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Durex plant in Cary, IL (Chicago)—120,000 sq. ft. facility houses our foundry and full manufacturing operationsDurex Industries, founded in 1980,is today a recognized supplier ofengineered thermal solutions for avariety of industries worldwide. Fromcast heaters for plastics extruders tothe most advanced contact thermalproducts used in the production ofsemiconductors, Durex engineering,design innovation and unmatchedmanufacturing skill provide solutionsto customer challenges. As thisshort form catalog demonstrates,Durex offers a comprehensive arrayof products, both standard and customdesigns, to suit virtually any thermalprocessing requirement.With the recent ramp-up of our CCSIGroup in 2002, Durex continues to"close the loop" on your processhardware requirements by offeringengineered control/display modules fornearly all process variables in yourproduction. Whether you need OEMmodules for specific machine monitoringor an entire process line, our CCSI Groupcan assess your requirements and offersolutions to save you time and moneyby reducing waste, inaccuracy andresultant downtime in your business.INDUSTRIES SERVED

Isn't that exactly what you expect fromyour vendor partners?Best of all, because Durex remainsa vertically integrated Americantechnologies and materials involvedin thermal processes, working closelywith customer R&D, engineering andmanufacturing/production personnel,as well as our supplier base. WithoutTABLE OF CONTENTSCompany CapabilitiesAdvanced Thermal Solutions forSemiconductor ProcessingDurocast® IndustrialCast-In HeatersPG.4-56-78-9manufacturer, the thermal solutionswe design are engineered, prototyped,validated, manufactured, tested anddelivered from our factory to yourlocation. You see, we still think thethis essential aspect of our businessplan, Durex would quickly becomeobsolete and we will simply never allowthat to happen. When you partner withDurex for your thermal process solutions,High-Performance Mineral-InsulatedHeatersHostile Environment Tubular andImmersion HeatersThermal ProcessCirculation Heaters10-1112-1314hallmark of great companies is theyou and we benefit from the synergy ofQuartz and Ceramic Heaters15consistent ability to remain innovative,bring high quality and profitablesolutions to customers, while providinga worthwhile, safe and mutually beneficialworkplace for our employees. As we sayin our advertising…DUREX DOES THAT!our collective experience and talents.Solving process problems for customersis the only "routine" work done at Durex.Happens all day, every day, actually.Bring us your challenges and see thedifference Durex makes.Flexible Kapton® and SiliconeRubber HeatersHigh-TemperatureCartridge HeatersIndustrial/Process ThermocouplesAdvanced Thermal Sensorsfor General Industry16-1718-1920-2122-23Precision RTD’s and Thermistors24-25Durex thermal solutions are essentialDurex engineered thermal solutionsSpecial Sensor Application Products26-27components for major manufacturersare offered through our network ofThermal Process Accessories27in the semiconductor, medical,plastic/rubber, packaging, chemical,distributors and manufacturers’ repfirms, plus the industry’s most talentedCCSI Group—Control/Display ModuleManufacturing for OEM28foodservice, aerospace/defense,team of application and designTemperature Controllers29imaging, heat processing equipmentengineering specialists.Durex Customer Services30and other markets.We continue the ongoing process ofresearch and development on the newNOTE: Inside the back cover of this short form catalog, youwill find a business card type CD. On this CD, we haveincluded all the specifications, order information, conversioncharts and other data you can use to explore the Durexfamilies of engineered thermal solutions. We also invite youto see additional information, as well as our entire standardline of products and especially the latest developments fromour engineering experts, at

DUREX CAPABILITIES"DUREX DOES THAT!"We use the above phrase in ouradvertising and other promotions,as a positive assertion of the variousskills we bring to your processoperation, OEM design requirementor your distributor business. Durexvalues each and every opportunityto solve your problem, whetherthat problem involves precisionand pinpoint heating, a sequentialtemperature scan for processmonitoring or even a specialpackaging requirement for one ofyour customers. We like to thinkof ourselves as "value-adding"vendors to your business.So, whenever a thermal processingproblem has you and your staffDesignvexed, just remember…Problem AnalysisWith state-of-the-art CAD and 3-DSolidification Modeling, Durex engineersDUREX DOES THAT!We assess the total environmentof the application, including temperaturecreate a thermal processing solution toyour challenge. Precisely because weWhen you bring your challengeto Durex, here’s the processrange, field of heat required, humidity,space, thermal dissipation and datatransmission, as required. We ask all themanufacture nearly everything we sell,Durex can draw from a wealth ofexperience and in-field successes toyou’ll encounter…questions and we listen, as you providehelp you generate, sense or controlthe necessary input to guide our internalheat in the best ways possible. As theprocesses. If standard products can beCD accompanying this catalogutilized to solve the problems, we makedemonstrates, we have thousands of4NOTE: The product families and specificitems shown herein are merely representativeof what Durex can do. If your process orproduction requirement involves a heatprocess in any way, we welcome your call.Our application specialists have "all earsopen" to listen and respond to your requests.Durex does that, too!those recommendations. When theycannot be used, or when a more costeffective,space-containing or materialspecificproduct is needed, we find it.Better designs and the most appropriatesolutions are the result.proven products to help you, or we candesign a completely new heater, sensoror control to match your requirements,both environmental and economic.You get the products and profitabilityyou need.

PrototypeYou work in a fast-paced, changingenvironment and so do we. Rapidprototype development is critical tomarket proactivity. As needed, Durexengineers can fashion test-ready sampleson virtually any design, faster than allother suppliers in the industry. Onceagain, this translates into time and costsavings for your operation. You have lessdowntime or can bring your product tomarket faster.Validation/QAAnother Durex advantage for you isthe validation/quality assurance processused at our company. Nothing leavesour dock until it’s been rigorouslytested and certified for use, to yourspecifications. As needed, we have X-rayinspection, Helium leak testing, life cycletesting, surface temperature profilingand more. Our products undergo thisextensive procedure for just one reason,namely, our customers’ satisfaction.Customer ServiceYour call to Durex is alwayshandled by someone who knowsour products and our process, aswell as the particulars and statusof your project. Additionally, the easeof reaching us, through phone, fax,web site or email speeds the receipt ofanswers to all your questions andconcerns. From the name of a localdistributor, to a performance spec orshipment date, you can have every"need to know" fulfilled.DUREX IS AN ISO 9001:2000 REGISTERED FIRMManufacturingThe Durex foundry process guaranteesour heater performance, because itensures precise element placement andminimum porosity on each alloy or purealuminum casting we produce. Likewise,our machining and fabrication plantproduces heaters and temp sensorsof unparalleled accuracy and stabilityin use, while our CCSI Group’selectronic assembly operation producescontrol/display modules we can guaranteefor 3 years. Such tightly controlled qualityis built into your products.QUALITY POLICYWe are committed to total customersatisfaction through the competitivevalue of quality products andservices, on-time deliveries, and theintegrity of a total quality system thatpromotes continuous improvement inour services and operations.5

ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONSFOR SEMICONDUCTORPROCESSINGHigh-performance electricplaten heaters and related productsare available from Durex for allaspects of the semiconductorproduction process.CVDPhotolithographyStrippingPVDEtchingProbingWafer AnnealingPlasma AshingFlat Panel6Durex engineers are specialistsin designing and building thermalprocessing solutions for themachinery and equipment OEM’sin service to the semiconductorindustry, as well as contract fabshops, sub-assemblers and otherswho work in this high-precisionmarket. All our capabilitiesdescribed previously are utilizedin this market, in which Durex is anacknowledged leader.The products shown here havebeen produced for specific customerapplications, but all are availablein the same or modified forms foryour use.BAKE PLATENSUtilizing state-of-the-art heatertechnology, Durex manufacturesprecision bake platens specifically forprocessing 200mm and 300mm wafers.These platens are cast from purealuminum (99.7%) to insure maximumoperating temperatures of 450°C (842°F)with minimum risk of processcontamination. The casting process iscontrolled to eliminate any defects in themachined surface or casting body causedby porosity. A mineral-insulated heatingelement distributed throughout thecasting provides surface temperatureuniformity to ± 1% or better of the processoperating temperature. A hard-anodizedfinish provides an abrasion-resistantdielectric barrier on the working surface.BAKE/CHILL PLATENSDurex bake/chill platens haveessentially the same operatingspecifications as our bake platens,with the addition of a cooling function.A precision formed cooling tube is addedas an integral component to the heaterassembly in the body of the casting.This function can be used to rapidlycool the working surface of the platenor to act as a heat exchanger for liquidsand gases. A pressure test on thefinished part assures the integrityof the cooling tube after the castingprocess. The platen can also includean integral temperature sensor as partof the assembly.

PEDESTAL HEATERSThese pedestals comprise a bake or chillplaten with an aluminum "shaft" attachedto the underside of the platen by electronbeam welding. A helium leak test insuresa vacuum tight assembly. The surface ofthe pedestal is precision machined witha flatness of ± 0.0005" and includes liftpin holes and proximity pins to customerspecifications. Various terminationoptions are available to customizethe cooling tube exits for new orexisting applications.HOT CHUCKSHot chucks or "heated tools" deliver preciseheat to wafers during the manufacturingprocess. These platens are individuallycustomized with vacuum channels on theworking surface, as well as specific pin holelocations and other surface or backsidemounting holes. Manufactured from purealuminum (99.7%), these hot chucks have atemperature uniformity of better than ± 1%of the process temperature and a flatnesstolerance of 0.0005" across the entire surface.A precision lapped surface is standard, witha hardcoat anodized finish available.HIGH-TEMPERATURE PLATENSWhen temperatures exceed the 450°C(842°F) range provided by aluminumplaten heaters, Durex offers a uniquehigh-temperature platen heater to extendthe range available for a machined heater.The heater body is typically constructedof stainless steel, with other materialssuch as Nickel, Inconel®, Copper orBronze available, as needed. Theassembly is provided as a singlecomponent. A precise groove is machinedinto the heater body, as determined by theheat profile requirements of the surface.A mineral-insulated heating element ispress-fit into the groove to guaranteeintimate contact with the heater body,which optimizes heater life andtemperature uniformity on the workingsurface. In addition to high-temperatureplatens, these units can be manufacturedas pedestals and welded vacuum tight.STANDARD PEDESTAL HEATERSThe standard pedestal heatersmanufactured by Durex are designedto provide a quick solution for waferprocessing applications. These heatersare designed specifically for 200mm and300mm wafers. This standard designusually eliminates the need for costlytooling and mold design associated withnewly designed custom heaters. Ideal forR&D, rapid prototyping and emergencyrepair. Made from 356 aluminumstandard, cleaned and packaged tocleanroom specification, shipped readyto use. A variety of options can beincorporated into the final product withno additional tooling or engineering cost,including 170.1 aluminum (99.7% pure),hard-coat anodized surface, lift pin holes,vacuum channels, sapphire balls for waferproximity spacing and several electricaltermination styles.7

DUROCAST ® INDUSTRIALCAST-IN HEATERSDurex designs Durocast®cast-in heaters of aluminumand bronze for various heatingapplications, such as packaging,foodservice, hot melt systems,die heating, glue pots, heat sealing,heat treating, medical imaging, silkscreening, textile production andvacuum forming. We are the premiersupplier of cast heaters for plasticsprocessing.Our foundry’s productioncapabilities range from largequantities of simple platens tocomplex heated machine partswith unmatched temperatureuniformity. We accomplish thisvariety, precisely because all ourwork is done in-house, including:CAD/CAM3-D modelingCNC machiningCMM inspectionComputerized heat profilingTooling fabricationPermanent mold castingHeating element manufactureX-ray facilitiesTeflon® coating lineLife cycle testingUL/CSA recognitionLIQUID-COOLED BARRELSA heating element and an integralcooling tube are cast into theseheaters for uniform process control.Cooling tube sizes of 3/8" and 1/2"are available in stainless steel orIncoloy®. Dual cooling tubes arealso available to eliminate downtimeassociated with clogged cooling lines.Various electrical and cooling tubeterminations are offered by Durex.Strap-on and bolt-on designs arestandard. Cast materials canaccommodate temperatures to750°F (400°C) aluminum, 1100°F(595°C) bronze.AIR-COOLED BARRELSThese heater designs incorporatea variety of cast fin patterns tocirculate forced air across the bodyof the casting. Specific fin patternsare used to maximize the airflow forefficient cooling. Low profile finpatterns are used when restrictedspace or rapid cooling requirementsare present. Durex can also integratecast-in cooling tubes to augmentcooling capacity on these designs.8

