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cricketers - Weston Creek Cricket Club

greatly missed. I know that members willjoin with me in wishing John and Debbieall the very best of luck for the future andwe hope to see them back in Canberra inthe not too distant future.It is with great pleasure, however, that Iwelcome John Carr as the third English professionalto bring to Weston Creek hisexpertise and experience. I know that Johnwill be made to feel very much at homeand I trust that he has a most enjoyableand successful season with us.We welcome back also our wandering youngstars Hugh Abrahams and Michael Kovacsafter successful stints in England and I lookforward to seeing them in action, with theirnewly acquired skills, at Stirling once again.Don BrookerCover Photo - John Carr of Middlesex C.C.who joins W.C.C.C. this season.WINCHBOOKS• FINE.RARE &ANTIQUE BOOKS•GENERALSECONDHANDBOOKS68Wollongong St.,Fyshwick, A.C.T.Mon-Sat,9-5 Ph: 805304ABRAHAMSWill beMISSEDFew would argue with the proposition thatJohn Abrahams made a big contribution tocricket in Weston Creek and Canberra.Many are more than sorry that family circumstanceswill prevent him returning toAustralia for the coming season. All wishhim well for the future.John's contribution to Weston Creek cannotbe measured simply by the number of runshe scored, or the wickets he took for theClub. These figures, of course, wereimportant in that they added strength tothe first-grade team, and built confidenceand enthusiasm in players and supportersalike.But the personality and style of the manwill be remembered long after the runs andwickets are forgotten.In these times when some of us wonder whathappened to that special spirit, cricket hasalways been renowned for, it was refreshingto see the way in which John played thegame. Winning was important, but the losseswere accepted with the same grace and goodhumour.And this feeling communicated itself to theimpressionable youngsters in the Club, manyof whom benefited from John's advice whenhe felt that a friendly word would helpsomeone improve their game.A measure of his success, too, was the habitmany shared in following the scores in theCounty Championship through the long wintermonths. When Abrahams scored runs, wewere pleased. When his name was not inthe lists, we guessed he probably didn't bat,or the printer had been guilty of anomission.When John first came to Weston Creek hefound a Club that was growing in strength.He leaves it stronger and more successfulthan ever, as two Club Championships ina row testify.A grateful Club will remember him withaffection, and the hope that he will havemany more good days in the sun, on andoff the field.John Ringwood

3Yet again the Creek's COVER POINT is firstwith the news in ACT cricket! How oftendoes a Weston Creek Junior reach the dizzyheights of English County Cricket day in,day out, damp (emphasis on the precipitation!)competition? Not often! Andhow often does someone take a hundred fromMalcolm Marshall? Well a bit morefrequently than the answer to the firstquestion!Peter Bowler has done both! On the 23rdJune, 1986 Peter made his debut forLeicestershire CCC against Hampshire(Marshall & Gordon Greenidge!) at GraceRoad. In this match he scored his maiden1st class hundred - unbeaten!!Now it's time to tell the story which mustbe told - The Peter Bowler Story.Peter played for Weston Creek throughouthis junior years representing the ACTregularly. He attended Holder High beforeenrolling at that peerless institutionStirling College. It was here, in betweenpassing Canteen Studies, he turned out forthe 1st XI under the unflappable (and Oh!how they tried) tutorage of one BarneyDevlin Esq. Others to pass through(unscathed) the Devlin era include McLeod,A., Buchanan, L., Giles, A., Drew, G.,Burgess, C, Evans, N., Lonie, R., (obviouslyscathed!) and Morris, T., But I digress ....Peter went on to represent the ACT at bothU19 and Senior levels. He gained selectionin the Australian U19 team that played hostto the touring Pakistani 19's side.Bowler then moved to Sydney in the hopeof furthering his career. Turning out forManly CC he gained a well earned reputationfor his drinking and sleeping habits....Later, Peter transferred (or was he run outof town?) to Tasmania where he now resides(it's still a penal colony) in between his offseason stints in the land of kippers and'Bowler' hats (sorry ...had to throw that onein).During the summer (northern) of '85 heplayed in Burnley, Lancashire and won hisLeague's batting prize. This was after aslow start to the season where he gainednoterioty (again!) for his Welsh touringanticsPeter was then invited (on his cricketingskills alone!) to trial with Leicestershire.Now the likes of Les Taylor, JonathanAgnew, Peter Willey and David Gower getto rub shoulders with 'our Peter'. Hopefullysome of 'Creek experience will standhim in , good stead on the playing fieldsof ye olde dart .... and keep him out oftrouble off them!BUGGERUS

