and his grasp of it is extraordinary andsophisticated. The way he can deconstruct a joke is brilliant, as is the way he can build one. Thekey to working with Rowan is to give him enough space for these things to grow.”A Little Spy Music:Sounds of Johnny English RebornAward-winning composer and longtime Matthew Vaughn collaborator Ilan Eshkeri was taskedwith composing the music for the comedy/spy thriller. Parker chose the musician after becomingintrigued by Eshkeri‟s ability to alternate between intense sounds for such projects as Vaughn‟sLayer Cake and Kick-Ass and director James McTeigue‟s Ninja Assassin, as well as his morelighthearted choices for the fantasy Stardust and Jean-Marc Vallée‟s period drama The YoungVictoria.Shares Parker of his decision to have Eshkeri score the film: “Ilan brings some seriouspyrotechnics to the score. He has to spring from full-on action to understated comedy, fromsoaring romance to slapstick, and does so with wit and panache.”Whether it be Duran Duran and John Barry‟s “A View to a Kill” or Bono and Tina Turner‟scollaboration on “GoldenEye,” what globetrotting spy film would be complete with an iconictitle song? “I Believe in You,” written by award-winning songwriter and producer “EG” WHITEand performed by British singer/songwriter RUMER, was chosen as the theme song for JohnnyEnglish Reborn.White, known for his work with superstars P!nk, Kylie Minogue, Adele, Joss Stone and Duffy,created the title track that would be sung by Brit award-nominee Rumer. Curiously enough, thefilm represents a reunion for Atkinson and Rumer, who actually sold the actor a laptop when shewas a struggling artist working at an Apple store several years ago.Parker offers what drew him to White‟s song and how he feels Rumer‟s vocals encapsulate thespirit of the film: “It‟s wonderful to have that effortless grace and femininity sweeping usthrough the credits. Eg‟s excellent song „I Believe in You‟ is a great addition to the film—passionate, ambitious and tender. We all believe in Johnny.”****Universal Pictures presents—in association with StudioCanal and Relativity Media—a WorkingTitle production: Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn, starring Gillian Anderson,Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, Daniel Kaluuya and Richard Schiff. Music for the film is by Ilan© 2011 Universal Pictures 11

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESEshkeri; the hair and makeup designer is Graham Johnston. The film‟s costume designer isBeatrix Pasztor. The comedy/spy thriller‟s editor is Guy Bensley; the production designer is JimClay. The film‟s director of photography is Danny Cohen, BSC; the co-producer is RonaldoVasconcellos. Executive producers are Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin, William Davies. The film‟sstory is by William Davies, and it is from a screenplay by Hamish McColl. It is produced by TimBevan, Eric Fellner, Chris Clark. Johnny English Reborn is directed by Oliver Parker. © 2011Universal Studios. www.johnnyenglishreborn.com© 2011 Universal Pictures 12

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE CASTBorn in Newcastle upon the River Tyne, ROWAN ATKINSON (Johnny English) has becomeone of the best-known British comic talents of his generation. In 1977, Atkinson attracted widecritical notice whilst performing at the Edinburgh Festival. The following year, he mounted hisown review at London‟s Hampstead Theatre and became a founding member of the BBC‟s Notthe Nine O’Clock News team. The series quickly became a major success, running a total of fourseasons, spawning platinum and gold albums and many best-selling books, and garnering aSilver Rose at the Rose d‟Or Festival in Montreux, an International Emmy and a BritishAcademy Award. In the process, Atkinson was also named BBC Personality of the Year.In 1981, Atkinson became the youngest performer to have a one-man show in London‟s WestEnd; the sell-out season at the Globe Theatre won him The Society of West End Theatres‟Award for Comedy Performance of the Year. In 1983, he embarked with writer Richard Curtison their situational tragedy TheBlack Adder, for the BBC. Over the ensuing five years, the BlackAdder series won three British Academy Awards, an International Emmy, three CableACEawards and personal awards for Atkinson‟s performance, including Best EntertainmentPerformance. Once again, he was voted BBC Personality of the Year.On stage, Atkinson took the lead in Larry Shue‟s The Nerd, at the Aldwych Theatre in 1985. Thefollowing year, he starred in a one-man show in the West End, which moved to Broadway after asell-out season. The show went on to tour successfully in Australia, New Zealand, the Far Eastand the U.K. In 1988, he starred in a West End production of The Sneeze, a collection ofhumourous one-act plays by Anton Chekhov.Atkinson‟s next major television undertaking was the creation of the silent comedy series Mr.Bean, for ITV and HBO. The pilot won the Golden Rose at Montreux and was nominated for anInternational Emmy. Subsequent episodes continued to win awards, including an InternationalEmmy, two Banff Awards and a CableACE Award for Best Comedy in 1995. Since its debut, theseries has been sold to more than 200 territories and has reached classic status: Mr. Bean was thehighest-rated comedy show of the decade on commercial television. The show was produced byTiger Aspect, of which Atkinson was a partner and for which he also appeared in a number ofhighly successful documentary programs on subjects ranging from comedy to his passion, themotorcar.In 1995, Atkinson starred in the lead role of Inspector Raymond Fowler in the first season ofTiger Aspect‟s No. 1-rated situation comedy The Thin Blue Line, written by Ben Elton. A secondseason was produced in the summer of 1996. Tiger Aspect also produced the ACW awardwinningRowan Atkinson on Location in Boston, a one-hour special featuring highlights from hisstage shows, for HBO and the BBC. The production won a CableACE Award in 1993.He has appeared in a number of films, including Never Say Never Again, with Sean Connery;The Tall Guy, with Jeff Goldblum; Nicolas Roeg‟s The Witches; and The Appointments ofDennis Jennings, for HBO, which won the 1989 Oscar ® for Best Short Film (Live Action). Hisother film appearances include Hot Shots! Part Deux, Four Weddings and a Funeral and TheLion King as the voice of Zazu.© 2011 Universal Pictures 13