AIR-COOLED BARRELS WITHSHROUD AND BLOWERDurex designs cast shrouds as integralcomponents on these air-cooled styles.The shroud fits tightly over the finpattern and features a throat sectionfor mounting a forced air blower to directairflow across the entire body of thecasting. This system optimizes the aircooling function of individual heaterzones through the dedicated operationof individual blowers.CAST-IN PLATENSUniversal style platens are the primarysource for heat in the foodservice,packaging, heat transfer, die heating,hot stamping and many other industries.Cast-in elements provide uniform heating,rapid delivery time and rugged continuousservice. Durex designs and casts suchheaters for large volume production,guaranteed to perform, heat after heat.Mounting options and heating surfacefeatures to fit any application. We workwith equipment builders, product designfirms, commercial/institutional and endusers alike to create the best solution foryour heating needs.CUSTOM APPLICATION HEATERSWhen you have the breadth ofexperience and skills of Durex, thereis literally no application for which wecannot design a thermal processingsolution. We specialize in the designand casting of various heatingcomponents for the most unusualapplications in industries andcommercial operations worldwide.From the processing of syntheticfibers to the lamination of multi-layeredderivative materials, from solvent reclaimequipment to petrochemical processingpipelines, Durex has the solution youneed in a cast-in heater.L-SHAPED PLATENSFor rectangular barrels or squaredsurfaces, maximum contact is achievedwith this cast heater design. Usuallyconstructed of a bronze alloy because ofthe high-temperature conditions of theirapplication, these heaters can also becast from aluminum, where lower wattdensities are acceptable. The mostcommon electrical termination for thistype of heater includes a vented towerprotecting the heating elements asthey exit the back of the casting, witha moisture-resistant terminal housing.HOT MELT ADHESIVE HEATERSHot melt adhesive delivery systemsrequire very complex cast-in heaterdesigns to simultaneously optimize meltflow and evenly distribute heat throughoutthe process. Durex engineers have theexperience to design the ideal unit for yourapplication. Our heaters are foundthroughout the automotive, packaging andother high-volume markets, where longservice life, uniform performance andcost-effectiveness are all demanded.9

HIGH-PERFORMANCE MINERALINSULATED HEATERSCoil, cable, cartridge and specialtyheaters from Durex are offered ashighly reliable sources of heattransfer in various applications.These formed and fabricatedheaters are entirely made by Durexat our factory, with no compromiseon the quality, at any stage of themanufacturing process. Durexuses the highest quality materialsand produces heaters in hundredsof standard styles and sizes,for temperatures to 1500°F (816°C).We present here only a portion ofthe available heaters and we askyou to contact us with your nextrequirement. There is simply noindustrial or commercial applicationfor which Durex can’t handle theheat. We welcome your challenges.10CABLE HEATERSDurex cable heaters feature wattage andvoltage customized to your application.Heating elements may be formed tospecification at the factory or on locationto suit the job at hand. Optional internalthermocouples can be located at multiplepoints for precise temperature control.Sealed leadwire transitions eliminatecontamination for extended service life.Durex offers flat spiral, helical spiral,multiple bend, flat U formed and manyother heater designs as standard. Or,we will engineer a cable heater to theparticular requirements of your job.Sheath materials typically include 304S.S., 316 S.S., Inconel® and Incoloy®.Among the many applications for Durexcable heaters are heat tracing/freezeprotection, semiconductor manufacturing,plastic molding hot runner systems,air/liquid immersion, cutting/sealing bars,tube/pipe heating, analytical equipmentand vacuum chambers.TEFLON-SHEATHED CABLE HEATERSWhen the temperature, moistureresistanceor chemical exposure factorsrequire, any Durex heater can be suppliedwith Teflon end seals on the heatersheath, Teflon coating on the entiresheath and/or Teflon insulated leadwires.Durex produces these heaters for suchdemanding yet varied environments assemiconductor and food processingapplications, among many others.

WEDGE-LOCK MINI-COIL HEATERSIMMERSION CABLE HEATERSDurex can also modify any cable heaterwith special sheath materials, sheathseals and protective connection housingsfor immersion heating in a gas or liquidenvironment. Shown here is a fullygrounded, helical wound screw-typeconnector heater. Flange and over-thesidedesigns, as well as many other styles,are also available.Designed for the specific applicationof injection nozzle heating, this uniqueDurex product features a unique clampingband that allows the heating element tomaintain full clamping force at elevatedtemperatures. Unlike conventional camlockingdesigns, the Wedge-Lock mini-coilheater mechanism compensates forthermal expansion during the moldingoperation. The heating element isconstructed within a rectangular profiledsheath, providing ten times the surfaceFIELD FORMABLE TRACE HEATERSShown here is a sample of a Durex pipetrace heater assembly, with a swagedstainless steel flex hose connection andHeliarc welded end. Pipelines, fuel lines,gas lines, food processing lines and otherlong runs, where evenly distributed heatis required to maintain temperatureor prevent freezing, are all typicalapplications for these Durex area of a round sheath. UsingVarious terminations are available, asonly an Allen wrench, quick installationwell as fiberglass leadwires, fiberglasson multi-gate molds is possible. Flexiblesleeving, stainless steel overbraid and72" Teflon leadwires. The Wedge-Lockother shielding. Application engineeringcoil heater is offered with an optionalassistance is provided by Durex to helpinternal Type J or K thermocouple foryou integrate these products into yourCOIL HEATERSDurex coil heaters feature continuousintegral temperature control. Directreplacements for Husky systems.piping configurations, whether OEM,process, production or lab.operating temperatures up to 1550°F(843°C). Rapid heating and cooling occur,due to the low mass construction.All heating elements are sealed fromcontamination and the stainless steelsheath provides maximum corrosionresistance. Optional internalthermocouples may be utilized for precisecontrol. These heaters are available inprofiled coil configuration for maximumheating efficiency. Hundreds of stylesNOZZLE AND SPRUE-BUSHING HEATERSfor a press fit installation. The copperand sizes available as standard, or Durexwill custom engineer a coil heater to yourparticular needs. Fiberglass overbraidflex heater cable and fiberglassencapsulated leadwires, in rectangular orround sheath designs, are provided.Another Durex innovation for thehot runner molding industry, theseheaters comprise a hollow cast copperalloy and stainless steel outer shell foroptimum heat transfer with extraprotection. Precision machined I.D.alloy achieves maximum temperatures to1200°F (649°C). Sealed heater constructioneliminates failures due to contaminationand moisture. An optional internalthermocouple is offered for integraltemperature control.11

12HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT TUBULARAND IMMERSION HEATERSStraight and formed Durotubetubular heating elements, screwplug immersion heaters, flangedimmersion heaters, circulationheaters and all the accessoriesneeded for your application canbe provided by Durex. Plus,the best part, Durex engineeringassistance can advise you how bestto integrate these products into yoursystem, your machinery, your processlines or your lab. Our experience isunmatched in this product area, asis our manufacturing capability.All the products shown here areentirely designed, engineeredand manufactured by Durexat our factory.These Durex products all feature the following:FINNED TUBULAR HEATERSSelect high quality sheath materials to suit the applicationPrecision wound helical Nichrome resistance wireHigher watt densities and increased heattransfer characteristics are achieved usingthe finned tubular heater design. Thecontinuous spiral fins are attached to theheater sheath promoting rapid heatdispersion in air or liquids. The fins areconstructed of steel, stainless steel, orIncoloy depending on the applicationrequirements. All standard elementdiameters can be adapted to thefinned construction.High purity MgO (magnesium oxide) powder insulation compactedto provide maximum heat conductivity and dielectric strengthIntegral cold pin fusion welded to helical resistance wirefor optimum current carrying capabilityFORMED MANIFOLD HEATERSDurotube tubular heating elementscan be provided to any length, formedinto any configuration and sheathed ina dozen different materials to suit yourapplication. Likewise, the connection/termination possibilities are limited onlyby your imagination and the availabilityof components. Typical terminationsinclude threaded stud, threaded bulk-head,screw lug, quick disconnect spade, ceramicto-metalhermetic, molded rubber lead,conventional lead-wire terminal assemblyand more. Durex frequently fabricatescustom manifold heaters in conjunctionwith an OEM’s design staff, both forprototype and production. We welcomeall challenges.CUSTOM FORMED ELEMENTSWhen special connections, shapes,sheathing or other design elements requireit, Durex engineers can produce a dozenor a thousand of the custom formedelements you need. Once again, you benefitfrom the "under one roof" philosophy thathas made and keeps our company aheadof the pack, in heater design, engineeringand fabrication. This is your Durexguarantee of quality at every bend!

OVER-THE-SIDE IMMERSION HEATERSL-shaped and O-shaped immersionheaters are offered with standard NEMA 4waterproof enclosure; Incoloy® sheath;all welded construction between theelement housing and the riser pipes;stainless steel riser pipes and manifoldhousing; thermostat protection tube; 3/4"NPT waterproof wiring hub; 4" high sludgelegs and welded connections between theleadwires and element jumpers. OptionalNEMA 7 explosion-proof enclosure,thermocouples for control or high limitprotection, alternate sheath materials suchas Carpenter 20, Monel 400, Inconel 600,Hastelloy and Titanium are available.SCREW PLUG IMMERSION HEATERSHundreds of styles and sizes are availablefor use in virtually any media, includingwater, mild solutions, detergents, vegetableoil, aqueous solutions, tar, asphalt,petroleum products, plating chemicals,molten salt baths, grease, gas or grapejuice. Various sheath, screw plug andcorrosion-resistant hardware materials areavailable. NEMA enclosures for all moistureand explosion-proof conditions, as well.Optional thermocouples for control orhigh limit protection, plus a full rangeof thermostatic controls, can also beprovided with these immersion heaters.FINNED TUBULAR HEATERSSteel and Monel fins are copper brazed tothe sheath of the tubular heater forenhanced thermal conductivity. Theseheaters are designed specifically forairflows of 10 ft./sec. minimum air velocity.500-10,000W versions are available standardfor all OEM and process applications.CART-TUBE SINGLE ENDTUBULAR HEATERSIMMERSION TUBULARSWhen conventional immersion heaterswon’t do the job right, you can look toDurex for a combination of our Durotubeelement design along with the necessaryhardware and safety devices required forimmersion heating.BOLT HEATERSDesigned for the purpose of preheatinghollow holding bolts or studs used for theassembly, installation and servicing ofhydraulic presses, steam or pressurevessels, turbines, boilers and other heavydutyequipment. When the heater isinserted, the bolt or stud lengthens, thusallowing tighter nut fixing. Units featureswaged cartridge heater, conduit box withground connection, insulated handle, 3-wire cord and plug assembly. Dozens ofstandard diameters and lengths available.FLANGED IMMERSION HEATERSFlanged immersion heaters areoffered in hundreds of styles and sizes,with 150 lb. rated flanges from 3-14" withintegral thermowells. Welded constructionon steel flanges and silver brazeconstruction on non-ferrous flanges.All Durex immersion heaters featurerecompacted bends to restore MgOdensity throughout. Copper, Incoloy®or steel sheaths. All heating elementsmoisture sealed for long life.Another special design from Durex, the Cart-Tube single end tubular heaters feature oneend Heliarc welded and leadwire terminationat the other end. This construction permitsa very versatile heater utilization, in a widevariety of industrial applications, includingmold and die heating, plastic manifoldheating, temporary immersion heating, pipeor tube heating and defrosting. Varioussizes, lead terminations and sheathmaterials are standard. Cart-Tube heaterscan be custom formed to your specificationsor provided in straight lengths.13

THERMAL PROCESS CIRCULATION SYSTEMSCIRCULATION HEATERSWhen various process or lubricatingfluids require constant flow-through heating,Durex circulation heaters can solve thesechallenges. They feature all weldedconstruction of the steel shroud andflanges, hydrostatically pressure-testedports, heavy duty metal-sheathed heatingelements of Incoloy® or steel, galvanized orcarbon steel containment pipe, NEMA 1terminal housings, bulb & capillarythermostats or solid-state controls, plus upto 150 lb. forged steel flange with bolt-onconstruction connecting the terminalhousing and containment vessel. Forparticular applications, Durex offers all14stainless steel construction, ASME Section8 vessel construction, other heater sheathmaterials such as Carpenter 20, Monel,Hastelloy or Titanium, high-pressureconstruction, high-temperature 2000°F(1093°C) ceramic fiber insulation andpassivation on all wetted parts. Durexwill provide application engineeringassistance on request for all circulationheater requirements.FLOW HEATER PACKAGESDurex also designs, engineers andfabricates turnkey packages for criticalfluids such as deionized water, purifiedand inert gases, food ingredients, chemicalformulations, even highly corrosive andcaustic liquids. Containment vessels areavailable in ferrous, white and red metals,stainless, Teflon-coated and other custommaterials to suit virtually all industrial andlab applications. Owing to our verticallyintegrated manufacturing, Durex can alsoincorporate exactly the temperaturesensors, heating element configurations,even displays and all signal conditioninghardware needed.

