Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics


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Artistic GymnasticsTeam Guide

Dear Participants,The XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 Organizing Committee has the mission of celebrating an eventwith the best technical and organizational conditions.We bid you the warmest welcome to the most important sporting event in the American Continent: America’sFiesta.This guide will provide useful information regarding the Pan American Games including the Guadalajara 2011Competition Schedule, information about transportation, accreditation, food services, security, medical services,and competition and training venues in addition to relevant details about Guadalajara, Jalisco.Our city welcomes you with great pride, since will you make this sports celebration an unforgettable experiencefor Guadalajara and all the subsites on which the mark of the Pan American Games will be engraved.We wish you every success!Sincerely,Carlos Andrade GarínAmerica’s FiestaGeneral DirectorXVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011Organizing Committee.

ContentsWelcome 1Sport Authorities 3COPAG 4Competition Officials Management Structure 5Sports Operation Management Structure 6Competition Officials 7Mexico 8Guadalajara 9Competition Date 14Training and Competition Venue 14Qualified Countries 15Test Events 16Technical Meeting 17Competition Schedule 18Training Schedule 19Procedure for Booking the Training Venue 19Layout 20Sports Information Center (SIC) 22Pan American Village (SIC) 23Competition Venue (SIC) 25Pan American Identity Card 26Food Services 27NOC Services 28Pan American Village 29Pan American Village Map 31Medical Services 32Transportation 33Media Service 34Map 35

COPAGXVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 Organizing Committee3232 Pablo Neruda Col. Providencia Guadalajara, Jalisco México 44630+(52 33) 3003 5100 | 5535 8263 | 5705 2275 Faxinfo@guadalajara2011.org.mx | www.guadalajara2011.org.mxPresidentEmilio González MárquezGeneral DirectorCarlos Andrade Garíncandrade@guadalajara2011.org.mxSports and Operations DirectorIvar Sisniega Campbellisisniega@guadalajara2011.org.mxInfrastructure DirectorHugo Rodríguez Gascónhrodriguez@guadalajara2011.org.mxCommercial and Marketing DirectorHoracio de la Vega Floreshdelavega@guadalajara2011.org.mxPress Services DirectorFederico Torres Lópezftorres@guadalajara2011.org.mxLegal DirectorCristina Santiago Villelacsantiago@guadalajara2011.org.mxTechnical-Sport Chief Executive ManagerValentín Yanes Gonzálezvyanes@guadalajara2011.org.mxInformation Technology Chief Executive ManagerCarlos Durán Hernándezcduran@guadalajara2011.org.mxMedical Services and Doping Control ManagerEloy Márquez Cenicerosemarquez@guadalajara2011.org.mxTechnical Sports Services ManagerHellen R. Ponce Avilahponce@guadalajara2011.org.mxSports Operations ManagerSayda del Río Chuljaksdelrio@guadalajara2011.org.mxCompetition Officials ManagerAlba Mireles Torresamireles@guadalajara2011.org.mxSports Venues ManagerRené Romero Esquivelrromero@guadalajara2011.org.mxCompetition Managers CoordinatorLuis Fernando Ortega Ramosfortega@guadalajara2011.org.mxHead of Language ServicesAna Paula González Hornagonzalez@guadalajara2011.org.mx

GACompetition Officials Management StructureTechnical DelegateTechnical StaffChief of judgesand refereesJury of Appeal Technical Commitee International National5

GASports Operations Management StructureCompetitionManagerTechnical DelegateSIC SportsInformationCenterOVR(Results)TrainingAreaField ofPlaySportsEquipamentCompetitionOfficialsWarm-upAreaTechnicalSportsAnnounecerVolunteersAdvisor /SportProtocol6

