Brendan O' Reilly - Belfast Education & Library Board

Brendan O' Reilly - Belfast Education & Library Board

Health, safety, security sectionB. Mulholland C.A.O.Brendan O’ReillyH&S ManagerMarie StewartH&S OfficerJohn PuttockSecurity AdvisorSchool Health & Safety Co-ordinatorsAdministrative Support

Core ElementsHealth and SafetySchool SecurityEmergency PlanningDisabled AccessPPP/FM Facilities management

Health and SafetyDesign and Development strategies/policy andprocedure to satisfy health and safety legislationAudit/inspect their adoption and implementationProvide advice and support on health and safetymatters

School Security - £150,000•Access ControlAdequate signageSingle entry pointsIdentificationVisitors sign in/outAppointment systemElectronic measures• Property SecurityBoard PropertyPersonal PropertyCashControl Keys•Building SecurityPerimeter securityBuilding securityReinforced glass/doorsLightingIntruder alarms/surveillanceFacilities managementBalmoral HighRegional Training UnitWellington College

Why Bother with Health and Safety?Moral. (It’s the right thing to do.) Legal. Health and Safety (NI ) Order 1978.Financial. (Civil Action is expensive, perceptions.)Professionals. (We are.)

Health and Safety LawStatute• Acts of Parliament• RegulationsCommon• Judicial Precedent• Civil Actions• ACOP• Guidance Notes

Things have changedProscriptiveLegislationActs & regulationsSelf RegulationRisk AssessmentHealth & Safety System• Factories Act• Protection of Eyes Regulations• Highly Flammable Regulations• Management of Health and SafetyRegs. ( Risk Assessment)• Workplace regulations Regs.• PPE Regulations Regs.• Manual Handling Regs.• Display Screen Equipment Regs.Pre 1990 Post 1990

Northern Ireland Legislation.• The Health & Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order• The Education Reform Order 1989.• The Management Of Health &Safety Regulations(Northern Ireland) 1992The above: clarify the employers duties as set out in theorder.Risk Assessment a requirement ! ! ! !

Who has duties under N.I. SafetyLegislation?• Employer. Board/CCMS and WhyNot!!!!!.• Controller of Premises. Who’s that?• Employee. You and I.• Pupil’s. What are their responsibilities?

Enforcement Provisions• Within NI - the Health & Safety Executive- Inspectors have warrant cards, powerful individuals.( Delamont)- Formal enforcement is as follows:• Improvement Notice. (x- amount of days toresolve)• Prohibition Notice. (Stop process/activity orclose)• Prosecution. (Corporate Manslaughtercharges!)

Why the Belfast Education and Library Boardmanage Health & Safety?• Employers must do all that is reasonablypracticable:- for their employees- for non- employees who use their premises, (pupils,visitors)• Other reasons:- parents need to know that their children are safe- teachers and staff need to be confident about their ownsafety- resources ( financial & human) are not wasted- absences due to injury/ill health are reduced- both the board and the schools want to do the right thing

Why Manage Health & Safety?• Employers must do all that is reasonablypracticable- for their employees- for non employees who use their premises. ( pupils andvisitors)“It is a Legal Requirement.”• Other reasons:- parents demand that their children are safe while atschool.- teachers and staff need to be confident about their ownsafety and that of both visitors and pupils.- absences due to injury/ill health are reduced- teachers and staff need to be confident about their andpupil safety.- resources ( financial & human) are not wasted.- If H and S is not managed it will “bite hard.”

The Employer (Board)How we are striving to do the right thing.• Set the safety policy.• Distribute to employees.• Review and update policy.• Provide training.• Monitor effectiveness.• Monitor implementation.

Boards of Governors and Principal.• Effective implementation of BELB Healthand and Safety policy.• Specify “Arrangements” to give policyeffect.• Engagement of “Competent” employeesfor subjects taught.• Yearly inspection of school premises.CHANGE THE CULTURE.

Boards of Governors/ Principal(continued)• Ensure contractors have adequate regardfor the Health and Safety of persons onthe premises.• All equipment / materials purchased oracquired by them are safe for theirintended use.• Maintain all equipment and ensure all nonstructuralrepairs are carried out.• Ensure that all defects and safetyproblems are dealt with effectively.

Safety Management• Policy.• Organise.5 Steps• Plan.Schools.• Measure.• Review.

Safety PolicySchoolsGeneral Statement( A Few lines or one page)Organisation and Responsibilities(The Who does what section and when do they do it!!)Arrangements(How you do it section, Fire, First Aid, Risk Assessment etc.)

Staff Management Structurefor Schools“ChangeDrivers”Board of GovernorsPrincipalHead of DepartmentCaretakerTeachersTechniciansClerical StaffCleaners

Accidents.• They happen!• Children and adultsare injured!• Some of the injuriesare quite serious!• Examples are: Brokenlimbs, fractured skulls,amputations, crushinjuries etc.• Why did they happen?• Because they arechildren.• Because supervisionwas inadequate.• Because somethingwas faulty.• Because the boardfailed!!!!

Bird 1969Accident Prevention• 1Serious Injury• 10• 30• 600Minor InjuriesDamage AccidentsNon Injury Accidents

The Accident “Iceberg”• Direct Cost of Accidents• £1• Damages• In Direct Cost of Accidents• £8 - £36• Absence• Replacement• Investigating

NI - Major Injury Accidents2001801601401201008060402001999 2000 2001ConstructionManufacturingEducationHealthOthers

NI - Education MajorAccidents - 1999 / 200280%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0%1999/00 2000/01 2001/02Slips,Trips FallsFalls from HeightOthers

When Accident PreventionFails• Safety Legislation is Criminal Law- only two outcomes possible, Guilty orNot Guilty• Civil Law- Compensation to the damaged party

More Accidents.• What can we do toprevent?• Inspect the premises.• Appoint a SafetyCo-Ordinator.• Report dangerousoccurrences• What else can beactioned?• Some say “accidentswill happen!” and to apoint that is correcthowever we must bepro- active to preventthe serious ones.• Devise policy andprocedure.

Hazard and RiskA Prevention StrategyHazard:Risk:the potential to cause injury ordamage.the likelihood of actual harm ordamage.

Risk AssessmentBelfast Education and Library BoardA Prevention Strategy5 Steps• Identify the hazards.• Decide who might be harmed.• Evaluate the risks.• Decide on control measures.• Record the assessment.

Specific Health & Safety Issues• School trips.• School transport.• Contractors in schools.• Playgrounds and school groundssafety.• Violence.• Stress.• Asbestos.

Building Security• Perimeter security.• Building security.• Secure stores.• Reinforced glass/doors.• Shutters.• Lighting.• Electronic alarms/surveillance.

And finally . . .You are not on your own!Contact me, I’m only tooglad to help.

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