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PRIMUS VALUE-ADDED SERVICESSite-Kittingsaves you time, money andpounding headachesRob Menees, Primus Regional Sales ManagerIt’s 2:47 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon andyou have called back to your warehouseguy three times in the past 25 minutes,asking him, “Did the ice bridge show up?”But that is only after you went throughthe exact same exercise at 10:36 a.m.asking about the status of the whereaboutsof angle adapters and buss barsfrom a different vendor. Scenario sound familiar? Has thishappened to you? Odds are it has.THE FACTSIt’s tempting to get an ice bridge from onesupplier, because it is $25 cheaper thangetting from another guy. It also lookedpromising because that box of angleadapters saved you $0.50 per box fromone vendor and the buss bars… you gotthem from the same place, “just because.”Project management can often be difficultenough on its own without having toadd complications of material supply intothe mix. That’s where Primus comes in.We’re experts at what we do, you are expertsat what you do.Can we promise you we will alwaysbe less expensive than the next guy onevery item? No, we cannot; I’d venture toguess no one can legitimately make thatclaim – but you will find Primus to bevery competitive. And price… ah…price… the price of the materials up frontis just a small part of the picture.THE BENEFITSSite kitting is where Primus excels, andbegins to make your life easier. Havingcompetitive prices across the board, youwill find that after it is all said and done,higher on some and lower on others (fromother competitors) it will average out, andyou will have the benefit of one tidy package,from one place, all ready to be pickedup by a crew and taken to a job site.It goes beyond just site kitting. Insimplistic terms, it is what you are visualizing.All materials required for one site,placed in boxes, stacked on a pallet, steelbundled, all shipped together. We will kit,bundle, label and ship complete productkits directly to your site; one pallet, onedelivery, one less headache.You will find Primus sales people tobe consistent with the expression, “A salesperson should have two ears and onemouth.” We listen to what you say, andwhat you want. Special labeling requests,pack specific parts in a certain way, labelson all boxes or just the skid, whatever youwant, is what we will do.We can process multiple site ordersfor you and we can bundle a few sites togetheron one pallet (keeping the materialsseparated or course), or we can have eachorder to its own pallet. It can be as complexas you want it to be, or as simple, it isyour choice. We are here to help.Let Primus site kit your projects foryou while you enjoy savings by not havingto UPS, FEDEX and freight materials infrom multiple vendors, where the unitprice savings you initially saved quicklyevaporate in the shipping costs.And trust me… your warehouseworker will thank you for not bird-dogginghim six times throughout the day askingwhere is this and where is that! Yourcrews will thank you for being able to rollin, pick up a pallet of materials and a bundleof steel and to the job site they can go.Be sure to ask your Primus representativenext time you are speaking to him orher about special needs you might have, orpackaging ideas that can make your lifeeasier and your jobs more streamlined.Remember…two ears, one mouth -we’re here to listen to what you want andto ask questions to make sure it is doneright.7

quarterly specialElk River’s 3.6 M Gate - Energy Absorbing LanyardNo Pac Web LanyardPart #: 353791-1/4" x 6', Twin Leg, Zsnaphook, Rebar HookBUY 3 Get 1January 1 through March 31, 2010Take advantage of this incredible offer!Call Primus today at (800) 435-1636.buy nowat thelow price ofonly $124/eaThat’s 4 lanyardsfor only $372!Savings will be discounted at time ofpurchase. No limit on the number oflanyards purchased during this offer.Congratulationsfor beingON THE JOBand wearing PrimusAbout Fusion Wireless, Inc.Fusion Wireless Inc. is a general contractor located inElkridge, Maryland, serving the wireless telecommunicationsindustry. Since 2008 the company has been involvedin every aspect of wireless projects throughout thestates of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. FusionWireless offers a range of services tailored to customer’sspecific project requirements. From complete site constructionto site maintenance, they do it all! For more informationabout Fusion Wireless, call (410) 379-0511 orvisit www.fusionwirelessinc.com.11

