section 1 – general information - LIMA

section 1 – general information - LIMA

Table Of ContentSECTION 1GENERAL INFORMATION1.1 Glossary of Terms 3 – 41.2 Organisation and Administration 51.3 Management Responsibility 51.4 Control of Air Display 61.5 Responsibility and Authority 6 – 71.6 Show Site 71.7 Arrival Reporting Procedures and Formalities 7 – 81.8 Post-Show Departure Procedures and Facilities 81.9 Insurance – Third Party Liability 81.10 Facilities 91.11 Mandatory Briefing 91.12 Flight Schedule 91.13 Aircraft Security 91.14 Aircraft Parking 91.15 Special Equipment 10SECTION 2FLIGHT OPERATIONS – AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS2.1 Airworthiness 112.2 Pre-flight Requirements 112.3 Display Profile 112.4 Slot Times 122.5 Formation, Sport and Show Flying Displays 122.6 Rehearsals 122.7 Radio Procedures 122.8 Controlling Authorities 132.9 Minimum Weather Condition 13 - 142.10 Holding/Training Area 142.11 Airspace Closure Times 152.12 Arrival Procedures 152.13 Diversions 16

SECTION 3SAFETY3.1 Approved Minimum Altitude 163.2 Technical Limitation of Performance 163.3 Approval for Maneuvers 163.4 Aircraft Emergencies 173.5 Passengers and Additional Crew Members 173.6 Aircraft Endurance 173.7 Design Limits 173.8 Formation Displays 173.9 Prohibited Maneuvers 17 - 183.10 Medical Check 183.11 Ground Handling Movement 18SECTION 4APPENDIXAppendix 1 Aerial Display Disclaimer 19Appendix 2 Displays/Demonstration Authorization 20Appendix 3a Langkawi Airfield Layout Plan 21Appendix 3b Langkawi Airfield Layout Plan 22Appendix 4 Flight Demonstration & Holding Areas 23Appendix 5 Composites Standard Arrival, Departure 24 - 29& LetdownOTHERSPilot Flight Log 30 - 31Notes 32 - 36

SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION41.1 Glossary Of TermsThe words and terms below shall bear the meaning set opposite them.Aerospace DisplayAerobatic ManeuverLow Maneuver ZoneAircraftAuthorized Minimum AltitudeCrowd LineDemonstration FlightDisplay AreaBoth the Static and Dynamic display.Constitute any maneuver exceeding an angle of60 degrees in pitch, bank, roll and yaw.An area of defined dimension within which aerobaticmaneuvers are conducted by single and multipleaircraft. The zone is a rectangular box 300 feet inwidth (150 feet on either side of the runwaycenterline). 12,500 feet in length (the length of therunway) and ground level to 500 feet high, maneuversalong the direction of the runway will be allowed to beperformed below 250 feet AGL, within this Zone.Any manned aerial vehicle whether powered orotherwise which uses the air medium as means ofmobility.The lowest altitude on local QNH to which an aerialvehicle is authorized to operate at whilst performing orexecuting the planned maneuver other than taking-offor landing.A physical barrier, which will prevent spectators frommoving forward during an air show.All flights carried out for the purpose of demonstratingthe performance capability of aerial vehicles andairborne equipment carried or installed.All airspace designated by NOTAM for use by displayaircraft.

5 SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATIONDisplay ProfileFerry & Liaison FlightsThe sequence of maneuvers planned to be executedby the display pilot and approved by the AerospaceDisplay Management Committee.All flights in which no aerobatic maneuver is performedin any form whatsoever in the display area.Foul LinePilotShow LineShow Centre PointInverted ConeThe line at which a performing aircraft, whenmaneuvering towards the designated spectatorsenclosure and show ground SHALL NOT CROSSunless the aircraft is in level or ascending flight abovethe authorized minimum altitude.The aircraft commander or Pilot-in-Command of anaircraft on a display, demonstration or presentationflight.The absolute straight path along the ground located455 meters (1,500 feet) in front of the closest spectatorarea if the crowd line is not parallel to the show line.A highly visible point on the ground along the ShowLine for performing aircrew to focus each maneuver asperformed.A cone with the apex at the top. For the purpose ofthis Exhibition, the apex of the inverted cone shall be1,500 feet vertically above the centre of show ground.

SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION61.2 Organizations and AdministrationThis document represents the Official Guidelines on procedures, rules and regulationsfor the management, conduct and control of static and dynamic aircraft operations andaerial activities in connection with The Langkawi International Maritime and AerospaceExhibition 2013 (LIMA ’13). The sole authority for the interpretation of the rules andregulations herein is the Air Show Director.These rules shall apply to all aerial vehicles being exhibited whether they are poweredor otherwise, and which are exhibits or part thereof. All queries and complaints shall beaddressed in writing to:Director General Operations & ExerciseAir Operation HeadquartersSuite 10.14 Ministry of DefenceJalan Padang Tembak50634 KUALA LUMPURTel : +603 2071 4414Fax : +603 2693 4661Email : lima13display@yahoo.com1.3 Management ResponsibilityThe dynamic and static display is managed by the Aerospace Display ManagementCommittee, shall be responsible for the organization, administration, conduct, control andsafety of the Aerospace Display. It comprises:-a. Chairman of the Committee.b. Air Show Director.c. Air Display Coordinatord. Air Display Coordinator Cell.e. SAR Director (from DCA).f. A Senior RMAF Air Traffic Controller.g. Any other deemed necessary by the Chairman of the Committee.

7 SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION1.4 Control of Display AreaThe Display Area shall be directly under the control of the Air Show Director for theperiod which the airspace is reserved for the aerial display. The Air Show Director is not thelocal Air Traffic Control Authority, and shall take over responsibility for the Display Area notlater than fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled time of commencement of the dynamicaerial activities. Control of the Display Area shall be handed over to the local AirTraffic Control authorities immediately after the last aircraft on demonstration or display haslanded and cleared the active runway.1.5 Responsibility and AuthorityThe Air Show Director shall be sole authority for all aerial activities within the displayarea and the static aircraft exhibit area from the time he assumes control to the time herelinquishes control over these areas. During this period, he shall be responsible foractivities pertaining to the movement of aircraft within these areas and exercisereasonable diligence to ensure the safety of all aircraft authorized to use the DisplayArea. He may delegate such authority to the Air Display Coordinator and exercise controlthrough any suitably qualified member of the Committee or local Air Traffic control authority.In addition, the Air Show Director shall ensure that:-a. A Mass Brief to be conducted for all Air Display participants on 22 March 2013 at1400 hours (0600UTC)b. Aircrew briefing are scheduled and carried out each day for the dynamic displayactivities. Such briefings shall include, but are limited to matters pertaining tosafety and administration.c. All performing aircrew adhere to the Authorized Minimum Altitude and theirapproval Display Profiles.d. Adequate ground support facilities and services are provided for all aircraft ondynamic display.e. Adequate emergency rescue procedures and equipment are available.f. Adequate communication facilities and back-up systems are available andfunctioning efficiently.

SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION8The Air Show Director reserves the right to execute the responsibilities as stated below:-a. Waive any part of these rules and procedures so long as operational safety is notjeopardized.b. Refuse or cancel any presentation, display or demonstration, or part thereof, if inhis opinion the conduct of such maneuvers are likely to compromise the safety ofspectators and other aircraft.c. Issues warnings to pilots and/or direct pilots to land or divert to another airfield.In the absence of the Air Show Director, the Air Display Coordinator shall assume theappointment and act in his capacity.1.6 Show SiteInformation on arrival and departure procedures, air traffic control procedures, holdingareas and instrument procedures are shown in Appendix 3 and Appendix 5. Notification ofany changes or modification will be made known to the relevant parties concerned at thedaily flight operations briefing or any other means that the Committee may decide upon.1.7 Arrival Reporting Procedures and FormalitiesPilots of individual aircraft and formation leaders who are involved in the static and/ordynamic events of the Exhibition or part thereof shall report to the Air Show Director at theAerospace Display Centre upon arrival as follows:-a. Register their arrivals and make arrangements for ramp support service.b. Confirm arrangement for accommodation, transportation and the issue of exhibitorbadges for them and their crew.c. Submit their outgoing flight schedule.

9SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATIONd. Providing the following:-i. The aircraft crew/passenger manifests and call signs.ii.iii.iv.Description of their proposed display profile for approval by the Committee.Photocopy of their insurance cover for “Third Party” liability.Signed waiver (Appendix ‘1’) absolving the Committee and Organiser of anyresponsibility or liability for any accidents while the aircraft is under the control ofthe pilot and a declaration agreeing to abide by rules and regulations unless waivedin writing by the Organiser.e. Arrange their preferred flight days and times.f. Receive a briefing on the latest airfield information and amendments to proceduresand arrangements where applicable.1.8 Post-Show Departure Procedures and FacilitiesAll aircraft commanders of aircraft departing from Langkawi for other destinations shall reportto the Air Show Director and provide with copy of the aircraft’s departure crew/passengermanifest, a copy of his flight plan and confirmation of having done Customs and Immigrationclearances (where applicable).1.9 Insurance – Third Party LiabilityAll aircraft participating in Static Aircraft Display, Flying Display/Demonstration, and/orPresentation Flights shall carry insurance against third party liability for the amount as statedin the ‘LIMA ’13 Exhibitor Manual’. Proof of such coverage shall be presented to the Air ShowDirector upon reporting on arrival.

SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION101.10 FacilitiesThe following facilities are available in addition to those provided to Exhibitors:-a. Rest facilities for aircrew and maintenance crew.b. Flight planning and meteorological services.c. Refueling for those with prior arrangements.d. Technical services from FAA/CAA/DCA licensed maintenance engineers.1.11 Mandatory BriefingAll demonstration and display crew, are required to attend the daily briefing conductedby the Air Show Director, at the Aerospace Display Centre Air Operation Centre (PilotBriefing Room) daily at a specified time and all other briefings deemed necessary when called,attendance is compulsory for all the display pilots.1.12 Flight ScheduleThe order of flight and time for display and demonstration flights shall be made by the AirShow Director to the daily mandatory briefing.1.13 Aircraft SecurityThe Organiser shall take all measures to ensure the security of the aircraft while parkedin the static display area. The Organiser and Committee shall not be responsible for anydamages to any aircraft, where such damage is caused by the invited guest into securitycordon area.1.14 Aircraft ParkingAll aircraft shall be parked in the position planned and approved by the Committee. Choicefor space shall be on ‘first come, first serve’ basis unless prior arrangement have been madewith the Organiser.

11SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION1.15 Special EquipmentExhibitors are to ensure that the aircraft intended for display MUST bring along its owntowing arm/bar and any other special-to-type equipment required for its operations at thestatic area.

SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS122.1 AirworthinessAll aircraft shall be operated in accordance with airworthiness requirements of itscountry of registration and if required, provide proof of a valid and current Certificate ofAirworthiness. In the case of military aircraft, such aircraft shall be operated in accordance withairworthiness conditions stipulated by the Government concerned.2.2 Pre-Flight RequirementsAll aircraft, unless authorized by the Organiser, shall be towed to the startup area at least 30minutes before the scheduled take-off time.2.3 Display ProfileEach display or demonstration pilot must submit a detailed profile of his own intendedprimary display and a secondary ‘minimal meteorological condition’ display demonstration.This must be submitted to the Air Show Director prior to the rehearsal flight for the Air ShowDirector’s preview and approval. A display profile approved for one pilot shall not be used byanother pilot regardless of the circumstances.Display profile shall not include any maneuvers prohibited by the aircraft’s Certificate ofAirworthiness or the Manufacturer’s Flight Manual. Aircraft operated or owned byGovernment shall adhere to all maneuver limitations established by their respectiveauthorities. The approved display profiles are not to be amended without the formal writtenapproval of the Air Show Director.Aircraft classified as ‘experimental’ or ‘production prototypes’ are allowed to be displayedor demonstrated provided a Flight Manual containing details which includes a list ofapproved and prohibited maneuvers and limitations is forwarded to the Air Show Director forconsideration at least 24 hours before the Air Show Director’s preview flight. The pilot shallforward his display or demonstration profile together with the Flight Manual.

13SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /SECTION 1 – GENERAL AIRCRAFT INFORMATIONOPERATIONS2.4 Slot TimesSlot times are computed from take-off to touchdown. Flights shall be carried out within theallocated slot time. The Air Show Director reserves the right to order the pilot to cancel theremaining part of the display or demonstration and land immediately.2.5 Formation, Sport and Show Flying DisplaysAircraft on sport and show flying displays may, with the prior approval from the Air ShowDirector perform maneuvers below 250 feet AGL, provide such maneuver are executed inthe direction of the show line or within confines of the Low Maneuver Zone.2.6 RehearsalsAircraft intending to carry out aerial display or demonstration flight during the show arerequired to perform a minimum of one practice flight for the Air Show Director’s preview andapproval in accordance with the flight profile approved by the Committee. The rehearsalarrangement can be made through the Committee. Aircraft which failed to fly during thispreview shall not be allowed to perform during the actual LIMA ‘13 Aerial Display.2.7 Radio ProceduresAll aircraft shall call for start-up and taxi clearance on the Surface Movement Control (SMC)frequency and from then on as directed by Air Traffic Control. Airborne display aircraft shallmaintain a listening watch on the designated display frequency at all time and inform AirTraffic Control upon completion of display or demonstrations.

SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS142.8 Controlling AuthoritiesFREQUENCYAREA OF RESPONSIBILITYLangkawi Ground 121.8Mhz Surface Movement Control and aircraftparkingLIMA Ground 131.85Mhz Ground Handling Agent for LIMA ‘13Display Control 281.1Mhz Aerial Display (A/F Closure)Langkawi TowerApproachButterworth Approach118.5Mhz281.1Mhz119.4Mhz257.8Mhz125.8Mhz253.9MhzGL – 2,500 ft (Langkawi CTR)2,500 – 10,000 ftAbove 10,000 ft (Butterworth CTR)Lumpur Control 132.8Mhz AirwaysEmergencyATIS121.5Mhz243.0Mhz128.2Mhz2.9 Minimum Weather ConditionsThe minimum weather condition for all displays and demonstration for the purpose of thisshow are stated below. These minima’s may be waived at the discretion of the Air ShowDirector.For Fixed Wing Aircraft:Horizontal Visibility - 9.3 kilometers / 5NMVertical Visibility - 1000 metersSeparation from Cloud - 1000 metersMaximum Cloud Cover - 3/8 Octas (SCT)

15SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /SECTION 1 – GENERAL AIRCRAFT INFORMATIONOPERATIONSFor Rotary Wing Aircraft:9 kilometers clear all round visibility and in visual contact with ground.2.10 Holding/Training Areas (Refer to Appendix 4)• Dynamic Display Area – 10NM radius from the centre of runway from ground levelto 10,000 feet.• Light Aircraft helicopter Training Area ‘CHARLIE’ – 10 to 20 NM ARC betweenradials 240 and 280 from VPL VOR. 1,500 ft to 10,000 ft.• Jet (fighter) Demonstration Training Area ‘ALPHA’ – 20 to 40 NM ARC betweenradials 240 and 280 from VPL VOR. 11,000 ft to FL 250.• Fixed Wing Transportation (Piston/Turboprop/Jet) Demonstration Training Area‘BRAVO’ – 15 to 40 NM ARC between radials of 080 to 120 from VPL VOR. 5,000ft to FL 250.• Pre-determined Ejection – West of airfield over the sea.• Fuel and Stores Jettison Area – 10 NM on 270 radial from VPL.• Holding Area for Arrival and Rejoining – West Hold, East Hold, REBAXand TANOB hold as published in the AIP Supplement Malaysia.

SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS162.11 Airspace Closure TimesThe dynamic display area shall be closed to any unauthorized traffic between the time listedbelow to facilitate training and actual display.DATE TIME (UTC) TIME (H) PURPOSE23 - 25 March 13 0030 – 0100 0830H – 0900H Rehearsal0430 – 0600 1230H – 1400H26 March 13 0030 – 0110 0850H – 0910H Opening Ceremony(Tuesday)Air Display0430 – 0600 1230H – 1400H Air Display27 March 13 0430 – 0600 1230H – 1400H Air Display(Wednesday)28 March 13 0430 – 0600 1230H – 1400H Air Display(Thursday)29 March 13 0200 – 0330 1000H – 1130H Air Display(Friday) 0630 – 0800 1430H – 1600H Air Display30 March 13 0200 – 0330 1000H – 1130H Air Display(Saturday) 0630 – 0800 1430H – 1600H Air Display2.12 Arrival ProceduresTo facilitate efficient and safe arrivals into Langkawi from 15 March 2013, all aircraft areadvised to submit flight plan as per standard arrival procedures found in the AeronauticalInformation Publication (AIP) Malaysia. Butterworth radar assistance is available.

17SECTION 2 – FLIGHT OPERATIONS /SECTION 1 – GENERAL AIRCRAFT INFORMATIONOPERATIONS2.13 DiversionsThe following airfields are available for diversion within Malaysian airspace. Information onthese airfields is available at the Aerospace Display Centre.a. Alor Star - 737 AC type and below.b. Penang - All Aircraft.c.Butterworth- Military Aircraft only.Available to civil aircraft only if both Penang and Alor Star areclosed or unsuitable for aircraft type or nature of emergency.SECTION 3 – SAFETY3.1 Approved Minimum AltitudeThe approved minimum altitude for all maneuvers is 250 feet above ground level on QNH.Unless waived in writing by the Air Show Director, any aircraft descending or operatingbelow this altitude except for the purpose of taking-off landing shall be penalized. Repeatedoffences may result in the suspension of the pilot and the aircraft from participating in furtherdisplay/demonstration.3.2 Technical Limitation of PerformancesDisplays/demonstrations are to be performed strictly within the technical limitations of theaircraft. Under no circumstance are pilots to attempt to demonstrate personal skills byexecuting maneuvers outside the technical limitations of the aircraft.3.3 Approval for ManeuversOnly maneuvers approved by the Air Show Director shall be authorized. Once a displayprofile has been approved, the profile shall not be modified without the consent of the AirShow Director.

SECTION 3 – SAFETY183.4 Aircraft EmergenciesAll emergencies are to be addressed and handled in accordance with the pilot checklist andother such documents relevant to the particular aircraft type, complying with current localprocedures stated in the AIP.3.5 Passengers and Additional Crew MembersThe crew of aircraft on display/demonstration flights shall comprise qualified pilot and anyother crew essential and relevant for the safe operation of the aircraft. The crew member(s)shall be registered with the Air Show Director.3.6 Aircraft EndurancePilots shall ensure that sufficient fuel is available to enable them to conduct the show anddiversion.3.7 Design LimitsNo aircraft shall be operated or maneuvered in a manner, which is outside the scope of theaircraft’s design limits.3.8 Formation DisplaysFormation take-off and landing are permitted at the discretion of the formation leader andwith the approval of the Air Show Director. Formation leaders are responsible for all pre-flightformation briefings.3.9 Prohibited ManeuversSupersonic Flights are prohibited within the display area.Descending manoeuvre within a 60 Degree inverted cone of the vertical plane directly overcentre off, and overhead the showground and spectator enclosure are prohibited.