* * * * *The arrangement relating to the sharingof sponsorship and overseas cricketer programmebetween WCCC and ACTCA cameto an end at the end of last season,This season, the programmereverts back to the original format withthe overseas professional devoting all histime to the Club.°~ FROM THE BOUNDARYClub supporter and manager of CoolemanCourt, Ian Hardy has left Canberra on apromotion to a shopping centre in Sydney.Ian was largely responsible for CoolemanCourt's involvement in Junior Cricket inWeston Creek. We wish him well in hisnew position. We welcome Alison Reid asthe new Centre Manager.'Holbrook' Bertram and Tortise Burg.As a result of a new sponsorship programmeintroduced by the Club this season, manybusiness houses from around Canberra aresponsoring individual players from the Club.Dave Bertram and Chris Burgess were thefirst players to be involved. Many othershave followed.After several years of dedication and hardwork, Ron Casburn has retired from theposition of Junior Cricket Co-ordinator.However, before his retirement he set upa very efficient committee to co-ordinatethe Junior Cricket activities in WestonCreek. The new committee is Joanne andBill Rush, John Ringwood and Keith Dawsonwith John Ringwood representing the Juniorsin the Management Committee.Two of our younger players spent thewinter months in England playing cricket.Mick Kovacs played for Neston CC in theCheshire League and Hugh Abrahams withHarpenden CC in Hertfordshire.August 23rd was a special day for Laurieand Maxine. Laurie has made a specialrequest to keep the matter about thewedding quiet!!!John Abrahams, who completed three seasonswith Weston Creek, although was planningto return for the fourth season, has decidednot to return to Australia for the 1986/87season.Within minutes of the news reaching theClub, his colleagues at Weston Creek inventeda few rather interesting' reasonsas to why he is unable to take up theoption of returning to Weston Creek foranother season. However, the real reasonhas something to do with Debbie.Although we are disappointed that theywill not be with us again this summer, welook forward to hearing their good newsbefore the season ends.At the time of going to press the Club hasnominated seven teams. Five in the ACTCAcompetitions and two in the Canberra City& Suburban Competitions. The captainsapproved by the Management CommitteeGreg IrvineMick O'RyanMal SkellyPaul DuffusChris HarrisDarren Hossack1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th GradeCCSCA 1st GradeCCSCA 2nd GradeDr. L.H.R. Drew, "Les" to his many friendsin the Cricket Club was made a "Memberof the Order of Australia" (AM) in theQueen's Birthday Honours in June this yearfor services to Public Health. Les, althoughhe had played a few games for the Clubduring its early days, is better known forhis untiring efforts as the W.C. AustralianFootball Club President responsible for thefundraising and eventual construction of theWeston Creek Sports Centre.

