CMHOA Newsletter - Cat Mountain Villas Homeowners Association

CMHOA Newsletter - Cat Mountain Villas Homeowners Association

Don't Miss the Holiday Party!CMHOA NewsletterAN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CAT MOUNTAIN HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.VOLUME II, ISSUE NO. 4 WINTER 2006INSIDE THIS ISSUE:Automated DuesPayments Update 1Holiday Party Set 1President’s Report 2Focus: WildfireMitigation Policy 2Manager’s Corner 3Deer Stories 3Holiday Food BankDrive 4Parent’s Play Group— for Kids! 6Yoga Classes 62nd Annual HolidayBazaar 7Jan. 1 changeover passes series of implementation testsAutomated Dues Payment Process NearsImplementation of ColonialBank’s Association Pay service,which will automate CMHOA’sdues payment process beginningJanuary2007, isprogressingon schedule.Severaltests wereconductedin Octoberand earlyNovember to ensure that thesystem would accept paymentsfrom members.Instructions for eachpayment option will beprovided in the Decembermailing of yourdues payment packet.THOROUGHLY TESTEDSeveral members of theBoard of Directors and Mr. MarcDully, who has managed theimplementation,volunteeredto submitpayments aspart of thetesting. Thesepaymentswere receivedby ColonialBank, downloaded to CMHOA,and posted successfully in theAssociation’s accounting softwareledger. Mr. Dully recentlysubmitted a payment for calendaryear 2007 to see if it will postsuccessfully. All indicationsare that this test also will besuccessful.DETAILS IN DEC. DUESPAYMENTS PACKETSMembers will receive a duespayment packet in the mail inearly December. The packet willprovide an introduction to thenew dues payment system and apayment coupon book. The newsystem provides members withseveral options for paying theirdues, including the following:• Payment by Mail —Mail a check with your paymentcoupon using the mailing labelsincluded in your coupon book.Cat MountainHomeowners Association6007 Mount Bonnell RoadAustin, TX 78731Email: cmhoa@sbcglobal.netPhone: 512.451.3884Fax: 512.451.3884www.catmountainhoa.comCMHOA Holiday Party Set,Sunday, Dec. 10, 5:00-8pmRemember how much fun last year’s holiday partywas? Remember how good the food was, thebeverages, and the great “Who Am I?” contest?Get ready, because it’s all coming back Sunday,Dec. 10, 5:00-8 p.m. Come join your neighbors for allthis and more, and share some holiday cheer. Admission is of coursefree for all CMHOA residents, but see the Food Bank article onPage 4 to learn how you can make a contribution to your community.• Automatic Payment— Avoid the stamps and envelopesby making your paymentusing a checking or savingsaccount from any U.S. bank.You can also use an Online BillPay service to pay automatically.• Online Payment —Pay securely online using aMasterCard, MasterCard DebitCard or Discover Card throughColonial Bank’s Web site. A linkto this web site will be postedon the CMHOA web site, A G E 1

P A G E 2Richard OppenheimerCMHOA PresidentPresident’s ReportDear Neighbor:The fall months (they say it’s fall) have seen acontinuation of much activity by your Board. Instructuring the Reserve Study, we realized that ourclubhouse was signifi cantly underinsured. The necessarysteps were taken to increase our coverage so asto be protected considering today’s building costs.Additionally working within the study plan, we arereplacing the storage shed (you probably never knewthere was one) close to the clubhouse and, hopefully,will have the carpet replaced in the clubhousebefore year-end.With the assistance of Marc Dully, we have beenconducting “test runs” on our new dues collectionsystem with Colonial Bank, which will start on January1, 2007. I am pleased to report that all systemsare “a go”. Thanks again, Marc.Jesse has been working diligently with GreaterTexas Landscape, our landscape maintenanceprovider, to improve their level of maintenancefor our area, and he indicates that they are doingbetter work.Our Social/Activities Committee has startedworking on a very special holiday party to be heldon December 10th, and we sincerely hope youwill attend.Now it is time for me to say farewell as yourBoard president. Although I am eligible to run again,I have decided not to do so. I will leave this positionfeeling very positive about what has happened to ourcommunity these past almost two years.When I decided to run for the Board, my themewas, “we have an opportunity to make our neighborhooda better place to live.” I fi rmly believe thathas been accomplished.You were promised “new and better communications.”This newsletter, our web site andthe many social events we’ve held have delivered onthat promise. “Provide better, more openfiscal activities.” We have and continue towork on this constantly and believe that has beenaccomplished. Also, “to promote leadership,fairness and equality of enforcementof neighborhood covenants and bylaws”.Thanks to neighbors such as John Harrisonand Tom Thomas, along with other members of theECC, that has been accomplished. Also, thanks toJack Otto for working to improve and change ourby-laws.And fi nally, “Foster a greater senseof community.” I believe there is absolutelyno question of that. “MISSION ACCOM-PLISHED”.It has been an honor to serve you these pastalmost two years and I hope that the Board willcontinue with these and all other opportunities tomake Cat Mountain Villas a wonderful place to live.Happy Holidays,Dick OppenheimerPresidentFocus: WildfireRisk MitigationBoard Tables Wildfire Risk Mitigation Policy DraftA Wildfi re Risk Mitigation policy draft was discussed briefl y by theBoard of Directors at their November 13th meeting. The Board askedmembers in attendance for comments about the policy draft. After receivingvery little feedback, the Board decided to table the issue for the time being.The goal of the policy is to provide members with a means to reduce thefuel load in Common Areas (and wildfi re risk) without negatively affecting theaesthetics and ecological functions of these areas. The policy draft specifi es strictadherence to the recommendations that were provided by the Texas Forest Servicein 2004.C M H O A N E W S L E T T E R

