Swedish stamps 2006 - Posten


Swedish stamps 2006 - Posten


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Swedish stamps 2006This page presents a selection from the Swedish stamp program for 2006. There are manyinteresting stamps which are well worth waiting for. There are commemorative and jointissues, beautiful engravings and inspirational offset printing. The page shows some of thestamps being issued during the year. The stamp originals show the My Heart, Nordic Mythology– Mythical Forest Beings, Wonderful Trains, Hot Coffee and Christmas 2006 issues.3

Special offerWhen you start a subscription (see page 32), or make purchases of over SEK 350, you willreceive the Royal Palaces folder as a free gift. The folder contains two Swedish and twoThai stamps and a black print of the stamps. The stamps have the respective country’s firstday cancellation. The beautiful motifs are engraved by master engraver Czeslaw Slania andprinted in combination print. Texts in Swedish, English and Thai (value SEK 75).Don’t miss out!Make SEK 350 of purchases or start a subscription andreceive the Royal Palaces folder as a free gift!GiftworthSEK 75Royal Palacesday of issue: october 5, 2002Format: 150 x 210 mmIf the gifts run out, we reserve the right to provide equivalent substitutes.4

Stamp Booklets and MinisheetsPages 5–11 show all the stamp booklets and minisheets in our range. We issue stampsfive times a year. Keep up-to-date by visiting www.posten.se/stamps or subscribe free ofcharge to Bulletin which can be ordered from our Customer Service on tel: +46 980 749 36.Please order stamps using the order form at the back of the catalogue or the websitewww.posten.se/stamps*An asterisk after the article number indicates thatthe product is engraved.My HeartJanuary 26, 200610 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241253Price: sek 55Wonderful TrainsJanuary 26, 200610 stampsart. no.: 241254*Price: sek 55s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sAngels in the Milles Gardennovember 10, 20054 stampsart. no.: 241242*Price: sek 40Christmas 2005Noisy Villagenovember 10, 200510 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241235Price: sek 505

s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sGreat Mopeds Souvenir Sheetseptember 24, 2005Minisheet, 9 stampsart. no.: 241226stamp value: sek 49.50Price: sek 55Wild Cubsseptember 23, 200510 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241208Price: sek 55Sold outGreat Mopedsseptember 24, 20058 stampsart. no.: 241200*Price: sek 44Greta Garbosweden–Usaseptember 23, 20054 stampsart. no.: 241203*Price: sek 40Greta Garbo Souvenir Sheetseptember 23, 2005Minisheet, 4 stampsart. no.: 241260*stamp value: sek 40Price: sek 456

Neighbours Developing Togethersweden–norwayMay 27, 2005Minisheet, 2 stampsart. no.: 241174*Price: sek 20Swedish Stamps 150 YearsMay 26, 20058 stampsart. no.: 241165*Price: sek 44Swedish Stamps150 Years Souvenir SheetMay 26, 2005Minisheet, 9 stampsart. no.: 241190*stamp value: sek 49.50Price: sek 55Summer at the AllotmentMay 26, 200510 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241135Price: sek 55b s r T i a e M F M P a b r o k o e k n l h e T F s T C a h n e d n M U i n d i s b h l e o e C T k s sGastronomy – EUROPA 2005March 10, 20056 stampsart. no.: 241142Price: sek 337

s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sSigns of SpringMarch 10, 200510 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241107Price: sek 55The High Coast– World Heritage 6January 27, 20054 stampsart. no.: 241090*Price: sek 40Swedish Design– The 2005 Year of DesignJanuary 27, 20056 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 241082*Price: sek 33Elvis Presley Souvenir Sheetoctober 2, 2004Minisheet, 9 stampsart. no.: 241032*stamp value: sek 49.50Price: sek 55Rock 54-04october 2, 20048 stampsart. no.: 240986*Price: sek 448

