Staff Rep GAO-12-1 PC 10-1-12

Staff Rep GAO-12-1 PC 10-1-12

COMMISSIONERS:AMY LATHEN (CHAIR)SALLIE CLARK (VICECHAIR)DENNIS HISEYDARRYL GLENNPEGGY LITTLETONDEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENTMAX L ROTHSCHILD P.E. DIRECTORTO:El Paso County Planning CommissionSteve Hicks, ChairFROM: Raimere Fitzpatrick, Planner II, EXT #6302Jeff Rice, Engineer IIMax Rothschild, P.E., Development Services DirectorRE:GA-O-12-1 Meadow Lake Airport-General Aviation OverlayTax Schedule # 34120-00-014OWNERS:Meadow Lake Airport Association13625 Judge Orr RoadPeyton, CO 80831-6051REPRESENTATIVE:Dave ElliottMeadow Lake Airport Association13625 Judge Orr RoadPeyton, CO 80831-6051Commissioner District: 2Planning Commission Hearing Date: 10/2/2012Board of County Commissioners Hearing Date:TBDEXECUTIVE SUMMARYA request by the Meadow Lake Airport Association to approve a general aviation overlay (GA-O) over 385 acres of airport owned property to extend an existing glider runway. A waiver of thesubmittal requirement for a traffic impact study with the condition that no additional uses exceptthe glider runway extension be authorized until a detailed report is submitted for review. The siteis located within the boundaries of the Falcon/Peyton Small Area Master Plan (2008).2880 INTERNATIONAL CIRCLE, SUITE 110 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80910-3127PHONE: (719) 520-6300 FAX: (719) 520-6695WWW.ELPASOCO.COM

A. PLANNING COMMISSION SUMMARYRequest Heard:Recommendation:Waiver Recommendation:Vote:Vote Rationale:Summary of Hearing:Legal Notice:B. REQUEST/WAIVERS/AUTHORIZATIONRequest: A request for approval of a General Aviation Overlay (GA-O) to extend anexisting GA-O over an additional 385 acres of Meadow Lake Airport property.C. STAFF RECOMMENDED CONDITIONSStaff recommends the following conditions and notations:CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL1. Approval of the General Aviation Overlay (GA-O) (GA-O-12-1) does notapprove an Airport Master Plan or Layout Plan, adoption and/or enforcement ofnoise contours, airport accident zones, or Part 77 Surfaces which are not underconsideration with this application. This GA-O authorizes the implementation ofthe uses, with conditions, identified in Section 4.3.2.E.1 of the Land DevelopmentCode, as amended.2. Approval of this GA-O is conditional and shall be limited to the authorization of aglider runway as depicted on the GA-O map. No site development plan shall berequired for the initiation of the glider runway if no earth disturbing activitiesoccur in the preparation of the runway. Additional uses shall only be authorizedby the Development Services Department Director approval of a site developmentplan.3. Prior to authorization of additional uses a full traffic impact study (TIS) reportprepared and signed by a licensed engineer shall be submitted to evaluate trafficimpacts of additional uses within this area of the GA-O. All off-site transportationimprovements required due to traffic generated by any additional uses within theGA-O shall be constructed by the Meadow Lake Airport Association or entitiesdeveloping within the GA-O prior to initiation of additional uses within the GA-O.4. The Meadow Lake Airport Association or entities developing within the GA-Oshall be required to participate in a fair and equitable manner in any offsitetransportation improvements to Curtis Road, Falcon Highway and/or Judge OrrRoad based on applicable transportation impact studies for additional uses withinthe GA-O.

