2011 Annual Report & Grant Making Highlights - Washington ...


2011 Annual Report & Grant Making Highlights - Washington ...

2011 Annual Report& Grant Making HighlightsWashington Women’sFoundation educates, inspiresand increases the numberof women committed tophilanthropy in order tostrengthen community anddemonstrate the impact thatcan result from informed,focused grant making.Learning. Leading. Together.Washington Women’s Foundation2100 24th Avenue S, #330Seattle, WA 98144TEL: 206.340.1710FAX: 206.407.2177info@wawomensfoundation.orgwww.wawomensfoundation.orgDear Members and Friends in the Community,August 2012The Washington Women’s Foundation (WWF) celebrates the power of women’sphilanthropy, the wisdom of long-term investment, and the vitality of our Northwestcommunity. In our seventeen years, we have connected women seeking to improve ourcommunity with the best opportunities to realize their investment.During 2011 alone, WWF made grants of almost $900,000 to more than 300 nonprofitorganizations, bringing our cumulative grant making total to $12.3 million! We continueto demonstrate the impact of philanthropy to touch and change lives by inspiringgenerosity, supporting dynamic nonprofits, and engaging in community partnerships.While informed, focused grant-making remains the hallmark of WWF, we have alsoincreased the number, variety, and quality of the educational programs offered to ourmembers, strengthening women’s leadership to help create a healthier, more resilientcommunity.The Foundation’s financial position continues to be strong. Membership levels andfundraising are steady; the Colleen S. Willoughby Endowment Fund has a balance of$2.4 million, and we remain committed to operating efficiently and effectively. Anothersuccessful financial audit reaffirmed our business practices and internal controls, validatingthe high standards of integrity and ethical conduct in our fiduciary responsibilities.So, as you read this Annual Report, please reflect on the contribution that your engagementwith WWF is making to help improve the quality of life in our community. The generosityof our members makes the Foundation’s ongoing impact possible. We are grateful foryour continued trust, collaboration, and confidence in our work.Warm Regards,Kate JanewayBoard ChairCarla E. LewisPresident

2012 Grant HighlightsOn June 13, 2012, members of the Washington Women’sFoundation named five organizations to receive grants fromthe Pooled Fund. In the 17 years since its inception, WWFmembers have invested over $12 million in the communitythrough individual and Pooled Fund Grant Awards.In addition to the winners of this year’s five Pooled FundGrants and five Merit Awards, we also awarded a total of$40,000 to three nonprofits as part of our International,Diversity and Innovation Partner Grant Initiatives.Read on for highlights of the impact of our grants on eachof these amazing organizations. We also feature four formergrantees that completed their funding cycle this year. Ourmembers and their contributions make this impact possible -thank you!Children of the Valley, 2012 Diversity Partner Grant RecipientsSYSO in The SchoolsARTS & CULTURE: Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, $85,000To support SYSO in The Schools, a program that addresses the challenges of inequitable access to quality instrumental musiceducation for low-income and minority students by providing free, high caliber music instruction at the most arts-needyschools in South West Seattle. syso.orgEDUCATION: YouthCare, $100,000To sustain YouthCare’s GED program for homeless young people, with support services and a tailored curriculum to help themgain the skills and education credentials to secure employment and further education. youthcare.orgENVIRONMENT: American Farmland Trust, $90,000To help launch Farmland Forever, a multifaceted and timely campaign which seeks to prevent greater loss of regional farmlandby broadening communication, building coalitions, and significantly increasing the amount of protected farmland in the PugetSound region during the current lull in demand from developers. farmland.orgHEALTH: Bailey-Boushay House, $100,000To continue its highly successful Outpatient Program that provides innovative medication management services and nutritiousmeals to very low-income patients living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases in King County. bailey-boushay.orgHUMAN SERVICES: Cocoon House , $100,000To support the relocation of its U-Turn Drop-In Center serving homeless youth in Snohomish County, to a larger, renovatedspace that includes shower, laundry and kitchen facilities, and consolidates all Outreach and Advocacy services in the samelocation so that vulnerable teens can find the resources to escape life on the streets. cocoonhouse.orgTHE WWF MERIT AWARD - In appreciation of the time, effort and goodwill invested in our rigorous process, WWF presentsa Merit Award and $2,000 grant to each of these finalists: Museum of History and Industry; Communities in Schools ofTacoma; Groundwire; UW Medicine: Center of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