GACompetition OfficialsGymnastic FemaleAlejandro Peniche FrancoMEXRuby Alexandra Vásquez GalvisCUBMaría Lucia De CristoforoUSAOrisel Del Carmen Martínez BenavidesCUBTatiana Borisovna PerskaiaUSALeyanet González CaleroCUBKristie Eileen Phillips-BannisterUSAZoila María González HidalgoCUBElizabeth Mary ArmitageCANMónica CalabróPURLouise Marie Andree MontreuilCANVesna Elena Yunusic PuelmaCHIGordon Michael BennettCANLisseth Amelia Alvarado ClementeECUYumi Yamamoto SawasatoBRAYazaira Cabrera DavilaPERLisiane Lewis Xerxenevsky BergueBRAMarta Patricia JardelARGMónica Barroso Dos AnjosBRAKarla Johanna Bonilla LópezDOMMaría Andrea Gómez GómezMEXLucinda Elvira Infante BramónBOLNelyda Berenice Lugo ArellanoMEXDiana YockURUClaudia Esteva SolísMEXEverian Feliz VargasCOLJhoannys Josefina Ruiz BellosoVENMarcela Soria VargasThays José Colina De PapapietroVENMiriam OrdoñesURUHimilce Esperanza Casares CastilloVENMaría Laura García BriseñoMEXBlanca Cecilia Sabogal De DomínguezCUBPaulina Nava AcevesMEXDiana María Osorio OssesCUBAmérica Citlali Bahena RadilloMEX7

GAJudgesGymnastic MaleBlanca Cecilia Sabogal De DomínguezCOLJesús Arias BautistaMEXDiana María Osorio OssesCOLLuis Felipe García MartínezMEXRuby Alexandra Vásquez GalvisCOLRaúl Martínez RangelMEXJuan Pablo Ramírez CarmonaCOLEnrique Luis SalanitroARGOscar Buitrago ReyesCOLFabián Audite StamattiARGGustavo Jorge PisosARGJuan Manuel Mora LoaizaVENJonathan Paul CorbittUSAErick López RíosCUBDouglas HillsUSAFelipe Antonio Cubillos MontecinoCHIMichael Thomas JuszczykUSANemecio Enrique Toro ZapataECURicardo Kimura YokoyamaBRAVíctor Germán Honores SeguraPEREliseu Burtet NetoBRALiranzo CamachoDOMEdgard Vernetti FerreiraBRARoddman Waldemar Murga ChopenGUAJerome BoisteauCANEsteban Camacho SequeiraCRCJohn Joseph CarrollCANJuan Carlos Velásquez AlvaradoCOLJeffrey Willard ThomsonCANRaúl RiveraMEXRaúl A. Bonet ValentínPURErnesto Ayala GonzálezMEXJuan Francisco Ortiz LópezPURJuan Carlos Alcántara LemusMEXJosé Manuel SucartPUR8

GAMexicoMexico is situated in the northern hemisphere of the American Continent. It borders the United States of Americato the north, Guatemala and Belize to the south, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to thewest. Its territory has a total area of 1,964,375 km2 The country is divided into 31 states and 1 Federal District.Mexico offers a great variety of attractions including a heritage of Pre-Columbian civilizations, great archeologicalsites that shape the national identity and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. The country brings together thehistorical remains of cultures dating back thousands of years blended with the excitement of large cities. Mexicois unique thanks to its natural wealth combined with its remarkable historic elements and its internationallyrenowned infrastructure.Mexico’s diversity can be experienced throughout its states, all of which offer an endless number of destinationswhere all sorts of leisure activities are there to be enjoyed.As the birthplace of great painters like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo as well as acclaimed writers like AgustinYañez, Juan Jose Arreola, Octavio Paz and Carlos Fuentes, Mexico was also home to impressive muralists likeJose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, all of whom are part of a rich culture characterized by theexpressions of all Mexicans.Guadalajara, host city of the upcoming Pan American Games is located in the State of Jalisco, known internationallyby its Mexican identity icons like “charrería”, “mariachi” music and Tequila.Jalisco offers endless possibilities: Cultural, natural, touristic and gastronomic; all of which will give America’sFiesta a color that is distinctly Mexican.9

