E/Fact Slim - Thorn Lighting


E/Fact Slim - Thorn Lighting

E/Fact SlimThe most compact walkoverrecessed fitting combined withstate of the art technologies

Wide choice and applicationsShallow, outdoor recessedluminaires for use in gardens,walkways and pedestrian areasand for the illumination offaçades and architecturalfeaturesUltra thin recessedhousing extendsapplication possibilites only115mm in depth• Available in three sizes• Round or square versionsavailable• A wide choice of lamps from20 to 70W and LED (white,coloured and soft or accent)• A choice of four colour filtersavailable for size 2• All versions supplied withelectronic ballasts offeringreduced power consumption,easy dimming, flicker freeoperation and increasedlamp life• All versions (except 70W) arelow temperature ‘touch’ whichensure comfort and safety forpeople and places• Suitable for ground andceiling mounting• Easy installation ensured byseparate recessing housingand pre-wired fittings with a0.5m cable supplied• LED versions for maintenancefree operation2

E/Fact Slim Size 1 providesdirect beam, white or colouredpoint lighting for marking outwalkways, architectural lines,steps or emergency escaperoutes. Its compact size andshallow depth also make itsuitable for hallways, corridorsand stairs in venues such asshopping centres, hotels, concerthalls and sports stadia.E/Fact Slim Size 2 and 3allow the creation of dramaticaccent lighting for façades,columns, historic buildings,parks and landscapes3

E/Fact Slim forusers and theenvironment• User comfort and safetyassured by lowtemperature ‘touch’glass versions• Vandal resistant Torx screwsavailable on request• LED versions for instant light,silent operation andenvironmentallyfriendly materials• Electronic ballasts for flickerfree operations, reduced powerconsumption, constant colourrendering and dimming(available on request)OKE/Fact Slim for Installers• Recessing housing available separately if required for earlyinstallation, for example in concrete• Luminaire supplied pre-wired with 0.5m cable• Ceiling versions supplied with ceiling clips and safety wire• E/Fact Slim’s shallow depth (only 115mm) enables it to be installedwhere space is limited4

E/Fact Slim for Lighting Designers• Round and square versions provide an elegant solution to blend withall types of architecture• Wide choice of light sources and accessories for versatility in lightoutput and colour effects• Ground and ceiling mounted versions for design continuity• LED versions offer additional benefits of efficiency, low temperature,low wattage, low voltage, easy dimming, vibration proof operation• Easy dimming versions available on request100cd/1000lm250cd/1000lm180cd/1000lm90160807060504030201020015010050140120100806040200-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚-60˚-30˚0˚30˚60˚90˚E/fact slim size 1Frosted glassLamp: 1x10W TC-DELOR: 0.18E/fact slim size 2Frosted glassLamp: 1x18W TC-DELOR: 0.46E/fact slim size 3Frosted glassLamp: 1x36W TC-FLOR: 0.391.8(cd)600cd/1000lm600cd/1000lm1.61.45005001.24004001.00.83003000.62002000.40.21001000.0-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚-60˚-30˚0˚30˚60˚90˚E/fact slim size 1Semi-frosted glassLamp: 16 ledsE/fact slim size 2Semi frosted glassLamp: 1x20W HIT-TC-CELOR: 0.59E/fact slim size 3Semi-frosted glassLamp: 1x35W HIT-TC-CELOR: 0.511800(cd)600cd/1000lm600cd/1000lm16001400500500120040040010008003003006002002004002001001000-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚ -60˚ -30˚ 0˚ 30˚ 60˚ 90˚0-90˚-60˚-30˚0˚30˚60˚90˚E/fact slim size 1Semi-frosted glassLamp: 3 ledsE/fact slim size 2Semi frosted glassLamp: 1x35W HIT-TC-CELOR: 0.51E/fact slim size 3Semi frosted glassLamp: 1x70W HIT-DELOR: 0.525