Andrew Solutions offersthe world’sfirst complete cable familyAndrew SolutionsAndrew is the first transmission line supplier to offer customersa complete solution for their RF transmission lineneeds, consisting of two completecable lines with one connectorseries that fits either. Bothcable types are available as feeders in a complete range of diametersor as cable assemblies.Unique to Andrew's HELIAX 2.0 is the company'soffering of a single, multi-faceted connector, theEZfit® Series universal connector, for two prominentproducts--HELIAX FXL Series aluminum cables andHELIAX AVA Series copper cables. Bothcables have proven track records in helpinglimit intermodulation distortion(IMD), the unwanted noise that weakensa radio network's performance, andmeet different customer applicationneeds. With one connectorthat works on both cables, customerscan avoid inventoryconfusion and deploymentdelays.Whether customersare in mature or emergingmarkets, deployingsecond, third, or nextgeneration technologies, HELIAX2.0 offers the superior performanceand reliability needed fortransmitting wireless signalswithout disruption. When operatorsdeploy multiple technologieson a co-located site, minimizingIMD is more critical than ever.HELIAX 2.0 joins FXL Series aluminum cableswhich are lower-weight and more durable, withAVA Series copper cables, the more flexible lineideal for tight installations. The new completecable family delivers lower attenuationin addition to adding less weight toalready overloaded cell towers.HELIAX 2.0 allows customers to selectthe optimum solution foreach application without havingto increase inventory levels,suffer increased IMD or lose inreliability.For more informationabout Heliax 2.0cable, call Primus at(800) 435-1636.12 PrimeConnection | 1 ST QUARTER 2010

Aluminum Ladder Tray ComponentsAndrew SolutionsAndrew Solution’s new Aluminum Ladder Tray series offersan esthetically pleasing solution for concealing multipleruns of coaxial cable in roof-top applications and is nowavailable at Primus. A full line of 4" depth straight sections, 45°and 90° bends, t sections, and covers in 12", 18", and 24" widthsare available. Some of Andrew Solution’s new Aluminum LadderTray series design improvements include utilizing a “hat rung”that provides a better cable bearing surface than the “flattened toptube rung” that is frequently seen.The increased surface area on the rung allows for less indentationof the coaxial cables being run. Andrew’s “hat rungs” arealso welded to the side channels of the ladder tray components toprovide remarkable support unlike most trays that use rivets orswedge locking rungs. They also use a “flange-in” orientation ofthe structural “C” channel siderail allowing for a smaller overallwidth of cable ladder. • Welded designFeatures:This smaller overall width • Greater cable bearing surfaceallows the company’s cable • Flange-in orientationladder series to be used in • Nema Class 12Atighter applications. Andrew’s • Full accessory lineAluminum Ladder Tray componentsare NEMA 12A rated in accordance with NEMA StandardsPublication VE1-2002 and CSA Standard C22.2 No 126.1. Most12", 18", and 24" trays are in stock. Andrew can also supply 6"depth trays.For more information about Andrew Solution’s AluminumLadder Tray Components, contact Primus at (800) 435-1636.Andrew Solutions’ WeatherShield Connection Protection EnclosuresAndrew SolutionsComplete your transmission line installationwith Andrew Solution’sWeatherShield Connection Protection Enclosure,which seals and protects connectorsfrom the environment. This robust,one-piece weatherproofing enclosureoffers an additional measureof system protection by providinga high temperatureresistant, watertight sealaround the connectors whilealso helping to dampen vibrationthat can loosen connectorinterfaces over time. Thereusable enclosure contains an innovativetrifold seal that provides complete moistureblock for installed connectors. Theease of installation on hard-to-reach connectionsand the long-term protection providedby this enclosure makes it the mostcost-effective solution available today. TheWeatherShield Connection Protection Enclosuretakes just seconds to install. Simplyplace the housing around the connectorand snap the tabs together. No tapes, tools,or shrink tubes are required.The Andrew WeatherShield ConnectionProtection Enclosures will accommodateType N and 7 16 DIN connectionsand are compatible with HELIAX cable,SureFlex cable assemblies and mostother brands of cable and cable assemblies.Some other features include:• Reusable, one-piece design• Cost-effective alternative to tapes andshrink tubes• Installs easily, even in the harshestweather environments• IP 68 rating ensures an effective barrieragainst ingress of water• Clean removal• Fits over connected interfaces• Helps maintain interface coupling torque• Fits popular cable brands• Useable for maintenance of older sites• Three year warrantyPart #AWE-A12AWE-7812AWE-11412AWE-15812DescriptionEnclosure for 1/2" cable to 7-16 DINantenna/deviceEnclosure for 7/8" to 1/2" connectionsEnclosure for 1-1/4" to 1/2" connectionsEnclosure for 1-5/8" to 1/2" connectionsFor more information or to order Weather-Shield Connection Protection Enclosuresor other quality Andrew products, callPrimus at (800) 435-1636.13

