edmen eview - Rock Hill Local School District

edmen eview - Rock Hill Local School District

edmen eview - Rock Hill Local School District


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Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to Rock Hill!

Sixteen year old Christiane

Medebach has traveled about

4200 miles to attend school

this semester. She left her

home in Wetzlar, Germany, a

city of about 50,000 located

30 miles from Frankfurt, and

spent about 24 hours making

her way to the Ironton area.

She arrived August 26 and

will return home January 11.

She is currently staying with

Mrs. Heather Hardy and her

husband Troy.

At home, she lives with her

parents, her older brother,

older sister, and two cats.

When asked about the differences

between schools here

and in Germany, she noted

that, in Germany, there are

four years of elementary

school, six of middle school,

Biology 2 News


On Oct. 13, 2010 the Biology 2

(anatomy) classes of Mrs.

McComas took part in a distance

learning program on Knee Replacement

Surgery. Teamed with

COSI, the 45 anatomy and biology

students had live interaction

with the surgical team as they

performed total knee replacement

surgery at Mt. Carmel Hospital

in Columbus, Ohio. The

Rock Hill students, along with

the five other schools from

across the US who were participating,

asked questions of the

edmen eview

and then three years of high

school. Her high school at

home, Goetheschule, is

grades 10-13. In her school,

she has 15 classes instead of

seven, so she doesn‘t have

each class every day. Rather

than the ―A-F‖ grading system

we use, they have a ―1-

15‖ scale, where a ―15‖

would equal an ―A+.‖ She

has studied English for six

years, and also has learned

French and Spanish. To

graduate from high school in

Germany, students are required

to take two foreign

languages, so most Germans

can speak at least three languages.

Sports there are not

school sponsored, but are

outside of school instead.

Wetzlar is approximately where the

arrow is.

surgeon during the surgery. Our

students asked a wide range

of questions such as why are sutures

vs. stitches used, how long a

tourniquet is left on the leg,

and does jogging increase knee

damage. Each surgical team member

discussed their job, schooling

needed, and background. The

sounds of the drills, mallets, and

movement of the fat and bones

engaged the anatomy classes and

enhanced their comprehension of

the regional anatomy of the knee

previously studied. Jackie Hen-

Rock Hill High School

She and her friends enjoy

playing tennis, inline skating,

outdoor activities like going

to a lake, and shopping at the

mall .Teenaged shopping is

universal! She enjoys a wide

variety of music. In addition

to German and other European

singers, the radio stations

play the same music

played here, so the playlist

has a mixture of English,

German, French, Spanish,

etc., lyrics.

She isn‘t sure about future

plans, but may want to study

medicine. She wants to return

to the US someday. She says

she is really enjoying her stay

here, meeting new people and

learning about American life.

It’s a long way from Pedro

to Wetzlar!

derson commented, "It was very

interesting and I learned a lot

from watching the surgery."

Lonnie Dalton declared, "It

showed me that I am going to take

care of my knees!"

The enthusiastic students were

mesmerized by the live scenes,

and eagerly await the next live


Factoid: Did you know that you

produce enough bone in your

lifetime to make 12 skeletons?!

Dates to remember:





NOV. 4







26, AND 29




3, 2011

Inside this issue:



















November 1, 2010











edmen review

Jessi Cox, RHHS

senior, chosen for All-

State Orchestra


Friday October 22 nd Rock Hill

High School took the first

major step in implementing

an Advisor/Advisee program

and the feedback has been

mostly positive. Every student

in the school was assigned a

teacher advisor. This advisor

will stay with them until

graduation and will help them

navigate the ins and outs of

high school. Students and

advisors will meet periodi-

RHHS Student in All-Ohio Orchestra

For Jessi Cox, her love and

dedication for music has

earned her high honors.