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESHe also co-produced and appeared in 1997‟s Bean:The Ultimate Disaster Movie. The Polygramfilm, produced by Working Title in association with Tiger Aspect, was a huge hit and becameone of the highest-grossing U.K. films internationally.Throughout 2000, Blackadder Back & Forth, a film shot on 70 mm, was shown at London‟sMillennium Dome. With Atkinson portraying Edmund Black Adder for the first time in a decade,the comedy features all the other stars of the original television series and proved to be the mostpopular attraction at the Dome.In 2001, Atkinson appeared as Enrico Pollini in Jerry Zucker‟s Rat Race, also starring WhoopiGoldberg, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and John Cleese. He also appeared in the 2002 Warner Bros.comedy Scooby-Doo, playing the villain Mondavarious.Following this, Atkinson completed production on Mr. Bean: TheAnimated Series, for TigerAspect Productions, and the feature Johnny English, in which he starred in the title role. JohnnyEnglish was written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Casino Royale), directed by Peter Howitt(Sliding Doors) and produced by Working Title Films.Atkinson appeared as Rufus the jewelry salesman in Working Title‟s 2003 hit romantic comedyLove Actually, directed by Richard Curtis, with an ensemble cast including Bill Nighy, ColinFirth, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor. In2005, he played the Reverend Walter Goodfellow in Keeping Mum, directed by Niall Johnson,starring opposite Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas. In 2007, Atkinson co-wrote andstarred in the feature Mr. Bean’s Holiday, directed by Steve Bendelack.In 2009, Atkinson returned to the stage in the role of Fagin in the hit stage musical Oliver!, at theTheatre Royal, Drury Lane.An Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award-winning actress, GILLIANANDERSON (Pamela Thornton) has long delighted audiences and critics alike with her versatileskill and classic beauty. Comfortable with any genre, from science fiction to period drama,Anderson will soon star in several prestigious projects on both stage and screen.In August 2010, Anderson appeared in a television adaptation of “ Moby Dick,” alongside EthanHawke, William Hurt, Charlie Cox and Eddie Marsan. The telepic premiered in two parts on theEncore network.Anderson recently finished shooting the action film Shadow Dancer, with Clive Owen, RebeccaHall and Andrea Riseborough, in Dublin, Ireland. Anderson stars as Kate Fletcher, the boss of anMI5 officer played by Owen. Anderson will soon be filming a PBS/BBC adaptation of “GreatExpectations,” set to air in April 2012. Anderson will play Miss Havisham, the insane heiresswho mentors young Pip. The production boasts an impressive cast, including David Suchet, RayWinstone and Rupert Graves.Anderson, best known for her work in Fox‟s The X-Files, earned two SAG Awards, an Emmy© 2011 Universal Pictures 14

