Neighbourhoods Green - Social Housing Exhibition

Neighbourhoods Green - Social Housing Exhibition

Neighbourhoods Green


Project Activity• Sharing best practice• Developing guidance• Tree management toolkit• Improving the evidencebase• Practitioner learningevents• Influencing and advocacy

•University ofSheffield literaturereview•10 principles forhousing greenspace•Signposts topublications, usefullinks and otherorganisations WheelerNeighbourhoods Green Project 7067 1079

Social Housing Exhibition –The Business Case for QualityOpen SpaceEmma Wilson, Director ofCommunities18 th September 2012

The New Charter Way• Background and structure• Our commitment to all things green• Residents and local groups –– Our approach is to engage residentsin converting unused space, intoattractive, useful community space

The New Charter Way• Training-accredited and non-accreditedon gardening/bees/chickens/openspaces• Fruit orchards on 3 neighbourhoods• Play areas, play markings, monkey park• Bee keeping areas - mentors linked inand staff trained to assist

The New Charter Way• Growing to eat spaces• Recognition and Reward –– Green Pennant awards– RHS– Inbloom awards– Local horticultural shows– Keep Britain tidy award (Micklehurst)

Green Charter• In house grounds maintenance service• Quality and commitment• Monitors• Progress

Future Plans• Development of Green Charter• Tatton 2013 entry• Chickens-residents training• Bees- spread this trend• More ‘grow to eat’ projects

Future Plans• Recipe books-for the food they grow• More sharing of experiences acrossareas via joint events• Fruit and veg swaps between areas tosave wastage• Table top sales to widen communityknowledge and reach more people

Future Plans• Social enterprise initiatives linked togrow boxes and tool banks• Sponsored beds for residents withincommunity gardens for 12 month period• Encourage to enter more horticulturalshows with veg/fruit and plants

Discussion Points• Outcomes• Links to GREAT Opportunitiesprogramme

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