WP6 “Climate change impact on ecosystems and biodiversity of the ...


WP6 “Climate change impact on ecosystems and biodiversity of the ...

Some ecosystem components:PhytoplanktonAchnanthes taeniata Monoraphidium contortum Aphanizomenon flos-aquaeZooplanktonEurytemora affinis Acartia bifilosa Bosmina longispina

Human ong>impactong> on fish community

Tasks6cProvide an advice on development andimplementation of policy for sustainablemanagement of marine living resources(Advice on fisheries policy).

Tasks6dProvide advice on development andimplementation of WFD (coastal andtransitional waters), EU maritime policy,EU Marine Strategy Directive andHELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (Adviceon environmental policy).

Planned outputs•According to the tasks : forecasts and models; advice. Certainly: new knowledge; publications.

WP participantsLatvian Institute of Aquatic EcologyLatvian Fish Resources AgencyInstitute of Biology, U of LatviaFaculty of Biology, U of Latvia

Activities 2006/2007Analyzing existing material and makingelectronical versions of all data.Experimental work - estimation of phytoplanktoncommunity dynamics.Field work - sampling and analysis forassessment of variation in biodiversity, speciesrelationships and trophic links.Development of fish community model.

Field work

Activities 2008/2009• Modelling of ong>impactong> resulting form the climateong>changeong> and fluctuation of anthropogenic load onbiodiversity and ecosystem productivity - usingthe results of WP1 and WP5;• Forecasting dynamics of ecosystem and itscomponents, using the obtained field andexperimental data and modelling results;• Advice, recommendations, publications.

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