Table of Contents - Immunization Branch

Table of Contents - Immunization Branch

NCIP ProviderResource Guide

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Table of ContentsI. Contact Informationa. Immunization Branch Contact Informationb. Regional Immunization Nurse Contact Informationc. Regional Immunization Nurse NC Mapd. Regional Immunization Consultant Contact Informatione. Regional Immunization Consultant NC Mapf. Communicable Disease Control Nurse – County Health Departmentsg. Important Website InformationII.NCIP Program & Policy Informationa. Provider Vaccine Agreementb. Web page NCIP Policiesc. Responsibilities of Provider Officed. Disaster Recovery Plane. Financial Restitutionf. NC Immunization Lawg. Borrowing Policy Memoh. Borrowing and Replacement FormIII. Clinical/Administrative Informationa. Suggested Supplies Checklist for Pediatric & Adult Immunizationb. Standards for Child & Adolescent Immunization Practicesc. Standards for Adult Immunization Practicesd. Screening Sectioni. Coverage Criteriaii. Screening Questionnaire for Child and Teen Immunizationiii. Determining Eligibility for Vaccines Indicated as VFC-Onlyiv. Determining Eligibility for VFC Vaccines Flow Charte. Administration Sectioni. Check Your Vialsii. It’s Federal Law! (VIS)f. Documentation Sectioni. Vaccine Administered Log (VAL)ii. Vaccine Administration Recordiii. Adult Vaccine Administration Recordiv. Certificate of Immunization (Lifetime card)v. Medical Exemption Statementvi. Physician’s Request for Medical Exemptionvii. VAERS Formg. Billing Sectioni. NCIP Billing BriefIV. Storage & Handlinga. Minimum Required Vaccine Ordering, Handling and Storage Proceduresb. Vaccine Storage and Handling Interim Guidancec. Vaccine Requisition/Inventory Formd. Vaccine Transfer Forme. Wasted/Expired Vaccine Reportf. Refrigerator Temperature Logg. Freezer Temperature Logh. Vaccine Storage LabelsV. Communicable Disease Reporting & Lawa. Local Health Department Use of Revised Communicable Disease Reporting Forms Memob. Communicable Disease Reportc. Reporting of Communicable Diseases LawLast Updated 3.12.2013

VI. Resourcesa. Free Immunization Resources for Clinicians to Share with Patients Order Formb. Free Immunization Resources for Clinicians Order Formc. Continuing Education Opportunitiesd. Employee Immunization Educational Rostere. Return Mailing Labels for Wasted/Expired Vaccinef. Clinic Refrigerator Vaccine Warning Stickersg. Immunization Schedule Postcardsh. Reminder Postcards – English & Spanishi. Lifetime Immunization Recordj. School Entry Requirements Pocket Guidek. Freddy Fox Coloring BookVII. North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR)a. Web Page of NCIR Policiesb. NCIR Confidentiality Agreement (two copies)c. Self Registration for NCIR Users IDd. NCIR Rollout User Rolese. New Client formf. Quick Reference Guideg. NCIR Rollout Best Practicesh. NCIR Training Modules Web Print Screeni. NCIR Standardized Rollout Documents Web Print Screenj. Mass Clinic Form- Englishk. Mass Clinic Form- Spanishl. NCIR Education Monthly Online Training ClassesLast Updated 3.12.2013

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