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CompanyProfileEstablished in 1967, NOSHOK was one of the first companies in America to offer liquid filledpressure gauges, a revolutionary concept at the time. More importantly, NOSHOK was the firstcompany to stand behind its instrumentation products with extended warranties and we’re stillthe leader today. The NOSHOK standard of quality and reliability continues to be the industrybenchmark over 30 years later.Today, NOSHOK pressure measurement instruments are sold through a network of over 270distributors worldwide. Our continued commitment to product excellence, total service and oursincere desire to be the best provides the NOSHOK customer with a distinct edge.Over the years we have expanded our program to meet the ever changing needs of our customerswith additional pressure gauge products, pressure snubbers, diaphragm seals, bimetal thermometers,needle valves, solenoid valves, transducers, transmitters & digital indicators. And now thelatest addition, electronic pressure switches.NOSHOK Pressure Switches are fully tested and calibrated to insure 100% “out of the box”reliability. We have the capability to pre-set required switch points prior to shipment to furthersimplify the installation process.NOSHOK also has the capability to provide you with the application assistance necessary to puttogether that special requirement which is often so hard to find. If it’s not in our catalog,call us; we are confident we can satisfy your needs.At NOSHOK, we proudly back our commitment to excellence with our warranties.Thank You for choosing NOSHOK products.INTRODUCTIONJames B. ColeChief Executive OfficerNOSHOK’STHREE YEAR WARRANTYon Series 500 & 600 Pressure Switches andOne Year on our Series 400 Pressure Switch:■ to be free from defects in materials andworkmanship■ to operate within cataloged accuracyspecifications■ to operate within cataloged performancespecificationsThe Pressure Switches must be operated within thecatalogued environmental and application parameters.Determination of failure will be made at NOSHOK usingits equipment and personnel or a certified test facilityspecializing in this type of evaluation.CAUTIONOperating conditions including but not limited to, incorrect wiring, systempressure, media compatibility and environmental conditions must be consideredwhen selecting pressure switches and options. Improper selection and use ofpressure switches could possibly cause failure and lead to possible propertydamage and/or personal injury.DISCLAIMERIn keeping with and for the purposes of product and/or manufacturing processimprovements, NOSHOK, Inc. reserves the right to make design and/orspecification changes without prior notice.NOSHOK is a member and actively supports:3

N O S H O KS E R I E S300MechanicalPressureDESCRIPTIONThe NOSHOK 300 Series Mechanical Pressure switch is constructed with a thermoplastic housing and zinc plated steel processconnection. Utilizing a proven diaphragm or piston type sensing technology it provides a highly reliable, accurate and cost effectivepressure switch for many applications. The micro switch contacts are silver plated for extended service life and exceptionalreliability. Switching functions are field adjustable, while under pressure, and is available in SPDT single changeover contactconfiguration.The NOSHOK 300 Series Mechanical Switch isavailable in a wide variety of ranges andcomes standard with a Hirschmannelectrical connection.FEATURESMeasuring ranges from 375 psig to 7500 psigField adjustable switching pointDiaphragm or piston type sensing elementMicro-switch technologyHirschmann electrical connectionAPPLICATIONSHydraulic systemsIndustrial machinery and machine toolsStamping and forming pressesPumps and compressorsSPECIFICATIONSPressure Ranges0 psig to 375 psig through 0 psig to 7500 psigMeasuring ElementViton ® diaphragm < 750 psigSteel piston with Viton ® seal > 750 psigProcess Connection1/4" NPT standard, others available on requestConnection MaterialZinc plated steelCaseThermoplasticSwitching FunctionSPDT, micro switch with silver plated contacts, gold platedcontacts available on requestAdjustmentAdjustment screw from 3 psig to 6000 psig dependent onfull scale rangeHysteresis10% to 20% of the adjusted valueRepeatability4% of the adjusted valueContact Rating up to 42 VDC 1Aup to 110 VDC 0.15Aup to 42 VAC 3Aup to 125 VAC 3Aup to 250 VAC 0.5ATemperature RangesStorage -13° F to 185° F/-25° C to 85° CMedia -13° F to 185° F/-25° C to 85° CAmbient -13° F to 185° F/-25° C to 85° CElectrical Connection Hirschmann (DIN 43650A)Environmental ProtectionNEMA 4: IP65WeightApproximately 0.2 lbsViton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers

