NovDec--08:Layout 1.qxd - Biophysical Society

NovDec--08:Layout 1.qxd - Biophysical Society

BiophysicalSocietyPublic AffairsFederal AgenciesOperate at 2008Funding LevelsHoping for better luck with a newPresidential Administration, Congressput off passing year long spendingbills and instead approved aContinuing Resolution (CR) thatfunds the federal government throughMarch 6, 2009. The Resolutionfreezes funding for most federal agencies,including the National Institutesof Health (NIH), the NationalScience Foundation, the Departmentof Energy Office of Science, andNASA, at their Fiscal Year 2008 levels.The bill does increase funding forDepartment of Defense basic research12.7% over 2008 levels. PresidentBush signed the bill on September 30;the federal government’s 2009 FiscalYear began on October 1.In response to the CR, the NIHissued a policy on October 2 for fundingnon-competing grant awards (i.e.,continuing grants) under the FY09CR. The notice says that until thefinal FY09 appropriation is enacted,the agency will issue non-competingawards at “generally up to 90 percentof the previously committed level.”This policy is in line with how theagency has handled continuing resolutionsin recent years.The Department of Energy Officeof Science had not announced howthey intended to handle the flat budget.Prior to the passage of an emergencysupplemental bill in June 2008that provided the Office with an additional$62 million, several nationallabs had furloughed employees andscaled back operations at the labs dueto lack of funding. The CR does notinclude the dollars provided by theemergency bill. Thus, the labs mayfind themselves again facing difficultchoices regarding staff and operations.The Biophysical Society, alongwith the greater science community,had advocated for additional moneyfor the NIH, NSF, and Departmentof Energy in the ContinuingResolution. With concerns over thefinancial markets taking center stage,the likelihood of that additional fundingbecame very bleak.Biophysical SocietyJoins Call for a NationalBasic Energy ResearchInitiativeThe Biophysical Society joined withmore than 70 other business, highereducation, and scientific organizations,in releasing a petition onSeptember 17 that was delivered toboth Presidential campaigns callingon the next President to propose andimplement a comprehensive basicenergy research initiative to help leadthe country toward long-termenergy security.Spearheaded by the EnergySciences Coalition and The ScienceCoalition, the petition was signed bya diverse group that in addition to theBiophysical Society included theAmerican Chemical Society,Microsoft Corporation, and morethan 40 major research universities.Noting that both presidentialcampaigns focused on immediatesteps to address the nation’s currentenergy crisis, the petition asserts thatthose measures alone are unlikely toproduce energy sources that will meetthe nation’s and the world’s long-termdemand for abundant, environmentallyfriendly energy. A major investmentin basic research is needed, thepetition says, to produce the technologicaladvances and train the nextgeneration of scientists and techniciansthat will meet the long-termenergy challenge.“The need for abundant sourcesof environmentally friendly andaffordable energy far exceeds thecapacity of currently available technologies,”the petition states.