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Trends Forecasts -

leArNiNGcurVeSMoMs aNd social Mediaon-the-Go momstoday’s moms, particularly millennials, love their mobile devices. from the grocery store to specialtyretailers, moms are using their phones to compare prices, use coupons and make purchasing decisions.• 90% of moms admit to texting for approval of a product before purchasing• 2/3 of moms use their mobile phone to shop, most often for shopping tripsthat include electronics, restaurants, groceries, clothes and entertainment• Moms shop online to compare, with a retail purchase in the endpodcasts—traditional media, unique platformpodcasters total about 43,000, a relatively small number presenting an opportunity to reach moms in a less-crowded space.• Podcasts put you in new unlikely places with new partners• 23% of podcast listeners earn over $75,000 a year• Podcast consumers are heavily involved with social networking• Top topic for mom podcasts: Kids and Family• More than 6 million American adults have listened to podcasts*• About 93% of Moms spend between 1 to 5 hours listening to podcastsApps are King Queenfrom social media apps to games for the children, moms love their apps.• The average mom has 31 apps but only uses six• An average of 65% of all apps on a mom’s wireless device were requested by family members• The top three downloaded app categories on a Mom’s phone are social networks, games and weatherSources: pew research, bSm mediamaria t. bailey, ceo of bSm media, is the foremost authority on marketing to moms with a series of articles and books, includingthe newest book, “power moms: the New rules for engaging mom influencers who Drive brand choice,” “the ultimate mombook” (hci, 2009), “mom 3.0: marketing with moms by leveraging New media and technology,” “marketing to moms: Gettingyour Share of the trillion Dollar market” and “trillion Dollar moms: marketing to a New Generation of mothers.” maria is host ofmom talk radio, the #1-downloaded parenting podcast, and co-host of Good Day with Doug Stephan, the #7 morning drive timeradio show. A busy mother of four children, maria is co-founder of, and and hasbeen featured in u.S. News and world report, wall Street Journal and on cNN, lifetime tV and various local affiliates.8 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

t rendsA Palette ofMany MoodspANtoNe ® fAShioN color report fAll 2013this season, designers express themany moods of fall with skillfullyarranged collections that will enhanceand enliven customers’ outlooks as thecolder months set in. Similarly, colorscome together to create moods thatrange from sophisticated and structuredto lively and vivid, encapsulating ourinherent need for wardrobe variety to reflectemotions that run from thoughtfullyintrospective to irrepressibly elated.“Just as the leaves change in autumn,the consumer will enjoy the abilityto change their ‘look’ and try a newapproach to their wardrobe for briskdays ahead,” said leatrice eiseman,executive director of the pantone colorinstitute®. “the fall 2013 palette allowsfor that versatility and experimentation.”with the changing season, thegreens from spring evolve and develop.multifaceted emerald continues tosparkle and fascinate, bringing luxuryand elegance to the palette, whileyellow-toned linden Green brings alightness and brightness to the deepershades of fall. try pairing both withmykonos blue, a bold, meditative blue,for a classic and relaxed fall look.exotic Acai adds mystery and richnessto the palette, and can be incorporatedwith the other colors to create a numberof powerful fall combinations. pair theelegant shade of purple with emeraldfor a regal disposition, or spirited Sambared for an expressive and dramatic look.Koi, a decorative orange with dazzlingand shimmering qualities, is a statementcolor that serves as a pick-me-up foryour wardrobe.Vivacious, an unruly and wildlydeep fuchsia, adds an ebullient sensualityto the palette. pair Vivacious withanchoring Deep lichen Green, a naturallylush shade of green, for a dynamicjuxtaposition that captures both endsof the seasonal spectrum. rounding outthis season’s cornerstone colors, turbulence,a dark mercurial gray, and carafe,a rich, glamorous brown, provide moreinteresting and sophisticated alternativesto the black basics usually worn incolder months. both staple neutrals pairgracefully with more expressive colorswithin the palette, such as Samba, Koiand Vivacious.for more than 20 years, pantone,the global authority on color, has surveyedthe designers of New york fashionweek and beyond to bring you theseason’s most important color trends.this report previews the most prominenthues for fall 2013. 360“ colors come together tocreate moods that range fromsophisticated and structuredto lively and vivid...”continued on page 1210 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 11

t rendsDesigner Color ForecastKellY Wearstlerprominent colorsA brilliant Aqua Green, a Spirited bright limeGreen, cool maroon and light purple, pops ofcorals and Dark rich purple.signature colorcopper, a cool metallic appropriate for autumn.i layered hints of copper into a handful of theembellished pieces; i also included a foil twillgroup and showcased it in the hardware.bibhu MohaPatraprominent colorsDeep midnight blues andcool Graphites with highlightsof Goldsignature colorAubergine as it’s the perfectday to night color.tracY reeseprominent colorsScarlet, cerise, teal, Aborigine,tan and lychee — all with black.signature colorblack. black is back!eMilY sauNderprominent colorsemerald-in-the-woods, baked copper, brownbread, warm Gold and eggplant with splashesof Soot and warm cream.signature coloremerald Green — the richness of the color isbound to make anyone wearing it feel luxurious— it’s a “look at me” color without beingtoo brash.toMMY hilFiGerprominent colorsreds and blues in shades of cabernet andNavy blazer are grounded by a palette of earthtonedneutrals including bistre, toasted coconutand carafe.signature colorJewel tone reds, Green and Deep blue inshades of port royale to pine Grove and Deepwell to Navy blazer.Nicole Millerprominent colorsteal, hunter Green, indigo,Veuve cliquot (yellow), plumand of course lots of black.signature colorhunter Green is the mostimportant color — it’sunderstated and looksso fresh this season.rachel roYprominent colorsfiery and Deep port reds, as well as chambord and Nobleblue; marsh and hunter Greens, a fiery ochre yellow andGlowing Amber; a dramatic jeweled malachite Green is thenew winter-bright statement; pearl and winter whites andViolet are essential accents.signature colorfiery red is the rich foundation color on which other jeweltones are layered, such as malachite Green, Deep Amber andhunter Greens. Juxtaposing those dark colors with pearl, winterwhite or Violet as accents gives it a modern feel.NaNette lePoreprominent colorsmidnight Violet wovenwith warm strands of copperpairs well with coolSteel blue. Strong ViridianGreen swirls with olive and copperyundertones in an oil slick print.signature colormidnight Violet is autumn’s deep andluxurious new neutral; it pairs wellwith all of the colors in my collection.12 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

What’s black and whiteand useful all over?The Ultimate Travel Nursing Pillow(which incidentally comes in many otheruseful and beautiful colors, too!)• Diaper changing pad• Wipes pull right through the pad• Storage compartment for diapers• Pockets for mom’s things• Conveniently disguised as a handbag• Comes with a matching nursing coverContact your Sales Consultant or Customer Service at 831-250-0182 to place your

t rendsmomentary glimpses into the ethereal past…Flashback. coral and mauve tones of nostalgia andreminiscence prompt sentimental remembrancesof times gone by. teal shades of retrospection addmovement and fluidity to feminine contours.structure tweed is great for warm yet dressy outerwear.fancy slub knits mixed with silk crepe create theperfect blend of dressy yet casual comfort. funkyretro prints are a throwback to vivid connections andimpressionable recollections.Color&LifestyleForecast by fran Sudeunspoken subtleties brought to fruition…in Fine Print.brick red and deep maroon shades of sophisticated suggestionand deep perception intensify geometric shapes.pale yellow tones combine with antique white hues toevoke a sense of effortless artistry and undefined allure.from the red carpet to the royalpalace, celebrities alike seem to bewith “baby on board.” these fashionistasare setting the trends this season andare creating huge buzz in the maternityworld of fashion. celebs like JessicaSimspon and reese witherspoon arepros at rocking the baby bump and withnewbies like Kim K. and the Duchessentering the market, it’s never beenhipper to be pregnant! we are excitedto see where these trendsetters takematernity fashion, but we are sure that itwill be colorful and chic.with an extensive background in retail, Design, merchandising, andmanufacturing, fran Sude is an international authority on color and trendforecasting. She is the creative force behind Design options, inc., the onlycolor and lifestyle forecasting company in los Angeles.coNNect With Mewe would be happy to set up an office appointment for you to review our products or help youwith your color needs and brown-orange elements accentuate elusive stylelines on graphic chiffon prints. inconspicuous yet boldand daring combinations of rich leather and luxe silkvelvet make great accents. A classic houndstooth printpairs nicely with solid knits.continued on page 1816 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 17

t rendscontinued from page 17here are some of our bestselling Kidz palettes for Fall 2013:Kidz colors for fall 2013 are more sophisticated than ever! they continue to take cues from the contemporary adultmarkets and demand attention! Self-expression and an earlier sense of identity have kids gravitating towards fashionand what kid doesn’t love surrounding themselves with their favorite color?All secrets kept with absolute certainty…Girls’ club.mauve and subtle fuchsia tones of charade and perplexitygive density to delicate essences. rich bordeauxmingles delicately with rose accents to create impeccableunison. playtime is now chic time with an addedtouch of dainty refinement.Fancy rosettes are a charming way to add a dash of sassto plain party dresses. embroideries are freshened up ona backdrop of tulle. Soft purple tints emphasize hiddentouches of chenille velvet.resplendently dainty with adorable charm…let therebe bright! pale yellow flecks of twinkling bambino blendwith rosy shades on a canvas of soft and supple yarns.light orange hues of precocious cherub give a luminescentair to matte finishes.colored denim pops in a sea of blue jeans in the classroom.Playful stripes add clever style lines and draw attentionto curious shapes. ribbed knits are cozy and comfortablefor those chilly days outside at recess time.18 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

