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SPRING 2011BANNERPROJECTRyan Haywood’sillustrations jazz upManchester’s downtown.See page 3.LIFEAFTERSCHOOLJames Chase survivesWoodcut Bootcamp.See page 5.CAPEBRETONGary Samson organizesphotography exhibitionand book launch.See page 14.

2CAMPUS DEVELOPMENTSCONTENTSFeature Story: Downtown Banners to Feature Institute Talent . . .3Alumni Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Life After School: James Chase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Alumni News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7Alumni Association Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8Institute in the Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9Campus Developments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10Welcome Suzanne and Rick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .102011 Business Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10Franco American Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Around Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Interior Design Alliance Event . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Scholarships Awarded . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11Thomas Adams Collection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12Summer with the Institute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12Tour France with the Institute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13Teti Library Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13Faculty and Student News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14Gary Samson in Cape Breton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .142010 Dean’s List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14Faculty and Student Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15New Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16Continuing Education Insert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsertAnnual Certificate and Continuing Education ExhibitionUpcoming Classes and WorkshopsFaculty Profile: June TriscianiMt. Washington Summer ProgramMcLaughlin WoodsExhibitions and Presentations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17Student Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18Board of Trustees and Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .195th Annual Preview Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20ACADEMIC CALENDARSPRING 2011Monday, January 3 ..................Administrative Offices re-openSunday, January 9.....................Dormitories re-openMonday, January 10..................BFA classes beginMonday, January 17..................Martin Luther King Jr. Day –Institute closedTuesday, January 18 ..................Add/drop period endsFriday, February 4 .....................Fall 2010 Incompletes dueMonday, February 21 ...............Presidents’ Day – AdministrativeOffices closed – classes held asscheduledWeek of Feb. 28 – Mar. 4..........Mid-semesterFriday, March 4 .........................Last day to withdraw from a classWeek of March 7 – 11 ..............Spring Break – no BFA classesWeeks of March 14 & 21 .........Course advising periodMonday, March 28 ...................Registration beginsTuesday, April 19.......................First day of PassoverSunday, April 24........................Easter Sunday – Institute closedTuesday, April 26.......................Last day of PassoverFriday, April 29..........................CE Graduation,Spring classes endWeek of May 2 - 6 ....................BFA student reviewsTuesday, May 3..........................Final grades dueSaturday, May 7 ........................Dormitories closeSaturday, May 21 ......................Preview PartySunday, May 22 ........................Commencement and opening ofthe Annual Student ExhibitionSun., May 22 – Sat., Jul. 23.......Annual Student ExhibitionMonday, May 30 ......................Memorial Day, Institute closedDates are subject to change.THE INSTITUTE TRAVELSTO GREECEStudents: join the New Hampshire Institute of Art, inpartnership with Hellenic American University and the NewHampshire College and University Council, as we travel to Athens,Greece, May 16 – June 17, 2011. This study abroad opportunity willfocus on photographing the landscape, architecture, people andrich culture that makes up the area. Gary Samson, photographychairperson and Dr. Ioanna Kopsiafti, professor of humanities willlead this month-long program. Cost is $4,000 and includes airfare,housing, transportation, and health insurance, as well as six BFAcredits (three in humanities and three in art).Interested students should contact Gail Sora, registrar at (603)836-2546 or email Don’t miss out on thisincredible opportunity! Reserve your space today!INSTITUTE HOURSAdministrative Business HoursMon. – Fri.: 8:30 am – 5:00 pmGalleries/Public HoursMon. – Fri.: 9:00 am – 5:00 pmSat.: 9:00 am – 12:00 pmSPRING HOURS (through May 31)Studios (students and faculty only)Mon. – Fri.: 8:30 am – 11:00 pmSat.: 9:00 am – 8:00 pmSun.: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pmThe Camera Shop and Art Supply StoreMon. – Fri.: 8:30 am – 5:00 pmSat.: 9:00 am – 4:00 pmTeti LibraryMon. – Fri.: 8:00 am – 8:00 pmSat.: 8:00 am – 4:30 pmSun.: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pmSpecial Collections byappointment only.Call (603) 836-2530Writing Studio HoursMon. – Fri.: 9:00 am – 5:00 pmSalvador DeliMon. – Thurs.: 8:00 am – 7:00 pmFri.: 8:00 am – 5:00 pmSat.: 10:00 am – 5:00 pmSun.: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pmNEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ARTON THE COVER / Ryan Haywood

DOWNTOWNBANNERS FEATUREINSTITUTE TALENTManchester gets a new look thanks tothe artwork of senior Ryan Haywood.FEATURE STORYDuring the school year, thestreets of downtown Manchesterexhibit a fair representation of theInstitute’s student body. They can beseen traveling between classes anddorms, portfolio case in-hand orcameras slung loyally around necks,having lunch in-between classeswith classmates in one ofManchester’s many restaurants, orworking on a drawing assignmentin Victory Park. This Spring,however, the Institute’s studentpresence in downtown Manchesterwill be redefined when senior RyanHaywood’s expressive illustrationswill display high upon thestreetlamps of Elm, Hanover andCommercial streets.The opportunity arose whenIntown Manchester, a non-profitmanagement company that focuseson business, maintenance, activityRYAN HAYWOOD / at work in the studiosponsored by local business, whichin return receive a name placementon a banner, thus fulfilling furtherbeautification efforts developed byIntown. “The Banner Program hasseen many different designs andthemes throughout the years,ranging from simple photography tolast year’s pop-art theme,” saidSamantha DePrima, director ofmarketing and public relations forIntown. “Partnering with theInstitute is something we havewanted to do for some time. TheInstitute has a significant presenceand is a major contributor to ourdowntown community. Tapping intotheir immense talent pool to createartistic designs for the bannerprogram will no doubt result in ourbest program yet.”Jim Burke, chairperson of theillustration department, jumped atand aesthetic improvement within the downtown district, the opportunity for collaboration, realizing the potential creativeapproached the Institute about the possibility of enlisting student working skills his students would gain from this real-life project,talent for Intown’s Street Banner well as the importance in emphasizing the Institute’sThe Street Banner Program is an annual initiative created by community presence within the city. “The process of creatingIntown Manchester, originated to correspond with Intown’s artwork for Intown’s banner project is a great, real-world learningannual Walkable Neighborhoods project by adding cohesive appeal, experience for the illustration students at the Institute,”he said.vivacity and a touch of art to the downtown area. Banners arecontinued on page 43866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

