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PLEASE VISIT US ATMEDIC WEST AFRICA16.-18.10.2012ECO Hotel Lagosactivevibrationvibration isolation 3 t individualadaptable confi gurations for higher loads andcomplex applicationsSCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTSM W AMedic West Africa Active in all 3 axis | very short response time (5 - 10 msec)> No compressed air required> Compact – naturally stiff superior to every passive damping systemLOW POWER TECHNOLOGY (LP)> Unique extra-low voltage piezoelectric actuators> No heating-up when actively isolatingPLEASE CONTACT USFOR MORE INFORMATIONS:Phone +49 7071 5499863hwl@hwlscientifi c.comwww.hwlscientifi c.de25

M W AMedic West AfricaSenegal and Gabon and we hope to open in many other WestAfrican markets soon as well.’Nuby is currently distributed in more than 155 countriesaround the world by their partners and distributors. With the helpof future new partners, New Valmar hope to set up a distributionnetwork within a minimum of nine West African countries withinthe coming 2 years. Nigeria, Tanzania, and Namibia are primetargets amongst them.At Medic West Africa, New Valmar hope to get in contactwith reliable partners with a successfully track record who areeager to build up a close partnership with their company in orderto penetrate the Nuby brand successfully within their market.China is a major manufacturer for healthcare andpharmaceutical products worldwide. Nigeria and West Africais a crucial emerging market for the many Chinese companieslooking to exhibit at Medic West Africa 2012.‘Nigeria is our emerging market in West Africa, and we havebeen paying more attention to this huge market with our localagents. Sonoscape Company Limited has exhibited many timesthrough local agents and we will be exhibiting independently forthe first time at Medic West Africa,’ says Ruben Zhou, SalesManger West Africa at, Sonoscape Company Limited, China.Similarly, according to Beijing Eternity Electronic Technology,who will also be exhibiting at Medic West Africa, about 5% oftheir total sales are generated in the Nigerian market and at thisyear’s Medic West Africa event they are looking to promote newproducts as well as look for an exclusive agent.Many local manufacturers and services providers are also onshow at Medic West Africa. Emzor Hesco is a Nigerian companywith operations all over Nigeria and most West African countries.‘The West African market will continue to grow as manycountries in West Africa now have oil and expect improvementin living standards, increase population, and easier access tohealthcare. Emzor Hesco is exhibiting at Medic West Africa toshow case our products, partners and services,’ says SundayAgamah, Chief Operating Officer at Emzor Hesco, Nigeria.Companies showcasing their products and services atMedic West Africa include the world’s leading manufacturers,wholesalers, and distributors specialising in anaesthesia,cardiology, commodities, and consumer goods for hospitals,consulting services, diagnostics, emergency medicine, facilitymanagement, health IT systems, healthcare building technology,and hospital management systems, as well as information andcommunication technology in healthcare, and many more.Visit Medic West Africa 16-18 October 2013,Eko Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.www.medicwestafrica.commwa@informa.com26

M W AMedic West AfricaScholarships forexcellenceCreating opportunities to solve global health issuesThe University of Nottingham promotes international transfer of vital skillsto encourage advances in medicine and health across Africa.Full and partial scholarships are available to students from developingcountries for masters and research postgraduate programmes:• 105 Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships• 50 Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for Research ExcellenceSee more information on eligibility and how to apply:www.nottingham.ac.uk/internationalstudents/scholarshipswww.nottingham.ac.uk/mhs27