CERAMIC/QUARTZ ELECTRIC HEATERSCERAMICDurex Industries offers a line of ceramiclong wave infrared heaters, in wattagesup to 1400W and all popular internationalvoltages. The high emissivity of theseheaters ensures optimum radiant efficiencyin a wide range of applications, includingplastics, coatings, thermoforming, drying,foodservice, packaging and OEM ovenconstruction.Flat, trough, hollow and bulb styles areprovide a temperature range fromheat to the target area. Heat-sensitive coloravailable in standard configurations with300°C--730°C (572°F--1346°F), producingheaters are offered, which change colorcast-in iron-chrome aluminum resistancean IR wavelength from 2-10 microns.when maximum temperatures are achieved.wire heating elements. The glazed ceramicBuilt-in Type K or J thermocouple forsurface protects the coil from corrosion andAluminized steel reflectors can be suppliedceramic elements also available.chemical contamination. These heaterswith these ceramic heaters to direct moreQUARTZDurex offers medium wave infraredresistance wire helix elements inside quartztubes for applications where rapid responsetime is required for heating and cooling.Polished parabolic radiant aluminumreflectors maximize the efficiency of theseheaters. Coating curing, ink drying, plasticfilm processing, adhesive activation,laminating, rubber vulcanizing, sterilizing,photocopying, image setting and myriadother uses benefit from this energy-efficientand clean heat source.Durex quartz heaters feature elementtemperature ranges to 1700°F (930°C) andinfrared radiation with a peak energywavelength of 2.5 microns. 1/2" or 5/8"Cooling to 50% of output in 15 seconds orcaps. Quartz tubes also available without(12.7mm or 15.8 mm) diameter tubes areless. Designed for horizontal use only.reflector housings. Quartz/Tungsten andoffered in various lengths to 60" (1.52 m).Tube watt densities to 45W/in 2 (6.2W/cm 2 ).Full operating temp is achieved in 60seconds or less, depending on size.Various mounting and row configurationsavailable. Optional thermocouple bracketand Type K thermocouple on ceramic endQuartz/Halogen elements offered, as well as"Fast IR" instant on/off modular units, too.15

16FLEXIBLE HEATERSFlexible heaters were originallyconceived for the aerospace/defenseindustry, where their light weight,thin profile, low thermal mass andtensile strength were advantageous.Today, flexible heaters are foundon applications throughoutthe medical, composite fabrication,optical equipment, foodservice,packaging, vacuum equipment andcomputer industries, as well. TheDurex reputation for quality andinnovation has helped introducethese products into many newmarkets. We welcome theopportunity to discuss yours!KAPTON ® FLEXIBLE HEATERSKapton flexible heaters offer superiortensile strength and tear resistance,with precision heat distribution.They are ideal for extremetemperature environments, from-319ºF to +392ºF (-195ºC to +200ºC).Heaters are in stock standard at0.0007" (0.2mm) thick and up to 20" x26" (.508m x .660m) areas. Wattdensity is 5W/in 2 (0.8W/cm 2 )standard, with units available to50W/in 2 (7.8W/cm 2 ). Kapton is anorganic polymer with very highdielectric capabilities, whileproviding superior resistance tomost solvents, oils, even radiation.With low outgassing, these heatersare useful in vacuum environments.Etched foil heating elements, with12" (305mm) long Kapton or Teflon®leads, are standard. Silicone leads,as well as custom lengths, cord andplug sets available. Beingtransparent, Kapton film also allowseasy visual inspection of the internalstructures. Pressure-sensitiveadhesive (PSA) backing surface isstandard, but Durex will customizeyour Kapton heaters with specialadhesives or mounting holes, as theapplication requires. Mechanicalfasteners such as hooks, grommets,spring-loaded latches, snaps andVelcro® patches are also available.Minimum radius flexibility is 1/32"(0.88mm) standard with weight of1-1/2oz/ft 2 (0.05g/cm 2 ).STANDARD SQUARESTANDARD RECTANGLESTANDARD RIBBON

FLEXIBLE HEATERSMOUNTING HOLES WITH SPADECONNECTORSSilicone Rubber pad heaters permitand other parts. They are chemicallycomposite bonding and curing, asresistant, available with wire woundwell as freeze protection,or etched foil elements and cancondensation prevention and variousoperate in a wide temperature range,repair and fabrication operations in-80°F to +500°F (-62°C to +260°C).many industries, including plastics,12" Teflon, Silicone or Neoprenefoodservice, medical instrumentation,leads are standard, but spadeaerospace, photo processing andconnectors and many othermore. Equal length circuits and a"cool tab" are provided, while atermination configurations areavailable on request. SiliconeETCHED FOIL ELEMENTfiberglass reinforced heater coverRubber heaters can be suppliedmeans long service life and superiorwith aluminized backing on one sidedurability. Standard watt density isto minimize radiated and convected5W/in 2 (0.8W/cm 2 ). All standardheat loss, as well as thermostats andDurex heaters are UL recognized.integral temp sensors. PleaseMany stock sizes from 6" x 6" to 20"contact Durex engineering. Somex 20" (152.4mm x 152.4mm to .508mof the many available styles arex .508m). Silicone Rubber heaterscan easily be bonded to heat sinksshown here.CUSTOM SHAPE ELEMENT WITHTEFLON LEADS17

HIGH-TEMPERATURECARTRIDGE HEATERSMagnum cartridge heaters fromDurex are simply the benchmark ofindustry. Plastics/Rubber molders,moldmakers and press builders alikelook to Durex cartridges as a reliable,efficient and cost-effective heat source.Magnum cartridge heaters are swageddesigns, made for use in applicationswhere high density, high temperaturesand long service life are critical tominimize mold service downtime andexpensive press open time. Theswaged construction produces a highlycompacted unit that resists shock andvibration, while providing for maximumelement life through efficient transferheating. They last up to 20 times longerthan uncompacted cartridge heaters.Temperatures to 1500°F (816°C)are easily handled. Fifteen diametersare offered as standard, but Durex willcustom design a cartridge for anyapplication. All Magnum cartridgeheaters from Durex carry ULcomponent recognition.These Durex products allfeature the following:NON-STICK CARTRIDGE HEATERSUsing a patented process, Durex canprovide a high temperature non-stickcoating to any cartridge heater sheath.The Duraslik coating eliminates the needfor additional release agents to be appliedto the heater prior to the insertion. Thecoating acts as a corrosion inhibitor and asolid lubricant on the inner diameter of theSWAGED-IN FLEXIBLE LEADSFiberglass insulated leadwires areinternally connected to nickel pins. Thisdesign allows for much greater flexibilityat the lead exit point from the heater.High-temperature fiberglassdrilled hole when the heater is energized,flexible leadwireallowing for reduced downtime caused byProtective ceramic or lava end seal"sticky" heaters during replacement.High-temperature alloysheath materialNichrome resistance wire allowseven heat distribution and moreefficient heat transferWelded end disc seals out moistureand contaminationSTANDARD LEADSFiberglass insulated leadwires areexternally connected to nickel pins.The connection area is electricallyTEFLON LEADS & SEALTeflon insulated leadwires witha Teflon end seal swaged into thecartridge heater sheath provides asuperior moisture and chemicalresistance. This design requires at least a18NOTE: The following are representative terminationselection options. More options are available, so pleasecontact Durex with your specific requirement.insulated with heavy wall fiberglasssleeving. 12" leads standard.1" cold section at the lead exit end of theheater. Also available epoxy potted.