Grant Making 1996-2012ARTS & CULTURE POOLED FUND $852,5002012 Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras 85,0002011 Seattle Shakespeare Company 85,0002010 Seattle Music Partners 85,0002009 Northwest African American Museum 87,5002008 Artist Trust 100,0002007 Seattle Arts & Lectures 60,0002006 The Vera Project 75,0002005 Academy of Children’s Theatre (Richland) 50,0002004 Arts Corps 65,0002003 Town Hall Association 60,0002002 Friends of Washington Music 50,0002001 Rotary Boys & Girls Club 50,000EDUCATION POOLED FUND $1,305,0002012 YouthCare 100,0002011 Seattle Education Access 100,0002010 Healthy Start 100,0002009 College Access Now 100,0002008 Friends of the Children 100,0002007 Seattle MESA 100,0002006 Team Read 100,0002005 Community for Youth 100,0002004 The New School Foundation 65,0002003 Rainier Scholars 100,0002002 Daniel Bagley Elementary Montessori 50,0002001 Powerful Voices 100,0002000 City Year/Treehouse: Teen Time 100,0001997 Alliance For Education: Galef Project 100,000ENVIRONMENT POOLED FUND $972,5002012 American Farmland Trust 90,0002011 WA Sustainable Food & Farming Ntwk 90,0002010 Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition 90,0002009 Cascade Land Conservancy 87,5002008 PCC Farmland Trust 100,0002007 Puget Soundkeeper Alliance 100,0002006 EarthCorps 75,0002005 Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland 80,0002004 Washington Toxics Coalition 50,0002003 Bike Works 60,0002002 Futurewise 50,0002001 People For Puget Sound 50,0001998 The Nature Conservancy 50,000HEALTH POOLED FUND $1, 320,0002012 Bailey-Boushay House 100,0002011 Sound Mental Health 100,0002010 Refugee Women’s Alliance 100,0002009 King Co. Sexual Assault Resource Center 100,0002008 First Place 100,0002007 Youth Suicide Prevention Program 100,0002006 Pike Place Market Foundation 100,0002005 Okanogan Family Planning 85,0002004 Northwest Medical Teams 100,0002003 UW Center, Women’s Lifetime Fitness 60,0002002 Pediatric Interim Care Center 100,0002001 Dr. J.L Nelson: Autoimmune Disease 50,0002000 Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers 50,0002000 Planned Parenthood 50,0001999 Country Doctor 75,0001998 Children’s Hosp Brain Tumor Research 50,000HUMAN SERVICES POOLED FUND $1,720,0002012 Cocoon House 100,0002011 Family Law CASA of King Co. 100,0002010 Emergency Food Network 100,0002009 The Mockingbird Society 100,0002008 Girl Scouts of Western WA 100,0002007 Seattle Milk Fund 100,0002006 WA Women’s Employment & Education 100,0002005 Jubilee Women’s Center 85,0002004 Children’s Home Society 100,0002003 Family & Adult Service Center 100,0002002 Child Care Resources 100,0002001 Childhaven: Child Play Therapy Center 100,0002000 Amara 100,0001999 STARS: King County Youth Services 100,0001999 Seattle Children’s Home 75,0001998 FareStart 100,0001997 Washington Works 60,0001996 Mothers Against Violence In America 100,000PARTNER GRANTS $84,0002012 Innovation: Latinos for Community 15,000Transformation2012 Diversity: Children of the Valley 10, 0002011 International: One by One 15,0002011 Innovation: Kenyan Women’s Association 15,0002011 Diversity: NAWDIM 15,0002010 International: PeaceTrees Vietnam 14,000Total WWF Giving 1996 - 2012Total Pooled Fund Grant Awards $6,170,000Total Individual Grant Awards 6,015,068Total Merit Awards 30,000Total Partner Grant Awards 84,000Total Granted $12,299,068