Qantas Airways continues to support WestonCreek cricket. Once again they are flyingour overseas cricketer to Canberra. Wewelcome their new Sales DevelopmentManager, Ron Quinn, who replaced MikeTorpy, who has moved to other duties withinthe Airline. The Club's appreciationgoes to Mike and Ron for their continuedsupport and interest in the Club.Any Club member planning overseas travelis guaranteed a special deal through Qantasand is invited to contact Karl Chamberlainat Qantas House or the Hon. GeneralSecretary of the Club, for an introduction.Kovacs had such a great 'season' with NestonCC that after his farewell party he was "notwell enough to return home".37 TOWNSVILLE STREET, FYSHWICKSPONSORSCLIVE JONESAfter missing the WCCC tour of Englandin 1985 Hugh Abrahams decided to go toEngland for a season's cricket.At the end of the 1985/86 domestic seasonhe went to Hertfordshire, the county of hisbirth, to gain some experience playing inthe St. Albans area.As he had no transport of his own, he wasforced to play with the Club nearest towhere he was living. So, Harpenden CC cameto benefit by what the local paper call the"Australian run machine". Soon, he wasplaying with the Harpenden CC 20-overcompetition on Thursdays and the Wednesdaycompetition in addition to the Saturday andSunday competitions.By mid-season he'd soon worked out thatfour days of cricket a week was more thanwhat he wanted and decided to concentrateon the Saturday and Sunday competitions.As a new boy he had few choices, and hewas asked to open the batting. He soonrealised that the only way to make runswas to hit the ball hard. This obviouslypaid handsomely as Hugh, at the time ofwriting, has made something in excess of1300 runs at around an average of 44.Many of his innings were scored at almosta run a minute with a highest score of 108not out, made off 149 balls. He has alsomade 10 scores in excess of 50 so far duringthe season.Harpenden had an established "offie" so Hughhad to play second string but still managedto take nearly 50 wickets at around 13 apiece. He found that on the small Englishgrounds a bad ball was either a six or afour and learnt to tighten his bowling.Against a leading West Indian team he wasasked to open the attack, and with mediumpaced cutters he took 6 for 35 off 20 overs.He had a quiet August after the early headlinecatching successes. Then during thelast week of August he made an unbeaten50 on the Saturday followed by a successfulsingle-wicket competition on Sunday.Seeded No. 3, Hugh fought his way to thefinal, • beating the winner for the past twoseasons. In the quarter final having tobeat 36 (scored in 2-eight ball overs), hebowled his opponent with the second ball.His first ball conceded two byes. This gaveHugh the Club Shield for the Double-CricketCompetition.Towards the end of the season Hugh hadtrials with Northamptonshire and Sussexand was invited to play for Sussex v.Hampshire at Southampton in the 2nd XIChampionship. 6 runs in each innings andno bowling, left Hugh disappointed althoughhe was invited to keep in touch next season.


forJuniorCricketinWestonJunior cricket in Weston Creek has takenanother leap forward with the announcementthat ACT representative cricketer, GregIrvine, will co-ordinate the coaching ofjunior cricketers this season.Under the sponsorship of Cooleman Court,Greg will lead a team of experiencedcoaches from Weston Creek Cricket Clubto provide junior players with a programto develop their skills and increase theirenjoyment of the game.Announcing the sponsorship at CoolemanCourt on Friday night, Centre Secretary,Mrs Marlisa Prins, said that this was thefirst time such a program had been undertakenin this area.Players in the 26 teams in the Under 11to Under 16 age groups in the Weston CreekCricket Club would benefit from thescheme.WCCC President, Mr. Don Brooker, said thatGreg Irvine was an ideal choice as juniorcoaching co-ordinator. Greg had been amember of the Weston Creek Club for sixyears, had represented the ACT for fiveyears, had played against visiting internationalteams, and last year had completeda successful season as a club coach inEngland.Don Brooker, President of the Club respondingto Mrs Marlisa Prins who presented theClub with a sponsorship cheque. Paul Daviesof the Australian Dairy Corporation who presented'Kanga' cricket sets to the Club, ison the far left. Cooleman Court CricketCo-ordinator, Greg Irvine and the ClubSecretary on the right.He will be assisted by Mike Kovacs andHugh Abrahams, at present playing inEngland; Chris Burgess and Tim Morris, bothof whom have played Lancashire LeagueCricket in England, and Ewen McKenzie.Mr. Paul Davis, of the Australian DairyCorporation, presented equipment for theClub's Kanga cricketers. The Corporationis national sponsor of Kanga Cricket, a gamedesigned for children aged 6 to 12 years.Mr. Davis said that Kanga Cricket had'taken off in Canberra where 75 per centof schools and cricket clubs were involved.The Weston Creek Club had been the firstin Canberra to promote the game and lastseason more than 130 youngsters played withthe Club.John RingwoodCollins Booksellers^Belconnen Mall 514813.Woden Square 813968.Monaro Shopping Mall 47 5430.Supports***mIWeston Creek Cricket Club