M W AMedic West AfricaMedic West Africa 16–18 October 2012Eko Hotel & Exhibiton Centre, Lagos, NigeriaA sample of the conferences on offerTuesday, 16 October 2012Obs-Gyn Conference0950 Opening remarks by ChairProfessor Innocent A O Ujah, Director General,Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos, Nigeria.Session 1Management of common obs-gyn conditionsModerator: Professor Innocent AO Ujah1000 Developing protocol on the management of commonobstetric and gynecological conditionsProfessor Innocent A O Ujah1030 Role of Doppler ultrasound in high-risk pregnancyDr Mohamed Ali Abdelqader, Professor, Ob/Gyn,Fetomaternal Unit, Cairo University; President, ESUOG,Cairo, Egypt.1130 Current concepts in the management of obstetricfistulasProfessor Oladosu Ojengbede, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.1200 BreakSession 2Improving maternal reproductive health in low incomecountriesModerator: Professor Innocent AO Ujah1230 Countdown to 2015: tracking the performance ofMDG5Professor Adetokunbo Fabanwo, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital,Lagos, Nigeria.1300 Family planning and prevention of unwantedpregnancyDr J T Mutihir, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist,Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria.1330 Update on the prevention of mother-to-childtransmission (PMTCT) of HIV/AIDSDr Oliver Ezechi, Consultant Obstetrician /Gynaecologist,Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos, Nigeria.1400 Close of ConferenceMedical Pathology Conference0900 Opening remarks: overview of hematologypractice in NigeriaDr Taiwo R Kotila, Department of Haematology,University of Ibadan, Nigeria.Session 1Hematology and blood transfusionModerator:1000 LeukaemiaDr J A Olaniyi, Department of Clinical Pathology,University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.1030 Sickle cell diseaseDr P O Olatunji, Department of Haematology andBlood Transfusion, Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityTeaching Hospital,Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.1100 Safety in blood transfusionDr Foluke Fasola, Department of Haematology andEpidemiology, College of Medicine, University ofIbadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.1130 BreakSession 2MicrobiologyMicrobiology and Drug ResistanceModerator:1230 Challenges of ESBLs and emergingcarbapenemases for the diagnostic labDr Abiola Senok, Assistant Professor, Al Faisal University,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.1300 Antibiotic resistance and molecular epidemiologyof Staphylococcus AureusDr Bayo Shittu, Unifery of Ife, Nigeria.1330 MRSA screeningDr Debola Olayinka Associate Professor of MedicalMicrobiology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.1400 Break29

M W AMedic West AfricaMedical Pathology Conference (continued)Session 4Current trends in microbiologyModerator:1500 Current trends in the laboratory diagnosis oftuberculosisDr Dan Onyejekwe, Nigeria Institute for MedicalResearch (NIMR).1530 A synopsis of current trends in malaria diagnosisDr Wellington Oyibo, Associate Professor and ConsultantMedical Parasitologist, Andi Centre of Excellenceof Malaria Diagnosis and University of Lagos, Nigeria.1600 Current trends in HIVProf Sulaimon Akanmu, Haematologist and Head ofAIDS Prevention Initiative (APIN), Lagos UniversityTeaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.1630 Close of ConferenceHealth Management ConferenceSession 1Future of healthcare in NigeriaThis session looks at critical issues that would ultimately changethe context within which healthcare will be delivered in the nearand not too distant future in Nigeria.30 minutesKeynote: Getting to ‘universal healthcare access’for all NigeriansProf Obinna Onwujekwe in Enugu, (onwujekwe@yahoo.co.uk).20-minute paperNon-communicable diseases (NCDs) – as a gamechangerDr Emmanuel Musa, WHO Country Office, Abuja (TBC)20-minute paperThe promise of ‘impact investment’ for healthcareIfeanyi Osofor, Community Health Initiatives,TY Danjuma Foundation.Panel discussionSpeakers as above plus Tarry AsokaCoffee breakSession 2Improving healthcare in NigeriaIn this session we consider innovative means of rapidly increasingthe quantity and quality of care required for a large society suchas Nigeria, away from policy reforms that are very difficult toimplement.30 minutesKeynote: Market-based solutions to expand essentialservices society for familyProfessor Shima Gyoh, Society for Family Health, Abuja,Nigeria20-minute paperClinical networks as effective means of serviceintegration(Speaker to be confirmed)20-minute paperImproving diagnostic support through ‘point of caretechnologies’Industry representativePanel discussionSpeakers as above plus Tarry AsokaClose of Conference30