i nspirationSono Vasoluxurious classicsthe name “Sono Vaso” is italian for i ama vessel—a tribute to the fact that everypregnant woman is indeed a vesselbearing new life, in body and in spirit.our design philosophy is “think fashionand translate the trend into maternity.”we dress the beautiful woman with thebeautiful bump!Sono Vaso’s fw’13 collection forthe modern, sophisticated pregnantwoman incorporates global trends witha hint of modern luxury. the palette iswarm with muted brights anchored withtrusted neutrals: Grape, cerise, crimson,brick, mustard, french blue, Navy, Goldcamel, Silver Grey and black. boldcolor combinations in cerise/crimsonand french blue/black make strongstatements in wide stripes.fabrics include our signature ultracomfortablemodal/spandex jersey,matte cotton jerseys, stretch doubleknits, power Denim (mechanical stretch)and cotton stretch twill.Sweater knit yarns include finegauge cotton, lurex/cotton blend, wool/alpaca blend and cotton/wool classics are re-inventedin our body-con sweater tunics anddresses in fine 12 gauge yarns, creatingmodern sheath-like shapes, in midi andmini lengths.Sweater knit drape cardis are flowingin solids and stripes for mediumweight outerwear. twin sets are in engineeredfully fashioned ribs that contourto the body and give super elasticityaround your bump.Jersey knits play on stripes in asymmetricpatterns in bold blocking.continued from page 20And designed for comfort, ouressenziale collection of modal/spandex jersey features our ever-lovedkey basic tanks, skirts and leggings forlightweight layering.Melanie Mcinallyco-founder and creative directorwww.sonovaso.comaffordable green baby layettesJasmin Aromatique Organicsmaximum healthy benefitsfall/winter 2013 is all about the shiftin consumer’s desires towards genuinecertified organic choices withinthe beauty and skincare marketplace.Amidst an industry which has simplynot been held to high regulation standards,Jasmin uSA heralds a wave ofaccredited purity and integrity throughan award-winning premium line ofAustralian products.certified organic to the higheststandards—from its biodynamicand sustainable farm beginnings rightthrough the entire organic manufacturingprocess—the result is a completerange of face, body, and bath productsin which every product is branded withthe prestigious organic food chain(ofc) and/or uSDA international certificationsas industry-recognized validationof their purity.“Jasmin Aromatique arose from myvision to create the world’s best andhealthiest skincare brand. i wanted tochange the way consumers choose skincare,making health and safety their firstconsideration. i really believed that itwas time for change, and that someonehad to take the lead in challenging thenorms that said it was “safe” to put syntheticchemicals known to be dangerousinto skincare and bath products. i witnessedthese ill effects myself when myown daughter’s eczema was aggravatedby famous brand commercial personalcare products,so i was eager toextend that visionto others. JasminAromatiqueand Koala babyorganics are theresults of that quest to provide genuinelynatural alternatives, and i believe wehave achieved the highest benchmarkof any skincare company. i also believewe have created the number one choicefor those who want not only the mostluxurious and best performing beauty& skincare products, but who also wantthe safest and most truly natural.”lihua songFounderwww.Jasminusa.comcontinued on page 2422 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER

i nspirationcontinued from page 22Jaxxwearsilky soft, superior finishJaxxwear is designed for today’s parentswho demand quality and fresh style.the playwear collection for newbornto 12 months is made of Jaxxwear’swashed 100% Peruvian pima cotton,which has a silky finish unlike any otherfabrication typically used in layette.pima cotton is naturally lustrous anddurable, resulting in a smooth, supersoftfabric that resists pilling. what’s more,pima cotton maintains it superior finishthrough multiple washes and gets softerwith wear.the fall 2013 collection featuresunique prints including space shuttles,motocross bikes, mallard ducks, modflowers and baby birds, as well aswide stripes in sophisticated fashioncolors. each exclusive Jaxxwear print isdesigned by artists in Nyc and the uKand is hand-printed with eco-friendlywater-based inks to eliminate ink floaton the surface for a smooth finish andbetter color penetration. favorite bodystyles for fall 2013 include Jaxxwear’sfooted playsuits and hoodie rompers,as well as the introduction of a year-round romper with a kangaroo pocketfor both boys and girls. inspired byeuropean style, each Jaxxwear garmentfeatures modern details, such astopstitching at the seams, painted logosnaps and ruffle butts.All Jaxxwear garments are made inSocially responsible factories and arepre-washed and pre-shrunk.heather Jaffewww.jaxxwear.comCMYCMBaby Spaborn to nurture inspired by natureMYCYCMYKAt babySpa®, we are pure and wholesomein our approach. inspired bytherapeutic spa cultures, ancient healingtraditions, and luxurious body care rituals,our unique blends merge old worldtraditions with the latest advancementsin baby skin care research to providenaturally balanced products that arenourishing, safe and innovative. baby-Spa recognizes the clear distinction betweenthe skin care needs of a newborn,and a toddler; we believe that naturalskin protection and nourishment is especiallyimportant as children grow and areexposed to different surroundings.babySpa’s natural bath and bodycare collection is the only one of itskind with an easy-to-follow “Stages”approach that targets the changingskincare needs from infancy throughtoddlerhood. our unique blends areespecially formulated with ecocertcertified therapeutic ethnobotanicals,traditionally used by ancient NativeAmericans, vitamin-rich oils from indonesiaand the pacific islands, patentedSwiss moisturizers, and over 30 botanicalextracts. we carefully choose eachingredient to not only effectively addressa child’s changing skin care needs, butalso to sooth, heal, hydrate and protectdelicate baby skin.At babySpa, we strive to developskincare essentials under the highest ofstandards. we do not use harsh chemicalsand are free of parabens, Sulfates( SlS/SleS), peG, mineral oils, phthalates,and bisphenol A (bpA) and wenever test on animals.StAGe oNeNewborn through crawlersStAGe twowalkers through 4+www.babyspausa.comcontinued on page 2624 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

i nspirationTomat Kidsmodern and eco-friendlyi’m efi latief, a graphic designer momwho strives to feed the need of parentsand children who are hungry forsomething different. i was born in exoticindonesia where color, art and designare a mainstay of the cultural family and i try to live a simplified,healthy lifestyle and offer a betterchoice for environmentally consciousand “green” parents who value theirchild’s health and care about good design.i love graphics as much as sustainability,and with tomat i combined thetwo. by using certified organic material,individually silk-screened by hand usingwater-based ink and sweatshop-free, ibelieve i offer better quality productsthat are good for everyone and our support our local economy,everything is made here in california.i get my inspiration from thingsaround me: nature, arts, architecture,music, vintage, and being aroundkids. i can’t deny that i got inspirationfrom what they say! i love using boldcolors, fun graphics and i believe thateco-friendly clothing doesn’t need tobe bland and boring. my philosophyis creating a baby/kids products thatgrown-ups want to wear them too.tomat is good for the earth and hipfor your little one!efi latiefdesignerwww.tomatkids.comcontinued from page 24Britaxmoving beyond neutralsthis year’s hottest shades—bright copper,mossy green and slate gray—willbe the featured fashions on britAX’sline of b-reADy strollers. the companyblended fashion forecasting with customerresearch to identify and showcasethese three new colors in 2013 on itspopular b-reADy stroller.According to michelle Davis,director of fashion design at britAX,the b-reADy’s new slate (gray) colorfrequently appears in home interiors,as families move beyond basic neutralsin search of a stately shade to complementa range of colors. britAX selectedmoss because the green hue is trendingupward in apparel and accessories.copper is increasingly popular as a chicaccent in jewelry and decorative metals.“our fashion selection strategyinvolves more than just changing ormixing primary colors,” said Davis.“At britAX, we draw inspiration fromfashion research, listen carefully to ourcustomers, and then bring colors thatappeal to a parent’s sense of style. together,these three new colors complementour evolving, fashion-forwardstroller line.”besides being chic, the b-reADystroller features foam-filled rubber tiresand four-point suspension to provide asmooth ride. baby can comfortably andsafely ride from age 6 months (or frombirth, when used with an infant car seat)up to 55 pounds.the top-selling single modularstroller supports growing families with itsintegrated clicK & Go system. it easilyconverts into 14 configurations that cancarry one or two children using anycombination of the top seat, second seat,bassinet and infant car seats (sold separately).Additionally, its reversible top seataccommodates four recline positions.the britAX b-reADy’s (mSrp:$499.99) sleek new fashions will beavailable online and in independent andmajor retailers this february.www.britaxusa.comKate Quinnamerica the beautifulour fall 2013 collection is inspired byAmericana and the landscapes of thisbeautiful country and anchored by ouressentials collection.our first release is calledmeadow and draws inspiration frommeadow grasses, wild flowers and latesummer hues. the second release iscalled forest and features rich tones,ferns and woodsy prints. the thirdrelease is big Sky inspired, clear colorsof snow and sky, plaids and stripes,perfect for the holidays.All shipments feature animalsnative to our land and can be foundroaming on the front of our bodysuitsand tees. each of these seasonal piecesmerchandise back to our essentials collection,which is a compilation of ourbest-selling prints and styles and thefoundation of our brand.we are so excited to introduce thisfun new way for our friends and clientsto merchandise and tell their ownstories every season.Kate Quinncreative directorwww.katequinnorganics.comNatural andOrganic SkincareMade by a Mom andher chemist Dad.“Join our Good Effort to make the World a Happier Place.” – Melanie Mayronmayronsgoods.com26 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014MG_MatNewb_halfpg3mx.indd 12/8/13 10:58 AM