GAThe City of GuadalajaraGuadalajara is the capital of the State of Jalisco. The city islocated in the central region of the state and has a populationof 1,600,940 people, making it the second largest city inMexico.The Guadalajara Metropolitan area also includes themunicipalities of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Tlajomulcode Zuñiga and El Salto. Added together, the population forthe metropolitan area totals 3,967,252 inhabitants accordingto the 2005 census.Guadalajara is at an altitude of 1,567 meters above sea leveland is one of the main cultural, economic, historic, industrialand religious centers in Mexico. All of this gives the citysignificant influence over the rest of the country.“Tapatío” is the Spanish word used to refer to Guadalajara’snatives. The city is named in honor of the Spanish city ofGuadalajara and the word may mean “rocky river”, “rockyvalley” or “fort valley.”Host of major eventsThe city was a subsite for the Mexico 1968 Olympic Gamesand the 1970 and 1986 football World Cups. It has alsohosted serveral international events such as the first Ibero-American Summit in 1991 as well as the Latin American andthe Caribbean-European Union Summits in 2004. In 2005,the city was named Cultural Capital of the Americas.In 1987, the Guadalajara “Expo” Convention Center opened itsdoors and for the upcoming Pan American Games, the centerwill act as the International Broadcast Center, TechnologyOperations Center, Main Operations Center and the MainGlorieta Minerva, Guadalajara, Jalisco10

GAPress Center.There are more than 25,000 hotel rooms in the Cityand the metropolitan area is a national leader in theinvestment and development of commercial centers.Official currencyThe Peso is Mexico’s offcial currency and is representedby the symbol $. The bills that are currently incirculation have a denomination of 20, 50, 100, 500and 1,000 pesos. The coins in circulation are 10, 20and 50 cents as well as 1, 5, 10 and 20 pesos.Exchange rates vary on a daily basis so, previouslyconsulting rates with specialized foreign exchangeproviders is highly recommended in order to find outabout the latest exchange rate.In Guadalajara, currency and traveler’s chequesmay be exchanged directly at currency exchangebusinesses, at some banks or at any airport. The mostcommon currency exchange is between the US dollarand the Mexican peso, or between the Euro and theMexican peso. Exchanging from dollar to peso is themost recommended transaction.Credit and debit cardsCredit cards are widely used in Guadalajara as theyare accepted in almost all business establishments,hotels, restaurants and travel agencies; however,it’s a good idea to carry some domestic currency forincidental expenses. The most accepted cards includeVisa, Master Card, Diner’s Club and American Express.Rotonda de los Hombres Ilustres, Guadalajara, Jalisco11

GAVoltageElectric current is at 110 volts at 60 MHz. It’s the same voltage that is used in the United States and Canada. Ifyour electronic devices run on 220 volts, you will need an adapter. Please note that the standard plugs are flatpronged.Business hoursLike most Mexican cities, office hours usually run from 9AM to 5PM.Hospicio CabañasGuadalajara, JaliscoAs for shopping centers, hours of operation run from 9AM to 8PM and while most open on Sundays, it’s best tocheck before going.TippingTipping is not compulsory; however, at bars, restaurants, discotheques and night clubs, it is customary to leavea tip between 10 and 15 percent, not counting the value added tax (IVA) included in the bill.For bellboys and valet parking attendants, a $1 to $2 US dollar tip for their service is customary in Guadalajara.System of measurementThe system of measures used in Mexico is the Metric-Decimal system. Temperature is expressed in degreesCelsius and volume is expressed in liters.12

GAHospitality“Tapatíos” are widely recognized for their warmth and hospitality. You are like to feel at home in Guadalajara.If you need tourism assistance in Guadalajara, you should be able to go to one of the Board of Tourism informationbooths that will be located throughout the State of Jalisco during the Pan American Games. These kiosks will bestrategically placed in or around the Pan American venues.Parroquia de San Antonio , Tapalpa, Jalisco13

GACompetition DateThe XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 Artistic Gymnastics competition will be held from SaturdayOctober 22 to Friday October 28, 2011.Training and Competition VenueNissan Gymnastics ComplexLopez Mateos Sports Complex2189 Colon Av.Colonia Industrial, Guadalajara, Jalisco.Tel. +52 (33) 14041430Capacity: 3,434Altimetry: 1672 m.a.s.lDistance to the Pan American Village:15 Km / 26 min.14