Nordic Mythology– Meeting in ValhallaMarch 26, 2004Minisheet, 2 stampsart. no.: 240903*Price: sek 20Winter Birdsnovember 11, 20044 stampsart. no.: 241027Price: sek 40World Heritage Falun – World Heritage 5March 26, 20046 stampsart. no.: 240890Price: sek 33Swedish FootballMarch 26, 20046 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 240896Price: sek 33s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sA Scent of LoveJanuary 26, 200410 stampsart. no.: 240862Price: sek 559

s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sThe East Indiamanoctober 4, 20034 stampsart. no.: 240807*Price: sek 51FolliesMay 16, 200310 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 240746Price: sek 55The St. Bridget JubileeMay 31, 2003Minisheet, 1 stampart. no.: 240754*Price: sek 40Harvest Timeaugust 21, 200310 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 240780Price: sek 55Sold outAusverkauftSold outSpring FlowersMarch 20, 20036 stampsself-adhesiveart. no.: 240713Price: sek 3310

Astrid Lindgren 1907–2002March 5, 20027 stampsart. no.: 240462*Price: sek 35Motorcycle Sportsoctober 5, 20028 stampsart. no.: 240587*Price: sek 40Aviation Then and Nowoctober 6, 2001Minisheet, 6 stampsart. no.: 240260*Price: sek 30s T a M P b o o k l e T s a n d M i n i s h e e T sCzeslaw Slania’s 1,000th StampMinisheet, 1 stampMarch 17, 2000art. no.: 240027*Price: sek 5011GerfalconFebruary 26, 1981art. no.: 810720*Price: sek 50Note: If you wish to order a booklet offour stamps, you must write 810720 x 4.The price of a booklet is SEK 200.

Coil StampsPages 12–15 show all the coil stamps in our range. We issue stamps five times a year. Keepup-to-date by visiting www.posten.se/stamps or subscribe free of charge to Bulletin whichcan be ordered from our Customer Services on tel: +46 980 749 36. Please order stampsusing the order form at the back of the catalogue or the website www.posten.se/stampsC o i l s T a M P sThe X40 TrainJanuary 26, 2006art. no.: 241255Price: sek 10Christmas 2005Kerstin’s Skiing Tournovember 10, 2005art. no.: 241238Price: sek 5World Heritage 7– Grimeton Radio Stationseptember 23, 2005art. no.: 241221*Price: sek 4.80World Heritage 7– The Skogskyrkogården Cemeteryseptember 23, 2005art. no.: 241219*Price: sek 5Tumba BrukMay 26, 2005art. no.: 241178*Price: sek 15Planting TimeMay 26, 2005art. no.: 241172Price: sek 5.5012

Dag HammarskjöldMarch 10, 20052 stamps1+2art. no.: 241148*Price: sek 11Golden OrioleMarch 10, 2005art. no.: 241155*Price: sek 112+1art. no.: 241149*Price: sek 11Carl XVI Gustaf 2005January 27, 2005art. no.: 241097*Price: sek 5.50Queen Silvia 2005January 27, 2005art. no.: 241099*Price: sek 10C o i l s T a M P sRegional Houses 3november 11, 2004Log Cabinart. no.: 241033*Price: sek 0.50Scanian Farmhouseart. no.: 241037*Price: sek 7Miner’s Cottageart. no.: 241035*Price: sek 1Blekinge Cottageart. no.: 241039*Price: sek 913

Dovesand Pigeonsaugust 19, 2004Swedish Tumblerart. no.: 240940*Price: sek 5.50Collared Doveart. no.: 240942*Price: sek 5Woodpigeonart. no.: 240944*Price: sek 10RegionalHouses 2august 19, 2004C o i l s T a M P sWoodworkingToolsJanuary 26, 2004Blacksmith’s Cottage– Upplandart. no.: 240962*Price: sek 3Dalsland Cottageart. no.: 240964*Price: sek 6Stone Cottage– Gotlandart. no.: 240966*Price: sek 8Planeart. no.: 240859*Price: sek 5.50Sawart. no.: 240860*Price: sek 5Braceart. no.: 240861*Price: sek 4.80RegionalHouses 1March 20, 2003Single Cottage– Närkeart. no.: 240689*Price: sek 2Double Cottage– Bohuslänart. no.: 240691*Price: sek 4Hall Building– Medelpadart. no.: 240694*Price: sek 514