“Successfully developing and deployinga diverse and sustainable portfolioof new cutting-edge energy solutionswill require basic research that producesscientific advances that leapfrogcurrent technologies.” Such breakthroughs,the petition notes, willdepend upon government support forbasic research and a coordinated strategyacross all federal research agencies.To read the full petition, go to: Director StepsDown, LeadershipChanges ExpectedAcross FederalGovernmentNIH Director Elias A. Zerhouni, MD,announced on September 24 that hewould step down at the end ofOctober 2008. Zerhouni served asNIH director since May 2002. In astatement, Zerhouni said that heplanned to pursue several writingprojects as well as other opportunities.He indicated that he hoped the timingof his departure would encouragethe next President to make appointinga new NIH Director a priority.Raynard Kington will serve asInterim Director until a permanentappointment is made.The National Institutes of Healthare unique in the federal government.6

NovemberDecember2008Application Deadline: Friday, March 13, 20099

10BiophysicalSociety$500-$1500Franzini-Armstrong, Clara F.$100-$499Aebi, UeliBrown, Henry G.Caspar, Donald L.D.Chan, Sunney I.Clark, Eloise E.Craig, Roger W.Crothers, Donald M.Gough, Craig A.Frauenfelder, HansKoeppe, Roger E.Lee, Raphael C.Ludescher, Richard D.Murphy, Richard A.Olson, John S.Piston, David W.Randall, Cynthia S.Reedy, Michael K.Shurr, Michael L.Stauffacher, Cynthia V.Szent-Gyorgyi, Andrew G.Woodbury, J. WalterYount, Ralph G.Zhao, QinyiZimmer, Thomas$50-$99Banaszak, Leonard J.Barkley, Mary D.Blaustein, Mordecai P.Brand, LudwigBronner, FelixBurton, AliceCafiso, David S.Clegg, James S.Cooke, Ian M.Copello, Julio A.Cornwall, CarterCorrea, Ana M.Curtis, Adam S.G.Davidoff, Amy J.Dilger, James P.Discher, Dennis E.Edwards, CharlesFygenson, Deborah K.Gershenson, AnneGesteland, Robert C.Glazier, James A.Goni Urcelay, Felix M.Hasson-Voloch, AidaHitchcock-DeGregori,Sarah E.Holloway, Peter W.Jakobsson, EricJakes, Karen S.Kemple, Marvin D.Kirschner, Leonard B.Lauffer, Max A.Lee, Jong-KookLesieur, SylvianeLymn, Richard W.Nordenskiold, LarsReporter, MinocherRobinson, Bruce H.Ruben, Peter C.Scott, H. LarrySiegel, EdwardThomasson, Kathryn A.von Hippel, Peter H.Under $50Adachi-Akahane, SatomiAdelstein, Robert S.Aguilella, Vicente M.Akhavan, RaminAkutsu, HideoAlbert, Arlene D.Alekov, Alexi K.Allen, Paul D.Allison, William S.Almeida, Paulo F.Alvarez de Toledo, GuillermoAlvarez, OsvaldoAmuzescu, Bogdan P.Anderson, MarkAnderson, Page A.W.Andrienko, TatyanaAnsevin, Allen T.Apell, Hans-JuergenArbing, Mark A.Arguello, Jose M.Arner, AndersArreola, JorgeAsbury, Charles L.Ashmore, Jonathan F.Aulabaugh, AnnAusio, JuanBaaden, MarcBaginski, MaciejBahar, 'IvetBajzer, ZeljkoBaker, MarkBall, William J.Barrett, Paula Q.Barron, Annelise E.Barsky, DanielBassingthwaighte, James B.Bastos, MargaridaBatista, Victor S.Bauer, Paul J.Behrends, Jan C.Bell, Marcus G.Benos, Dale J.Bentz, JosephBergo, VladislavBerlin, Joshua R.Berman, Helen M.Berndt, AndreBerneche, SimonBeuning, PennyBeveridge, David L.Beyer, KlausBezrukov, Sergey M.Blumenschein, Tharin M.Bolen, David W.Bollensdorff, ChristianBondarenko, Vladimir E.Borjesson, SaraSociety DonorsThe Society gratefully acknowledges the 2008 members who made donations to the Society programs. The names ofall the donors are listed below. Donations allow for the growth each year in Student and International Travel Grants,Public Affairs, Awards and other outreach activites