Ordering guideDimensionsE/Fact Slim Size 1, round with frosted glassE/Fact Slim Size 2, round with frosted glassE/Fact Slim Size 3, round with frosted glassInstallation/MountingRecessing housing arranged forcable entry on all 4 sides.Luminaire supplied pre-wired with0.5m cable (H07RN-F).For outdoor applications, 30cmdrainage gravel, or any equivalentdrainage system, must be usedunder the recessing housing toensure easy water evacuation. Thecasting surrounds can beembedded in asphalt with gooddrainage once the temperature ofthe asphalt is approx. 80°C.To prepare for concreteinstallation, ground recessingboxes can be ordered separately.Maximum static weight: 500Kg.Maximum walkover weight:1000Kg.Ceiling versions supplied withceiling clips and safety wire6E/Fact Slim Size 1, square withsemi-frosted glass5Ø 210115 89Ø 190320 x 240E/Fact Slim Size 2, square withsemi-frosted glass5115Ø 280Ø 26532587E/Fact Slim Size 3, square withsemi-frosted glass5115Ø 370Ø 340Cutout 184 Cutout 253 Cutout 328Frosted and semi-frosted glass, round and square for all sizesDichroic or tinted row filters available in both round and square for E/Fact Slim Size 2400Lamps10-18W TC-DEL (FSQ)compact fluorescent.Cap: G24q-1/236W TC-F (FSS) compactfluorescent. Cap: 2G10Soft (1.5W) or accent(3W) LED20-35W HIT-TC-CE (MT)metal halide. Cap: G8.570W HIT-DE (MD) metalhalide. Cap: RX7sMaterials/FinishBody: die cast aluminiumEN AB44100 (copper free) andpowdered paint for high corrosionresistanceFrame and retaining screws:stainless steelFront glass: toughened sodic calcicglass, frosted or part frosted(10mm thick for size 1 and 12mmthick for sizes 2 and 3).Gasket: siliconeRecessing housing:polypropylene88StandardsDesigned and manufactured tocomply with EN60598Class I ElectricalIK09 IP67SpecificationTo specify state:Shallow recessed, lowtemperature, walkover luminaire inthree sizes, square/round withpolypropylene recessing housing,stainless steel frame and die castaluminium body sealed to IP67Choice of lamp types/LEDversions/colours. Choice of frostedor part frosted glass. For groundand ceiling installation.As Thorn E/Fact Slim

OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOrdering Guide Integrated gear. Lamps to be ordered separately (except LED versions). For ground installation the recessed housing must beordered separately. Ceiling mounted versions supplied complete with clips and safety wire. Additional ceiling clips can be ordered separately.Semi-frosted versions (SF) have an asymmetric light distribution. Frosted versions (FR) have a symmetric light distribution. E/Fact Slim Size 1 aresymmetrical only.Description Ilcos Socket Wt SAPCode (kg) CodeSize 1Round - FrostedE/FACT R1TSLIM/G 10W TC-DEL/G24-q1 FR FSQ G24-q1 2.2 96231358E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/WHI FR - - 2.0 96231359E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/BLU FR - - 2.0 96231360E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/GRN FR - - 2.0 96231361E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/RED FR - - 2.0 96231362E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/YEL FR - - 2.0 96231363Round - Semi-FrostedE/FACT R1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/WHI SF - - 2.0 96231364E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/BLU SF - - 2.0 96231365E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/GRN SF - - 2.0 96231366E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/RED SF - - 2.0 96231367E/FACT R1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/YEL SF - - 2.0 96231368Square - FrostedE/FACT C1TSLIM/G 10W TC-DEL/G24-q1 FR FSQ G24-q1 2.8 96231370E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/WHI FR - - 2.6 96231371E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/BLU FR - - 2.6 96231372E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/GRN FR - - 2.6 96231373E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/RED FR - - 2.6 96231374E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 1,5W 16LED/YEL FR - - 2.6 96231375Square - Semi-FrostedE/FACT C1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/WHI SF - - 2.6 96231376E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/BLU SF - - 2.6 96231379E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/GRN SF - - 2.6 96231380E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/RED SF - - 2.6 96231381E/FACT C1TSLIM/G 3W 3LED/YEL SF - - 2.6 96231382AccessoriesE/FACT R1TSLIM/G RH ROUND RECESSED HOUSING 96231369E/FACT C1TSLIM/G RH SQUARE RECESSED HOUSING 96231384E/FACT 1TSLIM/C SPARE MOUNTING CLIPS(x2) CEILING MOUNTING CLIPS 96231386Size 2Round - Frosted - GroundE/FACT R2TSLIM/G 18W TC-DEL/G24-q2 FR FSQ G24-q2 2.9 96231388E/FACT R2TSLIM/G 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 3.0 96231391Round - Frosted - CeilingE/FACT R2TSLIM/C 18W TC-DEL/G24-q2 FR FSQ G24-q2 3.0 96231598E/FACT R2TSLIM/C 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 3.1 96231599Round - Semi-Frosted - GroundE/FACT R2TSLIM/G 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.0 96231403E/FACT R2SLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.0 96231412Round - Semi-Frosted - CeilingE/FACT R2TSLIM/C 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.1 96231600E/FACT R2SLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.1 96231601Square - Frosted - GroundE/FACT C2TSLIM/G 18W TC-DEL/G24-q2 FR FSQ G24-q2 3.7 96231418E/FACT C2TSLIM/G 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 3.8 96231419Square - Frosted - CeilingE/FACT C2TSLIM/C 18W TC-DE/G24-q2 FR FSQ G24-q2 3.8 96231602E/FACT C2TSLIM/C 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 3.9 96231603Description Ilcos Socket Wt SAPCode (kg) CodeSize 2AccessoriesE/FACT R2SLIM/G RH ROUND RECESSED HOUSING 96231413E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC RED ROUND RED DICHROIC FILTER 96231414E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC BLU ROUND BLUE DICHROIC FILTER 96231415E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC YEL ROUND YELLOW DICHROIC FILTER 96231416E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC GRN ROUND GREEN DICHROIC FILTER 96231417E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER RED ROUND RED FILTER 96231615E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER BLU ROUND BLUE FILTER 96231616E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER YEL ROUND YELLOW FILTER 96231617E/FACT R2SLIM FILTER GRN ROUND GREEN FILTER 96231618E/FACT C2SLIM/G RH SQUARE RECESSED HOUSING 96231422E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC RED SQUARE RED DICHROIC FILTER 96231423E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC BLU SQUARE BLUE DICHROIC FILTER 96231424E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC YEL SQUARE YELLOW DICHROIC FILTER 96231425E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER DICHROIC GRN SQUARE GREEN DICHROIC FILTER 96231426E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER RED SQUARE RED FILTER 96231619E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER BLU SQUARE BLUE FILTER 96231620E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER YEL SQUARE YELLOW FILTER 96231621E/FACT C2SLIM FILTER GRN SQUARE GREEN FILTER 96231622E/FACT 2SLIM/C SPARE MOUNTING CLIPS(x2) CEILING MOUNTING CLIPS 96231427Size 3Round - Frosted - GroundE/FACT R3TSLIM/G 36W TC-F/2G10 FR FSS 2G 10 5.6 96231447E/FACT R3TSLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 5.3 96231448Round - Frosted - CeilingE/FACT R3TSLIM/C 36W TC-F/2G10 FR FSS 2G 10 5.8 96231610E/FACT R3TSLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 5.5 96231611Round - Semi-Frosted - GroundE/FACT R3TSLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 5.4 96231449E/FACT R3SLIM/G 70W HIT-DE/RX7S SF MD RX7s 5.5 96231450Round - Semi-Frosted - CeilingE/FACT R3TSLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 5.5 96231612E/FACT R3SLIM/C 70W HIT-DE/RX7S SF MD RX7s 5.6 96231613Square - Frosted - GroundE/FACT C3TSLIM/G 36W TC-F/2G10 FR FSS 2G 10 7.1 96231428E/FACT C3TSLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 6.8 96231429Square - Frosted - CeilingE/FACT C3TSLIM/C 36W TC-F/2G10 FR FSS 2G 10 7.2 96231606E/FACT C3TSLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 FR MT G8.5 6.9 96231607Square - Semi-Frosted - GroundE/FACT C3TSLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 6.8 96231430E/FACT C3SLIM/G 70W HIT-DE/RX7S SF MD RX7s 6.9 96231431Square - Semi-Frosted - CeilingE/FACT C3TSLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 7.0 96231608E/FACT C3SLIM/C 70W HIT-DE/RX7S SF MD RX7s 7.1 96231609AccessoriesE/FACT C3SLIM RH SQUARE RECESSED HOUSING 96231432E/FACT R3SLIM RH ROUND RECESSED HOUSING 96231614E/FACT 3SLIM/C SPARE MOUNTING CLIPS(x2) CEILING MOUNTING CLIPS 96231433Square - Semi-Frosted - GroundE/FACT C2TSLIM/G 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.8 96231420E/FACT C2SLIM/G 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.8 96231421Square - Semi-Frosted - CeilingE/FACT C2TSLIM/C 20W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.9 96231604E/FACT C2SLIM/C 35W HIT-TC-CE/G8,5 SF MT G8.5 3.9 962316057

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