Wild Animals 2January 28, 1993OspreyJanuary 24, 2002art. no.: 240343*Price: sek 10Lynxart. no.: 930510*Price: sek 12Övedskloster Castleaugust 8, 1990art. no.: 240227*Price: sek 40Karlberg CastleMay 21, 1992art. no.: 922920*Price: sek 20Drottningholm PalaceMarch 20, 1991art. no.: 911510*Price: sek 25Eagle Owlaugust 22, 1989art. no.: 894620*Price: sek 30C o i l s T a M P sMapleFebruary 10, 1983art. no.: 830212*Price: sek 0.1015SloeFebruary 10, 1983art. no.: 830412*Price: sek 0.20

Maximum CardsA maximum card is a post card with a stamp and cancellation on the front. The postcard’spicture, the stamp and cancellation must be in maximum concordance. Maximum cards areissued in connection with a stamp issue and the number of maximum cards always equalsthe number of stamps in the issue.Subscribe to maximum cards!Read more on page 34.M a x i M U M C a r d sMaximum Cards Wonderful TrainsJanuary 26, 2006number of cards: 6Format: 105 x 148 mmart. no.: 241291*Price: sek 65Maximum Cards Signs of SpringMarch 10, 2005number of cards: 4Format: 105 x 148 mmart. no.: 241140Price: sek 42Maximum Cards Swedish Design– The 2005 Year of DesignJanuary 27, 2005number of cards: 6Format: 148 x 105 mmart. no.: 241095*Price: sek 6316

Maximum CardsSwedish Stamps 150 YearsMay 26, 2005number of cards: 8Format: 105 x 148 mmart. no.: 241170*Price: sek 84Maximum CardsGreat Mopedsseptember 24, 2005number of cards: 8Format: 105 x 148 mmart. no.: 241217*Price: sek 84M a x i M U M C a r d sMaximum Cards Angelsin the Milles Gardennovember 10, 2005number of cards: 4Format: 105 x 148 mmart. no.: 241247*Price: sek 6017

Year SetsThe Year Set is issued in November each year and includes one mint stamp of each motifissued during the past year. The stamps are mounted in a folder with information abouteach motif in English, German and Swedish. For joint issues the stamps of the partnercountry are included.y e a r s e T s2005 Year Setart. no.: 241233*Price: sek 451.50Subscribe to Year Sets!Read more on page 32.18

2004 Year Setart. no.: 241069*Price: sek 4502003 Year Setart. no.: 240832*Price: sek 442y e a r s e T s2005 year seT2005 marked 150 years of swedish stamps, a milestone celebrated with the SwedishStamps 150 Years anniversary issue. 2005 was also the year of design in sweden, whichwas marked in several ways including Swedish Design – The 2005 Year of Design issue inJanuary. Tv chef Tina nordström inspired this year’s eUroPa issue with the theme of gastronomy,EUROPA 2005 – Gastronomy, and the World heritage issues The High Coast, theSkogskyrkogården Cemetery and Grimeton Radio Station. sweden and norway’s 100 yearsof amicable relations were illustrated by two beautiful, engraved motifs of the svinesundbridge in the parallel issue Neighbours Developing Together, Sweden–Norway. This year’snational stamp day issue, Great Mopeds, is also a valuable contribution to the 2005 yearset. you may also remember the new royal stamps Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, theSigns of Spring, Golden Oriole, Greta Garbo, Angels in the Milles Garden, Wild Cubs, andthis year’s wonderful summer stamps, Summer at the Allotment.19

Booklet Year SetsThe Booklet Year Set is issued in November each year and contains all the booklets, withcovers, and minisheets issued during the past year. The stamps are mint and mounted ina folder with information in English, German and Swedish.Subscribe to Booklet Year Sets!Read more on page 32.b o o k l e T y e a r s e T s2005 Booklet Year Setart. no.: 241234*Price: sek 50920

