Crystal Bay UAI minimum requirements Winter 10 - 11 NN- CONTRACT ATTACHMENTULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE screening and minimum requirementsHotel:SENTIDO Crystal Baycode:ResortNational category: 5 category: 5valid for season: Winter 10 - 11 date:Contracting partnerhotel:contracting partner:1. Main meals1.1 breakfast1.1.1 minimum requirements OK Nothe breakfast tables are prepared with the complete cover (cups, serviettes, cutely)"American coffee" is available for breakfast and no instant coffee1.1.2 standardsLocation of breakfastMain RestaurantSchedule of breakfast time07:00 - 10:30 - late breakfast until 12:00 on requestis late breakfast offered?Yes as above1.1.3 remarksEarly continental breakfast available served at the main restaurant - up on request1.2 lunch1.2.1 minimum requirements OK Noa lunch buffet is offered free of charge in the AI formulawhen lunch with a set menu, there are no limited food ordersfor lunch no reservations are requiredthe full list of all-inclusive drinks is availableno guest signature is required for the lunch (food)1.2.2 standardsmain location for lunchMain Restaurantalternative location for lunchSnack Barsschedule for lunch 12:30 - 14:30are the drinks served during the lunchYes1.2.3 remarks1.3 dinner1.3.1 minimum requirements OK Noa dinner buffet is offered in the main restaurantthe drinks are served to the tables1.3.2 standardsis there an alternative Restaurant for dinner? Yes - Meditererranean -, Indian - & Fish Restaurantsis a table reservation required?Yesare there special items which have to be paid? Yes dinner in Fish restaurantschedule for dinner 18:30 - 22:001.3.3 remarksSportswear, swimmer wear, shorts and t-shirts not recommendedLate Dinner Buffet at Main Restaurant 22:00 - 24:00Linda BraunRegional Quality Manager Page 1 5/31/2010

Crystal Bay UAI minimum requirements Winter 10 - 11 NN2. side meals2.1 snacks2.1.1 minimum requirements OK Nodaily "snacks" are offered free of charge in the AI formulathere are no limited offers for the snacksdrinks have to be available at the same location2.1.2 standardslocation of the "snack-bar"Pool & Beach barsbuffet or a "set menu"?Snack menuSchedule 12:00 - 17:00is a guest’s signature for the food required? Nois a late night snack provided?Yes - at Lobby bar2.1.3 remarksMidnight snack at Lobby Bar from 23:30 - 01:002.2 coffee, tea & cake2.2.1 minimum requirements OK Nodaily "coffee, tea & cake" period is offered free of charge in the AI formulacoffee and tea is free available during this perioda choice of cakes and pastries are offeredno guests signature is required during this period2.2.2 standardslocation for the "coffee & cake" period Beach Bar & Lobby barSchedule 15:00 - 17:00is there ice-cream available in this period? Yesis a guest’s signature required?No"American" or "instant" coffeeAmerican and instant coffee2.2.3 remarks2.3 general standards for AI foodAre there outlets where the food has to bepaid by the AI guest in generalAre there more periods when ice-cream isoffered in the AI formula?Yes Fish RestaurantYes evening in Main RestaurantLinda BraunRegional Quality Manager Page 2 5/31/2010