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESand a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series, and received numerous additionalnominations. In 1998, she carried her role of Dana Scully over into the motion-picture adaptationbased on the show, The X-Files: Fight the Future. In 1999, she made The X-Files history bybecoming the first woman to write and direct on the series, on an episode titled “All Things.” In2008, Anderson reprised her role once again in The X-Files: I Want to Believe.Her other film credits include the critically acclaimed The Last King of Scotland, How to LoseFriends & Alienate People, Duncan Ward‟s Boogie Woogie, The Mighty, Playing by Heartand The House of Mirth, directed by Terence Davies. In 2000, critics from Rolling Stone,Entertainment Weekly, Newsday, New York Daily News, The Village Voice and the New YorkPress listed The House of Mirth among the top-10 films of the year. For her portrayal of LilyBart, she won the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress, and the Best PerformanceAward from TheVillage Voice Film Critics‟ Poll. Anderson also won the Audience Award at theIFTA Awards for her role, starring alongside Robert Carlyle, in the popular film The MightyCelt, directed and written by Pearse Elliott. She also had a cameo role in the comedy TristramShandy: A Cock and Bull Story, which gained rave reviews in North America and overseas.In addition, Anderson‟s recent television work includes the 2011 miniseries The Crimson Petaland the White as Mrs. Castaway, opposite Romola Garai and Chris O‟Dowd. Anderson alsoworked on the television adaptation of William Boyd‟s novel “Any Human Heart,” for which sheearned a BAFTA TV Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as theDuchess of Windsor. Anderson also appeared in the BBC miniseries Bleak House, in which shestarred as Lady Dedlock. The critically acclaimed performance earned her a nomination for BestActress at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards in 2006. Anderson also providedthe voice of Queen Vorkana in the animated comedy short Robbie the Reindeer in CloseEncounters of the Herd Kind, for U.K. television.In 2002, Anderson made her London stage debut in Michael Weller‟s What the Night Is For, andthen went on to continued success and critical acclaim in the Royal Court Theatre‟s productionof Rebecca Gilman‟s play The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, in 2005. In 2009, Andersonportrayed Nora in Zinnie Harris‟ adaptation of A Doll’s House, at London‟s prestigious DonmarWarehouse in the West End, for which she was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Actress.Anderson obtained her BFA degree from the prestigious Goodman School of Drama atChicago‟s DePaul University. In 1991, she performed in the Manhattan Theatre Club productionof Alan Ayckbourn‟s Absent Friends, for which she won a Theatre World Award. In addition,she appeared in Christopher Hampton‟s The Philanthropist, at the Long Wharf Theatre in NewHaven, Connecticut.Over the last 15 years, Anderson has been strongly involved in many charity organisations: as aboard member of Artists For A New South Africa, a spokesperson for Neurofibromatosis, Inc., afounding member of Off The Street Kids and a patron of the Alinyiikira Junior School inUganda, amongst many others.DOMINIC WEST (Simon Ambrose) is a star both in the U.K. and the U.S. and has been cast inmany leading roles in international film, U.S. television and the London stage. After graduating© 2011 Universal Pictures 15

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESfrom Trinity College in Dublin, and then from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Westwon the Ian Charleson Award for Best Newcomer for his performance in Peter Hall‟s productionof The Seagull.A very successful film career soon followed with West winning leading roles in studio moviessuch as 28 Days, opposite Sandra Bullock; Mona Lisa Smile, opposite Julia Roberts; and TheForgotten, opposite Julianne Moore. He also starred as Theron in Warner Bros.‟ 300. His othercredits include Chicago, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,True Blue, Hannibal Rising, Rock Star,Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace, Surviving Picasso and Richard III.In 2000, he won the role of McNulty in HBO‟s The Wire, which became one of the mostcritically acclaimed television programmes ever made. The show ran for five seasons with Westdirecting an episode in the final season. More recently, West played Oliver Cromwell in Channel4‟s BAFTA-nominated series The Devil’s Whore.His theatre credits include Peter Gill‟s production of Harley Granville-Barker‟s The VoyseyInheritance, at The Royal National Theatre; David Lan‟s production of As You Like It, in whichhe starred opposite Helen McCrory, in the West End in the summer of 2005; and Trevor Nunn‟sWest End production of Rock ’n’ Roll, Tom Stoppard‟s play that opened to huge plaudits at theRoyal Court in the summer of 2006.At the end of 2009, West played the lead in Pedro Calderón de la Barca‟s Life Is a Dream,at theDonmar Warehouse in London. Last year, his work included Andrew Stanton‟s John Carter andThe Awakening, with Rebecca Hall, and more recently, he has completed filming The Hour, anew drama for the BBC.He can currently be seen as the eponymous lead on stage in Simon Gray‟s Butley, at TheDuchess Theatre. In the fall, he moves on to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield to play Iago inOthello, alongside his The Wire co-star Clarke Peters.ROSAMUND PIKE (Kate Sumner) has quickly emerged as a contemporary multifacetedactress, having earned international acclaim for both her stage and film roles.Pike recently starred in Barney’s Version, opposite Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman. Thefilm, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and went on to receive rave reviews at theToronto International Film Festival, is a love story that spans over 30 years and poignantlycaptures the life of the politically incorrect, irascible and fearlessly blunt Barney Panofsky(Giamatti) and the women he loved in his life. Pike‟s work in the film earned her a 2011 LondonCritics‟ Circle Award for British Actress of the Year.Currently, Pike is filming Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to last year‟s blockbuster Clash of theTitans, opposite Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington. Warner Bros. will release the actionthrillerin 2012. She also completed production on David Frankel‟s comedy The Big Year, inwhich she stars alongside Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin. Fox 2000 has set therelease date for October 14, 2011. Earlier this year, Pike filmed the BBC movie Women in Love.© 2011 Universal Pictures 16