4FEATURE STORYDOWNTOWN BANNERS...continued from page 3“We have an incredibly talented studentbody and I’m enthusiastic to have themcollaborating with Intown and the City ofManchester.”Jim presented the project challenge tothe students of the illustration program as anopen competition, complete with a cashprize, at the beginning of the Fall 2010semester. By December, five final campaignswere produced by participating studentsbefore the winner was selected. “I had apreliminary meeting in December withIntown [Stephanie Lewry and SamDePrima] to review the progress of thestudents’ work. When they viewed the works,they stated that Ryan Haywood’s work wasexactly what they were looking for,” said Jim.The banners will depict scenes evocativeof the downtown community and culture: ayoung violin player, reminiscent ofManchester’s rich educational music venues;an attentive waiter, bringing to mind themyriad of the city’s street-lining eateries.Seven of Ryan’s illustrations will hang for afull year and will be seen by nearly 110,000people, including Manchester residents andpeople who work in and visit the downtownarea. Such exposure is no doubt a greatprospect for an established artist, butcertainly a dream for a working student.“It was definitely a huge firstprofessional project and a great learningexperience,” said Ryan, whose images for thebanners began as gouache paintings onpaper, a medium that has helped to identifyhis illustrative works.“I started working ingouache after struggling to get fluid, opaquebrush lines with acrylic paint. I had MarkHoffman for graphic design my sophomoreyear and he turned me on to it after hearingmy frustration. Ever since then it has blendednicely into my drawing style of painting.”Ryan refines his paintings through mediatechnology, mainly on his iPad.“But thecomputer is really just another tool in myRYAN HAYWOOD / Two of his designsthat will be featured box,”he told The Union Leader’sJohn Clayton in a January interview forthe paper.As any professional illustrator orartist can testify, not every major projectruns as smoothly as anticipated, but theresult is often very satisfying andrewarding. “There were kinks in thebeginning,” Ryan said of his overallexperience, “but I began to get a hang ofthe flow of the project, also workingwith Jim to manage timelines for thepeople at Intown Manchester.” As forthe final banners, importance resided inconsistency, something Intownspecifically expressed as an importantfactor for the project. Looking at theimages it’s evident that Ryan understoodthis and worked diligently to achieve.“They are all very cohesive and relatenaturally to one another,” he said. “I amvery proud of the banners as a series —to me they are seamless.”In many cases, the experience ofproducing such a large, professionalproject at the rise of an artist’s careersurpasses the monetary perks. Althoughhe is grateful to have won a $1,000 cashprize for his banner illustrations, Ryanseems more focused on the value of theexperience, especially with hisapproaching graduation from theInstitute this coming May. “My goal asan illustrator has always been editorialprojects with very tight deadlines,” hesaid. “The banner project gave me ahuge jumping off point both exposurewiseand [with] confidence. I could notthink of a better way to leave schoolthan with this in my portfolio.”The installation of the banners isscheduled for early April. Please for thelatest schedule and updates. You can alsovisit to see acollection of the Ryan’s work.NEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

LIFEafterSCHOOLJAMES CHASEALUMNI CORNERJames Chase, BFAInterdisciplinary, 2010, is notafraid of taking chances orworking hard, two attributesthat have helped him achieveremarkable growth during histime as a student and now as aprofessional working artist.Starting in high school, Jamesunderstood his need to createart and to be proactive in orderto fuel his passion, even if itwasn’t going to be easy. Hebegan an internship at the Institute helping out around campusin exchange for a class per semester. This was in 1999, when theBFA program was in its infancy. It wasn’t until 2003, and afterjoining the workforce for several years, that he made a personalcommitment to pursue his BFA.Since that time, he has worked dutifully to hone his artisticvoice and skills to create work that can be described as eclectic,independent and unmistakably, “James Chase.”He creates densework out of metal, wood and found objects. “The creation of mywork is the result of stitching together aspects of sculpture,painting, printmaking and photography,” he says. “My work usuallybegins with a solitary idea and evolves into a matrix once a sense ofambiguity and form is achieved. Materials scavenged from fleamarkets, junkyards, discount stores, dumpsters and alleys make upmy sculptures. Rarely do I map out a work before construction.”James worked diligently to balance study and working longhours in retail during the nearly eight-year timeframe in whichhe pursued his degree as a part-time student, a timeframe thatmay appear nontraditional to many, but something that Jamessays was the best path he could have chosen. “I feel that takingthe nontraditional route has been an advantage to me as anartist. I built great artistic relationships with the faculty, and theyhave helped me hone my voice because of this,” he says. Thistime also put James in a unique position as a student at theJAMES CHASE / at the Annual Student Exhibition, 2010Institute during a rapid growthperiod. “An advantage of beinga part-time student for anextended period of time, wasthe ability to see the quality offaculty and facilities increase,”he says, speaking fondly of theappearance of the Institute’sfirst digital labs to thesubstantial growth of theprintmaking facilities.During his time as astudent, James receivedseveral scholarships as a resultof his artistic and academicsuccess, and worked as theprintmaking studio assistant,helping to lead classes,manage studio maintenanceand inventory, and serve as anonsite advisor to students. Hecredits his interest inprintmaking to his time– JAMES CHASE, ‘10interacting with faculty andpeers, particularly through studio critiques. “I was asked todefend my work a lot,” he says, “and not use it as a formula, andthat’s how the printmaking aspect of my work came about.”Since graduating from the Institute, James has chosen tofocus largely on printmaking, and has already made greatstrides in advancing his career as a printmaker. He took achance on reaching out to well-known printmaker Tom Huck,owner of Evil Prints Studio in St. Louis, MI. After several emailinteractions, Huck invited James to work alongside him at hisannually organized, weeklong Woodcut Boot Camp, whereJames and the nine other participants immersed themselves inprintmaking and Huck’s expertise. The prints James created“I believe my job as anartist is to createworks which evokeemotional connections,to articulate apersonal vision, anddevelop ideas bytaking chances.”continued on page 65866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

6ALUMNI CORNERJAMES CHASE... continued from page 5while at the camp were well-received and this past fall theywere exhibited in a group print show at the Slocumb Galleriesat East Tennessee State University.Immediately upon returning home from WoodcutBootcamp, James honed his networking skills even further bycontacting Sean StarWars, another renowned printmaker whosework he admired. “I emailed Sean and mentioned I had justbeen to Tom Huck’s Woodcut Bootcamp and offered to helpSean at any upcoming events,” said James. StarWars took Jamesup on his offer to assist him at Prints Gone Wild, a printmakingfair at which he was exhibiting in New York City. James assistedStarWars with every aspect of the fair, including setting up thebooth and selling prints. His experience at Prints Gone Wild ledJames to even more opportunities and admired artists, and hecontinues to keep reaching out to those he looks up to. “I justkeep plugging away,” he says, “and networking myself into theprint community.” James will continue his relationship with bothHuck and StarWars when he attends the Southern GraphicsCouncil print conference’s Printmakers Ball this March in St.Louis. He will sit alongside both artists at his own booth wherehe will display his body of work.His goal for the future is to attend graduate school andmajor in printmaking, and he is currently applying to severalschools throughout the country. Beyond that, he expresses hisdesire to work both in academia and as an artist as long as he canmake a body of work and inspire others. While still in hishometown, however, he continues to contribute to the local artscommunity. He was recently elected to the Manchester ArtsCommission (MAC) by Mayor Ted Gatsas. As an artcommissioner, James' duties will include promoting, fosteringand building the local arts community. Since becoming acommissioner, Chase has been put in charge of web developmentand online content as well as the creation of MAC’s new logo.Chase has also assisted in press releases and graphic design forletterhead and business cards.James attributes much of his early professional success tohis years at the Institute, “The Institute gave me the ability to findmy way and push me and enabled me to have a well-roundedfoundation by offering a great exhibiting artist roster,” he says.He also credits his friends and fellow students for their help.“I’ve been inspired by so many of my fellow classmates andlooked up to them,” he says. In addition, James’ motivation andnetworking skills have also contributed to his growth, and headvises students to do the same. “Reaching out to professionalartists has been extremely beneficial to my own growth as anartist,” he says. That first-hand experience of working with otherartists has also been helpful in learning how to install aprofessional looking show.As James moves forward with his artistic endeavors, heexudes a simple self-confidence around his role as an artist thathas clearly come from his years of hard work and risk taking. “Myart making process comes from the basic need to tell a story orevoke emotion. It’s as basic and as complicated as that,” he says.To students who are discovering their own artistic voices, Jamesoffers this sage advice: “There is so much merging and slicing ofstyles of art, it’s easy to get caught up in all the conceptual andmultiple techniques. Be truthful to yourself and make lots ofmistakes. Your voice will come through with that.”An installation by James ChaseNEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