2003 Booklet Year Setart. no.: 240833*Price: sek 4912004 Booklet Year Setart. no.: 241015*Price: sek 465b o o k l e T y e a r s e T s2005 bookleT year seTThe 2005 booklet year set includes the issues Swedish Design – The 2005 Year of Design,World heritage site The High Coast, Signs of Spring, pictures of summer in Summer at theAllotment and Wild Cubs. This year’s national stamp day issue, Great Mopeds, is of courseincluded, as are the 2005 Christmas stamps with motifs from astrid lindgren’s book Christmasat Bullerbyn. Carl Milles’ Angels in the Milles Garden were some of the motifs, and Tvchef Tina nordström inspired the issue EUROPA 2005 – Gastronomy. The two internationalcollaborations during the year, Greta Garbo (joint issue sweden–Usa) and Neighbours DevelopingTogether (sweden–norway) are also included.21

Year BooksIn the Year Book, Swedish Stamps Narrate, we collect all the issues of one year. The paststamp year is presented in words, pictures and stamps. All the stamps are mint and mountedin plastic pockets. Information in English, German and Swedish make this beautiful,comprehensive book a perfect gift.Subscribe to Year Books!Read more on page 33.y e a r b o o k sYear Book 2003art. no.: 240796*stamp value: sek 368.30Price: sek 498Year Book 2004art. no.: 240951*stamp value: sek 583.80Price: sek 498Year Book 2005art. no.: 241231*stamp value: sek 447.30Price: sek 49822

y e a r b o o k s2005 year book – sWedish sTaMPs narraTeThe past year has been an eventful one. The repertoire covers everything from swedishdesign and food to cute animal cubs and nature. it is 150 years since the first swedish stampappeared, and this was celebrated with the historic retrospective issue Swedish Stamps 150Years. The national stamp day issue Great Mopeds and Carl Milles’ beautiful angels are printedin stylish combination print. sweden could also take pride in two glorious joint issues:Neighbours Developing Together (sweden–norway) and Greta Garbo (sweden–Usa).also enjoy the wonderful swedish nature in the Signs of Spring, Golden Oriole and Summerat the Allotment issues.23

Collector’s SheetsDid you miss any of our beautiful collector’s sheets during the year?Well now you have another chance. Order now, the sheets quickly sell out.Subscribe to collector’s sheets!Read more on page 34.C o l l e C T o r ’ s s h e e T sCollector’s SheetMy HeartJanuary 26, 2006art. no.: 241265Price: sek 42Collector’s SheetGreta Garbo,Sweden–USAseptember 23, 2005art. no.: 241207*Price: sek 64Collector’s SheetSigns of SpringMarch 10, 2005art. no.: 241111Price: sek 42Collector’s SheetSwedish Stamps 150 YearsMay 26, 2005art. no.: 241169*Price: sek 64Collector’s SheetAngels in the Milles Gardennovember 10, 2005art. no.: 241246*Price: sek 6024

Works by Czeslaw SlaniaCzeslaw Slania is probably the world’s bestknownstamp engraver of all time. Duringhis long artistic life he engraved over 1,000stamps for 31 countries and the UN. Hisstrong interest in history has been extensivelyreflected in his work. He was fascinatedby the Napoleonic era and historicalpictures depicting horses, soldiers in armorand billowing flags. Here are some of hisforemost works.W o r k s b y C z e s l a w S l a n i aThe Master Engraver 80 Years OldFor his 80th birthday Czeslaw Slaniamade a dream come true, by engraving“The Death of Gustavus Adolphus II at theBattle of Lützen” (1632). The motif is thecentral part of a painting by Carl Wahlbomin Rome in 1855. Today it hangs in theNationalmuseum in Stockholm.Czeslaw Slania 80 Years OldEngraving format: 75 x 53 mmSheet format: 150 x 122 mmEdition: 10,000 copiesPaper: 150 g LinnéArt. No.: 240321*Price: SEK 24525