GAQualified CountriesCountries Number of ParticipantsWMARG 2 6 8BRA 6 6 12CAN 6 6 12CHI 2 2 4COL 6 6 12CRC 1 1 2CUB 6 2 8DOM 1 1 2ECU 2 2 4ESA - 1 1GUA 1 1 2MEX 6 6 12PAN 1 - 1PER 1 2 3PUR 2 6 8TRI 1 1 2URU 1 - 1USA 6 6 12VEN 6 2 8Total 11415

Technical MeetingDate Time Sport Placeoct-21 10:00 Artistic Gymnastics Pan American Village - Meeting Room 1Team Leaders must collect their invitations for the Technical Meeting from the SIC at the Pan American Village,upon arrival

GACompetition ScheduleDate Sessions Time Eventoct-22- 13:00-14:50 Podium WAG - Sub 1- 16:00-17:50 Podium WAG - Sub 2oct-23- 13:00-15:15 Podium MAG - Sub 1- 16:00-18:15 Podium MAG - Sub 213:00-15:30 Competition I WAG - Sub 1oct-24 S1 13:00 16:00-18:30 Competition I WAG - Sub 218:45-19:00 WAG Teams Medal Ceremony13:00-15:30 Competition I MAG - Sub 1oct-25 S1 13:00 16:00-18:30 Competition I MAG - Sub 218:45-19:00 MAG Teams Medal Ceremonyoct-26S1 13:0013:00-15:00 Competition II WAG15:15-15:30 WAG All Around Medal CeremonyS2 17:3017:30-20:00 Competition II MAG20:15-20:30 MAG All Around Medal Ceremony13:00-13:30 Competition III - MAG Floor Exercise Final13:40-14:10 Competition III - WAG Vault and MAG Pommel Horse Finalsoct-27 S1 13:00 14:20-15:00 MAG Floor Exercise, WAG Vault and MAG Pommel Horse Medal Ceremony15:00-15:30 Competition III - WAG Uneven Bars and MAG Rings Final15:40-16:00 WAG Uneven Bars and MAG Rings Medal Ceremony13:00-13:30 Competition III - WAG Balance Beam and MAG Vault Final13:40-14:00 WAG Balance Beam and MAG Vault Medal Ceremonyoct-28 S1 13:00 14:10-14:40 Competition III - WAG Floor Exercise and MAG Parallel Bars Finals14:40-15:10 Competition III - MAG Horizontal Bars Final15:20-16:00 WAG Floor Exercise, MAG Parallel Bars and MAG Horizontal Bar Medal Ceremony18

GATraining SchedulePre competition Training Venue Time DateNissan Gymnastics Complex (training area) 08:00- 20:00 oct 4 - 23Training Venue during the CompetitionNissan Gymnastics Complex (Training Area) 08:00 - 20:00 oct 24 - 27Trainings that require bookingThe Sports Information Center at the Pan American Village is in charge of the submission, changes andcancellations of the programmed training schedules before and during competitions.In the event there is not a scheduled training with assigned times for each delegation, The SIC at the Pan AmericanVillage will provide a booking service based on the athletes’ list submitted by the sport entries departmentaccording to the capacity of the training venue and subject to availability. Bookings must be made at least 24hours before the time you wish to book.Based on this information, the user (Person that bears an SIC access card) must request this service at therespective help desk in order to continue preparing towards the competition.19

