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Alain Baudry`scontribu2ons to the developmentof IRAM since 1979 (!)Michael Grewing

1979-­‐1989:Alain Baudry -­‐ Member of the IRAM-­‐SAC

Some of the issues during the period 1979-­‐1989• The role of the home insEtutes-­‐ the financial framework in which IRAM was set up assumedcontribuEons to instrument developments from the „homeinsEtutes; IRAM, on the other hand, felt a need to take thelead in certain areas. An example is the creaEon of the SISlaboratory.• The 30m-­‐telescope on Pico Veleta-­‐ conceptual design, construcEon and commissioning under theresponsibility of the MPIfR;In 1984 discusions started about-­‐ who parEcipates in the commissioning-­‐ when will the telescope become available to guest observers-­‐ in which way will observing Eme be allocated?The use of observing Eme was a maTer for debate, and, of course,always remained one.• The development of the Plateau de Bure as an observatory site and theconceptual design and construcEon of the interferometer with iniEally 3 antennas(and the SEST under contract for OSO/ESO) was instead a CNRS-­‐IRAMresponsibility and triggered many discussions, too.

1983 – LeTer from Alain Baudry about receiver requirements as seen by theBordeaux, quesEon of SIS versus SchoTky receivers, arrays for the 30m (!)

Commissioning of the 30m-­‐telescope:a leTer from A.Omont

1988/1989:• The Search CommiTeeIn 1988, the ExecuEve Council established a small search commiTee tolook for candidates for the future IRAM DirecEon. Alain Baudry was amember, and in my memory he was the first who asked me if I couldconsider such a move.• The EvaluaEon ComiTeeThe EC also decided to ask an EvaluaEon CommiTee to analyse the stateof development of the two IRAM observatories (PV and PdB).

The EvaluaEon CommiTee (1st VisiEng CommiTee)chaired by P.Napier, and including Alain BaudryComment:the commiTee issued a large number of detailed recommendaEons butbasically felt that IRAM was on a good track , especially since the first fringeshad been detected at the interferometer just 3 months before the meeEng!

A Bonn iniEaEve to prepare both PV and PdB for VLBIA proposal prepared by Peter Mezger to the VW FoundaEon

In PGM`s Proposal to the Volkswagen-­‐FoundaEon in 1989,the special role of the Bordeaux Observatory is menEoned

Alain Baudry’s leTer of support

mm-­‐VLBI observaEons at PV and PdB• CollaboraEon between Bonn, Bordeaux, Onsala, Yebes and IRAM, and (since 1996) theCMVA-­‐coordinated global network• The first steps:-­‐ 1991 VLBI equipment installed at 30m-­‐telescope by the MPIfR group, including a7mm SchoTky receiver -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ debate about IRAM`s role in 7mm experiments!-­‐ 1992, July 7-­‐10 test run between PV, Effelsberg and Onsala-­‐ 1993, April successful 3mm run-­‐ 1994, Nov.+Dec. 3mm and 1.3mm experiment between PV and one PdB antenna as ajoint effort between IRAM, MPIfR, Yebes and BordeauxResults: at 3mm high S/N results on many sources,at 1.3mm 3 different sources detected with S/N>7!-­‐ since 1996: parEcipaEon (for up to 2 weeks/year) in CMVA coordinated VLBI sessions amersuccessful detecEon of first fringes with transatlanEc baselines at 3mm• -­‐ 2003 first detecEon of fringes at 1.3mm on a tranatlanEc baseline between PV and the HHTBUT: sensiEvity strongly limited the number of souces that could be observed. This haschanged with the wider bandwidth receivers and recording systems, and it will change againwhen ALMA and NOEMA will be available….

The period 1990-­‐1994• Key Issues:-­‐ the construcEon of A4 for the PdB was completed in 1993. A4 was madepossible by the IGN who became full Iram partner in 1989/1990,joining the CNRS and MPG.-­‐ the „pinhole problem“ of the carbon fibre panels on the PdB antennasbecame more and more of an issue -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐> financial compensaEon openedsome possibiliEes: development work on Aluminium panels started-­‐ given the quickly rising interest in extragalacEc observaEons,the quesEon was raised: what should be IRAM‘s next big step?(i) building more antennas on the PdB and extending the tracks?(ii) engaging in a southern hemisphere project?-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐> calling upon a new Visi2ng CommiIee to meet in 1992

2nd VisiEng CommiTee in 1992 chaired by J. Welchwith members fromthe SAC and from the outside: M.Ishiguro, H.Habing

Comments on the future development of the PdB interferometer:

Comments on the study acEviEes for a southern hemisphere array:conEnue but explore possible frameworks for internaEonal cooperaEon

• Key Issues:The period 1993-­‐1996-­‐following the VC recommendaEons, a difficult debate startedwhether the Council could give a „go ahead“ for one or two newantennas, and the extension of the tracks ( which made sense onlyif more antennas are added to the exisEng 4 )-­‐ in 1993 start of a discussion about A5 on the basis of several fundingscenarios; final „go-­‐ahead“ in 1994. A5 was integrated into the array in 1996-­‐ in 1995, Alain Baudry was appointed to the EC, following Pierre Encrenaz-­‐ the studies for a southern array foucused on the LSA as a collaboraEonwith ESO, Onsala and the NFRA