W o r k s b y C z e s l a W s l a n i aCoMMeMoraTive FolderThe commemorative folder was issuedwhen Czeslaw slania engraved his 1,000thstamp in 2000. it contains one minisheet,Commemorative Folder Czeslaw Slaniaday of issue: March 17, 2000art. no.: 240018*Price: sek 195a numbered black print of the minisheet andan FdC. do not miss this collector’s itemwith texts in english, german and swedish.Royal Palaces, Folderday of issue:october 5, 2002Format: 150 x 210 mmart. no.: 240598*Price: sek 75royal PalaCes, FoldersWeden–ThailandThe folder contains two swedish and two Thai stampsand a black print of the stamps. The stamps are cancelledwith the respective country’s first-day postmark.Texts in english, Thai and swedish.26

Czeslaw Slania Bookart. no.: 109601*Price: sek 450a doCUMenT oF an arTisT’s WorkMeet the man behind the engravings inthis richly illustrated book with 221 pages.Count lennart bernadotte has documentedslania’s unique artistry up to 1989with macro photography. With texts inenglish, german and swedish, this book isa must for all of slania’s fans!Art Folder Water Birdsday of issue: october 4, 2003sheet format: 260 x 178 mmedition: 12,000 copiesart. no.: 240806*Price: sek 150W o r k s b y C z e s l a W s l a n i aarT Folder WaTer birdssWeden–hong kong, ChinaThis first-class folder contains four beautifulart sheets that show watercolors by danzetterström. apart from the exquisite artsheets, the folder also contains a sheet withthe swedish and hong kong stamps, a blackprint and descriptive texts in english, Chineseand swedish about the artist dan zetterströmand the engraver Czeslaw slania.27

Folders and special productsTop of the World of StampsNordic Mythology 1/3 – 2004day of issue: March 26, 2004art. no.: 240906*Price: sek 150F o l d e r s a n d s P e C i a l P r o d U C T sToP oF The World oF sTaMPseighT inTerPreTaTions oF nordiCMyThologyin the exciting stamp cooperation Top of theWorld of stamps, the eight nordic postal authoritiesare jointly issuing a three-part stampseries on the theme of nordic Mythology. Thefirst part is about the norse gods. The exclu-sive folder contains all eight interpretationsmounted and described in texts in therespective nordic languages and in englishand german. The other two parts in thenorse Mythology series will be issued in2006 and 2008. read more about the projectat www.topoftheworld.nu. Collect fromthe start!Subscribe to the Top of the World of Stamps and make sure youreceive your copies of future issues in 2006 and 2008. Registeryour subscription on the order form.28

nobel Prize in liTeraTUresWeden–irelandThis beautiful folder contains the swedish and irishstamps cancelled with the respective country’sfirst-day postmarks. There is also a black print ofthe stamps straight from the cylinder, mounted in apractical plastic pocket. The folder also has texts inenglish and swedish.neighboUrs develoPing TogeThersWeden–norWayThis beautifully designed folder presents theneighbours in development (sweden–norway)issue. The folder also includes the swedishand norwegian minisheet, a presentationof the engravers lars sjööblom and sverreMorken, a black print of the stamp engravingsand a brief text about the history of swedenand norway.Nobel Prize in Literature Folderday of issue: october 1, 2004Format: 150 x 210 mmgraphic design: olöf baldursdottiredition: 8,000 copiesart. no.: 240985*Price: sek 95Neighbours Developing Togetherday of issue: May 27, 2005Format: 210 x 148 mmdesign: gustav Mårtenssonedition: 3000 copiesart. no.: 241196Price: sek 95F o l d e r s a n d s P e C i a l P r o d U C T s29

Ö C k F e o r l , d M e r a s P P a a n r d o s C P h e C s i P a e l C P i a r l o P d r U o C d T U s k T e rnordiC Folder 2002The eight nordic postal authoritieshave each contributed stamps tothis beautiful folder on the themeContemporary art. it contains onesheet per country with their respectivestamps cancelled with a specialpostmark. Texts in swedish, englishand german.living earTh 3living earth 3 is the third in the living earthseries. Five postal authorities feature theirstamps based on the theme of nature. Theparticipating postal authorities are sweden,hong kong, Canada, ireland and the Unitednations. sweden has contributed four of the19 stamps in the book, all from the issueÖland Moorland – World heritage 3.The book has texts in swedish, english,german, French and Chinese. do not missthis exquisite collection of beautiful naturestamps.Living Earth 3Pages: 1619 stampsFormat: a4art. no.: 240917*Price: sek 119Nordic Folder 20028 sheetsFormat: 230 x 220 mmart no: 240446*Price: sek 9930