Acceso autoBajaSALIDA EXCLUSIVAMENTEACCESO GENERAL PÚBLICOTICKET MASTERHOSPITALITYSOCIOS COMERCIALESRampaCirculacionesPlazoletaTIENDAOFICIALJardinerasubesubeingreso atletascalentadoresrampa1413121110987654321bañosmingitoriosenfermeriaseguridadANTENA UBICADA HACIA EL SURGERENTEINSTALACIÓNADMINISTRADORINSTALACIÓNOVRSALA JUECES MASCULINOSALA JUECES FEMENINO2.102.10Cuarto demaquinasjuecesjuecesCvestidoresregaderassala de atletasclosetRUEDA DE PRENSABODEGA DE HIDRATACIÓNOFICINAMONTAJEaseoUNIDAD MOVILBLOQUEADOfotografosjuecesdelegadotecnicoUPAG2.102.10VESTIDORES JUECES HOMBRES2m4mCT UPAGFOULswi stimingPLANTA DE LUZ12.5marea deespera3msubeVESTIDORES JUECES MUJERES1.5m1.5mR R2msala deatletasárea dedopingDELEG.TÉCNICOYDIRECTORCOMPETENCIAPlazoleta3.5mvestidoresZONA MIXTA T.V.5.5m3maseomingitorios2m3.25mBANQUETAbañosrepisonPROTOCOLO YPREMIACIONSEGURIDAD8m2.5mregaderas2.8m2.10calentadores2.5m8subeacceso agraderiaBLOQUEADOBLOQUEADOfotografoscuarto demaquinas2mRampaBajarampasubeDOPINGTABLERO DERESULTADOS MSLÁREA DE DESCANSOATLETASÁREA DEMEDICIÓNÁREA MEDICAVESTIDORES ATLETASVESTIDORES ATLETASCIDPH2OH2OHIELERAFOUL2. m 316x8x3ENTRADASALIDALayout area of ​women’s gymnastics competitionBanquetaCalle 340 39 38 37 36 35OUTFIELDINFIELDBajaMuro de piedraRampa existenteRampaAcceso peatonal 1A ceso peatonal 2Jardin JardinPlazoletaanotadoresOficina dela F.I.S.dugout14 13 12 1 10 97 6 5 4 3 2 1Bu lpensPlazoleta160.50VESaPiBAEGimnasia ArtísticaArtistic gymnasticsÁrea Médica Planta BajaMedical AreaBañosRestroomsCateringCateringCatering DeportivoSports CateringControl de AccesoAccess ControlHidrataciónHydrationComplejo Nissan de GimnasiaNissan Gymnastics ComplexUnidad Deportiva López MateosLópez Mateos Sports Complex

Acceso autoBajaSALIDA EXCLUSIVAMENTEACCESO GENERAL PÚBLICOTICKET MASTERHOSPITALITYSOCIOS COMERCIALESRampaCirculacionesPlazoletaTIENDAOFICIALJardinerasubesubeingreso atletascalentadoresrampa141312110987654321bañosmingitoriosenfermeriaseguridadANTENA UBICADA HACIA EL SURGERENTEINSTALACIÓNADMINISTRADORINSTALACIÓNOVRSALA JUECES MASCULINOSALA JUECES FEMENINO2.102.10Cuarto demaquinasjuecesjuecesCvestidoresregaderassala de atletasclosetRUEDA DE PRENSABODEGA DE HIDRATACIÓNOFICINAMONTAJEaseoUNIDAD MOVILBLOQUEADOfotografosjuecesdelegadotecnicoUPAG2.102.10VESTIDORES JUECES HOMBRES2m4mCT UPAGFOULswi stimingPLANTA DE LUZ2.5m2.5marea deespera2.5m1.75mVESTIDORES JUECES MUJERES3msubeR R1.5m1.5msala deatletasárea dedopingDELEG.TÉCNICOYDIRECTORCOMPETENCIA1.25m6mPlazoletavestidores3.5mZONA MIXTA T.V.5.5m13maseomingitorios2mBANQUETAbañosrepisonPROTOCOLO YPREMIACIONSEGURIDAD8m2m2.5mregaderas2.8m2.10calentadores2.5m4.3m8subeacceso agraderiaBLOQUEADOBLOQUEADOfotografoscuarto demaquinas2mRampaBajarampasubeDOPINGTABLERO DERESULTADOS MSLÁREA DE DESCANSOATLETASÁREA DEMEDICIÓNÁREA MEDICAVESTIDORES ATLETASVESTIDORES ATLETASCIDPH2OH2OHIELERAFOUL2. m 316x8x3ENTRADASALIDALayout area of ​men’s gymnastics competitionBanquetaCalle 340 39 38 37 36 35OUTFIELDINFIELDBajaMuro de piedraRampa existenteRampaAcceso peatonal 1A ceso peatonal 2Jardin JardinPlazoletaanotadoresOficina dela F.I.S.dugout14 13 12 1 10 97 6 5 4 3 2 1Bu lpensPlazoleta160.50SaCAAnPiBFBPEGimnasia ArtísticaArtistic GymnasticsÁrea Médica Planta BajaMedical AreaBañosRestroomsCateringCateringCatering DeportivoSports CateringControl de AccesoAccess ControlHidrataciónHydrationComplejo Nissan de GimnasiaNissan Gymnastics ComplexUnidad Deportiva López MateosLópez Mateos Sports Complex