ALUMNI NEWSAshley Beliveau, BFA alumna,Photography, 2010, recentlymoved to Los Angeles, CAwhere she is working for anon-profit organization calledPabLove, which seeks to teachchildren living with cancer todevelop their creative voicethrough the art of photography.Prior to her position withPabLove, she was working as afreelance photographer in NewYork and Philadelphia whereher images were printed inmultiple publications such asthe non-profit HeadCount andCrawdaddy Magazine.Alumnus Michelle Blandia,BFA alumna, Painting, 2010,was awarded first place for herpainting Andrew and Salvador,at the York Art Association’sLaunch exhibition, which ranthrough January 30 at theAssociation’s gallery in YorkHarbor, ME. Jon King, BFAalumnus, Photography, 2010,received an honorablemention; Tyler Gibbs, BFAalumnus, Illustration, 2010,Elizabeth Redstone, BFAalumna, Illustration, 2010 andNed Roche, BFA alumnus,Illustration, 2010, were alsoselected to participate in theexhibition.LYELL CASTONGUAY / IllustrationLyell Castonguay, BFAalumnus, Illustration, 2010, wasselected for exhibition in the7th Arches Student PrintExhibition sponsored by BostonPrintmakers and displaying atthe Danforth Museum inFramingham, MA. Please fordates and information.Sid Ceaser, BFA alumnus,Photography, 2004, proposed tohis girlfriend of 10 years SaraPrindiville, alumna,Photography, 2004, at RedRiver Theatre in Concord, NHin December 2010. Sid’sproposal included a short filmfeaturing Sid and Sara lookalikemuppets. Since theproposal, the film has goneviral on with over250,000 views. In addition tobeing featured in severalnewspapers and radiointerviews, the film andproposal were also featured onABC World News Now and FoxNews Boston. You can watchthe video or on, Sid and Sara!Gillian Fournier, BFA alumna,Photography, 2010, wasrecently appointed as a votingmember of the Exeter ArtsCommittee in Exeter, NH.ALUMNI CORNER7The writing of Carand Burnet,BFA alumna, Painting, 2010,was featured in theJanuary/February 2011 issue ofArt New England. Carand’s twopagecolumn, titled “NoPoisons Used in These Prints,”highlighted the Zea MaysPrintmaking Studio and galleryin Florence, MA. Carand is alsowriting reviews for themagazine. You can see more ofCarand’s writng in theupcoming issues of Art NewEngland. View Carand’s artworkat PRINDIVILLE AND SID CEASER / Muppet proposalMarissa Girard, BFA alumna,Painting, 2010, was selected forinclusion in the 2011 PortlandMuseum of Art Biennial for herpainting Calvary II. TheBiennial features 66 works by47 artists and runs April 7 –June 5, 2011, in Portland, ME.Christina Julian, CT alumna,Photography, 2009, haslaunched her own business,Julian Fine Art Photographyand Digital Imaging,specializing in aphotojournalism, portraits andproduct photography, as well asdigital imaging restoration andcontinued on page 8866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

8ALUMNI CORNERALUMNI NEWS...continued from page 7alteration. For moreinformation Lucas, BFA alumnus,Photography, 2007 has beeninvited by the Saatchi Gallery,London, and Saatchi Online toexhibit his work in their boothat the SCOPE art fair in NewYork City, March 2 – 6, 2011. Hewas one of only 14 artistsinvited by Saatchi toparticipate. SCOPE is the mostglobal contemporary art showof its kind and art fairs are nowheld annually in New York,Miami, East Hampton, London,and Basel. Visit www.scopeart.comfor details.Jenny Page, BFA alumna,Interdisciplinary, 2007, held asolo exhibition at TheGovernor’s Academy in Byfield,MA from February 4 – 25, 2011.Janet Prisk, CT alumna,Interior Design, 2010, hascollaborated with DonnaCorey, CT alumna,Photography, 2010, on aninterior design/photographyproject. Janet has renovatedand redesigned Donna’skitchen and living room.Donna has documented theprocess through herphotography.MARISSA GIRARD / Maple SunsetMARISSA GIRARD / Calvary IINEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ARTALUMNI ASSOCIATIONThe Institute’s Alumni Council began its second year with the first meeting on September28, 2010. Three new members were elected to the council as well as a new Certificate studentrepresentative. This year’s Council Officers were elected as follows: Thomas Ford, BFA 2005Painting, Council Chair; Don Johnson, CT 1999 Photography, Council Vice Chair; Wendy Root,CT 2005 Photography, Treasurer; and Diane Sherman, CT 1998 Photography, Secretary. AmyBettencourt, BFA 2010 Ceramics, was elected as the Board of Trustees Alumni Representative.The Council has been working to create and deliver new opportunities and ways ofcommunicating with our valued alumni. Please stay tuned for some exciting happenings in thecoming year, including emails, an alumni exhibition and alumni get-togethers!Cindy Rizza, BFA alumna,Painting, 2007, completed amonth-long residency at theVermont Studio Center inJohnson, VT during January2011. Cindy’s body of workfinished during this time willbe featured in a solo show atThree Grace’s Gallery inPortsmouth, NH during themonth of June 2011. She alsohas a show titled SuburbanMemory on display at theUniversity of New HampshireLibrary, Manchester, NHthrough May 2011.ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONIf you would like to receive more information about the Alumni Association or Council,please contact Julia LaFleur, development associate at (603) 836-2546 or email can also visit for information on benefits,submitting artwork to the website or upcoming events.ALUMNI CORNERWHAT ARE YOU DOING?The Institute and your classmates want to know! It’s easy to share your news and accomplishments with the Institute.Call: (603) 836-2546Email: alumni@nhia.eduVisit: complete an Alumni Contact Form online!NEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

