International Application for Admission - Indiana University Southeast

International Application for Admission - Indiana University Southeast

International Application for Admission4201 Grant Line RoadNew Albany, IN 47150Phone: (812) 941-2212Toll Free: (800) 852-8835Email: admissions@ius.eduhttp://www.ius.eduIf you have a question or need additional information:Visit: seintadm@ius.eduCall: 1-812-941-2212Write: Office of Admissions, US-1024201 Grant Line RoadNew Albany, IN 47150USAApplication Information• Please write your name as it appears on your passport. Applications are filed alphabetically under the familyname you list on the application form. All of your forms, records, and correspondence must use the same nameand spelling.• The application form requests a nine-digit US Social Security number. Do not use an identification number issuedby any other government. If you do not have a US Social Security Number, please leave this line blank.Academic PreparationAdmission Standards for International Students – First-Year Undergraduate ApplicantsFirst-year students must have earned the equivalent of a US high school diploma. Their secondary educationshould include the equivalent of at least 28 college preparatory high school courses, and a grade point averagethat is the equivalent of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students who are not eligible for full admission may be consideredfor conditional admission.Standardized Test ScoresStudents who have graduated from secondary school within the last two years are required to submit official scores fromthe SAT or ACT.Admission Standards for International Students – Undergraduate Transfer ApplicantsCollege/University RecordStudents who have completed at least one year of full-time university studies, will be considered a transfer student.Admissions decisions will be based on grade trends, cumulative and recent-term grade point averages (GPA), and thebreadth and depth of the college program. Transfer students should have the equivalent of a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.Applicants who have not completed one year of full-time university must submit secondary school records in addition totheir university transcripts.Admission Standards for International Students – Graduate ApplicantsPlease contact the individual department in order to learn about program requirements and receive additional applicationmaterials.Master of Business Administration: of Science in Strategic Finance: of Science in Education and Graduate Certification Programs: in Liberal Studies:

English Language Requirements for International ApplicantsIU Southeast accepts the following as proof of English proficiency for undergraduate programs:• A score of 530 or higher on the paper version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)• A score of 197 or higher on the computer-based TOEFL• A score of 71 or higher on the internet-based TOEFL• IU Southeast’s TOEFL code is 1314. More information about the TOEFL can be found at• To view other ways undergraduate students can demonstrate proficiency in English, please visit for additional options.Graduate applicants should contact the individual department for English language requirements.Application ChecklistComplete International Application for Admission. Submit the non-refundable $60US application fee. Checks or money orders should be made payable to IndianaUniversity Southeast. Provide official academic record(s) for all secondary and post-secondary work. All official records must bear theoriginal stamp or seal of the issuing institution. If the original is not in English, include a certified, literal translation. Ifyou are currently enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary program, arrange for your transcripts to be sent to IUSoutheast at the time of application. Submit SAT or ACT exam results if you graduated from secondary school within the last two years. IUSoutheast’s SAT code is 1314 and our ACT code is 1229. More information about the SAT and ACT can be found and Submit proof of English proficiency. Provide documentation of financial support. Nonimmigrant international students must present proof of financialsupport to show that sufficient funds are available to cover all study and living expenses for the first full year of study atIU Southeast. Visit for the mostcurrent estimate of expenses. Mail all application materials to:Indiana University SoutheastOffice of Admissions4201Grant Line Road, US 102New Albany, IN 47150USAApplication Priority DatesFall Semester (August) February 1Spring Semester (January) September 15Summer Session I (May) January 1Summer Session II (June) January 1Admission DecisionYou may apply after the priority date, but it cannot be guaranteed that your application will be processed in time for thatsemester. You can expect an admission decision six to nine weeks after we receive your completed application foradmission, application fee, academic record(s), test scores, proof of English Proficiency, and financial documentation.

