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S200 seriesuser guide• MenusMessagesSounds1 ringer2 composer3 volume4 key tones5 vibrator6 events7 equalizerSettingsServices1 commands2 network sel3 send number4 cost/timers5 divert6 call waitingExtrasSIM Toolkit1 send2 read3 delete all4 voice mail5 broadcast6 settings1 languages2 alarm3 set date4 set time5 auto redial6 auto answer7 any key answer8 animations9 security1 FlippIT2 Quaddro3 Splash4 Scizzors

Ringer tone composerUseful tipsGo into the Sounds menu and press ,Composer.Change your ringer tones to personaliseyour phone. Create your own tones withour ring tone composer.In this menu the keys represent thefollowing notes:CDEFGABEnters a restChanges the scale of the notebetween the range 1-4Changes the duration of thenote. Each press decreases theduration of the note between therange: full note, half note, quarternote, eighth note, sixteenth noteand thirty-second note.Changes a normal note to a sharpand a sharp back to a normal note.Changes a normal note to a dotted,double dotted or 2/3 note.Erases the previous note. A longpress will clear all notes.Once you have composed the tone press, Options to enter the menu screen.The available options are:Tempo: Allows you to choose from a list oftempos at which to play your tone.Play: Allows you to play your melodySave: Allows you to save your melody.Delete: Allows you to delete the tone.Send: Allows you to send your tone toone of your friends.Receiving a ringer toneIf you have received a ringer tone press, Options to enter the menu fromwhere you can play, save or delete thetone. If you press clear the ring tone andmessage will be deleted.☛Note: It is only possible to save 5 ringertones whether you have composed themyourself or received them as a message.To save more you will have to overwritean existing ringer tone.Setting time and dateEnter the Settings menu to set the timeand date. Go to Set date and press ,Select, Enter the date, Press , OK,Go to Set time and press , Select. Enterthe time in 24 hour format, Press , OK.The date and time will be stored.Alarm clockYou can use your phone as an alarm clock.Enter the Settings menu and press ,Alarm. Set the alarm to On and enter thetime (in 24hr format) when you require thephone to ring. When it rings press, Off, to switch it off, or, Snooze, to stop the alarm for tenminutes. The alarm will then sound again.Note: The alarm will sound even if the☛phone is switched off. The phone willpower on but you will not be able toreceive or make calls. Once the alarmfinishes the phone will switch off.EqualizerEnter the Sounds menu and select Equalizer.This menu allows you to alter theearpiece audio settings of your phone.Choose from these 3 settings for optimumaudio quality:• Treble• Normal• BassShortcutsTo lock/unlock the keypad, press ,then from the main screen.To enter/exit silent mode press thenfrom the main screen.To enter a pause while dialling press andhold until the letter p appears.This will insert a pause of 3 seconds.Declaration of conformityWe: Sendo International LtdOf: 10th Floor AIA Plaza, 18 Hysan Avenue,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.Declare under our sole responsibility that the product:SND200, Known as S200 Identified by IMEI numbersin the range:TAC: 350156 FAC: 01SNR: From: 000001 To: 499999ExtrasSending a Smiley SMSSend a picture with your text message tocompatible phones. All other phones will displayan Internet style Smiley. Choose , Smiley.1. Emotions 2. Celebrations3. Sports 4. Animals 5. OthersSelect the Smiley you would like to use fromone of these categories and press , Select.The text is restricted to 156 characters to allowspace for the Smiley.Reading a Smiley SMSWhen you choose a message that has a Smileyin it, the Smiley appears on the screen for 3seconds or until a key is pressed. Then themessage appears. After this time the messagereads as normal. A message with a a smileyattached has a icon if new and a if read.☛Note: If replying to or forwarding an SMS theSmiley will not display and only appears on anew message.Message settingsThis menu offers three options:Status reportAllows you to set whether or not you wish tobe informed when your correspondent hasreceived the text message.Centre numberAllows you to enter or change the servicecentre number for text messaging.Voice mailAllows you to enter or change your voicemail number.FlippITGo into the Extras menu and select FlippIT.There are 6 levels; 3x3 is the easiest.The objective of the game is to change thewhite discs to black discs. You do this byselecting one of the white discs by pressingthe key. This turns the white disc toblack, but also turns all of the discs directlyabove, below, to the left and to the right ofthe selected discs to black.You can move the cursor from one to anotherusing the keys in the grid below.SplashGo into the Extras menu and select Splash.You will see an animated display.An incomplete curly pipeline is displayedstarting at the top left of the screen andwater is slowly flowing towards the openend. The