Northwest African American Museum (NAAM)received an Arts & Culture 3-year grant in 2009 in the amountof $87,500 for general operating support. NAAM thoughtfullyexplores and presents the history, culture, and art of AfricanAmericans in the Pacific Northwest. They promote learning andengagement among individuals, schools and organizationsthrough public events, gallery exhibitions, and lectures.In 2012, four previous Pooled FundWinners finished their funding cycle.WWF’s grant allowed NAAM to meet operating expenses in adifficult fundraising climate soon after opening its doors. Since2009, NAAM has increased the number of members and visitorsto the museum, developed new community partnerships andaudiences, and built the fund development capacity of its Boardof Trustees.NAAM has developed and evolved in its four years of existence,expanding the idea of the traditional museum, viewing its role asa storyteller and convener that highlights the African Americanculture and experience in the Northwest. NAAM has createdstrategic community partnerships with a keen eye toward itsmission and arts education. NAAM is a unique asset in ourcommunity, and WWF’s grant has been used responsibly to helpsupport this worthwhile endeavor. naamnw.orgNAAM was awarded a WWF Pooled Fund grant in 2009The Power of Collective GivingEmergency Food Network (EFN) was awarded the 2010Human Services Grant for $100,000 over 2 years. This grantprovided general operating support to obtain, produce, processand store food for free distribution at food banks, hot mealsites and shelters in Pierce County. WWF’s funding supportedseed money to launch a Co-Op food purchasing program ofeight nutritious staple foods. This represented an importantshift in EFN’s business model, focusing on healthier bulk foodproducts as well as much needed non-food items, such asdiapers, for their member food banks and meal programs.The prestige of receiving a WWF grant helped EFN reach its goalof raising $500,000 from government and foundation support inthe first year of our grant. EFN has met many challenges and hasreacted creatively to operate more efficiently and cooperatively.The amount of food distributed has increased every year since2004, and as the sole food distributor in Pierce County, EFNprovides 80% of the emergency food available in the county.It is clear that EFN is on the cutting edge of the vital fooddistribution field and will continue to keep pace with the growingneeds in the community. efoodnet.orgEFN celebrated its 30th Annual Breakfast in 2012

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (DRCC) received the2010 Environment Grant for $90,000 over 2 years. Our grant providedgeneral operating funds for this grassroots alliance of 10 memberorganizations invested in the cleanup of the 5-mile stretch of theDuwamish River designated a Superfund site by the EnvironmentalProtection Agency. DRCC is the community advisory group to theEPA, providing independent technical review of the cleanup processto ensure that the diverse residents of the Duwamish area have avoice in the process and get the clean river they deserve.WWF’s grant enabled DRCC to do critical work during a criticaltime. DRCC has achieved groundbreaking success in uniting thecommunity to work with the EPA to conduct an environmentaljustice assessment prior to proceeding with further review of thecleanup plan. The ultimate fate of the Superfund site has not yetbeen decided, but our grant has helped give the Duwamish Rivercommunity the opportunity to influence an environmentally andsocially responsible cleanup plan. DRCC has strengthened as anorganization and is now an example for others working on similarprojects across the country. duwamishcleanup.orgWWF Duwamish River Tour, May 2012Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) was awarded the 2010Health Grant of $100,000 over 2 years to support their Refugeeand Immigrant Family Health Project. Somali, Burmese, and Nepalirefugees often arrive in the United States after experiencing tragicloss, trauma, malnutrition, and other health related challenges.Once in the US, language and cultural barriers make it difficultto access health services. ReWA’s project improves the health ofthese populations in King County by translating, distributing, andpromoting health information. It also offers workshops on topicssuch as safety, disease prevention, dental care, and nutrition inculturally and linguistically appropriate ways.Since WWF’s grant was awarded, nearly 200 refugees, mainly womenas the primary caregivers in their families, have attended ReWA’shealth related workshops. ReWA has been able to add additional staffto support targeted populations and develop a number of seminarscovering a broad range of health issues. ReWa’s Health Specialistshelp refugees navigate the healthcare system, as they build theirlives in our community. rewa.org2012 PARTNER GRANTSReWA’s 15th Annual GalaINTERNATIONAL: One By One, $15,000One By One’s mission is to help put an end to obstetric fistula andimprove the lives of girls and women who have been devastatedby this preventable condition. This grant supports an initiative inWestern Kenya that encompasses outreach, surgical repair, andreintegration support. fightfistula.orgDIVERSITY: Children of the Valley, $10,000Children of the Valley provides a safe environment for low-income,under-achieving elementary school students, who are primarilyLatino and children of the immigrant farm worker population in SkagitValley’s Mount Vernon School District. childrenofthevalley.orgINNOVATION: Latinos for Community Transformation, $15,000Led by the dynamic Lupita Ayon, Latinos for CommunityTransformation empowers communities from the ground up via aLeadership Academy that trains leaders to create social change intheir communities. allianceforajustsociety.orgChildren of the Valley

