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BUT WHY DID JESUS HAVE TO TAKEOUR <strong>SIN</strong> TO HIMSELF BEFORE HECOULD FORGIVE US?To die in our place, Jesus had to become exactlywhat we are -- <strong>SIN</strong>. We have saturated ourlives with selfishness, lust, pride, resentment,bitterness, and hostility. Can you look in themirror and praise what you see? God seesmuch deeper, and is very displeased.<strong>THE</strong> BIBLE SAYS <strong>OF</strong> US:“For all have sinned and come short of theglory of God.” Rom. 3:23“There is none that doeth good, no not one.”Rom. 3:12“For from within, out of the heart of men,proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications,murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness,deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy,pride, foolishness: All these evil things comefrom within, and defile the man.” Mark 7:21-23Your very thoughtshave defiled you. Youare what you think.Every vile act beganas a thought. You areno better than yourthoughts, and withoutGod may one daybecome as bad.God judges morethan the act, he alsojudges the intentionsof the heart.God sees the lust inyour heart as beingadultery.“But I say unto you, That whosoever lookethon a woman to lust after her hath committedadultery with her already in his heart.” Matt.5:28God sees the hate“Having eyes fullin your heart asof adultery... anmurder. “But Iheart they havesay unto you, Thatexercisedwith covetouswhosoever is angrypractices; cursedwith his brother without achildren:”cause shall be in danger of 2 Peter 2:14the judgment…but whosoevershall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hellfire.” Matt. 5:22<strong>THE</strong> LAST THING YOU WILL DO<strong>IS</strong> STAND IN <strong>THE</strong> JUDGMENT.God records every sin to be used against you inthe Day of Judgment. You have built an airtightcase against yourself. Have you ever wonderedwhat your record (all your thoughts included)might look like so far? Would you be ashamedfor your mother to read it?“Be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23“For God shall bring every work into judgment,with every secret thing.” Ecc. 12:14“It is appointed unto men once to die, but afterthis the judgment.” Heb. 9:27The excuses you now make for sinning, will youtry them on God in the DAY <strong>OF</strong> JUDGMENT?<strong>ETERNAL</strong> <strong>DEATH</strong> <strong>IS</strong> <strong>THE</strong><strong>CONSEQUENCE</strong> <strong>OF</strong> <strong>SIN</strong>.“The wages of sin is death.” Rom. 6:23“The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Ezekiel 18:4God will return “In flaming fire taking vengeanceon them that know not God, and that obey notthe gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall bepunished with everlasting destruction from thepresence of the Lord, and from the glory of hispower.” 2 Thes. 1:8-9“BUT WHY DOES GOD HAVE TO GET SOANGRY AND DAMN EVERYONE OVER AFEW LITTLE <strong>SIN</strong>S?”It is our attitude that sin is “little” or of nosignificance that makes us blameworthy anddamnable in God’s sight.If God did not intervene, sin would still end indeath. You have seen sin strangle love, shatterthe family, stab friends in the back, mock thingsthat really matter, turn its back on compassion,lie to the conscience, and knowingly do the verythings that bring regret in the morning.God has promised to put an end to sin. He hascondemned sin and everything associated with it,including the earth we are living on. Sin eternallyseparates one from God. As long as you areengaged in sin you are the enemy of God, andare destined for destruction.<strong>HELL</strong> <strong>IS</strong> A REAL PLACE“So shall it be at the end of the world: theangels shall come forth, and sever the wickedfrom among the just, and shall cast them intothe furnace of fire: there shall be wailing andgnashing of teeth.” Matt. 13:49-50God did not create Hell to satisfy his anger butto satisfy his holiness. <strong>HELL</strong> <strong>IS</strong> EARTH’S JUNKYARD, <strong>THE</strong> HAZARDOUS WASTE DUMP <strong>OF</strong><strong>THE</strong> UNIVERSE. It is the black hole that finallysucks in all that is rebellious, unkind, proud,lustful, and destructive.Even in theeternal tormentof The Lake ofFire, sinnerswill not repent.Their hatredfor God and allthat is righteouswill grow withthe passing ofcenturies. MayGod help yourepent now, before your heart gets too hard.But God Made A WayKnowing the awful damnation we would suffer,God devised a method to save us.Compelled by his love, Jesus Christ steppedout of eternity and into time and space. Hereduced himself to human flesh and enteredthe world by the womb of a virgin. Thirtythreeyears later, before leaving this planet,he dressed himself in our sins and becamea sacrifice to God by bleeding to death on aRoman cross.<strong>THE</strong> CROSS WAS A SLAUGHTER.Christ was first given 39 lashes from a ‘catof nine tails’ (a whip with nine leather strapseach bearing a cutting instrument at the end)providing a potential of 351 lacerations. He wasblindfolded and beaten beyond recognition.They pulledout his beardand placed acrown of thornson his head.With mockinghostility, thereligious in thecrowd spit intothe blood thatstreamed downhis face.