goal is to connect the open endof this pipe to the outlet at the bottom rightof the screen before the water overflows!To do this you are supplied with piecesof straight and bent pipe, which are shownat the right of the screen. The piece at thetop of these is the next piece that you mustplace on the board.You move the cursor using the keys on thegrid below, the key drops yourbombs.On the right of the screen you will see thenumber of moves that you have made sofar, and also the smallest number of movesthat it is possible to complete the level in.With each higher level the grid gets biggerand bigger, and harder!The key places the section in theposition of the flashing cursor. However,be careful, once you have put down apiece you cannot move it.You are provided with 3 bombs. Thesebombs will delete the piece where thecursor is positioned. Use them wisely.Once you have managed to complete youcan press to speed up the pipeline tothe outlet, you can press the key to speed upthe water, to finish the level. With each levelit gets faster and faster. Good luck!ScizzorsGo into the Extras menu and select Scizzors.You will see an animated display.In order to select the stone, press .To select the paper press .To select the scissors press .The object of the game is to try to beatthe computer by selecting one of theQuaddroGo into the Extras menu and selectQuaddro. You can select thenumber of players:Demonstration mode lets you watchthe computer play against itself.You against the computer.You against a friend.The objective of the game is to drop yourcounters into the slots along the top of theboard, in the attempt to create a line offour, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.3 objects. When you do this the computeralso selects one of the 3 objects.The rules are simple:Scissors (2 fingers out) cuts paper,therefore scissors wins,Paper (flat palm) wraps stone,therefore paper wins,Stone (fist) blunts scissors,therefore stone wins,Two of the same result in a draw.When you drop a counter, it will fall allthe way to the bottom or sit on top of anyother counters that are in that column. So,think carefully before you play!You move the flashing cursor left andright along the top of the screen usingthe and keys.Pressing will drop the counter intothe column.To which this declaration relates, is in conformity with thefollowing standards:EN60950 (Electrical Safety Standard, IT equipment)ETS 300 342-1 (Product standard for EMC)ETS 300 607-1 (GSM Phase 2 MS test specification)as defined in:TBR19 (as interpreted by GT01 version 4.6)TBR20 (as interpreted by GT01 version 4.6)TBR31 (as interpreted by GT01 version 4.6)TBR32 (as interpreted by GT01 version 4.6)ES 59005 (European Council recommendation 1999/519/EC)We hereby declare that the above named productis in conformity to all the essential requirements ofDirective 1999/5/EC.The conformity assessment procedure referred to in Article 10and detailed in Annex IV of directive 1999/5/EC has beenfollowed with the involvement of the following notified body:BABT, Claremont House, 34 Molesey Road,Walton-On-Thames, KT12 4RQ. England.Identification Mark: 168 (notified body number)The technical documentation relevant to the aboveequipment will be held at: Sendo Ltd,Centrelink House, Talbot Way, Small Heath IndustrialEstate, Birmingham, B10 0HJ England.The authorised EU representative is:Mike RoperSenior Approvals Engineer30/03/01

IconsGetting startedMenu navigationSoundsSymbol descriptionMain screenBattery indicatorEmpty icon indicates a very weakbattery level. Solid icon indicatesa fully charged battery levelBattery chargingSignal strength indicatorNo bars indicates a very weaksignal. Four bars indicates a verystrong signalNew text messageAll incoming calls are divertedKeypad lockedNew voice mail message(this icon is network dependent)Silent mode activeAlarm clock setTo use your phone, you must first insert theminiature SIM card supplied by your serviceprovider, and then charge the battery.Removing the back coverPress down on the ridges below the clipand slide the cover back. Lift off.Inserting the SIM cardPlace the SIM in the phone, starting with theright side first, making sure that the goldencontacts of the card are touching thecontacts of the phone. Hold the SIM card inplace and slide the metal plate to the right,in order to cover the left hand side of theSIM card.Fitting the batteryInsert the battery with the label facing down.Align the tabs on the battery with the tabson the back of the phone. Clip into place.To remove press on the clip and lift thebattery out.Charging the batteryInsert the connector on the charger leadinto the connector at the base of the phone.Plug the charger into a mains AC socket.When charging commences, the batteryicon will change into a charger cableicon.When the battery is fully charged, thebattery icon will reappear and you candisconnect the charger.Powering up/downTo switch the phone on: Press .If the phone asks for a PIN code:Enter the code that is supplied with the SIMcard. The code will be displayed