M W AMedic West AfricaWednesday 17 October 2012Hospital Planning Conference0850 Opening remarks by Chair:Dr Olumide Okunola, Project Coordinator, RelianceHospital Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.Session 1Strategic planningModerator:Session objectives: This session introduces participants tothe very first step in planning an hospital or seeking funding tobring to life the kind of facility they have always wanted. Thesession discusses the constituents of a feasibility plan andpossible funding sources. It goes further to examine innovativeways of planning equipment and putting the infrastructurerequired together.0900 Getting started: business plan/what model?International Finance Office, Nigeria0920 Financing: African Health FundDr Olusegun Oso, Investment Principal and LeadHealth Specialist, Aureous Capital, Lagos, Nigeria.0940 InfrastructureDr Walter Olatunde, CEO, Deux Projects, Lagos,Nigeria.1000 Equipment planningClare Omatseye, CEO, JNC International, Lagos,Nigeria.1020 Case Study: Partnership with the Nigerian healthcaresystem1040 Coffee BreakSession 2Case PresentationsModerator:Session objectives: This section examines the various modelsof healthcare available in the market space. Practitioners areable to decide where exactly they want to participate; it forcesthem to examine the various possibilities/options availableto them. It is expected that the feasibility/strategic plans fromsession one will be modeled to suit the model under consideration.Diabetes Conference0945 Opening remarks by ChairsProfessor A E Ohwovoriole, Professor ofMedicine, Consultant Endocrinologist/Diabetologist,Department of Medicine, College of Medicine,University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.Professor Geoff Gill, Professor of InternationalMedicine, University of Liverpool, Liverpool School ofTropical Medicine, Liverpool, UK.Session 1Moderator: President of Endocrine Society of Nigeria.1000 Issues of classification, outcome and care deliveryProfessor Geoff Gill1100 Foot disease: putting feet first projectDr Zulfi Abbas, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.1130 BreakSession 2Moderator:1200 Management of hyperglycaemic emergencies inprimary careDr Afoke Isiavwe, Consultant Endocrinologist, MedicalDirector, Rainbow Specialist Clinic, Lagos, Nigeria.1230 Shared management of diabetes mellitus: in lowresourcesettingsProfessor A E Ohwovoriole1300 Insulin: types, delivery and role in the treatmentof type 2 diabetes mellitusDr O A Fasanmade, Senior Lecturer, ConsultantPhysician/Endocrinologist, Endocrine Unit,University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.1330 Close of Conference1100 Stand alone diagnostic centers1120 Single specialty clinicDr Juwom Alabi, South Shore, Ob/Gyn office1140 Multi-specialtiy hospital1200 Integrated HMO modelMrs Fola Laoye, Managing Director, Lagoon Hospital,Lagos, Nigeria.1220 Discussion1300 Close of Conference31

M W AMedic West AfricaWednesday 17 October 2012PPP ConferenceSpecial conference focus sponsored by The CrownAgentsHow can Public–Private Partnerships contribute toovercoming the health sector challenges in Africa?We are increasingly seeing African governments turn to theprivate sector to provide support in the delivery of publicservices due to its perceived efficiency, discipline, andeconomies of scale. Advocacy for public–private partnerships(PPPs) in particular has been gathering significantmomentum in recent years, but with each country possessingspecific and sometimes unique challenges, how far can PPPshelp governments to meet these challenges and improvehealth services and outcomes? This session will give aninsight into how value for money and sustainability can bestbe built into PPP designsThe guest speaker will be:Maurice Diamond, Crown Agents Group Commercial Directorand Global PPP Specialist.Delegates will take away a comprehensive understanding ofwhat actually constitutes a PPP, the various models that canbe engaged and that one size does not fit all.Thursday 18 October 2012Infectious Diseases ConferenceSession 1The challenge of infectious diseasesModerator:Dr Olushayo Olu, Disaster Preparedness andResponses Focal Point, World Health OrganizationIntercountry Support Team, Eastern and SouthernAfrica, Harare, Zimbabwe.1300 Infectious Diseases with Epidemic PotentialsDr Olushayo Olu1330 Challenge of antibiotic resistance in infectiousdiseasesDr Oladipo A Aboderin, Department of Medical Microbiologyand Parasitology, College of Health Sciences,Obafemi Awolowo University, Ibadan, Nigeria.14:00 Principles and the implementation of an antimicrobialstewardshipDr Debola Olayinka, Associate Professor and Consultantof Clinical Microbiology, Ahmadu Bello University& Teaching Hospital, Zaria, Nigeria.1430 BreakSession 2Control of Infectious DiseasesModerator: Dr Abiola Senok, Assistant Professor,Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine,Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.1500 Strategies for combating the spread of antibioticresistanceDr Abiola Senok, Assistant Professor, Microbiologyand Immunology, College of Medicine, AlfaisalUniversity, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.1530 Eradication of polio: stopping the spread1600 Health education and the mobilisation ofcommunities: case studyDr Bolanle Balogun, Lecturer, Department of CommunityHealth and Primary Care, College of Medicine,University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.1630 Close of Conference32