CHALK ON PAVEMENT /An Instiute student hard at workArt Auctionfor EasterSealsFor the second year in arow, the Institute’s illustrationdepartment collaborated withEaster Seals NH in the WinterWine Spectacular. Studentswere invited to create workspertaining to wine craft andindustry that were displayedand auctioned at the largestwine tasting event north ofBoston. Half of the proceedsfrom the student artist auctionsales were donated to EasterSeals NH, an organization thatprovides services to ensure thatpeople with disabilities orspecial needs and their familieshave equal opportunities tolive, learn, work, and play intheir communities. Elevenworks were chosen this year byjurors Jim Burke, Jerry LoFaroand Jill Weber. Auctionedworks were created by:Shonna BeckettNatalie CarLinzi ClaryJameson ConnorElizabeth DorveeCaitlin GiuntaRyan HaywoodJames O'BrienMarley SmithAlain TurcotteKyle TurnerGOOD WORKS / Bidders review art at the Holiday FundraiserStudents 21 years of ageand older were invited toattend the festive event, whichwelcomed more than 1,400attendees, and more than 2,000wines from all over the world.2010SIDEWALKARTFESTThe Institute teamed upwith radio station WZID tobring the Sidewalk Artfest andBras Across the River to BridgeStreet in Manchester onSeptember 11, 2010. The event,which was situated directlyover the Merrimack River,raised $20,535, which benefitedthe New Hampshire BreastCancer Coalition, the ElliotBreast Health Center, theAmerican Cancer Society andSusan G. Koman for the Cure.More than 150 students fromthe Institute spent the daycreating amazing artthroughout the bridge for anaudience of nearly 3,000attendees. Judges Joel Gill,foundations chairperson, DavidWells, academic advisor andpainting faculty, and Lisa Long,BFA alumnus, 2008 awardedfirst, second and third placeprizes selected from theparticipants. The Institute willcollaborate with WZID onceagain this Fall to bring aware -ness to this cause and commu -nity event. Please for the latestupdates!HampshireHouseHolidayFundraiserThe residents of theHampshire House Dormorganized and held their 3rdAnnual Holiday Fundraiser forEmily’s Place, a shelter forsurvivors of Domestic Violence,on December 5, 2010. Institutefaculty, staff and alumnigraciously contributed morethan 30 pieces of artwork forraffle prizes. $1,392 was raisedfrom the sale of raffle tickets,the proceeds of which directlysupported the immanent needsof the women of Emily’s Place,such as clothing, toiletries, andschool supplies for residents’children. Karen McCall, asurvivor and education andoutreach coordinator, spoke onbehalf of Emily’s Place andthanked the organizers for theirkind efforts. The Institutewishes to thank the residentsof the Hampshire House forproducing the most successfulHoliday Fundraiser to date!GIVING BACK / Elizabethe Plante in the classroomWOMENFORWOMENSince the Fall of 2010,Elizabethe Plante, residentdirector and liberal arts faculty,has lead an after schoolprogram sponsored by Womenfor Women, a non-profitorganization helping womenand children from war-torn andconflicted nations transitioninto new lives and cultures.Three afternoons a week,several studios at the LowellStreet building are transformedinto learning centers forchildren of refugee familieswho now reside in Manchester.“All the families we serve aredeserving, hardworking folksthat love their children andlove America,” said Elizabethe.“They are grateful to livewithout fear of torture andgenocide.”These studentsrange from elementary, juniorhigh and high school ages andattend the after school programafter a full day of classes. Inaddition to her service to thechildren and their families,Elizabethe also initiated anInstitute fund drive inDecember in support of afamily of six relocated fromBurundi, an Eastern-Africancountry. Institute faculty andstaff helped to raise $575 forthe family.INSTITUTE IN THE COMMUNITY9866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

CAMPUS DEVELOPMENTS10WELCOME SUZANNELENZ AND RICKSTRAWBRIDGE!The Institute is happy to welcome Suzanne Lenz andRichard Strawbridge to our team. Both Suzanne and Rickbegan their positions at the Institute in November 2010and have quickly become integral to the Institutecommunity. Suzanne joins the Institute as the vicepresident of development. She brings with her more than10 years of leadership fundraising experience fororganizations such as the Children’s Museum inPortsmouth, NH, theMerrimackReparatory Theatre,Lowell, MA, andmost recently atRAW Art Works inLynn, MA. Lenzreceived her master’sdegree in ArtsAdministration fromthe University ofWisconsin, School ofBusiness and herbachelor’s degree in SUZANNE LENZArt History andGerman Literature from Mount Holyoke College inMassachusetts.Rick, who served on the Institute’s Board of Trusteesfrom 2002 to 2010, has been appointed to the role ofexecutive vice president. Prior to his position at theInstitute, Rick worked as the chief operating officer forWiggin & Nourie, a law firm inManchester, NH, since 1982and managed many facets ofthe company includingmarketing, financial planning,human resources, informationtechnology and strategicplanning. An avid fine artphotographer, Rick is also analumnus of the CertificateProgram in Photography,which he completed in 2001.Rick received his Master ofBusiness Administrationdegree from NortheasternRICK STRAWBRIDGEUniversity in Boston andBachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University.Both Suzanne and Rick’s offices are located in the EmmaBlood French Building at 148 Concord Street. Please feelfree to stop by and say hello! Welcome Suzanne and Rick!CALLING ALLBUSINESSES!The Institute is pleased to announce the 9th Annual BusinessCampaign! We invite your business to participate in this importantinitiative by contributing to one of our many programs—includingexhibits, lectures, events and scholarship endowments.As a sponsor, your business will have the opportunity todirectly support The Institute’s mission and become a member ofleadership business donors committed to building the artscommunity in the region. In return, your business will receivesignificant visibility, including acknowledgement in publications,on the website, and in the media.The partnership between the business community and highereducation in the fine arts is essential to the insurance of a creativeworkforce. Through business sponsorships, the Institute is alsoable to showcase the work of nationally renowned artists throughgallery exhibits and lectures that are free and open to the public.There are many areas of support in which contributions madeby area businesses help to improve, such as:The Annual FundExhibitions and Public PresentationsThe Annual Preview PartyScholarship EndowmentsCapital ImprovementsIn-Kind Equipment or ServicesCourse MaterialsProfessional DevelopmentEquipment UpgradesPlease help us reach our campaign goal of $60,000. If yourbusiness is interested in participating in the 2011 BusinessCampaign, please contact Julia LaFleur, development associate at(603) 836-2546 or email FOR A CREATIVE WAY TOSUPPORT THE INSTITUTE? BECOMEPREVIEW PARTY SPONSOR!The New Hampshire Institute of Art will host the 5th AnnualPreview Party on May 21, 2011. We invite your business to becomea sponsor of this popular celebration! The Preview Party is theInstitute’s major fundraising event, supporting scholarshipsthrough ticket sales and business sponsorships, while providing awonderful opportunity for attendees to purchase exceptionalstudent artwork before the public opening of the historic AnnualStudent Exhibition! Last year’s Preview Party welcomedmore than 400 attendees from throughout NewHampshire and successfully raised over $25,000. Your businesscan help us reach our goal of $30,000 for scholarships this year,and an increase in attendance.The Preview Party showcases the best of student artworkwhile providing tremendous visibility for our corporate sponsors.Sponsorship benefits will include extensive media recognition andevent signage, recognition in the newsletter sent to 5,000individuals and businesses, and complimentary tickets. Pleasecontact Julia if you are interested!NEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

ATTENTION ALL INTERIORDESIGN TRADEPROFESSIONALS!Join us as we host the first annual Design Alliance, whereinterior designers and trade professionals come together onTuesday, May 3, 2011, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. The event will be held inthe French Building Auditorium, 148 Concord Street, Manchester.Meet practicing interior designers, who are alumni of the InteriorDesign Certificate Program, and welcome our most recentgraduates as they enter the design profession. The event is anopportunity for open networking and to share your products andservices with practicing interior designers.In addition to interior design alumni, attendees includefurniture store representatives, textile representatives, plumbers,kitchen and bath showrooms, granite dealers, painters, architects,electricians, realtors and more! If you are interested in attendingthis event, please email INSTITUTE AT THEFRANCO AMERICANCENTERIn January 2011, the Institute signed a three-yearlease/purchase agreement with the historic FrancoAmerican Center at 52 Concord Street in Manchester, inorder to make room for the expanding collections of the TetiLibrary and Special Collections at Fuller Hall. The 100-yearoldFranco American Building will now become home tothe Admissions, Registrar and Financial Aid Offices. The TetiLibrary will remain at Fuller Hall and will now occupy twoareas on the first floor. Please stop by either the Teti Libraryor the Franco American Center to check out our changesand say hello to our staff!SCHOLARSHIPSAWARDEDEach year, the Institute awards a number of scholarshipsto honor academic merit. Thanks to generous donationsfrom our family of contributors, we are proud to support thehard work and ongoing achievements of Institute students.Faculty and staff work closely with all students toensure their academic success throughout their years atNHIA. The students who receive scholarships have proventheir ability to balance studio time with their study efforts.According to Cami Czohara, financial aid director,“Students are encouraged to take advantage of on-campusresources like the Academic Support Center and Advising.Achieving good grades betters their chances for bothendowed and private scholarship awards.”In the 2010-2011 academic school year the followingscholarships were issued:Corbin T. Hunter Memorial Scholarship to a studentenrolled full-time in the Art Education Program with a3.0 GPA or higher: Kristin Boyle.Basilia Gakidis Scholarship to a non-traditionalBFA student with a focus on any concentration:Kathleen Knox.Paul and Ann Harvey Scholarship nominated by theAcademic Dean for up to three BFA students enteringSophomore, Junior or Senior years: Sara Baradaran,Jessica Durant, Chelsea Fruci, Anne Gaiero, Stephen W.Green, Melissa A. Greenwood, Joanna L. Hall, KristineL. Krakowski, Diane Macpherson, Jenny L Meskauskas,Jillian Murphy, Katrina M. Poor, and Andrew T. Stoltz.John Hubenthal Scholarship to a student entering theirJunior or Senior year who has shown both academicand artistic promise. Faculty review and nominate theindividual: Edward Hentnik.Kristin Johanna Scannell Scholarship to a student fromManchester High School enrolling full-time andidentifying his/her concentration as painting orillustration: Peter Gagne.Annually Funded Scholarship: Lauren Scales, EmilyPalmquist, Loki Huot.NHIA relies on donations from staff, faculty and thecommunity to fund these important scholarships. If you areinterested in contributing to an Endowed Scholarship or tothe Annually Funded Scholarship Fund, please contactSuzanne Lenz at or(603) 836-2547.AROUND CAMPUS11866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