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESIn 2010, Pike starred in the dramatic film Made in Dagenham, opposite Sally Hawkins,Miranda Richardson and Bob Hoskins, based on the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant.She was later nominated for a 2011 London Critics‟ Circle Award for British Actress in aSupporting Role for her role in the film. Pike also starred in Lone Scherfig‟s Academy Award ®-nominated film An Education, opposite Peter Sarsgaard and Carey Mulligan. The film was wellreceived at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009 and continued to garner critical acclaim withAcademy Award ®, Golden Globe, BAFTA and film critics nominations, and won the BestForeign Film Award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.In 2004, Pike starred in Laurence Dunmore‟s film version of The Libertine, playing the wife ofthe Earl of Rochester (Johnny Depp). Pike was recognized for her extraordinary performance,receiving the 2005 British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. The film alsostarred John Malkovich and Samantha Morton.Pike was next seen alongside Keira Knightley, Brenda Blethyn and Dame Judi Dench in thefilm adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel “Pride and Prejudice,” directed by Joe Wright.She earned critical acclaim and received a 2006 London Film Critics Award for her portrayal ofJane Bennett.In 2007, Pike played opposite Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins in New Line Cinema‟s legalthriller Fracture, directed by Gregory Hoblit. She also starred in Jeremy Podeswa‟s independentfilm Fugitive Pieces, which opened the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival. Pike starred inthe Disney film Surrogates, opposite Bruce Willis, and then segued to the independent filmBurning Palms, written and directed by Christopher B. Landon. The film depicts five darklycomic and controversial tales of life in Los Angeles. Cast in her first major film as an iconicBond girl at the age of 21, Pike starred opposite Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan in Die AnotherDay.Pike continues to return to her roots in theatre on the London stage even though she has hadgreat success in cinema throughout her career. She starred in Patrick Hamilton‟s Victorianthriller Gaslight, at the Old Vic Theatre; in The Wyndham‟s Theatre‟s production of Madame deSade, opposite Judi Dench; and in The Royal Court Theatre‟s production of Hitchcock Blonde,directed by Terry Johnson. With its enormous success, the play was moved to the Lyric Theatrein London‟s West End. Pike also began the year 2010 by starring as the title role the U.K.touring production of Hedda Gabler, a performance for which she received rave reviews.At the age of 16, DANIEL KALUUYA (Agent Tucker) won the nationwide BBC Blast musicpresenter competition for BBC 1Xtra. During that time, a BBC casting director auditionedKaluuya and cast him in his first professional job: the controversial drama Shoot the Messenger,starring David Oyelowo.By 2010, at the age of 21, Kaluuya had already written several episodes of and starred inChannel 4‟s hit show Skins, and appeared in a number of high-profile television and film rolesincluding Hideo Nakata‟s Chatroom, for Film4; Optimum‟s Cass ; Doctor Who ; andPsychoville, for the BBC. He also starred in a very successful run at The Royal Court Theatre inthe hugely acclaimed Sucker Punch, which won the Evening Standard Award and The Critics‟© 2011 Universal Pictures 17

