Age - Wiley School District

Age - Wiley School District

..•..----AcademicsHS KnowledgeBowl NeedsParticipationMegan ClaybrookStaff ReporterAnother year hascome and gonefor the eight membersof the high schoolknowledge bowl team.With the team nearingthe end with Regional's,March 27th at McClaveHigh School, SeniorHayley Specht explains,"Thiswas a really goodseason,but we never didplace in any meets. Theprogram could really usesome more participationnext year." Even withoutthe hopes of capturinga state trophy, knowledgebowl sponsorMargie Ullomexplainstheeffortsof the team asseri-ous and fun. "TheSpringfield meet wasexciting. It was a goodgame for the students,and they had fun gettingthe opportunity toanswer the questions."Junior BrookeEmond explains, "Nextyear will be fun, and weare going to missthe seniorparticipants, butKatherine [junior participant]and I will rock it! Ireally hope Katherine willbe on the team nextyear."Ullom reiteratesSpecht's earlier commentencourages anyonewho enjoys "pitting"their brainsacademicallyto consider joining theteam next year...•..~ 11-- 3 pageMarch 2009Presidents Hold t e Ice12thCoreyBairAge18Favorite SubjectPower TechRoles of thePresidentRun meetings and makesure staff is in order.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?The power and the title.11thTannerParmelyAge17Favorite SubjectBiology 2Roles of thePresidentI really don't do toomuch.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?I like the position ofauthority.10thWilWollertAge16Favorite SubjectAgRoles of thePresidentAbsolutely nothing.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?Everybody loves me.Top Row: Carlos Morales, Taylor Wilson, Zachary Garner, ChristopherTurner, and Grady RogersBottom Row: Mrs. Ullom, Brooke Emond, Katherine DeWitt, andHayley SpechtJH KnowledgeBowl Thinks BIGMegan ClaybrookStaff ReporterFilled with enoughenthusiasm to capturea first place trophyat Holly, a secondplace trophy at Eads,and twenty-four membersis the junior highknowledge bowl team.Sponsor Margie Ullomsays, "It is a good groupof kids, and they workhard."An honora blemoment for the teamwas the Holly meet. Allthe kids worked hard onthe writing portion andthe oral round. Thirty-sixteams attended, and theWiley team came out ontop.Looking into nextyear, Ullom is excited tosee how the kids movingup to the high schoolknowledge bowl teamwill affect that team as awhole.9thJamieNordykeAge15Favorite SubjectScienceRoles of thePresidentBeing in charge of myclass.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?The power.8thBaileyBairAge14Favorite SubjectBandRoles of thePresidentLeading my class andmaking decisions.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?Being in charge.JlhJordanSniffAge13Favorite SubjectSocial StudiesRoles of thePresidentI represent the seventhgrade class.What do youmost enjoy aboutthe job?I enjoy being in charge.

4agep ..- -- --March 2009FFA StudentsHosts FFA WeekErik BiggersvisitWiley.Theofficers willStaff Reporter conduct workshops andFFA Week will be heldon February 23-27.Various activities willbe held throughout theweek to help gain recognitionand enthusiasmtowards FFA.Monday the 22ndwill be Food for AmericaDay. Wiley FFAmemberswill spend the day educatingthe elementary onwhere their food comesfrom and the importanceof agriculture in puttingfood on the table.On Tuesday,members will get theopportunity to bring theirtractors to school.Students will be able tolook at the tractors andask any questions thatthey may have about themachinery.On Wednesday,as part of DistrictLeadership, members ofthe state officer team will~~ __• r "-~II __Academicsdo activities to helpinform students abouthow to be a leader andmake a difference intheir school and community.The main event ofthe week, the FFABarnyard, will be held onThursday. Barnyard animalswill be brought byvarious members, andeach class will get theopportunity to observeand even interact withmany of the animals. Theowners of the animals willalso educate theobserversabout their animals.Capping off theweek will be the TeacherAppreciation breakfaston Friday morning. Thebreakfast will be servedto the school faculty toshow the FFA'sappreciationtowards the facultymembers.ElementaryJumps For CureBrooke Emond they raise. These giftsStaff Reporter