AROUND CAMPUS12THOMAS ADAMS / Presents a gallery talkThomas Adams Fine ArtPhotography Collectionat the InstituteThe walls of the Emma Blood French Building set an examplefor some of the most revered fine art and contemporaryphotography when the fine art photography collection of Mr.Thomas Adams was exhibited this past October and November.Over 50 works were on display, spanning a diverse range oftalent, age and technical processes. The Fine Art PhotographyCollection of Thomas Adams exhibit included a generous spread ofsubject matter and was thoughtfully composed to include worksby both famous and established artists, such as Annie Lebovizand George Daniell, as well as lesser known artists and up-andcomers,like Douglas Prince, Rolf Koppel, and Institute alumnaLindsey Vladyka.Mr. Adams, who is currently in his junior year at the Institute,began collecting fine art photography in 1990 after purchasing animage of Georgia O’Keefe photographed by Todd Webb, and anOlympic rower in Hanover, NH, taken by Annie Leibovitz. Afterworking for 28 years as the executive director of the NewHampshire Chapter of the National Education Association, Mr.Adams enrolled in a photography course at Maine College of Art,Portland. It was there that he opened a photography gallery,Radiant Light Gallery, which featured mainly figurative andphotojournalistic photographs.In addition to Mr. Adams’ exhibition at the Institute, he alsoheld many lunchtime gallery talks for students during theduration of the show. These gallery talks heightened andcomplemented the curriculum for many photography classes, aswell as art history and liberal arts courses. “Discussing, showingand studying the works of fine art photographers is essential tothe learning process of future photographers,”said Mr. Adams. Apanel discussion on collecting fine art photography was also heldin October and featured Mr. Adams and three other collectors: Dr.Roland Bryan, Mr. Steve Duprey, and Mr. Bob Rogers, all of whomare also avid photographers.SPEND YOUR SUMMERAT THE INSTITUTE!Check out these upcoming programs designed specifically forart educators and high school students.2011 ART EDUCATORSSUMMER INSTITUTEJune 26 – July 1, 2011. Enjoy a stimulating and creativeatmosphere while developing new concepts for use in yourclassroom. Choose from a variety of media in 2D and 3Ddisciplines, including traditional, digital and applied arts. Thisprogram allows each participant to complete 30 hours professionaldevelopment. Space is limited, so register early for this popularprogram!• Participate in two hands-on studio workshops in a variety offine arts disciplines.• Complete 30 studio contact hours towards professionaldevelopment requirements.• Share ideas with other colleagues and walk away with newlesson plans.• Only $350, plus some material fees!CALLING ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:2011 PRE-COLLEGESUMMER WORKSHOPJuly 10 – July 22, 2011. This program is designed for highschool students to build their college application portfolios andearn college-level credit. Work on your portfolio drawings, liberalarts elective and a studio elective such as digital imaging,photography, ceramics, illustration, metalworking, andprintmaking that will provide an in-depth foundation for yourcollege experience. A field trip and portfolio reviews willcomplement the studio activities. Outside the studio, you willenjoy experiences that will encourage, educate and inspire artisticgrowth within a creative atmosphere. High school students age 16and older, including high school seniors, are welcome to apply.• Participate in three classes in a variety of fine art and liberal artdisciplines.• Earn up to three college-level elective credits.• Learn while enjoying a stimulating and creative atmosphere ata fine arts college.• Enjoy a field trip, artists’ lectures and motivating discussionswith faculty and peers.• Share ideas with other students and faculty and build astronger portfolio.• Review your portfolio with faculty and staff.For more information about these programs or to receive aregistration form, please contact Continuing EducationCoordinator, Diane Vesci at (603) 836-2513 or Brochures and registration forms also availableat HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

ALUMNI:WOULDYOU LIKETO TOURFRANCEWITH THEINSTITUTE?You can! Travel withthe New Hampshire Instituteof Art in June 2012 to beautifulFrance to experience all the fineart the country has to offer!This nine-day, eight-night tripincludes several days in Paris, avisit to Giverny and anovernight in Rouen. Includedin the program fee are visits tothe following spectacularsights:• Parisian Latin Quarter• Notre Dame Cathedral• Champs-Elysées• Louvre Museum• The Musée d’Orsay• Sacré-Cœur andMontmartre• Versailles• Monet’s Gardens atGiverny• Rouen Cathedral• Optional, but alwaysavailable, are excursions tothe top of the Eiffel Towerand a cruise down theRiver Siene!Current Institute students, CEstudents, alumni, faculty andstaff are invited on this journeyand are welcome to invite theirfamilies and friends*. For tripand pricing details, contactEmily Masterson, faculty, sign up, and enter tour#1006048.*Must be 18 or olderby June 1, 2012.TETI LIBRARYNEW ADDITIONS TO SPECIAL COLLECTIONSHellbound: Boston Horror Comics edited byJoel Christian Gill and Roho is a beautifullyhand-bound limited collector’s edition.Hellbound was co-produced between StrangeFruit Comics, River Bird Studios, and theBoston Comics Roundtable and printed atthe New Hampshire Institute of Art.Attention ceramic students — the TetiLibrary received a small collection of 4000 BCSumerian pottery from Sebastian Lockwood,given to him by Thornkild Jacobsen, formerprofessor of assyriology at HarvardUniversity. Professor Jacobsen was an expertin Sumerian history and lore. The Sumerians(Sumer—ancient Iraq) were highlyingenious, inventing the potter’s wheel.Sumerian craftsmen used geometric patternsin lustrous black paint, created by mixingbrown haematite with an alkali salt andpotassium. Together with the collection arethree books on Sumerian poetry written byProfessor Jacobsen, also available in SpecialCollections.Lastly, Special Collections was giftedwith a signed-copy book titled, Karsh: A Sixty-Year Retrospective by Yousuf Karsh. This editionis the largest publication on Karsh with nearly 200 images. Yousuf Karsh died in 2002 makingthis signed copy very special to us.NEW TO THE TETI LIBRARY / Hellbound: Boston Horror ComicsPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SECTION FOR VISUALARTISTSIn order to better serve our students with resources for growth and professionaldevelopment, we created a new section in Reference called “Professional DevelopmentSection for Visual Artists.” Students will find both reference and circulating books, videos,and various print resources that will help them grow as visual artists. Information aboutprofessional artist groups and “Call for Artists” forms will be updated monthly.NEW FACULTY LINK ON LIBRARY BLOGFaculty will find answers to most of their questions and downloadable documents tohelp them expedite reserve requests, material requests and interlibrary loans on our LibraryBlog ( COLLECTIONSStudents will notice some new titles in the Gothic/Dark Arts and Steampunk Artcollections. We’ve introduced into our circulation works by Alex Gross, Scott Musgrove andFiemke Hiemtra, to name a few. We’ve also included “Dark Inspiration: GrotesqueIllustrations, Art & Design,”“The Upset: Young Contemporary Art,”“Dusty Diablos: Folklore,Iconography, Assemblage, Olé,” and “High Fructose Collected Edition.” We also SteampunkMagazine covering everything and anything about steampunk art and literature.AROUND CAMPUS13866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