GASports Information Center (SIC)The Sports Information Center (SIC) has as a main objective the distribution of specific technical informationrelated to the competition and training schedules of the Sports Program for the XVI Pan American GamesGuadalajara 2011, as well as the friendly service and attention to the sports authorities.The SIC services are exclusive for the National Olympic Committees, Technical Delegates, IFs, PCs, Referees andTechnical Officials.The access to these Information Centers can only be granted to people who carry an Access ID which will begiven to the Chefs de Mission so they can authorize up to 3 people of the NOC’s administrative staff and up to2 people per Sport to access and obtain information.Functions1. To guarantee the information flow between the Pan American Village SIC and the Venue SICs before, duringand after the events.2. To coordinate the requests made by the users with the respective functional areas.a. Box Lunchb. Transportationc. Accreditation replacementd. Training3. To organize the information delivery to the participating National Olympic CommitteesTechnical Information about:a. Competition Schedulesb. Training Schedulesc. Starting listd. Starting charte. Final Chartf. Official Resultsg. Individual resultsh. Results summaryi. Recordsj. Medallistsk. Medallists per eventl. Total medal scorem. Transportation Schedule and formatn. Box lunch formato. Temporary Access Pass Format22

GAPan American Village SICThis information center begins its operations before the SICs of the competition and training venues.The Pan American Village SIC provides initial information to the delegations about what to do at all times beforeand during the competitions.This information center is located in the Residential Zone of the Pan American Village; its operation period will befrom September 29th to October 30th, 2011 from 07:00 to 23:00 hrs. There will be two service periods for NOCs:1. The first period will start upon arrival of the NOC, from September 29th to October 12th 2011, with a generalinformation help desk to deliver training schedules and to manage transportation services.2. The second service period will consist of groups, each group attending a specific discipline in a different helpdesk except for the group which will be in charge of the four disciplines held in the subsites of the XVI PanAmerican Games Guadalajara 2011.Each group will open its services three days (72 hours) before the first competition day and it will close 12 hoursafter the end of the competition.During the competition each group will provide technical information to the delegations in the Pan AmericanVillage through pigeon holes. There are two main pigeon holes, one is exclusive for the Chefs de Mission and theother one is for general use, which is for people who carry a SIC access ID.The groups will also help manage NOC needs with the respective functional areas such as:a. Transportation, only for matters related to the competition or training.b. Box lunch, during the competition period of each discipline.c. Training schedules, before and during the competition.d. Accreditation replacement, management of accreditation authorization by medical substitution andclassification change from P to Aa.23

GAWaiting RoomService requestForms desksService requestForms desksService requestForms desksSICEntranceSports Information CenterSICTraining, Transportationand Food ServicesPersonalizedattentionPrinting areaLanguage ServicesSICManagementSICMeeting roomSICStorage roomDistribución CIDSIC LayoutVilla PanamericanaPan American VillageCentro de Información Deportiva CIDSports Information Center SIC24

GASports Information Centers at the Competition VenuesThere is a Sports Information Center at each of the competition venues. The opening time is two hours beforethe beginning of the competition closing one hour after the end of the competition operating only duringcompetition days.This Center is of vital importance for the competitions since its objective is to distribute the information to allother functional areas of the Organizing Committee as well as the users (people who carry an access ID for theSIC).It also provides the service request forms to the users (transportation, box lunch and accreditation) in order forthose to be processed.The Venue SIC provides the temporary access pass to the competition venues if the respective accreditation is lostor damaged. This applies when the entry of any person who is directly linked to the competition is necessary, forinstance athletes and technical officials.The SIC together with the sport entries department coordinate the delivery of the temporary access passes whichgrant the following rights:a. Access to the Warm up area and field of playb. Use of transportation exclusively to return to the Pan American Village.c. This temporary pass only works to access on the appointed date, this means, he/she will not be able toenter a second timeAnother function of these information centers is to coordinate the scheduled trainings of each sports disciplinebefore and during the sports competitions.SICs at Training VenuesThe training SIC is located at the venue marked in the training schedule.This schedule may vary according to the sports and activities programmed for of each discipline (during thecompetition) and at the training venue.The function of the SICs at the different training venues is to coordinate the entry and exit of delegations to thetraining venue in order to ensure the proper functioning of the venue.25

