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Disability Activation Project INFORMATION ... -

Disability Activation Project INFORMATION ... -

Aims and Objectives of

Aims and Objectives of the Disability Activation ProjectThe strategic aim of the ESF/DSP funded Disability Activation Project is toincrease the capacity and potential of people on disability/illness welfarepayments to participate in the labour market, based on a casemanagement approach.The objectives of the Project are to: Focus on capability to work in respect of Social Welfare Customers on adisability/illness payment. Such capabilities will be identified, developedand formalised leading to a personalised progression plan for eachindividual participating in the project. Develop and implement innovative models of activation involving a casemanagementapproach which are designed to meet gaps in employment,pre-employment or progression programme provision for people with adisability. Work with and/or support employers to develop initiatives to enhancepeople with a disability entry to, or retention in the workforce. Support the progression of young people with a disability. Support the progression and retention of people with an acquireddisability.- 2 -

Overview of Policy ContextSocial inclusion is a stated objective of the European Social Fund (ESF). Thedisability policy emphasis of the European Social Fund is to ensure thatpeople with disability have an equal opportunity to participate in mainstreamemployment and progression programmes. The aims and objectives of theDisability Activation Project, which is co-funded by the ESF, reflect theseobjectives and are also underpinned by the strategies and goals set out in theNational Disability Strategy (2004) and the social partnership agreement‘Towards 2016.’ The National Disability Strategy sets out the commitment ofthe State to ensuring the equal participation of people with a disability in allaspects of Irish society and maximising independence.The objective of the Disability Activation Project in promoting access to, andparticipation in, the labour market for people with a disability is in accordancewith the Department of Social Protection’s Sectoral Plan, which was producedas part of the National Disability Strategy. The aims and objectives of theDisability Activation Project also reflect and build on the findings andrecommendations of the Value for Money Review of the Disability AllowanceScheme. The Sectoral Plan outlines a commitment to developing servicesand supports to enable people with a disability to take up relevant, work,training and educational or development opportunities.FundingThe Disability Activation Project is co-funded under the European Social Fund(ESF), Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013 andwill be administered by the Department of Social Protection with the supportof Pobal.- 3 -

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