As he stood insilence, the greatestpain was not thethorns scratchinghis skull or the fleshdangling from hisback;IT WAS <strong>THE</strong>SHAME <strong>OF</strong>OUR <strong>SIN</strong>.He Took Your Place.ALL <strong>SIN</strong>S of ALL PERSONS, past andfuture, were laid on Christ. HE BORE <strong>THE</strong>MSO INTIMATELY, <strong>THE</strong> BIBLE SAYS HEBECAME <strong>SIN</strong>. He “despised the shame,”but for our salvation he “endured the cross.”Imagine! The most pure and holy taking theplace of the mostimpure and unholy!“He (God) hathmade him (Jesus)to be sin for us.” 2Cor. 5:21“Who his own selfbare our sins inhis own body onthe tree.” 1 Pet. 2:24“The LORD hathlaid on him theiniquity of us all.” Isa. 53:6“Thou shalt make his soul an offering forsin.” Isa. 53:10“For Christ also hath once suffered forsins, the just for the unjust, that he mightbring us to God, being put to death in theflesh.” I Pet. 3:18CHR<strong>IS</strong>T’S ARMS WERE NAILED WIDEOPEN TO RECEIVE ALL WHO WILLCOME TO GOD FOR FORGIVENESS.God “madehim to be sinfor us...He took your placeas a sinful man...He died for you...He did not do thesin that took him tohell...At one moment intime Jesus Christreceived your sinand “became sin.”Just as by faithJesus was made tobe sin......that we might bemade the righteousnessof God in him.”2 Cor. 5:21...so you can take Hisplace as a sinless sonof God....so that you can livewith Him.You cannot do the righteousnessthat takesyou to heaven.At this very moment youcan receive all his righteousnessand becomerighteous....by faith you can bemade righteous.The righteousness you receiveis not gained by anything youdo; it is the gift of what God hasdone for you.DO YOU BELIEVE TH<strong>IS</strong>GOOD NEWS?He did it all for you, rotten filthy you.If you desire God, and you believe with allyour heart, your sins are all forgiven. “ForGod so loved the world that he gavehis only begotten Son, that whosoeverbelieveth in him should not perish, buthave everlasting life.” John 3:16It is not religion. It is the person Jesus.Trust him. Love him. Follow him. As youbelieve this good news your sins areforgiven and God will change your life.Find some place to get alone and thankGod for being your Savior.IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUTCHR<strong>IS</strong>T, READ <strong>THE</strong> BOOK <strong>OF</strong> JOHN IN<strong>THE</strong> KING JAMES BIBLE. FEEL FREETO CONTACT US BY MAIL.This pamphlet is not to be sold. It is free uponrequest. Quantities available from:No Greater Joy Ministries Inc.1000 Pearl RoadPleasantville, TN 37033www.NoGreaterJoy.orgwritten by: Michael PearlGod made Jesusto be SinShocking! Vulgar!Distasteful!Jesus Christ, God’s sinless son, coveredwith all the filthy deeds of degeneratemankind! Who would dare?God dared - dared to give the life of hisson in payment for your lost soul.I owed a debt I could not pay,HE paid a debt HE did not owe.

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