8It was only a few Sundays ago at the firstpractice, Bob staggered towards me. Hewas clutching his nose with both hands, andas he got closer I could see he had tearsin his eyes. In a muffled voice he said,"You know what, I can retire now.""Why Bob?" I enquired with a smileerupting my face.already"Well I've played cricket for fifteen yearsand the only place I had not been hit wason the hooter and a bloke around the slipscatching cradle put his hand out anddeflected the ball onto my nose."As I laughed, the memories of some of theother "accidents" Bob has had, flashedthrough my mind.Several 'Cover Points' ago one contributorwrote of the importance of maintaining andpreserving a Club history. He mentionedthat so many of the events and characterspassing through should not only beremembered in print for feats with bat orball but also for the memorable witticismsand incidents that occur around them, bothon and off the field.For the majority of us a spectator's andlistener's role is all we hold on theseoccasions, never (fortunately) really gettingto centre stage. There are however a smallpercentage of us who always appear to beinvolved in some memorable recordableincident. One such person is Bob Coughlan.It needs to be stated from the outset thatsince joining the Creek in the 77/78 seasonBob has justifiably gained the reputationof being one of the best finals players inthe Club. His determination, concentration,and experience in these matches is withoutpeer. Testimony to the esteem in whichhe is held is the often stated point "Youcan't win a final without Coughlan or somebodylike him in your side."As strange as it may seem, it is not thisreputation one first recalls when Bob's nameis mentioned in conversation. He is oneof those rare individuals who is more readilyremembered for the unusual things thathappen to him, especially in the way ofinjuries.Like the time he noticed one of his spikeshad developed a nice shaped point, idealfor scratching one's itchy parts of one's legwhile fielding. Well, he tried to do just thatwhilst fielding at point one day, caught thespike in the cuff of his trousers, fell overand managed to put a six inch gash in hisleg.Or the time he fell into the filing shelvesat work and started a Domino effect throughsome twenty rows of shelves.Or the time he settled an argument withhis brother-in-law as to who was the mostproficient at the Marquis Of QueensburyRules. He fenced off a ring in his backyard,donned the gloves and embarked uponthree quick deciding rounds. Halfwaythrough the second round the brother-in-law,having chased Bob unsuccessfully, his facered from the telling effect of Bob's'jabsand crosses, suddenly changed the rules toWorld Championship Wrestling. He quicklyapplied a half-Nelson, moved cleverly toa submissive step-over-toe hold and claimedvictory. Bob's family being the judges/-referees disqualified their Uncle who leftthe scene complaining of a home-towndecision.There is also a photo somewhere of thepitiful sight of Bob being carried from thefield in a 4th Grade final some years ago,after being hit in the nether regions by theopposing fast bowler. It is all the morepitiful due to the complete lack of sympathyBob was getting from his teammates whocan be seen in the background rolling onthe grass, hands clutched to their mouthstrying not to be heard laughing. It remindsone of the scenes from "The Life of Brian"in which the guards were trying not to laughat the speech impediment of Pontious Pilot.I felt sorry for his teammates that day.It must have been agony.