MaternityRedefi nedwww.maternityfortwo.comsales@maternityfortwo.comt. 866.586.3270Fall | Winter 2013 Collection

usiness mattersBrick & MortarsBonding by Jill cartwrightit seems as though we’re more connectedthan ever. thanks to facebook,i know when half of my friends aregrocery shopping or the exact momentat which their child was potty trained.rSS feeds fill my inbox every day withblogs promising to have the top 10answers to almost anything i need fromnew business strategies to tips for ahealthier lifestyle. Despite my attemptsto disable text notifications, i receiveupdates each time a storm passesthrough Kentucky or my second cousinplays words with friends.but as a business owner, i’ve feltmore and more isolated over the pastfive years. working in my business ratherthan on my business, i was so boggeddown in the day-to-day operations ofmy diaper bag company, Go GaGa, thati found it difficult to connect with othersmall business owners and even tougherto learn what was working for them andwhat wasn’ of the main reasons i joinedbrixy was to have the opportunity tohelp foster the community that i wascraving as a small business owner. brixyis a new trade association in the children’sindustry that is working to uniteindependently owned brick and mortarstores into a single organization. bycoming together, we can generate thescale needed to negotiate with manufacturersand market this network ofstores to consumers. best of all, we canhelp our retail members to connect withstores from across the country to shareideas, ask questions and find support (oreven a bed rail or car seat they desperatelyneed for an order).As i talk with store owners acrossthe country, i’m always eager to hearwhat’s working for them, what’s notworking, what they’d like to learn aboutand how brixy can help to get thatinformation flowing. without fail, everystore owner says that they’d like to hearwhat’s helping other retailers to grow.So, i compiled a list of the trends i’veheard in my conversations with retailerswho are thriving:they’re very clear on who they are andwho they aren’t (and they don’t apologizefor it). in talking with a store ownerin the Northwest, he said, “it’s just asimportant to know what customersyou don’t want as it is to know whichones you do want.” he has built hisbusiness catering to busy parents witha high disposable income who want awell-curated assortment, an easy buyingexperience and the confidence that theymade the right decision. “to appeal tothis type of customer, i don’t have tocarry a huge assortment of products inevery category—i carry a select numberof products that i believe will meettheir needs.” but, in order to make thatmodel work, he has to be confident inhis choices and not willing to apologizefor what he doesn’t have or the customershe can’t serve. “Sometimes the bestthing you can do for your store andyour customer is to tell them that youdon’t have what they’re looking for.” itdoesn’t have to be confrontational—infact, if presented in the right way, it canreinforce your expertise. you can say,“you’re more than welcome to go onlineor to [a mass merchant] and look at awider variety of options, but these arethe strollers that have worked best forour customers.”they meet their customers where theyare. “being clear on who your customersare doesn’t mean that you can sitin the store and expect them to cometo you,” says one retailer in a growingmarket in the Northeast. in fact, manycontinued on page 3230 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

usiness mattersBusiness OwnersCannot Affordto Make ThisCommon Mistake byKerry banzSo many times an owner complains tome about an employee’s action andasks me for advice on how to handle thesituation. the first question i always askis “what does your employee manualstate?” more times than not, i hear theresponse: “i don’t have one.” i thenask, “how is the employee supposedto know you have this expectation if itis not in an accessible written form?”employees are not all mind readers; everyoneappreciates knowing and havingclear concise expectations.while many small business ownersfeel that creating an employee manualis a laborious process and a waste oftime, it is an essential part of running asuccessful business. the reality is thatemployee manuals will save time (andmoney) in the long run and provide aminimum standard of excellence youexpect from your employees. you canintroduce them at any time and modifyas the needs of your business change.the most important thing is that you createone and stick to it.the most common response ihear when asked what has preventedan owner from creating an employeemanual is how long it will take to writeit. the reality is that you do not haveto write a novel. in fact, a manual/handbook that is too long will ensurethat no one will take the time to read it.moreover, it may have a negative effecton employees’ productivity if they feelrestricted by too many rules. the keyis to communicate your expectationsclearly and concisely. for instance, ifyou are a high-end boutique and areconcerned about the projected image tothe customer, make sure that you clearlystate what is expected in the dress code.Don’t get so specific on what color andbrand of clothing they have to wear, butbe clear on the condition and style ofclothing (no rips, frays, no jeans etc.).taking the time to create an employeemanual will set a clear expectation sothat when disciplinary action is needed,there is no long, drawn out argumentabout dress code or the perception ofunfair treatment.Set eXpectAtioNSit is important to set expectations forperformance and to ensure employeesare treated fairly and equally. A lot ofconflict with employees centers onthe concept of unfair treatment. theymay feel you let other employees getaway with being late; taking longerlunch breaks or bending the dress code.when these policies are stated and notwritten down, employers can leave toomuch open to interpretation, especiallyin the eyes of the law. by clearly andconcisely stating these basic rules/policiesof your company, there is evidencethat everyone is aware of the rules. italso gives you a reference point whendisciplinary action is needed. this willactually save time in the long run andwill cut down on needless argumentsover policy. in general, it will give yourstaff confidence that all employees areheld to the same standards and thatthere are consequences for those whohinder the business when not performingto those standards.your employee manual will set thestage for what is considered your minimumstandard of excellence within yourstore. beyond the discipline of makingsure your employees are on time,wearing the appropriate clothing andare following the rules for their personalresponsibility, this manual will alsoset the expectations for what you wantto achieve as a company. Sharing thecompany history and philosophy canactually be powerful tools if articulatedcorrectly and reinforced at the appropriatetime. by making the employeesaware of your mission, vision andvalues, you will be able to keep themfocused on why you implemented theserules and not the rules themselves. theywill understand that there is a purposebehind the rules and that they are notthere strictly for disciplinary reasons.timiNGthe best time to implement an employeemanual is as soon as possible. whilethe best practice is to have it ready to gobefore you open a new store, if handledappropriately it can provide a positivecontinued on page 3634 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

usiness matterscontinued from page 34boost to the morale of an already-existingcompany. many employees like directionand clarity as to their role in thebusiness and appreciate the opportunityto be treated fairly (especially when theymay feel that they haven’t been treatedfairly in the past). to gain acceptance ofthe manual, give them the opportunityto take it home to review it. Set a timeframe for the review process, follow-upwith a meeting to address any concerns,and ultimately have them sign thatthey understand and agree to complywith the policies and procedures of thecompany. most important, make sure allemployees have a copy or access to acopy going forward, and leave yourselfan opening for later revisions.reViewmake sure you review your manualon an annual basis. there are manychanges that happen in labor laws andtechnology that can outdate an employeemanual quickly. imagine if yourmanual was 20 years old and didn’t takeinto account the use of cell phones,internet, etc. Another great practice is toconsult an hr professional or even a laborlawyer to make sure your manual isin compliance with current laws and iskeeping up with industry trends. finally,talk with other business owners andindustry associations. if possible, ask ifthey will let you review their employeemanuals to see if you can adopt a newor unique approach that can take yourbusiness to a different the grand scheme of things, itis smart business sense to create andmaintain an employee manual. it willset expectations for your employees forpersonal job responsibility, as well asprovide an overall vision for the will offer a level of comfort toall employees, ensuring that everyone istreated fairly and equally. by simply requestingthat employees reference theirmanual, you will save time and energywhen disciplinary action is needed. Startreaping all the benefits for your companyby creating your employee manualnow. Doing so can provide a positiveboost to the morale of the company andset you on the road to further success.360profitable reality.coNNect With Mekerryb@kbretail.comwww.kbretail.comKerry banz is thepresident of Kb retailconsulting. She hasmade a career ofhelping high potential,underperforming retailstores reach theirpotential, makingtheir retail dreams a®The only full maternity conscious facecare line that offers expectant mothersa safer solution for pregnancy acne.thefreshestnursingwearon theplanetNo vitamin A derivatives, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide,parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrance,phthalates or petrochemicals. www.amalouskin.comAmalou Skin. Expecting beautifully.chic nursing tops,dresses, sleepwear,bras and morefor breastfeedingmoms.®www.milknursingwear.comshop 24 / 7

Promoting great bumP to baby brands at no cost!PROMOTIONAL EVENTSkeekoo editors hand-select brands and productsto feature in SPECIAL DELIVERY PROMO EVENTS.These unique events will deliver top-of-mindawareness, product acceptance and freeadvertising for the brand!showcase abrand’s newproductsNO COSTto manufacturerstargetmarketing totens of thousandsexpectant andnew momsWhat does keekoo deliver?• Featured-brand exposure andtop-of-mind awareness of newproducts and consumer retailpurchase optionsthousandsexpectant andnew mommymembersimprove retailsales and increasewholesale ordersrefer interestedconsumers toretailers• Create a huge BUZZ within thetarget demographic of expectantand new moms• Category-exclusive promotion• keekoo drives consumers to retailersthat carry the• Real-time tracking for manufacturersof consumer referrals to the retailer