Crystal Bay UAI minimum requirements Winter 10 - 11 NN3. AI-drinks3.1 minimum requirements OK NoMinimum schedule for offering AI drinks is from 10.00h to 24.00hAny other schedule?24 hours at LobbyBar alcoholic drinksserviced from 10:00- 06:00all glasses have to be filled properly, when bottles are not offeredwater will be handed out in bottles (0,3L / 0,5L / 0,7L bottles is a fitting size)only "returnable" cups (like acryl-glass) when glass can not be used (e.g. at the beach)AI-drinks outlets in each hotel area like lobby, pool/garden, beach, main-restaurantBeverage and food menus for included and excluded items have to available in each outlet3.2 standards "AI outlets for drinks"which outlets in the lobby area?names and scheduleWhich outlets in the pool/garden area?Names and scheduleWhich outlets in the beach area?Names and scheduleany other outlets for AI drinks?Names and schedulewhich outlets are excluded from the AIformula?Lobby Bar 24 hours All inclusive (Alcoholic drinks served from10:00 - 06:00 hrs)Trocadero Bar and Disco 18:00 – 02:00Pool bars 10:00 - sunsetBeach Bars10:00 - sunsetRestaurants during opening times, Trocadero Bar & Disco noalhoclic drinks serviced between 06:00 - 10:00Fish Restaurant & Shisha corner3.3 standards "items of AI-drinks"What kind of Softdrinks is included? Coke, 7up, Fanta, packets of juices, diet colddrinks and waterglasses or bottles?What kind of local beers are included? Stella & Luxor Glassesglasses or bottles?What kind of local wines are included? Local Red, White & Rose serviced by bottle in glassesglasses or bottles?What kind of local spirits are included? Local Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Ouzo, Rum, Tiqela & 5What kin of mix-drinks or cocktails areincluded?types of imported spiritsAll offered mixdrinks and non alcoholic - and local alcoholiccocktails are availableWhat drinks are not included?(this has to be shown in a menu!)3.4 general standards "AI drinks"is the guest’s signature for drinks required?in which areas will AI drinks be servedin which areas is self-service for AI drinksIs the MINIBAR included and how is thehandling?Is there dispenser available for any drinks?(if yes, which locations & drinks)Imported drinks not included in UAI programOnly for not included drinksAll except FishMain restaurant partly self service & outdoor outlets selfserviceFilled on arrival and refilled one a week with soft drinks, dailywith waterYes juices in Main Restaurant3.5 remarksDrinks are self service in the restaurants during meals, Lobby Bar, Beach bar and Pool Bar. All drinks at thePool - & Beach Bars are served in Poligon glasses. Shisha corner at extra chargeLinda BraunRegional Quality Manager Page 3 5/31/2010

Crystal Bay UAI minimum requirements Winter 10 - 11 NN4. sport and leisure activities4.1 minimum requirements OK Notable tennis is provided free of charge in the AI formulabilliard is provided free of charge in the AI formulagym use if available is provided for free in the AI formula4.2 standardswhat kind of sport and leisure activities are providedfree of charge in the AI formula?Gym (no childern under 12 yaers), table tennis,darts,billard, beach volleyball, foodball, boccia.aerobics,tennis (floodlight at extra charge) waterpolo, 30 minutes introduction dive, 1 hair cut / hairstyling / blowdry per stayFree SPA treatment voucherWhich sport/leisure activity or equipment rental hasto be paid full?Diving, windsurfing, Aqua Centre, Tennis flood lightat extra charge, HC - Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steambath &massage (reservation requested) no children under164.3 remarks5. general standards the AI-formulaHas to be worn a bracelet?NoHas to be shown an AI guest card?YesWhen is check-out time?Upon departureUnder which age no alcohol is offered?18 yearsDo the guests receive an AI-info-sheet upon checkin?Yes(with all AI items, outlets and schedule)Are there any events or “theme evenings” whichhave to be paid by the AI guests?What kind of board types are in the Hotel (BB,HB,AI) UAI,Fish Restaurant at extra charge6. general remarks to the AI-formula7. suggestions for the catalogue text (to be filled by contract partner)All meals in buffet styleSnacks at Pool - & Beach Bar from 12:00 - 17:00Midnight snack from 23:30 - 01:00 at Lobby barCold drinks, local beer & wine, local & international spirits (5 different kinds) serve in all outlets duringoperation time - hot drinks available at all bars24 hrs drinks at Lobby Bar - alcoholic drinks are served from 10:00 - 06:00.Mini bar filled on arrival and refilled once a week during stay with soft drinks and daily with water.One free SPA treatment voucher,one free Introduction dive in pool and one free hairstyling, hair cut orblowdry per stayMeals in A la carte restaurants upon prior reservation• The mentioned facts and information in this sheet will be added to the contract; parts can bepublished in the catalogue and given as information to our guests.• The hotel accepts and provides this given standard during the whole mentioned seasonsignature contracting partner hotelsignature contracting partnerLinda BraunRegional Quality Manager Page 4 5/31/2010

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