SERIES300Mechanical PressureORDERING INFORMATIONSERIES 300SWITCH FUNCTION 1 Single Changeover contact, SPDTPROCESS CONNECTIONS 1 1/8″ NPT MALE 2 1/4″ NPT MALESWITCH ADJUSTMENT 3 PSIG TO 40 PSIG (375 PSIG) 3/40 150 PSIG TO1500 PSIG (4500 PSIG) 150/1500RANGE (MAXIMUM WORK 15 PSIG TO 200 PSIG (375 PSIG) 15/200 300 PSIG TO 3000 PSIG (4500 PSIG) 300/3000PRESSURE) 75 PSIG TO 750 PSIG (3000 PSIG) 75/750 750 PSIG TO 6000 PSIG (7500 PSIG) 750/6000ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS 1 36″ CABLE (CONNECTED TO OPTION 8) 8 Hirschmann (DIN 43650A)OPTIONS ORF Threaded OrificeEXAMPLESeriesSwitch FunctionProcess ConnectionSwitch Adjustment RangeElectrical ConnectionOptions300 - 1 - 2 - 75/750 - 1 - ORFAdditional Ordering InformationSwitch Set Point(s) (please specify)DIMENSIONSSWITCHING OUTPUT SCHEMATICWIRING DIAGRAMS ANDELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS312CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS1010 West Bagley Road • Berea, Ohio 44017 • 440-243-0888 • FAX 440-243-3472E-MAIL: • WEB:

GAUGE SWITCHS E R I E S400DESCRIPTIONNOSHOK Gauge switches are the perfect choice when both switchingand analog indication are required.NOSHOK Gauge switches are based on our proven 2 1/2 inch 400& 901 Series pressure gauges in the dry configuration coupled to theproven technology, reliability and long service life of a gauge switch.Available pressure ranges are 0-1000 psig through0-15,000 psig.Switching output is adjustable between 25 & 80% of the full scalerange of the gauge.The switch point is factory set and tested for “out of the box”reliability and insures your specified switch point is also“tamperproof”.FEATURESAnalog indicationMicro-switch technologyExcellent switching reliability and service lifeStainless steel case with either copper alloy or 316 SS internalsEase of installation and useTamperproof, factory adjusted switch pointAPPLICATIONSHydraulic systemsIndustrial machinery and machine toolsStamping and forming pressesPumps and compressorsTest equipment and controlsPressure RangesPressure ConnectionMeasuring ElementCaseBezelPointerMovementDialLensSwitching ElementSwitching FunctionAdjustment RangeSPECIFICATIONS0-1000 psig through 0-15,000 psig1/4″ npt bottom connectionModel 400B: BrassModel 400S: 316 SS316 SS Bourdon tube304 SS304 SSSwitching Hysteresis 10%AccuracySwitching VoltageSwitching CurrentElectrical ConnectionBalanced aluminum, black finishBrass on model 400B; SS on model 400SAluminum, white background, black psi scale (redmetric when applicable). UV resistantTrogamideMicro-switchSingle changeover contact, SPDT25-80% of full scale range; factory set & marked ondial (in red)± 1.5% full scale30 vdc0.1 AmpCable outlet@the 8:00 position, 5 foot length4