usiness mattersCombating InternetLowball PricingA Survival Guide by Dan Jablonsmany retailers today worry aboutthe effect of the internet on theirbrick-and-mortar business. many feel thatcustomers will buy from the internet longbefore they buy from the store, mostlybecause of pricing and convenience. thishas been made worse by the practice of“showrooming” which happens whencustomers come to the store, look at aproduct they want, note the upc or vendor’sstyle number, and then go onlineand find it for less than what you fact, one of the larger onlineretailers, who shall remain nameless,became famous last year for offering afive percent discount to customers if theywent into a local store, scanned the upccode and bought the product online. thatwas a brutally competitive move.So how do you survive while suchtactics are practiced? what makescustomers willing to buy in your storeinstead of buying online? here are sometips that we have seen work, from retailstores that are successfully beating theonline is still fun! through all theyears that i have been in retail, the deathof the brick-and-mortar store has beenannounced several times. i rememberwhen the catalogue business grewsubstantially, and there was great concernthat no one would go to the storesanymore. that has never happened,and even though it can be great to shoponline, it will never compete with thesocial interaction and fun of shopping ata retail store. customers still love to goto the store, to feel the merchandise, tointeract with friends and store associates,and enjoy the entire don’t get that when you are all alonein your room. So, the first thing i wouldrecommend is to make sure that yourstore is a fun place to shop. remember,when you open the doors, it’s “retailtheater” and the party should be goingon right then. the more fun it is to visityour store, the more the customer relatesto and has a great experience with yourstaff, the more they will visit and themore they will buy. Keep it fun by havinglots of great events, cool contests,and make your store the “place to be.”instant Gratification on top of that,make sure your sales people are offeringincredible customer service. make surethey understand the basics of selling, ofcaring for and offering help to your customers.the better the customer service,the more likely the customer will feelcompelled to buy from you, right thereon the spot, rather than waiting for aninternet company to ship to them.better Merchandising Along the samelines, another tactic to help defeatshowrooming is to have great merchandisingthat makes the product even moredesirable. if your merchandising showsthe product well, you can create instantdemand for it. And the best part about instantdemand is that customers want thatproduct now, not two to four weeks fromnow. entice your customers with greatdisplays that show off the product, showhow it is used, and how much fun it is tohave, and your customer is more likely tobuy it right then and there.the best of the best remember, one ofthe reasons that people go to boutiques(on top of great service) is that thoseboutiques have scoured the market tofind the best of the best. Sure, if youknow the brand you like, you can go totheir website and buy there, but what ifyou want to mix and match brands (toget the best of the best) and you needto know how to combine products fromdifferent brands for one solution? forexample, as you put together the nursery,you may find a changing table fromVendor A, that works really great withshelving units from Vendor b, but thebedding from Vendors c and D. that’shard to do on the internet.Prepare Your argument the main advantagethat brick-and-mortar retailershave over online merchants is that theproduct is right there, right now. it canbe a gamble to buy the product onlinebecause it could be backordered, or theycould ship incorrectly. Dealing withreturns with online merchants can be amajor hassle. So when you find someonewho is in your store and they appear tobe showrooming, we suggest you playoffense, not defense. tell them the abovetwo things, but also remind them thatyou are a local merchant, adding dollarsto their local economy, hiring localpeople, and the best thing they can dofor themselves and their local economyis to support local business. At the sametime, you can put the product in theirhands and tell them, “you can have thisright now, right this second, or you cango home and order it and have it a fewweeks from now. which is better?” wehave seen this work very effectively. Assuch, it would be worthwhile to spenda little time on this topic at your nextstaff meeting (you do have staff meetings,right?). talk about these strategiesand get your staff ready to combatshowrooming with better service, bettermerchandising, and better selling.Promote like crazy! one more thingthat will help defeat lowball internetpricing is to make sure that you are activelypromoting your store. this meansbroadcasting your message on all theimportant channels—facebook, pinterest,instagram, twitter, etc.—and inthose posts you should be showing therelevancy and importance of your about how you are watching thelatest trends, how you are bringing inthe most relevant merchandise, how youare ensuring that your customers alwayshave the best of the best. remember,nowadays with the massive explosion ofonline outlets for promotion, your biggestchallenge is mindshare. you want tomake sure your customers think aboutyou when they talk about the productsthat you sell. the more you can outflow(including email and all the websitesmentioned above), the more likely peoplewill think of you and your store, andcome in when they need those items.Sure, lower prices online can be difficultto overcome, but the internet is not thatdifferent from any other store that offerslow pricing. Somehow though, sinceit’s the internet (which has the appearanceof being huge), retailers seem tothink it is harder to compete against thissegment. the truth is that if you applythe basics to your business, control yourinventory well, and utilize the abovestrategies as best you can, you’ll keepthe register ringing. 360Dan Jablons ispresident of retailSmart Guys andbrings many yearsof retail experienceto stores of any sizeto improve theiroperations, revitalizetheir marketing, andmaximize their profits.coNNect With Medan@retailsmartguys.comwww.retailsmartguys.com40 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

m arketing to momsWhat’s New and Next inMarketing With Moms by maria baileyonce upon a time, moms were generations in history. millennials are 24/7 access to technology when theywomen of oNe defined generationthe products of over-scheduled childhoods,are fulfilling their many roles: familywith at least one child in the house.marketers could rely on moms sitting atthe park, watching children playing inthe sandbox and talking about brandsor products. if these moms shared theiropinions with other moms, marketersand retailers would consider this successful.however, it became more difficult tojustify and account for this “buzz” amongmoms. Quantifying “buzz” was difficult,leading marketers to turn to tV and printso they could actually count the numberof views and, this journey and the charactershave changed. moms in the 21stcentury access social media tools thatallow them to create a sphere of influenceon steroids—a virtual playground.Added to the physical playgroundsthat are still fertile ground for powerful“word of mom”, moms now havemultiple communication channels ather fingertips on a 24/7 basis. Knowinghow to build relationships and harnessthe influence of these moms will make acritical difference in engaging this mostpowerful consumer.higher levels of education anda trophy for everything. they also valuecustomization, are optimistic and enjoymulti-tasking with the latest and greatesttech tools. millennial moms have grownup with technology, an important pointof contact and engagement tool forthese women.the constant, steady stream ofinformation that millennials can get ona 24/7 basis is an assumption that allbrands should consider as fact whenengaging these moms. ironically, theyuse their phones to do almost everythingbut talk. from texting a photo of a potentialpurchase for approval by a friendto sharing photos on facebook and instagram,millennials rely on their mobiledevices for just about everything. thisreliance on technology translates to herchildren as well.this generation of moms considerscomputer literacy a given for her childrenat a very early age and certainlyexpects schools to keep pace with technology.walk in to any store and lookfor young children in strollers. from acfo, blogger, business owner, Spiritualleader, community leader and/or volunteer.every hat presents an opportunityto market with moms. A run to the storefor a simple dinner can turn in to amuch bigger catering order for the littleleague team or office birthday’S iNflueNce beGiNSAt birth (AND before)when should brands starting engagingwith moms? old views held that talkingto older, more experienced moms wasthe way to reach younger generations ofmoms. Now, marketers should be talkingto women even before their first babiesare born. consider the many waysthat women are introduced to brands:baby showers, gift registries, onlinegroups and clubs to name a few. Socialmedia (take a look at pinterest), samplesand coupons rank high in influencingwomen’s brand and product awareness.A recent survey shows that 60% ofmoms on pinterest are millennial momswho use their phones to also find storesand online discounts.leappad to an ipad, chances are highthat a mobile device (and often mom’sphone) is entertaining the little one(s)while mom shops.milleNNiAlS: whAtthe lAteSt GeNerAtioNlooKS liKemillennial moms, generally consideredwomen born between the early 1980sand 1998, are the children of babyboomers, one of the most prosperousmomS’ mANy hAtSmoms as social media influencersmeans that they expect and experiencewhAt’S NeXt iNmArKetiNG to momSwith an understanding of how to engageand build relationships with momsin all phases of their and their children’slives, consider these trends for marketingwith moms:continued on page 44Obstetrician Developed and Safe for Mother To Be & Baby.Beauté de Maman is a unique line of health & beauty products developedby a board-certified OBGYN to treat problems specifically related to thephysiological and hormonal changes experienced by women in pregnancy.Beauté de Maman pregnancy skin care utilizes ingredients provento be effective as well as safe for the mother and baby.The Beauté de Maman brand is an important and profitable addition to yourassortment of products targeted to pregnant and nursing women. You canview more information about the Beaute de Maman product line online or call us directly at (203) 571-1076.42 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

m arketing to momscontinued from page 42Brookie Jo’s offers adorable,funky, and oh-so-fun products forthe girly-girl in your life! We are atrendy line of baby and girls outfitsand accessories, specializing inover-the-top girls hair accessories,tutus, bags, flip flops, and more!Our Fall/Winter 2013 line is justas adorable with pettiskirts, partyhats, and much more!Please visit our website atwww.BrookieJos.comfor more is big and mobile video is bigger. moms are lookingfor their own video space, much like they can find on siteslike Admittedly, momtV is my baby (other thanmy own four children); however, the popularity of momtV orany other site with free video access and the ability to share(youtube, of course) proves that video is an integral part ofhow moms communicate about brands.include vlogs in your 2013 plans. marketing programs thatonce included blogger outreach should now be including vloggerprograms. look for the moms who represent your productand brand and reach out to them in a meaningful dialogue.Watch for new social media platforms and apps. Siteslike pinterest and instagram have caught fire, allowing moms,especially millennials to swap ideas about everything frommaternity fashion to strollers. it’s about having a visual conservationwith potential customers.consider in-home parties and offline events. A mom’s offlineinfluence can be just as important as online numbers. blogsubscribers, fans and followers are easy to track, but influence ismore than what appears in Google Analytics. moms are engagingthrough offline, personalized events and groups like mommypartiesand Stroller Strides, and sharing their experiences andopinions through their many online meaningful relationships. while not necessarily anew trend, it should become a mantra. companies that approachsocial media influencers as partners who fit their brandare engaging moms in the language they can understand andcommunicate with others. these moms are also business owners,and should be treated as such.what is important to know is how to engage with thesemoms by generational differences. the once-universal vision ofmoms and their shopping and buying habits does not fit today’sgenerations. Knowing what resonates with different groups ofmoms, along with messaging that speaks to moms’ values andpriorities at different stages of their children’s lives, is vital tothe success of any marketing efforts and ultimately the bottomline. 2013 promises to be another interesting year in the mommarket. for a recent webinar with these and more marketingwith moms strategies, go to 360maria t. bailey, ceo of bSm media, a full servicefirm specializing in marketing with moms. mariareaches over millions of moms every monththrough social media, print and online channels.maria’s popular weekly show, mom talk radio,is the #1-downloaded parenting podcast onitunes. maria is founder of, mommyparties.comand several mom engagementsites. She has also written several books.coNNect With

m arketing to momsHow Retailers CanHarness the Power ofSocial Media by Joyce Shulmanindependent maternity retailers are theconsummate local business. for most,the vast majority of their customer baseresides within 10 miles of their frontdoor. can the “new” social media marketingtools be harnessed to drive localbusiness? Absolutely.the trick is to uncover ways to connectpotentially global, digital platformswith local moms and moms-to-be.the merriam-webster online dictionarydefines social media as:forms of electronic communication(as web sites for social networking andmicroblogging) through which userscreate online communities to shareinformation, ideas, personal messages,and other content (as videos)A post on social media, be it facebook,twitter, pinterest, instagram or oneof the other dozens of popular socialmedia platforms, can reach anyone,any time, in any place. At first blush,this would suggest that social media isnot well-suited to storefront businesseswhose customers are drawn primarilyfrom their local communities. indeed,i’ve heard many local businesses complainthat “social media only works foronline companies.” trust me, that’s notso. the incredible power of social mediacan be harnessed to drive local business.this is due in part to one of themost unique aspects of social media: themarketer creates the specific audienceto whom he communicates. think aboutthat for a moment. when you placean ad in the local paper, you reach thesubscriber base built by that newspaper.Same with local tV, magazines andvirtually every traditional media outlet.conversely, the audience of your socialmedia channels will be composed ofan audience that you have solicited,built and curated. thus, in the bravenew world of social media, the ultimatemarketers are now empowered to createnot just the message, but also the veryaudience to whom that message will becommunicated. this fact alone makessocial media the ultimate game-changer.moreover, the unique connective,intimate nature of social media lendsitself beautifully to local marketers whoseek to connect with women during atime that is simultaneously intimate, yetone during which women are often themost open to advice, ideas and connection:pregnancy and parenthood.finally, women are the core driversof several key, social media platforms.last year, Nielsen reported that morethan 27 million moms are on facebook,a figure that represents three out of fourAmerican moms. moms dominate twitteras well, with well over five millionmoms sharing their daily life in 140characters or less.perhaps even more startling, a recentsurvey by American baby magazinereported that 51% of the pregnant womensurveyed plan to report and recordtheir upcoming birth experiences—inreal time—via social media, with 42 percentplanning to post regular facebookstatus updates and nine percent planningto tweet throughout the birth.they are not just sharing experiences,they are using social media tofind new products and services. “i usesocial media for my job daily, but it hasnow become a wonderful resource forme throughout my pregnancy. i loveapps that offer daily advice and keeptrack of my stages and follow mediaoutlets like on twitterto learn about maternity and babyproducts,” says pr exec and expectantmom, Nubia DuVall wilson.bree Anderson, a macaroni Kidpublisher mom, recently shared the followingstory:A local “green” boutique posteddetails of a product i’d never seenbefore on facebook and i knew i hadto have it. i grabbed my baby anddropped everything to get to the store!continued on page 4846 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