She recently found out that

she was chosen to play in the

2011 Ohio All-State Orchestra.

Jessi, first-chair French horn

player, submitted an audition

tape last spring and was notified

by letter that she was


―Hundreds of students all

across Ohio will submit

tapes,‖ said Rock Hill band

director, Nick Basham. ―They

usually only take eight to ten

horn players. It‘s a really

huge honor.‖

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a fast-paced,

quick recall competition with

questions from many different

categories. The high schools

in Lawrence County compete

with one another in head –tohead

matches and participate

in a double-elimination tournament

at OUSC. On October

24 th at 3:00 an academic test

was given with 65 random

trivial questions in subjects

such as fine arts, history, science,

current events, and mu-

cally to review progress and

participate in activities centered

on the student‘s educational,

personal and social

development. The Advisor/

Advisee program is just a

small part of the High

Schools That Work Initiative

that Rock Hill is participating


Page 2

Basham said that to audition,

a student must submit a solo

audition tape with piano accompaniment.

The students

must also choose whether

they will audition for the All-

State Band or Orchestra.

Basham said that the orchestra

includes stringed instruments

while the band does


―I was really, really happy,‖

said Jessi about reading her

acceptance letter. Jessi said

she chose to audition for the

orchestra to gain experience.

―I‘ve played in several bands,

and I‘ve never played with an

orchestra with the strings and

sic. Quiz Bowl members for

the 2010-11 School year are

as follows:

Seniors: Shayla Stevens,

Sareena Matthews, Jon

Schwab, A.J. Beam, Haley

Brown, Kayla Higgins;

Juniors: Jared Bruce, Amber


Sophomores: Eden Barcus,

Tommi Butler, Dylan

Bishop, Ryan Krum;

Freshmen: Levi Stewart,

Kendall Webb.

Mrs. Capper’s Advisor/

Advisee group

stuff,‖ said Jessi. ―Since I‘m

going to be going into music,

I wanted that experience.

Not only is Jessi involved in

Rock Hill‘s concert and

marching band, but she also

plays in the Ohio University

Activity Band. She has also

played in All-County and All-

District bands and the Honors

Band at Marshall University.

Jessi said she will be going to

the Cincinnati Conservatory

of Music next fall and hopes

to receive scholarships by


Her All-State Orchestra performance

will be on Jan. 30 in


Quiz Bowl Schedule

Nov. 10 th @ South Point-


Dec. 1 st vs. Ironton-9:00

Dec. 9 th vs. Chesapeake-


Jan. 10 th @ Dawson Bryant-9:15

Jan. 25 th @ Symmes Valley-9:00

Feb. 7 th vs. St. Joe-9:00

Feb. 22 nd @ Fairland-


Ironmaster Tournament

Mar. 23nd-TBA

Mrs. Capper has one of the

freshmen groups and they are

working on a time capsule

that will be opened during

their senior year. They had a

lot of fun and have many

more plans for their time capsule

before it will be buried.

edmen review

Spanish Club and Classes

Tidbits of Interest

Science Club News

Officers for this school year

are: President —Ashley Griffith,

Vice-President – John

Schwab, Secretary – Jared

Bruce, Treasurer – Tori


The Science Club held a tailgater

at the Chesapeake game

on October 1 st with music,

games, and food. Science club

members also participated in

the Homecoming Parade with

a float theme of ―Put the

Pointers in the Pound.‖

Ninth Grade Science

Students have been focusing

their study on physics this

Senior Information

All seniors attended the College

Fair held October 6 at

Dawson-Bryant High School.

College representatives who

will be visiting RHHS in the

next few weeks:

Nov. 1—Bowling Green State


Nov. 3 —The Ohio State University

Nov. 5—Huntington Junior

During the 2010-11 beginning

school year Señora Reed and

her students have been very

busy. The Spanish Club,

which involves Spanish II and

III, students have been fundraising

for future activities

and outings. They are ordering

club shirts voted on by

officers and members and are

planning community service

activities for this year.

