SMI SPECIAL REPORT:SOCIAL MEDIASUSTAINABILITY INDEXThe numbers are more surprising when you consider that few of thesecompanies can claim to be social media neophytes. Indeed, of the 287companies that were looked at, 244, that’s around 85 percent, alreadypromote their consumer brands and ad campaigns through social media. Yetwhen it comes to where they stand on planet-saving and community-buildinginitiatives they’re social-media mute.Joining GE, IBM, Starbucks and Ford at the top of the SMI Social SustainabilityIndex are acknowledged leaders in social media communications like PepsiCoand Dell. Others like German insurance giant Allianz have adopted innovativeways to demonstrate their sustainability commitment and actions throughsmart storytelling and community building. Perhaps surprisingly, Nestlewould be one of the social media sustainability leaders, were it not for itsFacebook faux pas earlier in the year.Then there are the laggards who are feted for sustainability standards andwho are eager proponents of social media for marketing and sales but haveyet to see the value in combining social with sustainability. Powerhousecompanies like Diageo, Kodak, Heineken and Citigroup all fail to make the listof 120 companies that embrace social media to communicate sustainability.3

SMI SPECIAL REPORT:SOCIAL MEDIASUSTAINABILITY INDEXInformation ManagementFive years ago, getting news online about sustainability was both relatively simpleand also very frustrating. For the most part we were dependent on the paltry coverageonline newspapers gave to issues like environmentalism, corporate responsibility,biodiversity and climate change. Social media has created an explosion of informationsources in the form of blogs, dedicated green news sites and Twitter. But even as weare now spoiled for choice on green information it’s become much harder to evaluatethe quality of the information at our disposal.In some cases social media has uncovered a breed of vibrant new voices andindependent thinkers who are delivering information and expertise we might neverhave discovered previously. In many cases however, social media has created a worldof cluttered and confusing noise that can simply lead to information overload. For thisreport we’ve compiled a handy guide to what we call the Green Twitterati – the 100most useful voices on business sustainability and CSR practices. To compile it wecalled upon some of the news sources Custom Communication uses to produce forits clients the Sustainability Cheat Sheet, a bespoke and targeted weekly news digestof the most important watchdogs and policy influencers by sustainability sector.The Green TwitteratiMedia1. SubrigavarGerman based CSR news2. SustainableBizProlific aggregator3. EnnNewsNY based green news headlines4. GreenbiztweetsSan Francisco based green news5. DotearthNYT green blog6. Sustainablemag/sustainability-newsAs it says7. GuardianecoThe Guardian’s Environmental section8. GristEdgy green journalism9. HuffPostGreenEnvironmental section of Huffington Post10. CorporateKnightBusiness ethics magazine12. TreeHuggerLeading sustainability blog13. JerryjamesstoneProlific environmental writer14. Ethical_CorpNews and analysis about sustainability andanti-corruption15. 3BLMediaCSR news16. MarcGuntherCSR business writer17. CSR WireCSR news and analysis18. OliviaZaleskiHost of CNN and Fortune Magazine’s “Businessof Green”19. BritespriteUK-based sustainability journalist20. MongabayEnvironmental science and conservation news11. GreenwombatTodd Woody Contributing editor, Fortune Magazine7

SMI SPECIAL REPORT:SOCIAL MEDIASUSTAINABILITY INDEXConsultants and Agencies1. AdamwerbachVP of sustainability at Ogilvy2. Tom RafteryLead analyst and blogger at GreenMonk3. DebjustmeansMD of Just Means4. McmilkerEco-marketing expert5. GoodCorporationEthical and sustainable consultancy6. ConeLLCStrategy and communications agency7. TaigaCompanySustainability consultants8. RealizedWorthSocial media CSR consultants9. FuterraEnviro PR agency10. StacykinneyEco friendly marketing12. MrochteCSR consultant13. MallenbakerSustainability and CSR consultant14. DRMeyer1Green Supply Chain & Enviro Consulting15. DcarliSocial media and social responsibility16. FabianPattbergSustainability consultant and social mediaadvocate17. DavidcoethicaCSR, sustainability, ethical business andenvironment specialist18. MvellandiDigital PR19. GreensmithCSR and sustainability consultant20. Elaine CohenCSR Consultant11. MateoyFounder of Custom CommunicationCompanies1. GfriendCEO of Natural Logic Inc2. HlovinsPresident of Natural Capitalism Solutions3. JeffreyHogueVP of sustainability at Danisco4. JamesfarrarVice President Sustainability at SAP5. Clayton FordCSR at Diageo6. FordDriveGreenFord Green Tech news7. ZerofootprintSocially responsible enterprise with a missionto apply technology, design and risk management8. McfoundationMastercard’s microfinance foundation9. Smarterplanet (IBM)IBM CSR10. Intel_CSRIntel CSR11. MsftcitizenshipMicrosoft CSR12. Next100blogSustainability tweets supported by PG&E13. EWEAEWEA is the voice of the wind industry14. JNJStoriesSustainable storytelling from Johnson&Johnson15. DanoneCommunitiesDanone’s commitment to CSR, anti-poverty andmicrofinance16. LivablecitiesInnovative solutions from Philips to improvepeople’s health and well-being in cities17. GreenerTescoConsumer-focused green tips from Tesco18. Az_knowledgeAllianz’s thought leadership feed about climatechange, health and microfinance19. BancaparatodosPark of BBVA’s “banking for all” CSR project20. GHCommunityAllstate’s social community8