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESCircle Theatre Award for outstanding newcomer for his performance.He will next be seen in Debbie Tucker Green‟s Random, Channel 4‟s Micah and Jack Thorne‟sThe Fades, for the BBC.Actor/director RICHARD SCHIFF (Fisher) has enjoyed a lengthy and acclaimed career in film,television and theatre. Born in Bethesda, Maryland, and raised in New York City, Schiffdeveloped a passion for film and theatre at a very early age. He began his career in New York,where he founded the Manhattan Repertory Theatre and served as its artistic director, anddirected off-Broadway productions including Antigone, starring Angela Bassett. During thistime, Schiff also completed his bachelor of fine arts degree in theatre at City College of NewYork (CCNY). Soon afterward, he earned a role in the film Medium Straight and went to LosAngeles to attend its initial screening.Schiff started to receive offers for work from casting directors who saw the film, and beforelong, he permanently moved to Los Angeles. He performed in several plays with Tim Robbins‟The Actors‟ Gang, while landing roles in City Hall, with Al Pacino, and David Fincher‟s Se7en,with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.Schiff‟s extensive film credits now number more than 40, including the Oscar ®-nominatedbiopic Ray, as well as a wide range of roles in such films as Made in Dagenham, I Am Sam,Malcolm X, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, People I Know, Forces of Nature, Lucky Numbers,Crazy in Alabama, Deep Impact, Hoffa, Living Out Loud, Dr. Dolittle, Heaven and TheHudsucker Proxy, among numerous others. His roles also include parts in independent films suchas Civic Duty, one of the films that opened the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival, and Grace of MyHeart. Schiff recently completed work on the films Knife Fight and Fire With Fire.His distinguished television career received recognition for his memorable role as dysfunctionalfather Barry Roth in Relativity, as well as many guest-starring roles on popular series includingNYPD Blue, Ally McBeal, Murphy Brown, L.A. Law, The Practice, Chicago Hope, ER andRoswell.Schiff‟s television roles also include his much celebrated portrayal of White Housecommunications director Toby Ziegler in The West Wing, for which he received an EmmyAward for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and garnered three Emmynominations.Schiff also has a long-standing career in the theatre, with many off-Broadway productions underhis belt including Underneath the Lintel, which he performed at the George Street Playhouse inearly 2006 and in London‟s Duchess Theatre in 2007. His other noteworthy stage performancesinclude Blood! Love! Madness!, The Lower Depths, Tanking Minks, Plain Brown Wrapper, DarkAge and Blues for Mister Charlie. Schiff won a Drama-Logue Award for his starring role asGoose in David Rabe‟s Goose and Tomtom, and received an Ovation Award for his role inUrban Folk Tales. He most recently starred in a production of Lanford Wilson‟s Talley’s Folly,at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey.© 2011 Universal Pictures 18

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESIn 2000, Schiff received the prestigious Townsend Harris Medal for outstanding post-graduateachievement from CCNY. Past recipients include author Upton Sinclair, actor Edward G.Robinson and Dr. Jonas Salk. In 2004, CCNY bestowed Schiff with an honourary Doctor ofHumane Letters degree, along with President Bill Clinton and novelist Walter Mosley.Schiff recently revisited his passion for directing, having helmed several episodes of The WestWing and HBO‟s In Treatment, and is beginning work on directing a documentary project.He is married to film and television actress Sheila Kelley. They have two children together,Ruby Christine and Gus.© 2011 Universal Pictures 19

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESABOUT THE FILMMAKERSOLIVER PARKER‟s (Directed by) first feature, a film adaptation of Othello, was released in1995 and starred Laurence Fishburne and Kenneth Branagh. His next film was an adaptation ofOscar Wilde‟s An Ideal Husband, starring Cate Blanchett, Minnie Driver, Rupert Everett,Julianne Moore and Jeremy Northam. The film was nominated for two Golden Globes and threeBAFTAs. He also directed an adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest, starring ReeseWitherspoon, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.His other feature film credits include Fade to Black, starring Danny Huston and ChristopherWalken; I Really Hate My Job, starring Neve Campbell, Shirley Henderson and Anna MaxwellMartin; Dorian Gray, starring Colin Firth, Ben Barnes and Rebecca Hall; and St. Trinian’s. Mostrecently, Parker directed St. Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold, starring Rupert Everett,Colin Firth and Jodie Whittaker.His television work includes The Private Life of Samuel Pepys, starring Steve Coogan;Billingsgate Alfie, starring Jim Broadbent; and Copper Clive, starring Steve Tompkinson.Prior to becoming a film director and screenwriter, Parker worked extensively as an actor andtheatre director, spending three years at the Dog Company with legendary horror maestro CliveBarker.HAMISH M CCOLL (Screenplay by) is a co-founder of T he Right Size, a company that hascreated a unique style of comedy since 1988. He co-wrote and performed in all its liveproductions, including Flightto Finland, Moose, Bewilderness, Hold Me Down, Stop Calling MeVernon and the hit show Do You Come Here Often?, which won an Olivier Award for BestEntertainment in 1999 and was nominated for a Drama Desk Award in New York.His smash hit The Play What I Wrote won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 2001 andearned McColl a nomination for Best Actor. The show transferred to Broadway where it wasnominated for a Tony Award. In 2005, he co-wrote and starred in Ducktastic!, which wasnominated for an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment.Since 2006, McColl has concentrated on writing for the big screen. Johnny English Reborn is hissecond collaboration with Rowan Atkinson. He wrote the screenplay for Mr. Bean’s Holiday,which grossed more than $230 million worldwide. He is currently developing a comedy forWorking Title Films.WILLIAM DAVIES (Story by/Executive Producer) started his career as a sportswriter for theDaily Mail in London, before coming to Los Angeles with his first screenplay, Twins, whichwent on to gross more than half a billion dollars worldwide. Since then, he has written scores ofstudio movies ranging from Grumpy Old Men to Johnny English, and Richie Rich to How toTrain Your Dragon.In 2007, Davies won an Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Feature Production forhis work on Paramount Pictures‟ Flushed Away.© 2011 Universal Pictures 20