as asterisks.When complete, press , OK.Wait a few seconds while the phonesearches for the network. Once the networkhas been found, the main screen appearsand your phone is ready to be used.The main screen shows the network nameand two icons giving the signal strength(top right) and battery level (top left).To switch the phone off, press and hold .To enter the main menu, press , Menu,from the main screen.ScrollingYou can scroll from one menu to anotherusing the front keys and . When youfind the menu that you are looking for,press , Select to go in. Press End, backor to return to the previous level.SIM ToolkitYour service provider may offer somespecial services or applications. The nameof the menu may change to indicate thetype of service, for example “Information”.For more details, please contact yourservice provider.This menu allows you to configure thevarious tones that the phone plays whenyou receive a call or a new text message,or some other event occurs.RingerSelect this option to set the ringing tonefor incoming calls.VolumeSelect this option to change the volumesetting for the different tones that thephone plays.Key tonesThis menu allows you to set the type ofkeypad tones that you would like to hearwhen pressing the keys.You have three options:Off No sound emitted upon a key pressOn Short, low volume tonesDTMF These are standard tones, as usedin touch tone phones. Each numberhas its own specific tone.VibratorSelect this menu to set the vibrator forincoming calls or text messages.You have three options:Off Deactivates the vibrator functionOn Sets the phone to vibrate for anincoming call or text messageVibrate Sets the phone to vibrate for athen ring few seconds before the phonestarts to ring.This option is not available on all models.None of the above settings affects any ofthe sounds settings.EventsThis option allows you to set the alert tonesto on or off for the following options:New messageNew broadcastLow batteryLow creditThis is only with certain subscriptions.In calls listshows that a call was incomingServicesTroubleshootingshows that a call was outgoingCommandsSend numberDivertProblemPossible causeshows that a call was missedIn messages listindicates the messages whichhave not yet been readindicates the messages whichhave been readindicates the smiley messageswhich have not yet been readindicates the smiley messageswhich have been readListsIn lists shows the optionthat is currently activated© 2001 Sendo. All rights reserved.The Sendo logo and D are trademarks of SendoInternational Ltd. Sendo reserve the right to changeany specifications without prior notice.T9 ® Text Input is a registered trademark of TegicCommunications. All rights reserved.T9 ® Text Input is licensed under one or more of thefollowing U.S. Patents:5,818,437, 5,953,541, 5,187,480, 5,945,928,6,011,554 and additional patents are pendingworldwide. Both the GSM logo and the GSM lettermark are trademarks of the GSM Association.Localised by WHP.www.sendo.com8E30-02010-11000This menu allows you to send specialcommands to the network to get specificinformation. This could be informationsuch as the time and date, your ownphone number, or the amount of creditremaining on your SIM card.The commands, and whether this featureis available, can be obtained from yourservice provider. You can store thenumber of the command and a name.Once stored, scroll to the command andpress , Send, to get the requiredinformation from the network.Network selectionThis menu allows you to choose how thephone searches for the network.You have two options:Automatic: The phone searches allavailable networks and automaticallyselects one.Manual: The phone searches allavailable networks and, when finished,displays a list of all the networks found.You can scroll up and down withto select the network that you wish to use.Once you select a network, your phonewill always try to select this network.Network selection stays manual until youswitch to automatic mode.This menu allows you to select whetheryou hide your identity or not whenyou call someone.There are two options:On Your telephone number is sent to yourcorrespondent when you call.Off Your telephone number is not sent toyour correspondent when you call.Cost/timersThis menu contains all information on theamount of time you have spent on calls.This menu offers five options:Balance: Displays the amount of creditthat you have left on your prepaid card.Outgoing: Displays the total time thatyou have spent on your phone onoutgoing calls.Incoming: Displays the total time thatyou have spent on your phone onincoming calls.Limit: Allows you to view and set themaximum cost limit that you can go up to.Rate: Allows you to set the price per unit,and enter the currency in which you wishthe call costs to be displayed.This network feature allows you to divertyour incoming calls to your voicemailbox or to another number.This menu offers five options:If busy: When activated, calls will bediverted if you are already in a call.If no answer: When activated, calls willbe diverted if you do