XTRS-200C C-Band Rack Mount Solid State Power Amplifiers • 200 ...


XTRS-200C C-Band Rack Mount Solid State Power Amplifiers • 200 ...

XTRS-200C C-Band RackMount Solid StatePower Amplifiers200 Watt• Built-in Redundancy Control1:11:1 with load switching1:1 Soft Fail• Complete Digital M&C InterfaceEthernetRS-232RS-485• Removable Power SupplyThe XTRS-200C is a highly efficient rack-mountablesolid state power amplifier (SSPA) designed for fixedand mobile uplink applications.RF filters, isolators, cooling, and monitor and control(M&C) systems are all self-contained within thepackage.Rack space is conserved because the amplifiersoccupy only 4 rack units (7 inches) of a standard 19inch rack cabinet. Nominal weight is 85 pounds.The unit features a menu driven front panel display,RS-232/422/485 serial port and Ethernet interfacesfor complete computer control. Forward power,reverse power and temperature, and default parametersare easily monitored on the four line front paneldisplay.Gain control is provided via the front panel orthrough the remote interfaces.A high frequency resonant conversion power supplyis used that accepts a wide range of prime power(90 to 264 VAC). Power factor correction circuitry isalso included which minimizes line current distortionand reduces the required Volt-Amps input.Depending upon user requirements, this highpower amplifier can be configured for single thread,redundant, or phase combined configurations.Front Panel Redundancy Options

PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONSParameterFREQUENCY RANGE standardextended frequency coverage availableOUTPUT POWERSaturated Power (Typical)Rated Power(P1dB) @ Amplifier FlangeGAINSmall Signal, minimumSmall Signal, maximumGain Flatness, maximumMaximum SSG Variation Over 40 MHzSlope, maximumStability, 24 Hr maximumStability, TemperatureGAIN CONTROLINTERMODULATIONwith two signalsHARMONIC OUTPUT, maximumXTRS-200C5.85 - 6.425 GHz 5.85 - 6.65 GHz(Option C1)53 dBm 53 dBm52 dBm 52 dBm65 dB, gain control set for maximum gain75 dB, gain control set for maximum gain2.5 dB0.8 dB per 40 MHz± 0.04 dB/MHz± 0.25 dB± 2 dB maximum over temperature range at any frequency20 dB- 25 dBc maximum with two equal carriersat 3 dB total power backoff from rate output- 60 dBcAM/PM CONVERSION, maximum2.5 deg/dB at 3 dB below rated output powerNOISE POWER, maximumTransmit BandReceive Band- 80 dBW/4 kHz- 150 dBW/4 kHz3.7 to 4.2 GHzGROUP DELAY, maximumBandwidthLinearParabolicRippleAny 40 MHz± 0.03 nS/MHz± 0.003 nS/MHz 21 nS/Pk-PkRESIDUAL AM- 50 dBc to 10 kHz- 20 (1.5 + logf) dBc 10 to 500 kHz- 85 dBc above 500 kHzPHASE NOISE, maximum10 dB below IESS phase noise profileVSWRInput, maximumOutput, maximum1.2:11.3:1XTRS-200C

PRIME POWEROPTIONSWorking Range 90 MIN. - 264 MAX.., VAC • Extended Frequency47 to 63 Hz, single phase5.85-6.65 GHz Option C11250 VA Typical5.85-6.725 GHz Option C20.95 Minimum Prime Power Factor• Redundancy Control1:1 Option 291:1 w/load Switching Option 301+1 Soft Fail Option 31• Built-in L-Band Block UpconverterFrequencies Available:5.85-6.425 GHz5.85-6.65 GHzOption B1ENVIRONMENTNONOPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGEOPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGEHUMIDITYALTITUDESHOCK AND VIBRATIONCOOLING-50° C to +70° C0° C to +50° C2° C/1000 feet deratingUp to 95% Noncondensing12,000 feet MSL maximumNormal TransportationForced Air (175 CFM Typical)INTERFACETYPEXTRS-200C High PowerSolid State AmplifiersFUNCTIONCONTROLS Local Local/remote AC Power ON/OFFLocal and Remote Gain Transmit ON/OFF Fault ResetMin/Max Power Alarm/Fault Audio Alarm ON/OFF Lamp TestReflected Power Alarm/Fault Units (Watts, dBm, dBW) Constant PowerSTATUS Front Panel LEDs Standby TransmitLocalSummary FaultRemoteFront Panel Digital Display Power Out Attenuator Setting Faults:Reflected PowerUnits SelectionHigh VSWRTemperatureTemperatureStandby HoursPower SupplyDry Form-C Relay Contacts (Two)Transmit HoursSummary FaultCOMPUTER Hardware Interface 2 ports: RS-232 & RS-422/RS-4851 port: EthernetSERIAL PORTRF SAMPLE PORT COUPLINGXicom Command Set ASCII Commands-40 dB Nominal

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