5. Developer shall comply with federal and state laws, regulations, ordinances,review and permit requirements, and other agency requirements, if any, ofapplicable agencies including, but not limited to, the Colorado Division ofWildlife, Colorado Department of Transportation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineersand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and/or Colorado Department of Wildliferegarding the Endangered Species Act, particularly as it relates to the Preble'sMeadow Jumping Mouse as a listed threatened species.6. A completed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit should be provided to the ElPaso County Development Services Department prior to project commencementif ground-disturbing activities would occur in wetland areas. Alternatively, aletter from a qualified wetland scientist indicating why such a permit is notrequired for this project would be acceptable.7. Detailed buffering, screening, and landscaping as required by the applicablesections of the Land Development Code, as amended, shall be provided betweenthe GA-O uses and the adjacent residential uses in site development plansubmittals. The installation and maintenance of said requirements shall be acondition of approval for site development plans. The adequacy of screening/separation of differing land uses shall be a serious consideration in the evaluationof any site development plans.NOTATIONS1. The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners may consider revocationand/or suspension of this approval if zoning regulations, conditions, and/orstandards are being violated, preceded by notice and public hearing.2. Approval of the GA-O does not imply El Paso County acceptance or adoption of aMeadow Lake Airport Layout Plan.D. APPLICABLE RESOLUTIONSApproval Page 27Disapproval Page 28E. LOCATIONAbutting zoning and land use:North: RR-5 (Residential Rural)/single family residential, R-4 (Planned UnitDevelopment)/commercialSouth: RR-5 (Residential Rural)/single family residentialEast: PUD (Planned Unit Development ZCP)/agricultural; RR-5 (ResidentialRural)/single family residentialWest: RR-5 and RR-2.5(Residential Rural)/single family residential, R-4(Planned Unit Development)/commercial

F. BACKGROUNDThe Board of County Commissioners approved the existing Meadow Lake GA-O on May18, 1970 which authorized the allowed Meadow Lake uses, as follows:• Aero club facilities• Aircraft maintenance facilities• Airfields and landing strips• Airport terminals, related supporting facilities• Aviation control towers• Hangars and tie-down facilities• Navigation instruments and aids• Aviation related businessesThe airport acquired an additional 385 acres over which the Meadow Lake AirportAssociation is requesting the GA-O be adopted. The Board of County Commissioners(Board) approved a sketch plan (SKP-06-003) March 29, 2007 and a PUD zoning andconcept plan (ZCP) (PUD-07-009) August 14, 2008 which contemplated a more detailedmix of private, commercial, and industrial uses on this and additional land. Approval ofthe Meadow Lake Sketch Plan was conditioned to be effective for a period of five (5)years. At the expiration of the five-year period, if no final plat in conformance with theplan had been submitted, approved, and recorded, the sketch plan approval would expire.The sketch plan and PUD ZCP expired March 29, 2012. Both the sketch plan and PUDZCP would have to be renewed and extended to complete the development plan aspreviously approved. Adoption of the GA-O, however, does provide a mechanism toconduct the uses listed above.The applicant also requested a waiver of the submittal requirements to provide aTransportation Impact Study (TIS) due to the immediate intent to extend an existingglider runway. As condition to waiving the requirement to submit a TIS the uses withinthe overlay will be limited to the glider runway as shown on the GA-O map until an sitedevelopment plan is approved which shall include submittal and review of a full TIS.Approval will be based on a complete analysis of the traffic impacts and identification ofany necessary off-site improvements.G. APPROVAL CRITERIA1. LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE COMPLIANCESection 5.3.5.B, Map Amendment (Rezoning), outlines the approval criteria formap amendment requests. In approving a map amendment, the following findingsshall be made:The application is in general conformance with the El Paso County Master Planincluding applicable Small Area Plans or there has been a substantial change in thecharacter of the neighborhood since the land was last zoned;The rezoning is in compliance with all applicable statutory provisions, includingbut not limited to C.R.S. §30-28-111, §30-28-113, and §30-28-116;

The proposed land use or zone district is compatible with the existing and permittedland uses and zone districts in all directions; andThe site is suitable for the intended use, including the ability to meet the standardsas described in Chapter 5 of the Land Development Code, for the intended zonedistrict.Based on the discussion provided in the BACKGROUND Section of this staffreport, staff recommends the above referenced findings may be made in approvingthe GA-O request.H. PUBLIC COMMENT AND NOTICEThe Development Services Department notified 77 adjoining property owners onSeptember 17, 2012. Responses will be provided at the hearing.I. ATTACHMENTSVicinity MapLetter of IntentGA-O map

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