V O L U M E I I , N U M B E R 3 P A G E 3Pizza & PastariaHome s t yleIt a l ia n Cook i n gCMHOA gives a big THANKS to Craig O’sfor co-sponsoring our Holiday PartyFamily Pack Specials:No. 1 – XL Cheese Pizza, Dinner Pasta,and a Large House Salad $20No. 2 – XL Cheese Pizza, 2 Dinner Pastas,and a Large House Salad $25No. 3 – 2 Large Two Topping Pizzasand a Large House Salad $28Weekly Specials:Mon.-Wed.: $9.00 Two Topping Grande PizzaThurs.:$7.99 Grande Cheese PizzaFri.-Sat.: $9.99 Grande Pepperoni Pizza2222 & N. MoPac – Randall’s Center512-323-0660S. MoPac & 290 – Between Best Buyand Sam’s512-891-7200San Marcos IH35 – Exit 200512-558-2200DINE IN • TAKE OUT • DELIVERY • CATERINGVisit us at www.CraigOsPizzaAndPasta.comBuy one pasta, get one FREE!or take $5 off any purchaseof $25 or more!Not used with any other special.Manager’s CornerLately I have received many morecomplaints about dogs let looseby their owners to wander atwill. The most disturbing reportsare those of unsupervised dogsrelieving themselves in people’syards. Some dogs are also leftoutside on decks or in fenced-inyards while the owners are away.These dogs may bark incessantly,and the noise is quite a nuisanceto all other homeowners withina considerable distance. Pleasecomply with ordinances regardingyour dog, which include beingconsiderate and not allowing yourdog to relieve itself on someoneelse’s property. It will be greatlyDeer StoriesBy Juli Berwald, CMHOA homeownerAt about 5:20 in the morning myhusband and I were awakened toa sound that was similar to ourson playing his toy trains on thewooden floor above our heads.But it was pitch black outsideand, though he has been knownto be struck by the intense needto play trains, this sounded a littledifferent.The cats dove for cover. Itstarted to sound like a barroombrawl from an old westernmovie. I hopped out of bed andcautiously turned on the lightsin the den. Cats frozen in placestaring out the sliding glass doorthat leads to the courtyardporch.“What the heck is that?” Myhusband says behind me. Heflicks on the lights to the porch.Two eight-point male deer arehooked together at the horns.The garden hose is entangled inthe points. It’s a full-on Mutualof Omaha moment on the porchin front of two giant windows andappreciated if all dog ownerscarry plastic bags while walkingtheir dogs to safely remove anddispose of their dogs’ messes attheir residences.Several homeownersrecently reported an aggressiveyoung man soliciting in theneighborhood. Solicitors,whether in groups or individually,will always be a difficult problemfor the neighborhood. The NoSoliciting signs posted at theentrances to the subdivisionare frequently vandalized ormaliciously removed. If a solicitorcomes to your door or is seena glass sliding door. I run to thephone. Dial 911. Hang up. Whatare the police going to do? Howam I even going to describe theproblem? The haunches of oneof the deer rams into the slidingglass door. I dial again.By now, my husband is sortof playing goalie in front of thedoors and windows.“Hi, I’m not sure I’m callingthe right place, but there aretwo bucks hooked at the hornsand caught in the garden hose onour porch.”“You need to call theWildlife Division.”It sounds like a bowling alleyon a Saturday night on our porch.“Hi. There are two male deercaught in our garden hose fightingon our porch.”“You need to call the gamewarden.” (I called 465.7931.)The play-by-play starts fromabove. “They just got out of theJesse ChargualafCMHOA Managersoliciting in the neighborhood,please phone the police andreport it. Depending upon policepriorities at the time, there is alikelihood that a police officer willcheck the area. During weekdays,you may call me at 451.3884 andI will check immediately.EDITOR’S NOTE: We all have our own “deer story,”whether it’s actually about the foxes that live here,coyotes, or other animals living in our neighborhood.Send us YOUR story, and we’ll try to publish it!garden hose.” Thank goodness— having two massive, angry,testosterone-laden animalstethered to our house wasterrifying. This way, at least,they weren’t constrained to a25-foot radius of our living roomseparated by panes of glass.“I can transfer you.” Theclattering increases. “No, forgetit. They have unhooked! They’regone.”“Is there anything else we cando for you today?”Huh? As if I’ve called to changemy phone service. I duly writedown the game warden’s phonenumber and vow to keep it whereI can find it quickly, as if this is anoccurrence that is going to comeup again next week.My husband and I creep backto bed. “Do you think ourinsurance would cover male deercrashing into our den and tearingthe house apart, or is that an actof god?”