INTERNAL THERMOCOUPLEA Type J thermocouple provides integraltemperature control. The referenceRIGHT ANGLE BRAID PROTECTIONStainless steel braid over fiberglass insulatedleadwires exits at right angle from heatersheath. Includes stainless steel end capMOUNTING FLANGEStainless steel flange welded directlyto heater sheath. Fiberglass insulatedleadwires are standard. Assorted sizesand options available.junction, grounded or ungrounded, can belocated at the end disc, center or lead end.Other thermocouple Types are available.STRAIGHT FLEX CABLEStainless steel flex cable over fiberglassinsulated leadwires exits straight fromheater sheath for maximum lead protection.Galvanized or stainless steel armor.BOLT HEATERSBolt Heaters are used to tighten largebolts that secure heavy machinery andequipment. The shaft of the heater isinserted into the hollow bolt and energizedto expand it, which allows furthertightening of the nut. This heater designis manufactured with specific diameterRIGHT ANGLE LEADSFiberglass insulated leads exit the heatersheath at a right angle for easier accessand routing. Includes stainless steel endcap and high-temperature potting.RIGHT ANGLE FLEX CABLEStainless steel flex cable over fiberglassinsulated leadwires exits at right anglefrom heater sheath. Includes stainlesssteel end cap. Galvanized or stainlesssteel armor.sheaths to fit industry standard hollowbolts. High watt densities with specialheated lengths distribute heat evenly tothe surrounding bolt.CUSTOM DESIGNSMagnum cartridge heaters from DurexSTRAIGHT BRAIDLEAD PROTECTIONStainless steel braid over fiberglass insulatedleadwires exits straight from heater sheath forabrasion resistance.IMMERSION PIPE FITTINGCartridge heater supplied with threadedNPT pipe fitting, silver brazed or welded toheater sheath for immersed applications.Fiberglass insulated leadwires exit hightemperaturecement potting. 3/4" coldsection required before fitting.can be supplied with the followingenhancements:-Distributed wattage-Centerless grinding-Teflon coating -Ground leadwire-Special connectorsFor any and all of your cartridge heaterneeds, just remember…Durex does that!19

20INDUSTRIAL/PROCESSTHERMOCOUPLESSince the company was foundedin 1980, the design, engineeringand manufacture of industrial andprocess thermocouples have beenat the core of Durex business.This history in a broad cross sectionof American industries yields somevery attractive benefits forcustomers. Among these benefitsare the technical knowledge andhands-on experience we possessabout nearly every processapplication involving temperaturesensing. Durex engineers canassess your particular environment,parameters of measurement anddegrees of control accuracy ina manner few can match. Thistranslates into a supplier who knowsyour business, who knows the latestsolutions for your process problemsand has the manufacturing muscleto respond. These factors, coupledwith the Durex network of qualitydistributors and salesrepresentatives, work to keepyour production and your processrunning with greater efficiency andprofitability…exactly what youexpect from your best suppliers.For all your thermocouple needs,contact Durex.MULTI-POINT THERMOCOUPLESDesigned specifically for pipelines,process towers, boilers and other vesselswhere multi-point temperature monitoringis a must. Also for use when space limitsthe number of sensors which can bepractically installed. Various connectionand mounting styles available. Durexalso offers a line of semiconductormulti-point thermocouples with stainlesssteel, Inconel®, molybdenum and Teflonsheath materials.

MINERAL INSULATEDTHERMOCOUPLESWe currently manufacture and marketevery ANSI industrial thermocouple typein use, as well as hundreds of variationsfor the different junction types, sheathmaterials, sheath diameters and overalllengths required. Our calibrationservices, as well as our physical,electrical and ASTM testing proceduresare the envy of the industry. Base metaland Noble metal thermocouples in bareand ceramic insulated designs are offeredwith every possible connection needed fortemperatures to 2400°F (1316°C). See theaccompanying CD for our 68-page catalogof these products. Better still, Durexengineers custom temperature sensorsevery day, so call on us to help withany requirement.EXTREME SERVICE PLATINUMTHERMOCOUPLESFor extreme high-temperature rangesto 3092°F (1700°C) with ultra high purityMgO or alumina oxide insulation, theseDurex platinum thermocouples provideaccurate readings in the most hostileenvironments, such as steel processing,commercial heat treating and furnacemanufacturing. Protection tubes of ceramic,silicon carbide and other materials available.PROTECTION TUBE ASSEMBLIESProtection tube assembliesfeature various stainless steels,carbon steel or Inconel® materials ofconstruction, plus Mullite and Aluminaceramics for extremely high-temperatureapplications. For certain applicationswhere needed, Durex supplies a uniquedouble ceramic protection tubedesign. Ask for details.THERMOWELL ASSEMBLIESDurex offers 1/2", 3/4" and 1" NPT drilled barstock thermowells in standard, flanged andlagging or VanStone well extension designs,with stepped, straight or tapered shanks anda variety of terminal head designs andmaterials to match your requirement.MINIATURE THERMOCOUPLESDurex offers a complete line ofminiature thermocouples for applicationswith tight space requirements, limitedaccess or other considerations. Assortedjack and plug style connections available,as well as miniature glass-filled nylonterminal head rated to 350°F (177°C)and measuring only 1-1/2" x 2-1/8".CUSTOM THERMOCOUPLE DESIGNSDurex puts no limits on ourimagination, so whatever temperaturemeasurement requirement you have,bring it our way and a solution willbe found. Whether it be a modificationof a standard thermocouple, a particulararrangement of elements, an environmentrequiring a unique protection tube or aspace constraint no other thermocouplecompany can accommodate, just think,"Durex does that!"21