4 engravers UnderThe MagniFying glassa unique folder for all lovers of engravings.The folder contains four exclusive copperprints engraved by Czeslaw slania, larssjööblom, Martin Mörck and Piotr naszarkowski.you will also find texts about the artof engraving, its history and portraits of theengravers as well as a text sheet with summariesin english and german.numbered copies!4 engravers under the magnifying glassday of issue: october 1, 2004Contents: 6 text sheets, 4 copper prints and1 text sheet with summaries in english andgerman. insert format: 200 x 250 mmCopper print format: 100 x 75 mmCopper print paper: 250 g rives Frenchart paperedition: 5,000Copper print: kjaer & Partner,Copenhagen, denmarkart. no.: 240952*Price: sek 459F o l d e r s a n d s P e C i a l P r o d U C T s31

Ö C k F e o r l , d M e r a s P P a a n r d o s C P h e C s i P a e l C P i a r l o P d r U o C d T U s k T e rsWedish sTaMPs 150 yearsCoMMeMoraTive Medalin connection with the 150th anniversaryof the swedish stamp, sweden Post, inpartnership with ernst nordin – one ofsweden’s foremost medal artists, presentedan exclusive commemorative medal in999/1000 pure silver. The medal depictsPehr ambjörn sparre on the obverse anda 4 skilling banco stamp on the reverse.The medal comes with a beautiful commemorativeletter with the sparre stamp, fromthe swedish stamps 150 years issue, anda special cancellation showing sparre’ssignature. The letter has been signed byartist ernst nordin and stamp engraverMartin Mörck. This is a limited edition ofonly 1,100 medals.Exclusivecommemorative medal!Swedish Stamps150 Years Commemorative Medalday of issue: May 26, 2005Weight: 25 gMaterial: 999/1000 pure silversize: 35 mm diameterartist: ernst nordinedition: 1,100art. no.: 241191Price: sek 69032

Subscribe to stamps– simply and conveniently!Subscribing is the simplest way to collect stamps. The latest issues arrive in your letterbox and you never have to worry about missing anything. We pay the postage and handlingcharges and you also get the Bulletin newsletter free of charge!Booklets and Minisheetsswedish stamp booklets and minisheets aresome of the most interesting in the world.When you subscribe to stamp booklets theyare posted home to you in connection witheach issue (5 times a year).Price: approx. sek 520 a yearCancelled Bookletsas above, but cancelled at sweden Post withthe postmark of the day of issue. same priceas above.Booklet Year SetsThe booklet year set is issued in novembereach year and contains all the booklets, withcovers, and minisheets issued during thepast year. The stamps and minisheets aremint and mounted in a folder with informationin english, german and swedish.Price: approx. sek 520 a yearYear SetsThe year set is issued in november each yearand includes one mint stamp of each motifissued during the past year. The stamps aremounted in a folder with information abouteach motif in english, german and swedish.For joint issues the stamps of the othercountry are also included.Price: approx. sek 460 a years U b s C r i b e T o s T a M P s – s i M P l y a n d C o n v e n i e n T l y !33