P A G E 4Make a small contribution — maybe win a BIG prize!Holiday Food Drive benefitsCapital Area Food BankLast year’s Food Drive was sosuccessful that we’re going to doit again! In fact, let’s double upon our efforts and set a goal fortwice the donation this year!The Food Bank will use CMHOA donations tosupport the following programs:• Kids Cafe — provides a hot evening mealin association with after-school enrichmentprograms to children living in low-incomeneighborhoods in Austin.And, we’re sweetening the dealby making the following offer: Forevery 2 cans or packages of nonperishablefood that you bring,you will receive a raffl e ticketRemember all the great prizeswe had last year? Board membersand volunteers are currentlysoliciting potential donors, andwe hope to have a lot of holidaybooty to distribute in our doorA ffiliAted foot PAin Relief CenteRPodiatric PhysiciandR. GARy C. PAynesPorts medicineprize drawing.• Healthy Options Program for the Elderly(HOPE) — provides a monthly supply of staplefoods such as canned vegetables and meats,cereal, pasta, soups and other items to seniorcitizens living on a fi xed income.• Regional Food Delivery Program — distributes80,000-100,000 pounds of food annuallyto Food Bank Partner Agencies throughout21 Central Texas counties to smaller agenciesserving the regional population.Laser treatmentcertified By the american Board of Podiatric surgery(512) 249-2253This year’s Holiday FoodDrive will once again benefi tthe Capital Area Food Bank ofTexas, a non-profi twww.austinfootpain.comtown & country Village Park12833-B research Blvd. • austin, tX 78750organization thatserves as a clearinghouseby receiving,storing, and distributingtruckloadsof donated foodand other groceryproducts.By donating tothe Food Bank, youare assisting morethan 370 PartnerAgencies servingclients in 21 countiesthroughout CentralTexas.If you can’t makethe Holiday Partythis year, you canstill help. Jesse willbe accepting food item donationsduring regular clubhouse hours.Just drop by anytime and addyour donations to the Food Bankboxes. And… THANK YOU!(PS — The Board will berepeating its friendly challengethis year by offering to make a$100 personal donation to thefood bank if 300 or more fooditems are donated by members.)UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTSBEFORE IT IS TOO LATECall Margie S. JohnsonCriminal Defense Attorney(512) 673-3143• Over 11 years experience as a prosecutor• Handles felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile offenses• Experienced criminal litigator and negotiator• Call for a free initial consultationLet us take care of your pets and your homewhile you are away or at work. Furry,Feathered, and Finned Tails welcome!• Feeding• Watering• Walks• Litterbox Care• Vet Trips• CPR/FIRST AID CERTIFIED• INSUREDwww.tailsofaustin.com512-535-7523Now accepting new clients in Cat Mountain!C M H O A N E W S L E T T E R

V O L U M E I I , N U M B E R 4P A G E Cat Mountain Homeowners Association owes a special “Thanks” to many generous andhelpful sponsors of the four special party events we’ve held this year, including the upcoming2006 December Holiday Party. In return, we encourage you to express your appreciation bypatronizing these merchants throughout 2007: Twin Liquors, Macaroni Grill (Arboretum),Chinatown Restaurant, Siena Restaurant, Craig O’s Pizza, and Kneaded Pleasures Bakery.