Primus wishes to salute the professional accomplishments of Tower Climbers across America. With great pride,we here at Primus, offer our appreciation for your contributions and the services provided to the communicationindustry of our great nation. From Cellular Services to Homeland Security and Public Safety, it all startswith you. Much like the very steel you climb, your courage is unbendable. Tower climbers have proven themselvesto be strong safety minded professionals exhibiting the ultimate in respect for their trade and country.Now show the world your pride in being a contributing member of the communications industry. Primus isoffering a free T-shirt that honors all who work to enhance and promote our industry. You can receive your freet-shirt by visiting Primus at booth 315 at the upcoming NATE tradeshow, Feb. 15-18, 2010 in Orlando, Floridaor call Primus at (800) 435-1636 to reserve your t-shirt. The shirts will be available for a limited time only.FREE PRIMUS PRIDE T-SHIRTS

ValueCab Locomotive RadioA cost effective alternative to a standard Clean Cab Radio that provides all of the AAR channels with the same output power and fits the same footprintGerry Fritzke, Primus Regional Sales ManagerPMS-PRO16 ValueCab mounting frame shownwith ICOM F5061/D radio (each sold separately)Radio Features- Designed for the Icom F5061/D or Kenwood NX-700 seriesradios, configured for 512 Channels and 128 Zones and canalso be set up with favorites and weather channels- Channel spacing is wide band 25Khz and narrow band12.5Khz, plus the very narrow spacing of 6.25Khz- When operated with a DTMF Microphone and ICOM radio, theAAR channels are selectable using touch tone buttons on themicrophone (can be operated w/ non-DTMF mic also)- Optional external speakers are offered for both radio models:KMC-36/Kenwood and SP-10/IcomCabinet Features for ValueCab PMS-PRO16- Same dimensional footprint as a Clean Cab radio; utilizes thesame mounting tray with a locking bolt.- Locking top plate that is removable for easy radio installation- The radio mounting bracket is permanently welded to the housing;locking is achieved with thumb screws and incorporates arubber gasket for the face plate to provide additional stability.- Microphone hang-up clip is on the front panel for ease ofaccessability and use.- Optional Push To Talk (PTT) button available for front panelmounting.- Optional back panel is available which provides connection tothe AAR, power, handset, 25 pin accessory connector andantenna connectors and has a cooler fan for dissipating heat.Primus Electronics has developed a low cost, full “Clean Cab” locomotive styleradio for use in Shortline, Regional and switching applications. The ValueCabPMS-PRO16 shell installs in any standard Clean Cab Radio mounting tray andprovides all the functions of a full locomotive radio at a fraction of the cost.The ValueCab housing can be purchased separately and you can add your ownradios and options, or the units can be purchased as a complete functioningradio unit with either the Icom F5061/D or Kenwood NX-700 series radios installed.With the FCC deadline looming for transition to narrowband radio operation,the Primus ValueCab radio can offer railroads the lowest cost solution tomeeting Narrow Band requirements.Radio and Accessory PartsPart #PMS-PRO16RR-320PTTKenwoodNX-700HKKMC-36KES-3ICOMF5061/DSP-10Part #RR-320/PRO16CRR-320/PRO16KDescriptionValueCab frame for Mobile RadioFront panel mounted push to talk (PTT) buttonPMS-PRO16Kenwood 50 Watt; w/KMC-35 Microphone, KCT-23 Power Cable & -Mounting Bracket. NextEdge VHF Digital radioOptional DTMF microphoneExternal SpeakerIcom 50 Watt, with NXDN board ver 2.1 firmware, Includes DTMF MicrophoneOptional External Speaker, 4 WattAAR Mount Backplatefor use with EXTERNALPower ConverterDescriptionfor Icomfor KenwoodOptional EXTERNAL 72-12 V Isolated Power ConvertersPart #DescriptionIDS-360D Samlex Isolater Converter1620-72-13-15 Wilmore Isolated Converter72-12-18ISP Newmar Isolated Converter*Note: Not needed if Locomotive has existing 72-12V source @ 15 Amps.AAR Mount Backplate w/ INTERNAL Isolated Power ConverterPart #DescriptionRR320P/PRO16C for IcomRR320P/PRO16K for KenwoodInternal View PMS-PRO16 Value-Cab mountng frame shownw/ ICOM F5061/D radio.(each sold separately)RR-320/1556C AAR BackPlate shown attached to PMSPRO16mounting frame(each sold separately)For more information about the ValueCab LocomotiveRadio or to order, contact Pat at (800) 435-163615

4180 E Sand Ridge Rd.Morris, IL 60450I wanted to take a minute and thank you again. We more than appreciatehow good Primus takes care of us. Like I said, you may appreciate our business,but we wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for the great customer serviceand quick response time that we get from Primus everytime.And with your quick response time, it allows us to do the same and that is abig part of what makes our customers happy and keeps us moving forward.We definitely look forward to doing a lot more business with Primus!Jeremy, MAPictured (l-r): Primus employees Ken (Warehouse),Sara (Accounting), Doug and Lana (Inside Sales)

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