GAPan American Identity CardIdentification Document that ensures the beareraccess to the facilities of the XVI Pan American GamesGuadalajara 2011 and the necessary privileges for thegood performance of their activities.Loss or damage of the accreditationIn case of loss or damage of the already validatedaccreditation the bearer must let the Chef de mission ofhis/her Delegation know what happened, and he /sheshall inform the fact in writing to COPAG and requestthe issuance of a new ID.The lost or damaged accreditation shall be cancelled inthe system and it will not be able to be validated evenif it´s later found.The new accreditation shall be issued and delivered atthe Accreditation Center of the Pan American Villagefor the Delegations and Official Hotel for the authoritiesand competition officials.CODESINFINITEACCESSAll Sports FacilitiesBLUECompetition Area, Operational Areas (Back of House) and GeneralCirculation AreasREDOperational Areas (Back of House) and General Circulation Areas(Front of House)WHITEGeneral Circulation Areas (Front of House)2 Athlete Warming-up Area4 Areas Reserved for Press5 Areas Reserved forTVs and Radio Broadcasters Titleholders ofBroadcasting Rights6 Areas Reserved for the Pan American FamilyVInternational Zone of the VillageRResidencial Zone of the Village26

GAFood servicesCompetition Officials’ hotelDining hall operation hours at the Hotel:Breakfast 06:00 - 10:00 hrsLunch 11:00 - 16:00 hrsDinner 19:00 - 24:00 hrsNote: In those sports in which due to their Sports Program they can´t return to the Hotel for their meal, acatering service has been requested at the Competition Venue.Pan American VillageDining hall operation hours at the Pan American Village:Breakfast 05:00 . 10:00 hrsLunch 11:00 - 17:00 hrsDinner 18:00 - 24:00 hrsNote. Only those who have “R” in their accreditation shall have access to the dining hall of the Pan AmericanVillage. Light meals or snacks will be available from 24:00 hr to 05:00 hr.Box lunchAll box lunch requests will be reviewed upon specific requests made at least 24 hours in advance at the SportsInformation Center of the Pan American Village.27

GANOC ServicesNOC Assistants will be provided to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in order to solve problems that mayarise with each Delegation, the NOC assistants will perform activities such as:a. Providing direct assistance to the Chef de Missionb. Providing information and all kinds of assistance in regarding to the operations in the Pan American Villagec. Programing the transportation to different venuesd. Helping and support at the arrival of each delegatione. Helping set up the delegation´s officef. Helping with the requests of guest passesg. Helping with the ticket requestsh. Accompanying the members of the delegation to interviewsi. Translating when necessary or requestedEach NOC will have the right to a specific number of special vehicles for the Chef de Mission and the delegation´suse. According to COPAG´s policies, members of the Pan American Family and other authorities will NOT beallowed to drive the special vehicles.The total number of supplied vehicles may vary according to the delegation size.28

GAPan American VillageDuring Games time, over 7,500 athletes and team officials will stay in the Pan American Village which has a totalof 4 buildings and 941 apartments.Pan American Village Operations SchedulePre Opening - September 29, 2011Official Opening of the Pan American Village - October 4, 2011Closing of the Pan American Village - November 2, 2011COPAG will guarantee access and accommodation for the members of each NOC without any charge.Accommodation will include three daily meals.For the comfort of the residents of the Pan American Village and their guests, there will be commercial andentertainment zones in the International zone.Some of the offered services are:Souvenir shopSponsor storesFast foodInternet roomBeauty salonBankTelephone centerTravel agencyDry cleanerPostal servicePhoto storeFlower shopTravel agencyTicket sale for the competitionsLost and found officeIce, food and beverage machinesEcumenical chapelPeople´s theaterDance club29