P A G E 6It’s for the kids!Parents’ Play Group in CMHOA!We are starting a new group for interested moms (and dads!) inthe CMHOA to hold regularly scheduled playdays for those of uswith preschool children in our community.We will hold an organizational meeting to measure interest in doingso and to schedule a time and place when this might work for thosewho wish to participate.Please contact Robin Petrossian at ifyou are interested in being involved in the start-up meeting.Cat Mountain Yoga Classes areunderway, oprning eyes and minds early!Come join us for yoga in the morning!Carol Blanchard recently becamea certifi ed yoga teacher andwould love to have you jointhe class on Wednesdaymorning at 7:30 am in theclubhouse.Carol says, “What we arediscovering is just showing up is abreakthrough in itself. It is completelyunreasonable to be there in the morning.You are welcome anytime ...”Ha pp y holida ys!If you have never tried yogabefore or have had some training,you’ll fi nd that this class focuseson movement with breath.“In the classic tradition ofyoga,” Carol reports, “we seekto open up space in the body forenergy to move freely through it.Flexibility, strength and mentalfreshness are also results fromyoga. Bringing yourself to themat on a regular basis takes adegree of commitment but youwill fi nd that it gives back someunexpected rewards.”If there are other yogateachers in the community whowould like to join in on thiseffort, please contact Carol tocoordinate. She can be reached atcarolblanchard@austin.rr.comor 467-8570.INTERIORDESIGNMAKEOVERS• A fresh new lookfor your homeor office usingfurnishings youalready own• Can help sell ahome or make theone you are livingin more lovely andlivableCONSULTATION• A designers “eye”to help you choosepaint colors,floor covering,countertops,lighting,furnishings,fabrics, etc.SPACE PLANNING• Remodeling?New Construction?Help withdesigning afloor plan thatoptimizes the spacefor both functionand eye appeal• Buying a newhome? Moving to anew office?A floor plan (onpaper) will showyou and/or themovers how tobest arrange yourfurnishings in thenew space.ANDREA ALLENINTERIORSRESIDENTIAL • OFFICEGreg & Sandra Nelsongeslnelson@sbcglobal.netP. O. Box 28164 • Austin, TX • 787553573 Far West Blvd. • Austin, TX • 78731512-527-0699 T512-527-8717 FRegisteredTexas Interior DesignerMore than 20 YearsExperience512-374-0742C M H O A N E W S L E T T E R

Jewelry Purses Ornaments Skin CareChildren’s Wear Stampin’ Up Vintage Items2 nd AnnualCat MountainHoliday Ba aarD E C E M B E R 8 T H4:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.Cat Mountain Homeowners Clubhouse • 6007 Mt. Bonnell RoadHwy. 360F R E E A D M I S S I O N !Wine, Cheese & RefreshmentsCMHOA Clubhouse6007 Mt. Bonnell RoadMt.Bonnell Rd.Cross Valley RunMt. BonnellSt. Teresa’sCatholicChurchF O R I N F O R M A T I O N C A L L(512)417-7260 or (512)231-0440Assistance League of Austin Tye Dye T-ShirtsJam and Jellies Art Personalized Craft ItemsMesa DriveF.M. 2222 F.M. 2222MoPac Expy.

Sunday, Dec. 10th, 5:00-8pmDon't Miss the Holiday Party!Cat Mountain Homeowners Association6007 Mt. Bonnell RoadAustin, TX 78731Phone: 512.451.3884Fax: 512.451.3884E-mail: cmhoa@sbcglobal.netCMHOA Communications Committeewww.catmountainhoa.com2006 CMHOABoard of DirectorsDick Oppenheimer,PresidentHoward Adkins,Vice PresidentKurt Joseph,SecretaryCurtis Johnson,TreasurerLaine Jastram,Community LiaisonYour TVsoundis a gagA high quality home theater soundsystem will unleash amazing sonicsfrom your DVDs and let your TV sing.Once an exotic luxury, high performancehome theater sound is now within reach of any budget.Add new zip to your flat screen monitor with a tailor-madesystem that will fit your decor and your pocketbook, starting ataround $800. From the simple addition of a pair of speakers andamplifier, to a complete in-wall state-of-the-art surround system,we can bring ET home, reveal the sonic secrets of Lost, removethe shrill from Shrek, or put Norah Jones in your living room.No-down, no-interest financing availablewww.audiosystems.comHa pp y holida ys!Interested in writing a story for the next newsletter?Contact Jesse at 451.3884. Tuesday-Friday 10-7, Sat. 10-6The concept is value. . .since 1975.1102 W. Koenig451-5736C M H O A N E W S L E T T E R

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