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESWorking Title Films, co-chaired by TIM BEVAN and ERIC FELLNER (Produced by) since1992, is one of the world‟s leading film production companies.Founded in 1983, Working Title has made more than 90 films, which have grossed more than$4.5 billion worldwide. Its films have won six Academy Awards ® and 26 BAFTAs. Bevan andFellner have received the Michael Balcon Award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinemaat the Orange British Academy Film Awards, and both have been honoured with the title ofCommander of the Order of the British Empire.Working Title‟s extensive and diverse list of credits include:Seven films with Joel and Ethan Coen: Burn After Reading, Fargo, The HudsuckerProxy, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Man Who Wasn’t There andA Serious ManSix collaborations with writer Richard Curtis: Four Weddings and a Funeral, BridgetJones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and NottingHill, as well as LoveActually and The Boat That Rocked, both of which Curtis also directedThree films starring Rowan Atkinson: Bean, directed by Mel Smith ; Mr. Bean’s Holiday,directed by Steve Bendelack ; and Johnny English, directed by Peter HowittPride & Prejudice, Atonement and The Soloist, directed by Joe WrightUnited 93 and Green Zone, directed by Paul GreengrassHot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar WrightAbout a Boy, directed by Paul Weitz and Chris WeitzDefinitely, Maybe, directed by Adam BrooksThe Interpreter, directed by Sydney PollackDead Man Walking, directed by Tim RobbinsElizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, directed by Shekhar KapurFrost/Nixon, directed by Ron HowardNanny McPhee, directed by Kirk Jones, and Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, directedby Susanna WhitePaul, directed by Greg MottolaSenna, Working Title‟s first documentary feature, about the legendary racing driverAyrton Senna, directed by Asif KapadiaBilly Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry. The success of the film has continued on stagewith Billy Elliot The Musical, directed by Stephen Daldry with book and lyrics by LeeHall and music by Elton John. The production is currently enjoying highly successfulruns in London, in Chicago and on Broadway, where it won 10 Tony Awards in 2009,including Best Musical and Best Director. The show previously played in Sydney andMelbourne and recently opened in Seoul, South Korea.Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, directed by Tomas Alfredson and starring Gary Oldman,Colin Firth and Tom Hardy, receives its worldwide launch at this year‟s Venice FilmFestival.In postproduction are Everybody Loves Whales, starring Drew Barrymore and JohnKrasinski and directed by Ken Kwapis, and Contraband, a thriller starring MarkWahlberg and Kate Beckinsale and directed by Baltasar Kormákur.© 2011 Universal Pictures 21