GATobacco at the VillageSince this is a facility that is part of the Pan American infrastructure, it is strictly forbidden to smoke within thepremises. It is also forbidden to enter the Pan American Village carrying tobacco in order to respect the facilityand not to bother the residents.Water tabFor the safety of the Pan American Village residents, it is recommendet not to drink water from the tab.Alcoholic beveragesIt is forbidden to enter the Pan American Village carrying intoxicating beverages and other objects that maythreaten the safety and tranquility of the residents.30

Pan American Village MapGA1. Check point2. Bus parking lot3. Vehicle parking lot4. Transport Mall5. Shipping and disembarking zone6. Welcome center7. International Zone Plaza8. International Zone Offices9. Flags square10. Main square11.Village Club (Dance Club)12. Dining hall13. Kitchen14. Dining hall Plaza15. Restrooms16. Patio17. Maneuvers area18. Logistics19. Multipurpose courts20. People’s Theater21. Entertainment area– swimming pool22. Gymnasium23. Polyclínic24. Sports Information Center25. Emergency exit31

GAMedical ServicesFrom the opening date of the Pan American Village, ample and efficient Medical services will be availableproviding attention to those who require it, whether inside or out of the Pan American venues.DopingDoping control will be made according to the regulations established by PASO Medical Commission, theregulations of the corresponding International Federation and the standards and procedures of the WorldAntidoping Agency.Medical Services at the Pan American VillageComprehensive, accessible and efficient medical care will be provided during the XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara2011 to everyone requiring assistance in any of the Pan American venues, including non-competition venues.The Polyclinic, a medical facility within the Residential Zone of the Pan American Village, will provide all personswith access to the Village a wide range of services including sports medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedics,radiology, pharmaceutical services, dental services, general medical consulting services, and 24-hour emergencyservices. The clinic will also have the availability of an ambulance service outfitted with a mobile Intensive Caretreatment unit. This center will be linked to a network of accredited hospitals for ongoing care, if required.A first-aid station will be in operation at the International Zone of the Pan American Village.Designated members of the Pan American Family will receive free emergency medical treatment within themedical services facilities from their official arrival date to their official departure date.Medical Services at training and competition venuesMedical Stands will be available to render first aid to athletes and officials at every Training and Competitionvenue, with ambulances available to be used for emergency transportation to certified hospitals, if necessary.32

GATransportationTransportation services for the XVI Pan American Games will begin on September 29, 2011. Athletes and TeamOfficials that arrive to the International airports of Mexico City (Benito Juarez) and Guadalajara (Miguel Hidalgoy Costilla) will be received and assisted by COPAG’s transportation services staff. A transportation service to takeathletes and officials to the Pan American Village will be available on a 24-hour basis at the Miguel Hidalgo yCostilla airport.Participants bearing a TA accreditation will have access to exclusive vehicles (dates and hours of operation tobe determined), by sport according to the competition schedule. The COPAG transportation system will supplyall athletes and officials with the necessary and timely information for transportation to and from the airports,training and competition venues, and the Pan American Village.On competition days, authorized athletes and officials will be transported in a designated shuttle bus during theestablished schedule according to the general program, which will be provided.Transportation to the training venues will be scheduled and provided upon specific request, submitted 24 hoursin advance at the Sports Information Center of the Pan American Village.33

GAMedia ServicesMixed ZonesThe mixed zones will be set up in the competition venues to facilitate interactions between athletes and themedia. Athletes must pass through the mixed zone after finishing their competitions, but they are not obliged toanswer questions from the media. Each journalist must conduct the interview in one minute.Press ConferenceGenerally, a press conference with the medalists will be organized immediately after each final (if necessary,coaches and other athletes may also be invited). COPAG’s Media Services staff will introduce the competitors inthe press room. During the conference, there will be simultaneous translation.34


Team GuideEditorial Collection of Guides and ManualsXVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 Organizing CommitteeCoordination of ContentsSports Technical DepartmentWriting Style, Design and LayoutSports Technical PublicationsTranslationLanguage Services DepartmentGuadalajara, MexicoSeptember 2011

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