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Disability Activation Project INFORMATION ... -

Disability Activation Project INFORMATION ... -


CONTENTSSection 1 Introduction 1Section 2 Overview of Strands Strand 1 Improving Access to Employment 6 Strand 2 Progression Programmes for 8Young People Strand 3 Supporting the Progression andRetention of People with anAcquired Disability 9 Strand 4 Innovative Employer Initiatives 10Section 3 Eligibility 11Section 4 Application Process 16Section 5 Selection Criteria and Scoring 19Section 6 Checklist for Submission of Application 23Appendix 1Department of Social ProtectionDisability/Illness Schemes 26Appendix 2 Map of Eligible Area 28

Section 1INTRODUCTIONThe Information and Guidance notes have been developed to help potentialapplicants who are applying for funding under the Disability Activation Project,which is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Departmentof Social Protection (DSP). The document provides background informationon the Disability Activation Project and detail on each of the four strands.Information is also provided on the application process and eligibility andselection criteria.Please read these notes in detail before making your application. Alwaysremember to present the detail on your application simply and precisely.Finally, all documents will be made available in other formats, upon request.- 1 -

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