19SECTION 1 – GENERAL SECTION INFORMATION3 – SAFETYAll maneuvers in the direction of the showground and spectator enclosure shall beconducted in a level or ascending altitude NOT BELOW 250 feet AGL along the horizontalplane. Aircraft performing such maneuvers shall be in level or ascending altitude beforecrossing the Foul Line and over the showground and spectator enclosure NOT BELOW thestated height.3.10 Medical CheckAll demonstration and display crew will be required to attend a compulsory medicalexamination daily in the morning of the intended display. Any display or demonstration crewwho absents himself from the medical examination shall not be allowed to participate in theaerial display for the day.3.11 Ground Handling MovementNo aircraft will be started in the area designated as the static aircraft parking area. Uponarrival, all aircraft will be marshalled and shut-down at the designated area before beingtowed into the static parking area. Helicopter with skids and with no wheel attachment mayhover to the designated parking slots provided prior arrangements have been made and withthe approval of the Air Show Director.CAUTIONPLEASE PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE HIGH GROUNDAROUND THE AIRFIELD WHEN DESIGNING DISPLAYPROFILES AND EXECUTING MANEUVERS

SECTION 4APPENDIX 1 - Aerial Display Disclaimer20(To be completed by pilots and each crew members participating in aerial displays anddemonstrations)In consideration of the Show Organiser and Aerospace Management Committee of theLANGKAWI INTERNATIONAL MARITIME AND AEROSPACEEXHIBITION 2013 (LIMA ’13) permitting me to perform display, demonstration orpresentation flight for and on behalf of the registered owner of the aircraft or his agent.I HEREBY AGREE to abide by the rules and decisions established by the Committeeand absolve their servants of any responsibilities or liabilities for any loss, damage or injuryto myself or the Company I represent in the event that such loss, damage or injury is causedby the flying machine for which I am responsible for, and in command of.I FURTHER AGREE to indemnify the show Organiser, the Committee, the Governmentof Malaysia and its servants against any claims, demands and/or actions of every nature andkind whatsoever which I, my heir, executors, administrators or assigns may or can at anytimehereafter have against the Show Organisers, the Committee, the Government of Malaysiaand its servants as a result of loss, damage or injury sustained while performing display anddemonstrations.---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------Signature of Pilot/Crew MemberSignature of WitnessDate this day, the ______________ day of _______________, 2013.Pilot/Crew Member Authorization:Name :Company Name :ID/Passport No:Nationality :

21SECTION 4APPENDIX SECTION 2 - Display 1 –/ GENERAL Demonstraion INFORMATIONAuthorization(This form is to be completed by each sponsor/owner of the aircraft to be display/demonstrated and signed by the owner or an authorized executive of the company)Aircraft Make:Model Type:Registered Owner’s Name:Address of Registered Owner:Registration Makings:Pilot Name:Crew Member 1:Crew Member 2:Crew Member 3:I, THE UNDERSIGNED, HEREBY AGREE AND AUTHORIZED the abovementioned aircraft to be displayed/demonstrated by the above mentioned crew and hold theShow Organisers, the Committee, the Government of Malaysia and its servants, blamelessfor the safety of the aircraft and crew while the aircraft is being displayed or demonstratedby the above mentioned crew.---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------Signature of Pilot/Crew MemberSignature of WitnessDate this day, the ______________ day of _______________, 2013.Pilot/Crew Member Authorization:Name :Company Name :ID/Passport No:Nationality :Submission of Air Display Profile: YES / NO

EESECTION 4APPENDIX 3a - Langkawi Airfield Layout22


SECTION 4APPENDIX 4 - Flight Demonstration & Holding Area24

SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATION25 SECTION 4APPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down

26 SECTION 4APPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down

27SECTION 4SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATIONAPPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down

SECTION 4APPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down28

29SECTION 4SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATIONAPPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down

SECTION 4APPENDIX 5 - Composites Standard Arrival, Departure & Let Down30

31 SECTION 1 – GENERAL INFORMATIONPilot Flight LogMONTH DATE AIRCRAFT FLIGHT TIMES REMARKSTYPE DUTY TOTAL CAPTAIN& MAKEVerified by------------------------------------------Aerial Display Show Director

Pilot Flight Log32MONTH DATE AIRCRAFT FLIGHT TIMES REMARKSTYPE DUTY TOTAL CAPTAIN& MAKEVerified by------------------------------------------Aerial Display Show Director






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