not answer yourphone.Unreachable: When activated, calls willbe diverted if you your phone is off or ifyou are out of coverage.All calls: When activated, all of yourincoming calls will be diverted.For each of the above, you can:Check, activate or cancel the service.Cancel: Cancels all diverts.Service numbersYour service provider may have preprogrammedsome useful numbers intoyour SIM card. These numbers normallygive access to special services. For moreinformation contact your service provider.1 Press , Contacts, to display thecontact list menu, scroll using .2 Scroll to the Service no. option, thenpress , Select.Call waitingThis menu allows you to activate ordeactivate the call waiting feature.Phone does not power onPhone does not chargeBatteryI don’t get as much battery life as I expected“Insert SIM” is displayed whenI switch on the phoneThe PIN code is blockedThe PIN2 code is blockedPoor displayCan’t connect to networkCan’t make/receive callsLow earpiece volumeLow ringer toneCannot enter some words“Message list full” is displayedin the main screenSome features do not workSome menus are missingBattery emptyBattery contacts dirtyBattery emptyCharger incorrectly connectedHow long should I charge the battery the first time?The phone uses battery power when it is switched on evenMaking calls and playing with the different functions of thethe battery faster. The stated battery life is under optimum cSIM card is incorrectly inserted or missingSIM card is damaged or dirty3 incorrect entries3 incorrect entriesLow temperatureWeak signalInvalid SIM cardNetwork not allowedWeak signalPhone is switched offCheck the numberCall key not pressedNetwork is busyCall barring or fixed dialling is activatedNot registered with service providerNo credit left on your prepaid cardLow settingLow settingWrong entry modeYour SIM card memory is full of text messages, thereforeyou can not receive any more messages.Feature not supported by the operator or your subscriptionThere are restrictions on your SIM card or subscription.

SettingsUsing the contact listLanguagesThis menu allows you to change thelanguage of the phone.Auto redialWhen this function is activated, the phonewill automatically redial a number whenthe call attempt fails. If the other user’sphone is busy, the phone will wait a fewseconds before each attempt, and thenbeep when it succeeds.Auto answerThis function is only applicable when certainhandsfree accessories (e.g., a personalhands-free headset) are connected to thephone. When you receive an incomingcall with this feature activated, the phonerings three times before automaticallyaccepting the call.Any key answerWhen this function is activated, you cananswer an incoming call by pressing anykey, except , Reject.AnimationsThis menu allows you to switch your menuanimations off or on.SecurityYour PIN (Personal Identity Number) code is acode which you can use to protect unwantedusers from using your phone. This is thenumber that the phone asks for at switch on.PIN Code:1 Activate PIN entry requirement at switchon (if your SIM card supports this).2 Deactivate PIN entry requirement atswitch on (if your SIM card supports this).3 Change PIN.4 Change PIN2.Some network services require a separatesecurity code. This code is the PIN2.This menu allows you to change the PIN2code that the mobile asks for when usingcertain features.To activate the PIN code requirement orchange the PIN code, you need to enter thecurrent PIN code.If you don’t know your PIN code, contact yourservice provider.Using the contact listThe names and numbers you enter into yourcontact list are stored on the SIM card.To access your contact list entries, pressfrom the main screen.Storing a name and number1 Press , Contacts, from the mainscreen.2 Use the up and down keys andto scroll to the Add new option, thenpress , Select.3 Enter the name you wish to store in thecontact list, then press , OK. Usethe keypad as explained in the tableoverleaf to enter the characters and toswitch between lower case, upper case,and numeric modes.4 Enter the area code and phone number,then press , OK.Correcting an entryPressing deletes the characterimmediately to the left of the cursor.Pressing and holding deletes all ofthe text that you have entered.Contact list optionsWhen you have selected a name youcan open a list of options by pressing, Options which will allow you tochange, delete, give details and send amessage.Fixed namesThis service allows you to restrict youroutgoing calls to certain selected numbersfrom your SIM card. This feature isdependent on your service provider.Your phone will ask for the PIN2 code toactivate this function. You can obtain thiscode from your service provider. Whenthis feature is activated, a new contactlist is made visible in place of yourstandard one. Only numbers from thiscontact list can be dialled. You can addnumbers to this contact list in the sameway as adding numbers to your normalcontact list, with the exception that youhave to enter the PIN2 code.Broadcast messagesYour service provider may offer CellBroadcast. This could be information onthe traffic, weather, events, or localinformation which is broadcast by thenetwork to all mobiles in a specific area.When you activate this feature, you mayreceive messages about the selectedtopic. Contact your service provider formore details.Safety informationPossible corrective actionYou should observe and follow these guidelines for the safeand efficient use of your phone. Failure to comply with theseAny other use will invalidate any approval given to your phoneand may be dangerous.VehiclesUsing your phone in a vehicle demands special considerations.• Areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such asgrain, dust or metal powders.if it is not in a will run downconditions.Fully charge the battery and then press .Clean contacts on battery and phone with a dry cloth, attach battery, wait a few secondsand press .Charge for 2 hours. Don’t worry if the battery icon does not change immediately.Disconnect and try again.Check the mains socket, and the connection to the phone.12 hours continuous.Charge the phone regularly.Check that the SIM card is positioned correctly, and that the metal clip is slid across. Try again.Visually check the SIM and clean the contacts with a dry cloth. Try again.Enter the unblocking code supplied with the SIM card. If you do not have this code,contact your service provider.Enter the PIN2 unblocking code supplied with the SIM card. If you do not have this code,contact your service provider.Move to a warmer place and let the phone warm up.Move into an area of better coverage. If you are in a building, move towards a window.Contact your service provider.Try reselecting the network. Switch off and then back on.Check that the service provider name is displayed on the screen. If not try to reconnect tothe network.Press for a few seconds.Use the full area code and country code in the number.After dialling the number you must press , Call.If you hear rapid beeps, then the network is busy. Hang up and try again.Check the fixed dialling settings. Otherwise check the call barring settings with yourservice provider.After purchasing your phone, you may need to call your service provider to activate the line.Recharge your credit.Press when you are in a call to increase the volume.Go into the Sounds menu, select Volume and increase the setting.Your phone has T9 text input (i.e. it guesses what words you are trying to enter).To enter a special word press repeatedly to change to normal multi tap mode.Go into the Read menu of the message menu and deletesome of your messages.. Call your service provider.Call your service provider.guidelines and requirements may void your warranty and mayinvalidate any approvals given to your phone.Radio Frequency SignalsYour phone transmits and receives radio frequency (RF) signalswhenever it is switched on. The design of your phonecomplies with all relevant standards and recommendations forhuman exposure to RF energy.Your phones transmission power is controlled by the cellularnetwork at the lowest possible level to maintain a good signal.You may also choose to reduce your exposure to RF signals bycontrolling the duration of your calls or by using an accessorysuch as a handsfree device. Your phone has been designed tocomply with applicable standards when used correctly inaccordance with the user instructions.A sample of this phone model has been tested and found tocomply with the following directives, standards orrecommendations:• 1999/5/EC • 89/336/EEC • 73/23/EEC as amendedby 93/68/EEC • 1999/519/EC• AS/NZS 2772.1 (Int):1998 • IEEE Std C95.1, 1999 EditionAntenna Care and Efficient OperationDo not use your phone if the antenna is damaged. Replacethe antenna only with one approved by the manufacturer.Unapproved antennas or modifications may damage yourphone, degrade its performance and violate local regulations.Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily while a call is inprogress. Contact with the antenna affects call quality and maycause your phone to transmit at a higher power level thanotherwise needed. Hold your phone as you would any otherphone. The antenna should point up and over your shoulder.BatteriesAll batteries can cause property damage, injury or burns ifa conductive material such as jewellery or keys comes intocontact with the exposed terminals. The material maycomplete an electrical circuit and become quite hot.Exercise care in handling your phone battery. For example,avoid carrying your phone battery loose in a pocket orpurse. This product is designed for use with manufacturerapprovedbatteries only. Use of unapproved batteries maybe dangerous and may cause damage to the battery or thephone and may void your warranty.AccessoriesOnly use accessories approved by the manufacturer. Usingunapproved accessories with your phone may result indegraded performance, fire, electric shock or injury, and mayvoid the warranty. Please check with your dealer for theavailability of approved accessories. Your phone is intendedfor use only with chargers approved