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESJoe Wright is currently in preproduction on his fourth film with Working Title, anadaption of “Anna Karenina” to star Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson.CHRIS CLARK (Produced by) joined Working Title Films in 1996 as a story editor. He waspromoted to senior development executive and worked on all films developed out of the U.K.office, including Elizabeth, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary, About a Boy and Pride &Prejudice. He was an associate producer on the international hit Johnny English, starring RowanAtkinson, and a co-producer on Thunderbirds. In January 2005, Clark transferred to the LosAngeles office as senior vice president of development, during which time he managed a slate ofprojects.In 2007, Clark set up RedRum Films in Los Angeles. He recently produced The Guard, starringBrendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle, and And Soon the Darkness, starring Amber Heard and KarlUrban, and is executive producer on Patagonia, directed by Marc Evans and starring MatthewRhys and Duffy.DEBRA HAYWARD (Executive Producer) serves as head of film for Working Title Films andis creatively responsible for the company‟s entire slate of motion pictures, in conjunction withher U.S. counterpart, Liza Chasin.Hayward joined Working Title in 1989 as a producer‟s assistant and then moved to thedevelopment department.Hayward most recently served as executive producer on Paul, Senna, Nanny McPhee and the BigBang and Green Zone. She serves in the same capacity on the forthcoming Tinker, Tailor,Soldier, Spy.She also served as co-producer on the international hit Mr. Bean’s Holiday and the suspensefulthriller The Interpreter. Additional co-producer credits include Love Actually, Johnny Englishand the award-winning About a Boy. She also executive produced Captain Corelli’sMandolin,Atonement, State of Play, Frost/Nixon, The Boat That Rocked, United 93, Pride &Prejudice, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Nanny McPhee.LIZA CHASIN (Executive Producer) has served as president of U.S. production at WorkingTitle Films since 1996. She is currently in preproduction on Joe Wright‟s Anna Karenina, as wellas on Tom Hooper‟s Les Misérables. As executive producer, Chasin is completingpostproduction on both Ken Kwapis‟ Everybody Loves Whales and Baltasar Kormákur‟sContraband. She is also executive producer on director Asif Kapadia‟s highly anticipated Senna,which releases on August 12.Chasin also executive produced Greg Mottola‟s Paul, Susanna White‟s Nanny McPhee and the© 2011 Universal Pictures 22

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESBig Bang, Paul Greengrass‟ Green Zone, Kevin Macdonald‟s State of Play, Richard Curtis‟ TheBoat That Rocked, Joe Wright‟s Academy Award ®-nominated Atonement, Shekhar Kapur‟sElizabeth: The Golden Age and Adam Brooks‟ Definitely, Maybe.Throughout her illustrious career, Chasin has been involved in the development and productionof such acclaimed films as Tim Robbins‟ Academy Award ®-winning Dead Man Walking; Joeland Ethan Coen‟s O Brother, Where Art Thou? and their Academy Award ®-winning Fargo;and Roger Michell‟s smash Notting Hill. She also co-produced Paul and Chris Weitz‟s About aBoy, Sharon Maguire‟s Bridget Jones’s Diary, Stephen Frears‟ High Fidelity and ShekharKapur‟s Academy Award ®-winning Elizabeth.Chasin was also executive producer of Catherine Hardwicke‟s highly acclaimed debut feature,Thirteen; Beeban Kidron‟s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason; Joe Carnahan‟s Smokin’ Aces;Paul Greengrass‟ critically lauded United 93; Phillip Noyce‟s Catch a Fire; and Atonementdirector Joe Wright‟s Pride & Prejudice. In addition, she co-produced Richard Curtis‟ LoveActually and Sydney Pollack‟s The Interpreter, and produced Richard Loncraine‟s Wimbledon.A graduate of NYU‟s Tisch School of the Arts, Chasin first joined Working Title in 1991 asdirector of development. She was then promoted to vice president of production anddevelopment, becoming the head of the Los Angeles office and overseeing the company‟screative affairs in the U.S. Prior to joining Working Title, she worked for several years in variousproduction capacities at New York-based production companies.DANNY COHEN, BSC (Director of Photography) has worked on a number of feature films andtelevision dramas with a variety of artists, including Paul Bettany, Paul Giamatti, Philip SeymourHoffman, Bill Nighy, Laura Linney and Ray Winstone, as well as an eclectic range of directors,including Richard Curtis, Shane Meadows and Stephen Poliakoff.His recent film and television credits include Shane Meadow‟s This Is England ’86, This IsEngland and Dead Man’s Shoes; Dominic Savage‟s Dive ; Adrian Shergold‟s Pierrepoint: TheLast Hangman ; Stephen Poliakoff‟s Glorious 39 and A Real Summer ; and Richard Curtis‟ TheBoat That Rocked.Cohen was recently nominated for an Academy Award ® for his cinematography for The King’sSpeech. Cohen received BAFTA nominations for Best Photography and Lighting—Fiction/Entertainment for his work on Longford, in 2007, and for his work on Joe’s Palace, in2008. In 2008, Cohen also received an Emmy Award nomination for OutstandingCinematography for a Miniseries or Movie for John Adams, directed by Tom Hooper.Cohen is currently shooting Richard II, for BBC2.© 2011 Universal Pictures 23