KouacsA BIG HIT IN NESTONMichael arrived here on Sunday April 6th.It was cold and wet. Following a middaymeal he went out to Neston CC - half anhour by car - to make contact with his newClub. He spent a few hours there, thenreturned home and slept for several days.On waking he went out to buy thermalunderwear.With help from John Abrahams, Michaelbought himself some superb equipmentincluding a G & M Maestro.In the early days Michael flirted with theidea of finding work but he did not allowit to become an obsession. Truthfully, hehas been far too busy playing cricket andtennis to leave much time for moneyearning.Without recourse to official records, I amsure Mike has played over fifty one-daygames, mostly at weekend. He has playedregularly as an opening batsman and stumperfor Neston 2nd XI with a top score of 67.I saw him bat very nicely for close to 50when I umpired Oxton 2nd v. Neston 2nd.We won, he lost!When not needed by Neston he has playedas a guest for Bottle CC, The XL Club andHadleigh and Thundersley CC - an Essextouring side.For one week he went up to the countrynorth of Newcastle to help Neston win atrophy. The main purpose was really to havea very pleasant, sociable few days.The highest score Mike has achieved so faris 77 and in total he has scored well over1200 runs. In League games he has scoredvery nearly 500 runs at an average of over30.Michael has made a good impression in theLiverpool Competition. I have umpired anumber of Oxton games and have continuallymet people who have played against him.I've heard no unfavourable comments!When he was given out lbw after havinghit the ball, he walked away from thestumps without comment. Seriously, he hasbeen a very fair minded player and is notaverse to accepting lifts from umpires.Mike has visited Headingley to see a oneday international v. New Zealand andEdgbaston to see a Test Match, first day,v. India. He has visited Old Trafford severaltimes and been made very welcome be JohnA. and the other Lancashire players.I am sure that Michael has enjoyed his stayin the north west of England. Elaine andI have very much enjoyed his presence inour home.Maybe one day another WCCC person willfeel the need to travel!JOHNMIDDLESEX C CCNEW BLOODJohn SteelCARRJohn Carr of Oxford University and MiddlesexC.C.C. has replaced John Abrahams whohad played for W.C.C.C. during the lastthree seasons.It is said that, John the son of a formerEngland cricketer and the current Secretaryof the Test and County Cricket Board, is"potentially a better cricketer than mostyoungsters in the English County scene".Carr attended Repton SChool, a well knownand respected public school in Derbyshirebefore going to Oxford University.Between 1983 and 1985 in three seasons hemade over 1000 runs and 38 wickets in 18University matches.To date in first class cricket John has made1749 runs at an average of 30+ with ahighest score of 123.We wish John a long and happy innings withWeston Creek CC.

H7'£ Co,W.C.C.C. Golf DayMima.Friday the 5th September saw 27 intrepidpeople turn up to Queanbeyan Golf Coursefor a round, only a dozen of them from the'Creek! Although there was some confusionabout the numbers! As the starting grouphit off the first tee, they were distractedby a lonely figure waving at them from thefirst green. This character appeared to beRoger Lonie. However on closer inspection,it was seen that "Roger" was only the pinflag flapping in the breeze. (It's a laughShrubber.)At 12.00p.m. then, under a clear blue sky,Kelaart and Mackenzie strode to the crease(tee) to open the innings. "Happy Joe"showed immediately a willingness to rumbadown the pitch(tee) to drive. Mackenziemeanwhile was scoring consistently, with8 off the 4th over, 16 off the 5th over (whoinvented bunkers anyway!) and 3 off the 6thover (first par ever).Chris Body came in at number 3 and playeda solid innings just reaching his centurybefore collapsing into the Clubhouse. Mindyou, there is no truth in the rumour that"Knees" was carried over the last 9 overs(holes). It was only the last 2!Drew, Clark, O'Brien and Simmons contributedreasonably well in the middle order.... 4 more centuries. Well done fellas!Drew and Simmons partook in some verylusty hitting, as did the next batsman.Yes! Mick O'Ryan was next to bat and hetook to the bowling with relish (no jokes).One shot in particular, and its consequences,deserve mention. In the seventeenthover Mick played probably the bestshot of the innings. Mick was ecstatic.With a whoop, he flung his (QGC) bat, (twowood) down the pitch (fairway). Unfortun-11Continued on page 12" SCHOOLSINTRODUCTORYCRICKET PROGRAMMEinSouth side of Canberra