OPTIONSDual Scale dials: psi/kPa, psi/bar, psi/Kg/cm 2OrificesSpecial process connection sizesORDERING INFORMATIONSERIES 400B (Brass connection) 400S (SS connection)SWITCH FUNCTION 1 1 Single Changeover contact, SPDTPROCESS CONNECTIONS 2 1/4″ NPT MALE (other connections available upon request)PRESSURE RANGES 0-1000 PSIG 1000 0-3000 PSIG 3000 0-6000 PSIG 6000 0-10000 PSIG 100000-1500 PSIG 1500 0-5000 PSIG 5000 0-7500 PSIG 7500 0-15000 PSIG 150000-2000 PSIG 2000OPERATING SPECIFICATIONS1. Working Pressure Limitationsa. Dynamic PressureThe working pressure should be limited to 60% ofthe dial rangeb. Static PressureThe working pressure, where no sharp fluctuationsoccur, should be limited to 90% of the dial range2. Ambient Temperature0 to 140° F (-18° C to 60° C)GAUGE SWITCHELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS1 5 foot cableOPTIONS 1 Additional Cable Length (specify length) ORF orificeEXAMPLE400S 1 2 3000 1 ORFSeriesSwitch FunctionProcess ConnectionPressure RangeElectrical ConnectionOptionsDIMENSIONSELECTRICAL CONNECTION2.72″ 1.22″(69mm)(31mm).20″(5mm)whiteP123browngreen.55″(14mm).55″SW (14mm)1/4NPT.5″(13mm)5

MAG SWITCHS E R I E S500DESCRIPTIONThe NOSHOK Mag-Switch is an electronic pressure switchthat utilizes proven diaphragm pressure sensing technologycoupled with hall effect magnetic field sensing technology andsemiconductor switching technology to provide a highly reliable,accurate, repeatable, cost effective pressure switch withoutmechanical contacts.NOSHOK Mag-Switches are available in single positive contact,N.O. or N.C. versions or dual contact versions. The switch pointsare field adjustable utilizing readily accessible adjustment screwswith an adjustment range of 10-100% of full scale value.NOSHOK Mag-Switches come in a wide variety of pressureranges to suit a wide variety of applications. The standard electricalconnection is a 4 pin M12 x 1 threaded connector.FEATURESMeasuring range from 30″ vacuum through 15,000 psigField adjustable switch pointsSemiconductor switching relays (no mechanical contacts)Suitable for direct connection to PLC’sIntegrated LED switching indicationN.O. or N.C. switching functionsPositive (pnp) or negative (npn) switch functionsSingle or dual switch setpoint functionsAPPLICATIONSHydraulic and pneumatic systemsIndustrial machinery and machine toolsStamping and forming pressesPumps and compressorsLaboratory and test equipmentHVAC systemsMedicalRefrigeration equipmentTransportation equipmentPressure RangesProof PressureProcess ConnectionWetted PartsCaseSwitching FunctionsAdjustabilityAccuracy & RepeatabilitySwitching HysteresisPower SupplyContact RatingSPECIFICATIONS0-30″ Hg vac through 15,000 psi30 psi & lower . . . . . . . . 5x60 psi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4x150 psi & higher. . . . . . . . 2xBrass (1/4″ npt standard)Copper Alloy316 SS above 600 psiBrass through 350 psiAluminum Anodized 600 psi and higher1 N.O. or 1 N.C. contact standard2 N.O. or 2 N.C. contacts are optionalp-switching or n-switchingAdjustment screwSwitching point≤ 1% of F.S.≤ 10% of F.S.10...30 VDCmax. 100 mA (max. 30 VDC)Temperature Compens. 32° to 175°F/0° to 80°CRangeTemperature Influence0.04% Full Scale/°F10...100% of F.S.Temperature Ranges Storage -22° to 175°F/-30° to 80°CMedia -5° to 175°F/-20° to 80°CAmbient -5° to 175°F/-20° to 80°CEnvironmental Protection cable conn. NEMA 6: IP 67 (IEC 529)M12x1 conn. NEMA 4: IP 65 (IEC 529)Electromagnetic Capability ESD Level 1per IEC 1000 (EN 50081, Fields (RFI) Level 2EN 50082) Burst Level 2Surge Level 2CE CompliantElectrical Protection TypesWeightReverse polarity and overvoltage protection0.2 lbs. on 400 psi & below, 0.6 lbs. on 600 psi & higher6

