How it works:Ultraviolet light is invisible, electromagneticenergy with wavelengths, between visiblelight and x-rays. UV light has long beenacknowledged as a means of disinfectionbecause of its ability to kill bacteria bypenetrating their outer membrane andimpairing proper DNA function.When UV light is harnessed and properlytransmitted, it provides a practical, safe andinexpensive means of water disinfection. Thisis achieved through the use of low pressuremercury vapor lamps generate UV radiation inwavelengths as 2537A capable of destroyingvirtually all known forms of microorganismsand viruses.Features:• 304 stainless steel construction•NPT or Flange fittings•Electro-polished and passivated•Elapsed time meter (nonresettable)•Modified NEMA 4 enclosure•L.E.D. display to indicate lampstatus on/off•Fan cooledAdvantages:•Environmentally positive; nochemicals needed•Greater safety for operators•Greater effectiveness on a widerange of pathogens•Fast treatment times, typically lessthan 10 seconds•Lowest operating cost of anydisinfection process•Reduced capital cost•Reduces liability insurancepremiums•Simple operation•Minimal system maintenancerequirementsBenefits:•Quick disconnect for ease of lampreplacement•Designed for indoor and outdoorinstallation•Narrow band Ultraviolet intensitymonitor for continuous lampmonitoring•Elapsed time meterThe Tipton Ultraviolet DisinfectionUnit has many different designsfor your hydraulic flow rates. Wewill be able to fit our UV Unit intoyour application with thatflexibility. If our standard unitdimensions do not fit yourapplications, contact us and wewill show you one that will. Referto data sheet for our standardunits. The “TM” series houses 36”Medium UV lamps and isdesigned to handle from 17 - 102gallons per minute.The “TL”series houses 64” Large UVlamps and is designed to handlefrom 34 - 1360 gallons per minuteOptional Accessories:• Sanitary fittings• Ultraviolet monitors•Temperature monitor with cutoff•Automatic or manual quartz cleaning•Remote monitoring•NEMA 4X enclosures for outdoorinstallations•316 stainless steel

Open channel with no modulesOpen channel with modulesInlet view with modulesAMPS NO. OFUNIT GPD GPM 120V 220V LAMPSWWD-UV-1M2 25,000 17 1.3 1.1 2-36"WWD-UV-2M2 50,000 34 2.1 1.1 4-36"WWD-UV-3M2 75,000 51 3.2 1.7 6-36"WWD-UV-4M2 100,000 68 4.2 2.1 8-36"WWD-UV-5M2 125,000 85 5.3 2.6 10-36"WWD-UV-6M2 150,000 102 6.3 3.4 12-36"WWD-UV-2L2 50,000 34 2.1 1.1 2-64"WWD-UV-2L4 100,000 68 3.2 1.7 4-64"WWD-UV-2L6 150,000 102 4.8 2.5 6-64"WWD-UV-8L2 200,000 136 6.4 3.2 8-64"WWD-UV-10L2 250,000 170 7.5 4.1 10-64"WWD-UV-3L4 300,000 204 9 4.5 12-64"WWD-UV-4L4 400,000 272 12 6 16-64"WWD-UV-5L4 500,000 340 15 7.5 20-64"WWD-UV-6L4 600,000 408 18 9 24-64"WWD-UV-8L4 750,000 544 24 12 32-64"WWD-UV-10L4 1 MGD 680 30 15 40-64"WWD-UV-10L6 1.5 MGD 1020 45 22.5 60-64"WWD-UV-10L8 2.0 MGD 1360 60 30 80-64"What a module looks likeA high . quality stainless steel that isdesigned for larger and moresophisticated industrial and commercialapplications. The power source for theseunits is located in remote NEMAenclosures and has indicator lamps,elapsed running time meter and is fancooled.Units are tested at 200 PSI and have arated working pressure of 150 PSI. Thesystems, which are Electro-polished andpassivated, have 2 removable heads thatallow easy access to periodicmaintenance and come with optionalmanual or automatic quartz wipingsystems.Tipton Environmental2002 Ford Circle - Suite G Milford, Ohio 45150Voice: 513-248-4067 Fax: 513-248-5922 E-Mail: info@tiptonenv.comwww.wastewaterdepot.com

Visit our Online Parts CatalogWastewater Depotwww.wastewaterdepot.com“We Disinfect Withoutthe Use of Chemicals”2002 Ford Circle Suite G Milford, OH 45150 USAVoice: 513.248.4067 Fax: 513.248.5922E-mail: info@tiptonenv.comwww.wastewaterdepot.com

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