that could not otherwise be undertaken.Brandenburg, KlausBraun, Andrew P.Braun, WernerBrennan, Richard G.Breslow, EstherBrewer, John M.Brewood, Greg P.Brodsky, Barbara M.Brown, Truman R.Burton, Kevin G.Bushweller, JohnCaffrey, Martin D.Cafiso, David S.Caldovic, LjubicaCampbell, BruceCampbell, Kenneth S.Canada, Robert G.Canete-Soler, RafaelaCarlson, William D.Catanese, Daniel J.Ceulemans, Arnout J.Chalton, DavidChambard, Jean-MarieChellgren, Veronique M.Chen, Jun X.Chernomordik, Leonid V.Chin, JeanChiti, FabrizioChiu, WahCohen, CarolynCollins, AnthonyCone, Richard A.Cornwall, CarterCorrea, Ana M.Cotella, DiegoCraig, Roger W.Cramer, William A.Cross, Timothy A.Crothers, Donald M.Crowe, John H.Cullis, Pieter R.Cupane, AntonioCuppoletti, JohnCurtis, Adam S.G.Dai, DongshengDathe, Margitta E.A.Davies, David R.Dawson, David Foresta, Beatricede la Torre, Jose GarciaDeamer, David W.Dedkova, Elena N.Del Principe, FrancoDelisle, Brian P.Delpon, EvaDemontis, Gian CarloDeRosier, David J.Deserno, MarkusDiecke, Friedrich P.DiFranco, Marino G.DiMauro, Peter AnthonyDing, Jiu-PingDiraviyam, KarthikeyanDisalvo, Edgardo A.Discher, Dennis E.Dissing, SteenDiwan, Joyce J.Dreizen, 'PaulDuclohier, HerveDurham, BillEaton, William A.Ebner, ReinhardEck, Michael J.Edidin, MichaelEdwards, CharlesEichhorn, Gunther L.Elbaum, MichaelElinder, FredrikElson, Elliot L.Engelman, Donald M.Ermacora, Mario R.Escalada, ArturEstevez Prieto, Manuel JoseFahlke, Christoph M.Falke, Joseph J.Fameli, NicolaFanelli, FrancescaFicker, EckhardFidy, JuditFidy, JuditFigueroa, Lourdes C.Finke, John M.Fitts, Robert H.Fleischman, Darrell E.Fomina, AllaFord, George D.Forman, Stuart A.Forman-Kay, Julie D.Fox, Jeffrey J.Fox, Jeffrey J.Francini, FabioFrank, JoachimFrauenfelder, HansFrench, Robert J.French, Todd E.Fried, Michael G.Frieden, CarlFroehlich, Jeffrey P.Fuchs, FranklinFuchs, Paul A.Fujiu, KentaFulbright, Robert M.Furuike, ShouGalione, AntonyGallagher, Kelly R.Garcia de la Torre, JoseGarcia, Maria C.Gaspers, Lawrence D.Geeves, Michael A.Gennerich, ArneGerwert, KlausGesteland, Robert C.Giles, Wayne R.Gillespie, Peter G.Gilmanshin, RudolfGinsburg, AnnGintant, Gary A.Golan, David E.Goldstein, ByronGoldstein, David A.Goldstein, Steve A.N.Gonzalez-Damian, JavierGonzalez-Ros, Jose M.Gradinaru, Claudiu C.Gradinaru, CristianGrage, Stephan L.Greeff, Nikolaus G.Green, Michael E.Gropp, ThiemoGropper, Arthur L.Gruenwald, DavidGruschus, James M.Gruwel, Marco L.H.Guevorkian, KarineGuilford, William H.Hall, Carol K.Hallett, F R.Hamilton, Susan L.Hanlon, M. SueHantgan, Roy R.Harvey, John C.Hayes, Mark E.He, Rong-QiaoHeerklotz, Heiko H.Heijman, JordiHelliwell, Ray M.Hellmann, NadjaHelrich, Carl S.Hernandez-Ochoa, Erick O.Herzog, WalterHianik, 'TiborHighsmith, StefanHilgemann, Donald W.Hill, Ceredwyn E.Hingerty, Brian E.Hirsh, Donald J.Ho, ChienHoerber, HeinrichHoffman, RyanHofkens, JohanHoltzer, AlfredHoltzer, Marilyn E.Holzwarth, George M.Hori, YuuichiHorkay, FerencHorkayne-Szaicaly, IrenHorton, Margaret R.Hrabe, JanHrabetova, SabinaHu, XiaofangHuang, XiaoqinHuang, Yao-TeHuertas, Marco A.Iglic, AlesIlyin, Victor I.Imai, MasayakiInubushi, ToshiroInui, MakotoIrving, Thomas C.Ishihara, KeikoIto, TakashiItoh, HiroyasuIzu, Leighton T.Jacobs, Donald J.Jacobson, KenJakes, Karen S.Jalife, JoseJames A, Glazier,Jan C., BehrendsJanmey, PaulJarzynski, ChristopherJen-Jacobson, LindaJiang, FanJiang, Meei J.Jimenez, RalphJohnson, DanielJohnston, Linda J.