m arketing to momscontinued from page 46once i checked out the item and thebaby gave her seal of approval (meaningshe fell asleep in the comfort of thisamazing item), i bought it. Another neatthing, they had posted a coupon in theirposting that i didn’t have to print becausethey honored it from my phone.Social media is also one of thesingle most cost-effective forms of mediaavailable. Setting up a facebook page,a twitter account or pinterest boardsare all free. connecting with, posting,tweeting and communicating with youronline community … still free. test andrefine promoted tweets and facebookads for literally dollars a day. countlesstools are available to help you manageand monitor your social media channelsfor less than $30/month. Even socialmedia consulting comes at a reasonableprice with a glut of available talent willingto help at modest rates. you don’thave to hire a big social media agency;what you need is someone who is socialmedia savvy, understands what makesyour store special and can communicatein your voice.convinced that social media shouldbe a significant quiver in your marketingquill? Good. let’s talk about how to getstarted, or, for those of you who havealready dabbled, let’s talk about howto expand your audience and use it toincrease sales.fiND them, coNNectwith them AND DeliVerthem VAluewhile the content and executionmethods differ among platforms, theconcepts of social media marketing arethe same. indeed, to cut through the 27million moms who are active on socialmedia to influence just those momsin your community, you need only dothree things: find them, connect withthem and provide them value.Find them. As we’ve discussed, part ofwhat makes social media so very uniqueis that the onus falls upon you to buildyour own audience. where to start? Aswith most forms of marketing, beginwith your customers. they can be yourmost fervent allies and most vocal advocates.incorporate your social mediachannels into every aspect of your marketingmaterials. include them in everyad you run. print them on each receipt.Drop a postcard in every shopping bag.but that’s old school. Now, getsocial yourself. Spend 15 minutes eachday finding and connecting with peoplein your community on social media bysearching and following local individualsand businesses. engage with womenin your community. A quick search onfacebook for Doulas in Denver led meto five pages for practicing doulas. findthem, “like” them, follow them and thensee whom they are following, liking andconnecting with.connect with them. Social media isabout fostering connection. while traditionalmedia is a one-way conversation(you provide the advertising messageand the consumer, well consumes it),social media is all about the conversation.businesses that excel at social mediaare those that demonstrate a genuineinterest in the lives, habits and needs oftheir customer—once again, a premisethat aligns well with the nature of thelocal retailer. you, or your floor staff,already know many of your customers.Social media provides the opportunityto get to know them do that by sharing informationabout you and your store. by askingquestions about your customers. bysharing tips, advice and ideas. by makingthem smile. by giving them the “insidescoop” on what’s new, different and specialabout your store. And by answeringand responding to each and every tweetor post that is directed to you. Do so, andyou can grow from being a mere destinationto a trusted, go-to make social media valuableto your business, you must commit toconnecting with your online communityconsistently. like any other vibrant communityof which you are a part, you mustbe present to win. commit to checkingyour social media channels at least twiceeach day (and more is better) or hiresomeone to do it for you. but remember,moms can smell a fake, so anyone whowill be appearing on your behalf must begenuine, invested and knowledgeable.Give them value. Social media is aboutproviding value through connectivity.Value does not simply mean discounts,coupons or freebies (although those allhave their place). Value comes fromproviding a follower with informationthat is useful to them, by making themfeel special and important. Social mediacurrency can also be delivered by sharingrelevant content by others… as yourmother used to say, sharing is caring.thus, before you post, ask yourself:does this post: (1) educate; (2) inform;(3) inspire; (4) entertain or (5) engage? ifa potential post does not do at least oneof these things, delete and begin again.building your social media communitywill be a process and it will take time.but as the least expensive, most effective,least wasteful marketing tacticcurrently available, it will be time wellspent. 360coNNect With Mejoyce@macaronikid.comwww.macaronikid.comJoyce Shulman is theceo of macaroniKid and has providedmarketing consultingservices to dozens ofclients in a variety ofindustries.48 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

pr divaBuyers, Businessand Babies by Sabina Gaultbaby brands are all the hype thesedays. what’s the latest trend instrollers? what new features can thisnew carrier boast? what kind of environmentalclaims does this new brandmake? these are just some of the questionsthat you would ask yourself asa baby and children’s products buyer,especially when trying to make a decisionas to what should fill the shelvesof your store.As a publicist catering to this arenafor over a decade, i sometimes askmyself the same questions. Just like you,i have to think about what the modernmom wants; what qualities she envisionsfor the products that she will usefor her kids and ultimately what she willpurchase. return on investment (roi) isan important part of our public relationscampaigns and our clients want to seepress that brings in revenue, not justimpressions and ad value equivalencies.while the latter are important, they donot drive client commitment and successfor our firm.Navigating today’s world of juvenileproducts is not easy. Small and largebrands alike are vying for the prime spotin front of moms, celebrities, gift givers,grandparents and more. it’s all about thelatest brand and who’s wearing what.unfortunately the hype does notalways convert to sales. what it reallycomes down to for a baby buyer is:what brand will stand the test of time;the wear and tear of multiple siblingsand most importantly, which companywill become a mom’s favorite this business, pr awards, fashionshows, celebrity spokespersonsand other marketing and pr techniqueshelp (sometimes tremendously), butwhat matters most is a mother’s decision,top demographic impressions andsales. No matter how many impressionsa brand generates, it all really boilsdown to are a few of things i’ve noticed inthis environment:stick with what you know. yes, cooltutus are all the rage for little girls andvarious buyers are getting them in everycolor under the sun, but is this just apassing fad? how many of them can yousell? there are certain staple items thatwill never go out of style and alwaysbe in demand. Do take on a challengeand try new things but don’t neglect thecustomer’s basic needs when choosingwhat products go into your store.don’t be afraid of smaller, new brands.these companies are most likely to takeon risks, they have less to lose so theywill challenge everything in the marketplacein a quest to succeed. they’ll putout beautiful patterns, intriguing designsand innovative ideas. they will fightharder than any other established counterpartin order to win your approvaland make sure the line succeeds in yourstore. they can also be a great point ofdifferentiation between you and yourcompetitors. furthermore, this will addvariety to your business and allow yourconsumers to try something both cases above, partneringwith great brands goes a long way intoday’s economy. it’s all about findingwhat sells and what will secure a “safe”future for your store. there are brandsthat take your breath away and makeyou think “how can someone come upwith something so cool and refreshingin this industry?” then there are thebrands you know you can count on toalways deliver a quality, desirable productto your consumers. A good buyerhas to have a little bit of both.check out social media. there arehundreds of apps and search enginesthat can help you identify a brand’sfollowing and interest online. use theseto see if people are talking about them.check out their feed and see whetherthey are involved socially, if they listento feedback from their fans or if theyinteract with their audience. this willallow you to see how much demandmay potentially be for the brand. if theyare constantly engaging in social media,continued on page 5250 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

pr divacontinued from page 50odds are that people will be looking for it and that is where youcan fill a need.Know the influence that moms have. with the advances of technology,it is not just social media that has exploded. there is aplethora of mom blogs all of whom write not only reviews, but givetheir honest opinions about brands. these bloggers have a big influenceon readers and also among other bloggers, most of which arepredominantly moms. having a seal of approval from a mom is soimportant in today’s society and this is something that buyers canuse as a out trends from key style icons. one easy place to lookis at celebrities. if you see more than one celebrity using a certainbrand, the chances that the mass market will purchase the itemis high. in this case it would be the celebrity’s children. manytrends—whether it is clothing, accessories, diaper bags or even babybottles—are magnified and replicated after being seen with a publicfigure. this does not even have to be with the same brand namebut just a similar concept. leverage these celebrity sightings to youradvantage by recognizing the brands that can be a fit in your store.when working with our clients, we often think as a consumer,buyer and an editor. Not only do we think, “would i use this?”but also “would people buy it and do people care to read aboutthis?” we take into consideration all of the aforementioned pointsto help our clients built their brands the best that they can be toultimately gain roi.As a buyer (and publicist), your main concern is the endresult: is your customer happy? this could either be the consumerspurchasing the items or for our business, our clients. we haveto always keep this perspective in all business decisions we make,whether it is bringing on a new brand or continuing with anexisting one. putting your opinions to the side and taking on themindset of a consumer is often a crucial aspect. Keeping these keypoints in mind will ensure success for all parties involved. 360Sabina Gaultpresident, Konnect public relationscoNNect With