12ately Mick's timing was stray and he hungon a fraction of a second too long. Thebat (club) described a pleasing parabolic arclanding in the nearby Queanbeyan River.Mick promptly set about retrieving it.Having wrestled with the brambles andpolished up his swimming technique. Mickreturned looking slightly the worse for wear,but with the offending article in hand.Mai Skelly yet again just failed to scorea century. But Mai's lack of runs was morethan amply accounted for by the other batsmen.The skipper batted Kidd at number 10 (madness)but he didn't let the side down, scoringhis 1st century in the 'Creek colours! (Verificationplease Bods). It was good to seeJohn fully recovered from his very nastypsychosomatic knee injury.So to the number 11 batsman. What canone say about this young man. Brilliant,superb, ingenious .... need I go on. PAUL(REBOUND) PALISI swept the awards,winning 4. Paul won the "Sir DonaldBradman" award for highest aggregate (255,no nervous 90's for this lad), the "LeylandBrothers" award for most kilometres covered(does Paul come from Dubbo?), the "JamesCrawford Rebounding" award (Paul hit moreobstacles (trees) than he hit strokes "offthe stick"), and finally Paul picked up theconsolation cheque of $10 for coming last.(Paul will be hoping he can carry this forminto the season no doubt.)12th man 'Nugget' Brooker provided ablesupport for nine overs (holes) before retiringto the congenial atmosphere of the 19th.Back at the Clubhouse having completedthe round, Kelaart and Clark got into thefestive spirit by paying for their free beers,thus leaving more money over the bar foreveryone else.The final word for those who attended isthat Kelaart's proposal to have eachindividual's score added to their seasonaggregate, has been turned down by theManagement Committee. (Bad luck Paul.)Mai Skelly, who organised the event,deserves a mention. Thank you Mai.(That's enough.)Finally to those who were silly enough tomiss the event I have this to say, Rhubarb,RhubarbEwan Mackenzie(with no help from "Buggerus")Watch this space for coverage of Bega 7-a—side trip.WRITE A CAPTION COMPETITIONThis is a new competition. In each issueof "Cover Point" a photograph from one of Entries must reach the editorial address bythe Club functions will be published. You 24th October, 1986 and the decision of theare invited to submit a caption. The Editorial Committee will be final,funniest (printable) caption will win amystery prize.

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ACTCA DRAW - 1986/87 SEASONONE DAY MATCHCOMPETITIONGRADEFIRSTSECONDTHIRDFOURTHFIFTHROUND 1, 6thDecemberWeston Creek v. TuggeranongStirlingDeakinPhillip Dist.MawsonRichardson Syn.ROUND 2, 13th DecemberWoden Valley v.Weston CreekPhillipStirlingDeakinWestPhillip Dist.Richardson Syn.ROUND 3, 20thDecemberWeston Creek v. GinninderraStirlingKaleenPhillip Dist.KippaxHackettSyn.ROUND 4, 3rd JanuaryWeston Creek v. WestsStirlingO'ConnorPhillip Dist.ArandaRivett Syn.ROUND 5, 10th JanuaryA.N.U. v. Weston CreekANU SouthStirlingANU NorthPhillip Dist.Rivett Syn.SEMI-FINALS, 26thJanuaryFINALS, 8thFebruaryNOTE:Division A consists of Easts, Norths, Ginninderra, City & Queanbeyan.Division B consists fo A.N.U., Tuggeranong, Weston Creek, Woden Valley & Wests>tjmon

ACTCA DRAW - 1986/87 SEASONTWO DAY MATCHCOMPETITIONGRADEFIRSTSECONDTHIRDROUND 1, 11th & 18th OctoberTuggeranong v. Weston CreekDeakinStirlingMawsonROUND 2, 25th October & 1st NovemberNorths v. Weston CreekMaj'uraStirlingDicksonROUND 3, 8th & 15thNovemberWests v. Weston CreekO'ConnorStirlingArandaROUND 4, 22nd & 29thNovemberWeston Creek v. CityStirlingReidPhillip Dist.ROUND 5, 17th & 18thJanuaryGinninderra v. WestonCreekKaleenStirlingKippaxROUND 6, 24th & 31stJanuaryWeston Creek v. QueanbeyanStirlingM. Donoghue Phillip Dist.ROUND 7, 7th & 14thFebruaryWeston Creek v. A.N.U.StirlingANU SouthPhillip Dist.ROUND 8, 21st & 28thFebruaryWeston Creek v. WodenStirlingPhillipPhillip Dist.ROUND 9, 7th & 14th MarchEasts v. WestonCreekKingstonStirlingForestrySEMI FINALS, 14th & 15th (& 16th)MarchFINALS, 21st & 22nd (& 23rd) March

FOURTHFIFTHPhillip Dist.Richardson Syn.Phillip Dist.Rivett Syn.Phillip Dist.Rivett Syn.Narra SouthRivett Syn.Phillip Dist.Rivett Syn.Queanbeyan PkFreebody OvalANU NorthRivett Syn.Deakin WestRivett Syn.Phillip Dist.Rivett Syn.