M W AMedic West AfricaImaging and diagnostics conference0930 Opening remarks by Chair Prof. Ifeoma Okoye,Chair of Radiology, University of Nigeria TeachingHospital Enugu (UNTH), Lagos, Nigeria.Session 1Quality in radiologyModerator:0940 Excellence in classical radiographic techniques:a fading art[TBC]1010 importance of radiation protection and monitoringin public and private radiology facilitiesDr K C Eze, Department of Radiology, Ambrose AlliUniversity, Ekpoma, Nigeria1040 Safety of ultrasound use in pregnancyProf. Mohamed Ali Abd El- Kader, Professor, Ob/Gyn, Fetomaternal Unit, Cairo University, President,ESUOG, Cairo, Egypt.1110 BreakSession 21140 Confronting the challenges of taking breastscreening to the grassroots: replicating the footsoldierapproachProf. Ifeoma Okoye1210 Contribution of doppler imaging to medical & surgicalmanagement: increasing usage in NigeriaDr Ibewuike, Consultant Radiologist, University ofNigeria Teaching Hospital, Nigeria.1240 Current technologies in radiotherapy:The Nigerian Experience[TBC]1310 BreakSession 3Imaging and infectious diseasesModerator:1440 Harmonisation of radiologic equipment in tertiaryinstitutions: feasibility, challenges and the role ofthe users ‘radiologist’Dr Biodun Adeyinka, Consultant Radiologist, Collegeof Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.1510 Public–Private Partnership in radiology: the roadso farDr P C N Okere, Consultant Radiologist /NuclearMedicinee Physician, UNTH, Enugu , Nigeria.1540 BreakSession 4RadiographyModerator:1550 Incidences in ultrasound abnormalities in sicklecell anemia patientsP O Ibinaiye, Senior Lecturer/Consultant Radiologist,Department of Radiology, Ahmadu Bello UniversityTeaching Hospital, Zaria, Nigeria.1620 Chest radiographic pattern in HIV+ patientsDr A E Oguntoyinbo, Department of Radiology, Universityof Ilorin, Nigeria.1650 CloseTarget audience• Radiologist• Interventional Radiologist• Radiographer• Specialist Registrar Radiology• Nurse - Radiology Department• Radiation Safety Officers• Radiology Residents• Medical Support Service Officers• Technologist• Technicians• Sonographer• Sonologist• Ultrasonologist1410 Management of radiology and private radiologypracticeDr Rasheed Arogundade, Lagos University TeachingHospital and Vice President National Post-GraduateMedical College and Chairman of Association of Radiologistsin Nigeria (ARIN)33

M W AMedic West Africa83%of visitors saythey willattend the shownext year7 – 9 May 2013 • Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg, South AfricaAfrica’s Leading Healthcare Exhibition and CongressDo you want to reach an untapped market?• 400 exhibitors• 9,000 sqm of exhibition floor space• 5,000 visitors from all over Africa• 51 countries represented• 1,000 conference delegates• 13 CPD-accredited conferences“We are very excited about theopportunity of being at Africa healththis year, we look forward to comingback for years to come”.Daniel Pierce, Brightleaf Imaging, USABook your standNOWwww.africahealthexhibition.comFor more information about the event please contact:Tom Coleman by calling +971 (0)4 407 2508 or email tom.coleman@informa.comEndorsed bySupported byPartner eventOrganised by34www.africahealthexhibition.com

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