Annual Fund DonorsJanuary 1, 2011- July 31, 2012AnonymousJanette AdamucciSusan AdkinsRhoda AltomEve AlvordNancy AlvordMary Jane AndersonLibby ArmintroutEdith AspiriGwen BabcockConnie BallmerCherry BanksAnne BarkerCarson BarnettNannette BassettJudi BeckDebbie BevierJacklyn BezosKatherine BinderAshley BlanchardMelissa BordersBetty BottlerAnn BowdenDebbi BrainerdAnita BrakerMargaret BreenBobbe BridgeHerb BridgeAlexandra BrookshireSally BrunsmanSuzy BruyaBlair CarletonDiane CarrollMarjorie ChadseyArundhati ChandorkarGrace ChienJanice ConditAmy CoreyJudy CourshonAlice CunninghamJulie DavisMarion DeForestDee DickinsonLois DuncanMary DunnamLouise DurocherSusan EdelheitKathleen EdwardsSharlee EisingMary Ann EkmanAnne FarrellEllen FergusonBarbara FieldenSynnove FieldingThank You to our Generous DonorsGunilla FinrowDorian FordCay FortuneJody FosterLeslie FreemanRebecca FritzJanet FrohnmayerAnn FrothinghamDarcie FurlanRosalie GannJean GardnerMimi GatesCarrie GeorgeKatharyn GerlichCatherine GibsonAnne GittingerMarni Lynn GittingertingerLynne E. GraybealSarah Kip GreenthalJodie GriffinHelen en GurvichYvonne HallJill HallyNancy HarrisFrances Ann HayesMary HeinleinNancy HendersonMary HercheSherill HeronGaye HewsonCatherine HillenbrandSuzanne ne HittmanDonna HolpainenSusan HoppeSuzanne HunterDeborah JacobsEssie JacobsStella JacobsKate JanewayLinda JohnsonElizabeth KainKrisKaminishiCarolyn KellyKristin KennellNora KenwayDeborah KillingerLinda KillingerMartha KongsgaardKaren KoonConnie KravasKaycee KrystyMargaret LaliberteLynne LangsethAlida LathamMaureen LeeVictoria LeslieAlice Jean LewisCarla LewisCarol LewisDonna LouElise LufkinKaren LytleCarol MadiganDorothy MannElizabeth MartinMary Anne MartinPamela McCabeN. Elizabeth McCawCoco McDougall *Shelley McIntyreSusan McLeodNicole McNicholsSarah MernerPatti MeyersAmy MichaelEdith MiddletonLaura MidgleySarajane MilderLaina MolbakGenevieve MortonHarriet MortonJulia MoserDorothy Loucks NelsonNancy NeraasEleanor NolanMai NordenGrace NordhoffNancy NordhoffJeannie NordstromMolly NordstromKathleen O’ConnorKimberley LippmanSandra PerkinsSusan PetersonMary PigottKathryn PizzoDinny PolsonJulie PrenticeNancy PriceLuzy PruzanSuzanne RagenGail RansomKathryn RennerPaula ReynoldsPam RobbinsLee RolfeShelley RolfeJill RuckelshausLeslie RugaberJudith RunstadLynn RyderFaye SarkowskyMarie SauterEulalie ScandiuzziLynn SealeyCarol ShawElizabeth SheaCynthia ShurtleffElizabeth SicktichSheila SidenJennifer SikKaren SmithBenita StaadeckerMary K. StevensCharmaine StouderKim StreetLyn TangenColleen TaucherLynn ThomsenIyabo Tinubu-KarchSusanna TullLorraine VagnerMaggie WalkerMarilyn WarnerKathleen WashienkoKathy WehleLinda WhatleyColleen WilloughbyAlison WilsonKorynne WrightSally WrightLeslie YamadaSue YoungMarcia Zech*deceasedThankColleen en S. WilloughbyEndowment DonorsJanuary 1, 2011 - July 31, 2012Ginger AckerleyRhoda AltomRebecca ecca BenaroyaDebbie BlethenBetty BottlerDebbi BrainerdAnita BrakerHerb Bridgein honor of Edie HilliardSusan BrotmanMarjorie ChadseyJudy CourshonChristina DawsonDee DickinsonSusan EdelheitSharlee EisingMary Ann EkmanSynnove FieldingYouDorian FordAnne GittingerCheryl GreeneJodie GriffinYvonne HallCatherine HillenbrandSuzanne HittmanJanice HusebyCarolyn KellyKristin KennellDeborah KillingerAlida LathamFrances LloydJean McTavishSarah MernerLaina MolbakJudi MullikinJeannie NordstromMariette O’DonnellKaty Peekin appreciation of ColleenWilloughbyMollie PepperDinny PolsonRebecca Powersin appreciation of ColleenWilloughbyLucy PruzanJudy RosenJill RuckelshausLynn RyderTeresa SanterreLynn SealeyCynthia ShurtleffSusan Smithin appreciation of ColleenWilloughbyMary K. StevensLyn TangenBarbara ThrasherHelen WhitneyKorynne WrightEvent SponsorsJanuary 1, 2011 - July 31, 2012Clark NuberDavis Wright Tremaine LLPJPMorgan Chase & Co.Laird Norton TyeeMorgan Stanley Smith BarneySeattle Art MuseumThe Boeing CompanyThe Seattle Foundation