Spanish III students have designed

ID cards in Spanish,

written bio-poems in the target

language, and studied

imperative commands. They

semester. They have participated

in a variety of labs including;

speed, acceleration,

kinetic energy, and potential

energy. Those students taking

Honors Science 9 have completed

the preliminary

work for their science fair

research projects and should

now be conducting the actual

research at home. The students

have come up with

some very unusual problems

to test that should make

for an interesting science


Government and Current


The Junior Government and


Nov. 8—


State University

Nov. 11—Marshall University

See Mrs. Zornes or Mrs.

Harper for more information

Page 3

are participating in a scavenger

hunt to finish off the unit.

Spanish II students have been

watching the classic musical,

―Man of La Mancha,‖ by Miguel

de Cervantes and studying

medieval customs of


Spanish I has been learning

conjugations of verbs, forming

sentence and questions,

and greetings and customs of

Hispanic cultures. They are

planning a pen pal activity

this month.

During the 1 st week of November,

all classes are partici-

Current Events classes will be

completing a ―pick the winners‖

project related to the

2010 Elections that will occur

on Tuesday, November 2 nd .

We have been following

many of these races closely in

class, in particular the races

that will most affect our state,

such as the Governor‘s race

and the US Senate race for

Ohio. In this project, students

will analyze polling data from

various websites and sources

and then give their best

guesses as to who will win

each of the elections we have

talked about in class. They

will then compare those

Senior Photos

Seniors who have not had

headshots done through Gold

Studio can have them done on

Nov. 4, when make-up pictures

will be taken at the high


Caps and Gowns

Cap and gown orders should be

placed before December 15th

when prices go up. After December

15th, they MUST be ordered

through the website or by mail.

Prices vary depending on when

pating in a cultural activity

called ―Dia del los Muertos‖

(Day of the Dead). This

holiday, especially celebrated

in Mexico,resembles



Day. The


have built

an altar,



and placed memories of loved

ones on the altar.

guesses to the actual results on

election night.

Boys’ Basketball

The first

official day

of boys‘


practice will

be Friday


5 th . The first

game will take place on Saturday

December 4 th at home against

Gallia Academy. Please come

out and support the boys in their

upcoming season!

and what they order. The standard

price for the cap and

gown only is approximately

$33 ( that includes shipping

and tax). See Mrs. Zornes or

Miss Fields for more information.

Contact person: Kirk Thompson

Herff Jones

2470 Orizaba Lane

Portsmouth, Ohio


(740) 821-3109


edmen review

Miss Rita Deeds has “ closed the book”

on her 35 year career at RHHS!

“ T he class really helped me.

I felt more prepared and had a

greater understanding as to

what to expect for the test... ”

—Shane Bordelon, RH senior

Fond Farewell to Miss Deeds

Since the fall of 1975, thousands

of students (and at least

several dozen teachers) have

passed through the doors of

Rock Hill High School. For

thirty-five years—until this

August— one constant was

Miss Rita Deeds in the library.

Miss Deeds says she has

many good memories of Rock

Hill including starting the

Book Club a few years ago.

She misses her ―tribal members‖

of the Reading Lodge,

her homeroom students, the

library assistants through the

years and all the staff members

she worked with.

She said, ―One of my most

unusual and unforgettable

memories would be when we

were packing and unpacking—twice--

for the new

schools. I was also barcoding

books in between! Just

thinking about it makes me

tired all over again! If it

weren‘t for my helpers and

Miss Fields, I don‘t know

what I would have done!‖

Laughing, she says that

when Mrs. McComis and

Mrs. McCollister retired, she

remembers thinking ―Gee, I

have a long way to go yet!‖

Now that she is retired, she

enjoys waving at the school

bus that passes her house

each morning, as she walks

her dogs, Amber and Buddy.

Walking, working in her

flowers, and remodeling her

house has kept her busy. She

has made several day trips

and enjoyed a fall trip to the

Smoky Mountains. Once

ACT Grant Equals Preparation, Assistance

In the spring of 2010, Rock

Hill High School received a

$2400 grant from the Appalachian

Foundation of Ohio for

improvement on the ACT.