include water bottles,, , Jump Rope for Heartis a community serviceprogram to raisefunds for the AmericanHeart Association. Weare joining the fightagainst our nation's numberone and numberthree killers-cardiovasculardisease andstroke," stated elementaryphysical educationteacher BrianDunning.Classes preschoolthrough fifth grades participatein this event.Dunning incorporatesJump Rope for Heart witha jump rope unit. All studentsmust jump rope,and students that raisemoney qualify for individual"thank you" giftsbased on the donationsjump ropes, tee shirts,and many other funprizes.Theschool will alsoqualify for gift certificatesfor Physical Educationequipment based on theamount of money raised.The money from this yearhas yet to be added up,but the goal was to raiseas much or more thanlast year-an amount of$5,600.00.Coach Brian Dunning jumps ropewith an elementary student.Caughey, Schneider TakeTop HonorsKali AusmusStaff ReporterEighth graders ErinCaugheyMaggieearned bragging rightsas thisyear's 1st and 2ndplace winners in the districtspelling bee. TheSpelling Beewas onFebruary 11that GranadaHigh School.Studentsfromgrades fivethrough eightparticipatedin the event,but Wileyonlytooktwelvethe competition much Schneider's approachbetter than they enjoyed was to stare at the wallthe written round. and wait for the word toCaughey said that her come back to her.andhardest word in the competitionwas the word most intimidated duringThe two girls wereSchneider"excise," while Schneider the last round of thesaid that the word "isenglass"was her hardest. had to face each othercompetition when theyfor first andsecondplace. Boththe girls triedtheir hardestthough, andnowCaughey willbe participatingin thestate competition.Thisfil1! ~ will be herEighth graders Maggie Schneider and Erin Caughey pose with their fourth year instudents.They were plaques and trophy won at the district spelling bee held in Granada a row, andgiven a book on February 11. Caughey wi.1Imake her fourth trip to the state bee she says shethat had dif- In March. can't wait to:eren~words and mean- Throughout the competi- go to state to hang outmqs SIX weeks before the tion, students had many with all her friends andbig competition and ways of trying to remem- just have a good time.were expected to study ber words-writing them Thestate competition willand learn the words. out in the air, tapping be held in Denver on theBoth Caughey and their fingers, and also 14thof March.Schneider said that theyenjoyed the oral round ofstaring at the ceiling-butHomeroom from page 2 ...Usually, books and fold- stated. At least in the they were to "fail" someersstay in the bags, and study halls, some teach- one?the students find other ers graded students forways in which to spend their productivity. Fortheir time. Also, annoy- instance, in my study hallances often begin to during freshman year, if Ioccur. While not doing did not stay busy eithertheir homework or get- with homework or readtingan assignment in the ing a book, I got points"class", students tend to counted off for my finalbug other students: they grade. The points did notplay obnoxious games affect my GPA, but theyand just sit and do noth- did affect my eligibilitying. I personally do not for sportsand other extrathink this is what was in curricular activities, givmindwhen the students ing me the persuasion Iwere given this home- needed to stay period in the day. Homeroom is simply aThis year, home- pass or fail grade, androom was implemented, nothing is truly expectedbut the study halls were of the students during thistaken out of the school time. Teachersare someday.What I think is that what limited too as far asinstead of this pointless thisgoes because if thereperiod in our day the are no consequences asstudy hallsshould be rein- far as grades go, what ifWhile studentsslack off, sleep, and putoff homework, nothing isaccomplished.Homeroom is a timewhen students often onlycause problems and/ormope around. All studentsmay not see homeroomas ineffective as Ido and not all homeroomsmay be managedin the same way, but theunderlying problem is stillpresent. The question iswhether or not homeroomisa productive periodin our school day or, inreality, just a waste oftime. In my opinion,homeroom is nothingmore than a wasted 25minutes.

