KENNETH NISCH, AIA29110 Inkster Road • Suite 200 • Southfield • Michigan • 48034 • USA • Tel 248 355 0890 • Fax 248 351 3062ADDENDUM NUMBER ONEJanuary 18, 2011Directional changes and clarifications to plans and specifications to the issued plans for:TO ALL BIDDERS:DX|L DESTINATIONXL3157 PEACHTREE RD.This addendum supplements and amends the original specifications and plans and must be takeninto account in preparation of proposals and shall become a part of the Contract Documents. TheBidder shall indicate receipt of this addendum on the proposal form. Each holder of biddocuments will receive a copy of the addendum. Each prime bid contractor is responsible fordistribution of information conveyed by this addendum to its suppliers and subcontractors.This addendum consists of three printed pages of which are attached and have beenincorporated into the bidding and contract documents prior to construction.Unless otherwise noted, the items described in this addendum are for the purposes of clarificationand accuracy, and do not represent additional construction and/or material requirements. Mostnotations and clarifications add minimal or no materials and labor cost to what has been issuedalready.Typographic corrections that do not materially change the Architect’s direction are not listed.Drawing Sheet Clarifications and Miscellaneous ChangesSheet A-0.0 COVER SHEETSee Drawings Drawing Directory updated to include additional sheets added. Updated Project Directory with correct Construction Managers phone numberSheet A-0.6 DOOR SCHEDULE AND DETAILSSee Drawings Additional coat hook added to fitting room doors in fitting room door hardware. Fitting room door finish specified to match cherry stain. Clarification that door, door frame,door hardware all provided by fixture contractor. CLARIFICATION…All doors indicated as painted and noted in décor specs are to bepainted to match adjacent wall.Sheet F-1.1 FIXTURE FLOOR PLAN Unresolved fixture tags addressed. Unidentified fixtures addressed. Fixture schedule revised.Sheet F-1.2 WALL STANDARD FLOOR PLAN Dimensions added to shoe wall. Detail 4 revised. Standards placed in tailor room Wall standard not added along side plan.Sheet F-1.3 EGRESS FLOOR PLAN Fixture detail revised. Section cuts repositioned.See DrawingsSee DrawingsSee Drawings

Page 2Sheet A-1.1 ARCHITECTURAL FLOOR PLAN Architectural key note # 15 added. “Capital 2000 series” removed from architectural note Elevation tags updated. Architectural key notes on plan revised. Enlarged callout on elevator added.See DrawingsSheet A-1.2 ENLARGED FITTING ROOM PLAN & DETAILS See Drawings Additional coat hook note added to fitting room doors in fitting room door hardware.Sheet A-1.4 WALL SECTIONS AND DETAILS Section titles updated. Enlarged elevations revised. Detail tag revisedSheet A-1.5 WALL SECTIONS AND DETAILS Standards on details adjusted. Mounting heights of panels revised.Sheet A-1.7 DÉCOR FLOOR PLAN Décor key note reference revised Detail tags changed. Various finish specs updated.Sheet A-2.1 REFLECTED CEILING PLAN Scratched out tag removed. Ceiling trough located dimensionally.Sheet A-1.2 REFLECTD CEILING PLAN DETAILS 4 details added to sheet Section call out reference revised.Sheet A-2.1 REFLECTED CEILING PLAN Dimensions added to plan for suspended light trough.Sheet A-2.2 REFLECTED CEILING PLAN DETALS Detail for compression strut added. Detail for tailor hood added. Detail for ceiling edge added.Sheet A-2.3 REFLECTED CEILING PLAN DETALS Sheet added to set. Enlarged fitting room lighting dimensions detail added Sales floor light trough detail added. Ceiling trough detailing detail addedSheet A-3.1 INTERIOR ELEVATIONS Floor base section callout added to each elevation. Wall standards on each elevation revised. Area name added to each elevation Strapping height revised.Sheet A-3.2 INTERIOR ELEVATIONS Floor base section callout added to each elevation. Wall standards on each elevation revised. Area name added to each elevation Strapping height revised. Wall panel height revised.See DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsSee DrawingsX:\JGAPROJECTS\1210189\ARCHITECTURAL\0189-ADDENDUM-1.DOC

Page 3END OF ADDENDUM #1Please note again that drawings will be issued incorporating all issues of addendum #1 and anyclarifications and/or revisions agreed upon in the final pricing with the general contractor. Theinclusion of addendum #1.Attachment: Architectural PDF drawing set.X:\JGAPROJECTS\1210189\ARCHITECTURAL\0189-ADDENDUM-1.DOC

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