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESJIM CLAY ‟s (Production Designer) diverse career accomplishments range from the fancifuldesign of Jon Amiel‟s BBC classic The Singing Detective to the starkly realistic, dystopian worldof Alfonso Cuarón‟s Children of Men. Clay was nominated for a BAFTA for the former, andwon a BAFTA and received an Art Directors Guild nomination for the latter. Some of Clay‟smore notable credits include Woody Allen‟s Match Point; Richard Curtis‟ Love Actually; ChrisWeitz and Paul Weitz‟s About a Boy; Atom Egoyan‟s Felicia’s Journey; Neil Jordan‟s TheCrying Game; and Jon Amiel‟s The Man Who Knew Too Little, Copycat, Tune in Tomorrow…and Queen of Hearts.Clay‟s other film credits include The Brothers Bloom, Stage Beauty, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,The Trench, Onegin, Circle of Friends, War of the Buttons and A Kiss Before Dying. He wonanother BAFTA for the BBC‟s Christabel.Clay‟s recent films include Shanghai, John Madden‟s The Debt and Woody Allen‟s You WillMeet a Tall Dark Stranger.GUY BENSLEY (Editor) first collaborated with Oliver Parker on his short film Unsigned, andthe team went on to join forces on An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest, Fade toBlack and, most recently, Dorian Gray.Bensley‟s other credits include Giles Borg‟s Flutter ; the Academy Award ®- and BAFTAnominatedshort film Dear Rosie, directed by Peter Cattaneo; the Academy Award ®-nominatedshort Brooms; The Tenant of Wildfell Hall; The James Gang; Lorna Doone; To Kill a King;Butterfly on a Wheel, for director Mike Barker; Blackadder Back & Forth, directed by PaulWeiland; Murphy’s Law; The Dinner Party; Trial & Retribution; and MI-5.BEATRIX PASZTOR (Costume Designer) was born in Budapest and brings her evocativeEuropean style to every film she works on. She has a brilliant understanding of character, and herstunning creative talent has afforded her collaboration with such interesting and innovativedirectors as Gus Van Sant, Jane Campion, Curtis Hanson, Oliver Stone, Joel Schumacher, TerryGilliam and, most recently, Woody Allen.Over the years, Pasztor has brought her iconic designs to the screen on many feature films,including Drugstore Cowboy, To Die For, Good Will Hunting, Alfie, Vanity Fair, In the Cut,Wonder Boys, U Turn, She’s So Lovely, Indecent Proposal, The Fisher King and Æon Flux.Her most recent credits are Ironclad, a medieval action film directed by Jonathan English, andYou Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, directed by Woody Allen.© 2011 Universal Pictures 24

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (2011)PRODUCTION NOTESGRAHAM JOHNSTON‟s (Hair and Makeup Designer) feature film credits include About aBoy, directed by Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz; Bridget Jones’s Diary, starring Renée Zellweger,Hugh Grant and Colin Firth; David Kane‟s Born Romantic; Ridley Scott‟s Gladiator, for whichhe received a BAFTA nomination for Best Make Up/Hair (shared with Paul Engelen); MichaelWinterbottom‟s With or Without You; John Strickland‟s G:MT Greenwich Mean Time; JakeScott‟s Plunkett & Macleane; Bob Spiers‟ Spice World; Kevin Allen‟s Twin Town; PrinceValiant ; John Duigan‟s The Leading Man; Danny Boyle‟s Trainspotting and Shallow Grave;Gillies MacKinnon‟s Small Faces; and When Saturday Comes.His other credits include Tony Bill‟s Flyboys, Alfonso Cuarón‟s Children of Men, AlejandroAmenábar‟s Agora and Peter Jackson‟s The Lovely Bones.Johnston‟s recent credits include Kevin Macdonald‟s The Eagle, Jaume Collet-Serra‟s Unknownand Tommy Wirkola‟s upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.ILAN ESHKERI (Music by) is a British film composer known for his scores to the filmsStardust, Layer Cake and The Young Victoria, as well as his collaborations with Annie Lennox,Take That and David Gilmour.Eshkeri has recently completed work on Oscar ®-winning producer Christian Colson‟s filmCenturion. His other recent works include James McTeigue‟s Ninja Assassin, produced by JoelSilver and the Wachowski brothers, and Oscar ® winner Julian Fellowes‟ From Time to Time.Eshkeri oversaw the completion of the BAFTA-nominated score for Sex & Drugs & Rock & Rolland was shortlisted for an Academy Award ® for his song “Only You,” from The YoungVictoria.© 2011 Universal Pictures 25

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