Jordan, Peter C.Jou, Mei-JieJuszczak, Laura J.Kagan, Bruce L.Kalinec, FedericoKamatchi, Ganesan L.Kamimura, ShinjiKamo, NaokiKan, Lou-SingKapanidis, Achillefs N.Karnaukhov, Alexey V.Karpinski, EdwardKelety, BelaKennedy, BrianKenney, Linda J.Kensler, Robert W.Kereiakes, James G.Kern, DorotheeKillian, AntoinetteKimbrough, John T.Kimura, YoshiakiKinosita, KazuhikoKirschner, Leonard B.Kirste, Vinzenz U.Klaerke, Dan A.Knight, Peter J.Knopfel, ThomasKobayashi, ToshihideKoch, Bruce D.Kodama, TetsuyaKoenig, Bernd W.Komai, HirochikaKorepanova, AllaKorolev, SergeyKortemme, TanjaKovacs, MihalyKrasner, JosephKrauss, MorrisKrebs, Mark R.H.Kreplak, LaurentKrimm, SamuelKubitscheck, UlrichKuo, Scot C.Kutchai, HowardKuznetsov, Serguei V.Laakkonen, Liisa J.Lacerda, Antonio E.Lai, LuhuaLakaemper, StefanLarson, Ronald G.Larsson, LarsLarsson, Peter H.Laurencin, Cato T.Lebowitz, JacobLecar, HaroldLecomte, Juliette T.J.Lee, James C.Lee, James C-M.Lee, Sang HakLee, SangyunLegleiter, Justin A.Lemaire, Peter A.Lentz, Barry R.Leuba, Sanford H.Licht, Stuart S.Lipfert, JanLipicky, Raymond J.Logothetis, Diomedes E.Logothetis, NikosLong, Joanna R.Long, MianLongo, Marjorie L.Lopez-Lopez, Jose R.Lorigan, Gary A.Lorigan, Gary A.Low, Barbara W.Ludescher, Richard D.Luo, YinLuo, YinLynch, Joseph W.MacDonald, Gina M.Macgregor, Roderick D.Maeda, YuichiroMagleby, Karl L.Mahadevan, L.Malinowska, Danuta H.Malouf, NadiaMandel, FredericMansson, Alf L.Marcotte, IsabelleMarga, Francoise S.Maricq, Andres VilluMarkley, John L.Marks, Andrew R.Massaro, Edward J.Mathew, Mathew K.Matsuura, HiroshiMattheis, James R.Maughan, David W.Mayo, Stephen L.Mazzarella, LelioMcDonald, KerryMcKnight, C. JamesMcLaughlin, Stuart G.McManus, Owen B.Meleard, PhilippeMense, MartinMeredith, PaulMerkel, RudolfMerzlyakov, MikhailMeyer, E GeraldMildvan, Albert S.Millar, David P.Mindell, Joseph A.Mironov, Sergej L.Misra, SauravMizuuchi, KiyoshiMoraczewska, JoannaMoran, NavaMorin, SebastienMorizono, HirokiMorley, Gregory E.Mortensen, Michael W.Movileanu, LiviuMukerji, IshitaMurphy, Richard A.Nagarajaram, Hampapathalu A.Nagle, John F.Naito, AkiraNakajima, ShigehiroNattel, StanleyNaumann, ChristophNeagu, AdrianNeira, Jose L.Newby, Meredith I.Nicholson, Bruce J.Nishio, MatomoNoll, FrankNonner, WolfgangNossal, Ralph J.Nyitrai, MiklosOchi, RikuoOgawa, HaruoOhta, YoshihiroOkamoto, YohOkamura, YasushiOllivon, MichelOlson, John S.Onufriev, Alexey V.Otto, Michael R.Owczarzy, RichardPalmer, Arthur G.Palmer, Cynthia A.Pardo, LeonardoParkinson, William C.Parthasarathy, RaghuveerPatel, Dipesh A.Patel, Smita S.Pautot, SophiePawelek, Peter D.Pedersen, Steen E.Pediaditakis, PeterPeracchia, CamilloPerez, Claudio F.Perez-Cornejo, PatriciaPerez-Reyes, EdwardPeriasamy, AmmasiPerkins, Walter R.Petrache, Horia I.Petrou, StevenPetsko, Gregory A.Philipson, Kenneth D.Philipson, Louis H.Picart, CatherinePilarczyk, Goetz C.Piston, David W.Pla, Salvador SalaPlant, Anne L.Plested, Andrew J.Poburko, DamonPohl, Elena E.Polder, Hans ReinerPollard, Thomas D.Polozova, AllaPoulos, ThomasPratt, Emily B.Preisler, Richard S.Prestegard, James H.Prevarskaya, NatachaPugh, Edward N.Purohit, Prashant K.Putkey, John A.Pyle, Anna M.Radermacher, MichaelRanatunga, Kuda W.Ratnala, Venkata R.P.Rayner, Martin D.Reccius, Hermann C.Reedy, Michael K.Reggiani, CarloRennie, Katherine J.Rettig, JensReynolds, Kimberly A.Richardson, Jane S.Rinetti, GinaRobinson, Bruce H.Roche, Camille