Building on success

Building on success

Building on success


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ong>Buildingong> on successWhen the Volvo 200 series was launched in 1974, itwas acclaimed by motoring journalists and nationalauthorities as a world leader in automotive safety.Twelve years (and some two million cars) later,this position has not only been maintained, but furtherstrengthened by continuing product development andi mprovement.Our research and development have not,however, been restricted to the field of safety. Muchprogress has been made in increasing fuel efficiency,reducing noise levels and in improving reliability andease of maintenance. Equally importantly, thanks toconstructive feedback from our customers, we havemade great strides in driver and passenger comfort.Ample storage space for the accumulation of smallitems needed on long journeys, separate heatingvents for rear seat passengers, a vanity mirrorsensibly placed in the glove box lid-small pointsperhaps, but these are just a few examples of theattention to detail that make living with a Volvo such apleasure.A process of evolutionProduct development over the years has been verymuch a process of evolution. Design andspecification have not been changed for the sake ofchange, but because real benefits in comfort, safety,reliability or durability are to be achieved. Each newmodel therefore sports features that are refreshinglynew, and others that are reassuringly familiar.New for 1986Subtle exterior changes for 1986 give the 240 asmoother, sleeker and more elegant line.Interior improvements include head restraintsfor rear seat passengers (saloons only), and evenbetter lateral and lumbar support on the famousVolvo front seats. The front passenger can now sharei n the luxury of electrical seat heating - already sopopular with Volvo drivers.These are just some of the developments for1986. Whichever model you choose, you will find it aworthy descendant of a long line of cars that have setnew standards of safety, comfort and durability.

A balance of technologyand traditionThe 1986 240 saloons and estates are carefullydesigned to marry the traditional virtues expected ofa Volvo to the benefits of modern automotivetechnology.Clear, concise instrumentationInstrumentation and controls have beenergonomically designed for optimum clarity andcomfort. Fascia lighting is adjustable to suit yourpreference, and the most important instruments arehoused behind angled glass to cut distractingreflections.A comprehensive bank of warning andreminder lamps remain unlit as long as everything isas it should be. With your hands still safely on thepadded steering wheel, you have fingertip control ofindicators, headlamp dip, and wipe/wash forwindscreen and headlamps (and tailgate on estates).Tested logic and sound ergonomics keep youwell informed at all times with the least possibledistraction, allowing your attention to stay safely onthe road ahead.The driving forceMotive power for the 1986 Volvos is supplied by a 4cylinder, 2.3 litre engine of proven reliability.Fitted with a tried and tested horizontalcarburettor, this engine develops a healthy output of110hp , making light work of heavy loads or longmotorway journeys. The even torque curve, givingsuperb flexibility throughout the engine speed range,means less frequent gearchanging-and thereforemore relaxed driving. Another advantage is that anengine with these characteristics is ideal for towing .All models feature a transistorized, breakerlessignition system, reducing servicing times andimproving reliability.Proven reliability-the 2.3 litre engineComprehensive, logical, easy to read instrumentation.Balanced efficiencyA key factor in the design of the 240's engine isefficiency-a balance of spirited performance andfuel economy. Reserves of power are thereforeconcentrated in the 40-70mph range, the range inwhich most overtaking manoeuvres are executed,Flexibility and responsiveness at these speedsoffer a margin of performance that contributes tosafety-and to driving pleasure.

A choice of transmissionAll models in the 1986240 range are available with achoice of manual or automatic transmission.I n both cases, the gearboxes have beendeveloped and tested in conjunction with the engine,to ensure that they complement each other, offeringyou the best possible performance, flexibility and fuelefficiency.5-speed flexibilityManual versions are equipped with a 5-speedgearbox with crisp, precise action. Fifth gear has thecharacteristics of an overdrive, reducing enginerevolutions by around 20%, giving quieter and moreeconomical cruising at motorway speeds, andsubstantially reducing engine wear.Automatic with overdriveThe automatic transmission option offers anoverdrive which operates automatically whenappropriate, but can be manually disengaged andre-engaged, for example when overtaking. Theoperation could not be simpler or more logical -thedriver controls look and feel exactly like aconventional 3-speed automatic, with the addition ofa small electronic push button on the gearknob for theoverdrive.Safe, predictable handlingEngine power and transmission clearly contribute to acar's handling, but exceptional roadholding isachieved by a careful balance of these systems tochassis design, suspension and steering.A great deal of care is of course exercised in thedesign and testing of individual systems andcomponents, but equal trouble is taken to ensure thatthey al I interact perfectly. We also make sure thatPerfectly matched systems for safe, predictable handling.their response times and behaviour are designed tomatch the driver's reaction times.On the Volvo 240, light, precise power-assistedrack and pinion steering offers excellentmanoeuvrability and a tight turning circle (32' 2"),giving effortless control in crowded city streets and onwinding country roads alike. Match this to a live rearaxle and independent front suspension, and you havea car with excellent roadholding and safe,predictable handling characteristics whatever theroad or weather conditions.5 speed manual transmission.The convenience of an automatic combinedwith the flexibility of overdrive makes for very relaxedand enjoyable motoring.

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