ORDERING INFORMATIONSERIES 500SWITCH FUNCTION 1 1 N.O.-pnp 3 2 N.O.-pnp 5 1 N.O.-npn 7 2 N.O.-npn2 1 N.C.-pnp 4 2 N.C.-pnp 6 2 N.C.-npn 8 2 N.C.-npnPROCESS CONNECTIONS 1 1/8″ NPT MALE 2 1/4″ NPT MALEPRESSURE RANGES 0-30″ Hg vac 30V 0-150 PSIG 150 0-1000 PSIG 1000 0-7500 PSIG 75000-15 PSIG 15 0-250 PSIG 250 0-2000 PSIG 2000 0-10000 PSIG 100000-30 PSIG 30 0-350 PSIG 350 0-3000 PSIG 3000 0-15000 PSIG 150000-60 PSIG 60 0-750 PSIG 750 0-5000 PSIG 50000-100 PSIG 100ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS 1 5 foot cable 2 4 pin M12x1 connectorOPTIONS 1 Additional Cable Length (specify length) note: M12 mating connectors & cordsets are available as separate options.(available with cable connection only)Please refer to price list for details.EXAMPLE500 3 2 600 1 1 (25 ft)MAG SWITCHSeriesSwitch FunctionProcess ConnectionPressure RangeElectrical ConnectionOptionsAdditional Ordering InformationSwitch Set Point(s) (please specify)DIMENSIONS inches (mm)4-pin M12x11.25″(31.8 mm)4-pin M12x11.93″(49 mm)1.42″(36 mm)SWITCHING OUTPUT SCHEMATICP-switching outputSupply10...30 VDC••N-switching outputSupply10...30 VDC••Load2.80″(71 mm)2.38″(60.4 mm)1.87″(47.4 mm)1.26″(SW 32 mm).51″(13 mm).51″(13 mm)1/4 NPT1/4 NPT400 PSI & lower 600 PSI & higherNOSHOKpressure switch•CustomerequipmentLoadNOSHOKpressure switch•CustomerequipmentConnection table for 4 PIN M12x1 connectorFunctionConnectorM12x1Power supply: + 1Power supply: - 3Switching output: S1 4Switching output: S2 5P-switching, cable or connectorpowersupplyoutputbrownblack431 2bluepowersupplyS1outputWIRING DIAGRAMS AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSbrownblack431 2bluewhiteS2 outputN-switching, cable or connector1 switching output 2 switching outputs 1 switching output 2 switching outputspowersupplyoutputblueblue4 3 power 4 3supplybrown brown whiteblack 1 2black 1 2S1outputS2 output7