uyingHigh-low Dressing... TheUltimate in Versatility by tara Staffordover the past several years we haveall seen the movement of high-lowdressing. combining different brandsat various price points allows her toachieve an individual look that meetsher needs and lifestyle. making theinvestment in select pieces that will gothe distance and adding in inexpensivebasics from retailers like Gap and targethas forever changed that way we shop.moms today have to figure out how todo more with less.As a mom, designer and manufacturer,i am always considering how mydesigns can go the distance during andafter pregnancy. when designing forthe stylish and chic mom-to-be, i amoften struck by the lack of versatility thatexists in the arena of better maternityapparel, how it is sold and displayed.As a retailer, you can increaseyour overall sales by clearly illustratingversatility to your shoppers. merchandisinga highlighted item in two or threeways will not only sell the item but alsothe pieces that support each head-totoelook, therefore increasing your saleand creating a one-stop-shop for all hermaternity apparel needs. Although thismay seem like very basic advice, manyretailers do not follow this rule of thumbin their stores.women will heed your advice. inthe maternity arena, retailers have theunique opportunity to capture the attentionof their customer for a fixed periodof time. this allows you to really appealto her needs. Now more than ever,expectant women may be questioningtheir maternity apparel purchase as theyare often unsure of what looks good,how long they can wear it, etc. mosthave a general idea but lack confidenceand are not sure how to take it to thenext level. this creates an enormousopportunity for your staff to stage theirhigh-low, work-to-weekend look.At maternity for two, we give alot of focus to our work-to-weekend,day-to- night look. we want her to feelconfident that the product will performfor her and go the distance... that shewill look great in that silk tunic with herskinny jeans, as well as with kitten heelsand dress pants for work or that dinnerout with are a few simple yet importantways to let your shoppers know thevalue, versatility and longevity of herpurchase:call it out! most women are not surewhat the fabric is but they know whatthey like. if it’s made in poly, let themknow that it is an easy-care fabric thatthey can wash and go with at home. Abeautiful printed silk can cast an alluringspell over her making her feel special, solet her know that it’s a better fabric andcommands the higher price it two ways! let her know visuallywhat that great tunic looks like witha legging and ballet flat for weekend,as well as a dress pant and kitten heelfor work. take that legging and pair itwith some other items to show her howversatile each item is and that she canachieve multiple looks simply.layer it! layering is important to allwomen especially younger ones wholove to have their essential tank underwhatever it is that they are wearing.throw a cardigan over it, giving her moremust-have items to complete the look.accessorize it! top it off with thosemust-have earrings, great cuff or longnecklace to lengthen her look. Add alight and airy scarf. this is a great way toadd color and depth to her overall look.Define it with a great belt!Seize the opportunity to capture theattention of your customer and trulyappeal to her needs, and she will mostlikely make your store her singulardestination during her pregnancy. 360coNNect With Metara@maternityfortwo.comwww.maternityfortwo.comtara Stafford is thecreative Director ofmaternity for two,which offers havenand pour Deuxcollections.54 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

uyingGrow YourBusinesswith Clothby catherine boldeneverywhere you go, parents are talkingabout cloth diapers. the transition toreusables is gaining more and more momentumeach year, and for good reason.your customers might be shocked tolearn about the benefits of cloth diapers.whether it’s the more than two thousanddollar savings, the reduced diaperrash, earlier potty training, fewer harshchemicals on their baby’s skin or theenvironmentally friendly aspects, clothdiapers answer all of these concerns andso much more. it’s the perfect solutionon so many levels, and you can helpyour customers reap the benefits.modern cloth diapers are mucheasier to use than the old style of pinsand prefolds. they’re trim, absorbent,simple to use and come in all colorsand’s parents have been raisedwith an increased awareness of the effectson environment, and they expectsocial responsibility from the businessesthey support. cloth delivers this perfectlyand will help your business gain amore loyal following.the cloth diaper industry comprisesa plethora of grassroots microbrands,as well as bigger brands youmight have already heard about. thereare smaller, more regional brands thathave the added benefit of giving yourstore a more unique feel, while lettingyour customers know you support localbrands and uS-made products. themore customers know the story behindthe company, the more they relate to itand choose one brand over another.there are a few main styles of reusablediapers: pockets, all-in-one, all-intwo,and covers over prefolds or fitteds.these variants can also be combinedwith “hybrid” disposable inserts. All ofthese types have specific benefits, andnot every variant works for all parentingstyles. often, new parents buy what thestore recommends, so if you get behinda certain one, it will most likely becomeyour best seller, regardless of the nationalpopularity or awareness of a particularbrand. if possible, a retailer shouldcarry at least two styles of cloth, sothe consumer has choices. Sometimescarrying all of the styles and brands canoverwhelm a consumer, so it is best tooffer a healthy balance at multiple pricepoints, styles and color options wheneverpossible. New parents enjoy beingable to pick from the endless choicesof fun, exciting colors and prints onreusable diapers that make diaper time apersonalized, more pleasant experience.cloth is a great lead in to teacheager new parents about natural, ecofriendlyparenting options. when theybegin their parenting journey, or areexpecting a new addition to their family,they are often open to many new waysof doing things, and cloth is a greatice-breaker to get them focused on thechoices ahead of them. once they cometo you for cloth diapers, they will oftenreturn for more maternity and baby basicsand later toddler products, as well.through the gateway of cloth diapers,they’ve formed a connection with yourstore, and your staff’s willingness to helpthem learn about these new things at animportant milestone in their life. often,these same parents will become yourbest marketing tools to share your company’smission with others and bringnew parents into your store.using the modern styles of reusablediapers may be unfamiliar to new parentsor your staff. it’s important to educateeveryone about the care and use ofcloth diapers before they try them. thereare certain things to avoid while washingdiapers, such as not using chlorineor fabric softeners. if you are able toshare this knowledge with your customers,the success rates will be greatlyincreased. for more information on careand washing, consult with the manufacturerof each brand you carry, or ourwebsite ( is also a wide range of informationavailable to educate consumersand your staff, such as books, DVDs,and online resources. these resourcesare vital to the comsumers’ success withcloth diapers, as many new parentsor staff members may not be aware ofhow to use them. this can avoid somecommon issues before they happen. Additionalinformation is also available atthe rDA (,which is a consumer-orientedorganization. if your store offers educationalclasses, this is also a great timeto inform parents about cloth and howcontinued on page 5856 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

uyingeasy they are to use.reusable products, by nature, havea turnover rate that is different from asingle-use product. while some feelthat this is a drawback to carrying thistype of product, many new parents aresearching for cloth diapers and appreciatethe dedication your store has toreusable, healthy products. these sameparents also return to your store for accessorieslike creams, wipes, wet bags,laundry detergent, and so much more.while the savings of cloth diapers mayseem counter-productive to your bottomline, these same parents appreciatethe savings and tend to spend thatsavings on higher ticket items for babyinstead of just diapers. this increasesthe overall satisfaction of customersleaving your store.Some parents choose to buy theirset of diapers all at once and come backfor replenishment frequently, or they maybuy one or two cloth diapers at a timeto space out the initial investment. clothdiapers make great gifts for new families,as well. either of these methods generaterecurring traffic to your store.most parents choose which typeof diaper before baby is born. offeringcloth diapers in your maternity or babystore is a great way to reach new parentsearly and to bring them into the store,making your store the trusted resource. itgives your business a well-rounded offeringfor your customers, and shows themyou care about eco-friendly products andtheir overall health and family budget.this helps build the emotional connectionto your business to keep them comingback for more after baby is of the best resources availablefor retailers is the real Diaper industryAssociation (, anorganization dedicated to the promotionof the cloth diaper industry made up ofcontinued from page 56more than 150 members of various-sizebusinesses of all types—manufacturers,retailers, diaper services, and more. theassociation provides resources for membersto integrate cloth into their existingbusinesses or grow a new business, aswell as the opportunity to network withothers in the industry. 360coNNect With Mecatherine@realdiaperindustry.orgwww.realdiaperindustry.orgcatherine boldenis chair of the realDiaper industry Associationand creatorof Sprout changereusable Diapers andthe educational DVD,Diapering today.Get started growing your cloth diaper business today!charlie baNaNaoffers an innovative 2-in-1 hybrid clothDiaper System with a reusable, washableinsert made of micro terry or biodegradable,disposable insert.Wholesale: $12.00-$14.00www.charliebanana.comlotus buMzlotus bumz specializes in affordable cloth diapers featuringfabrics that promote comfort and keep things stylish. their diapersare composed of patterned cotton exteriors that come ina variety of fun designs, with a hidden layer of pul and a softfleece interior. pul is a stretchy, waterproof and hypoallergenicfabric that allows the diaper to breathe, which minimizesrashes and maximizes the chances of a happy baby. customerscan also choose from a style featuring an exterior layer ofpul for added protection.Wholesale: $7.99-$9.99www.lotusbumz.comGdiaPersgDiapers are adorable cloth diaper coverswith disposable, biodegradable inserts.they are playful on the outside and hightechon the inside, so baby’s precious skincan breathe. more comfort. less rash.Wholesale: From $13.50www.gdiapers.combest bottoMbest bottom one-Size Diaper Systemfeatures cloth inserts that snap in and outof the one-size diaper shell again andagain. trim yet absorbent!Wholesale: $10.50www.bestbottomdiapers.com58 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

