Proposed Concepts in Predictive Vegetative Analysis and Biofuel ...

Proposed Concepts in Predictive Vegetative Analysis and Biofuel ...

Remote Sensing, Vegetative Analysisand BioFuel Feedstocks Planning

NIR (Near-Infrared) Advantages

NIR and HRDO:A Potent TeamIndicates health, stress, nutrientlevels, etc in plant tissues/coversYields detailed radiometric basedata for spectral analysisCombined with Red Band pixelvalues, yields accurate NDVIproducts that can be extrapolatedinto prescription mapping products

Features and Characteristics ThatCould Not Be Distinguished BecomeVisible and Quantifiable

The Scale of Resolution is Not Only Amazing, ButHas Far More Real-World Utility Than AnyPreviously Available Imagery.

Vegetation constituents contributing to thereflectance spectra include:Chlorophyll Water Cellulose LigninStarch Cellular structure Plant structureProteins Sugars Nitrogen Potassium

Vegetation IndicesVegetation Indices Are:Dimensionless, radiometric measures of vegetationactivity exploiting the unique spectral signatures ofcanopy elements (i.e., they are empirical measures ofvegetation activity).Their principal advantage is simplicity. They requireno assumptions or ancillary information other than themeasurement itself.

Most broadband vegetation indices attempt to exploit thereflected energy in the red and near-infrared portions ofthe EM spectrum to estimate the amount of greenvegetation present on the ground.The basis for using this area of the spectrum is the following:Reflected red energy decreases with plant development due tochlorophyll absorption in an actively photosynthetic plant.Reflected NIR energy increases with plant development as most ofthe energy is reflected with very little absorbed in the green leaf.

What are the dominant factors controllingleaf reflectance?

NDVI: What Is It?•Equation That Normalizes Pixel Values in Digital Imagery•Generally is Based on the 0-255 Color Value Distribution•When Combined With Ground-Truthed Data, AllowsDetermination of Accurate Relative or Absolute Values andInterpretations of Vegetative Reflectance Levels

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI) – 1978This index bounds the ratio between +1 and –1.

Raw NIR Imagery of Cotton Near Silver City, MS

Simple Co-Krige Cotton Leaf N EarlyBloom w/Green ReflectanceSimple Co-Krige 44 pts.Simple Co-Krige 22 pts.

So, What Can This Mean forBioFuel Planning?If Successful, Allocation of Funds to Augment ContractProduction May Be Accurately Determined, Instead ofBeing at the Mercy of the Cash Market to Make Up AnyLast-Minute ShortfallsIf Yield Quality Can Be Determined, Process Planning andRelated Costs May Be Anticipated, Avoiding Unnecessary“Hiccups” in Cash Flow and Cost Structure or Degradationin Resulting Product

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