SMI SPECIAL REPORT:SOCIAL MEDIASUSTAINABILITY INDEXNGO’s1. WorldresourcesWorld Resources Institute2. BankTrackUrging financial services to makesustainable investments3. Nature_orgThe Nature Conservancy4. NRDCThe Natural Resources Defense Council5. NWFThe National Wildlife Federation6. RnfrstAllianceThe Rainforest Alliance7. Sierra_MagazineOfficial tweets from Sierra Club8. WildernessThe Wilderness Society9 World_WildlifeThe World Wildlife Fund promotes wildlifeconservation and protection efforts worldwide10. EnvDefenseFundThe Environmental Defense Fund works withgovernments, communities11. Foe_usFriends of the Earth12. Humanitarian NewsRome-based aggregator for global humanitarianissues13. GreenpeaceGreenpeace...of course14. AmazonWatchAmazon river advocates15. ClimateGroupNot-for-profit organisation with aim toaccelerate a low carbon economy16. ClimateProjectEducate and challenge citizens and governmentsinto action against the growing crisis of globalwarming17. Rainforest Action NetworkEdgy environmental campaigners18. 10:10Individuals committed to reducingcarbon by 10%19. Survival InternationalDefending rights of Tribal peoples20. Global WitnessRespected anti-corruption NGOAcademia, Politics & Community1. GhobergEnvironmental/natural resource policy professor12. DevcrossingCSR community network2. YaleE360Smart academic tweeting3. EthicsbloggerChris MacDonald, expert in business ethics4. Redgreenandblue RedGreenandBlue.orgEnvironmental opinions5. EarthjusticeNon-profit environmental law firm6. GreenEnergyBrfWhite House press room source of green news7. Hal_GoodGovernment procurement director with apassion for innovation8. ElaineishereGreen building specialist9. SustainableprofInternational Society of Sustainability Professionals10. SustainableJobsCSR and Sustainability Recruiter11. JoannayarrowFounder of Beyond Green13. GreenREACHGreenREACH connects green experts to thepeople who need them through training,promotion and technology14. GreenopolisGreen living tips15. OpportunityGreenOpportunity Green inspires a collaborativeculture of new thinking and unconventionalideas that pushes change16. SustainableCommThe Institute for Sustainable Communities17. DothegreenthingCreative thinking in going green18. CeresSustainable investment news19. PaynterFounder and CEO of Care220. Alex SteffenWriter and public speaker on sustainabilityissues9

SMI SPECIAL REPORT:SOCIAL MEDIASUSTAINABILITY INDEXAbout This ReportThis special report was commissionedby SMI and produced by CustomCommunication. The lead author of thereport is Matthew Yeomans, who headsup Custom Communication’s editorialand consulting operations. He is a formerbusiness and environmental journalistwhose work has been published in Time,Wired, the Industry Standard and TheAtlantic Monthly. He is the author of Oil: Anatomy of an Industry.SMISocial Media Influence provides intelligence and analysis for businessprofessionals looking to understand and navigate the ever-evolving worldof online communication. The site is edited by Bernhard Warner, a longtimebusiness and technology journalist who has written and edited for Reuters,The Industry Standard, the Times and Wired.Social Media Influence also runs one of the longest-established social mediaconferences, publishes industry reports and best practice white papersfor social media practitioners as well as providing social media and onlineeditorial training and consultancy.www.socialmediainfluence.comCustom CommunicationCustom Communication specialises in online strategy and content. Run byveteran online journalists, since 2005 it has helped companies understandhow to engage in social media through the smart use of editorial content.Custom has a special focus on sustainability communication and createsbespoke news digests for enterprise communities and editorial CSR contentfor external social media communities.www.customcommunication.co.uk10

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