by the manufacturer.The mains (AC) charger is compatible only with power sourcesindicated on its label. Do not connect the charger to a powersource of a different voltage or frequency. Do not use thecharger outdoors or in areas where it may become wet.Unplug the charger from the wall socket using the body of thecharger, not the cord. Locate the cord so that it will not betripped over, stepped on or damaged. Do not use the charger ifit is damaged. Unplug the charger from the wall socket beforecleaning it. Use a slightly damp cloth for cleaning, and allowthe charger to dry fully before plugging it in.ChildrenYour phone is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it.They could hurt themselves or others. Children could also damagethe phone or make calls that increase your telephone bill.Electronic DevicesMost modern electronic equipment is shielded from RF signals.However, certain electronic equipment may not be shieldedagainst the RF signals from your wireless phone.PacemakersThe Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommendsthat a minimum separation of 20 cm (or 6 inches) bemaintained between a handheld phone and a pacemaker toavoid potential interference with the pacemaker. Therecommendations are consistent with the independentresearch by and recommendations of Wireless TechnologyResearch.Persons with a pacemaker:• Should always keep the phone more than 20 cm (or 6inches) from their pacemaker when the phone is turned on.• Should not carry the phone in a breast pocket.• Should use the ear opposite the pacemaker in order tominimize the potential for interference.• Consult your doctor or the manufacturer of the medicaldevice if you have any questions.Hearing AidsSome digital wireless phones may interfere with some hearingaids. In the event of such interference, you may want to consultyour cellular dealer or hearing aid manufacturer to discussalternatives.Other Medical DevicesOperation of any radio transmitting equipment, including yourcellular phone, may interfere with the functionality ofinadequately protected medical devices. Consult your doctor orthe manufacturer of the medical device if you have anyquestions. Turn your phone off in health care facilities when anyregulations require that you do so. Hospitals or health carefacilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive toexternal RF energy.The fitting of any accessories to a vehicle should only beundertaken by a suitably qualified person to ensure that vehiclesystems are not adversely affected, and that the accessory givesoptimum performance.InterferenceRF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequatelyshielded electronic systems in motor vehicles (e.g., electronic fuelinjection systems, antilock braking systems and air bag systems).Check with the manufacturer or representative regarding yourvehicle. You should also consult the manufacturer of anyequipment that has been added to your vehicle.DrivingAlways obey local laws and regulations regarding the use of acellular phone in the areas where you drive. In some areas, it isillegal to use a cellular telephone while driving, and handsfreeoperation is required in many other areas. Do not hold yourphone in your hand while driving. Give your full attention todriving. Use handsfree operation if possible. Pull off the roadand park before making or answering a call if it is safe andlegal to do so.AirbagsDo not place your phone or any accessories in the area overan airbag or in the airbags deployment area. An airbaginflates with great force, and serious injury could occur.AircraftSwitch off your phone when in an aircraft and follow anyinstructions from the aircraft crew. The use of cellular telephonesin an aircraft may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft,may disrupt the cellular network and is often illegal. Failure toobserve this instruction may lead to suspension or denial ofcellular telephone service to the offender, or legal action or both.Blasting AreasTo avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phoneoff when in a “blasting area” or in areas posted “turn off twowayradio”. Obey all signs and instructions.Potentially Explosive AtmospheresTurn your phone off and do not remove its battery when in anarea with a potentially explosive atmosphere. It is rare, but yourphone or its accessories could generate sparks. Sparks in suchareas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in propertydamage, bodily injury or even death. Areas with potentiallyexplosive atmospheres are often, but not always, clearlymarked. They include:• Fuelling areas, such as petrol stations, below deck on boats,and fuel or chemical transfer and storage facilities.• Areas where fuel odours are present, such as when a gas leakoccurs in a home.