J.Roder, HeinrichRoot, Douglas D.Rosenberg, RobertRoss, Jennifer L.Rowat, Amy C.Royer, Catherine A.Rydqvist, Bo J.Sachs, FrederickSakamoto, TakeshiSala Pla, SalvadorSalama, GuySalom, DavidSalonen, Emppu M.J.Sanchez-Chapula, Jose A.Sargent, David F.Satoh, HiroshiSauer, Jon R.Sauer, MarkusSaven, Jeffery G.Scarlata, Suzanne F.Scheidt, W. RobertScheuer, ToddSchick, MichaelSchlattner, UweSchneider, Donald L.Schroeder, Susan J.Schulz, Jessica R.Schumaker, Verne N.Schwartz, Russell S.Schweitzer-Stenner, ReinhardScott, H. LarrySeeman, Nadrian C.Seidel, Claus A. M.Seidler, Norbert W.Sekatskii, Sergey K.Semenov, Iurii V.Sept, David S.Shaw, Walter A.Shea, Madeline A.Sherman, ArthurShibata, OsamuShields, Howard W.Shillcock, Julian C.Shome, ShibajiSiegel, David P.Siegelbaum, Steven A.Sigalov, AlexanderSilva, Jerson L.Silver, Jonathan E.Siwy, Zuzanna S.Smirnov, Sergey V.Smith, Jerry C.Smith, McHardy M.Smith, Thomas J.Smith, Virginia F.Soloway, SidneySondermann, HolgerSong, QiujingSorota, SteveSpangler, Robert A.Sponer, JiriSpringer, Charles S.Stadnicka, AnnaStauffacher, Cynthia V.Steckert, John J.Steels, PaulSteinmeyer, RalfStett, AlfredStine, Keith J.Stock, GerhardStokes, David L.Storm, Johan F.Stout, Charles D.Strauss, Harold C.Strichartz, Gary R.Sturgis, James N.Su, ZhiSubramaniam, VinodSuh, Chang K.Sukharev, Sergei I.Svab, IstvanSwietach, PawelSzent-Gyorgyi, Andrew G.Szoka, Francis C.Tabak, MarcelTakai, AkiraTamargo, JuanTateyama, MichihiroTaylor, Kenneth A.Tegenfeldt, Jonasten Wolde, Pieter R.Tepikin, AlexeiThickman, Karen R.Tibbals, Harry F.Toombes, Gilman E S.Torok, KatalinTosteson, Daniel C.Tosteson, Magdalena T.Trinick, John A.Trontelj, ZvonkoUlbrich, Maximilian H.Umemura, KazuoValenzuela, CarmenVan Bogaert, P. P.Van Holde, Ken E.van Osdol, William W.Varani, GabrieleVeenstra, Richard D.Verdugo, PedroVillalain-Boullon, JoseVillalba-Galea, Carlos A.Villar, EnriqueVinogradova, TatianaVisser, Antonie J. W. G.Vogel, ViolaVolker, JensVullev, Valentine I.Wachtveitl, JosefWade, Rebecca C.Wagenknecht, TerenceWalker, GilbertWalsh, John V.Wang, Hai-LongWard, E. SallyWatt, JamesWaugh, Richard E.Wedemann, GeroWei, AguanWeiss, ShimonWeliky, David P.White, Henry W.White, Stephen H.Wiegraebe, WinfriedWiener, Michael C.Wille, HolgerWilliams, Brian W.Willsky, Gail R.Wilson-Ashworth, HeatherWittung-Stafshede,Pernilla E. L.Wohlrab, HartmutWoodson, SarahWoody, Robert W.Wouters, Merridee A.Wright, Ernest M.Xu, TaoYanez-Orozco, Inna S.Yeh, YinYing, LimingYonetani, TakashiYool, Andrea J.Yoon, Tae-YoungYoshimura, KenjiroYosmanovich, Donna A.Yount, Ralph G.Yura, KeiYurke, BernardZabell, Adam P RZablow, LeonardZacharias, MartinZanello, Laura P.Zhadin, Nickolay N.Zhukovsky, Mikhail A.Zima, Aleksey V.Zimbrick, John D.Zorec, RobertZuckermann, Martin J.NovemberDecember200811

products | applications | software | servicesSee you at Biophysical Society’s 53rd AnnualMeeting, February 28th – March 4th in Boston!BOOTH 317NovemberSWITCHto a New LightDecember2008Learn more at Technologies is pleased to introduce a newhigh-end light source for use in live-cell fluorescenceapplications such as GFP imaging, FRET imaging,and ratio experiments. The Agilent Polychrome 3000is an ultrafast filter-switching device that provideshomogenous sample illumination with exceptionalbrightness and outstanding output stability. Fast filterselection (

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