SMART SWITCHS E R I E S600DESCRIPTIONThe NOSHOK Smart Switch is truly a “State of the Art”pressure switch. It’s design is based upon our proven sputtered thinfilm and diffused semiconductor pressure transmitters for unparalleledaccuracy, stability, overpressure protection and service life. Switching isaccomplished digitally by means of an internal signal conditioner whichmeans there are never any mechanical contacts to wear out. They areavailable with either one or two switch functions of either PNP (positive)output or NPN (negative) output in either N.O. (normally open) or N.C.(normally closed) configurations.Because the adjustments are made digitally; set points andhysteresis are fully adjustable and completely tamperproof.Programming can be done at the factory or in the field by means ofa PC running Windows and using the NOSHOK Smart Switch softwareand programming hardware.All wetted areas are 316 SS and are welded with no o-rings, gasketsor seals to leak or fail.Available pressure ranges are from 0-5 psig through 15,000 psigincluding vacuum, compound and absolute ranges.They also process the highest EMC capabilities along with thehighest mechanical shock and vibration resistance available anywhere.When only the best will do, the NOSHOK Smart Switch is theonly choice.FEATURESMeasuring ranges from 5 psi through 15,000 psi includingvacuum, compound and absolute.Corrosion resistant 316 SS welded constructionSingle or Dual switch setpoint functionsN.O. or N.C. switching functionsPositive or negative switching capabilityProgrammable, tamperproof setpointsHigh overpressure protectionHighly resistant to mechanical shock and vibrationHigh EMC capabilitiesAPPLICATIONSHydraulic and pneumatic systemsIndustrial machinery and machine toolsMolding and extruding equipmentStamping and forming pressesPumps and compressorsLaboratory and test equipmentHVACPower generationRefrigerationConstruction equipmentMedicalTransportation equipmentWater management MarinePetrochemicalPressure RangesSPECIFICATIONS0-5 psi through 0-15,000 psi including vacuum, compoundand absoluteProof Pressure ≤ 200 psi: 3.5x , 300-10,000 psi: 2x , above 10,000 psi: 1.5xProcess ConnectionWetted PartsCase1/4″ NPT standard; 1/2″ NPT optional316 SS304 SSSwitching Functions 1 or 2N.O. or N.C.p-or n-switchingAdjustment Switching point 0...100% of F.S.Hysteresis 1...99% of F.S.Dampening 0...500msAccuracyRepeatabilityStability per YearPower Supply≤ 1% of F.S. (limit point setting)≤ 0.5% of F.S. (BFSL)≤ 0.25% of F.S.≤ ± 0.2% of F.S. in rated conditions10...30 VDC (>12 VDC for programming mode)Increase time when switching on the supply 50 V/sec.Switching Power 1 channel p-switching 4 ADC (max. 30 VDC)n-switching 0.3 ADC (max. 30 VDC)2 channel p-switching 2 ADC (max. 30 VDC)n-switching 0.3 ADC (max. 30 VDC)Response TimeTemperature Compens.RangeTemperature Influencep-switching ≤ 6 msn-switching ≤ 10 ms32°-175°F/0-80°C± 0.02% Full Scale/°F for zero and spanTemperature Ranges Storage -40° to 212°F/-40° to 100°CMedium -22° to 212°F/-30° to 100°CAmbient -5° to 175°F/-20° to 80°CElectrical Connection5 pin M12x1, connectorEnvironmental Protection Nema 6, 6P: IP 67 (IEC 529)Electromagnetic Capability ESD Level 2per IEC 1000 (EN 50081, Fields (RFI) Level 2EN 50082) Burst Level 3Surge Level 2CE CompliantElectrical Protection TypesWeightReverse polarity, overvoltage and short-circuitprotectionApproximately 0.5 lbs8