12/11BACKGROUND INFORMATION4201 Grant Line RoadNew Albany, IN 47150Phone: (812) 941-2212Toll Free: (800) 852-8835Email: seintadm@ius.eduhttp://www.ius.edu1. Full Legal Name (as written on your passport):Family or Surname ______________________ Given or First ______________________ Middle ______________2. Other name(s) by which your records can be identified, if any:Family or Surname ______________________ Given or First ______________________ Middle ______________3. US Social Security Number (if applicable): ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___4. Gender: Male Female5. E-mail address: __________________________________6. Permanent/Parent Address (If you are currently in the US on an F-1 or J-1 visa, please provide a non-US address):Street _____________________________________________________________ City ______________________________State __________________________ County (if US)____________________________ Postal Code ____________________Country _____________________________ Phone (_______) ____________________7. Mailing Address, if different from item #6. If you are currently in the US on a visa, please provide a street address, not a PO Box:Street _____________________________________________________________ City ______________________________State __________________________ County (if US)____________________________ Postal Code ____________________Country _____________________________ Phone (_______) ____________________CITIZENSHIP INFORMATION8. Country of Citizenship: _________________________________9. Country of Permanent Residency (if different from item #6): ___________________________10. Date of Birth (month/day/year): ___ ___ / ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___11. City and Country of Birth: ____________________________________________________12. Native Language: _____________________________________13. US Visa you now hold: Student (F-1) Visitor (B-1/B-2) Work (H-1B) Other_______________ NoneENROLLMENT INFORMATION14. Intended entry term: Fall (August) 20__ Spring (January) 20__ Summer I (June) 20__ Summer II (July) 20__15. Intended major:_______________________________________16. Degree: Associate Bachelor’s Master’s Visiting/Nondegree12/11

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND17. Secondary School _________________________________________________ Graduation date ___________________City_________________________________ State________________ Postal code _____________ Country________________18. Universities Attended (attach a separate sheet if necessary):School ________________________________________________ City/Country_______________________________________Degree received ___________________________ Beginning and ending dates ________________________________________School _________________________________________________ City/Country______________________________________Degree received ___________________________ Beginning and ending dates ________________________________________19. If you are currently enrolled in school, what is your last planned term of enrollment? Fall (August) 20__ Spring (January) 20__ Summer I (June) 20__ Summer II (July) 20__20. List all academic courses you plan to complete in your final term (attach a separate sheet if necessary):_________________________________________________________________________________________________________21. If applicable, dates you took or will take college admissions tests: ACT (month/year) ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___ SAT (month/year) ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___ SAT II Subject Tests (month/year) ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___ TOEFL (month/year) ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___score sent to IUS score sent to IUS score sent to IUS score sent to IUS 22. If you have not been enrolled in school for more than three months, please indicate what you have been doing since leavingschool. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.Activity _____________________________ dates ________________ hours per week _______ City/Country ______________Activity _____________________________ dates _________________ hours per week _______ City/Country ______________23. If you have submitted financial documentation with your application, provide the name and relationship for each sponsor.Name _________________________________ Relationship ______________________________________Name _________________________________ Relationship ______________________________________24. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or engaged in behavior that resulted in injury to persons or personal property? If yes,please include a one-page response to the location and circumstances surrounding the activity. Yes No25. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)Are you entered in SEVIS? Yes No If yes, what is your SEVIS number? N________________________Are you currently in status? Yes NoDate to complete the program. ___ ___/___ ___ ___ ___26. Affirmation: I understand that withholding pertinent information requested on this application or giving false information on thisapplication will make me ineligible for admission, or will make me subject to cancellation of admission if admission has alreadybeen granted or dismissal if already enrolled. I certify that all statements on this application are correct and complete, including areport of possible collegiate credit and criminal or disciplinary history as described in the instructions on the application foradmissions. I give my permission to officials at all institutions I have attended to release information needed by the University tosubstantiate statements I have made on this application. I grant Indiana University Southeast permission to investigate my criminalor educational disciplinary background if necessary._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Student’s SignatureDate

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