The ACT, or American College

Testing Program, is the

standardized test taken by

most juniors and seniors to be

accepted to college and be

awarded scholarships. The

test cost is $33 or $43 if writing

is added. The grant allows

staff members to sponsor after

school tutoring sessions for

all four areas of the ACT:

English, Reading, Math and

Science. Also, the grant enables

the school to purchase

online materials and to help

pay fees to defray the costs

for students wishing to take

the exam multiple times.

Page 4

October 21 from 6:00-8:00

pm was the first of many

studying sessions. In all, 15

seniors attended who planned

on taking the Saturday, October

23 rd ACT test. Food,

snacks and door prizes were

offered and the students felt

very at ease about the upcoming

test after the intense session.

Senior Shane Bordelon stated,

―The class really helped me. I

felt more prepared and had a

greater understanding as to

what to expect for the test on


Seniors Haylia Gannon and

Kimberly McGuire concurred

the class was helpful. Haylia

said ―I felt like I had more

one on one time. I was able to

ask more questions than I

would have been able to in

winter sets in and it‘s too cold

to be outdoors, she plans to

get into her scrapbooking and

work more on her family genealogy.

She meets monthly

with other retired school librarians

from Lawrence

County, part of the

―Bibliobabes,‖ to enjoy a leisurely

lunch and also participates

in other clubs and her


Amber and Buddy

the classroom setting.‖ Kimberly

agreed and said, ―I

really liked the hints and

strategies. I also walked

away more confident in what

to expect from the test.‖

Nicole Stamper said, ―The

class helped me a lot in Reading

and English.‖

Another session open to ALL

juniors and seniors will be

offered the week of December

6 th - 10 th . The next ACT test

will be Saturday, December

11 th . Deadline to register for

the exam is Friday, November

5 th .

See Mrs. Zornes or Mrs.

Harper for more information.

V o lume 1, Issue 1

Driver Education Classes

Rock Hill High School has

entered into an agreement

with the AAA Driving School

to provide Driver‘s Education

to Rock Hill High School

students at a rate of $275.00.

A minimum of five students is

needed to hold a class.

The AAA Driver‘s Education

program will be held on the

following dates: November

8 th , 9 th , 10 th , 15 th , 16 th & 17 th

in the multi-use room at the

high school from 2:45pm to

7:00pm (a 15 minute break

will be provided at 5:00pm).

Students must be present at

school, attend all classroom

meetings and complete all

driving requirements to receive

their driver education

training certificate. If the stu-

Spirit Week is always a much

anticipated event at the high

school. Each day provides

opportunities to express both

individuality and class spirit.

This year‘s freshman class

had a strong showing during

the class competitions. The

freshmen teachers were impressed

with the time and

dent is absent from any classroom

time they must wait

until the following scheduled

class to make up this time.

Students must be at least 15

years 5 months old (birthday

on or before June 8, 1995)

by the first day of


Parents or guardians of a

driver training student will be

solely responsible for transporting

such driver training

student from school property

following classroom training

sessions held at the school. If

the parent/guardian of a

driver training student wishes

to arrange for or permit

someone other than the parent

to transport the student

away from school property

Stays for A’s Package at Ohio State Parks

The Ohio State Park Lodges

& Conference Centers congratulate

students and families

for all their hard work during

the school year. For every ‗A‘

a student receives on his or

her report card, The Ohio

State Park Lodges & Conference

Centers will discount

$10 off the published room


For reservations please con-

Freshmen Have Spirit!

tact 1-800-AT-A-PARK and

use promo code: STAY4A.

Discount will not be reflected

on your reservation confirmation,

but will be applied at


Offer valid November 1, 2010

-April 30, 2011. Sunday

through Saturday nights. Reservations

taken up to one year

prior to arrival. Offer subject

to availability. Only one re-

effort students put into showing

their class colors. Way to

go, Class of 2014!

following a classroom session

at the school, they will

be responsible for insuring

that an advance written permission

slip signed by at

least one parent of the driver

training student and authorizing

any such alternative

transportation arrangement

is delivered to the session. A

copy of the written permission

slip will be filed in the

records of the AAA Driving

School. The original written

permission slip will be delivered

by the instructor to

the high school for filing

and retention.

