Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesPEM Fuel Cell Technology DevelopmentFanghei TsauDeputy Director, Innovative Energy Technology DivisionEnergy and Resources Laboratories, ITRI, Chinese TaipeiAPEC Hydrogen Interim Framework Document WorkshopMarch 29, 2004

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesERL/ITRI PEMFC Development Program2001-2004 Stationary PEMFC Project Project Goal Goal3 kW kW CHWP CHWP System SystemFC FC CHWP CHWP System System FC FC Testing Testing Center Center•Stack•Stack•Power•Powerandandcontrolcontrol•Stack•Stack•Reformer•Reformer•Reformer•Reformer•H•H 2storage2storage•System•System•Codes•Codes& StandardsStandardsSystemDesign300W Stack300WReformer1 kW PEMFCCHWP System(Alpha)StackReformerH 2 storage Power & Control3 kW PEMFCCHWP System(Alpha)1 kW PEMFCCHWP System(Beta)Reformate StackReformer Life Test3 kW PEMFCCHWP System(Beta)PerformanceImprovement Life Test DemoFUTURE RD&D5~10 kW DGSystemHydrogen PDSDPerformanceImprovementCost ReductionPortable PEMFCSystems andProductsPEMFC &RenewableEnergyHybrid Power2001 2002 2003 20042005 2008

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesCHWP PEMFC System SchematicFUELHydrideCanisterH 2HumidifierConverterInverter+-D C 24VA C 220VA C 110VPowerBack UpBatteryPOWERELECTRONICSSYSTEMHeat RecoveryReformerTail GasDe-sulfurizerH 2PEMFC STACKCoolantTankIon ExchangeResinAirNatural GasFilterHot WaterStorage TankAirBlowerIon Exchange ResinCondenser

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesHeat and Water Management/Cell & Stack DesignFlowChannelsBack Entry Channels EntryPortsFlow Channel DesignStack Flow SimulationComposite Bi-polar PlateAir BlowerModularized Passive Humidifier

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesFuel Sub-systems: Fuel Reformation and Hydrogen StorageH Methane/Methanol Reformation2Storage Sub-systemSub-systemTitanium Alloy (Ti-Zr-Mn-V)Average Size: 10 µmDensity: 6.42 g/cm 3Operation: 15 L/m @ 50 C/3 atmCycle Life: 500 @ P a/P d< 3Capacity: 1500 LOperation: 50 L/m @ 60 CCapacity: 4200 L•Burner 850-1000 o C•ATR/SR 600-800 o C•HTWGS 310-320 o C•LTWGS 240-250 o C•PrOx1 170 o C•PrOx2 160-170 o C•Exit Temp.60-70 o C•Flow Rate110 lpm (dry)•Pressure Drop0.04 kg•CO : ≤ 30 ppm•H 2 : > 40%•Start-up time

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesIC-controlled Power Conversion/Inversion and FlowPEControllerSTARTERFuel CellStackCONVERTERHydrogen(Reformate)INVERTERLOADBATTERYInverter: 22-30 VDC to 110/220 VAC/Single Phase @ 85%Harmonic Distortion< 3% (linear)Converter:18-36 VDC to 24 VDC @ 90%

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesITRI 1 kW CHWP PEMFC Prototype SystemPower Module Specifications:Hydrogen Consumption: 12.0 slpmElectricity Output: 1kWSingle Phase110V/220V ACHot Water Supply: 1700 kCal/hr @ 60 o COverall Efficiency: 75%Electrical Efficiency: 46%W/D/H: 89/59/107 cmWater Tank Specifications:Storage Capacity: 250 LitersW/D/H: 50/50/130 cm

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources Laboratories1 kW CHWP PEMFC Prototype System in Action

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesITRI 3 kW CHWP PEMFC α-Prototype SystemPower Module Design Specifications:Hydrogen/Methane Consumption: 40.0/25 slpmElectricity Output: 3 kWSingle Phase110V/220V ACHot Water Supply: 5100 kCal/hr @ 60 o COverall Efficiency: ~ 55%Electrical Efficiency: ~ 20%W/D/H: 1.5/0.6/1.3 mWater Tank Specifications:Storage Capacity: 250 LitersW/D/H: 50/50/130 cm

2, 5 & 12 kW Test Stations (Industrial Grade)Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesNational PEMFC Test CenterTank Farmon 1st floorAir Compressoron 3rd floorMachineShop110V/220V150A Hot press (3) (1) (2)Laboratory t StackBETOvenOvenFloor PlanArbin 5kW Hydrogenics12kW M onitoringRoom 300~600 W Test Stations (In House)

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesCodes & Standards Development•Carried out by the Codes & Standards WorkingGroup (CSWG) of Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership•CSWG currently led by ERL/ITRI and consistingof industrial partners, government agencies andR&D organizations•the Chinese translation of the only formal standardASME PTC 50-2002 completed, 1 st round robintest completed and 2 nd round robin test undergoing

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesPEMFC CHWP System Development Remarks•The CHWP PEMFC system technology is beingdeveloped in Chinese Taipei and 1 kW/purehydrogen and 3 kW/reformate CHWP prototypesystems have been accomplished, focusing onsystem integration and key components development•International collaboration in codes and standardsdevelopment, performance test results verification,and cost-shared development and demonstrationcases will be sought for future RD&D•Hydrogen PDSD will also be a main focus in thenext phase of RD&D

Industrial TechnologyResearch InstituteEnergy & Resources LaboratoriesACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis research & development work is funded by the PetroleumFund under the auspices of the Energy Commission, MOEA

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