Hella Australia Aftermarket Catalogue 2009/2010 - Industrial and ...


Hella Australia Aftermarket Catalogue 2009/2010 - Industrial and ...

Hella AustraliaAftermarket Catalogue2009/2010Ideas today forthe cars of tomorrow

Ideas today for the cars of tomorrow100 years ago, Hella began with a visionof automotive innovation and safety, whichremains at our core today. With productsdeveloped and built using state-of-the-arttechnology, the future looks bright.Need assistance?Call Hella Customer ServiceTechline 1800 061 729Facsimile (03) 9583 1838E-mail custservice@ha.hella.comOnline www.hella.com.au:: Expert professional advice from qualified auto-electricians:: Information on product availability and new releases:: Assistance with product selection and installation:: Online services include searchable automotive catalogue,store locator, newsletters and latest technology developmentsSALES OFFICESVictoriaNew South WalesQueenslandSouth AustraliaWestern AustraliaInternationalt.(03) 9581 9299f.(03) 9585 2654t.(02) 9890 3722f.(02) 9890 3855t.(07) 3899 8188f.(07) 3899 8755t.(08) 8365 1195f.(08) 8365 1824t.(08) 9351 9900f.(08) 9351 9955t.+61 3 9581 9299f.+61 3 9583 1838

The Australian benchmark in design and function –built through Hella’s worldwide leadership intechnological advancementQuality is our mostimportant componentThe best from Australiaand around the worldA warranty as strongas our commitmentCombined with a detailedknowledge of the automotiveindustry and expertproject management, Hellaremains a major supplierof automotive lighting andaccessories to Australia’svehicle manufacturers; Ford,General Motors (Holden)and Toyota.Modern cars, with their low dragcoefficients and safety features,require headlamps with greaterlight output with increasingrestrictions on space and weight.New optical systems and lightsources to meet theserequirements have had to bedeveloped. Technologies suchas coated plastic headlamplenses and gas discharge lightsystems give stylists more designfreedom and dramaticallyincrease light output.As well as supplying originalequipment manufacturers, Hellais a key brand in aftermarketareas such as transport,agriculture, mining and theautomotive aftermarket with arange of products including: Emergency Lighting Installation Equipment Driving and Fog Lamps Work Lamps andSealed Beams Switches, Globes,Terminals and Fuses Trade Lighting Multivolt LED’s forthe Transport IndustryHella Australia is a manufacturerof automotive lighting equipment,as well as plastic mouldings andaccessories. The companyemploys approximately 500people and its facility in Mentoneis responsible for the design,development and manufactureof a range of products, includingheadlamps, reflectors, lenses,signal lamps, interior and exteriorlighting, and auxiliary lampsand mouldings.All Hella products are developedand built using state-of-the-arttechnology and are used onsome of the most sophisticatednew cars in the world.The manufacturing plantin Mentone is equippedwith injection moulding machines,polycarbonate lens mouldingmachines, thermoset mouldingmachines, automaticpainting, hot foil stamping,aluminium metallising andlacquering facilities.All Hella brand name automotiveproducts are covered by a three(3) year warranty coveringfaults in material componentsor workmanship, except forautomotive globes, fuses andsealed beams, which areon fitment. Any Hellaproduct used in miningapplications is warrantedfor one (1) year only.LED Lamps are covered bya five (5) year warranty andOptilux products are coveredby a one (1) year warranty.Limitation of LiabilityHella’s liability is limited to either repair orreplacement of warranted goods at Helladiscretion. This warranty does not cover:1 Any labour costs incurred in diagnosis,troubleshooting, removal or reinstallationof the product, nor does it cover anyconsequential damage, indirect or specialloss (whether for loss of profit or otherwise)and damage or injury of any kind.2 Claim/s that are attributable to the noncomplianceof the vehicle manufacturer’sproduction specifications, maintenanceand/or service policies.3 Claims as a result of any modificationsand alterations to the product in anyshape of form.4 Claims as a result of non-complianceof the assembly, service and operatinginstructions and/or any unfit or improperuse, and/or wrong or negligent treatment,and/or normal wear and tear,contamination, subjected to undueenvironmental conditions, accidentor improper application.5 Railway applications.6 Obsolete parts no longer available.7 Products that are damaged in transit,mispackaged or missing parts are notsubject to warranty.Claims must be submitted to the stateoffice representative of Hella Australia PtyLtd for verification and approval. Informationsupplied and printed in catalogues,specifications or other details on theproduct shall not constitute guaranteesfor condition or durability.

Using this catalogueA variety of symbolsare used to ensurequick referencing ofmany important productfeatures throughoutthe catalogue.Ultra WideVisibility OpticsProducts displaying this symbolfeature Hella’s unique UWVO(ultra wide visibility optics)providing increased light intensitythat is well above minimum ADRrequirements for significantlyimproved side visibility.ULTRAUltra Heavy DutyProducts displaying thissymbol feature ultra heavy-dutyconstruction, suitable forextreme applications andoperating conditions.NEWNew EntryProducts displaying this symbolare new entries in this catalogue.Display PackHella CompatibilitySolution (HCS)Product displaying this symbolfeature Hella’s patented HCS(Hella Compatibility Solution)technology for safe and seamlessconversion to LED directionindicators while maintaining therequired indicator failure warningfunction. For more information onHCS, refer to page 155.ADR CompliantProducts displaying this symbolcomply with Australian DesignRule, or ADR requirements.For more information on ADRinstallation requirements,please refer to page 156.Products displaying this symbolare supplied in printed packagingsuitable for quality retail display.Hang-Sell PackagingProducts displaying this markare supplied in hang-sellblister packaging forin-store display on existingmerchandising systems.New guides assistwith correct productselection.Signal LampSeries IndexA visual guide that is arrangedby lamp style. Created to assistin matching lamp styles for newfitouts or upgrades. Refer topage 160.ADR QuickReference GuideA quick reference guide forselection and mounting ofHella lamps in compliancewith Australian Design Rules.Refer to page 156.Spare Parts forDeleted ProductsThe complete list of spare partsfor deleted products is orderedby both original product partnumber and spare part number.Refer to page 424.Customer Service: 1800 061 729 email: custservice@ha.hella.com www.hella.com.au5

Using this catalogue - an explanation of important symbols5Auxiliary Lighting6Work Lamps72Emergency Lighting112Signal Lamps152Interior Lighting240Globes264Accessories296Test & Tune Equipment3983rd Edition ADR & CRN reference chartSpare parts for deleted productsIndex by part numberIndex by product414424426438

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