FACULTY & STUDENT NEWS14Photography Exhibitionand Book LaunchCAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIAIn the Blood, Cape Breton: Avisual Diary by Gary Samsonand Lindsey Vladyka exhibited atThe Cape Breton University ArtGallery, Cape Breton, NovaScotia from October 12 –November 26, 2010. Theexhibit, which highlighted 120photographs by photographydepartment chair Gary Samsonand 2008 BFA photographyalumna Lindsey Vladyka, filledthe entire gallery and requiredfour days to install under thedirection of CBU GalleryDirector, Laura Schneider.Lindsey and Gary created thephotographs during the Fall of 2008 when Linsday joined Gary ashis assistant while he explored the culture and landscape of theisland throughout a two-month sabbatical in Cape Breton. Theshow was assembled from more than 10,000 digital and film imagestaken during their extended trip, which started in mid-September.Some of the digital prints featured in the show, shot in bothcolor and black and white, spanned as large as four by six feet.Also included were collections of portraits taken of the subjectsinterviewed for the book, In the Blood: Cape Breton Conversations onCAPE BRETON EXHIBITION AND BOOK LAUNCH /(from left) Laura Schneider, Lindsey Vladyka, and Gary SamsonCulture, the launching of whichcoincided with the exhibition’sopening reception, heldOctober 12. The 282-pagebook, published by Utah StateUniversity Press and CapeBreton University Press,features 22 interviews byUniversity of New HampshireProfessor Burt Feintuch andover seventy duo-tone blackand white photographs byGary Samson.President Roger Williamsaddressed the opening nightreception and spoke about theimportance of the collaborationbetween institutions of higher learning and projects like In theBlood. The program concluded with remarks from Burt Feintuchand University of Cape Breton Press Editor in Chief Mike R.Hunter. Following the reception, Gary and Lindsey met with 30college art students and discussed their approach and selection ofsubject matter in creating the imagery included in the show.The book, In the Blood: Cape Breton Conversations on Culture,is available from Utah State University Press’S LISTRECIPIENTS!We are very pleased to announce the Spring and Fall2010 Dean’s List recipients. The 79 BFA students whoreceived the award took 12 credits or more in the fallsemester, without any incompletes, and earned a 3.7semester GPA or higher.Patrick McCay, Dean of Academic Affairs, applaudsthe hard work of the students: “Making the Dean’s listnot only reflects a high level of artistic and academicfluency, but more significantly, speaks to a level ofcommitment, passion, interest, energy and enthusiasmso vital to future success and engagement in the artworld. It is always a pleasure for Academic Affairs toextend recognition and acknowledgement to theeducational effort and high attainment of students.”SPRING 2010Ethan BrownNatalie CarrKaitlyn ChapmanJoseph CilleyLinzi ClaryMelissa CooperAmelia CottleTaryn CozzyTaylor CunninghamKeith-Alan DeFrancaMerrill DeWatersLeon DoucetteElizabeth EllenwoodTiffany FarmakisGillian FournierJustin GeraceMarissa GirardStephen GreenBenjamin HjelmAnnie HoltCody HuotSamuel JohnsonNeona KarageorgosKiera McTigueCorey MikulaAaron MitchellEmily PalmquistAbbigail SaffianLauren ScalesKaren TorresKyle TurnerCorina WilletteFALL 2010Danielle AnticoKeegan BrennenNicholas BugiedaJoseph CilleyLinzi ClaryMelissa CooperTaryn CozzyKeith-Alan DeFrancaMerrill DeWatersJenisa DiazStephanie DollardLeon DoucetteLaura DuBoisJustin GeraceRebecca GreenspanLisa HoffAnnie HoltMichael HowatElizabeth IrelandNicole JeraldsEleanor LaBrancheNicholas LevesqueMarlana LordTiffany MackieEmily MarshLena McClellanCorey MikulaAaron MitchellEmma MoremanAlicyn MurphyJames O'BrienEmily PalmquistJennifer RivardBailey RodgersAbbigail SaffianBritny Savary-BersaniBrittany SmithSydney SparrowJillian St. PierreNicole St. PierreKatherine ThorellKaren TorresSamantha ToupinAshley TraphagenKyle TurnerMichael WeinsteinCorina WilletteNEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

FACULTY &STUDENT NEWSFoad Afshar, art educationfaculty, has been elected as thePresident of the NewHampshire PsychologicalAssociation. Foad has alsorecently finished a researchproject with the Beech StreetElementary ESOL studentsusing the arts as a means toimprove prosocial behaviorsand communication. Foad willalso be presenting at theNational Art Educator’sAssociation on the impact ofart education on braindevelopment, March 16 – 20,2011 in Seattle, WA.Ceramics faculty member JohnBaymore’s work was includedin the invitational Bowls, Bowls,Bowls exhibition held at theWorcester Center for Crafts inDecember 2010. This comingMarch and April, he will exhibitwoodfired work included in theupcoming Shoulders We StandOn competitive exhibition atthe Nancy Marco Fine CraftsGallery in Tampa, FL, held as apart of the annual conferenceof the National Council forEducation for the Ceramic Arts.Elizabeth Cameron,printmaking faculty, wasselected to exhibit her work inExpressions, a Monotype Guildof New England, a memberjuriedexhibition at the ZulloGallery Center for the Arts inMedford, MA, through March26, 2011.Elizabeth will also exhibitalongside printmaking facultyBill Cass, Director ofEnrollment and StudentServices, Liam Sullivan as wellas BFA students Kate Knoxand Brett Parenteau, CTstudent Hanna Phelps and CEstudent Soosen Dunholter, atPrints of the Year, a printmakingexhibition held at the UNHSchool of Law in Concord, NH.The exhibition features 80prints by 40 New Hampshireprintmakers and runs throughApril 1, 2011.Foundations faculty EleanorClough, participated in theCurrier Museum of Art’s 70thAnniversary Faculty Exhibition atthe Currier’s Art Center. Herwork is on display throughMarch 7. For more informationvisit Jameson Connor,senior BFA illustration student,received second prize at theYork Art Association’s Launchexhibition in York Harbor, ME.Dan Enright, junior, BFAillustration, received anhonorable mention in the sameexhibition, and Cait Giunta,senior, BFA illustration was alsoselected for the exhibit, whichran through January 30.Rane Hall, chairperson ofliberal arts, has collaboratedwith curatorial and publicprogramming staff at theCurrier Museum of Art toprepare information anddiscussion questions for theCurrier’s new Online BookClub. The online book club isdesigned to be a resource forexisting book clubs that areinterested in linking works ofliterature to art on view at themuseum. To launch theprogram, Rane preparedmaterials that pair RalphEllison’s novel Invisible Manwith a new museumacquisition: Glenn Ligon’spaintings Invisible Man (TwoViews). Rane also recentlyreviewed the Frank StellaIrregular Polygon Series on viewat the Hood Museum of Art forArt New England. The Stellaexhibit at the Hood runsthrough early March.The work of BFA students KateKnox, Corey Mikula, EmilyPalmquist and BrettJOHN CONNOR / PaintingKATE KNOX / PrintmakingParenteau was selected toappear in the 7th Arches StudentPrint Exhibition, sponsored byBoston Printmakers and held atthe Danforth Museum of Art,Framingham, MA. Please fordates and information.Sebastian Lockwood, liberalarts faculty, is performing PaintCaesar Dead on March 4, 2011,at 5:30 pm at the NewHampshire Institute of Art, TheLife of Caesar on March 16,2011, at 7 pm at the DurhamPublic Library in Durham, NH,and Arts Equinox on April 15,2011, at 10:30 am at theDriscoll School in Brookline,MA. For more informationabout these performances andfor future performances, on page 16FACULTY & STUDENT NEWS15866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

