Handout - MARAMA


Handout - MARAMA

SCR and HAPs Converters forStationary EnginesMARAMA / ICAC WebinarNovember 9, 2012Wilson ChuJohnson MattheyPresentation Outline• Catalysts for NOx, HC, CO and HAPs• Catalytic Converter Designs• HAPGuard Exhaust Monitor• SCR Systems for NOx• Orange County Sanitation District Digester GasSCR and Oxidation System Case StudyCatalysts and CatalyticConverters1

DualOx ConvertersDualOx Converter SilencerHAPGuard Exhaust Monitor RICE NESHAP compliance Monitors the system and alerts the operatorif the pressure drop across the catalyst isnot within ± 2” w.c. at 100% load Monitors the temperature and alerts theoperator if :Rich Burn: 750°F < T (catalyst inlet) < 1250°FLean Burn: 450°F < T (catalyst inlet) < 1350°F Engine tested Battery backup LCD display Removable memory, 5 years data storage Suggested list price - $2,5003

SCR SystemsSCR• Selective Catalytic Reduction• Controlled urea injection• Capable of >90% NOx reduction• Concerns:– Urea decomposition and distribution– Operating temperatureSCR System4

SCR System Components• Oxidation Catalyst or DPF, if required• Mixing Duct• Injection Lance/Nozzle• Urea Injection System• Temperature Probe• SCR Housing• SCR Catalyst• Options - Burner(s), NOx Analyzer, Insulation,Differential Pressure Measurement, PressureBlowers)SCR Housing and Catalyst(Cutaway View)Mixing DuctUrea ConnectionCompressed AirConnectionInternalStaticMixer5

Injection Lance and Static MixerUrea Injection Control System• PLC-Based Control• Touch Screen HMI• Precise Injection DosingPump• Urea or AqueousAmmonia• Remote Monitoring• Data logging Options• AC Option• Heater Option• Enclosure OptionsSCR Applications6

Natural Gas Drilling Rigs in WYChallenge:• Freezing temperatures• Dynamic load changes• PortabilityHotel & Casino in CAChallenge: Reliability (off grid)Staten Island Ferry (John Noble)Challenge:• Smallspace• 2 ppmmax. NH 3slip7

University of Central FloridaChallenge:• Small space• 3 ppm max. NOx• Sound AttenuationOrange County Sanitation DistrictDigester Gas SCR and OxidationSystemSCAQMD Rule 1110.2Technology Demonstration(slides courtesy of OCSD, Lisa Rothbart)Demonstration Engine• 3471 Hp leanburn CooperBessemer V12(1992)• 2500 kWgenerator• HRSG• NOx and COCEMS8

Digester Gas CompositionMin. Max. Avg.(%) (%) (%)CO2 25.5 40.1 33.9CH4 53.7 62.6 58.7N2 0.9 5.1 2.2O2 0.1 1.4 0.6Sulfides in the Digester GasCarbon Bed InletCompoundMin. Max. Avg.(ppmv) (ppmv) (ppmv)Hydrogen Sulfide 14.690 31.870 26.381Carbonyl Sulfide .010 .028 .019Methyl Mercaptan .048 .081 .062Ethyl Mercaptan .189 .304 .258Dimethyl Sulfide .006 .017 .012Carbon Disulfide .004 .009 .006n-Propyl Thiol .454 .679 .581iso-Propyl Thiol .214 .416 .344Dimethyl Disulfide ND ND NDIsopropyl Mercaptan .250 .250 .250n-Propyl Mercaptan .320 .320 .320Siloxanes in Digester GasCarbon Bed InletCompoundMin. Max. Avg.(ppmv) (ppmv) (ppmv)Hexamethyldisiloxane (L2)

Pre-Engine Digester Gas Cleaning• Single fixedbed ofactivatedcarbon byApplied FilterTechnology• 9900 lbscapacityCatalytic Oxidizer/SCR SystemUreaInjectionSCRCatalystCatalyticOxidizerSCR Urea Injection Control Paneland Urea Tank10

Emission Levels Achieved, ppmvPollutantEngineExhaustStack OutletAverageNOx 31 7.2 (best was0.8)Average %Conversion77% (bestwas 97%)Rule1110.2limit11CO 452 7.5 98% 250VOC 97 3.6 96% 30Contact InformationWilson Chuchuw@jmusa.com484-320-2119Cell 484-354-815511

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