new & noteworthy | maternity & nursingover the past three months keekoo.comhas hosted Promotion events for various manufacturers of bump to baby products. these promotionalevents act as online focus groups that gauge interest from a highly targeted demographic: moms-to-beto new mommies, located primarily in the u.S.During a promotional event, keekoo is able to capture data on expectant and new moms’ perceptions,opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a brand and its iS how it worKS:• Keekoo buyers work with brands and specific products to featurein special promotional events on• Keekoo carefully inspects these items and if approved, product receivesthe keekoo Kiss, which stands for Keekoo inspected seal of support!once items are selected and inspected, keekoo features the brand and products in a promotional eventwhere thousands of expectant moms and new moms to attend, view, read and grab limited samples.these online focus groups attracted over 271,000 expectant and new moms.A selection of top-performing brands and products are featured in the following New&Noteworthysections. this is a great guide to stocking your store with our most popular brands and products, providingyour customers with what they need and want... and your business with increased sales.Make sure you find these brands during the Fall 2013 /Winter 2014 wholesale buying market!brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momspour DeuXMaternity for two ®Sophistication, comfort and a distinct chic look is what our must-have capewill provide any expectant mom-to-be. this will become her main go to forfall, thrown on over almost anything it will instantly elevate her look andalso can transition into her post-pregnancy wardrobe. pour Deux, maternityfor two ® is timeless, modern and versatile featuring work to weekend chic.our luxury collection will enhance any stylish mommy-to-be’s wardrobethat will carry her throughout her entire pregnancy, from work to weekend,day to night. www.maternityfortwo.comhAVeNlove Your bump, Maternity & Nursingour essential wrap maternity top with self-side-tie transitions with momfrom pregnancy to nursing. with a slim fit and soft cotton/spandex jerseyconstruction, it’s a mix of laid-back and chic we can’t get enough of so wedecided to offer it in three must-have colors: white, dark charcoal heatherand teal. haven, maternity for two ® offers fashionable, flirty maternity andnursing apparel that will take mom from bump to baby and thereafter instyle. www.maternityfortwo.comSerAphiNe mAterNityseraphine Maternity—stylish and Practical!Seraphine’s bamboo popper nursing top is a beautifully innovative design.Aesthetically it is fashionable as well as being practical. the poppers allowfor a simple opening and easy access for breastfeeding mothers. Designedas a maternity and nursing top, this product can be worn throughout pregnancy,during nursing, and long after. it truly is a stylish investment piece.www.seraphinematernity.combelly bANGleembrace your bump!our must-have belly bangles are made of high-quality stretch poly/spandexthat wicks heat and moisture away from mommy, keeping her cool anddry while supporting her baby bump with our crisscross technology. theyfeature wide waistbands that will not roll and help hold her bottoms in placewhile adding extra inches to her tops. with a touch of spandex for the bestin looks and comfort, they’re equally fabulous in black and white, as well asin animal prints and pop colors. www.maternityfortwo.comcrAVestunning boutique maternity wear for your fall wardrobeGorgeous prints and stylish pieces in fall tones for the perfect maternitycapsule wardrobe. crave offer exclusive designs for mums to be to last fromthe first trimester until after birth so don’t lose your sense of style duringpregnancy; rely on crave to keep you comfortably on & Jim mAterNitéelegance and stylethis winter, stand out and mark out your look with elegance, style and refinementin this unique Jules & Jim dress. the ponte de roma compositionis certainly the most comfortable fabric you will ever fit in. this originaldesign is offered in different tricolors combo.www.julesetjimmaternity.com60 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 61

new & noteworthy | beautycontinued from page 63brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momsNoVeNANovena organic beauty breast creamthis uniquely designed organic breast cream aids in preventing and repairingstretch marks. heals dry skin and is SAfe during the critical delicatetime when the mother’s milk comes in. made with certified organic ingredients,100% Vegan, Gluten free, Odorless formula, Contains NO Sulfates,parabens or phthalates. Always cruelty free. www.novenamaternity.combioNeedelivered by leading industry expert! bionée, the only brand for pregnancy,maternity and baby with the “ecocert organic certified” guaranteestretch mark lotion with nature’s elasticity promoting complex: A compositionof patented ingredients acts as a great source of nutrients for stretchmark prone skin. High efficacy, no oily residue, absorbs instantly. 99.85%natural - 84.42% organic. All Bionée’s products come free of harmfulchemicals and are organic certified by internationally recognizedecocert ® . www.bionee.commy true NAturelather your baby with only the best for pure and natural bath time blissthis pure and natural shampoo & body wash from San francisco-based mytrue Nature combines gentle, premium quality plant-based cleansers withnourishing, calming, and moisturizing organic olive oil, aloe and botanicalextracts to create an all-in-one wash for babies and toddlers. this gentlewash is perfect for sensitive skin, cradle cap, or eczema and will leave yourlittle ones soft as silk and smelling clean. Reuse the bottle made of 100%recycled plastic for a truly sustainable bath time experience. made in theu.S.A. www.mytruenature.netKoAlA bAbyGentle Purity You can trustbabies are our most precious gift... they depend upon us to make healthierchoices for them. your baby deserves the safer choice of verifiable uSDAcertified organic purity! introducing Australia’s Koala baby organicsShampoo & body wash. rated the world’s #1 ‘most organic Skin carerange’ by the prestigious organic monitor Association.www.Koalababyusa.combAby mANtrANPa-certified and Gluten Free baby skincare Products• Non-greasy formula easily absorbs into baby’s skin• Restores skin’s natural moisture balance• Ideal for massage before or after baby’s bath• Made with all Natural and Organic orGANicSMambino organics Pregnancy safe blemish treatment!Say No to pregnancy hormonal breakouts! our pregnancy-safe overnightblemish S.o.S treatment combines proven holistic ingredients in this powerfulformula which eliminates bacteria and clears up blemishes withoutirritation. works on all types of acne. perfect for both face and body breakouts.proudly made in the uSA! www.mambinoorganics.combabyNohi KiDSNohi Kids organic cotton romperthis soft organic cotton/bamboo romper has long sleeves and snaps downthe center. choose between one of our super adorable, vibrant prints! madefrom the softest certified organic cotton and bamboo fiber. Also available inbodysuits, gowns, and pants! www.nohikids.comDeAD SeA SpArestore your dry skin to healthy, soft, smooth skin with dead sea spacare’s 20 oz dry salt scrubDead Sea Spa care uses Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin e, Grape Seed oil,Avocado oil and Sesame Seed oil mixed with Dead Sea minerals to infusethe skin with nutrients, while exfoliating dead skin cells. the salt scrubexfoliates and hydrate your skin, leaving it with a youthful glow.www.deadseaspacare.comwrApeAzecomfort, Warmth and style for Pregnancy, Nursing and beyondSurround yourself in comfort, warmth and style with wrapeaze. this lightweightfleece wrap opens in the front and has a simple velcro closure at theneckline. they are ideal for baby bumps, nursing covers and keeping momcozy. it’s a stylish blanket you can wear (and machine wash)–talk aboutfusing utility and style! they are available in several colors as well as awaterproof version at wholesale requests can be sentto on page 6664 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 65

new & noteworthy | babycontinued from page 65brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momsSophie cAtAlouthis season is all about bubble hem silhouettes and jewel tonesSophie catalou is designed by our stylists in barcelona who create thisunique imaginative and cosmopolitan look for the little ones featuring girls(0-12 years) and Kartoons Kataloons boys label (0-6years). Sophie catalouis known for its exclusive hand-printed patterns and special fabricationscustom-developed to achieve maximum softness, comfort and easy care.www.sophiecatalou.comfuNKie bAbyGet “Funkie” with reversible houndstooth Newsboy hat &soak Proof vest bib!funkie baby was created in 2003 by mom cheryl Shonnard compelledto create a funktional, Soak proof bib for her first born DrooliNG son.funkie baby products are reversible and include Soak proof bibs, GomAtS (compact changing mats), Newsboy hats & cloche hats. Quality,function & fashion are in every design to ensure little ones and their parentsare hAppy! proudly made in the uSA. www.funkiebaby.comlotuS bumzeco-friendly diaperingDedicated to diapering baby bums, lotus bumz introduces an eco-friendlyway to do just that! this brand offers assorted cloth diapers in a variety ofdesigns and colors, as well as other diaper duty accessories. lotus bumz isthe secret to cleaning up life’s mini messes! www.lotusbumz.comfuNKooSFunkoos launches 80 new styles for summer/Fall 2013funkoos was launched by parents of twin boys who were looking forquality, affordable & stylish organic clothing that were both chemical andpesticide free. in last 5 years, funkoos has been constantly innovating andhas won a prestigious state level cQiA innovation prizes for 2010, 2011& 2012. funkoos products are available in uS, uK, Germany and france.All products are manufactured in units certified by Global organic textileStandards. www.funkoos.commimi & mAGGiehandcrafted and modern for the bohemian inspired baby girlmodern ruffle dress featuring the softest stretch cotton slub textured knitfabric. it is embellished with a daisy design in multi prints with added stemsand leaves in wool thread to add a handcrafted touch and richness for fall.the body is a double layer of knit with an attached mini flower print ruffleskirt, giving a 2-piece look but with the ease of single piece dressing. tocomplete the look, it is paired with a stripe stretch cotton knit legging witha printed butterfly appliqué on the leg. www.mimiandmaggie.combrooKie Jo’Sbrookie Jo’s offers adorable, funky, and oh-so-fun products for thegirly-girl in your life!they are a trendy line of baby and girls outfits, and accessories specializingin over-the-top girls hair accessories, tutus,bags, flip flops, and more! theirfall/winter 2013 line is just as adorable with pettiskirts, party hats,and much more! www.brookieJos.comShupeASthe oNlY pair of baby shoes you’ll ever need to buy!• World’s only expandable & adjustable baby shoe on the market• Just one size fits babies 0-18 months• Innovative technology offers a customized fit with each precious step• Adjustable Velcro closures guarantee no elastic ankles marks arounddelicate ankles• Expandable long-lasting, economical design offers a customized fit• Slip-resistant, flexible soft soles promote good balance and comfort• 100% Leather and man-made materials for durability and protection• Pediatrician and podiatrist recommended. Patent-Pendingwww.shupeas.commAGic SleepSuitswaddle transition Productthe magic Sleepsuit is an innovative baby sleepwear product that helpstransition babies from the swaddle by providing a cozy, secure feeling, andhelping to muffle their reflexive startles. the patent pending magic Sleepsuit,created by a mother of four who is a pediatric pt, is designed for backsleeping in the crib, and is available in 3 colors (blue, pink, yellow) & 2sizes (3-6, 6-9). www.magicsleepsuit.comcontinued on page 6866 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 67