..•.. -. -- ~ ~ -._-. --r ..•.. ~ 11-- 5 pageCommunity March 2009AccountabilityLooks at Growth ModelKali Ausmus a Grant so that they can students learn more in. It and graduating seniors dents to see how collegeStaff Reporter put in surveillance cam- helps to show where stu- from Wiley.Theywill keep has affected their livesThe Accountabilitycommittee has beenworking hard thisyear. They have discussedall the differentways to keep the schoolsafe and also to make itsafer. School safety is alarge concern at thestate and national level.The school has beenreplacing all the outsidelights and also looking ateras around the school. dents are in their learning in touch with the students and what they are doingAnother important and in what subjects to see how they have now because they wentthing that they have they excel more. They progressed in their lives to college.been working on isa new don't just review the and where they are now. The committeeprogram called the scores from one year to Thiswill benefit the school has been making manyColorado Growth Model. the next year; they because they will be improvements such asThis is where the school review scores from all of able to see how the stu- safety improvements,takes student's CSAP the years that the stu- dents that graduated new programs, and alsoscores over a period of dent has taken the test. from Wileyare doing and keeping track of formertime and compares Last, the commit- progressing compared students in our schoolthem. Theysee what stu- tee has been talking to other schools' gradu- and plans to continuedents have been learn- about a program to ated seniors. The school making our school betingand in what areas the keep track of graduated will also be talking to stu- ter.Americans Add Leprechauns To Irish LoveMegan ClaybrookStaff ReporterOne upon a time,in a land faraway, a little leprechaundrove all thesnakes out of Ireland.People in Ireland wereforever grateful andloved this leprechaun forhis efforts. They threwshamrocks on him toshow their appreciation.This leprechaun waswidely known and eversince an annual holidayis celebrated on hisbehalf. However, this leprechaunwas not alwaysas famous as he istoday,and he was never actuallya leprechaun.St.Patrick isone ofChristianity's most widelyknown characters. Heconverted a number ofpeople to Christianity,making Christianity raisegreatly in Ireland.Legends say he couldSt. Patrick was young, hewas taken to Ireland as aslave after hisvillage wasattacked. After spendingeight years as a captive,he finally escaped.Legend has it he foundGod during captivity anddeveloped the habit ofpraying throughout theday to strengthen himself.For twenty years hetraveled through IrelandPatrick drove all thesnakesfrom Ireland."St.Patrick's Day iscelebratedon March 17thas a feast day and ananniversary to St.Patrick'sdeath. Originallya Catholic holy day, St.Patrick's Day has nowbecome a secular holiday.Today, the traditionis carried on by wearinggreen and eating Irishfood.As for how leprechaunstie into this holiday?They actually havenothing to do with St.Patrick's Day. WaltDisney released a filmcalled Darby 0' Gill & theLittle People which introducedAmerica to Irishfolklore. Darby O'Gili &the Little People featuredso-called leprechauns ascheerful and carefreemale fairies. The leprechaunwas anAmerican invention thatquickly tied itself to St.Patrick's Day and Irelandin general.hear angels, and they establishing churcheshelped him during his and schools. St Patrickjourneys. However, hislife found his rainbow andwas not always filled withangels and fame. Whenthe pot of gold at theend. Old Irishfolk say, "St.Wiley Community PancakeSupper & Bingo NightCome out on the 2nd of March to help raise money for the Wiley CommunityScholarship fund.Lions club pancakesupper 5:00 p.m.Bingo 6:15 p.m.25¢ & $1.00 tablesBingo will continue until all prizes have been won.*Thank you to all the local businesses for their gracious donations.

6 page •••••••••Februarv 2009Megan ClaybrookStaff ReporterAsking one student fromeach high school class,one can easily see thatthe weekends of smalltown teens are not asexciting as one wouldhope. Freshman ErikaRagland, sophomoreCodey Smith, juniorJordan Eckert, and seniorJimmy Spitzer all had the~~ __." •• r ..•.. ~IIWeekends Keep Teens Boredsame response whenasked what they do onan average weekend,"Umm ... llike to hang outwith friends."However, whenthe same students wereasked what their dreamweekend would be, theyall came up with differentand fun responses.Erika Ragland's dreamweekend would be to goanywhere far away withfriends. She wouldn't liketo go with any chaperonsor parents; that way,she and her friends coulddo whatever they wanted.After a long pauseCodey Smith explainedhe would like to dosomething where hecould eat really tastyfood. He would alsoBrooke Emond'sTop Ten: Things to do forSpring Break10. Enjoy the comforts ofhome-Next to sleep, thevery essence of springbreak is taking the timeto just relax and abandoneverything that hasto do with school.