Download the presentation (PDF, 5MB)

Download the presentation (PDF, 5MB)

FINNISH TEAM Sari Anttonen, Suvi Kitunen, Mats Lönngren, Mikko Koivisto,Mia Marttiini, Mari Siikonen, Päivi Tahkokallio, Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo

Team Finland24 Hour Design ChallengeOslo 6.5.2008

“I tasted a deliciouscheese at the store,couldn’t resist buying it!”Hannah the journalist, disabled – 28 years oldGourmet but unable to collect the goods andcarry the shopping bags

“Wonderful to be backhome. I just wish thatthere would be somefood in the fridge.”Paavo the traveller – 65 years oldUnable to shop while returning from a twoweeks holiday after the opening hours

“Oh dear, my teenageris eating like a horse.”Riitta the business woman – 45 years oldUnable to drop the shopping bags straight home afterthe purchase due to her work and children’s hobbies.

“Indeed, it was solovely to chat with thelady at the cornershop.”Rauha the elderly – 80 years oldLoves shopping but carrying heavy bags is unsafeand she is not strong to carry it all alone.

What is the issue?Shopping is a social and sensorialexperience you do not want tolose. What you can live without iscarrying of your shopping to yourhome.

What is the motivation?...because you are too fragile to carryloads, because large quantity of items, orbecause of being too busy doing yourself.What you want is a service.

What is it?“Hands on demand”, a user-centred andflexible delivery service ensures access togoods when it fits you the best: schedule,preferences and needs.

How does it work?A key element of the service is human interactionand individual needs: your goods are delivered bysomeone you can choose and trust. The servicecan be booked in the shop or online.


Paavo is shopping before his holiday in Alicante.He scans his goods with a barcode reader.

Paavo leaves the reader at the till. He purchases his items, pays hisHOD-service fee in advance and agrees on time of delivery.Text“I’ll be back in two weekstime. Can it be delivered onthe 20th of Jan at 8 pm,please.”

While Paavo is on the flight back to Finland, HOD does shopping for him.

Paavo arrives at home. After ten minutes the door bell ringsand finally he finds his rye bread and salad delivered.


Hannah is at home reading a cookbook and is inspired by a recipe. She decidesto try something totally new. Hannah needs to go shopping.

She texts her regular “Hands on demand” -assistant to fix a meetingat the service point at Hannah’s favorite grocery store in 20 minutes.“Nice to meet Timagain, he is always sohelpful.”

“Strawberry tasting,fresh and delicious!!Shall I get you twoboxes.”They meet. Tim accompanies Hannah whenshe is shopping and carries her goods.

At the till Tim moves Hannah’s goods to a sealed and securedbag. Hannah pays for the goods and the HOD service.

Tim and Hannah travel home together.Tim carries the bags into the kitchen.“I’ll be quick with thebags, just a sec.”

Tim returns the empty bag to the shop and Tim’sservice fee is transferred to him account.

Stakeholders’ benefitsClient• Inclusive: enables shopping• Rewards shopping experience• Saves time and energy• Simplifies of organizing daily activities• Supports social interaction

Stakeholders’ benefitsEmployee – HOD• Supports participation in society• Flexible working hours• Well-being• Social interaction• Payment by contract

Stakeholders’ benefitsShop• Increased size of the shopping basket• Brand value• Enhancing competitive advantage• Corporate social responsibility

Stakeholders’ benefitsService provider• Volumes of transactions may grow• An option to receive license fees• Income through advertising

Stakeholders’ benefitsSociety• Supports participation and empowerment of citizens• Supports diversity of labour force• Encourages public-private partnerships

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