2011 Financial SummaryOperating Activities: 2011 RevenueEndowmentRelease$84,659Transfer ofBoard ReserveBalance*$368,077Contributions&Sponsorships$391,281Total Revenue : $1,739,970Interest &Other Income$12,368Contributionsfor Grants$882,585Statement of Financial PositionAssetsCash & Equivalents $1,345,868Other Assets 12,533Endowment and Reserve Assets 2,972,850Total Assets $4,331,251LiabilitiesGrants Payable to Others $348,334Other Liabilities 12,406Total Liabilities $360,740Net AssetsUnrestricted $885,942Temporarily Restricted 650,531Permanently Restricted 2,434,056Total Net Assets $3,970,511Total Liabilities and Net Assets $4,331,251Operating Activities: 2011 ExpenseManagement& General$118,891Programs &Events$338,684Fundraising$30,109Grants toOthers$895,050WWF by the Numbers$12.3 million Total grants invested in thecommunity since 1996$2.4 million Value of the Colleen S.Willoughby Endowment as of December 31, 2011$140,000 donated to the 2011 Annual Fund561 Individual Grants made in 2011501 WWF active members169 Number of 10+ year active members88 Number of 15+ year active membersTotal Expense : $1,382,734Net Income : $357,236* During 2011, there was a one-time event wherein Board Reserve funds held at TheSeattle Foundation in the amount of $368,077 were transferred onto WWF’s books forfull transparency of the Foundation’s total asset position. The transfer was recorded asincome, and as an unrestricted asset.73 Pooled Fund Grants awarded in WashingtonState since 199663 Members served on the 2012 Grant Committee47 Educational programs hosted by WWF in 2011

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