• Any other area where you would normally be advised to turnoff your vehicle engine.Posted FacilitiesTurn your phone off in any area where posted notices so require.Emergency CallsSome networks may require that a valid SIM card be properlyinserted in your phone before you can make an emergencycall. Also, emergency numbers vary by location. Check withyour service provider or the local cellular network in advance ifyou are not sure. To make an emergency call, enter the validemergency number for your location (e.g., 112 in manycountries) and press the CALL key.You may need to turn off features such as keypad lock beforemaking the call. Consult this user manual for details.Never rely solely on your mobile phone to make an emergencyor essential communications.Taking Care of your PhoneUse a slightly damp cloth to clean your phone. Never use anychemical or abrasive cleaners, as they could damage thephone. Avoid exposing your phone to any severe shocks,extreme (hot or cold) temperatures or moisture. Keep yourphone away from open flames such as lit candles or cigarettes.ServicingDo not attempt to disassemble or repair your phone, as youmay damage the phone or injure yourself and will void yourwarranty. Only qualified personnel at an authorized servicecentre should perform repairs. Your phone does not contain anyconsumer serviceable parts.DisposalYour battery and other components may require precautions tobe taken for safe disposal. The battery type is indicated on thebattery label. Please ensure that all local and/or governmentalregulations are followed when you dispose of this product or itspackaging. Refer to your point of sale or local government forinformation on regulations that apply to this product.LicensingYour phone is authorised for use in GSM networks in countrieswhere it is approved. Use in other areas may be illegal andmay disrupt other radio communications.

TroubleshootingProblem Possible cause Possible corrective actionPhone does not power on Battery empty Fully charge the battery and then press .Battery contacts dirtyClean contacts on battery and phone with a dry cloth, attach battery, wait a few secondsand press .Phone does not charge Battery empty Charge for 2 hours. Don’t worry if the battery icon does not change immediately.Disconnect and try again.Charger incorrectly connectedCheck the mains socket, and the connection to the phone.Battery How long should I charge the battery the first time? 12 hours continuous.I don’t get as much battery life as I expected The phone uses battery power when it is switched on even if it is not in a call. Charge the phone regularly.Making calls and playing with the different functions of the phone will run downthe battery faster. The stated battery life is under optimum conditions.“Insert SIM” is displayed when SIM card is incorrectly inserted or missing Check that the SIM card is positioned correctly, and that the metal clip is slid across. Try again.I switch on the phone SIM card is damaged or dirty Visually check the SIM and clean the contacts with a dry cloth. Try again.The PIN code is blocked 3 incorrect entries Enter the unblocking code supplied with the SIM card. If you do not have this code,contact your service provider.The PIN2 code is blocked 3 incorrect entries Enter the PIN2 unblocking code supplied with the SIM card. If you do not have this code,contact your service provider.Poor display Low temperature Move to a warmer place and let the phone warm up.Can’t connect to network Weak signal Move into an area of better coverage. If you are in a building, move towards a window.Invalid SIM cardContact your service provider.Network not allowedTry reselecting the network. Switch off and then back on.Can’t make/receive calls Weak signal Check that the service provider name is displayed on the screen. If not try to reconnect tothe network.Phone is switched offPress for a few seconds.Check the numberUse the full area code and country code in the number.Call key not pressedAfter dialling the number you must press , Call.Network is busyIf you hear rapid beeps, then the network is busy. Hang up and try again.Call barring or fixed dialling is activatedCheck the fixed dialling settings. Otherwise check the call barring settings with yourservice provider.Not registered with service providerAfter purchasing your phone, you may need to call your service provider to activate the line.No credit left on your prepaid cardRecharge your credit.Low earpiece volume Low setting Press when you are in a call to increase the volume.Low ringer tone Low setting Go into the Sounds menu, select Volume and increase the setting.Cannot enter some words Wrong entry mode Your phone has T9 text input (i.e. it guesses what words you are trying to enter).To enter a special word press repeatedly to change to normal multi tap mode.“Message list full” is displayed Your SIM card memory is full of text messages, therefore Go into the Read menu of the message menu and deletein the main screen you can not receive any more messages. some of your messages.Some features do not work Feature not supported by the operator or your subscription. Call your service provider.Some menus are missing There are restrictions on your SIM card or subscription. Call your service provider.

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