( Try something newsincespring break comesonly once a year, dosomething that will makeit unforgettable.(http://ultimatetop ings- to-do-on-s pringbreak.html)8. Go to a concert orevent-spring break is awhole week to do nothingso there is time tohead to the nearest concertor outdoors event.(http://ultimatetop ings- to-do-on-s pringbreak.html)7. Hang out withfriends-during school,there usually is notenough time to just chillwith friends or familybecause all the activitiesthat go on take upalmost all free time studentshave. Spring breakis a good time to catchup.(http://ultimatetop ings- to-do-on-springbreak.html)6. Go to the beach-themajority of students headto the beach over springbreak. It is a place whereeveryone gets away andhas a good time.(http://ultimatetop ings- to-do-on-springbreak.html)5. Sleep as much as possible-schoolreally cutsinto everyone's sleeptime,so why not catchsome more l's?( Make up nicknamesfor different people-aspring break usually is nota good one until someonehas a new nickname.( Go tanning-then itlooks like just abouteveryone went somewheresunny.( Host a TV marathonsiton the couch withsome friends and snacksand watch all the showsand movies that had tobe bypassed duringschool.( Ball Cup-this is a sologame that can help withthe boredom factor thatmany teens run into duringspring break. Sit atthe foot of a staircasewith a plastic cup aboutfour steps up. Acquire aball that will fit into thecup without knocking itover. The object of thegame is to land the ballin the cup by throwingthe ball past the cup andletting it roll down thestairs and into the cup.( his friends to comealong and enjoy theweekend with him.Junior JordanEckert simply said, "Iwould go to Hawaii anddo some shopping."Jimmy Spitzer would alsolike to go to Hawaii.However, he would notbe doing much shoppingbecause his dreamweekend in Hawaii••Odds & Endswould be filled withbeaches, tanning, and aDallasCowboyCheerleader.Even though notevery weekend can beadrenaline pumping,heart stopping excitement,the students atWiley High School stillhave fun with their friendsno matter what they aredoing.March Events1st- Peace Corps Anniversary4th- 1st meeting of Congress7th- Iditarod Race begins8th- Daylight savingsWorking Woman's Day12th- Anniversary of death of Anne Frank17th- St. Patrick's Day2Oth- Firstday of Spring21 st- National teenagers day26th- Make up your own holiday day31 st- Tater DayAs CompiledBy: Kali AusmusBryan Marsh'sWbat Tickles IVIyPkXleSunday afternoon isjust another boringday, and with theparents gone, I findmyself craving food, andfast. With a lack ofmoney and an overstockof hunger, I ventureddown to Tucker's andscanned the freezers forsomething to hold meover.That is where I sawthem: TGI Fridays hotwings. They caught myattention instantly, and Igot lucky because mymom had just loaded thecharge account. Igrabbed them, scribbledmy name on the receipt,and drove home asquickly as I could. I threwthem in the oven almostbefore I could even getthe box open, and in ashort fifteen minutes theywere done.They turned out tobe delicious, althoughspicy, in ranch sauce.They are inexpensive andcan fill your appettite, fora few hours at least!o you wan an a orruc Ire a ... ow 0 you rain alizard?.Hurry code 411 it's an emergency ...What'sup what's up!..Good observation I am a homosapien...That's vanish-able ...Just slap him in the facenext time ...Take a class for punctuation ... ls a largemouthbass an instrument or a fish?.lf we are stilltogether I am not getting him anything ... Gotchudawg!.. Delete my number out of your phone ... Thatwill enlarge your chances ...We dated for three yearsand I still cheated on her. ..As CompiledBy: Megan Claybrook