16HARRIS TO PLAY CRICKETIN THE YEAR 2900The Tuggerangong Valley Cricket Club's preseason "blurb" announces cricket for 5 yearolds to 1000 year olds.CRICKET *REGISTRATION TENit Tuggeranong Valley DISC:t Cricket Club senior Pe->g cricket training and line!IS registration will begin on the16 Wednesday, August 27 at Boolthe ACTCA Indoor FnCricket Club.wili- Tuggeranong is the big­ 9 ar.gest cricket club in theACT with registered is players ranging from fivePUE•h year oldscricket toin Kangamen and Furm women expected to reachle 1000 this season. va'1 Senior men players tbshould contact Bob fc"'M andJ'AiHELPS AMISS TO A RECORDJA, the man who gained fame bybeing the Man of the Match in the 1984B & H final (quack, quack) AND by personallygiving Dennis Amiss his 100th 1st classhundred, has been having a great seasonat Old Trafford. Married life must agreewith him!!Against Glamorgan he smashed 30 foursand 2 sixes on his wf.y to an undefeated189. This was against an attack whichboasted test man Greg Thomas ('the fastestwhite man in England') Victorian DennisHickey and that short Welsh git TerryDavies. Morris was heard to exclaim "sowhat! he hasn't scored a hundred in thetough cauldron-like atmosphere of Canberracricket yet! .... then I'll be impressed!""Buggerus"NATIONAL CRICKET COACHINGPLANElementary Level Coaching Certificate Coursewill be held for the benefit of W.C.C.C.members on Sunday 2nd November at StirlingOval from 9-12 and 1 to 4 (total of 6hours).Those who wish to benefit by this shouldcontact Chris Burgess 31 5219 (H).SUNDAY 26TH OCTOBER IS THE DATEOF THE WESTON CREEK CC's INAUGURALSEVEN-A-SIDE COMPETITION KNOWN AS"WESTON CREEK SEVENS".A GREAT DAY OF FUN IS BEINGORGANISED - DRINK STALLS, BBQs ANDFUN.IN ADDITION TO THE TEN ACT GRADECLUBS THERE ARE TEAMS FROM SYDNEYAND THE SOUTH COAST.CONTACT MAL SKELLY 88 4556 (H) FORDETAILS.


HOLDERSERUICE CEfiTREACT. MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRYAUTHORISED INSPECTORAVAILABLEL I Q U O RM A R TSupermarketHOLDERPraps*WAYNE & DEN I SESTEWAR:REMEMBER !PURCHASE $50 WORTHof GROCRIESRECEIVE 5*DISCOUNTBLACKWOOD TERRACE, HOLDER. A.C.T. 2611TELEPHONE: 88 4702TA VERNCOOLEMAN COURTLIVEf~JUWESTONOPEN SE VEN DA YSLUNCH—12.00 till 2.00DINNER— 5.30 till 9.00ENTERTAINMENTTHURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAYNIGHTSPhone: 884854(Specials not included)evWjdM/kwpricesFree Home Delivery 88 4939.GREEN LINK—The Garden Centre for all yourgardeningrequirementsBRIERLEY STREET, WESTONIfiVt Ctelt»»» Oeurt)McBRTDE CRE8., WANNIASSA(Behind Mobil Statloa)Seedlings plants shrubs and treesshadecloth and cement for working needsindoor plants — potting mixtureschemicals and organic fixersmacrame hangers — baskets of caneplanter pots of every strainsecateurs saws and gardening toolswater plants pumps and kits (or poolssprayers sprinklers and hoses galoreirrigation equipment and a whole lot moreOpen 7 days a week9.00am — 5.30pmCome in and browse,you'll be so glad you did

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