THERMAL PRODUCTSFOR GENERAL INDUSTRYThermocouples and ResistanceTemperature Detectors (RTD’s)have been made for the plasticsprocessing industry by Durex,since our inception in 1980. Whileour company has branched out intomany other markets over the years,we still stand ready to serve everysingle need for temperaturemeasurement in the plasticsbusiness. We work with all the majormachinery and equipment builders,as well as the giants of plasticsprocessing, from automotive topackaging to appliance and more.Durex can offer custom product,as well. We serve the industrythrough our network of plasticsprofessionals, your local distributors.Their ability to provide you quickorder turnaround, competitive pricingand prompt service means the qualityand reliability of Durex productsare never far away from your plant.The CD provided with this catalogcontains a 16-page brochure ofproducts specifically for the plasticsindustry. A representative samplingof those products is shown here.ADJUSTABLE THERMOCOUPLEWITH SPRINGA compression spring and bayonetlockcap allow this design to adjust toholes up to 12" deep. A stainless steel tipwith silver solder junction provide fastresponse time. A TIG welded junction isalso available.MELT BOLT THERMOCOUPLESDurex melt bolts are designed fordependable temperature measurementof the plastic melt stream within extrudersand injection molding equipment. Fixed andadjustable tip styles to suit any application.ADJUSTABLE THERMOCOUPLEWITH ARMORFlexible stainless steel armor cableand rotating bayonet lockcap on theoutside diameter adjust to variousimmersion depths.22

FIXED BAYONET THERMOCOUPLESStraight run, 45° and 90° bendthermocouples are available in a widevariety of sizes and styles.GENERAL PURPOSE THERMOCOUPLESStandard Type J thermocouples havemany uses in the plastics industry, fortemperatures to 800°F (427°C). Sheathmaterial is 304 stainless steel, withstandard jack or plug connectors.Many other styles available. Extensionassemblies also offered for anyconnection transition required.NOZZLE THERMOCOUPLESRotating bolt, fixed immersion, 90°probe and shim stock pad type nozzlethermocouples are offered by Durex forvirtually any mounting requirement on aplastics machine or auxiliary apparatus.SURFACE MOUNT THERMOCOUPLESFor surface mounting via ring lug or gasketwith bracket, these Durex thermocouplescan be provided with various terminations,including split leads, spade lugs, standardplug, standard jack or special connectors,as needed.CUSTOM DESIGNED THERMOCOUPLESIf the equipment you’re using or buildingrequires a particular sensor element,sheath material, connection style orfastening device, please contact Durexwith your specifications. It’s likely we’vealready built what you need!PIPE CLAMP THERMOCOUPLESDurex offers these thermocouplestyles for temperature measurements onpipe ranging from 1/2" to 2-1/4" diameters.Stainless steel overbraid shield protectsthe element, which senses thetemperature on the surface of the clamp.Durex also offers assorted thermocoupleconnectors, bayonet adapters, cableclamps, panel jack strips, terminal strips,flexible armor cable, thermocoupleextension wire and many other accessoryitems specifically for the plasticsprocessor. We welcome the opportunityto service your needs.23

PRECISION RTD’SAND THERMISTORSStandard and custom designedRTD’s and Thermistors are offeredfor various industrial and commercialapplications. A wide variety ofcurves and tolerances is available.High accuracy RTD’s are providedwith Platinum, Nickel or Nickel Ironelements for temperature ranges upoffers RTD’s for operatingtemperatures to 1500°F (816°C.)on request. 2-, 3- and 4-wire stylesare available with a broad assortmentof connections, mounting hardwareand enclosures. Thermistorassemblies are designed to belower cost probes for surfacemeasurement, liquid immersionor gas temperature readings. NTCthermistors have a very predictableresistance gain that is inverselyproportional to change in ambienttemperature. Each of the fiveavailable standard thermistor curvesfrom Durex has its own slope overa given temperature range.24to 1200°F (649°C). However, Durex(NegativeTemperature Coefficient)

SURFACE MOUNT RTD’SDurex RTD’s can be supplied with blocksurface mount, spade type surface mountor adhesive patch mounting hardware.Fiberglass, Mica/Fiberglass, Teflon or PVCleadwires with various braiding or armorcable shielding options are available.STANDARD RTD’SThree standard styles of constructionare offered with four elements each byDurex on our RTD’s, depending on yourmaximum temperatures. Up to 500°F(260°C), they are constructed with Teflonleads and an epoxy end seal. Up to 900°F(482°C), high-temperature fiberglassinsulated conductors are end sealed withhigh-temperature cement. Up to 1200°F(649°C), highly compacted MgO insulatesNickel conductors throughout the probe.CUSTOM RTD’SShown here are samples of the manycustom designed RTD’s Durexmanufactures regularly. These includethe use of special wells, fittings, terminalblocks, connector hardware and uniquesheath materials to match the specificneeds of our customers. Durex canhandle virtually any requirement, soplease bring us yours.IMMERSION RTD’SFor applications requiring immersion into anyliquid or semi-solid, Durex will supply RTD’sin protective thermowells or protection tubes,with sealed terminal heads. Assembliesavailable for high-pressure applications to5000 PSI. Stainless steel sanitary fittings andwells are also offered standard for thoseapplications requiring such hardware.THERMISTOR ASSEMBLIES10K to 500K ohm elements areavailable standard from Durex foraccurate temperature measurements ofsurfaces, liquid or gas in the lower ranges,down to –50°C (-58°F) with high reliability.Stainless steel sheath materials, fiberglassor Teflon leadwires and various fitting/connector styles are offered.PROCESS RTD’SDurex provides RTD’s for the mostchallenging process applications in theindustry, from the high-corrosionenvirons of the petrochem plant to thehigh-precision of nuclear feedwater to theexacting requirements of process air andgas measurements. Platinum sensorsuniform to DIN 43760, IEC 751 (Class Aand B), as well as JIS 3920 are offered.For portability, Durex also offers acomplete line of hand-held RTD probes.IC SENSORSHigh-precision, easily calibratedintegrated circuit temperature sensorsoperate over a wide current rangewith consistent performance. Operatein -55°C to +150°C range. Low impedanceand linear output easily interface to readoutor control circuitry.25