s U b s C r i b e T o s T a M P s – s i M P l y a n d C o n v e n i e n T l y !Setsone of our most popular subscription packages!every time new stamps are issued youreceive them in your letter box. The subscriptionincludes one mint stamp of each motif.The stamps come in plastic mounts readyto go into your album. For joint issues thestamps of the other country are also included.Price: approx. sek 460 a yearCancelled Setsyou can also subscribe to sets cancelledwith the postmark of the day of issue. Thestamps are cancelled at sweden Post withthe postmark of the day of issue.Price: approx. sek 460 a yearFirst Day Covers, FDCyou receive the latest stamp issue on anexclusive, relief envelope designed andproduced for the occasion. The stamps andthe envelope are cancelled with the uniquefirst-day postmark. The envelope containsa sheet with information about the issuesin english, german and swedish. For jointissues the stamps of the other country arealso included.Price: approx. sek 490 a yearCoil Stampsyou can also subscribe to coil stamps.Minimum order: 3 stamps.examples:Price: 3 stamps approx. sek 184.80 a yearPrice: 5 stamps approx. sek 308 a yearCancelled Coil Stampsas above, but cancelled at sweden Post withthe postmark of the day of issue. The sameprices as above.Year Booksin the year book, swedish stamps narrate,you will find all the stamps issued in onecalendar year. all the stamps are mint andmounted in plastic folders in the book.Texts in swedish, english and german.Joint issues are not included.Price: approx. sek 498 a year34

Maximum CardsMaximum cards are produced for some issuesto complement the stamp motifs. Theyhave the stamp on the front cancelled with aspecial postmark. issued 4–5 times a year.Price: approx. sek 300 a yearCollector’s Sheetsa decorative collector’s sheet is producedfor each new stamp issue. on the collector’ssheet, which is in a4 format, the stamp ismounted on a beautiful motif specially designedfor the occasion. Many people chooseto collect the sheets in albums so theycan enjoy them whenever they like. othersframe their favorite motifs and hang them onthe wall at home or at work.There are texts about the issue in english,german and swedish on the reverse of thecollector’s sheet.Price: approx. sek 690 a year with subscriptionapprox. sek 760 a year without subscriptionTop of the World of Stampseight interpretations of nordic Mythology inthe exciting cooperation between the nordicpostal authorities.Price: sek 150s U b s C r i b e T o s T a M P s – s i M P l y a n d C o n v e n i e n T l y !35

Albums and accessoriesKeep your collector’s sheets in a handy albumThis album has been designed in line with our customer’s wishes. Simply insert theblue set sheets the issue sets are delivered in. Smart, convenient and well-arranged!a l b U M s a n d a C C e s s o r i e sRegular albumart. no.: 301600Price: sek 129Album sheets with 2pockets for set albumart. no.: 300701Price: sek 32/10Exclusive albumart. no.: 301800Price: sek 199Set albumart. no.: 300700Price: sek 119Album sheets with1 pocket for set albumart. no.: 300702Price: sek 32/10Pocket albumart. no.: 300800Price: sek 8936

Plastic pockets for largeFDCs, 1 pocketart. no.: 302005, black,2-sidedPrice: sek 35/5Plastic pocket for largebooklets, maximum cards andregular FDCs, two pocketsart. no.: 301900,transparent, 1-sidedPrice: sek 55/10Plastic pockets for largeFDCs, 1 pocketart. no.: 301905,transparent, 1-sidedPrice: sek 35/5Plastic pockets forbooklets, 4 pocketsart. no.: 302200, black,2-sidedPrice: sek 35/5Plastic pocket for largebooklets, maximum cardsand regular FDCs, two pocketsart. no.: 302000, black,2-sidedPrice: sek 55/10Plastic pockets forbooklets, 4 pocketsart. no.: 302100,transparent, 1-sidedPrice: sek 35/5a l b U M s a n d a C C e s s o r i e sPlastic pockets forBooklet Year Setsand Year Setsart. no.: 301910Price: sek 35/537Sheets forlarge stampsRaised pocket 50 mm,black, 5 pockets,1-sidedart. no.: 300801Price: sek 35/5

www. posten.se/stampsat www.posten.se/stamps you will find all the swedish stamps that youcan purchase from us, just like the catalogue you are holding. UnderCollector’s items you will also find a lot of other items like Collector’ssheets, Maximum Cards, books and albums. you can also order subscriptionsand contact our Customer service via e-mail. you are welcometo visit us today!38