ORDERING INFORMATIONSERIES 600SWITCH FUNCTION 1 1 N.O. or N.C. Switch-pnp 3 1 N.O. or N.C. Switch-npn2 2 N.C. or N.C. Switch-pnp 4 2 N.O. or N.C. Switch-npnPROCESS CONNECTIONS 2 1/4″ NPT MALE 8 1/2″ NPT MALEPRESSURE RANGES 0-30″ VAC 30V 30″/300 PSIG 30/300 0-100 PSIG 100 0-2000 PSIG 2000 0-30 PSIA 30A30″/15 PSIG 30/15 30″/400 PSIG 40/400 0-150 PSIG 150 0-3000 PSIG 3000 0-60 PSIA 60A30″/30 PSIG 30/30 0-5 PSIG 5 0-200 PSIG 200 0-5000 PSIG 5000 0-100 PSIA 100A30″/60 PSIG 30/60 0-10 PSIG 10 0-300 PSIG 300 0-7500 PSIG 7500 0-150 PSIA 150A30″/100 PSIG 30/100 0-15 PSIG 15 0-500 PSIG 500 0-10000 PSIG 10000 0-200 PSIA 200A30″/150 PSIG 30/150 0-30 PSIG 30 0-750 PSIG 750 0-15000 PSIG 15000 0-300 PSIA 300A30″/200 PSIG 30/200 0-60 PSIG 60 0-1000 PSIG 1000 0-15 PSIA 15APSIG=Gauge PressurePSIA=Absolute Pressure Other ranges available on special requestELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS 3 5 pin M12x1 connector note: M12 mating connectors & cordsets are available as seperate options.Please refer to price list for details.EXAMPLESeriesSwitch FunctionProcess ConnectionPressure RangeElectrical Connection600 3 8 150 3Additional Ordering InformationSwitch Set Point(s) (please specify)Set Point Hysteresis (please specify as a % F.S.)SMART SWITCH600 DIMENSIONSWIRING DIAGRAMS AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS1 switching outputp-switchingn-switching3.43″(87mm)2.95″(75mm)ø1.06″(27mm)powersupplyoutput41532powersupplyoutput415322 switching outputp-switchingn-switching.75″(19mm)powersupply41532S2 outputpowersupply4 5 31 2S2 outputS1 outputS1 outputConnection table for 5 PIN M12x1 connectorFunctionConnectorM12x1Power supply: + 1Power supply: - 3Switching output: S1 4Switching output: S2 5SWITCHING OUTPUT SCHEMATICP-switching outputSupply10...30 VDC••NOSHOK•Customerpressure switch equipmentLoadN-switching outputSupply10...30 VDC••NOSHOK•Customerpressure switch equipmentLoad9

SERIES700 Electronic PressureORDERING INFORMATIONSERIES 700SWITCH FUNCTION 1 1 N.O. or N.C. Switch-PNP 5 2 N.O. or N.C. Switch-PNP (with 4 mA to 20 mA Transducer Output)2 2 N.C. or N.C. Switch-PNPPROCESS CONNECTIONS 1 1/4″ NPT MALEPRESSURE RANGES -15 psig to 35 psig 15/35 0 psig to 360 psig 360 0 psig to 2300 psig 2300-15 psig to 60 psig 15/60 0 psig to 600 psig 600 0 psig to 3600 psig 3600-15 psig to 90 psig 15/90 0 psig to 900 psig 900 0 psig to 6000 psig 6000-15 psig to 150 psig 15/150 0 psig to 1500 psig 1500 0 psig to 9000 psig 9000-15 psig to 230 psig 15/230ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS 1 36″ CABLE (CONNECTED TO OPTION 8) 2 M12 x 1 (4-Pin)3 M12 x 1 (5-Pin) – Analog output only NOTE: M12 mating connectors & cordsets are available as separate options8 Hirschmann (w/mating connector) Please refer to price list for detailsOPTIONS ORF SS Threaded OrificeEXAMPLE700 - 1 - 2 - 3600 - 2 - ORFSeriesSwitch FunctionProcess ConnectionPressure RangeElectrical ConnectionOptionsAdditional Ordering Information Switch Set Point(s) (please specify)SWITCHING OUTPUT SCHEMATICp-switching outputSupply10...30 VDCLoadNOSHOK pressure switch Customer equipmentDIMENSIONS Inches (mm)WIRING DIAGRAMS AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS1.88(47.7)1 switching output (Hirschmann)p-switching1 switching output (M12 x 1)p-switching1.25(31.8)1.56(39.5)powersupply+ Supply132powersupply4132OK3.21(81.5)output+ OutputCommon2 switching output (M12 x 1)p-switchingoutput2 switching output (M12 x 1)with 4 mA to 20 mA signalp-switchingHEX(24)0.94HEX(24)0.94powersupply4132S2 outputpowersupply4 5 31 2Sig. output1/4" NPT 1/4" NPTS1 outputS1outputS2 outputCORPORATE HEADQUARTERS1010 West Bagley Road • Berea, Ohio 44017440-243-0888 • FAX 440-243-3472NK04ISE-MAIL: noshok@noshok.comWEB:

SMART SWITCH PROGRAM MODULEThe Smart Switch program module enables the userto fully program the set points and hysteresis of theSmart Switch in the field without any pressure input.The module consists of a Smart Switch SoftwareDiskette and RS232 Programming ConnectionINSTRUCTIONS1. With the PC off, connect the RS232 programmingcable to both the PC and the programmingmodule.2. Connect the programming module to a 12-30 VDCpower supply in accordance with the catalogwiring diagram and connect the module to theSmart Switch 5 pin M12x1 connection.Power SupplyProgramming ModulePROGRAM MODULEfor your PC. All that’s required to complete theprogramming is a 12-30 volt power supply to theprogramming module and a PC with Windows 95(or newer). Then simply follow the instructions andyou are ready for installation.3. Turn on the PC, insert the software diskette andfollow the prompts on the screen.4. To adjust the switch function(s), set point(s) andhysteresis simply click on the appropriate toolbars, insert your requirements and close theprogram.You now have a fully programmed,completely tamper-proof digitalpressure switch ready for installation.10

S E R I E S40.1MAGNETIC SPRING CONTACT SWITCHNOSHOK Magnetic Spring Contact Switches (MSCS) are anexcellent choice when an accurate pressure switch is requiredin addition to a high quality reliable pressure gauge.These magnetic spring contact switches are fully adjustableby the user with the advantage of accurate field adjustmentbecause they are actuated by the pressure gauge pointer.A removable adjustment key also makes them tamper proof.They operate with an extremely broad power supply, AC orDC up to 250V max. This feature allows them to be used virtuallyanywhere in the world in addition to very remote applicationswith only DC battery pack power available.The standard units consist of (2) two magnetic spring contactswitches. Switch (1) one is normally closed and switch (2) two isnormally open with operation referenced on rising (or increasing)pressure. Either one or both switches may be used.Magnetic spring contact switches are available as a factoryinstalled option on models 40.105, 40.115, 40.400 and 40.410.The lowest full scale pressure range it may be used on is0-60 PSI because of the increased load on the pointer andbourdon tube.Typical applications include air compressors, gas compressors,hydraulic and pneumatic circuitry, die-cast machinery, plasticinjection molding machinery and anywhere accurate off/onswitching capabilities based on pressure are required.The NOSHOK MSCS is pre-wired with a matching 4-pinconnector in its standard configuration with 5 feet of 4-wire, colorcoded shielded cable..48″(12.2mm)1.81″(46mm)3.40″(86.4)MAGNETIC SPRING CONTACT SWITCHCONTACT NO. 1Normally Closed,Opens on RisingPressureCONTACT NO. 2Normally Open,Closes on RisingPressureSPECIFICATIONSType of PowerMaximum AmpsA.C. or D.C. 24 to 250V max1.0 AMaximum Switching30W/50 VACapacityGauge Accuracy Add an additional ± 2% Error on Full Scale Ranges of 0-160PSI and above. For Full Scale Ranges of 0-60 PSI and 0-100PSI Add an additional ± 3% Error.Minimum Magnet Holding ForceContact Pin MaterialAmbient Temperature LimitationMinimum Full ScalePressure Range1gSilver Tungsten0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 61°C)0-60 PSIORDERING INFORMATIONSimply call out 40.1 MSCS as an option with the applicable 40.105,40.115, 40.400 or 40.410 pressure gauge part number2F.P.O413WIRING AND TERMINAL LOCATION1. Contact Switch No. 1; Red or Black2. Contact Switch No. 2; Blue3. Power; Green or Brown4. Ground; Yellow/Green StripeNK01PS11

CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS1010 West Bagley Road • Berea, Ohio 44017440-243-0888 • FAX 440-243-3472E-MAIL ADDRESS: noshok@noshok.comWEB SITE:

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