For permission slips and

answers to your questions,

see Mr. Delawder in room

207 or call 532-8053, ext.


port card per room may be

applied for discount. Valid for

up to a $50.00 per night discount.

Must present the most

recent valid report card upon

check-in. Minimum stay restrictions

and blackout dates

may apply.

Page 5

Permission slips available

from Mr. Delawder, AAA

Driver Education Instructor, in

Room 207. Questions? Call

“ F or every ‘ A ’ a

student receives on his

or her report card, The

Ohio State Park

Lodges & Conference

Centers will discount

$10 off the published

room rate—up to $50

per night! ”

V o lume 1, Issue 1

Magical Belt Contest—Senior English

“She drew from round her

slender waist a beautifully

embroidered magic belt”

This semester Mrs. Zornes‘s

Senior English students have

read medieval literature including

the romance Sir Gawain

and the Green Knight.

Students also wrote their own,

original medieval romance as

well. Students were then

asked to create a ―magic‖ belt

from the story symbolizing

Sir Gawain‘s shameful mistake

of breaking the code of

chivalry in the Middle Ages.

Judges for the contest were

staff members from the high

Homecoming 2010


The Rock Hill High School

Golf Team had a very successful

season at 18 wins and

7 defeats. They finished 2 nd

place in the Ohio Valley Conference

Tournament. The

team had great upper class

leadership as the entire team

worked hard to have a great

year. Team members: seniors

school. The following seniors

were winners of the contest:

Chris Donohue

Shane Bordelon

Tori Markel

Ashley Griffith

Carol Ann Murrell

Tyler Schweickart

Andrew Phillips

Paige Parsons

Dakota Barnett

Ashley Phillips

Stephanie Depriest

Lauren Wade

Sarah Bankston

Jess Crank

Courtney Duncan

Dani Crabtree

Haley Brown

Stephanie Whitt

Joey Yaniko, Jarred Collins,

Josh Roach, Nick McGuire,

Ryan Hackworth. Juniors

include Jon Schob, Drew

Kidd, Heath Markel, Cody

Cox, and Derek Roach.

Sophomore Austin Kidd and

freshmen Logan Boggs and

Zach Brown completed the


Page 6

The 2010 Homecoming court:

Sophomores: Laden Delawder,

escorting Brook Knipp; Seniors:

Jarred Collins, escorting

Brittany Thompson, A.J. Beam

with Queen Tori Markel, James

Barker, escorting Mycah

Pemberton; Juniors: Tommy

Dalton, escorting Sarah Murphy;

Freshmen: Tyler Sturgill,

escorting Shaina Chaffins.

Flower girl and crownbearer:

Chloe Lunsford and Victor Day

V o lume 1, Issue 1

Redmen Football 2010

The Rock Hill Redmen football

team started off the season

0-7, but has rallied for

two straight wins in a row

against South Point and River

Valley. The team has played

hard and played better every

game this season. With a few

breaks this season, the Redmen

could be 4-5 going into

the final week of the season,

after losing thrillers against

Zane Trace and Chesapeake.

The Redmen are led by quarterback

Will McCollister who

is leading the team going into

the final week of the season

with 734 yards passing and

487 yards rushing. The Redmen

have also been led by a

tough rushing attack in the

Cross Country

Chandler Haskins, Austin Smith, and

Christian Rudmann


New coach Julie Mootz was

very happy with the improvements

she saw in the Redwomen

this season. She has

high expectations for next

year and is looking forward to

becoming a dominating force

in the OVC. Three seniors

received special recognition.

Dani Crabtree, Brittany

Thompson, and Nicole

Stamper were all named Honorable

Mention to the All

last few weeks by Shane

Harper and Steve Lewis with

a combined total of 742 yards

this season. Also, the receiving

core is led by Trey Wilds

and Jesse Lane.