InformationBulletinThe Bulletin with information about all the newstamp issues is published five times a year.All our customers receive it for free!PaymentSweden Post Stamps requests advance paymentunless otherwise stated. We only deliverif the amount of the order is covered by theaccount. You can pay through one of our giroaccounts. Unfortunately we cannot acceptchecks or cash.We accept Master Card and Visa.Giro AccountsStockholm 1049-6 (Nordea Bank,IBAN: SE1995000099603400010496,BIC: NDEASESS)Amsterdam 5486502 (Postbank, Zakeljik,IBAN: NL40PSTB0005486502, BIC: PSTBNL21)Hamburg 219175-204 (BLZ 200 100-20)(Postbank, IBAN: DE65200100200219175204,BIC: PBNKDEFF)Vienna 1787.205 (ÖsterreichischePostsparkasse Aktiengesellschaft,IBAN: AT586000000001787205,BIC: OPSKATWW)DeliveriesGoods are delivered 1 to 2 weeks after wereceive your order.Registered deliveryOnly deliveries of over SEK 2,000 are sent byregistered mail.Customer numberPlease state your customer number when contactingus. You will find it on your delivery note.Full warrantyPurchases may be returned within 2 weeksafter receipt for exchange or refund. Pleasewrite a few lines to tell us why you are returning it.Free deliveries of subscriptionsand purchases over SEK 150We pay the postage and handling chargesfor subscription deliveries and for individualpurchases over SEK 150. For purchases underSEK 150, we have to charge a fee of SEK 40(as well as for purchases outside subscriptionsof less than SEK 150).Parent/Guardian signatureOrders from children under 16 must have thesignature of a parent or guardian.Special servicesPlease contact our Customer Service for specialrequirements like cancellations or stamp arrangements.39

SubscriptionsPlease fill out this form if you would like to start a new subscription. Products can be orderedon the reverse side of the form.Subscriptions Quantity Approx. price SEK/Year Total SEK1. Booklets 5202. Cancelled Booklets 5203. Booklet Year Sets 5204. Year Sets 4605. Sets 4606. Cancelled Sets 4607. First Day Covers (FDC) 4908. Coil Stamps (minimum 3 stamps)Quantity (minimum 3): _____ x 61:609. Cancelled Coil Stamps (minimum order 3 stamps)Quantity (minimum 3): _____ x 61:6010. Year Books 49811. Collector’s Sheets 69012. Maximum Cards 30013. Top of the World of Stamps 150How to place an order:Fill out your order and post or fax the form to +46980-81490. Please print clearly. You can also ordersubscriptions by e-mail and online. If paying by creditcard, please fill in the details below.I authorize Sweden Post Stamps to debit my credit cardfor this and future orders as well as subscriptions. Onlyto be filled out for the first credit card purchase.Credit card numberExpiry dateVISA* The security code is on the backof your credit card in the signaturefield. If your card has more thanthree digits, use the last threedigits only.MasterCardCVV2/CVC2security code*:Date:Signature:Name:Address:Country:Customer number (if applicable):40

Sweden Post StampsCustomer ServiceSE-981 84 KIRUNASwedenProductsYou can order any products shown in this catalogue using this form. Please note that subscriptions are ordered on thereverse side of the form.ProdUCT Art. No. Quantity Price SEK Total SEKOrder totalHandling fee for orders under SEK 150 SEK 40How to place an order:Fill in your order and post or fax the form to +46 980-81490. Please print clearly. You can also order subscriptionsby e-mail and online. If paying by credit card, pleasefill in the details below.I authorize Sweden Post Stamps to debit my credit cardfor this and future orders as well as subscriptions. Only tobe filled out for the first credit card purchase.Credit card numberTotal SEKCVV2/CVC2Expiry datesecurity code*:* The security code is on the back of your credit cardin the signature field. If your card has more than threedigits, use the last three digits only.VISAMasterCardDate:Signature:Name:Address:Country:Customer number (if applicable):41

Customer ServicePhone hours (CET):Monday–Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.We can take your orders round the clock, 7 days a week.Phone +46 980 74936Fax: +46 980 81490E-mail: pf.kundservice@posten.seInternet: www.posten.se/stampsCustomer Service SE-981 84 KIRUNASwedenHead office SE-164 88 KistaStockholmSwedenFormsinne Sthlm AB42

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