new & noteworthy | babycontinued from page 67brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momsAuGuStA bAbyFun and adorablethe adorable soft sole leather baby shoes by Augusta baby are made of topgrade leather with non-slip leather soles. it ensures the comfort for the littleexplorers and compliments the budding personalities with the large collectionsof designs. Augusta baby offers huge variety of styles with very smallmoQ. customized retail sidekick shelf is available. www.augustababy.compriNce lioNheArtQuality, innovation and outstanding servicethe wipeswArmer pop is the newest addition to the prince lionheartwipeswArmer line up. true to form, the new wipes wArmer pop isas reliable as our other patented warmers. Sleek and easy-to-use, thewipeswArmer pop is a fun, practical way to keep your baby comfortableand your nursery colorful! www.princelionheart.comSNuzAsnuza heroSnuza hero monitors baby’s movement by clipping to the waistband ofbaby’s diaper, where it detects baby’s movements. if movement is notsensed within a 15 second time period, it tries to simulate baby by gentlyvibrating. if movement is not sensed within a further five seconds, an audiblealarm is alerts parents to check baby. www.snuza.infole bibbledribble, meet le bibble ®finally, a stylish and simple way to keep baby clean, dry, and focusedduring bottle feedings. Available in over 20 designs, le bibble is a 6-in-1designer and organic baby bottle bib that takes bottle feeding to a newlevel—making being neat chic. the thin elastic collar blocks leaks, whilethe organic underlay makes wiping dribble a breeze. patent pending. uSAmade. www.lebibble.comeNGlAchAenglacha 2-in-1 Junior X riderenglacha 2-in-1 (seating and standing) Junior X rider is a universal kiddyboard for children that will attach to almost any baby carriage, suitable fora child from 15 months up to a maximum weight of 25 kgs. the seat canbe easily uninstalled, the board can be hung on the handle bar of strollerif not in use, cushioned wheels for extra comfort while seating/standing onthe board. 5-in-1 Mat for more than life’s basicsNaptime goes mobile with the zcush 5-in-1 baby Nap mat! Designed notjust for napping, but also for diaper changing, feeding, playing, and passinga newborn from one person to another. chic and comfortable fabricsand designs make this mat a must-have for new mommies, daddies, andcaregivers alike. www.zcush.comiNGleSiNAinglesina zuma highchair: italian design meets high technologyfor its 50th-year anniversary, the italian brand made its premium highchaireven better. 3-position reclining backrest, 8-position adjustable height,wider tray and new velcro-free bottom (stain-repellent) seat-cover attachment.compact fold allows easy storage (even under the table) when not inuse. 14 colors to choose from, $ Sleephalo ® sleepsack ® swaddle is the safer Way to swaddlethe halo ® SleepSack ® Swaddle replaces loose blankets in the crib that cancover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. in addition to helpingyour baby sleep safer, it helps him sleep better, too. its 2-in1 adjustableswaddle allows for swaddling arms in or arms out for baby’s comfort.www.halosleep.comcontinued on page 7068 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014 maternity&newborn360 69

new & noteworthy | babycontinued from page 69brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momsbAbyhomebabyhome emotion strolleremotion stands out for its easy maneuvrability, compact folding and lightweight. it is a popular stroller because of design and colors, and is one ofthe most functional and practical on the market. Available car seat adaptersenable emotion to be a useful stroller from birth to 55 pounds.www.babyhome.esrileyrooSrileyroos childrens Footwear - Fall/Winter 2013rileyroos’ inspiration comes from a combination of european fashiontrends and American Spirit and casualness. we designed the line to imitatebarefoot walking and to protect little feet. rileyroos are handmadewith care: the sole of a rileyroos shoe is flexible and its rubber pads curlabove the toes to provide leverage as a child begins crawling. rileyroos’lightweight construction and protective bottom support a child’s foot andprovide traction as he or she starts walking. www.rileyroos.comaccessoriescoDDlelife“Finally a vented anti-colic bottle that is easy to clean!”coddlelife’s award-winning, patented system is the only fully-vented nipplesystem that vents air and contains the fewest parts to clean and sterilize.coddlelife bottles are designed with the latest nipple venting technology toreduce colic, ear infections, burping and spit DeSiGNSMeet the boss. satsuma designs new jersey hat for babies who rock!A nod to mr. Springsteen, the boss hat keeps little ones cozy and lookingcool through every season. made of super-soft organically grown bamboo,cotton and a touch of spandex for a perfect fit, the boss hat makes goingon tour a breeze! 0-12 mos+. brim rolls up or down as baby grows or styledemands. Always made in the uSA! www.satsumadesigns.combAby cArGobaby cargo Georgi stroller bag…versatiltYwhat transforms Georgi from fashion item to stroller bag “must” is versatility:beautiful lightweight fabric, brass details like grommets that slide overyour umbrella stroller handles, stylishly zippered seams, a sturdy shoulderstrap that snaps to your full-service stroller bar, and a wealth of pocketsmean everything stays neatly in place. www.babycargo.comiplAygreen sprouts is going on safarithe green sprouts on Safari Gift Set includes a bento box, Stainless Steelbottle and utensil Set which all fit in a backpack. child-size backpack tocarry lunch, books or favorite toys. the backpack has an easy magnetic closureplus drawstring to keep everything inside. plus durable fabric, adjustablestraps, hanging loop. www.iplaybabywear.comcontinued on page 6870 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

new & noteworthy | accessoriescontinued from page 71brouGht to you by: keekoo and their focus groups comprising over 271,000 expectant and new momsreAl KiDS ShADeSProtect their eyes From harmful uv raysuV rays can damage your baby’s eyes anytime of the year. most parentsdon’t realize the sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to theirchildren’s eyes. while the harmful effects are three times greater in the summerthan winter, there’s still a high risk of sustaining serious eye damage inwinter months. Protect your children’s eyes year round with quality, 100%uV blocking sunglasses designed just for their little faces. real Kids Shadesare doctor recommended and are 100% lead, bisphenol and phthalate free.www.realkidshades.commichAelSoN eNtertAiNmeNtNFl Football abc: my first alphabet bookNfl football Abc is the ultimate alphabet book for every young footballfan! A is for action, b is for blocker, c is for center and, of course, S is forSuper bowl! this league edition of our best-selling ‘my first alphabet books’features every team, showcases great players and highlights all the importantfootball words. it’s even shaped like a football jersey!www.michaelsonentertainment.combelly bANterPeel, apply, capture, remember with belly banterthe hottest gift for every mom-to-be and Newborn. A fun and affordableway to announce a pregnancy or make statements as youtrack the growth of your baby. Great for pregnancy journals, babybooks and keepsakes. 15 colorful 4” stickers available in 6 differentsets: Mom-to-Be, Baby(Unisex), Boy, Girl, Holidays, Milestones. $ | www.slicksugar.comprouD boDycreate memories with the Proudbody belly casting KitNow with lower pricing!belly casts are created in the privacy of your home and make a perfect 3Dmemento of your pregnant body. they’re fun, easy, and make a great babyShower gift. New lower pricing. proudbody also offers other beautifullypackaged, high-quality pregnancy art products for belly painting, henna art,and more. or call 1-877-972-1859 X1booGiNheADbooginhead squeez’ems - Flip’em. Fill‘em. Feed’em!the booginhead Squeez’ems are a reusable food pouch for any pureedfood! whether you make your own baby food, or buy in bulk, Squeez’emsare a great on-the-go product for any parent. from toddler to teen,Squeez’ems are perfectly sized for lunch boxes and travel!www.booginhead.comoioioioi black wash carryall with Patent trimright on point for fall/winter 2013! practical black nylon meets fashionforward patent with tons of room for a day or weekend away with baby.multiple pockets to fit all of moms’ needs: includes a large padded changemat, insulated bottle holder and oioi wipes case. oioi bags are made ofexclusive customized material customized favored for their color, textureand beauty. Quality tested by an independent laboratory. oioi baby bagscontain no Azo dyes, no blue colorants, no phthalates or other toxins.www.oioibabybags.com72 maternity&newborn360 BUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014Magazine Ad 8.12.indd 12/11/13 9:32 AM

maternity | newborncalendarfall 2013buying marketNeW YorK aPParel MarKet FallMarch 1 – april 22(call to book appointmentswith showrooms)l.a. MaterNitY &childreNs MarKet FallMarch 18 – March 21 atwww.californiamarketcenter.comdallas KidsWorld aNd aPParel &accessories MarKet FallMarch 18 – March 21 atwww.dallasmarketcenter.comchicaGo MaterNitY & childreNsMarKet Fallapril 6 – april 9 atwww.kidzatstylemax.comatlaNta aPParel MarKet Fallapril 11 – april 15 atwww.Americasmart.comwinter 2014buying marketNeW YorK aPParel MarKet WiNterJune 1 – June 17(call to book appointmentswith showrooms)dallas aPParel & accessoriesMarKet WiNterMay 30 – June 2 atwww.dallasmarketcenter.comdallas KidsWorldMarKet WiNterJune 19 – June 25 atwww.dallasmarketcenter.comchicaGo MaterNitY & childreNsMarKet WiNterearly June atwww.kidzatstylemax.comatlaNta aPParel MarKet WiNterJune 6 – June 9 atwww.Americasmart.coml.a. MaterNitY &childreNs MarKet WiNterJune 10 – June 13 atwww.californiamarketcenter.comcruise/early spring2014 buying marketNeW YorK aPParel MarKetcruise/earlY sPriNGaugust 1 – september 30(call to book appointmentswith showrooms)atlaNta aPParel MarKet cruise/earlY sPriNGaugust 8 – august 12 atwww.Americasmart.comchicaGo MaterNitY & childreNsMarKet cruise/earlY sPriNGaugust 10 – august 12 atwww.kidzatstylemax.coml.a. MaterNitY & childreNs MarKetcruise/earlY sPriNGaugust 12 – august 15 atwww.californiamarketcenter.comdallas KidsWorld aNd aPParel &accessories MarKet cruise/earlY sPriNGaugust 14 – august 17 atwww.dallasmarketcenter.comspring/summer 2014buying marketNeW YorK aPParelMarKet sPriNGoctober 1 – Nov 18(call to book appointments with showrooms)l.a. MaterNitY &childreNs MarKet sPriNGoctober 10 – october 17www.californiamarketcenter.comatlaNta aPParelMarKet sPriNGoctober 17 – october 21www.Americasmart.comchicaGo MaterNitY &childreNs MarKet sPriNGoctober 19 – october 22www.kidzatstylemax.comdallas KidsWorld aNd aPParel& accessories MarKet sPriNGoctober 24 – october 27www.dallasmarketcenter.comall babY & child sPriNGeducatioN coNFereNcemay 7-9, 2013South point casino,las Vegas, NVwww.allbabyandchildsec.comabc Kids eXPooctober 15 - 18, 2013las Vegas conventioncenter, South hallswww.theabcshow.comBUYING FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

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