Cross country is a sport where

you line up and run 3.1 miles

as fast as you can. It takes a

lot of practice, pain and time.

It is a thankless sport that

usually doesn‘t get a lot of

recognition, but the benefits

can be very rewarding: selfdiscipline,

good work ethic,

learning to set goals for yourself,

and being in the best

shape of your life.

Only three students—all

boys— answered the call to

District Team.

Our awesome

student section


cheered for

our Redmen

all season.

Go Big


run this year. Austin Smith,

Christian Rudmann, and

Chandler Haskins made up

our cross country team this

year. The season started with

the first practice on August 1 st

and ended on October 23 rd

with the district meet at Rio

Grande. The boys ran in ten

meets this season. All three

practiced very hard and decreased

their times as the season

went along. Austin Smith

Page 7

had a great season and was

named All-OVC in his first

year. Christian Rudmann

worked hard all year and had

his personal best time in the

district meet at Rio Grande.

Chandler Haskins pulled double

duty this year, running

with the cross country team

after being in band practice.

This is a very difficult feat to

do. All three boys had a great

year. Congratulations, guys!

Senior Night honored Brittany

Thompson, Ashley Griffith, Nicole

Stamper, and Dani Crabtree.

Rock Hill High School

2415 County Road 26

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Phone: 740-532-7012

Fax: 740-532-7015

Did you know?

Parents can access their

child’s grades through Progress

Book on the Rock

Hill website. If you need

parent log-in information,

contact the office at the

high school. Mrs. Littlejohn

or Mrs. Grant can give you

the information you need.

Artistic Sophomore Writers

Mrs. Ramirez‘s sophomore

English classes recently completed

a project that combines

art, writing, speaking, listening,

and writing in ways that

draw upon students‘ critical

thinking skills and creativity.

Each student created a personalized

piece of artwork, a

collage that used symbols to

depict aspects of his or her

personality. While some students

created symbolic ―selfportrait

jack-o-lanterns,‖ most

students opted to create a

―mandala‖--an ancient artform

consisting of geometric

designs, often circular and

usually symmetrical, symbolizing

unity and wholeness.

Either type of collage involved

symbols which students

chose to represent their

personalities, hobbies, talents,

interests, hopes, or dreams;

therefore each collage is an

artistic representation of the

person who created it. Students

enjoy this type of selfexpression.

Chris Clemente,

for example, said that

―Mandalas are a very good



The Rock Hill High School shall have as its objective to stimulate the student to de-

velop habits, attitudes, and skills which will enable him or her to function as a

worthwhile, effective adult. Students will realize their maximum potential as a per-

son, assume their rightful responsibility as a citizen in a democratic society, and

make a contribution in terms of their own abilities to the world in which they live.

way to express your life. It

lets people know about your


The sophomore class is very

creative and did a remarkable

job with their artwork! Many

chose to use traditional art

supplies to create their collages

by hand, but the majority

elected to produce their

artwork digitally, thus building

technology skills, as well.

Whether created traditionally

or digitally, producing this

artwork allows students to use

higher order thinking skills in

creative ways. As stated by

Vicki Donley, ―It helps us

express our personality in a

very artistic way.‖ The artwork

served as prewriting for

an essay, as each student then

used the collage as an outline

for an essay explaining what

their artwork symbolizes

about them. Following the

writing and revising phases,

students made presentations

of their artwork and essays to

their classmates. In creating

and explaining their artwork,

students learn to not only understand,

explain, and interpret

symbolism but to create

symbols of their own. They

have an opportunity to construct

meaning, organize, and

structure their ideas into an

essay format which allows

them to communicate their

ideas to others both in writing

and orally, which builds verbal

and public speaking skills.

Helping each other revise and

edit and then listening to one

another‘s presentations provides

opportunities for collaboration

and building interpersonal


skills. Sophomore Samantha

Webb stated, ―I believe that

the mandala is a very good

project because it allows us to

give details about ourselves

that we can share with others,

and it helps us to do presentations.‖

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