The period 1997-­‐1998Alain Baudry is Chairman of the ExecuEve Council• Key Issues in 1997:-­‐ major changes in the IRAM management (S.G., K.S., R.N.)-­‐ LSA study together with ESO, NFRA and Onsala conEnued and inJune 1997 ESO and NRAO signed an agreement to join efforts-­‐ the EC decided to build A6 ( IGN contribuEng 33%!), work started 1998• In 1998:-­‐ 10th anniversary of first fringes on the PbD!-­‐ ALMA proposal submiTed to the ESO Council

The year 1999 and the years that followed• On July 1st, 1999 the IRAM staff and many other families were terribly hitby the PdB cable car accident.Again, on December 15th, 1999 the crash of a helicopter amplified thepain and the problems to keep the PdB at least in a survival mode,stopping all new construcEon work which had been under way (A6, trackextension) for an unknown amount of Eme.A team of safety experts from CERN was brought in to review all acEviEes,on the PdB, in Grenoble, and in Spain. A safety engineer was hired and heworked out procedures to minimize as much as possible any remainingrisks.During all this Eme, the members of the ExecuEve Council were anenormous help to the IRAM management, and Alain had an important rolerole in this.Providing access to the PdB had been a CNRS responsibility, and we wereextremely grateful that the CNRS took the lead to work on a new soluEon.

The year 1999 and the years that followed (cont.)• Key Issues:-­‐ how to operate the interferometer with a minimum number of transportsof staff (by helicopter and/or on foot)?-­‐ how and when to complete A6 and the track extension work, both requiringaddiEonal people on the Plateau-­‐ to to balance the parEcipaEon in the ALMA project without loosingmomentum for further improvements on PV and PdB? (synergies)-­‐ while the EC supported IRAM`s early involvement in ALMA work on thebasis of „in kind contribuEons“, it insisted that during ALMA Phase 2IRAM`s contribuEons must financially be compensated by the project.

The year 1999 and the years that followed (cont.)• More Issues:-­‐ increase the capabiliEes of the PdB interferometer by adding the SEST?-­‐ parEcipaEon in Herschel-­‐ parEcipaEon in the FP6 RadioNet project(i) parEcipaEng in the TransnaEonal Access program(ii) parEcipaEng and coordinaEng a development program for nextgeneraEon receivers (AMSTAR)-­‐ preparaEon of a long-­‐term strategy paper („White Paper“) by outliningseveral opEons for IRAM`s role and development beyond 2009 whenthe contract between CNRS, MPG and IGN will need to be extended, andwhen the operaEonal phase of ALMA will come closer and closer.The EC appointed a small sub-­‐group to prepare the White Paper, andAlain Baudry was one of the members.

Study of the benefits from adding the SESTby Roberto Neri (May 2001)

IRAM ExecuEve Council in June 2003-­‐ steps towards the future:a “White Paper“, a science workshop, a VisiEng CommiTee

Summary of the deliberaEons of the VisiEng CommiTeein 2004Comments:-­‐ as a result of these comments and recommenda2ons, the IRAM contractwas extended by 5 years (2010-­‐2014). Any further extension would bedecided aRer another Visi2ng CommiIee mee2ng. This happened in 2010!-­‐ The recommenda2on about coopera2on with other observatories triggeredintensive discusions about ways to collaborate with CARMA.

The years 2006-­‐2010 under a new DirecEon:Pierre Cox and Karl Schuster-­‐ this has been a period in which IRAM has made enormous progress in theperformance of its receivers and backends , and it has at the same Emefulfilled its obligaEons vis-­‐a-­‐vis the ALMA project-­‐An important topic throughout this period, has of course been a new access tothe PdB. The construcEon work on this has finally started this year.-­‐-­‐ The most important topic has, however, been IRAM`s role in the ALMA era andthe extension of the current IRAM contract which extends to 2014.IRAM has developed a very convincing concept , the NOEMA project, that gotstrong support by the user communiEes , and was successfully reviewed byanother VisiEng CommiTee. It now has the full support of the partnerorganisaEons (CNRS, MPG, IGN) who provide the necessary funds.NOEMA aims at-­‐ doubling the number of antennas on the PdB-­‐ extending (again) the baselines-­‐ extending (again) the bandwidth of the receivers-­‐ development of more powerful correlator etc.

NOEMA - Current Status• Phase I (4 more Antennas + rec + full 12 Ant backend –34 MEu) is financed and has started.• All technical key issues have been solved.• 7 th antenna assembling starts March 2013• 10 antenna will be commissioned until 2016• Phase II (2 more Antennas and extension of baselines to1.7 km – 15 MEu) - exploration of possibility ofadditional partner(s).Courtesy: Karl Schuster

NOEMA(Northern Extended Millimeter Array)

1995-­‐ 2010Alain Baudry as a Member of the EC• Together with Reinhard Genzel and Jesus Gomez Gonzales,Alain has served for more years on IRAM`s ExecuEve Councilthan any of the other members.• In addiEon, he has served for 11 years on the ScienEficAdvisory CommiTee, and in several expert groups

Alain‘s parEcipaEon in PdB projects as PI or Co-­‐Iduring the period 1990-­‐1999: involved in about 20 obs. runsNumber 0f proposals submiTed and acceptedNumber of hours requested and scheduled

Alain Baudry`s publicaEons quoted in IRAM`s Annual Reports

Conclusion• First of all a big thank you to you, Alain, for the dedicaEon andcompetence with which you have served on many differentIRAM commiTees and as an outspoken supporter of IRAM inthe French astronomical community and elsewhere in theworld!• and thank you all for your paEence!

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