=------SportsNBA All-Star weekendwill be held onFebruary 13-15 inPhoenix,Arizona. Some ofthe top playersin the NBAwill compete in skillschallengesand, of course,the NBA All-Star game.However, many of basketball'strue "all-stars"will be forced to watchthe event from thestands.The all-stars areselected by a fan ballot,and the reservesare chosenby the coaches.Playersare put on teamsaccording to the conferencethat their teambelongs to (Eastern orBrooke EmondStaff ReporterErik Bigger'sSport SpotlightWestern). Most fans strictlyvote for the playerswiththe most fame andbiggest reputation, notthe players with the mosttalent. It seems like everyyear the same playersmake the team. Forexample, Shaquille0' Neal has played in theall star game 15 times.Although Shaq is one ofthe greatest players toever play the game ofbasketball, his age isbeginning to affect hisskill,and there are manyyounger players thatdeserve the chance tocompete in the all-stargame.Nuggets center NeneHilario leads the NBA infield goal percentage,but was not chosen as anall-star. Nuggets forwardCarmelo Anthony wasalso not selected to the2009 all stars. Anthony isamong the top ten scorersin the NBA and averagesnearly 22 points pergame, which is numberone among active forwards.Obviously, not everyplayer can be selectedas an all-star; however,there are players thatdeserve the opportunitymore than others.LJHS Tiger SwimmingFinishes StrongAt the league swimmeet in ColoradoSprings, KaceyWells placed second inher individual event, the100 breast, and madethe state qualifying timeof 1:15.3.Shequalified forstate in the 100 breast,the 200 medley relay,and the 200 free relay.The other swimmers onthe 200 medley relay areJenifer Bogner, MarketaJancar, and MartaRight: Sophomore Jodi States and juniorTanner Parmley stay strong on defenseagainst one of Kit Carson'splayers.Roberson. The otherswimmerson the 200 freerelay are Bogner, Jcncor.and Christina Lobato.Kristie Haberman, LisaChastain, and NatalieProctor were the alternatesfor each of therelays. The state meetwas held February 13and14, 2009, in Loveland atMountain View HighSchool. Relays and individualraces were heldduring both days."It was crazy makingstate as a freshman,"Wellscommented.Wells placed 21st in the100breast stroke and cuta second off her fastesttime of the season; hertime was 1:13.99.Her 200free relay placed 16th,and her 200 medley relayplaced 10th.'" Looking back atall the hours of practiceand the coaches whohave pushed you, is a littlegirl who fell in love withthe water and neverlooked back ...swim forher.' This was our teamquote," Wellsstated.Left: Freshman Kacey Wells gets set todive into the water. In her first year ofswimming for the La Junta Tigers, Wellsqualified for state in the 100 BreastStroke, 200 Medley Relay and the 200free relay..•. ~ 11-- page1March 2009Boys BasketballShoots to ImproveRecordErik BiggersStaff ReporterThe high school boy'sbasketball team iscoming off of severaltough losses and entersthe last weeks of the seasonwith a 7-10 recordoverall and a 2-3 recordin their district."We have beeninconsistent. The teamneeds to work hard overthe next few weeks, sowe can close out the seasonon a positive note,"says Coach BrianDunning. Despite therecord, the team still hasan excellent chance tomake it out of districtsand earn a fresh start inthe regional tournament.Dunning's majorconcern going into thefinal part of the season isimproving the insidegame offensively, whichwill open up the perimetergame. Once again,the team can alwaysimprove on theirrebounding.At press time, theteam was preparing forcompetition in the districttournament. The top fourteams from the districttournament, beginningFebruary 24 at the LCCWellness Center, willadvance to regionals.Girls BasketballComing TogetherErik BiggersStaff ReporterHigh school girl's basketballis enteringthe final weeks ofthe season and issportinga 10-7 overall and a 3-2record in their district. Thegirls have had many upsand downs thus far, butseem to be pullingtogether just in time fordistricts.Commenting onthe team's play, CoachBrian Dunning says, "Weare getting a lot moreconsistent. Players areworking hard. We arecoming together as ateam." Dunning feels thatthe team is doing well,but must continue tomake improvements intheir rebounding, defensiveresiliency,and consistencyon offense.At press time, theteam was scheduled toplay in the district tournamentheld at the LCCWellness Center the lastweek of February.Thetopfour teams from each districtwill then advanceinto regional play.

8page •••••••••Febuarv 2009.....mllil ••PhotosTryston Cox, Madison Summers, Sandy Kroeker, Colton Reed, Dylan Stewart, PaigeSmartt, and Taylor Weis all participate as helpers in the Birds of Prey assembly. Theassembly put on by the Division of Wildlife, was presented to grades K-8 onFebruary 9th.Taylor Wilson, Mrs. Turner, Wil Wollert, and Codey Smith pose for a picturein their paper ties that they made during Spanish class.Februarv--------PhotosTiana Spitzer looks for an open teammate during their home gameagainst Kit Carson. The Lady Panthers ended the night with a victoryover the Wildcats.Haleigh Prosser looks at her Valentine's cards during her class's party on February 13th.Zac Perdue, Taylor Wilson, Raul Pineda, Chase Bair, and Assistant Coach Greg Spitzerwatch the action during the varsity boys game against Kit Carson.

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