Oregon Climate Assessment Report - Oregon Climate Change ...


Oregon Climate Assessment Report - Oregon Climate Change ...

Oregon Climate Assessment ReportDecember 2010Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

Oregon Climate Assessment ReportDecember 2010The Oregon Climate Change Research InstituteCollege of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State UniversityEditors:Kathie Dello and Philip MoteRecommended citation:Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (2010), Oregon ClimateAssessment Report, K.D. Dello and P.W. Mote (eds). College of Oceanicand Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, ORavailable at: www.occri.net/OCARPlease cite individual sections with the chapter lead as first authorCover Photo: Mt. Jefferson, credit: Dudley Chelton, COAS

AcknowledgementsThe Oregon Climate Change Research Institute is grateful for theassistance of all those involved in the development and productionof this report, especially: the Blue Ribbon Panel for outlinedevelopment and guidance throughout the process, the leadauthors for their hard work and dedication, all contributors for theirsubmissions, the peer reviewers for their useful and thoughtfulcomments and the publishing office in the College of Oceanic andAtmospheric Science at Oregon State University for assistance inproofreading and production.Type to enter textAbout the Oregon Climate Change Research InstituteThe Oregon Climate Change Research Insititute (OCCRI) is anetwork of over 100 researchers across the Oregon UniversitySystem and affiliated state and federal labs. OCCRI wasestablished in 2007 by the Oregon State Legislature to fosterclimate change research across the Oregon University System.OCCRI is housed in the College of Oceanic and AtmosphericScience at Oregon State University

Table of ContentsLegislative SummaryExecutive SummaryChapter 1 - Climate change in Oregon’s land and marine environments! ! ! 1Chapter 2 - Climate change in Oregon - defining the problem and its causes" " 47Chapter 3 - Climate change and freshwater resources in Oregon" " " " 71Chapter 4 - Climate change and agriculture in Oregon" " " " " 153Chapter 5 - The potential effects of climate change on Oregon’s vegetation! ! 175Chapter 6 - Impacts of climate change on Oregon’s coasts and estuaries! ! 211Chapter 7 - Oregon’s fish and wildlife in a changing climate! ! ! ! ! 269Chapter 8 - Toward assessing the economic impacts of climate change in Oregon 363Chapter 9 - Human Dimensions of Climate Change " " " " " 397" " " " " " " " "

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