SPECIAL SENSORAPPLICATION PRODUCTSOne of the many benefits of Durexis our ability to utilize all our design,engineering and manufacturing muscleto bring customers thermal solutions tomeet their requirements, their timetableand their budget. Who says you can’thave quality, service and price from thesame vendor? The efficiencies Durexbrings to your thermal process challengesallow us to provide customengineered products, even at lowervolumes, for very competitive prices.Shown here are just a few samplesof the successes we’ve achievedfor customers.Durex begins the special sensorapplication process by listening.Often, in the course of the very firstconversation, we’ll hear an aspect ofyour situation that sparks an idea orreminds us of a previous challengewe’ve overcome. The result is abetter solution to your problem,often at a cost savings comparedto "getting by" with some off-the-shelfcatalog products.HAND-HELD PROBESWhen you need the portability of a hand-held device for sensing temperature, suchas on motor bearings in-plant, on process pipelines in the field or anywhere in the lab,Durex can provide a complete, ready-to-use assembly, matched to the ranges andphysical characteristics of the job at hand…so to speak. We currently supply suchproducts to instrument companies, large process end users and labs alike. Thermocouple,RTD or thermistor elements can be provided with any sheath, leadwire and connectorconfiguration required.If something on this page sparksan idea with you, please giveus a call. We’ll be listening!Durex does that!SANITARY PROBESSILICONE ENCAPSULATEDSURFACE MOUNT RTDIn applications such as food processing,semiconductor, medical, cleanroom andSELF-ADHESIVE RTD’SUtilizing the same technology as a sealedsilicone rubber heater, Durex offers alab applications, where sanitary fittings,If the surface being measured forsurface mount RTD sensor for directterminal heads, wells or other componentstemperature cannot be penetrated or ifmounting to flat or curved surfaces. Theare mandated, Durex brings a wealth ofspace limitations require it, Durex candesign can be manufactured in variousexperience to the task. Regardless of theprovide an RTD with an adhesive patchthicknesses and supplied with an adhesivetemperature ranges or physical sensingfor direct surface mounting. We routinelybacking for quick application. A thinnerconditions involved, our engineers willprovide such sensors with specialprofile can be used to wrap the sensordesign (or already have designed) theadhesives to accommodate temperatureto curved surfaces such as cooling or26optimum solution for you.and vapor release requirements.water lines.

MINIATURE RTD’SDurex produces RTD probes down to0.062" diameter, owing to our uniquemanufacturing capability. There issimply no point of sensing we can’t reachfor you, providing accuracy, reliability andlong service life with a miniaturized probeand compatible hardware.AIR TEMPERATURE RTDThe perforated tip of the air tempRTD sensor is designed for rapidmonitoring of airflow temperature invarious applications. Small film elementsused in these housings can detectincremental changes more quickly thanconventional housings. This constructioncan also be adapted to include specialflanges and fittings, as well as customconnector options.WIREInsulated wire for every Typethermocouple we offer is availablefor your ordering convenience.PANEL STRIPS2-12 circuit strips are available standard.CONNECTORSPlug, jack, circular panel jack, mini-plug,mini-jack, mini-circular panel jack andother styles are compatible with allcalibration Type sensors.THERMAL PROCESS ACCESSORIESAll the "extras" needed to completeyour thermal processing installation areavailable from Durex. Our volume buyingTEFLON-COATED PROBESWhen high contact temperatures are involved,Durex can Teflon coat an entire probe, shrinkfita dual-wall Teflon sleeve onto the tip of theprobe and/or supply Teflon-coated, Teflonjacketedor shielded leadwires on any sensorassembly provided.and long vendor relationships make theseproducts easy and affordable to obtainfrom Durex or our local distributor. Weguarantee the same Durex applicationassistance and service will support allthese products in use at your company.See the accompanying CD for fullspecifications on all these products.TERMINAL HEADSCast iron, cast aluminum, castanodized, explosion-proof, miniatureglass-filled nylon and other stylesavailable for all common process andconduit connections.COMPRESSION FITTINGSFLEXIBLE RTD’SWhen a probe needs to "snake" through aninstallation because of space limitations orother factors, Durex offers flexible elementswith overbraid shielding or armor to suit thespecifics of your application.TRANSMITTERSFor thermocouples and RTD’s, these 2-wiretransmitters are offered in many styles,including explosion-proof.Allow for exact immersion depth on thesensor in-field. Rated up to 10,000 psi.FLEX CABLEStainless steel flex cable is in stock at alltimes. Many sizes.27

CCSI GROUP-CONTROL/DISPLAY MODULE MANUFACTURING FOR OEMDurex, the long-time leader in electricheaters and temp sensors, offers theservices of its CCSI Group for the turnkeydesign, engineering, prototype, validation,production, assembly and packaging ofcustom control/display modules tooriginal equipment manufacturers.Working from customer-suppliedor our own generated designs, Durexmanufactures finished or semi-finishedmodules for producers of variousmachinery and equipment in thepackaging, medical, foodservice,powder/bulk, imaging, heat processingand many other markets.28Through our dedicated CCSI Group, ateam of Durex engineers assesses thetime, temp, humidity, pressure, speed,motion and other variables to bemonitored. Then, we formulate acontrol/display module solution to meetyour requirements, your timetable andyour budget. Most Durex modules aremicroprocessor-based, multi-functionpackages comprising printed circuitboard, membrane or keypad control,display, automation software and CPU.Data logging, serial communication andmultiplex PLC communication are oftenincorporated directly into our designs. Allmodules are produced at our factories tothe strict Durex ISO 9001:2000 standardsand carry a full 3-year warranty.The CCSI Group of Durex operatesfacilities in Langley, British Columbia(Canada), Ft. Worth, Texas and withinthe corporate headquarters locationin Chicago.The same quality, innovative thinking andmanufacturing talent which make Durex aleader in the generation and sensing ofheat are quickly fashioning a strongmarket stature for our CCSI Group.Many of our existing heater and tempsensor customers have already tappedinto this additional service to help them"close the loop" on their machinery,equipment or process control.For more details, see the accompanyingCD or contact Durex with your inquiry.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERSQuailty has always been at the coreof Durex Industries' manufacturingoperation. Our custom control grouphas demonstrated this with thousandsof units in the field servicing criticalconsumer applications.In addition to these fine custom controls,Durex now offers high quality temperaturecontrols from stock for new and existingapplications. The controls feature aselectable fuzzy logic or auto-tunePID mode and are available in 1/16DIN,1/8DIN, 1/4DIN sizes. Other features ofthese controls include 3 alarms withup to 17 different alarm options. Universalinputs and power supply features arestandard. As with our custom controls,the stock temperature controls carry a3-year warranty.Let Durex provide you a completethermal process loop with a system ofcontrols, sensors and heaters designedfor your application.29


Check out our new electronicrequest for quote access viaour website! Click on theFAST QUOTE icon and youwill be linked directly to ourproduct configurators forimmediate transmission ofyour quote requirements.You can even attach drawingsand make additionalcomments regarding yourapplication. See for yourselfhow fast and easy it can beto receive a quote for customthermal components!Now you can receive directaccess to an engineer of ourproducts directly through ourwebsite! Just click on thisicon and forward yourrequest. Our personnel willrespond within 24 hours.You can also attach drawingsor sketches relevant to yourquestion. This is a great wayto get some questionsanswered or start adiscussion regarding anapplication without thephone time!www.durexindustries.com31

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