FACULTY & STUDENT NEWS16JILL WEBBER / The Story of Esther and The Twenty-four Days Before ChristmasFACULTY &STUDENT NEWS...continued from page 15Peggi McCarthy, liberal artsfaculty, will direct GenericTheater’s production of LargoDesolato, a tragic-comedy byVaclev Havel, and set in Englishby Tom Stoppard. Theproduction will run April 1-17,2011, at the Player’s Ring inPortsmouth, NH. For moreinformation Montenegro, sculpturefaculty, will be unveiling a tenfootbronze sculpture titled“Crosswalk” for the City ofManchester this Spring. Thesculpture will be placed on thecorner of Granite and OldGranite streets, across from theVerizon Center. The unveilingwill be announced in April2011. Stay tuned for details!Erick Reyes, freshman BFAillustration student, was aselected winner of the 2010Krylon Clear ChoiceScholarship. The scholarshipawarded five students from 350submissions for a $1,000scholarship to the college oftheir choice.Claudia Rippee, photographyfaculty, exhibited two pieces inthe NH Art Association's 62ndCurrier Exhibition. The showruns through March 6, 2011.S Stephanie, liberal artsfaculty, co-organized the firstannual Poets Remembrance Dayfor The Dead Poet Society. Theevent was held at the FrostFarm in Derry, NH in Octoberand included 10 NH poetsreading the works of 10deceased NH Poets. Her poemsappeared in Connotation Pressand Literary Laundry this year,as well as a review of her latestChapbook, What the NewsSeemed to Say in Rattle.An article by ChristopherVolpe, liberal arts faculty, waspublished in Maine History, apeer-reviewed cultural historyjournal. Volpe's article, "MariaJ.C. a' Becket, Rediscovering anAmerican Artist," is the firstscholarly work to focus onMaria A'Becket, a forgotten19th century landscapeartist born in 1839 inPortland, ME. Volpe'sresearch establishes howthis independent,unmarried woman foughtfor and won success as aprofessional femalelandscape painterworking in a styledecades ahead of its time.Jill Weber, illustrationfaculty, recentlyillustrated, The TwentyfourDays Before Christmasby Madeleine L’Engle(2010 Farrar StrausGiroux, NY), which waspublished December 2010. Hernext book, The Story of Esther(2011 Holiday House, NY) willbe available in February with abook signing at the ToadstoolBookshop in Milford, NH onMarch 13 at 2 pm. Jill has alsofinished the interior bookdesign for Natural HospitalBirth (2011 Harvard CommonPress, Boston) that will beavailable this March. Jill’s bodyof work titled Ten Portraits:Pheasant Wood is on permanentdisplay at Pheasant Wood Careand Rehabilitation Center inPeterborough, NH.Alison Williams, paintingfaculty, will be exhibiting herwork at the Lamont Gallery atPhillips Exeter Academy, March23 - April 30, 2011, with anopening reception on MarchALISON WILLIAMS / Untitled (print#5)25. The Functional and theAesthetic: Works by Joseph Pintzand Alison Williams will alsofeature an artist’s talk in thegallery on March 26 at 10 am.For more information, FACULTYART EDUCATIONEllen Mary HartMA, Cambridge CollegeILLUSTRATIONPolly BeckerBFA, Rhode IslandSchool of DesignNathan GamsMA, Savannah Collegeof Art and DesignMark RuddyBFA, University ofNew HampshireLIBERAL ARTSThomas DobsonBFA, University of BridgeportRyan FlahertyMFA, University ofNew HampshireJulia KhodorPh.D, Massachusetts Institute ofTechnologyElizabethe PlanteMS, Minnesota State UniversityKristen ReimoldEd.M, Harvard GraduateSchool of EducationPAINTINGLori ShorinMFA, University of PennsylvaniaPHOTOGRAPHYMark MorelliMFA, Art Institute of BostonNEW HAMPSHIRE INSTITUTE OF ART

ALISON WILLIAMS / In the GardenDrawing –Figure the SurfaceFebruary 21 – March 22,2011Opening Reception:February 23, 5 – 7 pmAmherst Street GalleryIn the process of takingdrawing beyond the ubiquitousmechanical record ofobservation and before anyembrace of alternativeprocesses and abstracted markmaking, therein lies anintermediate arena of twodimensionalexpression thatvigorously expands thevocabulary of representation.Employing an orchestration ofenergetic mark making todescribe object and form cantransform personal expressionand lend a lofty significanceand aesthetic complexity tothat which is often otherwisedesperately ordinary, devoid oflife and all too familiar.High School DrawingMarch 4 – March 19, 2011Award Ceremony:March 19, 2 pmFrench Building GalleryThe Institute will host anationwide drawingcompetition for high schoolartists. Each year this juriedexhibition attracts hundreds ofSEBASTIAN LOCKWOOD / Paint Caesar Dead # 3exceptional entries byemerging artists from aroundthe country. More than $10,000in Institutional Scholarshipswill be awarded, includingtuition scholarships to theInstitute’s BFA program andPre-college SummerWorkshops. Juror to bedetermined.Sebastian Lockwood:Paint Caesar Dead # 3March 31, 2011 5 – 7 pmAs the show starts the artistson stage begin to work on theirblank canvases and rawsculptures; as the show movesthrough its hour-long story ofthe life of Julius Caesar, theartists work in rhythm with thetelling. The audience will seethe art take shape as the storytakes shape. At the climax, the23 knife stabs to Caesar, the artreflects the death of Caesar andhis return to his ancestor,Venus, whose blood flows inhis veins. This will be the thirdperformance of this work at theInstitute with new artists andwith each telling the storyevolves as we look into theheart of Caesar, Roma,Cleopatra and Octavian. Join usin a creative experiment as wereturn to RomAmoR: the city oflove.Certificate Programand ContinuingEducation Exhibition2011April 19 – May 6, 2011Commencement:April 29, 6:30 pmOpening Reception:April 29, 7:30 pmFrench and Amherst BuildingGalleriesJoin us for the 2011 Certificateand Continuing EducationExhibition on display at theAmherst Street Gallery, theFrench Building Gallery andselect studios. Honoring thehard work of the Certificategraduates, the exhibitionhighlights their work alongwith a collection of works byContinuing Education studentsin Fuller Hall.Annual StudentExhibition 2011May 22 – July 19, 2011Preview Party:May 21, 2011 6 – 9 pmOpening Reception:May 22, 2011 3 – 5 pmOn display in each of thecampus galleries, thisexhibition features works bythe 2011 Bachelor of Fine Artsgraduating class. Also onexhibit will be works byunderclassmen displayed inDUSTIN PANZINO / High School Drawingstudios and hallwaysthroughout the campus. Eacharea of concentration offered atthe Institute will be representedin the exhibition.RACHEL NORMINGTON /Annual Student ExhibitionGALLERY HOURSMonday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pmSaturday: 9 am – 12 pmSunday: ClosedGalleries are wheelchairaccessible and all exhibitions arefree and open to the public.For more information,please contact:Andy Lucas, Gallery Director(603) 836-2573alucas@nhia.eduVisit our website:www.nhia.eduEXHIBITIONS & PRESENTATIONS17LISTINGS KEY:PPublic Presentation866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU


BOARD OFTRUSTEES2011-2012CHAIRMANRonald H. Covey, Jr.President & CEOSt. Mary’s BankVICE CHAIRMANRichard SamuelsAttorneyMcLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton,P.A.TREASURERGeorge Kidd, Jr.President Emeritus & Professor ofEconomicsTiffin UniversityASSISTANT TREASURERArthur SullivanPartnerBrady Sullivan PropertiesSECRETARYLIFETIME TRUSTEESMaurice BeliveauGerry WilliamsPotterTRUSTEESSkip AshoohConsultantDevine StrategiesBarbara BickfordPhotographerHoward BrodskyCo-Founder, Chairman & Co-ChiefExecutive OfficerCGA Global PartnersEllie CochranDirector of Regional PhilanthropyNew Hampshire CharitableFoundationThomas DoughertyVice President, Quality AssuranceFidelity HR ServicesLorraine DufresnePresident EmeritusBoard of Directors, SANHJoseph LovejoyCertified Public AccountantPaul RamseyVice President – Energy DeliveryPublic Service of New HampshireJoseph B. ReillyPresident & CEOCentrix BankDavid RhodesPresidentSchool of Visual ArtsPhyllis StiblerPresidentStibler Associates, LLCADMINISTRATION2011-2012Roger WilliamsPresidentRichard StrawbridgeExecutive Vice PresidentMelissa SullivanExecutive Assistant to the PresidentACADEMIC AFFAIRSPatrick McCayAcademic DeanKathy TraynorAcademic Affairs AdministratorJim BurkeChairperson, IllustrationSuzanne CanaliChairperson, Art EducationJoel GillChairperson, FoundationsRane HallChairperson, Liberal ArtsMaureen MillsChairperson, CeramicsGary SamsonChairperson, PhotographyFoad AfsharArt Education FacultyChristopher ArcherCeramics Studio ManagerPolly BeckerIllustration FacultyPeter ClivePainting FacultyBeverly ConwayPhotography FacultyMartin FoxArt History FacultyJennifer GetchellManager of Administrationfor the ChairpersonsMarcus GreenePainting FacultyMarjorie KochAcademic AdvisorJane LeBlancAssistant to the RegistrarSebastian LockwoodLiberal Arts FacultyAndrew LucasGallery DirectorLiza OppenheimAcademic Support Center CoordinatorGlen SchefferPhotography Studio ManagerGail SoraRegistrarDavid WellsAcademic AdvisorAlison WilliamsPhotography, Painting andLiberal Arts FacultyENROLLMENT & STUDENT SERVICESLiam SullivanDirector of Enrollment and StudentServicesAmanda AbbottAssistant Director of EnrollmentJennifer ChagnonAdmissions AdministratorJacqueline CasonAdmissions OfficerNina EarleyAdmissions OfficerHeather HiltonAdmissions OfficerCindy RizzaAdmissions OfficerBonnie HoytAdmissions RecruiterMichael WynneDirector of Student AffairsShane HartManaging Director of Residential Life& Student DevelopmentTanya PopoloskiCounselorBob MastertonWebsite ManagerElizabethe PlanteResident Director, Institute HallSteven LarriveeResident Director, 88 LowellHall/Merrimack HouseJessica RolfeResident Director, The PlazaWhitney WilliamsResident Director, The HampshireCONTINUING EDUCATIONKaren FrancisDirector of Continuing EducationDiane VesciContinuing Education CoordinatorPhoebe Ann NeiswenterInterior Design CoordinatorDEVELOPMENTSuzanne LenzVice President of DevelopmentJulia LaFleurDevelopment AssociateFACILITIESJonathan WoodcockFacilities ManagerPhil CussonFacilities & Maintenance TechnicianRaymond RousseauFacilities & Maintenance TechnicianAmy BettencourtSecurity GuardMatthew CohenSecurity GuardDick McAlpineSecurity GuardChristopher StarksSecurity GuardTyrone TurrellSecurity GuardBrandon VesciSecurity GuardFINANCE & ADMINISTRATIONJames D. ChattertonVice President of FinanceMary Anne LaBrieAccounting ManagerCatherine ConsentinoBursarMichelle GagnonPayroll and Benefits SpecialistDiane LamyBusiness Services ManagerDrew RoyerDirector of Information TechnologyErwan De BeckersIT SpecialistCami CzoharaDirector of Financial AidJoan HannanFinancial Aid AssistantSara PrindivilleFinancial Aid AssistantBill ScimoneHuman Resources DirectorTETI LIBRARYM. Katherine McCarterDirector of the LibrarySarah BallardCirculation ManagerElise DanielAssistant Librarian, Technical ServicesElizabeth HolmesWeekend Reference LibrarianMartha SawyerReference AssistantAnastasia WeigleAssistant Librarian, ReferenceCAMPUS RESOURCESJoseph VivilecchiaRetail ManagerMaurice BeaucheminAssistant Retail ManagerKatrina DavisInterim Café ManagerCONTACTThis newsletter is published bythe New HampshireInstitute of Art148 Concord StreetManchester, NH 03104-4858(603) 623-0313(866)© 2011 New Hampshire Instituteof Art. All rights reserved. Thispublication may not be reprintedor reproduced in any form wholeor in part without writtenpermission.While every effort has beenmade to ensure the accuracy ofthe information contained in thispublication, we apologize forany errors that do occur.To submit Alumni News oreditorial submissions, visit ourwebsite and complete an AlumniContact Form or OF TRUSTEES & ADMINISTRATION19866-241-4918 • WWW.NHIA.EDU

148 Concord StreetManchester, NH 03104-4858www.nhia.eduNonprofit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDManchester, NHPermit No. 171PREVIEWPARTY 2011SATURDAY MAY 21, 6 – 9 PMJoin us for the 5th Annual PreviewParty, Saturday May 21, 6 – 9 pm. Morethan 1,000 works of art will be ondisplay and for sale as we celebrate theAnnual Student Exhibition and thehard work of the Bachelor of Fine Artsstudents. This is your chance topurchase student artwork before theexhibition opens to the public. Don’tmiss out: reserve your tickets today!$35/individual, $50/couple.Call (603) 836-2546, or All proceeds fromticket sales support institutionalscholarships.Sponsorship opportunities areavailable! If you would like to learnmore about becoming a preview partysponsor, contact the DevelopmentOffice at (603) 836-2547.

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