Creativity and learner achievement

Creativity and learner achievement

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Beaumont College• The role of Beaumont College is topromote Scope’s core value of equalityby providing opportunities for disabledlearners to develop their potential forindependent living.• The whole effort of the college isdirected towards improving learnerachievements.Mission Statement in Strategic Plan 2005-2010

Using creativity to support learnerachievement for people with complexneeds.Careful target setting and projectdesign to promote active learning.Developing trans-disciplinaryapproaches to supported learning.

Invitation to introduce selfWhoWhereWhy did you sign upWhat do you hope to gain fromthe session

Intended learning outcomesBy the end of this seminar:Reflect on the meaning of creativity foryourself, your life, and in your work placeHave an understanding of theprocesses involved, and the Beaumontworking model.Insight into working with creativity topromote self expression for learners withcomplex needs

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, aquickening that is translated through you intoaction. And because there is only one of you inall of time, this expression is unique. And ifyou block it, it will never exist through any othermedium and be lost. It is not your businessto determine how good it is, nor howvaluable nor how it compares with otherexpressions. It is our business to keep ityours clearly and directly, to keep the channelopen….”Martha Graham

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Enhanced Learner CentredCurriculum Creative Arts andPersonal Development interwoven.

Foundations for LifeCommunicationDevelopment and Expression of SelfHealth and WellbeingIndependence in LivingCommunity Participation and InclusionDeveloping and Maintaining Relationships

Overview of ModelReportingTo LSC &parentsProgressagainstAoPAssessment•PATH•IdentifyFocusElementsEvaluationof progress(targets,goals, AOsand thereforeAoP)PlanningAoPAOsGoalsTargetsRecordingrelevant tothe targetsand goals

Planning for the LearningAim of PlacementAnnual ObjectivesGoalsTargets contextualised in subject areas

What we mean bycreativityThe root of the word comes fromthe Latin creatus, literally "to havegrown.“

Towel art

PerformanceDanceFine ArtEnvironmental Art Media Music

Beliefs/RisksGrounded Person Centred approachApproval leads to confidence and assertivenessArts provides an inclusive platformUsing Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligencesLSC/YPLA continues to fund the studentsS4L, communication and mobility embeddedFoundation Learning – accreditation isembeddedDevelopment of self expression through nonverbalformats

1. Intake Assessment Transdisciplinary TeamInformation gathered from:Application documentationSkills for Life assessmentBehavioural assessmentPhysiotherapy and OT assessmentCommunication assessmentPersonal Development assessmentSensory Support assessmentCreative Arts assessmentEating and Drinking assessmentMedical/nurses assessment

2. P.A.T.H., Aim of Placementand Annual ObjectivesPATH’s purpose:To plan the route the learners want to take,it’s a dynamic process and is reviewedannually by the students and significantothers together with the trans-disciplinaryteam.They agree on, and consolidate the priorities– the ‘focus elements’ of the learner profile

•Tash Watkins

3. Aim of PlacementNatasha will experience and gain a range ofindependent living skills and skills for life that willenable her to make informed choices relating toher futureThrough accessing a range of creative,vocational and community based activitiesNatasha will develop her self advocacy skills toplan and direct her futureNatasha will be actively involved in themanagement of her own health and wellbeing

4. Annual Objectives• Natasha will develop her money management skillsthrough a range of community activities• Natasha will access an internal and/or external workplacement• Natasha will begin to develop her self advocacy skills byaccessing a variety of creative media• Natasha will make an informed choice of subject for herArts Award• To achieve Functional Skills accreditation units• Natasha will actively participate in a range of health andwellbeing activities• Natasha will be activity involved in the planning andorganising of social events

5. Goal & Target SettingThese stem from the individual learner’s focuselements of the Foundations for LifeExamples of who might write a goal:SLTPD tutorOT/PTSensory Development and SupportBehaviour SpecialistSkills for Life TutorPD Tutors and Subject Tutors adopt andcontextualise targets into subjects

6. Contextualised targetsS4L GoalNatasha will calculate answers to practical problems usingsimple mathematical language or methods. (e.g. how many? Howmuch? How long? What shape? Etc)Powerful Voices TargetNatasha will find answers to given problems around time andcompleting tasks in the session by a certain time or within a time limit.Performance TargetDuring rehearsals Natasha will calculate answers to practical problemsusing addition, subtraction and estimation (e.g. How many performers?How much time needed to complete the performance. How long?What shape? Etc)Cooking TargetNatasha will suggest the differences in terms of height, weight, lengthor volume of two independent living items on two occasions

Tash’s s Personal Statement ofLearning

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MissionComplex learners+Person centred approaches+Creative space+Skilled mediation+Resources+‘Capable’ community=Embedded S4L, Communication,Therapy, PD & Accreditation criteriaInclusion

Our Learners…Ready to find new ways to expressthemselves19yrs of experienceOwn set of interests & preferencesUntapped creative potential

Person Centred ApproachesGrow ideas from where they are and whatthey can do, building on personal strengthsand interestsWe are not about fitting learners in toactivities… but providing a qualitylayer…leaving space for them to add theirunique personal contribution

Matt Varney’s work

Creative spaceContent free projects allowing forexploration and for drawing on richsourcesA culture where creativity is nurtured in allwho share the spaceSpaces where imaginations can engineerenvironments where there is always theopportunity for profound possibilities

I did it My Way…

Skilled mediationIntensive interactionIdentify learners comfort zone whichallows you to enter their worldDiscovery with the picture emerging overtime from trans-disciplinary teamAllowing learners to lead and perceivingthe interaction as their way ofcommunicating

ResourcesInnovative use of materials and equipmentAge appropriate & high qualityAccess technology


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